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Friday September 12 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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11:12pm Caleb comes down out of his room which breaks up the game talk between the three that were in the kitchen studying. Derrick, Cody and Caleb now sitting there staring at the memory wall. Victoria is in the DR  still


11:15pm Derrick heads outside to check the laundry. Caleb nudges Cody and says doesn’t Zach's hair look like a Furby. Cody laugh and says oh man Furby's those things.


11:21pm Derrick is working on fixing Victoria's necklace in the living room. The other three guys are in the kitchen talking about the pictures on the memory wall. Derrick yells don’t you tell her I'm doing this, as the guys are saying they will, he says he's done and they agree not to tell her and he goes back to working on it. Frankie is going to run a bath


11:29pm Caleb, Cody and Derrick are in the kitchen doing karate moves as Derrick sits back and watches laughing. Frankie is on the balcony outside the HOH room watching Caleb and Cody. Derrick says he's surprised how sound proof the back HOH room is.


11:37pm Frankie is taking a bath in the HOH bathroom. Derrick, Cody, and Caleb are in the kitchen sitting in chairs facing the memory wall. Frankie is telling us it has been an interesting day today, day 84.


11:40pm  Frankie says that the jury cam e in and destroyed the house for a luxury comp that he wont spoil for us. The button has been his nemesis but hopefully not the one that will send him home. He says he is devastated, it hurts his heart, his soul, that he is going to fight tomorrow and it will be a show. May the best and biggest beast win.


11:45pm Victoria is trying to figure out who tried to fix her necklace, everyone is denying it. She says the DR says that Derrick requested pliers, he says he did to fix his chain but they never gave him them. Cody and Derrick move to the BY yo play a game of pool.


11:50pm Cody is beating a hole on the pool table as derrick is telling him that Frankie's goal is to get to final two. He thinks that no matter who he gets there with he will win because of the wins he has. Then Frankie comes out the door and the conversation turns to how his bath was. Cody tells him he doesn’t want him to think that they are gunning for him because they're not. Victoria is sitting in the kitchen staring at the memory wall


11:57pm Frankie says that bath made him tired. It felt good but he thinks he might be ready for bed but he's going to go get back in it he only came down for a glass of water. He climbs into the bath again and starts giving goodnight shout outs to TVGN and his family. Derrick and Cody are talking about why this veto is so important.


12:06am  Frankie is studying in the bath tub, he is describing the memory wall and all the peoples features on it. Derrick and Cody talking about how they feel about the comp tomorrow. Derrick says hes going to look at the wall a little more tonight and then get a good night sleep because he doesn’t want to be up all night staring at it.


12:16am Cody has gone inside, Victoria tells Derrick she misses him. Frankie is out of the tub and getting dressed. Derrick and Victoria are talking about ways to break down the pictures on the memory wall  so that they are translated into the pov. She says that she has to win and he says he would like her to win it too. She asks if it was her, Cody and him final three would he take her or Cody. He says he would take her.


12:24am Derrick is  folding clothes  while talking to Victoria. Frankie and Cody in the kitchen staring at the memory wall talking about production. Victoria goes inside. All 4 feeds now on Derrick folding clothes


12:32am  Derrick is putting his clothes away. Cody, Frankie and Victoria sitting in silence staring at the memory wall


12:43am Caleb and Victoria in the WA , Derrick and Frankie still studying in the kitchen and Cody was called to the DR


12:56am Derrick and Caleb sitting in the HOH bathroom talking about Frankie and his reasoning for wanting Derrick on the block. Frankie says its time for cereal and goes to the SR to get milk and a banana


1:03am Frankie takes his bowl of Cereal up to the HOH room. Caleb is unmaking his bed and climbing under the blankets. Victoria is staring at the memory wall sipping on what looks to be tea


1:18am Caleb and Victoria talking about the house after the jurors came in. Victoria is upset about her necklace said she understands the house destruction but not the personal attack. Cody and Frankie in the BY playing pool talking about Caleb, Cody says hes trying to cover his bases but hes doing it in a bad way.


1:30am Frankie and Cody continue their game. Caleb and Victoria are up in the hoh room talking about the bomb squad and how he created it day two and how Devin exploded it.


1:45am Caleb and Victoria still talking about the bomb squad and Amber. He is telling her who was involved and his side of the whole Amber thing. Derrick is out of the DR and has joined Cody and Frankie in the BY


1:53am Caleb and Victoria are now talking about the current week. He is telling her nothing is out the window at the moment but Derrick is in the best position to make it to the final 2. Derrick and Cody playing a game of pool and Frankie is watching them.


2:00am Caleb tells Victoria 6 people are in the jury because of the alliance he formed day two. Frankie and Derrick in the BY starting a game of pool. Talking about how Caleb is in a very good position for the finals. Cody has gone inside


2:07am Caleb is telling Victoria that no one will vote Derrick out because he isnt a strong competitor and they all know they would win over him if he were in the final two with him. Frankie and Derrick in the BY Derrick is telling Frankie that he wants to be final 2 with him and telling him that he needs a good night sleep.


2:11am Victoria tells Caleb that all it would take is for Frankie's sister to say one thing on Instagram or twitter and he would get AFP. Caleb says that he thinks that maybe Zach could get it but that would be the only other person. Derrick tells Frankie that no matter what the game has been fun.


2:18am Frankie says he is heading to bed and tells Cody he will do a quick study sess with him first. Derrick comes in  and sits down with Cody and says I think we're over killing it now but I want to overkill it. Cody whispers to Derrick while Frankie is away that they cant give him to much . Derrick says im going to crush my shower.


2:23am Frankie and Cody studying in the kitchen. Victoria says she needs to go back down and study Caleb says he can't look at that screen anymore. Goes up to shower in the HOHR and listens to Caleb tell him what he told Victoria. Derrick says she's been on the block 8 times. That he has no ill will towards her.


2:33am Frankie appears in the HOH and walks into the bathroom hugging Caleb and saying goodnight, yelling it to  Derrick in the shower.  Cody has moved to the hammock in the BY


2:46am Caleb and Victoria are talking about riding motorcycles  and whether or not they are dangerous. Caleb calls himself an extremist. Victoria says it’s a fact that they are much more dangerous then a car. He asks if she rides roller coasters and she says she loves them and the thrill. She likes the motorcycle thrill but shes getting older and eneds to be responsible


2:52am Cody is just laying in the back yard.  Caleb and Victoria are talking about his aftershave now. She says it sells good and wants to know if he sprayed cologne downstairs because shes been smelling it. She says she misses going out Caleb says he does too. She says she misses smelling men.


2:57am Derrick and  Cody head back out to the BY Derrick says he had to take a quick shower because Caleb and Victoria are flirting hard. They talk about how Frankie and Caleb are fighting now and Cody wants to let the week play out because if Frankie wins and gets any hint of what they have been saying they could be in trouble.


3:15am  Cody and Derrick were talking about how it would take a miracle for them to not be final three if they  win the veto this week. However, Victoria came outside and sat on the dryer so now the only talk going on is the calling of pockets in the pool game.


3:22am Cody is inside in the WA and Victoria and Derrick are in the BY talking about the information that Caleb told her. She said to him that there was an 8 person alliance you liar and laughed. She thinks he flipped the votes to keep Zach and he ddnt tell her he was the one that did it she said she hates him again and laughs. He is explaining to her and asking her if she questioning his loyalty now.


3:29am Cody has headed to bed. Derrick tells Victoria he just wants her to know where he lies, she says I know where you lie, as my best friend.  Derrick says actions speak louder then words and his actions show he is loyal.


3:38am Victoria says Frankie is scary when he's on the block Derrick agrees. They are arguing about how they think the game is hard differently. Derrick says she called him a master manipulator. She laughs when he says the game is hard and tells him to stop being sarcastic


3:48am Victoria tries to fix the drier again, it stopped working, Victoria says it has to do with Frankie's shoes. Conversation turns to the necklace she wants to know how he fixed it if they really didn’t give him pliers. He says with my hands and a spoon. 


3:56am Derrick and Victoria have planned how they are going to bed. Victoria is up studying in the kitchen while Derrick uses the bathroom. She told him she would go to the diary room to let them know about the dryer.  Shes waiting on him to go to bed tonight  rather then him wait on her.


4:02am Derrick and Victoria studying in the KT now. Everyone else is asleep in bed.


4:07am Victoria has headed to bed,

Derrick is still sitting up staring at the memory wall  with Tenley's blanket over his  head.


4:16am Derrick is using 2 bags of something to cover the different features of the house guests on the wall.


4:31am Derrick decides to finally head to bed. All the feeds on darkened rooms with houseguests in warm beds

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6:00 AM BBT HG's as snug as a bug in a rug in their beds. Caleb is alone in the nest bed in his HoHR. Derrick, Victoria and Frankie are occupying the 3 beds in the fire room. Cody is in the rock room. All is quiet in the house.


6:13 AM BBT Caleb switches positions, and is now on his stomach, facing towards the HoHR door.


6:21 AM BBT Victoria stirs in her bed, and takes her left arm outside of the covers. We hear a humming noise, and then a thud, as if something has shut off. Victoria seems to have been dreaming, and makes some noises, and says, don't hit or hate me, in her sleep. She is now lying diagonally across her bed. She sits up in her bed, with her hair really messed up, and slumps forward, and then lies back down. Frankie changes positions in his bed. Victoria burps, and doesn't say excuse me.


6:23 AM BBT Victoria is restless in her bed, and is moving all around. She has her foot hanging off the side of her bed, and out from under the covers, and has burped 4 more times.


6:28 AM BBT Caleb moves a little in the nest bed, and now has his left hand on his head. He starts to snore very loudly, and then it turns to him breathing deeply.


6:36 AM BBT Derrick moves a little bit, and scratches his face. Then he moves his legs. Victoria now has her covers over her feet.


6:38 AM BBT Victoria moves a little bit in her bed.


6:43 AM BBT Victoria is restless in her bed, and burps some more.


6:56 AM BBT Derrick moves in his bed, and is lying diagonally and crooked across his bed. He has his left arm under his pillow, with his head lying back on the edge of the pillow.


6:59 AM BBT Caleb wakes up briefly, opens his eyes, pushes himself up on his stomach, and then changes positions, and is now facing the bathroom, lying on his left arm and stomach.


7:03 AM BBT Victoria moves in her bed, and has the comforter hanging off the side of the bed.


7:08 AM BBT Caleb lifts his head up and scratches his face, and then lays his head back down.


7:09 AM BBT Derrick takes his left arm out from under his pillow, and is now lying totally on his back. Caleb seems to be restless, he lifts his head, and puts it back down again.


7:12 AM BBT Derrick moves a little bit in his bed. Caleb moves, and is now totally lying on his left side. He takes some really deep breaths, and then his breathing goes back to normal.


7:15 AM BBT Derrick readjusts his legs, and now has them slightly bent, with his knees in the air.


7:21 AM BBT Caleb lies on his back, and then turns over to lay on his left arm and stomach again.


7:22 AM BBT Frankie moves around is his bed in the fire room. He flips over to his stomach, and knocks off 1 of the 4 small pillows that's on the bed.


7:37 AM BBT HG's are really moving about in their sleep, and Caleb is now on his stomach, lying on his left arm, and facing the HoHR door. Derrick still has is knees in the air, and has put his right arm over his eyes, with his elbow in the air.


8:11 AM BBT All is still quiet in the house. We've heard a few noises in the background of things going bump in the night. All HG's are still sleeping for now.


8:15 AM BBT We hear a loud snort coming from Caleb.


8:19 AM BBT Frankie moves and readjusts his sleeping position, but is still on his stomach.


8:21 AM BBT Caleb readjusts his sleeping position, and is still on his stomach as well. He takes some very deep breaths as well.


8:50 AM BBT HG's are cozy and comfy in their beds. All is still quiet in the house.


8:52 AM BBT Caleb takes some deep breaths, and scratches his face. He snores a couple times, and then is taking more deep breaths. He then moves his left hand away from his face.

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#BB16 9:03AM BBT Cam 1 and 2 shows HOHR with Caleb sleeping. Cam 3 shows FR with Victoria and Frankie sleeping. Cam 4 shows FR with Derrick sleeping. Cody not shown on feeds at the moment.


#BB16 9:25AM BBT Houseguest are still sleeping.


#BB16 9:44AM BBT Caleb's snoring, Frankie and Derrick moving around a bit, and Victoria looking like she's sound asleep as I see no movement from her. 


#BB16 9:51AM BBT WBRB on all feeds now.


#BB16 10:06AM BBT Feeds are back! Looks like BB woke the HG up during the last WBRB as lights are on in the FR and we got movement from Caleb as he gets up and turns on the BR light.


#BB16 10:08AM BBT BB announces "Bedroom lights must remain on during the day." Caleb comes out of the HOH WC and heads downstairs to goto the SR. Derrick, Victoria, and Frankie still sleeping. 


#BB16 10:09AM BBT Caleb comes out of the SR, goes to Rock Room, and BB announces it again that the "Bedroom lights must remain on during the day" so Caleb turns on the light (for Cody). Caleb checks FR and since the lights are on, he makes his way back upstairs to HOH and crawls back in bed. 


#BB16 10:13AM BBT Derrick gets a holler from Donnie.  


#BB16 10:21AM BBT Lights are now on but no one is awake. Feeds show HG sleeping.


#BB16 10:33AM BBT BB says "Victoria, please go to the DR.". Victoria gets up from bed and leaves the FR.


#BB16 10:34AM BBT BB says "Victoria, Derrick, Cody please turn in your activity tracker." 


#BB16 10:37AM BBT Victoria goes into the KT and turns around and goes to SR to turn in her activity tracker and look around and in fridge while fidgeting with her mic. She then leaves to go back to BR and climbs back in bed.


#BB16 10:53AM BBT Feeds went to WBRB


#BB16 10:56AM BBT Feeds are back! BB tells Derrick and Cody to "Please turn in your activity tracker." Caleb is out of bed, puts on his HOH robe and heads downstairs. Derrick gets out of bed and leaves his BR.


#BB16 10:57AM BBT Derrick joins Cody in the SR and both turn their activity tracker in. Cody leaves SR and heads to WC and then he gets out and Derrick goes to WC. Caleb is looking in the mirror in the WA saying hi to Derrick. 


#BB16 11:02AM BBT  Caleb is now in the KT looking at the memory wall.


#BB16 11:07AM BBT Feeds cut out to WBRB. Then they come back and Caleb goes to DR. Derrick is shown back in bed (must of came out of DR) and Cody, Frankie, Victoria, and Derrick are in bed. 


#BB16 11:20AM BBT Cody sleeping on Cam 1 and 2 in rock room. Frankie sleeping on Cam 3. Cam 4 shows all three (Frankie, Victoria, and Derrick) sleeping in FR. Caleb still in DR.


#BB16 11:24AM BBT Caleb comes out of DR. BB announces "Please retrieve your activity trackers in SR". Caleb goes in SR and gets his and looks at memory wall again in KT. Feeds then go to WBRB. 


#BB16 11:27AM BBT Feeds return with Caleb still staring at the memory wall. Cody washing his face in KT sink. The three still sleeping in FR.


#BB16 11:28AM BBT Caleb heads back upstairs to HOHR. Takes his robe off and climbs back in bed.


#BB16 11:54AM BBT Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, and Derrick showing on feeds sleeping. No sign of Cody (either in DR or sleeping as well)

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  12:04pm All Hg still in bed sleeping.


 12:25pm Frankie up and going to the DR. Everyone else still sleeping.


12:48pm Frankie is making his breakfast as everyone else is sleeping.


12:54pm derrick now sitting on the side of his bed. he gets up and puts his hat on. Frankie makes his oatmeal. Derrick goes to the Dr.


12:57pm Victoria gets up and goes to the WC and Frankie tells her good morning. Frankie sitting at the memory wall closing his eyes  and studying the faces.

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1:05pm Frankie still at the memory wall studying. Victoria in the WA doing her make up and derrick in the DR, Cody and Caleb still sleeping.


1:22pm Victoria goes to the KT and makes herself some ice coffee and ask Frankie if he did his Dr session yet and Frankie says yeah i did mine already. She ask was it long and he tells her yeah ish long.You can hear  Victoria drinking and swallowing as she goes to the memory wall with Frankie to study the  faces.


1:27pm Frankie goes to get a drink and tells Victoria that he feels like he has that bacterial infection again then ask what time she went to bed and she said late .


 1:30pm frankie goes to the WA where derrick is sitting and they talk about TA loving them and they will be fine and Frankie gives Derrick a hug and Derrick tells him that Caleb thinks he cant beat you in the end  is why you are up. derrick says i am trying to look at it like you do that you have to win and i see where is is coming from  he is scared of you . Derrick says i don't know if he can win or not but i see Cody going home i di cause he has done nothing in this game and that is what scars me.Derrick says if you win today Caleb jaw is going to drop.


 1:35pm derrick says to guarantee  our winning TA is we have to get to the final 2 we have to get there.


1:40pm Frankie says there is a reason why we are sitting next to each other in the finals  and derrick says yeah there is 550k.


1:42pm Victoria comes in and goes to the WC and Frankie says my face hurts then there is silence. derrick then says i am going to brush my teeth and gives Frankie a hug and thanks him.


 1:44pm Frankie says i am trying to figure out of i want to go lay back down or not and i have a headache and Victoria says yeah you should go lay back down. Frankie goes to the KT saying he is going to drink alot of water then go lay back down. 


 1:46pm Cody is out of the Dr and in the WA brushing his teeth . derrick goes to the STr to get medication and we get foth.


 1:48pm Victoria run to the STr and ask derrick what did you tell him and derrick says nothing . Victoria says Frankie was asking me if we talked lastnight and i told him no cause you was studying the memory wall and derrick says ok gotcha.


  1:50pm Caleb is now up and tells derrick they just woke me up so we are probably fixen to do the drawing thing. Caleb says morning Frank and  he says Morning Caleb. Frankie then tells Cody they will have to sit around for 4 hours so i am going to drink alot of water and maybe go back to bed.


1:51pm They are talking about the music being played this morning and Caleb says did they want us us this morning cause that song just made us want to go back to sleep this morning. Frankie says yeah but it is a  beautiful song by Josh Groban.


 1:55pm Frankie ask did Victoria come out of the DR and Caleb says yeah but she took her necklace back in there. derrick says did you hear? The dryer broke lastnight drying  the sneakers. Frankie says you kidding me? derrick says yeah it broke lastnight and made a loud noise when it did.


  1:57pm Cody and Caleb talking about how they hate that their tennis shoes turned pink and how they hate it. Caleb says are you  looking at people there you all act like there is a competition today or something.

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2:00PM BBT: Frankie, Victoria, Derrick and Cody are in the kitchen area studying the memory wall. Frankie talks about his dislike for Josh Groban. Victoria squats down and is studying Devin's face. 


2:10PM BBT: Cody says he can't stand still before competitions, he's always pacing. Frankie says he tries to ground himself, but it doesn't always work. Derrick eats a banana in the bathroom, and Frankie heads to the toilet. Victoria and Cody are in the kitchen. Cody is doing dishes while Victoria and him chat about everyone's faces. Cody thinks they'll combine more faces into the picture to make it harder. Caleb is still in the Diary Room.


2:15PM BBT: Derrick heads into the kitchen, and talks with Cody how they think they have to do the veto competition at night because of the glare with the TV and the projection. Brief WBRB. Derrick grabs two boxes and is singling out housemates features on the memory wall. He places the boxes above and below Brittany's eyes. Derrick says go as fast as you can, but not so fast because you'll mess up. Frankie starts putting dishes away, and wonders how many seasons they've used the utensils for. Cody talks about how he doesn't know how they went through so many utensils. He calls out, who even uses these? But then he remembers the Jury members just threw them around. 


2:20PM BBT: Frankie says Jocasta came in doing the most she's done all season. Frankie says it was the first time she's broken a sweat in the house, and adds that it was the first time Jocasta's heart rate went above a 30. Frankie complains he had a 1 in 5 shot of winning $10K, but then went down to 1 in 6 shot of winning $5K. Caleb comes out of the Diary room. Caleb says he wants everyone to spend one night with him in the HoH room. The other housemates aren't going for it. Derrick and Cody say they've slept so well in the fire room. 


2:25PM BBT: Caleb talks about his nephews. Caleb says when he left, one of his nephews was walking but not talking. Frankie is called into the Diary Room. Caleb starts singing, and we get a brief WBRB. Cody starts cleaning the mirrors in the kitchen. Caleb talks about how his brothers would hold him down and burp and blow it in his face. He also mentions how they used to spit and drop it down near Caleb's face before bringing it back into their mouth. 

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2:30PM BBT: Derrick shows Cody, Caleb and Victoria to study certain parts of the face by covering up other features. Caleb and Cody are right up at the memory wall. Victoria and Derrick are sitting at the kitchen table. Cody and Caleb start talking in an Australian accent and talking in slow-mo. 


2:35PM BBT: Caleb and Cody start snapping their fingers and dance a little bit. Feeds cut to a brief WBRB. Derrick, Caleb and Cody chat about the placement of the names on the veto board. They go over the order of which they'll appear. Frankie is out of the Diary Room. 


2:45PM BBT: Derrick says he may go take a nap. Frankie thinks they'll start the ball rolling for Veto around 6:30. They all think the game is going to be the same, but the face combinations will be different. Frankie is making food. Cody, Derrick and Victoria are sitting at the kitchen table silently studying the memory wall. Frankie has made salmon on bagels and sits down at the kitchen table as well. 


2:50PM BBT: Caleb is up in his HoH room listening to music. Frankie says if you go to an Israeli restaurant, you wont get a menu. He says that Israeli restaurants are different than Jewish deli's. Cody, Derrick, Victoria and Frankie fall silent again as they study the memory wall. Caleb is looking at all his pictures in front of his HoH basket. 


2:55PM BBT: Frankie says they're studying so much. He says he's breaking down everyones features he fears he wont remember them. They all fall silent once again, studying the wall. 

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3:00PM BBT: Caleb is still in his HoH room listening to music and looking at his pictures. Frankie washes his dish, and Caleb gets up and starts making something to eat.  Victoria and Derrick are now on their feet looking at the memory wall. 


3:05PM BBT: Derrick is now the only housemate studying the memory wall. Cody is in the kitchen making food. Victoria wanders into the kitchen and starts making herself some food. Frankie comes back into the kitchen, dumps out his cup of coffee he made earlier with his food, and says he wont have his coffee. He'll spend a few more minutes studying the wall, then go down for a nap. Cody sits down at the kitchen table with Lays chips and starts eating a sandwich. Frankie says, "I'll tell you one thing, whomever wins this competition is going to earn it. We've all been studying this wall". 


3:15PM BBT: Frankie is sitting at the kitchen table facing the memory wall with his eyes closed. Caleb leaves the HoH room and asks if there's anyone in the Diary Room. Frankie leaves and says he is heading to bed. Derrick is laying in the bathroom with his hat over his face. Cody and Victoria are eating at the kitchen table studying the wall. Caleb is making food as well.


3:20PM BBT: Cody studies the memory wall. Victoria asks Cody what time they were called for the veto last week. Cody says they were called around 6 or 6:30. Victoria heads to the fire bedroom and lays in her bed, and she chats with Frankie who is in his bed. Frankie is reading the bible in bed. Frankie says he had a psychotic break yesterday before nominations when the Jury members came back and started trashing his stuff. He says he understands why Caleb put him up on the block, he just has to perform his best during the veto.


3:25PM BBT:  Frankie says that they're the only two that can connect the dots. Victoria says you have to fake believe in yourself until you truly believe it. Frankie agrees. He says he has to be happy go lucky Frankie, and then he will be. Frankie says because we know about the competition, it makes it worse with everyone trying to prepare  for it. Victoria says that she's over it. She Zach is childish and immature. Frankie agrees. She asks if he is 5. She says "Sorry I'm still in the house and you're not. Sorry I'm doing something right and you're not". She says you have to kill them with kindness. She says she'd love to see their faces on finale night if she walks out.

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3:30PM BBT: Frankie and Victoria still chatting in the fire room. Victoria says she can't wait to go back to her family. Frankie is still reading the bible. Caleb, Cody and Derrick are still studying the memory wall. They talk about strategies to remember certain features on certain people. Victoria is laying down in her bed. Frankie gets called to the Diary Room. 


3:35PM BBT: Cody says that if Frankie sees Derrick studying all the time, it might rattle him and make him nervous. Caleb says he's sure Frankie is scared of all of them now. Frankie joins Caleb, Cody and Derrick in the kitchen studying the memory wall. Everyone falls silent.


3:40PM BBT: Derrick is in the washroom, and Frankie heads there, presumably to go to the washroom. Once Frankie leaves, Caleb and Cody whisper to each other, but cannot determine what they say as Frankie's mic is still on as he chats with Derrick as he passes. Cody and Caleb chat about certain features on housemates. 


3:45PM BBT: Cody and Caleb head up to the HoH room. They chat about having their families out in the audience on Finale night. They chat about how this competition is huge. Caleb wants his mum and his four brothers in the front row. 


3:50PM BBT: Derrick and Frankie are in the washroom chatting about the upcoming veto. Cody and Caleb are chatting about how they're going to calm and collected during the competition. Frankie heads up to the HoH room. They talk about where to stand to look at it. They all think that it wont take nearly as long to complete the competition as it did last week. 


3:55PM BBT: Victoria has gotten up and is talking to Derrick in the washroom. Victoria is going to have a shower, but not do her hair. Derrick gets up saying he's going to look at the wall again. Derek says, "Oh hello wall, haven't seen you in a while". Derrick gives shoutouts to his family. He says it almost 8PM, and they may be putting his daughter down for the night since she's probably staying up later now. He says there's gotta be someone watching the feeds at this time. He hates the fact that he knows this comp. 

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4:05pm Caleb says he just wants to beat Victoria that's all he cares about. derrick says she has been studying alot though and Caleb says she has been. Frankie is sitting there listening and derrick says he is not worried.


4:08pm Caleb now telling a story about a guy that looks like a bear .


4:15pm Caleb, Derrick and Frankie talking about if Victoria wins the veto they will try to talk her into not using it. Frankie says there was a guy before that didn't  use it on himself and was evicted.(Marcellas) Caleb says really and Frankie says yes.


 4:18pm derrick says we will get some more shirts and Frankie says yeah. Caleb is spitting pumpkin seeds in a Gatorade bottle and Cody listening to music. Victoria is in the downstairs WA plucking eyebrows again.


4:21pm derrick goes down to the WA and Victoria says that Frankie is trying to fee her a  bunch of bull crap like he respects me so much and stuff like that and Derrick said yeah and he is on the block good guy. Victoria says i think Frankie would put up Cody and derrick says no he wont he will put up me he put Cody up last week he wont do it again i promise you.


 4:24pm Derrick and Caleb are back to the memory wall studying again. Victoria in the WA flat ironing her hair. Frankie and Cody going to sleep in the hoh rm.


 4:33pm Cody gets up takes the headphones off and head down stairs where the others are still studying the memory wall. Frankie is in the HOH bed taking a nap.


4:40pm Cody and Caleb are aggravating Victoria about wining the pov and Victoria says if i win the veto then i am safe and Caleb says do you know how powerful the hoh is and Victoria says your not if i win. She tells Cody she is nervous and Cody says just do what you are doing and  dont rush just  take your time and get it right on the first time.


4:44pm Derrick ask Frankie if he wins the pov does he think Caleb will put him on the block and Frankie says no. derrick says i think they are true to the final 4 right and Frankie says no they are loyal. Frankie says if he does pull a fast one on me  he knows our relationship is over and if he stabs  the person in the back who has been his allies through most of the game then he is hurting himself. 


 4:47pm Derrick says i think  Caleb will take Cody to final 2 over us and Frankie says yeah he will. derrick says if Cody wins hoh you and i are going up you think? Frankie says yeah but next week veto is everything.Derrick says i didn't think about that if you don't win next weeks veto you go home.


4:56pm Cody tells Caleb that he will smoke him in the Veto Comp. Caleb says no way  wanna bet 50 dollars? and they laugh.

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5:06pm Caleb in the hoh rm telling Frankie who all has the green eyes and derrick says doesn't Nicole have blue eyes and Frankie says yeah Nicole has blue eyes. Caleb says this is a process of elimination.


 5:09pm Caleb ask Victoria as she comes in did you run out of breath just coming up the stairs and she says no i am just nervous about the veto comp. Cody is in the downstairs WA then walks to the STR . In the hoh rm Caleb is playing with his bottle of cologne  while derrick listens to music and Frankie lays in the hoh bed.Caleb tells Victoria don't be nervous just do what you know and you will be fine.


 5:17pm Caleb says he will give shout outs to everyone for Frankie and for Derrick in his BLOG that he gets to do this week and he says the only new thing i can say in my BLOG is  i won HOH that's all that new.


 5:23pm Caleb telling Frankie that so one should be stressed this week we played this last week we know what will happen but i am nervous cause i cant play for hoh next week.But this week we have a target (Victoria) and she will go. But next week we dont have a target and i cant play for hoh. He then says that hoh is important next week cause they seal final 3 but the pov seals someone else going home.


 5:26pm Caleb says i won hoh and that seals the final 4 and even if derrick, Cody or you had won hoh you all would have sealed the final 4 also. Frankie says i am going to go drink, Pee and shower as he leaves the hoh rm and joins derrick and Cody laying on the  floor in front of the memory wall.


 5:36pm All is quiet in the BB house as everyone but Caleb is laying in the floor in front of the memory wall. Caleb is on the balcony looking down.


5:36pm BB says Derrick Holla and Frankie says that is you and just think all we had to do for Victoria  to win 5k is clean our house and she had a necklace destroyed.


5:49pm Frankie says i wonder if they can move shadows? He then says i know they can move hair and stuff like that. he then says what if they shave Donny and derrick said that would be sick.


  5:55pm Caleb tells Derrick you want your family out here win this competition. derrick says i got it.


 5:56pm Cody and Caleb in the fire br getting dressed and ready for the veto comp. derrick laying on the LVR couch. Frankie goes to the fire br searching for his activity bracelet. Victoria laying in the WA.

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6:00 pm BBT  Caleb asks Cody if he has smelled the new deodorant. Cody says he has but doesn't like it. He is very picky with deodorant. Victoria makes her way out of the WA to the KT to fix herself some hot tea. Derrick is now studying the memory wall. Victoria is studying with him while she is waiting for her tea. Caleb says it would be cool if they got another dog or if Izzy came back.


6:04 pm BBT  Caleb asks what color eyes Christine had. Cody says he has no idea because everyone keeps saying something different and now he's just confused. They talk it over and don't come to a conclusion. Caleb says Pao Pao's mouth and Brittany's mouth are similar, right? Cody says he doesn't see it. Caleb gets up to look at the memory wall. He says a little bit. He is standing at the wall and signals Derrick over. We can't see what he's showing him but he's comparing 2 people's eyes. Derrick says that Amber's eyes are way more beautiful than to whoever she is being compared. Caleb is talking to himself as he is looking at the wall. Cody is laying down on the LR couch with his eyes closed.


6:10 pm BBT  Derrick has gone into the WC and has treated us to the sound effects because he took his mic with him. Caleb is studying noses. "Pug, pug, toucan Sam, very distinct nose, no nostrils, no bottom." Now he's talking about eyes, "Very wide apart, lots of white, no lashes on bottom, Cody's eyes are like mine." He is done studying and goes to the LR to sit down. Victoria is sitting in the KT at the island drinking her tea. Derrick is now taking a shower. Caleb says it's around 7 / 7:30 pm when they do the draw. Victoria says they did it at 6:30 pm last time. Cody says he went off 2 minutes before TVGN started last time.


6:15 pm BBT  We hear a door and Caleb says they might be putting our shirts in there now. He asks Victoria if she requested something. She says she asked for her sneakers because they were outside. He says he thinks they may have just put them in storage. She says YEP...thanks BB. Caleb goes up to the HOHR and says "Are you done Frank?" He says, "All done." He asks if they called. Frankie comes out of the shower and says they called them at 6:30 last time. Caleb puts on his headphones and starts to whisper sing. He picks up two of his picture frames and and looks at them while he is singing.


6:20 pm BBT  Feeds 1 and 2 are watching Caleb listening to his music and Feeds 3 and 4 are spying on Derrick as he showers. Lots of excitement! Frankie has made his way downstairs and he and Derrick are talking. It’s hard to make out their conversation because Derrick isn’t wearing a microphone in the shower and Frankie hasn’t put his microphone back on after his. Derrick says he still would have liked a piece of apple pie. [i believe he is talking about the TA mission they didn’t accomplish when they put on their play. –Morty] Frankie says he has to win the veto because he knows he has put a big target on himself. Derrick says he doesn’t want to go up, so he knows what he’s feeling...if anyone knows what he’s feeling it’s him. He feels the exact same way. He feels the pressure to pull himself off and Derrick feels the pressure to keep himself off. Frankie says, “Let the games begin.”


6:28 pm BBT  Caleb asks Frankie if that’s what he’s wearing and Frankie says they are getting shirts. They discuss whether they will get new colors or not. Derrick says if he goes on the block at least he will get his suitcase…that’s looking on the bright side. Caleb says the bright side of going on the block is that you get to make a speech and it’s heard by a lot of people. Derrick says he already knows what he will say because he says it every day. Caleb says Derrick would say he loves Tenley, his wife, his family, etc. Derrick says, right. Caleb says if he’s up there, Frankie interrupts him and says… Insain_Physique, Fatneckoutdoors, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, hit us up to win a free hunt. Frankie says someone in the audience make a noise if my sister’s audience is number one  and he hears someone in the audience go “Woooo.” Caleb says or worse you don’t hear any noise. Derrick says or you hear your sister say, “I love you, Frankie.” And then they talk about her album for a little while. Derrick says imagine if Julie told you that you hit a million followers, Frankie. Frankie says he would die!  Caleb says you are being seen by 9- and 11 million people 3 days a week.  Derrick says you may get 200-300,000. Frankie says that he would be happy if he got 100,000 more. Caleb says he hopes he gets 50,000 or more on Instagram. Frankie says that’s a tall order.


6:35 pm BBT  Frankie says it’s hard to find people on Instagram. Victoria says she is obsessed with Instagram. Caleb is called to the DR. It may be that time, folks. Frankie is putting the finishing touches on his makeup. Cody, Vic, and Derrick are studying the memory wall.


6:40 pm BBT Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Victoria are all standing in front of the memory wall. No one is talking. Cody walks away. Frankie and Derrick hug, Camera 1 is on the DR door, and now we are on Jeff's Highlight Reels... 6:42 pm.

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7:25 pm BBT Even though the HG spent the last several days doing literally NOTHING but reviewing the memory wall, we are still watching Jeff's highlight reels. As soon as we know who won the POV, you will too!!


7:55 pm BBT We are still awaiting the results of the POV. 

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8:30pm Hg are still playing the POV as we still have Jeff's reels.


 856pm :Feeds are back derrick says book a flight dude .Caleb says i messed up dude i just messed up. derrick says Cody that was good i was running fast and still wasn't enough to beat you.


 8:58pm Derrick goes to Fire br and gives Victoria a hug and  says Frankie still thinks he is staying and Victoria says he does? derrick says yeah but Cody wont use it.

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9:00pm Frankie says i really think i broke my ankle. Cody in the fire BR alone saying i cant believe this i really cant believe this.


9:02pm derrick tells Frankie i tried buddy and Frankie says i guess i can say i did as well. Cody and derrick in the rock rm and Cody says i think we should request some brews. Caleb says it is amazing that everyone did better this time we smoked it.


9:06pm Frankie is making dinner and Victoria is washing a dish. Derrick is cooking also. 


9:08pm Cody sitting in the fire br crying and Victoria is in there with him . Victoria tells him what Frankie said earlier about derrick won his 5k and Victoria got hers from the house being trashed.


9:11pm Caleb in the fire br telling Cody that Frankie said he sucked and was worse than Victoria out there in the pov comp. Frankie keeps singing and we keep getting foth .Frankie runs to the fire br and jumps on Cody saying he is so proud of him.Cody says i am glad it is over and Frankie says i feel so much better than i did before that comp. Caleb in the KT telling Victoria and derrick that he hopes they make the vote 1-1 so he can send Frankie out the door.Caleb says he will say there is only one beast in this house so Frankie i never promised you a pawn wouldn't go home.


9:16pm  Frankie and Cody in the  fire br Caleb says he is being so funny Cody says who and caleb says Frankie he keeps saying man i suck even victoria beat me in that comp. Frankie comes in and jumps on cody saying  i love you i am so proud of you. He says i feel so much better ow that it is over you know what i mean. Frankie says i went into that with such a heavy burden and i was like in a weird place yesterday and i know you all have ,y back. Cody says yeah. Frankie says derrick is very kind and a wonderful father and he , everyone likes him. Frankie laughs and says i am gonna be so defeated with my veto speech. So i will say that is why derrick needs to go on the block. You dont have to use it.


9:31pm Frankie, Cody and derrick in the fire br talking about  talking all week and derrick says  2nd place again but at least i am consistent. Frankie says i was consistent last week i won both comps.


9:34pm Caleb, Cody and derrick in the HOH rm wanting to  break a tie vote and derrick says no it will make us look like smucks and Caleb says he wants to tell hi that sometimes pawns go home.


9:37pm derrick says lastnight you said you was gonna smoke me and Cody did it he won it. derrick says when he came out he was demoralized cause he thought Frankie had won and by him being on the block he was broken and he was done. Talk turns to the finale and derrick says i  promise your families have seats to the finale. Caleb says he is coming up and  in comes Frankie and Victoria as Frankie says i hear there was a block party.


9:40pm Frankie and Cody are doing crunches now in the hoh rm as Caleb listens to music and Victoria just watches and derrick goes down to get Advil .


 9:45pm Most of the Hg are taking Advil  and discussing how much to take a day.


  9:47pm Frankie tells Caleb he feels so much better than he did yesterday. derrick is in the KT eating cereal.


9:49pm Frankie, Cody and Caleb in the HOH Bathroom are feeding the fish.


  9:52pm Cody says to Caleb to be 100% honest i would have never ever done this to you or derrick and Frankie put me on the block twice after he said he kept me safe and he didn't. Cody says what if Victoria had won the pov? Caleb says yeah glad she didn't. Caleb says i would not have out you or derrick up but i would have out derrick up before you dude. Cody says i know that. Caleb says now the 2 people that will be in the final hoh will deserve it.


 9:54pm Caleb says Victoria knew the faces and she wasn't even close to winning so i don't worry about her and Cody says next week i will be straight up with her and tell her that if derrick or one win it and you are going . Caleb says Frankie is smart enough to know and Cody says yeah he is smart and he thinks when he walks out he is going to all-stars and he thinks he has played a good social game. Caleb says no he hasn't not at all.

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 10:00pm Cody says in final 4 i know for sure she cant win nothing and Caleb says i know she wont so final three is going to be us and final 2 i want it to be someone who has fought as good as me. We cant control who takes who but to be final 3 and then go to final 2 is huge.


 10:02pm Derrick goes to the fire br to lay down and tells Victoria that she is safe this week cause Caleb and Cody both want Frankie gone and Victoria says you sure and derrick says i want you to stop ok you are safe i promise you that you are good.


10:05pm Victoria tells Derrick that she cant stand Caleb but she likes Caleb alot more than Cody. derrick says you need to stop  you are good. derrick says we have 8 days left and i think Thursday is a double evict. he says not Thursday Wednesday so we got time.


 10:07pm Frankie goes to the HOH rm with Cody and Caleb and they start talking about  what questions will be asked to the jury members and what they might answer. Frankie then explains to them how it all works and how their questions might be based on what America sees and they get to choose.


10:10pm derrick and Victoria in the fire br whispering really low.Derrick says i will probably be on the block next week if he doesn't win the hoh and Victoria says i don't think so cause you are straight and honest.


 10:12pm Victoria says what is crazy is that just because that button was pushed you won 5k and no matter what happens to you you got 5k. Victoria says there has to be a reason cause there is a reason for everything and there has to be a reason that Cody won the pov and not Frankie. BB calls Victoria to the DR and scares her.


 10:15pm Caleb says if i was to go home third runner up would suck and Frankie says going home before final 4 would suck and Caleb repeats himself. Cody says i would be pissed if i went home already too.Victoria comes out of the dr with her necklace


10:17pm  Victoria heads to the hoh rm and tells the guys they bought her a new necklace isn't that sweet of them and Frankie says that's nice of them the same one and she says yeah and BB says you are not allowed to talk about production.


10:21pm Caleb says what did that necklace cost 30 bucks and she says no 70 at Aldo and Caleb says oh Aldo is the best. Cody and Frankie  in the KT making food again.


 10:25pm Caleb tells Victoria that he is a go out there and play guy so all you can do is go out there and do your best.


10:26pm All HG are in the KT and talking about Reese's Puffs cereal and derrick says they are kind of like peanut butter captain crunch with chocolate init they are the best. Frankie says i have never tried them.


 10:28pm Derrick heads upstairs to listen to music while everyone else is eating in the KT.


 10:30pm alot of smacking going on as Caleb says the resses puffs are so good  and Frankie says i will have to try them and Cody says what resses puffs they are good.Caleb heads back to the hoh rm.


  10:32pm Caleb ask derrick how he was and he says fine but i bet it is a weight lifted off your shoulder cause Cody and i both brought our best game. I don't care who wins but we got it done and that's what we needed to do. 


10:35pm derrick and Caleb talking about who might win what next week and he says even if Victoria wins we still have to pov to send Cody out and Caleb says yeah right. Caleb says if we took Cody he will never win and derrick says i know but i would never do that to you i would take you i think have proven myself to you already and Caleb says yeah.


10:37pm Caleb goes back to the KT to make another wrap . Cody and Frankie talking about the counting in the pov comp and he said he hated  that part.


10:42pm Caleb and derrick in hoh talking about  music. Frankie, Cody, Victoria cleaning the kT after they ate their dinner. Victoria tells Cody good job man good freaking job.


10:49pm Frankie is in the hoh rm laying in bed with derrick as derrick listens to the music and Caleb is eating pumpkin seeds as Victoria lays on the couch saying it is gross and he makes her try one. 


10:52pm Victoria is playing the games on the Reese's Puffs box with Caleb  then  plays it with Frankie. Cody goes to the Wc  downstairs.


10:54pm Frankie says i might just go to bed and Victoria says if you go i am gonna go to and Frankie says  will they wake us and Victoria says no they wont tonight. Frankie ask Caleb if he is gonna go take a bath and he says before i go to bed i am. Victoria says she is gonna go lay down now cause her stomach hurts and Frankie says yeah i am coming too.

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