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Wednesday, September 17 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:06am We come back from Foth to Derrick and Cody talking about the music he got. Caleb in the ER with the lights out and in bed. Victoria in the HOH listening to the guys talk


12:20am Cody and Derrick talking in the HOH room about what lockdown is like on live eviction days. Victoria is sitting on the couch in the HOH


12:26am Talk in the HOH turns to the guy that played Shooter Mcgavin in Happy Gilmore. Victoria gets up and picks food out of the basket. Cody says he loves that Adam Sandler hooks up all his friends when he does a movie.


12:35am Cody is telling us about the type of job his dad has. He says he programs computer software. Cody says that he has always liked the idea of l living in the city and wearing a suit and tie everyday.


12:49am Feeds finally come back, all 4 cameras are on Caleb trying to go to sleep in the darkened ER


1:00am We come back to Cody, Derrick and Victoria in the  HOH Cody saying he already cannot wait for next season., he can't wait.  Derick says this is the first time in 90 days that he's used the facial cleaning pads.


1:11am Derrick and Cody throwing a ball or fake fruit back and forth across the HOH room and talking about baseball players fast balls and curve balls. Victoria just watching


1:19am Conversation turns to the POV comp. They are talking about a web. Derrick says he was surprised they put them back to back like that but he is glad he got to experience the both of them. They talk about how they got to  promote football,  Kathy Griffin, Scorpion and now Stalker and how good the ratings must be for that to happen


1:34 am Derrick and Cody are the only ones in the HOH room now. They are talking about the potential comps that are coming up and the likelihood that Victoria will win. Conversation turns to the past seasons final 3 competitions.


1:45am Everyone is talking about past houseguests and their backstories. They think that Donny, Devin, Christine and Frankie all have more to them the they said but they think that most the others were truthful.


1:58am Derrick is having a conversation with Victoria about what she should say at the veto ceremony.  Cody has moved down to the KT to make some food. Derrick tells her to just keep it short and simple. But, he's going to make the decision based on the speech


2:10am Derrick and Victoria talking about the jury in the HOH room. They are discussing who they think that each person would vote for and what their chances are. He tells Victoria that if she wins HOH and takes him the Jury might say hey shes been on the block 9 times and won the last HOH that was her strategy all along and she would win.


2:23am Derrick and Victoria are still talking about who would get which jury members votes. Cody is  in the  bathroom lipping words, unsure what he is saying.


2:35am Conversation continues in the HOH room. Cody has turned in and headed to bed in the ER,


2:44am Derrick and Victoria split up, she heads downstairs to the bathroom. Derrick is talking to the cameras saying hes just setting himself up for  any scenario that’s why hes still spitting game at 3 in the morning. Victoria comes back up, shes going to do her hair in the HOH bathroom. Derrick tells her that she shouldn’t be insecure about it.


2:59am Victoria and Derrick are talking about her hair and how she should be confident no matter how her hair looks. That her hair doesn’t make her who she is her hair looks fine without the extensions.


3:07am Victoria is now in the HOH shower and Derrick is on his was to dream land in the HOH bed. Everyone else is already asleep


3:20am Victoria opens the door and asks if derrick is still up. She wants to show him her hair and insists he feels it. He does, then tells her that she has a lot of hair and it looks good. That he is going to bed, she is over exaggerating because it looks good and she has a lot more hair then some girls


3:38am Victoria went down stairs a few minutes ago with no cameras following and hasn't returned so it appears that everyone is asleep for the night

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BB16 8:50AM BBT We have FOTH. It's wake up time!


#BB16 8:58AM BBT We return and the HG are in bed but the lights are on.


#BB16 9:10AM BBT Victoria is up and getting herself some oatmeal.


#BB16 9:16AM BBT Cody and Derrick in HOH talking about Caleb. Cody figuring out what to say and says Caleb had to know. Derrick talking about Victoria and how even though she says she won comps, she didn't.


#BB16 9:23AM BBT Victoria finishes her oatmeal and rinses out the bowl and wipes it down with the sponge. No dish soap. She then heads to the WCA to fix her hair. Derrick and Cody have gone back to napping in the HOH room (Cody on the sofa).


#BB16 9:35AM BBT All 4 feeds on sleeping HG.

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1:29pm Cody walking around the fire br talking to Derrick as derrick is trying to take a nap so Caleb leaves the room.Victoria in the Wa doing her hair and going through her clothes to finish packing.Caleb now walking around looking at the walls and gathering things to pack himself.


 1:37pm Caleb in the STR  making sure his things are packed and getting his  western shirt out of the plastic bag it was hanging in. Victoria in FR packing her things. Cody in the WA washing his hands and derrick in FR asleep.


  1:42pm Cody and Caleb in the WA talking about Cody shaving his side burns  around his hat and Cody says it is bad and Caleb says it isn't that bad and Cody says you are lying to me. Caleb ask want me to fix it i am a hairstylist you know and then laughs as Cody walks off saying i cant wait to see his reaction and they go to derrick and Cody says you need to fix this guy. derrick gets up laughing saying it isn't that bad.


1:44pm They are all in the WA trying to fix Codys hair and Victoria is in there  fixing her hair and watching the guys.


 1:48pm Cody says man i had the worse dream lastnight  that everyone came back in this house and that Zach and Hayden hated me and was ripping on me. Victoria says Hayden hated you and he says yeah.


 1:54pm All the guys are in the FR talking about Cody wanting his clothes back from the BY that are sitting in the dryer. Cody ask Caleb if he wants a breakfast sandwich and Caleb says no i wont be able to eat. Cody leaves out and Caleb tells derrick how Cody cut his hair and they are laughing.


1:56pm Caleb tells derrick man you know how much crap i will get from Frankie if i am the next one gone? derrick says yeah he messed up and didn't win the hoh comp and he came in here and laid down and told me this is the best case senerio cause he could play in the next hoh and then he didn't win the veto so he had to go.


 1:58pm Caleb says at the point in the hoh comp when Frankie had about 5 seeds left and Cody lost his i knew i had to fight for it and Cody told me i had it to just take it low and so i calmed down and listened to Cody but Cody could have beat  Frankie too if he hadn't dropped a seed.


 1:59pm WE are back to Jeff's Reels. 

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 2:05pm Derrick and Caleb in the FR derrick telling Caleb to keep his speech short and beast mode. He tells Caleb that he hasn't been fake and that's why people was yelling over the wall beast mode so remember that. Caleb goes over a speech he wants to say  and derrick says i have to go to the bathroom.


 2:11pm Cody in the KT eating a breakfast sandwich and ask Caleb if he wants some and Caleb says nom man my stomach is all in knots. Caleb sits down and says my life is in the hands of one of my best friends in this house. Cody says looks at him as he eats. Victoria is still in the Wa  doing her hair and makeup. Caleb tells Cody he never thought they would get close till he asked him about  the bible . 


 2:16pm Caleb says it is weird walking past my bag over there and Cody yells derrick do you know how weird it is to walk past your back over there and derrick says yeah i had to clean mine once and it was weird and then says just because no one put me up and i didn't win 30,000 comps don't  blame me dude. Cody and derrick laugh as Caleb walks around.


 2:24pm Derrick clipping his nails and Victoria doing make up in the WA Cody walking around the house clearing his throat alot and looking for a fly. Caleb sitting alone in the LVR.

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 2:26pm All the GUY in the KT now talking about how much make up Victoria puts on and how long it takes her and derrick says his wife doesn't wear make up.


 2:27pm Cody says he has to have time to take a shower after the hoh lock down and derrick says i have to have a shower too. they talk about wearing dress clothes and if it is an athletic comp they can change clothes. Caleb says all of his athletic gear is packed up.


 2:31pm Victoria now in the KT sitting in silence with Cody. Derrick in the WC and Caleb in the WA putting make up on his forehead then puts it in his pocket. Caleb then goes to the KT and starts flipping the rolling pin in his hand as he walks through the house.


2:34pm derrick looking for Jacosta's name on the bathroom door and Cody goes to show him where it is at and Caleb comes in and looks too.


 2:41pm Cody is having derrick cut more of his hair off . Caleb is just walking around the Wa. Victoria is sitting in the Wa watching the guys.


  2:44pm We are back on Jeff's Reels now as the HG prepare for tonight's live eviction.

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6:03 PM BBT Live Feeds are back with Derrick and Cody talking in the fire room, and getting ready for the HOH Competition. Victoria is in the WC. Derrick is worried that the jury members are going to be pi$$ed. Derrick gets told to put on his microphone.


6:05 PM BBT Victoria comes out of the WC, and puts herself together in the WA. Derrick and Cody are talking about having to get to the F2 together. Derrick says, if he can’t hold on, he’s not going to stay up there if he can’t. He says, there may be something mental to it, and you may have to catch balls while staying on the wall. Cody tells him they have an entire episode to fill now.


6:07 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody that the F3 will sit at the Dining Room table, and do the flashback, about everyone in the house. He says, it’s a boring episode, and he never watches it. Cody leaves the fire room, and Victoria thanks him, and hugs him. Victoria goes to the fire room, and Derrick tells her, congrats, and hugs her. She has a huge smile on her face, and Derrick tells her that Caleb wasn’t for sure what was going to happen.


6:09 PM BBT Cody comes out of the WC, and washes and dries his hands in the WA. He fixes his hair a little. Derrick tells Victoria that no one is going to vote her out from now on, she either wins, or she goes. He tells her she has that chance. Derrick tells her, that he can’t believe that Cody sent Caleb home. Derrick tells Victoria that Caleb probably said he wants the two of them to make it to the F2. Derrick tells her, she’s the queen of BB, and walks out of the fire room. Victoria follows him out, and sits down in the LR.


6:11 PM BBT Cody goes in the SR, and looks in the refrigerator. Victoria talks to Derrick about there only being a comp today, and then nothing until next week. She says, she doesn’t think her family will be able to go, but she’s excited. Victoria is walking around the LR, and Cody sits on the couch, opposite Derrick. Derrick says, it’s going to be a long week.


6:12 PM BBT Victoria goes in the SR, and Cody goes in the KT. Derrick runs to the KT to tell Cody that Victoria is so pi$$ed at him. Cody says, she got brought to the F3. Cody grabs a bag of chips for a snack, and sits down on a couch in the LR. Victoria is applying make-up in the WA. Derrick says, they only have 2 more comps to do. He says, only 2 more comps to do, and he’s guaranteed $50K. He tells Cody, that she’s not taking it from him.


6:15 PM BBT Cody tells Derrick he was close to Christine, but he still sent her home. Derrick tells Cody he will think about things in the jury house. Victoria sits down in the LR with the guys, on the same couch as Derrick. Cody says, Frankie is going to rip Caleb apart in the jury house. Derrick and Cody tell Victoria that they knew the whole time about the different alliances in the house, and they name them off to her. Cody tells Victoria that she was never getting played by either of them. She says, she appreciates that.


6:18 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria that they are all friends, and they would never cast a vote against her. Cody and Derrick tell her that the bomb squad was over when Hayden went. Victoria is chomping on her chips, smacking her lips, and talking with her mouth full. They talk about who has wanted others out in the house.


6:21 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria that a lot of people made promises to others that they did not keep. He says, that’s BB though, and the way it is. Derrick talks about BB Canada, about someone’s F2 deal that he made with everyone in the house. Cody laughs hysterically. Victoria just takes a drink of her drink, and then plays it off. She says that Frankie was all over the place. They talk about when Amber was in the house.


6:23 PM BBT Derrick tells them that Sunday’s episode will have the jury members sitting by a fire, and they argue about everyone that is still in the house, and who deserves to win. He says that they will be shown sitting at the Dining Room table also. Cody asks if they will have a F3 Luxury Comp? Derrick says, he doesn’t think so. Victoria says, they will all be on The Talk, if Julie is still doing that. They talk about their handlers, and we see FoTH.


6:26 PM BBT Live feeds come back. They are talking about there being a comp tonight, and when the other comps may be. Cody talks about all the building, and they are assuming there’s two comps, and we see FoTH again.


6:27 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Victoria says that Brittany told her that she would get far in the game if she stuck with Derrick and Cody. She says, Brittany told her she would be the last girl standing. Cody says, that’s why she had to go. Derrick says, he thinks Brittany had a crush on Cody. Cody says, he hopes so. Derrick says, she probably doesn’t now. Victoria says, Brittany told her everything that she said about her, and that she didn’t mean any of it.


6:30 PM BBT Cody points out the HG’s pictures on the board to say who likes him, and who hates him. We see FoTH.


6:33 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Cody and Derrick talking about tonight’s comp. Cody tells Derrick to go at it, like he’s competing against Frankie. Cody says they haven’t come this far to let it go. Cody says he hates that clown (Caleb). Derrick says, he got monster cheer. He says that he got the same cheer that Zach did. They think he and Zach are competing for America’s Favorite Player. Victoria comes out of the WC, and is putting her hair up in the WA.


6:36 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody that if they get to the F2, they are going to have to plan together, so they are the same page. Cody says, they need to focus on this comp. He says, he knows he’s going to walk out and see his dad and mom sitting in the audience. Derrick asks Cody where he put a cork, and he says it may be on the shelves in the KT, at the top. Cody goes in the WC. Derrick was standing on the counter, trying to get the cork. He gets told, “Stop that.” Then when he sees it, he asks if he can get the cork, and says he’s going for it.


6:38 PM BBT Derrick climbs back on the counter, and we hear, “Derrick, I told you no climbing.” Cody goes in the LR and sits on the couch. Derrick goes to the fire room, and puts the cork in his black BB bag. Cody and Victoria are talking about what she said to Julie on the show tonight, how she wanted to make her speech to Cody and the HG’s. Derrick goes back in the LR.


6:40 PM BBT Derrick says, he can’t believe that there’s still 7 days left. He says that they are going to be there 97 days, the longest in BB history. Victoria says, if the girls weren’t so catty this season, they could have made it further. Victoria says, everyone was so against each other. Derrick says, Caleb played such a good game after Amber left. Cody is still sitting on the couch, and Victoria and Derrick are walking back in forth, pacing in the LR.


6:42 PM BBT Victoria talks about how Frankie made the scene with calling Nicole in. She says that she didn’t pay attention to anything Amber said, because she couldn’t really stand her. She keeps telling Cody was Amber said to her.  Cody and Victoria are in the KT, and Derrick is chilling on the couch.


6:43 PM BBT Cody says that people that like Frankie are going to hate him. Derrick tells Victoria that the good thing for her, is she’s standing next to the two people they hate more. Cody says, fans of Zach and Caleb will like him, because he knows he wasn’t the only one asked about it. He says, everyone was. We see FoTH.


6:44 PM BBT Victoria says her goodbye message to Christine was not nice. Derrick says that his wasn’t nice either. He tells them what he said in the speech. Victoria and Cody tell him that wasn’t mean. Victoria says, that she told her she was glad she was crushing her dreams, and she was the last girl standing and not her. She told them everything she said in the goodbye speech to her.


6:46 PM BBT Victoria tells Cody who she said nice goodbyes to. Cody says he wrecked Amber. Victoria says, Christine’s was the only one they asked if she wanted to redo. We see FoTH.


6:48 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Cody saying everyone will remember Pow Pow. The HG’s are all eating before the comp. Cody goes to the SR, and gets a drink, while Victoria is in the KT eating something off a spoon. Cody talks about Brittany calling after she went home, and we see FoTH.


6:49 PM BBT Live feeds come back, and Cody says he can’t wait to see the episode with them all sitting by the fire, and he can’t wait just to see the season. Derrick says he doesn’t want to eat anything with oil in it to mess up his stomach. Derrick says, he has a feeling he’ll be up there for 6 hours. Cody says, they are going to get to do the comps that everyone wishes they could do. They talk about what the comps were in previous seasons.


6:52 PM BBT Cody says that Jocasta has been in the jury house since Day 49. He says, she’s been there as long as she was in the house. Derrick says he would go loco. Victoria says they may get phone calls though, and she remembers reading that somewhere. Derrick says, maybe not, because they aren’t allowed to get anything to sway their vote. We hear, “You are not allowed to talk about production.”


6:54 PM BBT Cody says if he was a producer he would hate things, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back, and Cody tells Victoria to thank her when she gets a chance. Her and Cody are sitting at the KT table, and Derrick is lying on a couch in the LR.


6:56 PM BBT Victoria is looking at herself in the mirrors in the KT. Cody says that Nicole was a liar when she had to be. Victoria tells Cody that she wonders if things would have been different if Caleb would have thrown the BOB comp with Frankie, and if things would have turned out different. Derrick goes to the DR, to ask them a question. Cody asks Victoria if she knew that he and Derrick were that close? She says, no. Derrick comes out of the DR, and tells them what he asked. It’s gets cut off, and we see FoTH.


6:58 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Victoria saying their name, “The Hitmen,” is funny. Cody says, originally it was something else. We see FoTH for a moment. Live feeds come back with Cody saying that Caleb didn’t trust him at all in the beginning. Derrick says, it was because of Amber, because she liked Cody. Victoria asks them if they knew that Devin was going to make here a HN? Derrick says no. Cody tells her that Devin wanted Brittany to go. Derrick looks in the SR, and goes back to the KT. They continue to talk about who was going up when. Victoria says, she has to pee, and goes to the WC.


7:01 PM BBT Derrick and Cody are whispering by the picture board. Derrick says, out of spite for Caleb, they have to get there together, or they will give it to Victoria. Cody says, it’s not an option, it’s literally not an option. Cody says they put something by the door that cancels out the noise, because they can’t hear the audience, when they are there. Derrick agrees, and says, it may be some type of foam.


7:03 PM BBT Cody goes to the WC, and Victoria goes back to the LR. Derrick tells Victoria how good a game Cody has played. She says, Cody will win if he gets to the F2. Derrick says, he agrees, but at least one of them can win the $50K. He tells her that one of them has to make it to the F2. Derrick says, he will beat him in the final competition out of the 3, but he just has to get to that. He tells Victoria they will talk later, and she says, you better f*cking take me. Cody comes out of WC. He washes and dries his hands in the WA.


7:06 PM BBT Victoria says, “Come on and goes to put on more make-up in the WA. Cody says that they said within in the hour. Derrick says, that’s Rich, and he’s already gone. Cody says, they need to get Heath, and Derrick agrees. We see FoTH.


7:07 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Derrick saying they are not leaving on Day 97. He says that they will still be attached at the hip for the next 3 or 4 days after the show it over. Derrick says Caleb will be happy just to get his phone back, and he was done when he heard the cheers. Cody says, he thought he was the king of the house, and he was clueless what went on behind closed doors. They all get silent.


7:08 PM BBT Victoria says, “Congrats on F3,” and she asks Cody how her speech was? He says, it was short, sweet and for the ninth time. Derrick goes to the WC. Cody and Victoria talk about the different times she was nominated, all nine times. Cody says, week one they tried to flip-flop their votes, and both he and Victoria say it was stupid and dumb. Derrick comes out of the WC and goes to the LR. Victoria says, “Sorry b*tches,” and laughs.


7:11 PM BBT Derrick tells them ideas of what they may get tomorrow. He says they have 2 comps and seven days, so they need to fill the time. They all throw their ideas out about what may happen. He says he thinks they will get the BY for a couple days. They all talk about the fact they would told that they may want to go to bed early tonight. Derrick throws out ideas of what the comp might be. He says, they may be totally off, it could be similar, but it will be different. They talk about the different comps that have been on in the past seasons.


7:15 PM BBT Cody says he wants a sick comp. Victoria asks Cody if he told the DR who was staying? He says, yes, and she says she knew it. She says, they wouldn’t give her the dress she wanted, and they have all of her dressy clothes. She says, they told her they will call Sean, and she says, to call him, because she wants her dress. She says, she has no girls in the house to borrow from, and she didn’t feel good in the outfit she was in. She says, it was way to short to walk out on stage. She says they never called Sean, and she went in there like 5 times today, and she never goes in that much.


7:17 PM BBT Cody says he wants to do the comp soon. He asks how this is on the feeds with the F3? Derrick says, they probably shut it off, and come back on, once in a while, because it’s boring. He says, it’s worse than watching paint dry. They all complain about wanting to do the comp, and Victoria tells her family she wants them there for finale night. Cody asks if they are sending Devin back in the house? Derrick gets called to the DR. Cody asks him if they are starting DR’s? He says, he asked for the HOH room, but he’s doesn’t know what it’s about. Cody says, “Holy sh*t balls, we are here.” He tells Victoria, don’t say thank you, and she says, she’s told him several times. We see FoTH, and then Jeff’s highlight reels. Must be time for the HOH Competition.


7:59 PM BBT Live feeds come up with all 3 HG's hanging on a wall holding a metal bar, and it looks like they are flying kites, over a city.


8:01 PM BBT All HG's are moving a little, while leaving one hand on the metal bar. All 3 HG's put both of their hands on their bars, while the wall is moving them up and down.


8:03 PM BBT All HG's still in the competition as we go back to Jeff's highlight reels.


8:05 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Derrick and Cody talking about a ramp being there to wet their metal bars. Cody says, "You better not wet my bar." We see Jeff's reels, and the comp comes back.


8:06 PM BBT It starts raining while they are holding on. Derrick says, "It's torrential." Cody says, "It's crushing us." Cody starts humming, and then yells, "We're going down."  Victoria is holding on for dear life, and not saying a word. Cody and Derrick both say, that was intense.


8:09 PM BBT We see lightening, and Cody yells, "Is that lightening?" Cody is alternating between his hands on the bar. The rain stops, and the wall is shaking. Victoria lets out a sigh of relief.


8:11 PM BBT Derrick says that's hard. Cody asks, "Going down?" He says yes. Derrick asks Cody if he likes it, and he says, "It's sick." Victoria is now alternating her hands on the metal bar, and then goes back to both of them on the bar. Cody is taking his arms down, and shaking them. Derrick is resting one arm at a time also. All 3 are staying strong so far.


8:13 PM BBT As the wall is tilting forward, Derrick tells Cody his line looks straight. Cody says, he'll tell his barber. Cody starts laughing as they are really leaning forward, and Derrick says, "Are you serious right now?" The wall starts to go back up. Cody says, "Here we go."


8:15 PM BBT You could hear one of the HG's breathing really heavy into their microphone. It starts pouring rain, and lightening again. Derrick says, "If they put us down like that again, that's tough." Cody says, "Right in the face." Victoria starts to sing.


8:17 PM BBT We go back to Jeff's highlight reals for a moment, and then back to the comp. Derrick was trying to wipe off his hands, but says, "It didn't work." We are seeing close ups on the 3D images they are seeing below them, of the houses, and grassy areas.


8:19 PM BBT Victoria lets out some grunting noises, and uses her right hand to try to wipe her face and eyes. She takes her left arm off the metal bar now to wipe her face. Derrick and Cody keep switching their hands on their metal bars. Cody is laughing, and asks Derrick how he's feeling? Derrick says, "I'm hurting."


8:21 PM BBT Cody tries to jump a little to get some of the excess water off of him, but the water is continuing to pour on him. It seems to be more than on the others. Everyone is staying strong so far, as the wall starts to go back up, and it stops raining. Cody says, "Well, a little cold." We see Jeff's highlight reels again.


8:22 PM BBT Live feeds come back, and Cody says, "That's tough." Victoria asks, how long they think they've been on? Cody asks Derrick, and Derrick asks, if they are allowed to get time checks? We see Jeff's highlight reels.


8:23 PM BBT Live feeds come back, and Victoria says that Frankie would have never survived this challenge. Derrick says, he would have crushed it. Victoria says, his fingers would have turned purple. Cody says, that's true. The wall starts to take them down so they are outstretched on their kites. Cody says, "Here we go."


8:25 PM BBT Victoria is breathing heavy, Cody is breathing heavy, and Derrick seems to be breathing heavy also. Cody is wiping his forehead into the sleeves of his shirt. Victoria is moving her wrists around, when taking her one hand off the bar. Cody whistles a little.


8:27 PM BBT Victoria seems to be struggling to stay on her bar, she is moving her wrists around more often, and her feet went a little pigeon-toed for a few moments.


8:29 PM BBT Victoria is now moving her right arm above her head a little bit. Cody asks them if they smell that? Derrick says, the grill smell? Cody says, yeah, it's crushing me right now. Cody talks about the rain and lighting being sick.


8:30 PM BBT Victoria is making loud grunts as the wall continues to move up and down, slanting them. Cody and Derrick are also making noises. Cody is resting each of his arms more often now as well. He makes popping noises with his mouth, and is looking around at the scenery. Derrick is resting his arms one at a time also.


8:32 PM BBT Cody whispers to Derrick, "You better beat her." Derrick says, "I can't keep my feet on." He says he tried to dry them off, and it's not happening. Cody tells him, you can't dry them off, it's not happening. The wall slants them forward again to the outstretched position. Derrick lets out an Ow.


8:34 PM BBT Victoria says, "My hands are slipping." They tell her to hang on, they are going back up, and she's getting a break. Cody asks Derrick if his hands are going numb, and he says, he can't feel them. The rain and lightening start again. Derrick tells Cody, "Let me deal with this rain." Victoria asks if their hands are falling asleep, and Cody says yes. She says, her hands are falling asleep. Cody says, "This is the fun stuff."


8:37 PM Victoria starts to scream, and says, "Crap," as she falls off. They tell her she did good. Victoria says, "Did good my a$$." Derrick says, if Cody stays on, he'll jump off. He tells Cody, he's not going anywhere anytime soon. He asks Cody if he wants him to jump off. Cody asks Derrick, what he thinks of the next one? Derrick says, "I don't know, crap shoot." We see Jeff's highlight reels 2 minutes later.


8:40 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Cody and Derrick still on the wall, and they are outstretched, and feeling the pain. Both of them are grunting. Derrick says, "What are you thinking, are you wanting this one?" Cody says, "Endurance, it will make me feel good." Derrick asks if that's what he wants to do? Cody says, he doesn't feel confident. Derrick says, but if you don't want to then don't. Cody says, he does, but he wants Derrick to.


8:42 PM BBT Derrick is letting out loud grunts. Victoria is sitting on a wooden bar stool under big HOH letters, with a towel wrapped around her. Cody is making faces, with his tongue sticking out a little, and wiping his face. Victoria says, "You guys keep missing each other, it's the funniest thing ever." She says, when one looks at the other, the other one is not looking. Derrick tells Cody, if he wants this one he will jump off. Cody says, if you don't feel confident, don't do it. Derrick says, he'll stay up there 3 hours with him. Derrick says, he'll do his best, but there's no doubt he knows it better than him.


8:44 PM BBT Derrick asks Victoria how the towel is? He says, he would like one, and asks her to grab his activity tracker for him that's in the bushes. Derrick and Cody direct her where to find it. We see Jeff's highlight reels for a moment.


8:45 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria not to be upset, and she questions, not to be upset? Derrick says, this isn't easy, and you did good. Cody says, yeah, she was crushing it. Derrick says, "Here we go, more rain." It starts to pour down rain, and lightening again.


8:47 PM BBT Derrick is struggling to stay on his bar, and makes a grunting noise. He and Cody are being brought down on the way until they are leaning all the way in the outstretched position. They are both holding on for dear life, as the rain is pelting them. We see Jeff's highlight reels again.


8:49 PM BBT Live feeds come back and Derrick asks Cody if he wants this one? Cody tells him, he thinks he's good. Derrick says he doesn't want him to be mad, and Cody says, it's not about that. Derrick says, "It's wet out here." Victoria asks them how they are doing? Derrick says, "I can't feel my hands." Cody says, "I feel like Superman." The rain has stopped, and they are both breathing heavily.


8:51 PM BBT We hear an airplane overhead, and Cody says, it's close. Derrick is really struggling, and says, "Oh great." Derrick says, "Where do you think we are at for time?" Cody says, he doesn't know. Derrick says, "Respectable at least?" Cody says, "How can you even tell?"


8:52 PM BBT Derrick says, "Oh geez." Cody says, "The craziest think is his hands, my pinky." Derrick talks about his pinkies, and how he's hurting. Cody asks him how his cut is, and he says that's fine.


8:54 PM BBT We see Jeff's highlight reels, and Live feeds come back with Derrick down. Cody wins Part 1 of the HOH Competition.


8:55 PM BBT Victoria says, "Good job Cody." Derrick looks for his activity tracker, and asks Victoria if he can see the corner of her towel really quick. We see Jeff's highlight reels.


9:02 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Victoria in the shower, and Cody in the WA. Cody goes to the fire room and changes his clothes.


9:05 PM BBT Derrick goes in the WA, and Victoria asks him if he threw the comp. He tells her that he held on longer than her, and it's unbelievable she would ask him that.

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9:07 pm BBT  Derrick is called to the DR. Derrick passes Cody on his way to the DR and tells him that he likes his odds. He thinks he will beat her. Cody is in the Fire BR talking to himself. “He’s scared to lose to Victoria. Is this some kind of F’in joke?”


9:12 pm BBT  Derrick is out of the DR. He is standing in the LR massaging his hands. Vic does her hair and heads to get dressed. Cody is going to make everyone some quesadillas while Derrick takes a shower.


9:18 pm BBT  Cody goes into the SR and is immediately called to the DR. Victoria is in the WA washing her face while Derrick showers. Derrick is just letting the water run over his body while he just stands there. Cody comes out of the DR and gives Victoria and Derrick their microphone packs. Victoria is now putting on her makeup. Cody makes his way to the LR and lays down on the couch, massaging his hands.. Derrick is still in the shower, mostly just thinking.


9:23 pm BBT  Cody heads to the KT, checks on the microwave, washes his hands and stops to look at the memory wall. He says out loud, “I told you. I’m going to get the champagne.” He goes to the SR to grab it. He goes to the WA and asks Vic and Derrick if they want a glass. Both of them decline. Cody goes to the KT and pours himself a glass. After a long, pensive shower, Derrick is finally done. Cody puts his hand over the bottle of champagne, shakes it up and lets it bubble. He lifts his hand up and it begins to spray a little. He puts his hand back over it before it goes anywhere. He does it again, careful not to let it go anywhere.


9:28 pm BBT  Cody carries the champagne bottle over to the sink and shakes it side to side, puts his hand over it, and lifts his hand off the top a little. It makes a little fizzing noise but doesn’t give him the result he was looking for, so he goes back to the table and pours himself a little more. He begins to get the food ready for dinner.


9:32 pm BBT  Victoria comes out of the WA and tells Cody that she can’t do her hair because she can’t feel her hands or her fingers. She asks him if his hands are still numb. He asks her if she’s going to eat some salmon. She tells him they were hanging on for about an hour. He says he would have loved to see how long he could have stayed on there. She asks if he was good and he says there was nothing but his fingers being numb. But his shoulders weren’t hurting… as a matter of fact, they hurt more at the beginning than the end. Derrick comes out of the Fire BR after getting dressed and says that Caleb will not be happy he missed that comp. Cody says he will be pissed. Vic goes back to WA to do her hair.


9:38 pm BBT  Derrick and Cody are preparing the salmon when Cody is called to the DR again. Derrick is making the quesadillas while Cody is preparing the salmon. Derrick tells Cody that Victoria asked him if he threw the comp. He tells him it “pissed him right the F off.” Cody heads to the DR.


9:41 pm BBT  Victoria comes out of the SR and tells Derrick that the only reason she asked him that was because he looked like he was fine. He says he was shaking like a leaf. He says that she was the one that told him she had the endurance comp and he would have the mental, so when she fell of he stayed up another 20 minutes. He says that the guy is a D1 major league soccer player who is 23 years old. She said that she asked him and he said he was fine. Derrick tells her that after she fell off they made it a lot harder. She says she’s pissed she fell off. He says he’s not going to lie, it hurts his feelings that she thinks he threw it. She says she heard them talking. He said he was trying to convince him to fall. She said she thought she heard someone say, “I got you.” He says NO. He just knew that when it changed lower again, if Cody didn’t fall off, he was going to go off because his hands were killing him and he wasn’t going to fall from 6 feet. She apologized if she offended him. Cody came out of the DR.


9:45 pm BBT  Derrick is called to the DR. Cody asks her how she felt up there. She says terrible. The water was going into her shoes and getting down by her toes. She said she had to reach up high and she had to be on her tippy toes. He says “Well, Victoria…we made it to the final 3 of BB 16.” He says that only 48 other people have made it to the spot she’s in in the history of BB. She says she’s just upset with herself. He asks her if she thinks she was going to hang up there longer than her. She shrugs. Derrick comes out of the DR and Cody asks him if he crushed it. Derrick says, “I crushed it.” Victoria tells them the only way to break the Hitman Alliance is to win the comp tomorrow. Cody says, “That is so epic that she just said that!” We are an alliance that started on the second day and made it to the final 3. He says that she is the Hitman’s little sister. 


9:47 pm BBT  Cody says that he knows that Vic hated Derrick, but he protected her. Vic says that she NEVER hated Derrick. Cody says he was going to have a convo with her about not being mad at Derrick because he protected her for the entire game. That he wouldn’t let her name come up for eviction. She says, again, that she NEVER hated Derrick. Derrick jumps in and says that they are good. He asks Vic if she needs a hug. They hug and Cody says that if he’s the one sitting there in the final, he hopes she will give him the vote, but Derrick has kept her safe. Vic asks how does he know that she will be voting, and smirks at him? Cody says there aren’t any more mental comps because the next one is another physical comp. Derrick says he can’t believe they did the wall for the final 3 HOH. We get FotH because Cody says, “He says it’s…”


9:50 pm BBT  Vic is called to the DR. Cody says they should all be pumped. He says she is probably one of the most sincere girls in the house. She will be talking about the Hitman Alliance. She thinks the name is catchy. They ask if she thinks the fans like it and she says they probably hate it. Derrick tells Cody he is going to be smoked in the mental comp. Cody says he thinks it will have some physicality to it. Derrick says he has to win it because he thinks Victoria will take Cody instead of him. Cody says she can’t win against him. Derrick says that he will beat Vic. Cody says they will sit next to each other in the final 2. They will watch the 7 things they show them. It doesn’t matter what the jury says, how bitter they are. Whether Derrick wins it or he wins it. It’s just fine with him. Cody says if he was in a final 2 with anyone but him, it would have been a lot tougher to get to this point. Derrick says they are just loyal guys. They say that not even Chilltown made it to the final 2 with each other. They agree that they will go down in BB history together.


9:53 pm BBT Derrick starts to talk about his DR session and what family members will be there. Cody says he isn’t an emotional person. Victoria is out of the DR and she’s smiling from ear to ear. Derrick says he knows she’s excited about who is coming. She whispers in Cody’s ear. He thinks it’s annoying to show emotions, but if he sees just one person he will burst into tears. They start to talk about what they will wear and are warned by Production not to talk about their DR sessions with other HG.


10:00 pm BBT Derrick asks if it would be weird to ask for their suitcases. Cody says that they are still there for 7 more days. Cody is looking at the memory wall and he says that Frankie will come into the jury house and a lot of people will be happy they got him out of the house. Then Caleb will come into the house and tell them about The Hitman Alliance and they will all be like “Whaaat???” They say that Frankie will act like he knew all along. Derrick says that in Frankie’s defense on the day he was being evicted, Derrick told him that Cody and him needed to do what was best for their games, and Frankie said he thinks they’ve been doing that all along. They ask Vic if she knew about their alliance. She says she knew they were working together because Derrick always seemed to know if she was going home or not when she was on the block.


10:05 pm BBT  Victoria is rehashing Week 4 when Cody put her on the block. Derrick says they are in the final 3 of BB, is she really looking back at Week 4? Derrick and Vic talk about their hands still being sore, but Cody says only his pinkies are numb. Otherwise he could have been up there for awhile. Derrick says it is what it is. Cody says he would have liked to have had Caleb up there just because he would have worked him. He says that’s the one regret he has…every physical challenge Caleb competed in, Cody didn’t. Victoria all of the sudden screams out, “You guys… we are all from the first group! (to enter the BB house)” We get FotH.


10:11 pm BBT  Victoria and Cody look to see if the salmon is done. Cody says he is glad he got to participate in a physical challenge. Derrick asks how he took the bubbles out of the champagne. Cody says he just shook the crap out of it. Victoria tells them she is proud to be called the Hitman’s little sister. Derrick tells her he has told numerous people he thinks she is a good person and we get FotH. We come back and she says the only reason she said in her speech about him (Derrick) is… Derrick interrupts her and tells her he’s OK with it, they are fine. Then they tell her they love what she said about Caleb and Frankie being slobs. It was epic. She says she is really tired. He says it’s because she kept Derrick up all night.


10:16 pm BBT  We come back from FotH and they are talking about the lube challenge. Cody and Vic say that Christine was fine after that challenge, came in 2nd, and then won the veto. –but Caleb was dying. Cody says she would have made him nervous in a challenge like they had tonight. Derrick gets a series of HOLLERS. Derrick doesn’t answer back. He says if they play his daughter and he will give them a holler. Cody and Victoria talk about the chess BoB. He said he was rooting against her because he didn’t trust Frankie and wanted Brittany to go home. Cody is called to the DR. 


10:20 pm BBT  Victoria is shaking her head at Derrick and he asks her why. He says she knew everything because he told her everything last night. She asks why he didn’t tell her the name. He says that he loves her like a little sister. Everything he did in the game he did for them. Cody doesn’t work for him. Everything he is telling her tonight is true. She would probably have gone home a lot sooner if it weren’t for the connections they made together. She said she doesn’t think Hayden or Nicole would have sent her home if it weren’t for him. She says that if she wins the half million, he knows what’s happening with that. He says he guarantees the blowout between him and Zach made tv. He said that Zach asked why he was defending her and he said because that’s somebody’s daughter. She said that Zach picked on her because he could get a reaction from her. He said that they also trusted him because he was a bro. He says he is fighting for his girls back home.


10:25 pm BBT  She tells him he is guaranteed to win something. He asks if she means because she will take him to the final 2 and because Cody will. She says yes. She asks Derrick to let her win tomorrow. He says who has a better chance to win in the final one. He’s beaten him 3 times. If she loses to him, it’s not good. He just hopes she doesn’t doubt him. Cody tells her he has to get to the finals with him because he knows he can beat him. Derrick says he knows they will talk after this show. He will be there for her. She says she knows that. He says she could beat him in the mental. She says she almost hopes she doesn’t. He says that tonight almost didn’t because once she fell off the dream of the two of them together was over. He tells her he has her back.


10:30 pm BBT  She asks him why he trusted Cody from day 2. He says because they were both in the Bomb Squad and quite frankly he liked him better than anyone else. He says that Vic is like family to him and Cody is his ally. He knows Victoria and him will be close outside of the game and he doesn’t know about him and Cody. He tells her he hopes she knows what she has accomplished in this game. She tells him she would look stupid throwing the comp tomorrow, but she is confident he can beat him in the final. She says if Derrick doesn’t beat him it will suck. Derrick says he knows he will beat Cody in the final because he has done it 4 times… 3 times mental, 1 time not. Could he beat him, absolutely. But he won’t let him. He says he isn’t sure what Cody will do, but he thinks he will take him to the finals.


10:36 pm BBT  Derrick talks about how he covered her when she almost told about the fact that they didn’t hate each other. She shows him her dress and he tells her it’s pretty. They move to the LR and talk about the comp and how hard it was. They talk about what the comp might be tomorrow. Derrick says it might be a rock wall where you grab the puzzle pieces. He asks her if she swims well. She says YES and he tells her it could be something with swimming.


10:39 pm BBT  Derrick says he always thought about people in the house who come out with a big surprise in the end. Like if Frankie came out at the end and said “Oh, by the way, I’m not a Broadway dancer.” She doesn’t understand. So he says no, like someone has been hiding something. She says, Oh… you mean like Donny turns out to be a professor. He says, RIGHT. He says what would you do?? She says she would vote for him. [Guess what, Victoria? Derrick is a cop!! –Morty]


Hillary on FaceBook says, "That's why Derrick is a great player. He never stops playing the game. Everything he he says or does is a part of his strategy. Amazing." 



10:45 pm BBT  Derrick gets a series of about 10 HOLLERS and he won’t answer. Victoria says it’s huge she made it to the final 3. He says, “Uh, yeah Rose!” Derrick tells her if he goes all the way to the end and doesn’t win, it will suck. He just doesn’t know how Nicole and Hayden will vote. She says there is no way they will vote for him over Derrick. She wanted to know how they came up with their name. He says because they put a hit on the people they wanted out of the house.


10:50 pm BBT  Derrick tells Victoria that she knows his family better than anyone. He says that he’s just got to win. Bringing home money to change their lives will make being gone for the summer worth it. Having a lot of people know who he is doesn’t make a difference. That’s not why he came. He says that he’s sure her family is proud. She says she hopes her Ema (Mom in Hebrew) comes. She says she doesn’t think she ever did anything on the show that her mom would be ashamed of. He agrees. 


10:57 pm BBT  Derrick talks about how he will be there to approve or not of future boyfriends. She starts to do some call outs. Derrick gets a HOLLER from Donny…he ignores it. They talk about what Derrick is going to wear. He is planning to wear the suit he got when he hosted the comp as a sportscaster. They go back to rehashing the HOH Part 1 Competition. Vic screams out “Derrick, we are final 3, B*tches!!” She asks if it wasn’t her, would they have taken another girl. He says NO.

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11:05 PM BBT Victoria and Derrick in the LR, Victoria says she is cold and wants a sweater, but none of Derrick’s even though he offers, she wants a light colored one. Derrick tells her to ask Cody for one. Victoria asks Derrick why they didn’t have an alliance nickname like The Hitmen. Derrick says that him and Victoria were never an alliance in the house, they were just really close friends.


11:10 PM BBT Cody comes out of the DR. Victoria asks him if she can borrow a sweater and he gives her his Rutger’s sweatshirt. Victoria is called to the DR and asks Derrick if The Hitmen can be trusted alone. Derrick laughs and yells at Cody in the KT that he never should have told her their alliance name. Cody starts yelling about ants in the KT and Derrick comes to the KT to help the situation. Cody and Derrick are talking in the KT about pissing people off in the game and wondering how people will vote based off that.


11:20 PM BBT Talk between Cody and Derrick about reasons on them winning the money and what they will spend the money on (college funds for Derrick’s daughter and paying student loans for Cody). Cody says he is glad he can finally have a game conversation like this with Derrick without anyone trying to listen since Victoria is in the DR. Derrick tells Cody that he thinks Caleb will congratulate the winner on finale night, but they both think Frankie may not which Cody doesn't care. They start to run through what the jury members will think after learning about their Hitmen alliance.


11:25 PM BBT Derrick and Cody were making a bet on who they think America's Player is, Cody says Caleb and Derrick says Zach. They both say to bet $100 since either of them maybe at least win $50,000 but they quickly remember that they aren't in the final 2 yet and call the bet off. Cody says that if Caleb is AP and he tries to gloat about it he will tell Caleb that he still wouldn't have beat Cody in the end. Derrick and Cody toast to The Hitmen alliance with the champagne in the KT.


11:30 PM BBT Cody and Derrick start going over the weeks of their BB season (nominations, veto meetings, HOH comps, evictions, etc.) Derrick says he won't study yet, maybe later in the day tomorrow after their breakfast. Derrick and Cody are going through who may vote for either of them, BB is looping a Holla from his wife over and over for about a minute then switching to a different Holla loop again. Derrick is explaining to Cody about the part 2 HOH comp from BB10.


11:35 PM BBT Still in the KT, Cody tells Derrick how Victoria was during the 2nd facemash Veto comp. Cody asks if Derrick thinks he can remember all the replacement nominees, Derrick starts to list all the nominations week to week since Victoria is still in DR.


11:40 PM BBT In the middle of Derrick naming the nominations BB announces "Houseguests remember, if you win half a million dollars you will never have to eat peanut butter again." Cody asks out loud why BB just said that to them. Derrick and Cody say that production is bored. Derrick starts to name off the HOHs in order. Cody lists possible scenarios of the part 2 HOH, saying for each one that Victoria won;t be able to do it. Derrick asks Cody to ask him questions about each week and Cody starts to quiz him.


11:50 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody he knows how many HOH, BOB, and Veto comps each HG has played in. Derrick says he is unsure what day the 2nd HOH comp will be but he thinks that the Sunday episode will be the reminiscent episode. Victoria is finally out of the DR.


11:57 PM BBT Victoria sees that Derrick has been drinking champagne and says that she has been trying to get him to drink for 90 days and he finally does when she is in DR. Derrick is called to the DR. Victoria and Cody in the KT talk is about what to do with the fish they have, either throw it away or put it in the fridge. Victoria asks Cody if Caleb knew he was going to be evicted and Cody says he thought Victoria was the target.

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