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  1. I totally agree with you. This is the first season that i haven't been watching live feeds all the time and have been deleting the shows, not even watching them. Jackson is disgusting to watch, and Holly there are no nice words to describe her . Worst season ever!
  2. I agree she overreacted and took it were it didn't need to go. Bay needs to put on her listening ears.
  3. Really disgusting person. Been watching her on LF
  4. And when was Cody playing the game? Have'nt seen that yet
  5. Cody and Jess to. Can't wait to see their faces. 2 of the most rotten players seen on bb.
  6. Cody needs to go as much as Jess. I don't see anything remediable in him. Blank stares and there is nothing in his eyes. Scary
  7. I agree! My guilty pleasure too. He wont win but is fun to watch. Voted for him to get the last hex not Jessica
  8. to much Paul hate. Its all on them. Cody is the worst player ever. What he did to Megan when he put her on the block was uncalled for and he has no game play. Hope Jess and Cody do not win HOH and one of them go home. Then the game can really start.
  9. Would love to see him stay till the end. He hasn't done anything super negative so far. Go Devin!
  10. I am so done with Spencer Andy and Gina Marie . I just tuned in to bbad to see what was going on and as always they were talking about other hgs, alot of made up stories. How can they stand themselves? This season is the worst ever and so hard to watch. I have been a fan for years and tonight had tears in my eyes listening to the nasty lies about elissa. Won't be watching any more. And I don't care who wins. None of them are worthy of the BB winner title.
  11. I don't feel sorry for her even a little bit. Was glad to see Julie call her out. Then to say she was joking and blame it on living in Texas???? Really!!!!!!!!
  12. Have been a Frank fan from the start. Would love to see him make to the end
  13. Cant wait for Britney to be voted out tomorrow . Have had enough of her constant complaining UGH
  14. Same problem here, get to live feed page and it dosent go to live feeds.
  15. Why is everone so down on Brit. She has my vote for the 2500.00. She did leave with alot of class. That should be 25000.00. All my votes will be for her.
  16. Expect the on Expected. Rachel over did this one. Yuk!!!!
  17. would like to see Andrew win HOH. He could stir up the house alittle.
  18. Was it just me or did the sabatuer make it sound like there was more then one long time friendship?
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