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Sunday, May 3 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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1:00am BBT(Update) Pilar and Kevin are discussing what to do with the nominations.  They could leave Bobby up on the block and test if he has the secret veto. He could pull down Brittnee and put up Bruno but if Bobby uses the veto then who would he put up?  He’d rather work with Godfrey than Bruno and Bobby.  Zach and Ashley might not like it if he leaves Bobby up. 

1:12am BBT  Inbetween kisses Kevin and Pili are talking about who will be in the jury house first.  Kevin says he will. 

1:20am BBT  The lights are starting to dim in the HOH room.  Lights are off in the BR and HN rooms.

1:31am BBT  BB says Goodnight Houseguests.  Kevin and Pili look confused and say goodnight.  

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 8:11 am BBT Lights are on in the BB house. Pilar woke up Kevin and they were chatting, but since their mic’s were not on we could not hear what was being said.

 8:13 am BBT There is no sound in the BB house this morning, but all the houseguests are starting to rise out of bed. Bobby got up and went out by the HT and lifting up the cushions then heading back in to say something to Zach in the HN room then headed up the stairs.

 8:20 am BBT Sarah and Willow are in the HN room lying on the mattresses and talking. BB still has not turned up the sound so that we could hear what is being said.

 8:22 am BBT In the WA there is sound, but only general conversation going on between Ashleigh, Godfrey and Brittnee. Bobby is in the shower and Bruno just finished up in the restroom stall and is now brushing his teeth. Pilar enters the WA and tells everyone good morning. Zach still has his French Maid outfit on.

 8:26 am BBT Bruno is finishing up brushing his teeth in the WA. Everyone else has already left the room.

 8:28 am BBT In the HOH room we see Kevin putting his French Maid outfit back on.

 8:30 am BBT In the HN room Sarah, Brittnee and Willow are whispering. Britt said today is the PoV ceremony and questions if there were any twists would it be today or Wed. Sarah don’t think there will be any twists, she thinks it will be an instant eviction. Sarah said there has already been a veto twist.  

 8:33 am BBT Britt and Sarah are both still speculating how things will go. Feeds three and four are on FotH.

 8:35 am BBT All feeds are on FotH now.

 8:36 am BBT The feeds are back with Bruno drinking a cup of coffee in the KT, Bobby is walking down the stairs with his cup of coffee. Godfrey is sitting in the sun by the HT not saying a word.

 8:38 am BBT Bruno walked out by the HT and told Godfrey how bad the bugs are. Godfrey wonders what is bringing them here. Bruno said there are hundreds of them.

 8:39 am BBT Bruno went back inside to wait until the sun comes out a little more and maybe the bugs will go away.

 8:40 am BBT Willow is up in the HOH room talking to Ashleigh and Pilar about what to eat. Ashleigh is putting on her makeup and Pilar is in the shower. Willow said she would wait for them downstairs and left the room.

 8:42 am BBT Brittnee has now joined Godfrey out by the HT and said there is a lot of bugs. They are wondering if there is any bug spray. Godfrey thinks they will leave once the sun comes out. Brittnee feels like the pleas to use the PoV’s are useless.

 8:44 am BBT Bruno and Willow are in the SR and Bruno told Willow that we all know the line is drawn, but don’t give them anything. Bruno said that we can’t *uck around anymore. Willow hopes everything goes well. Willow told Bruno that she told Sarah that if he puts her up he is an idiot. Bruno said it is there chance to get Bobby now, but they got to get Godfrey because they know he is going after them. Then Bruno left the SR to get Willow a knife.

 8:47 am BBT Willow told Bruno that she is worried it is a double next week so they have to have a plan going in. Willow said that double veto could be today too. Bruno said who knows, but something is coming up. Willow is making a shake while Bruno is pacing back and forth.

 8:50 am BBT Shake is done so they left the SR where Bobby is sitting at the counter in the KT drinking his coffee.

 8:51 am BBT Bruno told Bobby from what he understands it is Godfrey and that Zach is starting to panic. Bruno said the girls want the guys to take each other out. Bruno said that both sides are equally dangerous, but Kevin and Zach are more of a threat. Zach then walked into the KT with his Maid outfit on and we get FotH.

 8:56 am BBT Feeds are back with Brittnee and Godfrey still sitting by the HT. Brittnee said the problem with the PoV on a Sunday it feels like an eternity until Wednesday.

 8:58 am BBT Back in the KT Bruno, Zach, Willow, Pilar and Bobby are just sitting around talking about the shakes and the flavors.

 8:59 am BBT Bobby is called to the DR by BB. The rest of the KT group are talking about what to eat.

 9:01 am BBT KT group is talking about how they slept.

 9:02 am BBT Zach questioned if it is nice out today. Bruno responded that it is nice but there are so many bugs. The KT discussion is now about bugs.

 9:03 am BBT KT discussion is now about eating ice cream cake.

 9:05 am BBT KT discussion is now about being away from home and going to war.

 9:06 am BBT Now the KT discussion is about movies.  

 9:08 am BBT Sarah is in the WA she got dressed and then walked out then FotH again.

 9:17 am BBT Fan feed is back with Brittnee going into the stall to blow her nose.

 9:19 am BBT Brittnee came out and washed her hands. All other feeds still on FotH.

 9:20 am BBT BB just announced to houseguests to remember that Canada is watching.

 9:21 am BBT Brittnee is in the WA doing her makeup.

 9:22 am BBT BB announced again that the houseguests are to remember that Canada is watching, but we don’t know what is going on or being said because feeds one through four are on FotH.

 9:25 am BBT The feeds came back in the KT where food is being made. Willow is going out to see how nice it is. Godfrey is the only one laying out by the sun and Willow told him that they are coming out probably in the next fifteen minutes. Willow is going to tell the other houseguests that it is about 12 degrees and the sun is just showing through. KT group is still making food.  

 9:28 am BBT Bobby walked outside and said nice day then headed back in. The KT discussion is now about dreams.

 9:31 am BBT Brittnee still in the WA doing her makeup.

 9:33 am BBT All feeds are in the KT with general conversation going on and Britt is still in WA doing her makeup.

 9:34 am BBT Bruno was called to the DR.

 9:38 am BBT No change yet, Britt still in WA doing her hair and makeup and the KT group is fixing food with general discussion going on.

 9:39 am BBT Zach called to the DR and feeds went to FotH again.

 9:47 am BBT The feeds are back. Sarah, Kevin, Pilar, Brittnee, Willow and Ashleigh are in the KT talking about tipping servers. Kevin is still in his French maid costume and he was just called to the DR.

 9:49 am BBT The KT group is now Willow, Brittnee, Ashleigh, Sarah, Bobby and Zach. Willow is telling a story about going out and how a server was insulted by a forty dollar tip and grabbed Willow.

 9:52 am BBT Godfrey walked in the KT and he is talking about all of the bugs outside.

 9:54 am BBT Sarah is called to the DR and the KT discussion is still about going out and tipping servers.

 9:58 am BBT Pilar is putting a band aid on Kevin’s foot because the high heels are giving him a blister. Kevin said it would be sick if he had to do the ceremony in this outfit.

 10:00 am BBT Brittnee and Bruno were going to go out by the HT but there are still too many bugs and there is not that much sun.

 10:01 am BBT The feeds went back to FotH.

 10:10 am BBT The feeds are still on FotH

 10:20 am BBT The feeds are still on FotH so maybe it is time for the PoV ceremony. Who will be on the block when the ceremony is over?

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 11:48 am BBT The feeds are back and no Veto was used so Brittnee and Bobby remain on the block. Sarah, Brittnee, Bruno and Godfrey out by the HT talking about the seven different scenarios that Kevin has told in the past few days. Godfrey said we still have the upper hand unless it is a super physical comp otherwise if it is a crap shoot they all have an equal chance. Bruno said that he did not know anything and Godfrey said that he did not know anything either. Bruno said that they just have to win this week there is no two ways about it.

 11:56 am BBT Godfrey walked into the BR where Willow was and Godfrey told Willow that he thought for sure that he was going up. They are now counting the numbers and the odds. Godfrey left the room and Sarah walked in. Sarah said that she is still shocked because Kevin said that he was going to use the veto on Brittnee.

 12:00 pm BBT Willow is telling Sarah about her discussion with Kevin and how she asked Kevin to tell her what happened. Willow said that Kevin keeps going back to the JP thing and he won’t let that go. Sarah said that Brittnee was told by Kevin that he was going to use the veto and put up Bruno. They are talking about the looks on Ashleigh and Pilars faces and how Bruno is pretty pissed because he was not told.

 12:03 pm BBT Sarah said she is never going to vote out someone like Brittnee over Bobby. Willow and Sarah are now discussing how they are going to pretend to be mad at each other. Willow said this is it, Sarah said this is it but we will be alone like this because they are idiots.

 12:06 pm BBT The feeds went to FotH

 12:11 pm BBT The feeds are back and Bobby is sitting in the BY by the pool. He just finished up a conversation with Willow and said that he hopes Sarah sees to keep him over Brittnee and then Willow walked away. Bobby is talking to himself and said that means the show-manses knew he was coming after them he thinks. His fate lies in Godfrey, Sarah and Bruno. Bobby said that he can’t even campaign and hope they see it is better for their game to keep him, but whatever there are no hard feelings. He thinks Willow was bsing and the general reaction about the veto tells him that Sarah is not working with them. Bobby knows that he has to get the votes from Sarah’s side of the house and not from the show manses side of house. He said if they don’t keep him then Bruno and Godfrey should be really terrified then he headed out by the HT to lay in the sun.

 12:17 pm BBT correction, he just put the cushions out by the HT and went into the house to get his water and then went to the KT.

 12:18 pm BBT Brittnee was in the KT and told Bobby she made more coffee. He said thanks I will probably need some in a bit and then he headed back out in the BY by the pool, he sat down for a minute then he got back up. Feeds changed to the HOH room where Kevin is listening to his music and dancing.

 12:20 pm BBT Brittnee and Sarah are in the WA talking about the discussion that Brittnee had with Kevin. Brittnee gets why he did not use the veto and the risky thing that Bobby did was volunteer to go on the block. Sarah is questioning if this is the way of Kevin throwing them off. Sarah is telling Brittnee that she told Bruno that Kevin was going to put him up. Brittnee said that Kevin never said that he was going to use the veto on her. Brittnee said that Zach has a smirk on his face. They left the WA to check the BR and see if someone went in there to listen to their conversation, but no one was in there. Britt said that Zach seems pretty happy right now and it was probably all his idea.

 12:26 pm BBT Brittnee and Sarah agree that Zach never put them up, but he is the one making the decisions and tell the HOH what to do.

 12:27 pm BBT The girls leave the BR and ran into Kevin at the stairs. Kevin said here is the thing if he would have used it on Britt, he thought Bobby’s veto was real. Then discussion turned talking about a bug and the girls continued down the stairs.

 12:29 pm BBT Brittnee and Sarah are in the KT now and Brittnee feels bad. Brittnee will be happier when she is off the block and one of them are in power. Britt said that they need to lay low and let the others go after each other.

 12:30 pm BBT Sarah told Britt that Bruno is pissed at them because he thinks they gave the others a bunch of information. They head out to the HT and Sarah sad that she hopes they don’t get locked out and Brittnee said she thinks they might because they have to do that thing. As they head into the area by the HT Brittnee told Sarah they just have to play it cool.

 12:30 pm BBT So it is official, Kevin did not use his PoV and Bobby did not take himself off of the block so the others realize his PoV was not real. Now Bobby and Brittnee need to scramble for votes while Kevin does the back peddle for all of the stories that he has told. 

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10:32PM BBT Bobby has gone to bed in the Have Not room. Sarah Ash and Zach are sitting on the chairs at the hot tub. Bruno and Britt are talking in the bedroom. They are all gossiping about the others. My previous post was deleted by a computer glitch but earlier Willow talked with Bruno and Bobby complaining about Kevin and how much he lied to everyone. She told them he promised Britt to use the veto on her and then did not do it. Bobby said it was because this way they have a better chance of getting him out this week. Bruno thought that pretty soon they would have to start going after each other.  


Outside Zach is saying that they know that we have to come together to beat them and they don't want us to get together. Sarah thinks Bobby move with the fake veto was smart but Ash is just glad it never has to be talked about again.  


Britt and Bruno are still dissing Kevin with him saying that he never speaks game to Kevin at all.  Britt tells him that Kevin has said that Bruno has said the three girls are tight (which he has - DRG) Bruno denies this and tells her he has bigger targets to get and he wants either Kevin or Zach.  Britt thinks it is interesting that he kept Godfrey because he said he was gunning for Zach.

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10:40PM BBT Feeds keep flashing off and on but the two conversations are going on lather, rinse, repeat. 


Zach says things change too fast now that you can't map anything. He cannot believe that Bobby lied to everybody and Sarah says it was an incredibly elaborate lie. His best move was telling Sindy as she broadcast it to everyone without him having to say another word. 


Bruno going on with the classic BB strategem We gotta win this week. Then back to he never talks to Kevin as he has the personality of a pylon there is nothing to him and he hopes they don't buy what he is selling. Britt is saying there is no benefit for them to turn on Bruno now. 


Outside Ash and Zach going on about how there is nothing they can do tomorrow that will have any impact on their game whatsoever right now it is all set in stone. (Of course they could strategize in advance for the multiple eviction. DRG) Godfrey has joined them now with fresh batteries and tells them it is almost twelve now.  He leaves they start talking about what they might do tomorrow.


Inside Britt saying she needs to talk with Willow to get more info. 


Sarah is complaining about Bobby and how he played up to her after she secretly heard him throwing Britt under the bus. Zach says he went into complete scramble mode today.  


BB tells Britt to put on her microphone. (Note to self, cancel audiology appt. DRG) Godfrey has made his way to the bedroom now and delivers more fresh batteries.  


Sarah still going on about Bobby and how he confronted her about giving the four (showmances) enough information that they could keep running the game.  She says this is the first time that his demeanor has ever changed. He always has talked vague and never gives specifics according to Ashleigh.  

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10:50PM BBT Sarah and the couple still dissing Bobby outside.


Britt has wiped her face with a wet nap and is back in her bed now across from Bruno.


Ash talking about how Bobby tries to cover his bases but never really knows what is going on. 


Godfrey is in his bed now too and BB tells him to put on his microphone.


Ash is saying that her brain is deep fried and Zach says he is roasted and today was mentally exhausting. The three head back into the main house to get ready for bed.  


BB seems to have decided to give Kevin an Pili a bit of privacy in the HOH as we have not seem them for some time now.


Ash announces that it is 11:44 and that she has to pee really bad.  


Britt still talking to Bruno about Bobby and how the house was going to try and flush it out of him. She is told again to fix her microphone and Bruno decides it is time to go to sleep and the settle in and close their eyes.


Sarah Ash and Pili now in the main bathroom Zach comes in as Pili is saying goodnight to the other ladies. She rejoins Kevin in the HOH where he is in the tub in swim trunks. He is going to shower off in the tub and uses the hand wand. She kisses him good night but then stands next to the tub.


Zach and Ash doing ADLs in the main bathroom. Zach opines that this game comes down to being super lucky having the right people and the right stars aligning. Who wins who gets drawn for what comps, what the relationships are like at that specific time.


Pili now washing Kevins hair as he lies down in the tub with he feel over the edge. She is now rinsing off his torso and says that this is fun.


Zach going on about how this is just a high level crap shoot and he is realizing it more and more as it goes on. Sarah says people talk about who you want out but the only answer is "everybody" except maybe the one person you have been loyal to. Zach says there is still a lot of game left and he thinks the folks left will vote for a winner someone who makes game moves not just a nice guy who made it to the end.


Bath now concluded in the HOH. 


Zach talking about if you take someone to the end who is hated they could turn around and tell the jury that you all hate me because I made good game moves to get you all out.  He just knows that he is not going to let it get to him. (You could have fooled me. DRG) 


Kevin is told to fix his microphone. Zach and Ash head downstairs as Kevin retrieved some clothes from the main bedroom to take back to the HOH.


Zach starts working on the laundry and Ash wants him to take it all out now, but he just wants to pick out what he needs at the moment. He comments about this is why he needs his mom. Apparently he has messed up some of his sweat pants by shrinking them. Ash tries to tell him it will be ok, but then holds up a shirt to see if it has shrunk too. Bobby comes by and tells them it is a nice night out at the hot tub. Ash and Zach arguing about who said the item was wool or cotton first when talking to Bobby about one of his shirts they sent him to check on.


Pili and Kevin now in the HOH bed.

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11:08PM BBT Bobby comes back with the shirt and declares that it is in fact 100% wool. He tells Ash that is is hers now and he will give everyone one item of his as a momento. The couple keeps working on the laundry. Zach says he can do almost everything except laundry. They are back to arguing about who first said the sweater was wool and not cotton. Zach says "You know what they say. You never dry wool or you are a fool." She gets on him about that not rhyming. He is back to claiming that he can do everything else to be a self-sufficient human being except this laundry stuff. It is supposed to be a simple process but every time he fucks something up. He also does not have the patience to fold stuff and that is the one reason he needs a girlfriend. He wants another HOH so he can watch a movie. He says that if they don't win out now they are fucked as the whole house knows there are four people working together and everyone will be going after them. Their only chance was for Godfrey to go this week and then Bruno and Bobby would still be possible targets.  Ash is not sure this is set ins tone yet. He thinks this was a good play for Kevin but he thought they could have kept Bobby and Bruno at bay. Ash thinks that now more folks might go after Kevin and Pili before them even the girls think that Pili plays too emotionally. Zach misses Jordan and says too bad I sent him out. At least he will be glad to see they are on a hunt to send out the people that voted him out. Now Zach says if these gym shorts shrink then he will go out of the house. He gets a new pair every year from the team and they are his favorites. Now he says he will not be able to play football this year as they won't get out of the house til June and will be underweight and have missed 20 practices in addition to his knee being messed up. He might get his spot back if the old coach was still there but they have a brand new coach now and he did not have time to get to know him.


Pili had been in the HOH bed alone but now she gets up and wanders to the main bathroom.


Zach going on about how he can't bring himself to train and usually they train five hours a day. He has had multiple surgeries on his knees but still has two years of eligibility left. 


Pili downstairs now wandering around looking for Kevin and everyone.  She comes out to the BY and asks where everyone is then says she is so confused and heads back in to the house. 


Zach goes back to saying they are going to have to kill this HOH comp. Ash thinks it would be awesome cause it would make four weeks that they were up there. He hopes it is a physical HOH.


Pili back in the HOH bed with only the stuffed bunny for company.


Zach tells her that Sarah saw her leaving letters for him in a previous comp so she was not a sneaky as she thought. He thinks that at least they have four people that they trust. Ash thinks they could be getting duped by the others in the house having an alliance to work against them. He says that this hat is working its way up into Ram's shorts territory. It is new and he never wore it before the game. Ash again says that he really screwed these pants up. He says that the next few days are the worst because there is nothing for them to do. He wants to do something again in the game. 

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11:28PM BBT Feed 3 now show a sleeping Godfrey in the bedroom and four shows Britt with a wool cap over her eyes as the lights are still on full.


Bruno jokes that he could put her up and then that they could go around the house and try and tell everyone they are not in a couples alliance. Ash says it is obvious but she still feels a tiny bit safe. Zach claims that it is because he is a protection for her since everyone would want him out before her. He claims that if she was voted out before him when they were on the block together that he would eat his Ram shorts as she left the house. He thinks that once he is gone she will still have a little bit of life in the game and she has a good chance to go far in the game. He says his odds are only to win POVs in a row to stay. She tells him to be quiet and that he is such a doofus.


He starts asking her about where she has been and then teases her about her poor knowledge of geography. 

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11:40PM BBT Lenthy geography lesson and discussion still going on. 


Kevin has finally rejoined Pili in the HOH and promptly calls out to BB as the sexiest HG to ever be HOH requesting that the lights be slowly dimmed.


Outside Ash and Zach talk a little game and they are glad that Bobby is going without them having to do it even if it is a little sooner than they wanted. He quizzes her again about what ocean is on the West coast and she answers correctly telling him that she is not dumb. He says he knows she is not stupid and that when she applies herself she is a smart girl. They head up the stairs she to the bedroom and he to the john. 


Pili rubbing Kevin's back but he seems to be pretty much out of it.


Ash climbs in to bed. Zach takes the laundry basket into the bedroomand leaves it beside Ash's bed then heads back out to the Have Not room. He whispers that the lights are still on then says hello to Willie. He tells her she looks like shit and she responds that she is really tired. Now he says she looks like one of his buddie's moms. She asks if everyone is still up and he says no just he and Ash. Willow asks if Sarah would change her vote and then shouts out not a chance. She says Sarah drives her nuts.  Zach tells her that Bruno threw Sarah under the bus today just so she knows. She thinks she needs Sarah on her side and does not want her to nom her as a pawn. Sarah would want Godfrey or Bruno before her, but she could easily be a pawn. (On that note the flash plug in on the two feeds in the Have Not room has stopped responding so it must be time for me to turn in as well. DRG)

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11:53 PM BBT:  Zach says well, they were going have to turn on Bobby and Bruno its just sooner than they thought, maybe Kevin or Pili could have done it for them.  Ash says a little earlier than they thought.  Zach says Bobby looks bad because of the little Veto lie.  Zach says he thinks Bobby just kinda panicked.   Ash said it was "broken hanger" he was trying to pull off as a Veto.  Zach says "bedtime, and good chat".  Zach asks Ash again where the Pacific ocean is on the west of the east.  She says I'm not dumb.  Zach says when you apply yourself you are smart.


11:52 PM BBT:  Zach gives Ash the population of India and China in the billions (he is correct) and he wants to go to Japan and travel.  She asks why he doesn't go, he says because of time and money.  Ash thinks Bali and Australia would be great. 


11:40 PM BBT:  Ash also thinks the South Pole is HOT because its opposite of the North Pole where Santa lives.  She is discussing Santa Monica now where she would like to live.  Zach thinks you can't live in California unless you are someone.  He says he wants to be from the prairies.   He thinks the US has a couple hundred million in population, he is right 300m.  He also thinks Canada has about 30m his is right.


11:34 PM BBT:  Zach is amazed at how bad Ashliegh's geographical knowledge is.  She can't name any Canadian capital provinces.  He is explaining that she lives in the West (Alberta).  He is being very patient with her.  Explaining that the west coast does not mean ACTUALLY at the ocean on the west.  She also has no idea which is the Pacific ocean or the Atlantic ocean.


11:31 PM BBT:  Zach and Ash are the only conversation happening.  Cam's 3 and 4 are on sleeping houseguest.  Zach is saying he is going next, and Ash is trying to talk him down.


11:27 PM BBT:  Zach and Ash discuss how many times a day they lie.  And a white lie vs. a black lie.  Zach thinks in this house he is telling at least 100 lies per day, he suggests they tell the entire truth for whole day tomorrow.  Ash says NO WAY.  Lets not do that.  Ash still feel a tiny bit safe.  Zach says its because he is going home first and not her. 


11:17 PM BBT:  Ash says she thinks from what Sarah said, the house will go after Kevin and Pillar before they go after Zach and Ashleigh [good job steering the convo Sarah].  Zach says he thinks Sarah is closer to Kevin than him.  Ash doesn't think Sarah and Kevin are ever together.


11:13 PM BBT: Ashleigh says "Wool and Fool" do not rhyme.  He is complaining about something that shrunk.  Zach says that is only one reason he needs a girlfriend.   Zach says "Everyone is going after the couples if they don't win"  "If the next HOH doesn't strike at us they are idiots" Ash says "don't say that!" Zach says our only chance was having Godfrey going this week and having Bobby and Bruno for a few more weeks.   "If anyone other than us doesn't win next week..."  Ash says "you will eat your shorts."


11:06 PM BBT:  Ashleigh and Zach discuss shrinking clothes in the laundry as Pili sits in the HOH bed alone waiting for Kevin.  [god bless her for not speaking~DC]


10:59 PM BBT:  Pillar is washing Kevin in the HOH bathroom.  Ash, Sarah and Zach are brushing teeth and getting ready for bed.  They act like Bobby's fate is sealed.  No one is talking about voting for Brittnee.  Zach is popping pimples in the mirror... does Mr. Canada really have zits?


10:54 PM BBT:  Sarah says she loved Zach and Kevin in the French Maid outfits, and would have created alot more work, but with them in heels, she felt bad for them.  BB has convinced them it is 11:45 PM instead of 10:45pm.  Some people are giving kisses goodnight.


10:42 PM BBT: Sarah, Ash and Zach are talking smack about Bruno.  Zach says you have to remember all this next week when Bruno tries to convince you to come after the couples.  Sarah says the only reason Bruno wants her is because he is going to need the girls to vote out the couples.  [sarah is making herself the indispensable vote]. 


10:35 PM BBT: Bruno and Brittnee continue to chat from separate beds , while Bobby walks in to say goodnight.  Britt asks him when he is actually going to cuddle Bobby says "Well it doesn't look like that is going to happen"  He picks up Godfrey and they leave the bedroom.  Bruno is hearing Brittnee repeat what he said to Kevin (these three girls are tight) and Bruno says "don't listen to any of that shit".  Britt says Kevin is keeping Godfrey because he is going after Zach and can do the dirty work.  Bruno is still saying "I haven't even spoken to Kevin in 46 days" and of course I didn't say that.  [of course Bruno DID say that~DC]  


10:30 PM BBT:  Bruno is saying to Britt in the bedroom, "don't worry, the boys are going to take out the boys and you girls are going to be left standing"  Brittnee is not very comfortable about this conversation.  Ash, Zach and Sarah are talking in the BY.  Sarah asks if Ash and Zach are going to keep Bobby because Bruno is campaigning hard for him stay.  Sarah says Bruno asked her for a vote to keep Bruno.  Sarah says Bruno told her that she will need him for comps against the two showmances.


10:20 PM BBT: Kevin now says to Pillar how great it is to work with Ash and Zach. Pili says she does not think Sarah would go after either of them, evin says Sarah thinks the world of you (meaning Pillar). Bruno is telling Britt in the BR that Godfrey probably made a deal with Kevin saying he is going after Zach. That's why he didn't go up as a replacement.

10:12 PM BBT:  Ashleigh and Zach discuss dropping Kevin and Pili as team mates in the BY on work out bench.  Kevin and Pili discuss who Sarah does and doesn't like, Kevin says "she likes US specifically, but she hates Bobby"  Kevin says Sarah and Brittnee are a pair, but their game perspective is very opposite.

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