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  1. I think it's too fast-paced to have have-nots. I think Keshia made it pretty clear that she did this for the money. Maybe it's also for the exposure. As far as her breast milk depletion, I can see how she'd get emotional about that. Hormones can also definitely figure into that. I'm not criticizing you because you're entitled to your opinion. I just see it differently. I've got a grandson who is over a year old and is nursing. I get the privilege of taking care of him about 25 hours a week when both of his parents are working, and I do everything I can to make things easier for mommy and baby, including taking him to her for breaks when possible. I think it makes having to leave him when she goes to work a little easier, knowing that she'll get to see him once or twice during her shift. I know she'll be weaning him one of these days and it's going to be kind of sad for me too. I am actually really enjoying this Celebrity BB. I'd watch it again if they do it again.
  2. And Jessica tried to convince him that he was wasting his HOH. She is just not the brightest Crayola in the box by any measure. It was better to get that Halting Hex thing out of the way right away. Her bluff was ridiculous.
  3. Well I guess and honest ass is better than a lying ass, as far as asses go.
  4. Julie Chen: "Anything to say Cody?" Cody: "Doesn't make sense." A normal, decent person would say "Thank you"
  5. I guess I missed it too. Cody "I don't care" Nickson just doesn't care.
  6. Yeah, Jessica showed her mean-girl self right away. She made a very bad first impression and never did a thing to overcome it. That's because she is, indeed, a mean girl.
  7. Agree. They're still in that horny honeymoon-type phase. Real life will probably smack them both in the face very quickly. But if they make it, more power to them.
  8. Yeah, there's a lot of transference going on here.
  9. Yeah, every one of them was sure they were going to win. It's easy to blame others when things don't go the way we'd like, but hopefully they'll get over their resentment and realize that the results were ultimately their own fault. Edit: Paul lied over and over again, yet they kept believing him. How does that saying go? "Fool me once, shame on you......"
  10. I agree that some did, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't me. Now, I did joke about her "car lashes", but I truly feel sympathy for her about her hair. She's obviously in a place in life where her appearance is very important. I'm not faulting her for trying to look what she considers to be her best. What's important to her is HER business.
  11. This reminds me of Dr. Will making fun of Alex's Petty cap. He was hilarious. Most of the HGs didn't even seem to *get* that he was ridiculing them.
  12. The Bold and the Beautiful. I think it's just a little part, and seems to me it's as a hostess in a restaurant. It's unlikely that it'll turn into anything. My niece, who is gorgeous, worked as an extra on soaps and sitcoms for a few years. She did get some small parts in a couple of movies. She finally gave up and got a real career.
  13. I think it was you who accused me of being jealous, but it wasn't because I said anything about Jessica's looks. It was the laying in bed thing. I'm not jealous of that, just to be clear. As far as her looks go, I do think she's attractive. I never said anything contrary to that. Really??? You sure had me fooled.
  14. HelenL, I like reading your posts, but.....isn't that what judging is? ROFL! Good point. I didn't mind her zebra striped hair, but hopefully she can get her scalp in good enough condition at some point that she won't feel the need to glue in hair. I just can't imagine how uncomfortable that must be.
  15. Yeah, sure. Whatever you say. Edit: I note that you "joined" this board on September 5th. Too cowardly to post using one of your regular screen names? Talk about "struggling"......
  16. Roli

    Cody's Revenge

    Yes, there did seem to be a lot of Cody fans who got very angry because some didn't agree. Obviously.
  17. He answered like he had a big chip on his shoulder. Yes, I was surprised, but mostly at the venom the jury displayed. Don't get me wrong. I liked the venom. It was refreshing to see their real feelings come out. I think it shocked Paul, and it put him on defense. It's not good to be on defense when you're in that position. It was hilarious.
  18. Roli

    Cody's Revenge

    That's the one question I would love to see answered by some here. Should I care more about a three month long television show? We've had hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes and threats from the monster in North Korea. I consider these summer shows as a diversion from all of the truly important issues. I can't relate to those getting so angry because we don't all like their favorites.
  19. I don't think it was me. I absolutely agree it was Paul's fault they were mad. I absolutely agree it was his fault that he lost. I think Cody and Paul both got good edits. I think that most viewers don't watch the live feeds or read message boards. Those of us here, and on other boards on the 'net, are more educated about the HGs than the average viewer, IMO. Most viewers go strictly by what they see on network television. Yes, Paul was an ass who didn't care how he shit on people, and he was also dumbfounded that they figured it out. He played everyone for stupid. That was stupid of him. Cody didn't care what anyone thought. His most used line was "I don't care." His fans admired that, but it wasn't good strategy for winning BB. It got him $25,000. Good for him, but it's not much consolation for giving up his summer with his daughter. JMO. The only HG that I kind of liked was Mark. He didn't play the game well, but I think he's genuinely a good person. I did dislike Cody, Jessica and Raven quite a bit, but I didn't hate any of them. That's just too extreme of an emotion for someone on a reality television show. I'm passionate about real life issues, not reality television programs. I wasn't a "fan" of any of them. Just to be clear.
  20. I'm not buying your premise that he's immature. You don't know that. You only know what you saw him portray on a reality television show. Well, I can't HONESTLY doubt it either. As far as the ebay thing, I didn't see any link to his supposed ebay business. Are we sure it wasn't someone's speculation? Or maybe even an outright lie? That's not unheard of on these boards. Just sayin'. And yes, coming into money can be a real challenge when it comes to beggars. It can be a real eye-opening experience. Now he can simply say, "I'll run it by my financial advisor" and then say his money is tied up. If they're mad, they're mad. Small loss. Edit: I just want to add, an Ebay business can be very lucrative. I don't think it's necessarily something to scoff at. JMO
  21. She was definitely a puppet master over Matt. I think he'd do just about anything for her, at this point, anyway.
  22. That is truly pathetic. Paul is a college graduate, has no dependents, and no physical limitations. I guess people can donate to whatever cause they want, but IMO Paul, himself, should put a stop to the GoFundMe account. Or take the donations and give them to a REAL cause. JMO
  23. Me too. I am always amazed at how invested some of the fans are in their favorites. I like BB, but I just can't get that passionate about a mere television show. Don't these people have anything going on in real life???
  24. Wow. Lots of assumptions. Did you watch the backyard interviews? Or anything since then? There's nothing wrong with taking a bit of his winnings and celebrating. From the way he spoke, he is very receptive to good business advice from his father. That says a lot. I'm quite confident that Josh will do just fine. I think some of you here would really love to see him fail, based on your comments here. That's kinda sad.
  25. Of course that would be a safe assumption. I was only talking about the actual numbers. Paul had a LOT of haters. I don't have a great opinion of him either. To address your question, maybe the answer is that Paul had more time to show what an ass he is. It's not an either/or thing. Just because Cody is an ass doesn't mean that Paul isn't. A lot of people didn't like either one of them. And I suppose some people liked them both.