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  1. HiYa Borders! SO good to see you! Been too long My Friend LOL Morty!
  2. NOWONDER777

    Chat News & Announcements

    I am TOTALLY lost on how to get into chat! I was in last wk and see there are many changes by reading the forums but so frustrated I'm not getting into chat?
  3. NOWONDER777

    General Chit-Chat / Questions / Venting

    Just sayin...Well darn it I'm gonna miss ya...we always have fun in chat but I respect your decision eve if I dont like it! Will just have to e-mail ya! XO
  4. NOWONDER777

    4 Returning HG's (Mentors) Who do you want back?

    Oh Noooo Borders you gotta come chat with us!!!! Now I'm really interested to see just who this Dude is!
  5. Whoo Hoo it's today finally! So excited! And to see the 4 vets? Hmmmm...I'm not as old hand as some of you,the only ones I "know" are Dan and Brit. But I sure have heard alot about Janelle and Boogie. I'm every bit as excited to "see" y'all and chat as I am for BB And I have no idea why this is all underlined! Let the games begin!
  6. NOWONDER777

    Chat Room Q & A

    LMAO @ 6 and Gizz....
  7. Ready to chat and BB again too!Hi Y'all.... S ready to start a new BB season...so ready to come chat with y'all again too. You guys just make BB so much better! LOL...ya keep tryin to "LIKE" this...Funny thing Honey Child I do too! LIKE!
  8. NOWONDER777

    Upgrade to forum software

    Oh Good Grief I'm so techni challenged I sure hope this gets up and running way bebore BB starts and I can find y'all! BB will not be the same if I can't... Hi Y'al...I've missed ya... Borders you may have to take me by the hand to get into chat...Seriously! LOL
  9. NOWONDER777

    BB 14 excitement level, 1-10

    I'm geeting excited too...very soon See ya then.
  10. looking forward to seeing y'all...and BB again.

  11. NOWONDER777

    Jeff or Brendon?

    Don't even have to think about it...Jeff!....
  12. Please tell me you are back :)

  13. NOWONDER777

    Returning Players

    I couldn't agree more! Love my Morty's Fam!!! Regardless of what they do I'll be watching too...and hangin with my Morty's Fam...lookin forward to "seeing" you as well!
  14. NOWONDER777

    Russell Hantz

    I can't believe we aree doin this again...Boston Rob is just as bad IMHO.... I actually prefered Russel...and that's Bad! But I'm excited to see y'all.
  15. NOWONDER777

    New and Old Members

    Just stopped by to say Hiya Gizz!!!!