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  1. Did you see in his eviction interview when asked by Julie who he thought were sisters and he said Neely and Danielle? Yikes.
  2. Agreed. And we have a lot of power, which is what a lot of people wanted. That will make the summer BB better because we actually know how the game is played with our influence instead of wondering.
  3. Honestly, if one of the Misfits have to go, I'm fine with either one in the showmance going. It'd be really interesting to see the game played with NO showmances, it's been a looong time.
  4. And exposure! Like "after this I'm going to become famous". Wasn't it last season (18) when one of the returnees (I want to say Frank) totally crushed Jozea's dream by saying something along the lines of "Nope, that doesn't happen at all. You basically fade into obscurity". What a shining moment. Yeah I saw that after, that he has a restaurant and couldn't get on MasterChef.
  5. Yeah I like Neely as well. And I agree Marty, I don't think Jason is very respectful, I get his humor to an extent but talk about over the top with things. Justin seems like a character and that's nice to have around. I don't have a strong opinion about the Plastics but I do like the idea of girls playing hard together, it's refreshing from what we've seen in seasons past. Even though I'm not a huge fan of them on a personal basis.
  6. He's a target of Monte's for sure, and I've heard Alex might put him up (or at least that is the agenda Monte is pushing on her).
  7. Really disliked his interview questions answers....I'd just like people to be more familiar with the game then one season. Justin also wanted to be on The Real World. The connection between him and Dani seem real but after a season of couples making it far I'd like to see more of an individual "I'm here for Big Brother" kind of game being played.
  8. She's a favorite on BB tumblr and they will do anything for her basically. They're willing to take out Shane to save her.
  9. You also have to think about the audience and who is mainly watching. I follow BBOTT on tumblr and the opinions on hgs are very different. They call the southerners the "confederacy" alliance and are out to get them. They love Dani because she is sweet and Neely as well. I don't watch the feeds as often (mainly the highlights) and never really have. They love Justin as well because he is clueless, random and hilarious. Honestly, I feel as though the audience who watches the feeds constantly has a large poll and are actively voting. They hate Monte.
  10. 1. Shelli will smile...excessively. 2. Jace & Jason. 3. Da'vonne...keep the drama.
  11. Hi guys, I'm new here as well. Been a lurker for like three years now. Don't know how often I'll comment seeing as I don't watch the live feeds (I would seriously quit my job and lose any semblance of the life I have, I'm already addicted enough). I'm fine with the twists, the first episode (or in this case two episodes) are usually my least favorite because I get over the intros real quick. I was really into last season of Big Brother Canada, and this cast seems nice enough so I'm all for that. I've really enjoyed your thoughts and opinions and it's given me an inside look at the game and how the HGs really are before the edits.

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