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Sunday September 14 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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11:07am Quiet night in the BB house, Derrick and Cody quietly laying on couches. Victoria is playing with Cody's hair and Caleb is sitting in one of the orange chairs. Frankie just came out of the DR


11:13pmCody is now in the DR. Frankie has decided to make cookies while talking to Caleb across the house. Caleb wants them to cut the letter at the end and gets warned to stop talking about production. Victoria is primping in the bathroom.


11:21pm Cody is back from the DR and Derrick is called. Victoria says that it was quick  and sits on the couch with Cody. Frankie is yelling about wanting the BY and we get FoTH


11:29pm Frankie dancing through the house every so often making up his own music and getting yelled at for singing. Cody, Victoria, and Caleb watching in the LR Derrick comes out of the DR saying he crushed it.


11:39om Caleb and Cody up in the HOH talking about Crumping. Caleb says he needs music to do it, Cody tells him he doesn’t. Victoria and Frankie dancing around downstairs spinning and twirling.


11:46pm Derrick and Victoria talking in the FR they are talking about how many days the person leaving next week will be in the jury house and whether or not they will even go to the house. Caleb and Frankie in the BY


11:55pm Derrick and Victoria studying the order of evictions, nominations, HOH,Pov wins in the FR Caleb and Cody playing pool in the BY Frankie is watching as he sits on the dryer


12:05am Derrick tells Victoria he is thinking about going to the BY because he doesn’t want to be in there alone with her for too long. She goes to the kitchen now and is making food. Frankie is on the pool table with Caleb while Cody is doing the laundry


12:15am Cody moves the bean bags closer to the pool table so he can watch sitting on them Caleb is watching as Derrick and Frankie play before moving to the weight bench. Victoria has gone inside. Cody says after this game, were going 2v2 Frankie and Caleb vs Derrick and Cody.


12:23am Everyone is gathered around the pool table in the BY except Victoria who is sitting on the dryer watching the game


12:34am Frankie and Cody talking in British accents as they play the game Victoria still watching nothing new to report.


12:47am Guys still playing pool. Frankie is reracking  the balls. Victoria is inside doing the dishes.


12:57am Frankie and Derrick are talking about the final three competition the season the Brigade was on. Caleb and Cody are taking their shots on the table and Victoria is still doing dishes


1:03am Pool game breaks up  Cody moves to the wooden chair, Caleb is at the weight bench, Derrick goes to the hammock and starts messing with a pillow. Says he was trying to get the bee off the pillow and starts to explain to Caleb why he didn’t just kill it because the honey bees are dying off more and more each year


1:15am Caleb and Frankie doing his ab routine in the back yard after Frankie did some weight training . Victoria in a lounger by the pool and Cody is still in the wooden chair


1:26am Victoria and Derrick in the kitchen talking about  how Victoria has no relationship with Caleb at all. She doesn’t know why he would choose her over Cody. Derrick says because he thinks he can beat you that’s all you need. Caleb, Frankie and Cody in the BY talking about a girl Caleb knows who has a "great body"


1:40am Caleb is telling the guys that in Texas girls love big trucks. He was seeing a girl there and after her first date with him she said I like you but I love your truck. Derrick tells Victoria to just keep breathing as he goes back out to the yard with a rolling pin. Frankie asks why a rolling pin, Derrick says eh I like it.


1:48am Everyone sitting around the wooden chairs in the BY Frankie asks in an accent if it's alright if he take a bath. Caleb says yeah but he might be asleep when he gets out. Cody says he's tired. Victoria thinks it will be an early day with the veto meeting tomorrow.


1:50am Frankie in the HOH bathroom sighs and say hello everyone, I'm going home this week. Oh well at least I'm not going home empty handed and I hope I can at least win Americas Favorite Player. They have no use for me now, I hope you all love me though.  Then proceeds to run his bath


1:55am Caleb comes in the HOH and Frankie asks why he hates him so much. Caleb says I don’t had you I'm just  ready to be out of here, crown someone the winner and lets be done with it. Frankie asks if he wants him out of the house this week Caleb says no but I don’t have any deciding vote or anything.


2:03am Frankie and Caleb talking about loyalty, honesty and integrity. Frankie says Caleb putting him on the block didn’t show any loyalty or integrity at all because no one has been more loyal to Caleb then him.  Caleb is explaining the reasons why Frankie went up over the other 2 again. Frankie says but Derrick wouldn’t of won even if he played. Caleb says but he would have got to try and he didn’t so it didn’t seem fair


2:10 am Frankie is telling Caleb that if he does go home that it is his fault. He knows that he cant vote but he is the reason he is on the block so it will be his fault if he goes home. Caleb is trying to get him to understand why he went on the block and his reasons behind it. Frankie says he is just worried that Derrick and Cody will see this as a good time to take him out. Derrick and Victoria in the BY studying. Cody went to bed


2:18am Frankie asks Caleb if he thinks the boys are trying to pit them against each other. Caleb says no he doesn’t feel that way at all. Asks if one of them said or did something that makes you  feel that way he said no. Cody comes to the backdoor where derrick and Victoria re studying and says what's up. Derrick says he's going in and going to bed.


2:21am Frankie is telling Caleb that no one could beat Derrick in the final two because he has played an impeccable social game. He has never even been on the block. Caleb says no he has no votes in the jury. Frankie says that hes a father will do awesome things with the money, hes never backstabbed, hes played an impeccable social game that has resulted in him making it all the way to the final 5  without ever being on the block. He says that has never happened. Caleb says that against anyone, Derrick would lose.


2:26am Frankie says let's get Cody up here and vote Derrick out this week. Caleb laughs and says if you can get Cody to use that veto on you… Do what you have to do, that’s the game try to get that veto around your neck.  Derrick joins Cody in the ER, they are hoping it is a double eviction this week, Derrick says they are golden. He knows how many comps each person has won but when they won them takes him a little more time because he has to go through it


2:40am  Frankie says he of course wants his sister to support him but if he wins AFP he doesn’t want it to be because she told them to vote but rather because America loves how he played the game. Then says that if he's in the final 2 he wants everyone to vote for Caleb. Cody and Derrick are talking about blindsiding Victoria or Caleb


2:51am Derrick walks into the HOH and says did someone call for a cowboy and does a little dance then starts talking to Caleb. Says that hes kind of jealous Caleb looks warm and comfortable and ready for bed. It's going to be an early day. Victoria in the ER talking to Cody who is lying in bed in the dark. She is practicing her  Veto speech on him. Derrick and Caleb are talking about how the finale is in one week to the day


3:00am Victoria and Cody talking about how they vote to evict the past house guests. Victoria says that she always adds something to their name like for Nicole she called her the blond bombshell and for Zach it was her #1 Hater. Cody says he s**ks. Caleb and Derrick still talking about finale, saying that the last 7 days will drag on they hope that something fun happens.


3:10am Caleb, Derrick and Frankie talking about how Amber would be here had she not gotten paranoid. Caleb says he would kiss there right the on stage if she was all for it and that hes going to ask her is she still plans ongoing on the cruise


3:21am Frankie and Derrick are leaving the HOH room, Caleb says goodnight as they turn off the lights and head downstairs. Derrick says its definitely late Frankie says they are going to look horrible. They are going to look f***ed. Cody says Victoria told him that Hayden told Nicole that he didnt like Cody. Derrick standing at the FR door says that is why they got the cold shoulder and Nicole took their sh**. He goes into the FR and starts shaking his head saying unreal telling us how hard is it to stay quiet. Victoria just shut up


3:26am Frankie comes into the FR and says love you as he hugs Derrick ad makes up his bed


3:40am Everyone except Caleb in the Kitchen making food. Cody goes out to get the Gatorade. Derrick is confused how they were all in bed saying goodnight and now they are in the kitchen eating.


3:53am Cody preaches about how clean the kitchen was and how destroyed they made it. Saying that he expects to see the island as clean as Victoria made it. Derrick starts screaming as he knocks over the clean dishes. Cody dancing in the living room stubs his toe and is hopping around on one foot yelling.


3:59am Audio was out for a minute or two it came back to Victoria and Cody screaming. They are chasing each other around the house. Frist she had a box of cereal nw she has him trapped in a corner with 2 cans of shaving cream but shes covered in it.


4:02am Derrick and Frankie at the island watching the other two Frankie turns to Derrick and calmly says, so my money is on Victoria. Victoria is screaming sucks to suck. Cody tells he if he doesn’t stop hes going to wreck her they go back and forth about wearing shaving cream and wrecking each other then BB comes over the speakers an says "That’s what she said"


4:05am We come back from FoTH Derrick still at the Island covering his mouth watching Cody and Victoria. Victoria goes after cody, he runs at her spinning her around like a dance twirl he says OMG and runs. BB says something over the speakers and back to FoTH


4:07am We come back Victoria and Cody having a showdown, she has shaving cream he has a soap dispenser? She says truce and goes to her room, only to sneak right back out as if to go after him, he starts chasing her with the soap we get a stop that. She puts shaving cream on his bed and we get FoTH


4:10am Feeds back, Cody throwing his blankets in the washer. Victoria says Cody truce? And he says Nope He says he's going to bring Caleb into it. She says she was going to put the shaving cream away.


4:15am Cody is swiftering the kitchen  saying he has nowhere to sleep and telling Victoria to go to bed. She tells him to sleep in her bed he says no so she asks what he's planning his next scheme. BB warns him again to put on his mic. Frankie yells to Victoria to shut the f**k up.  Cody tells her to sleep well.


4:22am Victoria in the BY with Cody while he washes his blankets and sheets  trying to convince him not to bring Caleb into it. He says him and Caleb are special agents and they are going to plot the scheme. They have days of lock down coming she should go attempt to sleep in her nice clean bed while she can. He keeps telling her to go to bed. He's not mad at her, but he'll get her back and goes inside laughing


4:30am Victoria finally goes to bed, Cody in the ER wiping off the other mattress and making a bed to sleep in


4:37am Cody had gone back out to finish cleaning the kitchen, however, he is now in the back yard playing pool by himself talking about the time.


4:48am nothing new to report, everyone except Cody asleep, he is playing pool waiting for his bed clothes.#BB16 


5:01am Derrick heading back to bed, Cody headed there too. All the cameras are on darkened rooms  house guest curled up in warm beds. Cody asking repeatedly for BB to turn off the light finally saying yes as they  shut off

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#BB16 9:02AM BBT The HG are still sleeping.


#BB16 9:14AM BBT We get WBRB on the feeds.


#BB16 9:33AM BBT Feeds have returned! Feeds show Cody in the rock room on Cam 1 and 2. Cam 3 and 4 show Caleb sleeping in HOHR. BB announced "Bedroom lights must remain on during the day" and Cody gets up and turns them on. 


#BB16 9:34AM BBT  Victoria leaves her room, goes to the WA for a moment and then heads to her dresser drawer, grabs her robe, puts it on, and heads back to WA and does ADL.


#BB16 9:37AM BBT  BB says "Victoria please go to the Diary Room" and she goes. All other HG sleeping.


#BB16 9:39AM BBT Victoria is out of the DR and heads back to the WA to shower.  BB calls Frankie into the DR.


#BB16 9:41AM BBT Frankie is out of the DR and heads to KT. Caleb is now called into the DR.


#BB16 9:42AM BBT Caleb comes downstairs in his HOH robe. Frankie tells Caleb that BB is telling them to get ready for the POV ceremony that's at 11:00. Caleb now in DR. 


#BB16 9:45AM BBT Caleb is out of DR and joins Caleb in KT.  Caleb talking to Frankie about the morning song saying it was country. Victoria is still in the shower.


#BB16 9:47AM BBT Caleb opens his robe on top and flexes his muscles showing his six pack off. Frankie then lifts up his shirt and shows off his stomach. Frankie tells Caleb he barely slept at all last night. Victoria is out of shower now.


#BB16 9:50AM BBT Caleb says "6 days left" and Frankies jaw drops. Victoria is putting her make up on in WA. Frankie eating in the KT. 


#BB16 9:54AM BBT Cody is shown being up and moving around as he puts on his hat and heads to the WC. Cody asks Frankie in passing what time it is and Frankie tells him "almost 10", Cody replies back saying "damn".


#BB16 9:55AM BBT Caleb goes to WA goofing around with Victoria. He is talking in a weird/funny dark voice saying how he wants to talk like that with Julie when he leaves the house.  Caleb is saying that he in a pretty good mood this morning.


#BB16 10:00AM BBT Frankie carries his bag and heads upstairs with Caleb. Frankie getting ready to hop in the HOH Shower. Caleb in the HOH-WC talking with Frankie about music.


#BB16 10:05AM BBT BB calls Caleb into the DR.


#BB16 10:06AM BBT Cody is shown climbing back into bed. Caleb out of the HOH WC and makes his way downstairs to DR. Frankie is in shower upstairs.


#BB16 10:10AM BBT Victoria comes out of the WC and starts brushing her hair. 


#BB16 10:14AM BBT Frankie is now out of the shower. Victoria put some sweatpants on and then takes them off and heads to her room and gets in her bed. Frankie is talking to himself (sounds like he is practicing his speech). 


#BB16 10:16AM BBT BB says "Victoria, please go to the DR". Caleb passes Victoria on his way upstairs and he tells her to "crush it". Caleb is now upstairs in the HOHR with Frankie.


#BB16 10:20AM BBT Caleb has the headphones on walking around the HOH room. Frankie heads downstairs with his stuff. BB then calls Frankie into the DR and he says, "Rose, i'm no where near ready but thanks for asking and will kick it into gear." 


#BB16 10:23AM BBT Caleb is in the HOHR jamming out to the music dancing by himself. Victoria sits in the WA talking to Frankie while he gets ready.


#BB16 10:25AM BBT Feeds go to WBRB


#BB16 10:27AM BBT Feeds return with Caleb jamming to music in HOH. Derrick and Victoria in FR laying down.


#BB16 10:29AM BBT Victoria gets up and lays next to Derrick whispering. Derrick tells Victoria to get back to her bed to talk.


#BB16 10:35AM BBT  Victoria now goes to WA. Caleb goes to FR and asks Derrick if he heard the new FGL song. Derrick says he liked it. 


#BB16 10:39AM BBT Caleb tells Victoria that she looks fine. Derrick goes to the SR. 


#BB16 10:41AM BBT Derrick heads to BY. Caleb tells Victoria that he's the kind of guy that notices when girls get things (hair brush, etc) done. 


#BB16 10:43AM BBT Derrick comes back into the house and heads to HOH WC. Frankie out of the downstairs WC and brushes his teeth.


#BB16 10:45AM BBT Caleb now upstairs in HOH WA with his headphones on looking at fish making general chit chat with Derrick who is in the HOH WC. Frankie in KT going over his speech and Victoria passes through. Frankie then goes to BY and continues his practicing his speech.


#BB16 10:48AM BBT Derrick comes out of the WC. Derrick and Caleb talk about final 2 and 3. Talking about best case scenario and what would happen or not happen. The two guys head downstairs 


#BB16 10:51AM BBT Derrick, Caleb, and Victoria in the WA talking about what Victoria should say in the veto ceremony. Victoria says one and Caleb says perfect and it's simple. Frankie still in BY practicing his speech.


#BB16 10:56AM BBT Frankie comes back into the house and goes to KT.


#BB16 10:59AM BBT Caleb goes and wakes Cody up to tell him veto ceremony is going to start in a couple minutes. Cody tells him that he's waiting on DR to call him in. Derrick and Victoria in WA doing final touches on their hair. Frankie in KT washing stuff. 

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  11:00am Hg are getting ready for the veto  meeting.meeting. Frankie is in the KT washing a glass. Caleb and Derrick are fixing their hair in the KT mirror.


 11:10am Caleb in the BY saying i don't know if it is humid or if it is just heat but i do know one thing for sure in one week we will be walking out on that stage then going home and  if it is you and Cody then i will get that check for 25k.


11:13am Feeds go to FOTH for the veto meeting


  11:36am We are still on Jeff's reels as the hg have the POV meeting.


11:38am Frankie hugs Cody and says i am ok i just don't understand.  Frankie walking around holding Cody arm and derrick and Caleb in KT talking about not being on live feeds right now but they are locked down. Caleb says for real you don't think we are on the feeds right now? we go back to Jeff's reels. 


11:41am Victoria putting her hair up in the WA. Cody, Caleb and Derrick in the kt making food and talking about playing soccer.


 11:43pm Caleb says they are going to keep us locked and Derrick says yeah thanks buddy cause you have to be a celebrity  and someone yelling beastmode then we get foth.


11:45pm BB calls Victoria to the dr and Cody says here we go get in there Victoria and crush it.


 11:46pm Frankie sitting in the Kt talking to Caleb as he makes food. Derrick is laying in the LVR alone.


  11:48am Frankie yells my hair is so awesome and derrick says it looks good and looks better than it did when you came into this house and Frankie says it does it is awesome.


  11:56am Hg sitting around just general talk going on. 

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12:01pm Victoria in KT making a drink and Derrick cooking bacon. Caleb and Cody in the LVR with Cody eating.Frankie in the DR.Jut general talk going on as Cody goes to wash his plate.


12:06pm Frankie comes out of the DR and says i crushed it .Cody goes to bed for a nap .Caleb and Victoria come from the WA and Bb calls Caleb to the DR. Victoria goes to the rock rm and ask Cody do you think Jacosta scratched my name out and he says probably. Frankie says we are still locked down and derrick says it is going to be a little bit cause that person is probably still out there.Frankie goes and lays down with Cody.


 12:17pm Victoria, Frankie and Derrick in  the KT . Derrick eating and just general talk going on.


 12:22pm Derrick is now called to the DR  as soon as Caleb walks out. Frankie and Victoria are trying to remember  Zach's speech before he was evicted.


 12:28pm Caleb is now in the BY as the lockdown is now over. Victoria is making a bad in the rock BR Caleb starts rapping and we get foth.


12:39pm Frankie folding his clothes in the LVR and talking about going shorter with his hair for eviction night to Caleb and  Caleb says ok we will go 2 long and see what happens.


 12:41pm Frankie says they just put something in the STR  He ask Victoria if she wants to go check so she gets up and goes. Caleb says i requested drinks  or they could have put more toilet paper in it since derrick took all of it this morning.


12:50pm Derrick in the HOh rm fixen to listen to music and he talks to his wife through the camera saying he will start listening to more country music when he gets home he promises


 12:58pm Caleb and derrick in the hoh rm talking about Frankie wanting to stay and how everyone hates him in jury so no one would vote for him is what he told me. Derrick says we have less than a week so it doesn't matter . Victoria is in there listening now. Caleb says he asked me lastnight would you take Derrick before me and Caleb says i told him yeah i would and i am just being honest.

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1:01pm Caleb says i told Frankie that this is a game i just want to go home and get back to reality and Derrick has never backstabbed me and has never tried to put me on the block. derrick says right he got nominated cause you went up and threw all your friends under the bus and the only reason he told us about being arianna's brother until after he lost that POV cause he was afraid he would go on the block again  the next week.


1:07pm Frankie goes to the DR and interrupts their talking about him and says what is up and derrick says the sky and Frankie says thank you  and then says Victoria you are in your staring face. He then ask if Caleb would go lay out with him and Caleb says no it is to hot.


 1:15pm Victoria listening to music and dancing in the hoh rm as Frankie and Caleb talk  about dancing and Frankie taking off his clothes.


1:18pm Caleb telling Victoria that 2 people will leave Wednesday then the finale will be Sunday. Victoria says i think the only reason we have to go to the jury is so they can see the CD's to know what is going on. Caleb ask you think so? Victoria says yeah i do.


1:26pm Cody in his bed sleeping and derrick in his bed sleeping.


 1:27pm Frankie tells Caleb that he wants to stay and he wants to have a 4 person meeting  before Wednesday just to talk things out cause i don't want to be blindsided if that were to happen Wednesday. Caleb says yeah we want to be respectful and will tell you if anything changes we gave that to Devin and would give that to you if that were to happen.


 1:36pm Caleb, Derrick and Frankie talking about taking photos in the photo booth later today.


1:46pm Caleb, Derrick in hoh talking about  wrestling and boxing. Victoria in the Wa downstairs doing her hair again.


1:56pm Derrick and Frankie in the hoh rm going to sleep. Victoria in the Wa braiding her hair and Caleb in the KT making a drink.

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#BB16 2:05PM BBT Derrick and Caleb walking around the BY. Victoria is in the WCA.


#BB16 2:11PM BBT Caleb and Derrick discuss strategies in the LR to make it to F2. Caleb says he is going to tell Frankie that Cody was throwing him under the bus last night.


#BB16 2:22 PM BBT Jacosta's voice says "Holla Derrick" He says it bugs him to hear her voice because she didn't hug him good bye and instead told Donny how proud she was of him. Derrick says he thought they were good and she strong armed him from giving her a hug.


2:32PM BBT Frankie and Derrick play a game of pool.


#BB16 3:09PM BBT It's photo booth time!





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#BB16 3:40PM BBT The HG are eating lunch together at the KT counter. Frankie licking his fingers and smacking. Victoria is finished and just listening.


#BB16 3:43PM BBT Caleb looking for a tortilla in the bag that isn't ripped. he has thrown out 7 of them. Frankie says he doesn't understand why he can't eat it with a tear in it.


#BB16 3:48PM BBT Victoria has changed into a new outfit. She calls Derrick into the photobooth. Victoria has a knife and is pretending to hold it to Derrick's head in the photo booth. Cody yells at her to bring the knife back and not do it. Victoria takes a few more shots sitting on Derrick's lap. BB yells at her to stop that with the knife.


#BB16 4:11 BBT The guys are throwing lemons and lines and trying to make baskets on the counter in a bowl.


#BB16 4:22PM BBT Lemon/lime basketball still going on in the KT.

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4:34pm the lemon/basketball game has broken up and Frankie, Derrick and Cody are all in the LVR lounging and Caleb goes to his hoh rm .


4:40pm Cody asking  Derrick what they are doing for dinner tonight and Derrick says something quick man something quick. Cody says ok cause i want to go for a run later.


 4:46pm Frankie tells Caleb to ask bb again for beer and derrick says if it was his daughter  the more she asked i wouldn't give it to her. He then says nah i will give it to her. He then says i can not wait to get home to hear her talking and i am going to teach her to say beast mode i think it will be so cute. Caleb says i bet she can say it.


 4:58pm Cody is in the BY running. Derrick,Caleb and Victoria sitting in the LVR no talking at all just sitting there.

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5:12pm Frankie and Cody working out inthe BY. Victoria making some ice water.


 5:17pm Derrick and Victoria are in the WA whispering and derrick tells Victoria i love you but you are on a different paranoia level now just keep doing your make up and keep busy doing things.Victoria says i am keeping myself busy and derrick says just be yourself and if you make it to the end then it is because you won a comp.


  5:20pm Caleb says it is hot man and then says he will work out later. Frankie says it is very hot out here,. Caleb goes back in the house and Cody and Frankie get in the pool.


  5:36pm Frankie says after a brief FOTH that they said they are going to give us some activities to do when we get up early tomorrow. Cody says i am going to bed at 10pm tonight so i can get up early.Frankie says i think the fans are voting on what we get.


 5:39pm Cody and Caleb talking in the BY about Frankie throwing Cody under the bus lastnight and how Frankie is trying everything to stay here. Caleb says he is going to come say things i said in like week 2 and Cody says if he comes to me i will tell him stop.


 5:43pm Caleb repeating what he has told Frankie and how he threw  people on the block and how Frankie throwing everyone under the bus.


 5:48pm All Hg laying and sitting around in the BY and derrick is in the pool just general talk going on


 5:53pm Derrick in the pool and victoria sitting  with her feet in the pool while Frankie lays by the pool just general talk going on and Cody laying on a lounger.
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6:00 PM BBT Caleb tells HG's in the BY about a blue truck he bought. Victoria tells them that her car insurance is $600 a month while she's Leasing a vehicle. Caleb asks her how many wrecks she's been in, with it being that high? She tells him she had to pay $5,000 for her vehicle right before she got to the show. She says, she had 2 other accidents before that, and 5 tickets. Frankie says, he can't believe insurance is different between Leasing and Purchasing. Caleb asks her if she has full coverage or just liability, he explains it, and she says she doesn't know. Frankie asks if she had to pay for the other person's vehicle when she got in the accident? She says, no the insurance covered it. Caleb asks what her deductible is? She didn't answer. Derrick says his insurance is $300 a month. Caleb says, the vehicle he has now is a show truck, and there's no reason to have full coverage on it. Victoria then says, she has full coverage, that's why it's so expensive. She says, her parents told her not to call the police when she gets in an accident, to call them first, so the police don't get involved. She says, but of course they come.


6:06 PM BBT HG's in the BY talk about different vehicles. Derrick is in the pool, Caleb is sitting in a lawn chair by the pool, Victoria is sitting by the pool with her feet in the water, and Frankie is lying on a lawn chair on his stomach facing the pool.


6:10 PM BBT Cody comes to the BY.  Victoria asks him if he's going to go in the pool, and he says, no. He goes by the pool table to get ready to play a game of pool. Frankie asks him, if he wants him to play with him, and he says, yes. Cody screams for them to bring Mike Boogie back. An airplane goes overhead when Derrick is trying to scream across the BY, to talk to Cody. Cody asks what kind of plane it is, and Derrick says, he needs to go f*ck himself.


6:15 PM BBT Frankie shouts out to feedsters, to vote on his dog Cocoa to come into the house tomorrow. Derrick watches an airplane fly overhead from the swimming pool, while holding the duck chlorine holder. Caleb jumps in the pool. Victoria sits back down by the pool.


6:17 PM BBT Caleb hold the duck chlorine holder, and is making duck noises. Frankie and Cody pretend their pool game didn't happen, and reset for another one. Cody racks, and Frankie breaks. Cody says, nice, the 8 ball didn't even budge, so that was a tight rack. Cody gets called to the DR, and says, what? Frankie asks if someone wants to take the pool game? No one responds. Victoria says, didn't he just go in there? Cody goes in the house. Frankie walks over by the pool. Derrick is telling the HG's about hand signals used when diving.


6:20 PM BBT The guys talk about different things they do when diving. Derrick says he has a foam flag he uses. Caleb and Frankie were saying they put their hands up. Frankie says, he always goes down with a chain. Caleb says, he always uses a rope. He says he had to use 1 breath to go down 100 feet. Derrick talks about the difference in the tanks when diving. He says, he's only been down 65 feet. He says 100 feet is a nitrous dive.


6:22 PM The guys continue to talk about different things they do when diving.


6:25 PM BBT Cody goes out to the BY, and Frankie walks over to the pool table. He tells Cody, they are giving each other Padi questions, and they are a$$anine. Cody, asks what that is? Frankie tells him, scuba. They start their pool game, while Derrick and Caleb continue their talk. Victoria is lying on a lounge chair facing the pool, listening to them talk.


6:30 PM BBT Victoria asks the guys if they want tacos for dinner, and she goes in the house to get things started. Cody and Frankie continue their pool game. Derrick and Caleb continue to talk about diving, while they are in the pool.


6:31 PM BBT Derrick asks Cody where the water goes from the pool when the vacuum is sucking it in. He tells him, it goes through the filter, and back into the pool.


6:32 PM BBT HG's continue with Derrick and Caleb talking in the BY pool Cody and Frankie continue to play their game of pool.


6:36 PM BBT The guys say they are really hungry, and are all excited for tacos tonight. Frankie uses his hand to move his shorts back and forth to air himself out. Caleb and Derrick are getting out of the pool. Derrick tells Caleb how he's not sure if it's Joker's or Hamster Watch that catches it, but one of them puts up the d*ck slips and nip slips. He says they are brutal with that.


6:38 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie both sing a little. Caleb gets told to put his microphone on. They talk about having a basketball court put up in the BY, and maybe LeBron James coming in to play with them. Derrick gets a huge holla. Caleb says, he is ridiculous. (In a good way).


6:42 PM BBT Frankie hears an airplane overhead, and freaks out because it's soo close. Caleb runs over to see it, and we see FoTH.


6:43 PM BBT Caleb says, that he didn't ask for beer for his HOH basket. Cody says, they don't get sh*t, except for special occasions. He says, apparently last year, they were drunk all the time. Derrick says it's so hot out. Victoria comes out to show Cody the bowl she mixed everything together in for the tacos. She goes back in the house. Cody says he's going to eat 2 of them. Frankie says, he is going to eat 7 of them. Caleb goes in the house to get stuff ready for him to eat.


6:45 PM BBT Frankie tells Cody that he doesn't see any reason with shaving, when he can go to a salon in a week and get waxed. Caleb goes in the SR, and screams, and says TY to BB for the alcohol. He goes to show the Derrick and Cody in the BY. Victoria goes in the SR, and gets excited to tell the guys. She starts yelling, and Caleb comes back with the beer in his hand, and she's asks why he didn't tell her. They say, "Thank you BB, you're the best," at the same time. Frankie and Derrick come in the house. Frankie says he can't have sour cream, because it makes his stomach all gurgly. Caleb goes to the DR, and says, she already got the Avocado. Frankie says that Victoria is going to be drunk tonight. Victoria and Caleb go back and forth to SR, getting things for dinner. Cody is cooking the ground turkey, in a pan on the stove.


6:51 PM BBT Derrick is in the WA shaving, when Victoria goes to the WC. She comes out to wash and dry her hands in the WA sink, next to Derrick. Then she dries them, and goes back to the KT. She tells Cody and Frankie, it's kind of late for BB to be giving them wine and beer. She asks Frankie if he wants her to make him Guac? He says, "Yes, please." Caleb goes by the stove, looking at himself in the mirror, and using his finger to go over his right eyebrow. He says, he was getting a loogie ready. Everyone in the KT gets grossed out.


6:54 PM BBT Victoria and Caleb both say how they asked for the alcohol in the DR today. Victoria sings, and gets told, "Please stop singing." They all say how they are going to be boring for TVGN tonight. Cody says, they will go to bed after TVGN. Frankie says, yes, at midnight, he will be ready to go to sleep. Caleb starts to sing, and we hear, "Please, stop singing," again. The 4 HG's in the KT continue to get things ready for dinner, while Derrick is still shaving in the WA.


6:57 PM BBT Victoria asks Frankie if he doesn't want the red flakes? He says, no, he doesn't, thank you. He sets 3 white plates, and 2 blue plates on the Dining Room table. Victoria asks Frankie to taste the Guac, and tell her if it's o.k. She asks Caleb if he got beer, and he says 6. She asks if that's enough? He says, 3 a piece, it should give them a good buzz. Cody says, he'll have some wine, because he knows the Victoria can't crush a bottle by herself. Cody is still cooking the turkey meat on the stove, and adds the taco seasoning to it. He says, it smells bangin. Caleb shouts out to feedsters, and tells them they are having tacos for dinner in the BB house. He sings a little more, and is cooking something on the stove, next to Cody. Cody lets out a huge belch, and doesn't excuse himself.


7:00 PM BBT Derrick turns off the water at the sink in the WA. He puts the finishing touches on his shaving, between his eyebrows and his sideburns. Victoria tells Cody, the meat smells so good. Frankie takes things to the table. Victoria tells the guys that she hasn't drank soda in years. She says, she never grew up on it. She says, they drank water, and for a treat, they would get orange juice. Frankie says he drinks a lot of sweet tea. Caleb says, he grew up on sweet tea. Victoria says, she hopes the meat is kosher, and Cody says, he asked for it to be kosher. She asks Cody if he wants her to get the cheese? He tells her, she can, and put in on the table, if she wants. Derrick leaves the WA, and goes to the fire room. He's looking through his drawers. Then we hear, "Derrick, please put on your microphone."


7:04 PM BBT Derrick leaves the fire room, and Caleb tells him, "So, you are just going to walk around the house without your microphone now." Derrick tells him, he just finished shaving. He says, I'm not talking game to myself. Cody says, "You were talking to Spanky, I know you 2 are in an alliance." Derrick goes in the WA, and starts to get undressed, and started the HOT shower. He gets in the shower, and drops his shorts and underwear on the floor. Frankie walks in to the WC, and says, "Take it off DAD BOT." Derrick gets a holla.


7:07 PM BBT Cody is washing the pan in the KT sink. Caleb goes by him eating out of one of the plastic bowls, and Cody says, "Geez, are you still tasting it?" Caleb says, "No, I'm finished." Caleb asks Cody if it's easier to clean the pan when it's hot? Cody says, he always washes it when it's hot, because he doesn't want anything stuck to the pan. He says, it may ruin the pan, but he never has anything stuck to it.


7:09 PM BBT Cody says, "Taco Sunday," as he finishes up a beer. Victoria tells them that Tuesday night by her is Taco Night, at a restaurant. Frankie comes out of the WC, and washes and dries his hands in the WA. He uses a Q-Tip by his eyes, and then goes to the KT. Cody grabs him, pretends to dip him when dancing, and then they hug each other. Frankie says, thank you. Cody says, he's a ballerina. Frankie says, he is. He tells Victoria that Cody just dipped him, and he's on board with that. Frankie says, he can't believe that Cody doesn't broil food. Cody says, he doesn't know what that is. Frankie goes back to the WC, and Derrick asks him how much longer? Frankie says, 1 minute or less, as he washes and dries his hands again, in the WA.


7:12 PM BBT Cody says, he can't believe that someone can watch him 24/7. Caleb goes up to a mirror in the KT, and says, do you think they are watching me do this? The cams go to it, as his leaving the mirror. Frankie is in the WA popping pimples on his chest. Cody screams because he burnt the tacos in the oven, while he was judi chopping, and pulling his groin. He burns his hand on the pan, and drops it on the KT table. Cody takes the pan of the tacos outside, to throw them away. He grabs a new box of tacos. Frankie puts them on the pan, and into the oven. He says, "O.K. Dinner will be ready in 4 minutes." Victoria goes in and out of the WC, and asks Derrick if he just got in the shower, and he says no. She asks if he'll be out soon, and he says, yes.


7:16 PM BBT Cody and Caleb go to the BY to check the trash from the Tacos. Frankie goes out, and asks if it burnt the plastic, and they tell him a little, but not all the way through.


7:18 PM BBT Caleb goes in the WA, and tells Derrick about the burnt tacos. He goes back to the Dining Room table. They are discussing when he's get the camera to take pictures this week. He says, maybe he'll get to do his blog, and get the camera tomorrow. He says they got Izzy on Tuesday last week. Frankie says it could be tomorrow or Tuesday.


7:21 PM BBT Frankie, Cody and Caleb are all at the Dining Room table. Frankie says, he's glad they all made it to the F3, and then yells to Derrick, "Get your pale a$$ in here, we are eating." Derrick says, "O.K.," and gets out of the shower. Frankie yells to Victoria, and asks her if she's going to eat tacos? She doesn't answer. She walks in the WA, and puts her up up, and then in a towel. She whispers to Derrick that Frankie is giving her the weirdest devilish looks. He tells her to stop, and not worry about it. He says, "Continue to act nervous, and that's it." she gets in the shower, and Derrick walks out of the WA.


7:24 PM BBT Victoria has her out fit and bra draped over the HOT shower door. Cody and Frankie are chomping down some tacos. Frankie asks if Caleb is eating, and Cody tells him that he ate ground beef. Derrick walks by them, and Frankie asks if he's going to eat, and he doesn't answer back. Frankie says, thanks Derrick, a$$hole. Derrick comes to the Dining Room table, and Frankie tells him, it's just the 3 of them eating. Derrick gets up, and goes by the sink. He says, when you wash dishes you always use hot water, and there is not hot water. He gets himself something to drink, and goes back to the Dining Room table.


7:28 PM BBT Cody is breaking up his taco shell on his plate. He shows Frankie how to use the soft shell taco. Frankie says, "That's delicious." Caleb is in the BY playing pool by himself.


7:31 PM BBT Cody says, tacos are so easy to make, and so good. Frankie says, "I know, why the hell do we go to Mexican Restaurants? Oh yeah, Margarita's." Cody says, he goes to a place called Valdez. The 3 guys continue to eat tacos. Frankie asks if he should have 1 more, and Cody says, yes. Frankie says, he might have to. Derrick gets a loud holla. Cody burps, and excuses himself. Caleb goes in the house. He goes to the Dining Room table, and makes himself something to eat. Victoria gets out of the shower in the WA. She is putting on her make-up, using a couple of the mirrors, and stands on her tippy toes to do it. Caleb sits down to eat the soft taco he made. Victoria goes in the WC to get dressed.


7:35 PM BBT Derrick tells the guys that he didn't think HN's was going to be as hard as it was. Cody says, the room was so freezing cold. Derrick says how Nicole boiled the slop and made meatballs. Cody says, it didn't taste good, but it was crazy healthy. Cody says, Hayden had the right idea though. Derrick says, he would crush it. Caleb asks, who? They tell him, "Hayden." They continue to talk about what the HN's made.


7:39 PM BBT Victoria comes out of the WC, and is wearing black pants, and a see-through black top. She smells some of her clothes to make sure they are clean, grabs others, and goes back in the WC. We see a close-up on Cam 1, of her gold necklace. She comes out of the WC, with her black top on, and her grey sweater over it. She puts come make-up on, fixes her extensions, brushes her hair out, and then uses the hair straightner on it. The 4 guys are sitting at the Dining Room table talking about alcohol, and what they like to drink. Frankie tells them, that he doesn't drink. Cody tells them that alcohol is a depressant. They start talking about shots.


7:46 PM BBT Victoria uses her eyebrow pencil on her eyebrows. She checks herself in the bigger mirror, and doesn't have her grey sweater on anymore. She puts her mascara on, closes her powder foundation, and puts her grey sweater back on. She re-clipped one of her hair extensions, and then put on a necklace. They guys in the Dining Room are talking about going out when they leave the house. Caleb tells them he will treat them all, when they go out with him. Frankie says, "New Yorker's don't drive an hour to go out in New Jersey. People from New Jersey drive an hour to go out in New York." He and Cody talk about places to go and see. Caleb is sitting at the Dining Room table listening. Derrick goes in the KT, and asks if anyone wants cookies? No one answers. He walks out of the KT.


7:50 PM BBT Caleb tells them, he wants them to go out in Nashville, at least one time. Cody talks about a place to go where he lives. He says, it has 2 floors, and you can go to the roof. He says, if you are on the roof, the Empire State building is right in front of you. Derrick goes back to the KT to set the oven for cookies. He asks what to set it at? Frankie gets excited that Derrick is making the cookies, and tells him 350 degrees. Victoria finishes up in the WA, and walks out. Derrick is placing the cookie dough on the cookie sheet. We see a close up on Cam 1 of a loofa on a shelf in the WA, and the gold necklace hanging on the wall. Victoria drinks some of her drink, and goes back to the WA. She brushes her teeth really quickly, but doesn't use tooth paste, and walks back out of the WA. We see the close-up of the loofa on the shelf again.


7:54 PM BBT Cody and Frankie are talking about not having a car in New York. Frankie tells Caleb that they can use Air Train, Subway, Uber, and Taxi's in New York. He says, it's not that expensive either. He tells Caleb that Uber is slightly more expensive, but he loves it. Cody tells Caleb, the taxi driver's are d*cks, and they know where the traffic is, and go straight to the traffic, and sit there. Caleb asks how they will get their cell phone before the after party? Derrick says, there may be a process, where you have one person assigned to you, and you may have to go through different areas to get all of your stuff back, and we see FoTH.


7:59 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Derrick in the BY by the washer and dryer, and he says, "I said stop it." He is folding clothes on the table out there. Victoria, Caleb, Frankie and Cody are at the Dining Room table. Frankie says, he's so tired, and so does Cody. Cody says they ate a big dinner. Frankie says, a huge dinner. Caleb tells Victoria about how to use her spit to get a stain out of her clothes. Cody tells her how he learned about how to do that back in college Caleb says, there is not one person on the planet that has the same color of your eyes. He says, there isn't one person on the planet that look exactly the same. Cody says, except twins. Caleb says, they don't even look identical. Victoria agrees. Cody says, "Prove it." Caleb says, the closest he has seen are Mike and Matt Joyner from Katie, KY. We see FoTH.


8:04 PM BBT Live feeds come back, and Frankie says he can't believe it's already 8 p.m. Frankie says, lights are going off at 10 p.m., because they may have to get up early. Victoria says how they woke up to the door bell at 8:45 a.m. We see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Victoria still talking about being woke up so early. Caleb says, teddy brewskie's are still hurting Cody over there. He asks Cody if he needs a nipple. Cody says, he's on his 3rd one, and Caleb doesn't believe him. He tells him, to go and look in the refrigerator. Cody asks if they should toss what's left in the bowl? Victoria says she'll keep it for tomorrow. Derrick gets a holler from Donny. Victoria tells Cody that he should wear green more often, because that's his color. He says, his ex-girlfriend told him that before. Caleb says, his told him to wear blue more often. Victoria says, yeah, because that's the color of your eyes. Cody tells Victoria he will wear it more often.


8:08 PM BBT Derrick goes back in the house. Caleb says, he wondered where he was. Derrick says, "Folding, folding." He carries his clothes to the fire room, and puts them away, in his drawers. Caleb and Victoria leave the Dining Room table. Caleb goes to a dresser in the hallway, and puts Vaseline on his face, and then goes in the fire room. Victoria was going to get a band aid. Frankie is in the KT. Caleb asks Derrick if he's going to bed soon. He says, supposedly Cody's going to bed soon, and Frankie is going to get a shower soon, and go to bed, and he'll be upstairs if Derrick wants to go and hang out with him, while he's listening to music. Derrick says, he'll probably go up there then, and thanks for the invite.


8:10 PM BBT Derrick goes in the rock room. Cody puts his tennis shoes on, without having socks on. Derrick walks in the KT. Caleb goes to the HoHR. Derrick goes to the KT, and gets called to the DR. Frankie is in the HoHR bathroom. Caleb asks him, if he's getting a shower soon? Frankie tells him, he's going to get a dip, before he takes a shower. Caleb says, he's going to change into sweats, until he takes his shower. Caleb starts to sing, and all cams go to KT. We see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Victoria and Cody in KT, and we see FoTH again.


8:16 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Cody running out of the HOT shower in his red underwear. Caleb runs after him, as he runs back in the shower. He takes his underwear off, and tells Caleb, he'll throw them at his face. He throws them out of the shower, and tells Caleb to leave them alone. Victoria is sitting at the KT table by herself. Cody says, he hates shaving in the shower, but he has to do it. Caleb goes to the KT.


8:18 PM BBT Cody says, "Sh*t," and we get FoTH. Live feeds come back with Cody shaving in the shower. Victoria starts talking, and cams go to BY when Caleb goes to the BY. He says, Joker's and Hamsterwatch, what's up? He says Beast Mode in the house, and to put it down that he will be in the F2. He says, it will go in the record books, and it's going to happen. He makes noises, and says judi for judi chops. He goes back in the house. Victoria asks him how far the drive is from Florida to Texas? He says he doesn't know, and starts talking about from Florida to Nashville. Cody sings in the shower, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Caleb and Victoria at the KT table still talking about their states. She says best friend has a huge cabin in Georgia. He says, he lives 3 hours from there. She asks him if he would drive down, and he says yes. He says, he once drove down to meet a girl, and we see FoTH.


8:20 PM BBT Victoria says they snowboard in the winter at her best friends cabin, and then starts debating whether it snows there or not. We see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Cody still in the HOT shower, and Caleb looking down, over the balcony, from upstairs. Victoria comes out of the WC, is in the WA, looking at herself in the mirror. She then washes her hands and dries them. Frankie comes out of the HoHR, and Victoria says, you scare me. Frankie throws something downstairs 3 times. Derrick comes out of DR, and tells Caleb he crushed it. Victoria put her white bow in her hair, and Caleb asks, if she's going on a date or something? She says, it's for sleeping. Caleb says, "A huge bow?" She says, it's for staying in. He asks why she's on her tippy toes? She laughs. Derrick asks her if she is messing with his cookies, and she says, no. Caleb asks Derrick if he's going to go upstairs? He says, he might get a game of pool, but he will let him know.


8:27 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria to slow down on the wine. She tells him she just laughs a lot when she's drinking. She tells him, she's already very tips. He tells her again, to slow down. He is making himself an ice cream sandwich with the cookies and ice cream. Victoria is watching him, and laughing. Caleb is whispering and singing in the HoHR nest bed, with his head phones on. He is swinging his HOH key on his finger. Frankie is putting lotion on his legs, sitting on the bathtub in the HoHR bathroom. Derrick tells Victoria she is done with the wine. He tells her he will get her a bottle when they get out of the house. She tells him she is all by herself in the house. She says, imagine if you were the only guy in the house, with it filled with girls, and your best friend in the house neglects you. She tells him, he would drink wine also. She asks Derrick if he will help her with her speech for this week? He says, yes. She compliments him a whole bunch. She says she doesn't understand Frankie's speech today. Derrick says, it doesn't matter.


8:32 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria she really needs to quit drinking so she doesn't slip up. She tells Derrick she needs to eat something small, and he agrees. She asks if there is still pita bread, or if the boys ate it all? Derrick walks out of the KT, she finds the pita bread, and eats some with hummus. We see FoTH.


8:37 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Frankie telling Caleb he is exhausted. Caleb tells Frankie he's going to take a shower, and get ready for bed himself. Frankie grabs his black BB bag, and asks if they are o.k.? Caleb says, yes, and asks Frankie if he wants his underwear? Frankie says, he'll take them. Caleb says, he wonders what's going on tomorrow. Frankie says, hopefully it's a guest, because they got notice, and they don't usually. So, they need to get ready for bed, and go early, because something is going to happen. He goes to the WA, and Victoria asks him if he's seen her black zipper sweatshirt, after she leave the fire room. She goes to the BY, and finds it in there. He says, he can barely keep track of his stuff. He goes in the WC to get toilet paper for his zit on his face. He says, it's been bugging him forever, and she says, has it? He says, yes.


8:40 PM BBT Victoria tells Frankie she hopes they keep in touch after the show is over. She says she really wants to keep in touch with him, and he says, "Dahh, of course we will." He says, they will go out in Miami, and go to his sister's concert together. Cody goes to the BY, and comes back in asking if someone will put cocoa butter on his back? Victoria says she will, and then puts it on in a huge white spot, that she rubs in for him. She asks if she can put more lotion on him, and he says, no, he'll use it for his legs and arms. She says, perfect. Derrick goes to the BY. Victoria asks Cody if he's ready? Frankie asks her for what? She tells him, they are drinking a glass of wine together. Derrick is in the BY by the pool table. He says, that Victoria is a mess, and she's a train wreck. He says, "Ema, I don't know how you do it." He says, "Have another glass of wine, cheers." Cody goes to the BY to play a game of pool with Derrick. Victoria is sitting on the double lounge chair watching them. They are talking about a small shirt that will go in the trash. They say, even Pow Pow couldn't have fit it with her boobs.


8:46 PM BBT Frankie comes out of the WC, washes his hands, and then brushes his teeth in the WA. Derrick and Cody talk about how hot it is, and how it wasn't this hot all season. Victoria goes back in the house. Derrick asks Cody if Caleb already told him what they said, and he says, yes. Frankie goes to the BY, and asks if they are going to bed soon? Cody says, yes, and Derrick says, by midnight. Victoria knocks on the HoHR door, and Caleb doesn't answer. She looks in, and he's not in the room. She goes to the BY, and tells them that she wanted to listen to his music, but didn't want to be up there when he gets out of the shower, especially if he's in his underwear. We get a close up on Cam 1 of Caleb in the HoHR shower. He turns the water off, and starts drying himself off.


8:49 PM BBT Victoria tells the guys in the BY that she dreads flying, because she flies to much. She tells Frankie she's definitely getting a onesie when she gets out of the house, even though she doesn't sleep with clothes on. Frankie says, it's called a one piece to go and get it, and she sleeps with clothes on there. She says she sleeps with layers of clothes on there. She says she can't wait to see herself naked in a mirror, because she can't look at herself there. Frankie says, he has, but he can't wait to be with someone naked. Victoria tells Frankie they told her in DR, that they want them up and looking fresh at 9 a.m. She tells Frankie that he's very good about getting his battery changed. He says, he does it as soon as the music goes off.


8:52 PM BBT Frankie says he's really tired, and wants to go to sleep at least for 12 hours. He is popping pimples on his chest. Caleb brushes his teeth, and then puts whitening strips on his teeth. Victoria says, when she hears her parents voice, she's going to sob.


8:55 PM BBT Derrick racks the pool balls for another game of pool. Frankie and Victoria talk about their BFF's. Caleb puts on his HOH robe, and we see FoTH. Live feeds come back with Caleb in the BY, and Frankie says he is a little stiff, like he may have a spine problem, and Caleb says, it may need to be adjusted. Frankie asks him to crack his back, and then Frankie says, that feels amazing, and he'll sleep good now. He tells Victoria how hot he is. Caleb goes by the pool table, and walks back and forth.


8:58 PM BBT We see FoTH.

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9:00pm BBT  We start the 9pm hour on FotH because Vic said she likes… and Frankie filled in by saying “big butts,” and she said “no.”  It comes back to a conversation about doing laundry. Cody is asking about exactly what to do [it’s a bit disconcerting that he doesn’t know this late in the game]. Victoria says she can’t wait to get her clothes back. She says she is going to trash all these clothes. Caleb has a Crest Whitening strips in his mouth. He talks about how he once slept with it for over 8 hours and it made his teeth super sensitive. Vic says her dentist says they are bad for you. Caleb says that baking soda and peroxide are almost as close as bleaching your teeth. He was told that by his dentist’s office.


9:06 pm BBT Frankie says that the first thing he did when he got back from Africa the last time was rush to a Starbucks. He says he loves coffee. Victoria says that he has to taste her Turkish coffee because he won’t ever want any other coffee. She said her dad didn’t know how she was going to survive without it. He says he misses his Starbucks so much. He gets a Grande iced soy late with extra ice. Talk turns to the mall. She says she hates the mall. All malls. She worked a seasonal stand at the mall and banked it. Frankie says he does, too… JUST KIDDING. He loves it so much! She says she doesn’t have patience to try on anything in the dressing room. She is an online shopper only. He says he will go spend hours there.


9:10 pm BBT  Derrick, Cody, and Caleb are talking about their time in the house. Derrick brings up the night Frankie dressed up as Frank. Cody brings up a night he ‘blew it’ with Brittany. Caleb says they don’t have to worry about those questions between the 3 of them. Cody tells Derrick that Caleb is thinking they are talking about these things should it come down to final 3. Cody swears it has nothing to do with that. So he starts to throw out questions. What was your favorite moment in the house? What is your biggest regret? Caleb says he’s not answering any of these questions.


9:15 pm BBT  Derrick says he wants to get something dope tomorrow like coloring books. Caleb says he thinks it will be something like Izzy. Cody says imagine if like they will get Monday Night Football. Imagine if they get Hooters girls, wings and the game. Derrick says that Monday Night Football isn’t on CBS. He thinks Fox has Monday night. Caleb says girls come in, hot wings, go swimming, hang out in the BY. Cody says that would only be fair for him and Caleb. Caleb says if they get a person they could get a former HG. Cody says maybe for the first time ever they will kick them out of the BB house. He says how many for the first time evers have happened this season. 3? Caleb says it could be Rachel and that guy again. Cody says, did you just say Rachel and that guy? Caleb says they are giving us a heads up for a reason…there’s a reason they are telling us to go to bed early for a reason.


9:19 pm BBT  Frankie says he can’t wait to get out and go to work. He can’t wait to start tweeting and blogging again. He wants to get a show again. This doesn’t seem like work anymore. It used to seem like work, but now it doesn’t. Victoria says that surely this week is the finale. Frankie says that he thinks this Wednesday is the finale. The guys are done with their pool game and Frankie asks if they are playing again. Everyone says they are done. Caleb says his eyes are tired and Frankie says he’s exhausted. He asks why they don’t just go to bed. Vic says she is as soon as she’s done with what she’s drinking. She gets up and her foot is asleep. She says every time she sits criss cross applesauce it happens to her. Cody goes to the hammock but gets up because he says there are ants all over it.


9:24 pm BBT  Derrick, Frankie, and Cody are sitting on the patio talking about what might happen tomorrow. Derrick says he doesn’t think they are leaving the house. He does think America might have voted on something awesome though. Cody says that nothing might be happening. Derrick says it will be something like Izzy. Caleb says when they say the word activity they mean get your butts out of bed. Cody thinks it could be a party. Derrick says they could come in the BY and there will be a big old diesel truck and there will be $50,000. They will have a certain amount of time to put the money in the back and however much they get in there in that time they get to keep. And there will be someone there to custom stitch BMC on the seats. And there will be some Hooters girls there with some wings. Caleb says to throw in some Buffalo Shrimp. Derrick says, Is it possible? Cody says Nothing is impossible. 


9:31 pm BBT  Caleb says let’s all guess what it could be and see who’s closest. Cody says Izzy is coming back. Derrick things because they are giving us a heads up it’s going to be good. Frankie thinks it’s a former HG. Caleb does, too. Frankie would like it to be a coaching session. Vic thinks it’s going to be Rachel Reilly. Frankie sees a bird and says, “Wow, life outside this BY, guys!” Cody asks what everyone’s favorite thing to do outside the house. Vic says rollerblade out by the beach. Caleb says you would get sand in your wheels. She says it’s on the boardwalk. He says then that’s not on the beach. Caleb says his would be riding bikes or horses. Caleb clarifies that he means dirt bikes and motorcycles. Frankie likes to ride a bicycle through Central Park. Cody and Frankie talk about the city bikes that are available all over NY. Cody says they are “clutch” because you just grab one and take it where you need to go and pick another one up when you need one. 


9:37 pm BBT  Vic asks Cody if he ever took a girl on one of the duck boats. He says he has never gotten to the point in a relationship where he has gotten to do so. She says it’s a seal the deal date. Caleb says his seal the deal date is a girl in the saddle, him behind her with his arms around her. Frankie and Cody talk about how they can’t wait to go back to NYC. Victoria says she loves NY, too. She says NY is so beautiful but extremely expensive. Cody says he would live in Hoboken if he could live on the PATH. Vic asks Cody if he watches Mob Wives. He doesn’t and neither does Frankie, but Caleb does. Frankie is friends with all the Cake Boss people.


9:44 pm BBT   Frankie says his dad lives right around the corner from Cake Boss. Getting back to Mob Wives, Victoria tells Caleb that Karen was in her sister’s wedding. Her sister’s husband’s father grew up in Staten Island and knows her very, very well. Cody and Frankie are talking about Jersey City, Hoboken, and Weehawken. There are 5 very tired HG sitting on the patio. They are counting down the days to the finale. Caleb says 6 days [they believe the finale is next Sunday]. Frankie says a week from right now we will be at the After Party. Cody says they walked in here a long ass time ago and we will be out of here in 7 days. It’s day 87. They discuss how it has been 90+ days not talking to anybody outside of BB people. Caleb says that they called him the morning they were coming to get him. Victoria says they called her the night before. BB tells them they are not allowed to talk about production. He says he can’t wait to get out of the house so he doesn’t have to hear that. He starts to sing and says he can’t wait to get out so he doesn’t have to hear this…and points up. We hear Please Stop Singing. Frankie says he can’t wait to be in another Broadway show.


9:50 pm BBT   Victoria says she is definitely booking a spa when she gets out of the house. Frankie says there is no option…manicure, pedicure, full body wax. She says she doesn’t feel clean. She goes inside. Derrick says she just filled up another glass of wine and she won’t go to bed because she’s afraid she will miss something. Frankie says he can’t wait until she’s not there. Derrick says Amen. Amen. He says if this was their final 4 week it would have been so nice. Caleb says if it was final 4 the table would be different, they would have a feast. Derrick goes inside. Frankie says it will be a battle of the beasts for HOH. Caleb says he is banking on the veto since he can’t have the HOH. He says he is tired and is going to go inside to listen to music and to go to bed. He tells Derrick and Vic he’s going to bed. Vic gives him a hug and he tells her not to drink too much. He gets in the HOHR and Cody is up there.


9:57 pm BBT   Cody asks Caleb is he’s coming back down and Caleb says he’s going to bed now. He tells Caleb he hopes they get something good tomorrow. Cody asks him if they are going to tell Frankie or not. Caleb says he thinks they should. Cody says he could care less. Caleb says he would want to know so Frankie isn’t in basketball shorts or something. Caleb tells him that Frankie asked if he wanted him gone. Caleb said he told him that loyalty is everything to him. He tells Cody that when he threw them all under the bus it just threw him. Cody says he played his game and only cared about himself. When he couldn’t play that way anymore, that’s when he started playing loyal. They say that they promised Zach more time, they promised Amber more time, etc. Cody says that Frankie is the one that did it to Zach and he wasn’t going after Caleb or Cody. Frankie comes upstairs and hugs Cody goodbye. He says Goodnight TVGN. Then he hugs Caleb and says Goodnight again.


10:02 pm BBT   Cody tells Caleb that so many people have crossed so many people, but no one can say they have done that to each other. Cody says that he’s so glad that Caleb put Frankie on the block though because it’s the only way that guaranteed the 3 of them would get to the Final 3. Cody says that last week when he was on the block he wasn’t running around with a trust problem. He says you only have a trust problem when you are the one doing stuff. Caleb says that Frankie told him he only put him on the block because he’s a big competitor. Cody says he is a big competitor but he won an HOH week 1, he won a split HOH week 4 and didn’t stay HOH. Caleb says he didn’t stay HOH week 1, either. Cody says that week 5 he wouldn’t have even been up there if Derrick didn’t throw it to him. So, the first HOH he won was week 9, and that was the 3 of them sitting there at the end. Then the first comp he won outright by himself was the veto. He says that he was so cocky about the memory wall, but Cody says he never looked at it. Then, when he did, he smoked him. The second chance at the seed one, Caleb smoked him. Caleb says even the first time with the morph one, he only beat Derrick by 20 seconds.


10:06 pm BBT   Derrick is downstairs with Victoria. She leaves the KT and he mumbles to himself, “There is a prime example of someone who shouldn’t drink. Especially when you’re on a game show trying to win $500,000.” She comes back and tells him she hopes he knows the she considers him family. He is trying to ignore her because they are supposed to be mad at each other. Upstairs Cody and Caleb are still reviewing Frankie’s tenure in the house. Cody says he knows that he is voting against Frankie. Caleb says he knows that it was right to put him up because it wasn’t right to make Cody sweat for another week on the block and Derrick didn’t get to play in it twice. He says that Frankie’s argument against that is that Derrick could have played in it 30 times and he wouldn’t have had a chance at winning that comp. Victoria tells Derrick that she feels like he is her brother but she hasn’t met his wife. She says that she thinks her parents love him like a son. –and that her mom knows who Tenley is. Caleb says in the end of Derrick and Cody go 1st and 2nd, he will be counting on America’s Favorite Player.


10:11 pm BBT   Caleb says that he thinks he and Cody could both beat Derrick because they are both nice and they haven’t wronged anybody. Derrick walks in to the HOHR. He says Wednesday they will send Frankie home then send Vic home and they can call the families for the finale. Cody tells Derrick they are talking about when to tell Frankie. Derrick says are we definitely telling him. Caleb says it will say a lot about them and he doesn’t want people to think badly about them. I put you up there for a reason. You’ve put Cody up twice. Zach went home. Amber went home. All under your hand. Due to disloyalty. You told me to put Derrick up. I put you up as a pawn, I just forgot to tell you that pawns sometime go home. He says that Frankie even told him that he wanted to sit down with the 3 of them. Derrick says that everyone has always said they want to know and then they act like schmucks. Cody says he’s been on the block twice, don’t tell me you’ve kept me safe…that’s insulting.


10:15 pm BBT   Cody says for his game, there’s no logical reason to keep him. Derrick says in hindsight they should have sent him home when they sent Nicole home. Derrick says there is no way she (Vic) is beating us at HOH… I don’t care what it is. Derrick says you can’t ask for better odds going against her in an HOH. Cody says or in a veto. Derrick says and that’s why he has to go. Derrick says he has no problem telling him. Frankie is called to the DR. Derrick says they can tell him Tuesday night, but they need to make sure to stay together after that. Cody says they can also tell him about 15 mins before the live show. Derrick says that’s what he would like to do. Derrick says then if he wants to talk to him individually, he will say he can talk to him in front of at least one other person. We get FotH. When we return, Victoria comes up. They tell her goodnight and she asks why they think she’s going to sleep. Frankie enters the DR and we get a PRODUCTION LEAK. They say “It’s the curse of the night shift.” He says, “Yeah, can’t you guys just let me leave this house in peace?” They say, “I’m sorry, bud.” And we get FotH.


10:30 pm BBT   The HOH crew talks about how they will be upset if they are called to the DR because they would like to go to bed early. Vic says she thinks they want people up for TVGN. Vic climbs in bed with Caleb. Cody goes downstairs and goes to bed. Victoria is so tired that she covers her eyes and rolls over in the HOH bed. For the most part, Derrick, Victoria, and Caleb are not talking. Derrick leaves the HOHR to get his bed ready. Caleb says 8 am is going to come early. Vic tells Caleb she got tipsy off the wine. Derrick goes to Cody and asks if Caleb said anything noteworthy. Derrick asks Cody if he knows why he wants to wait until 15 minute before. He says it’s because of the week 4 thing. Then they talk about Victoria. He tells him that Victoria jumped in bed with Caleb and she’s just annoying him to no end. He says that he almost wants to send her home before Frankie even if it jeopardizes his game. They laugh. Cody says the purpose of their conversation was to make sure Caleb knew that he doesn’t actually have any power right now. He wanted him to know that Frankie is going home. They talk about how Caleb thinks that if Cody wins the HOH he will put up Derrik and Victoria and he thinks that if Derrik wins the HOH he will put up Cody and Victoria. They both give their word to one another that it’s not the case.


10:37 pm BBT   Cody brings up that it might make him stay loyal to them if they do put each other up though. Because if they put him up and he wins the veto, he could take himself off the block and then they have to put the other person up. He will cast the vote to send the other person home. Derrick gets it. He says he agrees. It would make him feel like they are loyal to him because he would be loyal to them that way. This way they can win the veto and put him up or vote Victoria out if he wins it. Cody says he has been thinking about this, but he didn’t know how to bring it up without Derrick thinking he was trying to screw him by putting him on the block. Derrick says he doesn’t think that. He wants him to bounce things off him. He sees what he’s saying. Frankie comes out of the DR and tells them they will probably be called to the DR soon, too.


10:48 pm BBT   Derrick heads up to the HOHR. He is called to the DR before he even gets there. He enters the HOHR and tells Vic and Caleb that they should get ready because everyone is being called. Vic hugs Caleb and tells him she loves him. He tells her she has done good. He says he’s not going to say she has done well at comps, but she has done all she has had to do. She says she has done well socially. Downstairs in the Earth BR, Frankie does shout outs to his family and friends. Victoria is in the WA putting on makeup in preparation for her upcoming DR session. Frankie is taking his makeup off and Caleb is picking out ingrown hairs. He has trouble getting it, so Frankie helps him. Victoria says that Nicole looked really good in the mirror and that gives her hope. Frankie says it gives him hope, too because she has terrible skin. Frankie leaves the WA and heads back because he forgot to pee which is why he went in there in the first place.


10:54 pm BBT   We get our nightly shout out from Caleb where he tells us that he knows someone is sitting at home with a Coke and Cheetos with their dog or cat in shorts with no shirt watching TVGN watching BMC. If that’s you, give yourself a hand right now. He kisses. Derricks comes out of the DR and we hear “Derrick, please go to the DR.” He says he thinks that was a mess up. They say it again. HE comes out and says there are no more DRs…that they see everyone waiting, so they sent Derrick out with the message that there aren’t anymore. Caleb tells Vic that if she lays down she would be asleep in 5 minutes. She says she can’t believe she just did her makeup… that’s annoying. Frankie is going to sleep in the Fire BR. Caleb is standing on the balcony talking to Derrick and Vic in the KT. He says that’s what happens when you crush it the first time (that’s why he isn’t being called back to the DR). Vic says she crushed it, too. 


11:02 pm BBT   Caleb, standing on the balcony, points to the door and says that 2 people are walking out that door on Wednesday. Derrick agrees. He goes into the HOHR. Derrick goes into the Earth BR and crouches down in the corner. Victoria walks by and doesn’t see him. Then he lays down on the other side of Cody and whispers. He says that he’s got her pegged. He says that she’s a clown on national TV. He says that he crushed her in there. He says that if he goes up to see Caleb she follows him. He says if she sees him in here, she’ll come in. She’s just trying to be a thorn in his side. It’s like a laser light with a dog…she’ll run into a wall. Cody says his dog does that. Victoria ate some cookies in the KT and then she goes to lay down in the Fire BR. Derrick predicts she will be out of the room in just a few minutes.


11:13 pm BBT   Cody says that Caleb still thinks that Amber is going to run into his arms on finale night. Derrick tells Cody that Caleb has Amber’s name in his cowboy hat. He says it’s weird. Meanwhile, Victoria comes out of the Fire BR. Cody and Derrick laugh hysterically. Derrick says he guarantees that if he goes up to the HOHR she will follow him. He goes into the WA to brush his teeth, and Vic is in there doing the same. She signs to him, asking if he is going to sleep. She sits down on the seat in the WA and tells him she misses him. He asks her what she was talking to Derrick about. She says just that they have gotten to know their real selves. He says to be careful. He says that last night he legit told Cody that Hayden hates him and she wasn’t tipsy. Now tonight she’s drinking and she tells him that Caleb is so sweet after telling him last week that she hated him. He says that she has to be careful. He says he doesn’t understand why she’s up. She says she has a hard time going to sleep when he’s not there. He says she has been sleeping for 23 years without him… what will she do without him in 7 days? She says she will be in her own house with her family. He says she hasn’t been on her A game. She has for almost 80 days, but she hasn’t been for the last few. He didn’t know about Hayden, and now he does for sure. He says if Caleb thinks Cody is more hated than you are, than he will take him to the final 4 over you.


11:20 pm BBT   He says he doesn’t want her to make a mistake she will regret because she decides to have 4 glasses of wine. She says it’s really hard because she doesn’t have anyone to talk to. He says it’s hard for everyone. He doesn’t have his wife or his child. He says when she feels that way and starts drinking and walks around. She just needs to sleep. She says she just really misses him. He says he won’t take that guilt trip and she didn’t tell him Hayden doesn’t like him because she misses him. He says she just needs to be careful. He says it’s in the past. He says if she’s drinking a bottle of wine by herself, she doesn’t act like herself when she drinks. He says it’s all good. He drinks outside this house, probably more than she does, but how much has she seen him drink? But her head hasn’t been in the game. She needs to lock it up and get her head back in it. She could win the whole thing. He can’t be her coach. He’s her friend. He says drink one glass of wine, relax, but that’s it. Just be careful because words are powerful. Once you say them you can’t take them back. Just because Caleb has been nice to you for a week and a half doesn’t mean he’s a great guy. That makes him think what is this girl thinking? He says you are very trustworthy of people. This isn’t Big Best Friend. It’s Big Brother and they are trying to beat you.


11:25 pm BBT  Derrick says he’s going to bed. She can go upstairs if she wants, but she should go to bed or study. She says she studied earlier. He says that’s good because he’s going to crush it Wednesday. She says that he’s being super mean. He says that he’s giving her the harsh truth. She’s playing a game for a half million dollars. She says she didn’t say anything to Caleb. He says that he didn’t say she said anything to Caleb. IS that a guilty conscience talking? He says he’s just trying to help her. He’s doing his thing. She says she messed up once. He asks if she wants him to run it down for her, and he does. He tells her that if she decided to go upstairs and talk to Caleb and say something, he could decide to send her home over Frankie. He could convince Cody and then he can’t save her. She asks if they have said anything. He tells her NO, but her stories have been all over the place. He gives her a hug and tells her to go to sleep and get some rest.


11:32 pm BBT  He tells her there is no benefit to her sitting up there by herself because there is no game to talk to him about. She tells him that she didn’t talk to him about game at all. He says it doesn’t affect him because before they could send him home he would have to lose an HOH and a veto. She says he is making her feel bad. He says somebody needs to because she’s the one on the block. He says what she needs to do is be sociable, but not talk game. He says he doesn’t think there is anyone in the house, if they had 4 glasses of wine, that he couldn’t convince to talk game with him. He says ultimately it’s her game, she just has to be careful. He tells her he is going to bed. They hug, her both arms, him one. He asks her if she’s good and she says NO. She says she just feels like she screwed up. He says it didn’t affect her game, but her paranoia is bad. He says that today she was fine until she started drinking. He says that the last 6 days they are there she needs to play the best 6 games of BB she has ever played. She’s just gotta be careful. She asks if he has heard anything about him. He collapses exasperated and asks what she thinks. He says NO. She says they don’t talk. He says they talk several times a day. She just needs to reel it in.


11:43 pm BBT  Vic heads to the KT and makes herself a piece of break with peanut butter and jelly. Derrick stays in the WA sits on the seat, running his fingers through his hair. He takes his mic off and goes into the WC. Derrick heads to the Fire BR and goes to bed. Vic stops in the SR and gets herself a cracker from the basket on the floor. Then she heads to the Fire BR and climbs in bed. As soon as she does, Frankie gets up and heads to the WC. Victoria sits down on Derrick’s bed. He tells her he swears he isn’t mad, he’s just trying to help her. He cares about her and he doesn’t want to see her ruin her whole game. She lays down on his torso and they hug each other. She gets back in her bed. Frankie comes back in the room almost as soon as she gets back in her bed.


11:54 pm BBT  Although it seemed as though the HG were out for the night, Derrick has gone to the SR. It looked like he might have gotten some medication [Perhaps he has a headache after the conversation he just had. --Morty]. He goes to the BY patio with a glass of water and takes it. All the other HG are in bed.


#BB16 12:00 am BBT  It’s midnight in the BB house, and all the HG are now tucked in tight for the night. Speculation runs rampant as to what tomorrow may bring. Enough to get them in bed at a normal time!! 

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