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  1. For a retail person, I don't think he's been working too long. He isn't to the point of deadness. He's feisty, but I'm not sure he'll last very long.
  2. I think I'm hoping that the judges bring back the dance off from last season. That added some excitement and kept quality dancers in for a bit longer. Still really wish certain 'dancers' hadn't been invited back.
  3. I'm predicting she'll probably slide her way to final five at very least. I'd far rather see her go in next weeks double elim but I'm also realistic enough to realize that the chances of that happening are darn slim.
  4. KatO

    Angie Layton

    I'm actually kinda reminded of Kat from last season. Who knows, she might have the grit to survive. Or she might be the first injury evacuation this season.
  5. I think I'm going to root for these two. I would love to see Anna get to the final three, and I think she can do it with Drew. Especially if he still has the skills.
  6. KatO

    Lisa Whelchel

    I like the fact that she was willing to give new things a try. Like starting a fire from scratch. The other girls I think just wanted to flirt with the buff guys and tan. Go Lisa!
  7. KatO

    Zane Knight--voted off 9/19

    I had only caught the end of the episode previously. But now watching it in its entirety, I can see why he got booted so easily. Making deals with everyone else on your tribe as though they won't talk with each other.
  8. If Gilles is with Peta, he might do decently. I think the partnering should have been different. Where they all had to dance with someone new, make it more challenging.
  9. Hopefully she'll be one of the first few out. I have a feeling she'll make the final rounds though.
  10. KatO

    Ashley, Week 5

    Grodner will probably try and strike a deal where Ashley steps out and another female comes in. Possibly one who was voted out this season. Who knows, If Ashley is hurting as badly as it sounds then she'll do whatever needs to be done to keep things interesting.
  11. KatO

    BB Live Show Discussion

    Ian would be smart to leave someone else the HoH, especially since Frank and Boogie are already plotting.
  12. KatO

    BB Live Show Discussion

    Coach Bedroom turned into the Pandora's Box?
  13. I was kinda shocked that Boogie didn't want to enter. But I guess already winning once, and final two the other time will kind make a person less inclined to play.
  14. I love that they are doing an All Star season, however I think mainly Bristol got the okay because it's an election year. That ticks me off because her mentor the first season was another reality flop (Kate G.) and while Bristol placed higher she still danced just as awkwardly. And Teen Pregnancy activist still doesn't sound like a celebrity endorsement.
  15. I'd rather keep Danielle around for another week at least. She's less grating compared with JoJo. And yet at the same time when it was pre-key eviction, she described Jodi as being too nice. Really? What did that have to do with performance during the competition? I wish Jodi had been kept in, I think it would have been a more interesting house. However since Danielle played the sweet and southern card, and a 'teacher' a fairly well behaved 'teacher' as compared with some other reality show teacher contestants. I want her to stay as compared with 'Miss Real JoJo'