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Thursday, April 2 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:05AM BBT: Sarah, Zach and Jordan are sitting in the chairs near the kitchen talking about the cleanliness of pools and hot tubs, and Zach is explaining the filtration systems of home vs public pools. 


12:10AM BBT: Bobby, Willow, Graig and Ashleigh are in the kitchen. Willow says she is so tired and walks away. Bobby finishes his bowl of Rice Krispies and pushes his stomach out, saying it feels good and pats it. Bobby says he doesn't know how everyone doesn't sing constantly.


12:17AM BBT: Godfrey is in the backyard laying on the couch which is his 'makeshift hammock'. Feeds cut to Naeha in the storage room, then follow her out to the chairs next to the kitchen. Most of the housemates are hanging out in the kitchen and in the living room. General chit chat. 


12:24AM BBT: Godfrey, Britnee are in the bedroom. Britnee puts on a bra and heads to the DR. Godfrey is laying in bed. Feeds cut to the kitchen/living room. Sarah and Willow talk about Moulin Rouge. Big Brother reminds the housemates to please stop singing. The housemates start talking about the diamond power of veto, and Willow suggests it could be in one of the teddy bears. Willow asks if she can cut Sarah's bear open.

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12:31AM BBT: Zach and Jordan are in the backyard sitting on the couches. Zach says there wont be many smart players once Johnny and Naeha go. Strategy talk ends when Sarah and Naeha come outside and sit on the couches with them. Britnee and Pilar are in the bedroom laying on their beds. Britnee talks about the eviction, and she went in with faith because everyone was telling her she was staying. 


12:38AM BBT: Pilar says she is glad Britnee stayed. Pilar asks if it was weird between Britnee and Sindy since they were campaigning against each other, and Britnee said it wasn't. Pilar says it was weird between her and Risha, and doesn't think it was her age but her personality that didn't fit in with everyone. Feeds cut to the kitchen where Graig, Bobby Ashleigh and Bruno are hanging out. Bobby and Graig head to the pantry to have a chat. Bobby says that Willow is hard to read, and Graig thinks that she's with them. Graig says that they need to hang a conversation with everyone and emphasize the Chop Shop. Bobby says that if Zach and Willow get together, then they fall apart, they'll lose Willow. Graig says that this alliance could be legendary, not just BBCAN but worldwide.


12:46AM BBT: Jordan, Zach, Johnny, Naeha, Willow, and Sarah are in the backyard singing the Canadian anthem. They decide to try their hand are the American anthem. When they get near the end of the anthem, BB cuts the feeds to HotH, but come back as they finish singing. They yell that they found 2 songs they can sing. They scream that they love their Canadian and American fans. They try singing the Canadian anthem in french, but BB tells them to stop singing. They wonder if they can sing the anthems now or if it's just the french version they cant sing. 


12:53AM BBT: Housemates in the backyard talk about having kids, and how many kids they want, what genders, and what order. Willow says 7 of her friends have lost their parents, all from cancer. Naeha says her uncle passed away a month ago from cancer. He had bone cancer, which turned into blood cancer. He had severe back pain, and his doctor said he just had hemorrhoids but he went in for more testing. He passed away on a Thursday and they had the funeral on the Saturday and she came in for the finals for Big Brother on the Monday. Willow apologizes for bringing it up and gives her a hug. Naeha talks about her family a bit. Talk changes to what countries housemates want to visit.

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BBCAN3 2:13 AM BBT: Naeha, JP, Johnny and Sarah are trying to convince Kevin that they should be in an alliance and try to get the others out because the others are coming after them. Johnny told Kevin “were in trouble.” Naeha is pitching to Kevin that they should all work together.  Naeha would come out with guns blazing because the others hate her, but for Kevin it’s hard because he is friends with them. Naeha is telling Kevin that he and Johnny was the target last week. Sarah is telling Kevin that Naeha is 100% right about the Bobby thing. Naeha now realizes they have a four guy alliance.


BBCAN3 2:17 AM BBT: JP and Sarah are off to bed. Naeha is still pitching Kevin to get rid of the others because if Sindy did not do what she did, it was supposed to be them going home last week. Kevin is shocked, but it makes since he said.  Naeha said that Zach is a target for the four guys too so Zach is on their side. Kevin’s mind is blown right now.


BBCAN3 2:21 AM BBT: Naeha off to bed and leaves Kevin and Johnny talking. Johnny is pitching to Kevin that they were the targets last week again if it wasn’t for Sindy. Johnny feels Bruno, Godfrey, Graig and Bobby are in an alliance.  


BBCAN3 2:35 AM BBT JP and Zach pitching a three man alliance to Kevin in the STR. JP is saying that no one would believe they are working together. They are trying to think of a name for their alliance: The bromuda triangle. Then Johnny walks in and interrupts their conversation for a few minutes then he leaves. Zach continues to explain that they could make sure that Naeha is the number one target over them. JP suggests a back door is the way to go this week and run the back door on Bobby.


BBCAN3 2:41 AM BBT JP said put up Bruno and Godfrey up so Bobby thinks he is safe and won’t try for the VETO.  Zach said that Bruno wants Naeha out bad and that Graig is a wild card. Zach said it’s a big move, but if Kevin takes Naeha out then that side of the house will have the numbers. Zach said Graig’s plan is Naeha first then Johnny.


BBCAN3 2:46 AM BBT JP is pitching to Kevin that if they could get rid of Bobby then Graig, Godfrey and Bruno want Naeha out so bad so they are still safe.  Johnny walks in again so the group is telling Kevin to sleep on it and remember that Bruno, Godfrey, Graig and Bobby think they are safe and that is why they are already sleeping.  Everyone leaves the STR now and went into the kitchen.


BBCAN3 2:51 AM BBT Naeha was waiting in the WR.  JP, Zach and Johnny go in to tell her that the fireworks are on. They are so excited that they believe they have convinced Kevin to backdoor Bobby.


BBCAN3 2:55 AM BBT Kevin walked into the WR and Naeha thanked him for working with them and then Kevin quickly walked out.


BBCAN3 2:58 AM BBT JP and Kevin meet back up in the STR. JP is explaining to Kevin that he needs to tell Godfrey, Bruno, Bobby and Graig that Naeha and Johnny told Kevin that the four guys were going after Kevin so that is why two of them are going up. JP is telling Kevin it is going to be scary and he will take some heat so he has to have some balls.


BBCAN3 3:01 AM BBT JP and Kevin both agree that Bobby is a scary player because he is good at comps. JP is telling Kevin to tell Graig that he is former pro athlete and a good liar so I don’t know if I can trust you.  JP is telling Kevin if he wins the veto and pulls off Graig or Bruno, then it will seem that they were after Bobby the whole time so let someone else win the veto. The discussion breaks up as Kevin says the shit is going to get crazy. JP gives us a shout out telling us this game is going to get crazy this week. Now he is talking to his family then he tells all of us goodnight.


BBCAN3 3:10 AM BBT Everyone is tucked in bed except for Kevin. He was pacing the hall then he sat down in the chair. It looks like he is deep in thought.  Then he got up and went to bed, but not in the HOH bedroom. He climbed into bed with someone, but I am not sure who it is yet.


BBCAN3 3:23 AM BBT It looks like he is in bed with Pilar playing kissy face and all others are out for the night.


BBCAN3 3:32 AM BBT Kissy face is over and it looks like all the hamsters are going to sleep.

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BBCAN3 9:39 AM BBT Houseguests are up doing ADL's and eating breakfast. No game talk going on yet.


BBCAN3 9:47 AM BBT Bobby to the DR and all of the rest of the houseguests still sitting around chatting about past BB seasons and being worried about being on slop.

BBCAN3 9:56 AM BBT Now they are talking about how messy the HG were in BBUSA15.

BBCAN3 10:00 AM BBT Bruno and Zach talking on the chairs upstairs. Bruno thinks that Kevin is in on board knowing that the house wants Naeha out so she should be put up. 

BBCAN3 10:02 AM BBT Ashleigh and Zach sitting on the chairs in the hall now. Ash can hear BB building something outside for HN comp.

BBCAN3 10:03 AM BBT Ashleigh just said the only things that are happening today are the HN comp and seeing the HOH room (so Kevin did not get his room last night).


BBCAN3 10:07 AM BBT Zach tells Ashleigh that she don't have anything to worry about this week because there is bigger fish to fry.


BBCAN3 10:08 AM BBT Ashleigh said the only thing that worries her is there are big fish to fry now, but what happens after that.


BBCAN3 10:10 AM BBT Zach is telling Ash to let the others battle it out and get each other out and just sit back and watch.


BBCAN3 10:13 AM BBT Ash went downstairs and Zach went into the WA. JP and Zach are talking about how they are making this big play happen this week and no one even knows it is them.


BBCAN3 10:17 AM BBT JP called to the DR. All of the rest of the HG are just sitting around with general chatting going on.


BBCAN3 10:17 AM BBT HG are now shouting out to Rancy Pants to come on BBCAN.


BBCAN3 10:22 AM BBT they are saying construction is definitely happening out side.


BBCAN3 10:24 AM BBT they are speculating what the comp is going to be because they can smell dirt.


BBCAN3 10:26 AM BBT they are hoping Kevin gets his room soon.


BBCAN3 10:30 AM BBT Feeds just went down.


BBCAN3 10:31 AM BBT Feeds came back up and all are still just sitting around chatting.

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 10:45am BBT:  Hg sitting around waiting for Kevin to get his HOH rm and  for the have/ Have not comp to begin.Just general talk going on.

10:52am BBT: Ashleigh and Zack laying across the bed in the bedroom talking about having a showmance and Zack says she doesn't want to mess with her anymore if she isn't real about anything in here. Ashleigh says i know what you mean.In the LVR most Hgs are just sitting in silence.

10:55am BBT: Pilar ask what time they did noms last week and the guys tell her that today is have/ have not  and  hoh rm and tomorrow is noms.

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11:02am BBT:Bobby is doing yoga in the LVR as some Hg are falling asleep and Bb tells them to wake up as nap time is over. Pilar says sorry BB.

 11:06am BBT: brittnee, Sarah and Willow upstairs sitting about watching their season on tv when they get out of the house,.

11:17am BBT:Bobby and pilar talking about going to sleep. Bobby says if you lay in an awkward spot then they wont think about you falling asleep there know what i mean. Pilar says yeah and laughs.

11:27am BBT: Brittnee is showing the other Hgs how to walk when you model and Pilar is trying to walk  like brittnee was for modeling.modeling says she can't do it and keeps laughing. Brittnee tells her look in the mirror not at the others.

11:40am BBT: Godfrey says that after being on slop for 7 days it is hard to take in all this food now. brittnee says yeah i couldn't eat much lastnight either. Godfrey says even my pants are to big for me now.

11:51am BBT:Hgs are just sitting around just general talk going on.

 11:56am BBT: Bruno, Zack and Willow are trying on Jordan's glasses and tell him he is blind. He says yeah i am blind.

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12:00pm BBT: Kevin was called to the DR. Everyone gets excited that he is going to get his room.

 12:16pm BBT: Hg are all sitting around waiting for Kevin to come out of the DR to get his hoh rm.

12:33pm BBT: Jordan and Zack are talking about buying tv's. Pilar is getting twistos to eat. All other Hg are sitting around just general talk.

12:36pm BBT: we get FOTH

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2:48pm BBT: All the HGs are sitting in the living room  on the couches not saying a word as BB has called them there.

2:50pm BBT: Kevin walks in the room and takes a deep breath. Arisa come on the screen and says hi everyone you are probably wondering why i am here in a empty studio? I have news for you.(Silence) Tonight is an instant eviction. Then the feeds go to FOTH.

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