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  1. That guy in the interviews "Two Thumbs" was funny... I'll probably root for the old lady (35 old?)
  2. I want to hear the new music.. What are the links to the continuous feeds?
  3. I got my live feeds 5 minutes ago, I used the Morty's Link with the BB8 Early Code Special
  4. ok, added to my list.. I went to make a comment but I have to be on yours as well. http://www.myspace.com/squirrellysteve
  5. Have you always lived in Maple Ridge?

  6. No problem,done!sorry i didnt reply sooner,TC!

  7. End results Kat Mittnacht ----------- 4% -- 15 votes Josh Crow ------------- 72% -- 287 votes Barbara Bonstein ------25% -- 98 votes Total: 400 responses I guess I'll find out the details on Saturday or Sunday about what this all means. Thanks everyone
  8. 04/11/07 10:02am Kat Mittnacht ---------- 4% - 10 votes Josh Crow -------------65% - 174 votes Barbara Bonstein -----31% - 84 votes I've been searching AI fans on google and am finally done after 10 hours edit: the best thing is, he has no idea he's winning
  9. i voted for josh crow.. just cause i like the name... and well... squirrel said to!

  10. Here's the three contestants, Josh is the 2nd one http://www.singwithrocky.com/New_Folder/040507.mp3 I can't believe he's still losing, the person on top receives votes in big chunks, like last night at midnight, she got 15 votes in about ten minutes. I am pretty sure the voting ends tomorrow night or Thursday night. I'll try to call him tomorrow after his work. Voting update - Apr. 11/07 -12:20 pst. Kat Mittnacht -------- 5% w/ 9 votes Josh Crow ---------- 45% w/ 76 votes Barbara Bonstein -- 49% w/ 83 votes Total: 168 responses Vote for Josh Crow http://www.singwithrocky.com/Contests.htm (feel like I'm a campaign manager lol)
  11. squirrel

    House on FOX

    Goodie, House is on tonight and i won't miss it
  12. Thanks so far I just saw him at the hospital in Maple Ridge here tonight. My nephew is having a bad allergic reaction and he came up to visit him. He appreciates the votes. He is new to the Bellingham area (originally from South Dakota) so he doesn't know alot of people to get votes from like others, so it made his day when I told him we'd try to get him in. Thanks again
  13. Could you please go here and vote for Josh Crow. It's a competition for my bro/in/law to go to the auditions for the next AI.. He's from Bellingham, WA. http://www.singwithrocky.com/Contests.htm Thanks in advance
  14. you guys are all nuts :lol

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