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Have Nots Britnee and Sarah

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Oh my goodness - I couldn't have wished for a better pair to get this power!!!

Goodbye Bruno Zach or Godfrey!!! Sarah already won POV so she's off the block and can't go back up.  For sure Britnee is going to be put up in her place.  Then either she will take herself off if she wins the power or Sarah will take her off if Sarah wins the power.  After the blow up after last eviction I have no doubt that Bruno would be going up if Sarah wins it. 

This is certainly going to be interesting!!!  I can't wait!!!


Second thought - maybe they'll get rid of Zach - break up the last couple.  I think given the above scenario Godfrey is the only one who wouldn't go. 

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Britnee's got the power, now she just has to use it wisely.

Take herself off, for sure (that's a no-brainer, right?).

Take Godfrey down? Probably.

It all depends on how she believes the voters will vote.

Since this will be done pretty much live (there may be a few minutes between when she replaces noms, and the actual voting, which won't get shown on TV live at the time, but may get shown on the subsequent episode, if something major goes down, as they just showed after the episode following the triple eviction), there won't be time to exact promises from people and see if they keep those promises, so she needs to figure this all out beforehand, and be as confident as possible about the probable resulting outcome.

7 houseguests left means that there are 4 voters (since the nominees don't vote, and the HoH {Ashleigh} will only vote in the event of a tie.)

So if it's Zach versus Bruno on the block, how does Britnee think Sarah, Godfrey and Pili will vote (Britnee being the 4th voter)?

If it's Zach versus Godfrey on the block, how does Britnee think Sarah, Bruno and Pili will vote (Britnee being the 4th voter)?

Assuming she wants Zach up for sure, as her target, and since she can't put up HoH Ashleigh or PoV-holder Sarah, and would be a fool to leave herself on the block, that only leaves a third scenario (Zach versus Pili), in which case the voters would be Bruno, Godfrey, Sarah and Britnee.

If any of the above options ends in a 2 to 2 vote, Ashleigh votes to break the tie, and Britnee is likely to believe that Ashleigh will keep Zach, so she is best to avoid that, which means it's safer for her to take Godfrey down and replace him with Bruno, since Bruno is more likely to vote to keep Zach, seeing how he used the PoV on him just last week, and Pili has been aligned with Zach for a long time now.

So if she thinks about it in terms of who she believes is more likely to vote to evict Zach (depending of course who is left sitting on the block beside him), is she more confident that Godfrey and Sarah would vote to evict Zach over evicting Bruno, or more confident that Godfrey and Sarah would vote to evict Zach over evicting Pili? Whichever of the two scenarios she believes is the most likely to result in Godfrey and Sarah voting with her to make a total of three votes cast against Zach, in order to break up Zach and Ashleigh, is the scenario she should go with (and it won't matter who the fourth vote is {Bruno or Pili}, or how they vote).

So she has to determine which option has the greatest chance of success to achieve her goal, and follow through with it.

Now if she were actively seeking to get Bruno evicted, that would probably be a harder feat to accomplish!

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I think Britnee should remove herself and Godfrey and replace them with Bruno and Zach. She can then convince the girls to work with her if Zach is evicted, or at lease remove Bruno (Zach's right hand man right now). She has the power to seriously cripple that side of the house. Dare I hope for a girls alliance after all? If she puts up Pili to scare Ashleigh into some sort of sense, Godfrey and Bruno could vote for Zach and Britnee and Sarah could vote for Pili to stay. Then Ashleigh would have to pick who she really wants to take. Which would be hilarious. I think Zach should go, the girls should work together with Godfrey and then take Bruno out, then in my wildest dreams, Sarah and Britnee have a straight shot to final 2. Ah, I hope.

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