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Wednesday, April 22 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05am BBT  HGs are in the backyard. Sindy just opened up champagne without spilling and they are passing the bottle around.  They are telling each other fun facts about themselves.

12:14am BBT  Sindy just revealed that she  is also an assistant cruise director, JP reveals that he is a retired baseball player.   Now they are saying what they miss.  Willow misses pizza night.  Zach playing sports.

12:23am BBT  Bobby misses going to the gym in the morning and Pili misses freedom.  Godfrey misses sanity. JP misses twitter and music. 

12:35am BBT  Now the HGs are talking about who they are missing back home.

12:49am BBT  HGs are getting ready for bed and brushing teeth etc.  Godfrey and Bruno are still in the BY throwing the football.  The feeds go down.  BB may be changing the room feeds around.

12:58am BBT  Feeds come back showing Sindy and Brittnee dancing in the BR.  They are talking game and saying they will miss JP.  Pili comes into the room.  They are talking about the 10k that Sindy was offered and BB shuts the feed down.

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1:04am BBT  In the SR Zach and JP are talking about Zach. He reveals he’s a chem major and thinking of going to medical school after.  He loves teaching and would like to do that too.  BB shuts that feed down.  All feeds are down.

1:14am BBT  As the feeds come back up Godfrey, Zach and JP are in the SR talking about appreciating the game.  Godfrey leaves and they consider their next moves.  In the BR the lights are out. 

1:16am BBT  The lights are back on in the BR.

1:32am BBT  Ashleigh comes into the HOH room.  Godfrey and Bruno are in the BY.  They are saying they would put up someone they are working with as a pawn and leave him there.  The feed goes down.  HOH feed is still up.  Bobby, JP and Zach are talking in the bathroom, Ashleigh is laying down on the bed.

1:41am BBT  In the BY Godfrey and Bruno are talking but Godfrey is hard to hear.  They think a twist is coming up but they hope it’s not tomorrow. 

1:53am BBT  Bruno says if JP goes tomorrow that Kevin is going to open his eyes. 

2:09am BBT  Godfrey is telling Bruno about a conversation he had with JP.  JP said Bruno would take him to final 2.  Godfrey played along. They said if Bruno goes up against JP they don’t have the votes to get Bruno out. 

2:12am BBT  Godfrey says they are going after strong players.  They are laughing at the questions JP asks.  They hate it since he got cocky. 

2:29am BBT  Godfrey is still going to go around the house sad with a tear in his eye.  They have to stick together next week.  Bruno asks if the rat story is true.  He says yes, lots of rats behind his house.  Everyone has cats there.  

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2:30-3:00 am Bruno and Godfrey still in the BY talking about Graig’s secret that he is 37 years old and he plays pro baseball. Bruno and Godfrey both agree that they love Graig and he was made for the BB game. They are discussing how they both voted for Bobby and Pilar in the first eviction really because they were the only names that they remembered. JP joined Bruno and Godfrey in the BY and they told him they were reminiscing about day one in the BB house. None of them knew that Pilar had an accent for at least three days because they did not talk to her. JP told Godfrey the first night he thought he was hilarious. Bruno said that he was not even in the door yet and Graig was hugging him and telling him that he wanted to work together. JP said they all lined up to go in the house and then Godfrey pushed him aside and went in ahead of him. JP said he knew everybody’s name the first night so being in the house first was an advantage. They are discussing Graig’s game and how crazy he was about the game and how he would dream that people were coming after him so he would believe it. JP invited Bruno and Godfrey to come to his house to stay after the game is over. JP and Bruno head inside while Bruno picks up the BY. Bruno heads to bed while JP just went into the SR.

3:00-3:15 am BBT JP in the SR giving himself a pep talk. He is grabbing his head saying ahhh Bobby has a secret veto that he can use for three weeks, he found it in the vault. He told Zach, Ashleigh, Willow and Sindy. Now he knows and what is he going to do. It is such an unfair advantage but it is the game. Now he needs to figure out what he can do to get rid of the veto. He was questioning everything but now he is back. Newport and Fortress he is in one hundred percent with both. He wants to work with Kevin but he wants to work with Zach as well. Zach should have taken a shot at Bobby or Bruno this week. This is not good, he had a bad week, he is 21, he sucks at the game, he is going to be emotional, he is going to make mistakes but now he has his head on straight. He can’t win HOH this week because Bobby has this veto and he can’t go after him. The only thing is to go after Sindy, which he cannot do. He doesn’t love her but he really likes her personally, but for his game he cannot work with her. She cannot be trusted, she is bad at the game, she is not good for his game and she needs to go home. Zach does not want him to tell Kevin about the secret veto, but he is going to tell Kevin because he trusts Kevin and the fortress and he trusts that Kevin won’t do anything. It’s very scary and he don’t know what to do, but to clarify for the feeders he is in with Zach one hundred percent and he is also with Kevin one hundred percent. He trusts them both and he is going to work with them going forward. He hopes that Kevin wins HOH and puts Bobby on the block and make him use the veto and get rid of the chop shop, he hates the chop shop because they put him in this mess this week. If it wasn’t for the chop shop Bobby and Bruno would be out the door this week. He loves them, they are both good guys, but they are good at the game. He is now asking Canada to put Bobby and Willow on the block. Four out of the five evictees have been sent home by the chop shop and they keep running this game. The couples and him can take a shot at the chop shop. He is tired of doing nothing in the game and he wants to do something but Bobby has this veto that nobody is supposed to know when half of the house knows. He loves Kevin and Zach and wants to work with them both. He gives a shout out to his family and tells them he is okay. He needs to be perceived as being week so no one thinks that he is a strong player.        

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 9:00 am BBT Good Morning Canada! The lights are still out in the BB house and all of the houseguests are still asleep.  

 9:06 am BBT Rumor has it that Bobby found a secret veto in the vault that he can use for up to three weeks. Jordan is really freaking out about it, but will he still be here to worry about it after tonight’s eviction and if he is evicted tonight, will he spill the beans to all of the other houseguests?

 9:07 am BBT Lights are still out in the BB house, but Sindy just woke up and went into the WA.

 9:12 am BBT Willow is now up and making her way to the WA. They both finish up in the WA, Sindy heads downstairs to the KT and Willow heads back into the BR.

 9:15 am BBT Sindy went back up to the WA and then headed back to bed.

 9:21 am BBT As soon as Sindy crawled back in bed BB turned the lights on.

 9:25 am BBT Sindy is lying in bed just looking around. All other houseguests still sleeping.

 9:28 am BBT Pilar is up out of bed and heading to the WA now.

 9:30 am BBT Pilar finished up in the WA and headed back to bed.

 9:31 am BBT Sarah got up and left the HN room, but the camera did not follow her.

 9:34 am BBT Bruno and Bobby are up now in the SR. Bruno told Bobby that Zach was coming for them last week and the way he set up the nominations it was so obvious. Bruno said that Zach is coming after them next if they do it or not. Zach knew that he had to take a shot at them. Bobby is talking about shattering the other side. Bruno said that both nominees are in the chop shop so who cares who goes. Bruno said that he is going for Zach next week. They are discussing who to put up next week. Bobby just thought of a new alliance name the B-headers. Bruno said yea we could still chop it. Then we get FOTH.

 9:40 am BBT Feeds back with Britt in the WA brushing her teeth talking to Bobby who is in the restroom.

 9:42 am BBT Bobby is jumping in the shower as Bruno walks in and said Good morning to Britt. Bruno jumped in the shower while he is talking to Britt about how he slept.

 9:45 am BBT Feeds one and two still on FOTH. Up in the HOH room Ashleigh and Zach are just lying in bed awake and not talking.

 9:47 am BBT Sarah walked into the WA and Bruno told her good morning and asked how she was feeling. She said she is feeling great and asked him how he is feeling. He said he is feeling great as well. Britt is just putting on her makeup.

 9:50 am BBT Ashleigh and Zach are still lying in bed not talking. Britt called to the DR. Ashleigh got up and left the HOH room.   

 9:53 am BBT Sarah and Britt still sitting in the WA putting on makeup and talking. Ashleigh walked in the WA and she is at the sink. Bobby is finished with his shower and Bruno just finished his. Britt is telling the WA group about a dream that she had.

 9:55 am BBT Sarah called to the DR when she started telling about a dream that she had.

 9:56 am BBT Britt is not going to do her whole face because they still have so much time.

 9:57 am BBT Britt just said that she hears that rooster going off. Sarah is back and doing her makeup. Bruno is brushing his teeth and Bobby walked in to get his hat and said good morning to everyone.

 10:00 am BBT Feeds one and two still on FOTH, Zach still in HOH bed. Pilar just walked in WA and said Good Morning to everyone. They are talking about who is hung over today and about the fun pageant.

 10:01 am BBT Godfrey walked into the WA, he weighed himself and said he is up three pounds.

 10:02 am BBT Godfrey is getting in the shower as JP walked into the WA and said Good Morning all.

 10:04 am BBT JP asked Sarah how long ago she told him to get up because they were going to be called into the DR and she said like twenty minutes. He though it was about an hour ago.

 10:06 am BBT Zach is getting up and dressed. He headed to his WA.

 10:07 am BBT JP walked into the HOH room and over to the WA by Zach, but we can’t see or hear them.

 10:11 am BBT Feeds 3 and 4 switch to Zach and JP talking. They are talking about the secret veto that Bobby has and how to get rid of it. They will tell Bobby that they know and just say that Willow told them. They think Bobby will be pissed that Willow let it slip that he had it. JP said they are just going to have to see what happens. Zach said to just keep doing what they can with what they know. Zach said they will be sitting good. JP is going to use Zach’s shower and Zach walked back in by his HOH bed.

 10:15 am BBT Feeds one and two up showing Kevin and Sindy hugging. Kevin said we hug and hold because we are in love (he is actually trying to crack her back). Now Kevin is giving Sindy a shoulder rub.  

 10:18 am BBT Sarah, Willow and Britt sitting in the hall talking about terms for sex.

 10:20 am BBT Bruno and Bobby were lying on the LR couches. BB told Bobby to please wake up because nap time is over.

 10:21 am BBT JP, Kevin and Zach in the HOH WA talking again about scenarios. JP don’t think there is any scenario where they are going to be *ucked unless it is Canada. JP is sure that Sindy will be put up no matter what. Willow walked in and conversation turned to Zach moving back downstairs.

 10:24 am BBT JP and Willow left the HOH room leaving Zach and Kevin talking about hoping that Sindy does not win HOH. Britt scares Zach because she could do something big with her and Bobby getting close now. Zach said that Willow could win this week and get rid of Sindy. Zach would not complain if Willow was put up this week or next week and they could vote her out. Double evict is a little scary. Kevin is leaving the HOH room as Zach said talk to you maybe Wednesday night and we will see what happens today. Zach is left in the HOH room listening to his music.

 10:28 am BBT Feeds in KT now with JP saying he is going to sleep well tonight because he is going to be in a comfortable bed (he is so sure Godfrey is leaving tonight).

 10:29 am BBT Ashleigh, Pilar, Sindy, Bobby, Sarah, JP and Bruno are in KT just general chatting.

 10:31 am BBT Britt is in the KT too and she said that she is scared of ants.

 10:34 am BBT Zach still up in the HOH room by himself listening to his music all other houseguests in the KT with general chatting going on.

 10:39 am BBT Conversation in the KT is now about the schools not teaching the kids how to spell anymore.

 10:40 am BBT Zach made it down to the KT and is fixing coffee. Pilar and Willow are discussing what they are going to wear today.

 10:42 am BBT The KT group is talking about some gum that tastes like soap. It is in a yellow package with purple writing made by Willie Wonka.

 10:43 am BBT We have FOTH

 10:45 am BBT Feeds are back as houseguests make their way upstairs to the main BR talking about movie stars.

 10:46 am BBT Correction the houseguests went to the HOH room for a lockdown.

 10:49 am BBT Bruno is telling the houseguests about a movie.

 10:50 am BBT It is Godfrey telling the houseguests about a movie.

 10:54 am BBT Looks like we might have HOH lockdown for awhile. There will probably be no game talk going on, just general conversation.  

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10:08PM BBT Feeds come back on with Sindy and Britt on the red couches and Kevin Willow Sarah Zach and Ashleigh in the hot tub. Britt saying she is sorry she got in trouble today. General chatter in the hot tub Ashleigh climbs out rocking pink bikini bottoms with a black top and 3 of 4 feeds go to FOTH.


Britt starts telling Sindy how she cried during her goodbye speech to JP and BB tells the HGs to stop talking about production.  Britt apologizes to BB then starts telling Sindy that Godfrey wants to work with them and the last feed also dies.

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10:48PM BBT Feeds come back with everyone in the HOH talking about their battery packs. Pili is the new HOH. She is talking about her family as the others ask her questions about the pictures. And we get FOTHED again.

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10:52PM BBT Feeds back to the same scene in the HOH. Kevin is being teased about his diet. Sarah gets up to look at one of the pics then grabs another as she comments about Pili's family. They start talking about the upcoming order of events and whether Have Not comp will come before or after the noms. Ash has joined Sarah looking at one of the pics and listing who is who. Kevin is holding a stuffed dolphin which must have come with Pili's HOH goodies. HGs now compliment Pili's house and remark that no one shares a room either. Willow tells BB that Ashleigh is being a threat breaking glass and Ash starts recounting her history with glassware in the house. Godfrey starts talking about frying chicken feet tomorrow. Several folks say that they literally can't eat them. Group starts rehashing prior comps and who went out as a "one and done." Willow tickles Sarah and then Godfrey then fails with Bobby and Britt. Next she tries Ash who returns the effort with little or no reaction from Willow. 

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11:04PM BBT Willow says she can't stop eating these they are deadly and Sarah asks for just one. Pili had stepped out a few minutes ago and now returns to the HOH. Willow now on top of Godfrey roughhousing and saying that she is not ticklish at all.  Now she is tossing candies up in the air and attempting to catch them in her mouth with little success. When she does catch one she chokes on it setting Ash off on a laughing spree.  Zach is called to the DR and leaves quietly. Willow tells a story about when she got stitches in someone's living room after a surfing incident. They wonder where Pili is and then she reenters the room again. She is holding some pom poms and the group asks her to do some cheers which she declines. Willow remarks that she wants to see Pili do all the ceremonies. The group starts making noises about turning in, but after shifting positions in the room no one leaves. 


11:10PM BBT Kevin then Pili make fun of her reaction to winning and saying she was not going to cry but she is just overwhelmed. Everyone now talking over one another. Willow talking about her feet and needing a file for them. Pili is told that she can watch a full movie or 90 minutes of TV with her Shomi. She apologizes for stuttering a lot during the ceremonies in advance. Feeds FOTH out once again.

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11:14PM BBT  Feeds back with talk about chicken. Godfrey leaves and Cam 1 follows him down to the kitchen where he joins Bruno. They are laughing about the eviction and how JP was so cocky with his speech before being blindsided. 


Upstairs Pili is telling the remaining HGs that this is everyone's room and the talk turns back to making breaded chicken.  Ashleigh comes downstairs and asks the guys if they want breaded chicken.  Bobby left with Sarah in the HOH talking about Ash loving drinking back home as she talks about getting wasted. Sarah asks if Pili was the one who said she wanted to be a dolphin and she and Bobby think that BB is so thoughtful and always watching.  


Britt and Godfrey now in the BY chatting and placing chicken orders.


Upstairs they talk about who will sleep with Pili. Sarah Willow and Pili are still in the HOH and Sarah is making the bed. 


Downstairs Godfrey and Britt talk about the HOH comp and why Bobby eliminated Sindy. Godfrey thinks that he still wants to have no blood or be associated with anyone. 


Upstairs Bobby and Willow are talking about the eviction and Bobby still holding on to the Chop Shop.  They wonder who will be put up now and he says to Willow that he wants to work with you guys. 


Outside Britt and Godfrey are still talking about why Zach put JP up and why JP agreed to it. Godfrey says he always told JP that he was coming after Zach not him. 


I try to catch Willow and Bobby again in the HOH bathroom and both those feeds run commercials. Sarah and Willow now talking about what happened today with the vote and how it happened over the last few days.  


Bruno has joined the duo in the BY. They say that Pili has never really talked game with anyone in the house so they don't know where her head is at. Britt says that Bobby has let on that this was a one time deal and no formal alliance was made. Britt thinks that the lines have been drawn, but Godfrey says that Bobby does not want to commit. On cue Bobby joins the group who is now discussing JP's reaction to the announcement of the 5-4 vote. 


Upstairs Sarah trying to explain her decision to Willow who swears she cannot be a floater any more and Sarah responds that she does not want to be a floater either but everyone she gets close to has gotten evicted. Kevin has joined them now.  Sarah says that she was not blowing smoke at JP all day, but Kevin says that he was. Bobby walks into the HOH and Sarah and Willow are talking about what they said to Ashleigh about the vote. 


Outside they are still talking about how JP was too confident and how that is deadly in BB. Bruno says he has always been the guy to knock down folks that get too cocky. He thinks that the crowd loved the eviction tonight and that they hate unanimous votes.  Godfrey compliments Britt for always making her own decisions and admires her even when she took out Graig. 


Upstairs they are still talking about how Zach and Ash reacted to the vote and how Sindy was faking it by crying as if she did not know JP was going home. They all seem to want her out as she has gotten a second life in the game in addition to the fact that she is still lying about her vote and blaming it on either Willow or Kevin depending on who is in the room at the time.

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11:40PM BBT Upstairs they are complimenting Godfrey for the way he campaigned and managed to get the votes to stay in the game.  Bobby talks about how scary JP's memory was and Bruno who has joined them agrees that JP would be HOH right now if he had stayed. Bruno says that JP never talked with him about anything. 


Outside Godfrey is telling Britt how Zach had an order all planned out and they reiterate how overconfident both Zach and JP were. Britt thinks that Zach must feel pretty shitty knowing he sent JP home with the assumption that he was totally safe this week. Godfrey says you cannot trust someone who will never tell you who they want out. He does not really trust Bobby either. 

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11:23PM BBT - Britt is in the BY on the hammock and Godfrey on the couches. Godfrey thinks he is going up and wonders who will go up beside him. He hopes she and Sarah can stay strong and vote out whomever he's against. They discuss Zach putting JP up, telling him he'd take him down and not doing so.


11:26PM BBT - Willow and Sarah in HOH. Willow is upset that Sarah didn't tell her about the plan to vote out JP. Sarah says she wasn't sure who else was going to vote him out so she didn't say anything. She says it was all decided before bed last night. Willow says Zach and company are extremely angry.


11:30PM BBT - Sarah says she thought everyone but she and Brittnee were voting for Godfrey. Willow complains that Zach doesn't care about her as a person. He knows nothing about her and only cares about her for a vote. They discuss the various things Zach has said to make Sarah decide she didn't want to be manipulated. Kevin joins them and they ask if Sindy talked to him. Sindy is telling people Willow voted JP out. Willow is very angry. Sindy is bawling her eyes out and Sarah wonders out loud of Sindy is lying. 


11:33PM BBT - Apparently Sarah already admitted Sindy voted for JP. Bobby comes into the HOH room next. Willow is mad because she feels Sindy should've just been honest and not be lying. Willow does not want to play a game with someone like that. Bobby doesn't believe you should have 2 lives in BB. That's why he eliminated her first. 


11:37PM BBT - Bobby says that Sindy's conversation in the vault about JP makes sense now. She was trying to figure out if he'd be willing to switch to JP  leaving. When the vote was 5-4, Willow thought she'd done something wrong and ruined a big plan. Next in the room is Bruno. Conversation stops momentarily but resumes. Sarah says it epic for a blindside as a fan. Bobby says if he'd won HOH, Sindy would be going up. Willow agrees.


11:40PM BBT - Everyone is surprised that Sindy is denying voting against JP. Sindy said Willow did it and then said Kevin did it - both of them who have confirmed they did not. Bruno says Zach never discusses game with him. Bobby is surprised. He always stops conversations Zach is having. 


11:45PM BBT - Bruno didn't like JP being so cocky about staying to Godfrey. Sarah says JP is one of her favorite people here, but she's never felt that comfortable. Bruno says as a superfan, he should've known that. Willow says in the house you want to be as normal and composed as you can be. As soon as you act differently, it's a red flag. 


11:47PM BBT - Willow wanted to win the HOH because she had no idea what was going on after JP's surprise eviction. Sarah talks about how when she plays a comp, she plays to win. Bobby says the vote had nothing to do with Zach, it was about JP. Zach joins the room, and conversation changes to dinner being ready and if Zach found a lost football. They can't wait to get more juice and pop and stuff. 


11:50PM BBT - Moving to the KT feeds, Sindy, Ash and Pili are general chit chatting with Ash cooks. Pili got a dolphin in her HOH basket and she loves them. Ash's is an elephant. They discuss sharks and dolphins and that more sharks have died at the hands of humans than vice versa. 

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