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Friday, July 4 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

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Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT Downstairs at the dining area, Christine is talking about her car running on hopes and prayers. She says it doesn't accelerate and they have to pull over for a bit while going somewhere. She also says the AC is broken, in Tucson. (So you guys know, it gets to be 120 degrees there). Brit talks about breaking into her kids piggy banks to pay for gas to take her kids to school. This half offends Christine because two seconds ago she talked about taking her kids to Disneyland twice this year. Brit says she got passes that she did not have to pay for. Hayden gets called to the DR and screams with glee about it.

12:15 AM BBT Devin is now in the WA basically letting Hayden know he is going up. Oh no, he did what BB said not to do and told Hayden he was going up and that he needs to win BOTB. Hayden gets called to DR again so that breaks up. Just small talk as the HGs wait around the LR and Dining area for noms. Caleb talks about how good he would have been at today's HOH comp. Devin pulls Amber aside and tells her he talked to Hayden, she is again unimpressed. Devin pulls Pao aside and gives her the same be prepared you are may or may not be going up speech.

12:25 AM BBT Pao says she doesn't want to go up because it's getting embarrassing. Devin says she isn't the target. Pao says what if the person she is up against wins POV? Devin says he has an option b, but refuses to tell her who it is. Devin asks Pao to throw the BOTB. He tells her if she does throw it, he will make sure she stays through POV and is here after next week. She seems on the fence of course, but is saying she might but there's a problem. Before she can finish, Devin runs into the Fire BR and tells Frank and Amber that Pao plans to thrown the battle comp so relax about her noms. When he leaves Amber seems worried. Frank says relax and let Devin take the blame for all four noms. Pao tells Devin that if she does this then he needs to pull her off the block if he wins POV. He agrees.

12:30 AM BBT Fish for about five mins now, I am willing to bet Nominations are under way!

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2:13 AM BBT we are back! Pao is up for sure she is talking to Frank in hive room. Hayden and Nicole are in Fire room talking about being okay no matter what because even if they lose Devin goes up. Hayden, Nicole, and Pao confirmed as of now.

2:20 AM BBT Amber is upstairs with Caleb and Devin in HOH. Devin is motivational speaking for Amber because she feels bad for nominating Hayden and Nicole. Feeds switch to Christine talking to Cody in the fire room. They are absolutely tired of Devin. Apparently he was very rude to Brit during nominations. Cody says he is also sick of Caleb too. Christine says he is so full of himself. She goes on to say that he knows nothing about her but she knows everything about him.

2:35 AM BBT Devin tells Amber, Nicole, Hayden and Caleb in HOH that he wants Brit gone and has a plan in place to do so. He lets the cat out of the bag on Pao throwing the Battle comp. They reveal that Devin got to nominate first. Amber is going over the fact that she wants to keep Nicole and Hayden safe. Devin starts going into why he wants Brit out to assure Nicole that he wants to keep her safe. On the other feeds Brit and Christine are in the WA talking about how the votes are going to go. Feeds switch to Zach and Pao in the SR. Zach is hyping up Pao because he doesn't want Devin to be safe.

2:40 AM BBT Pao confirmed that Brit is the other Nom. So as of now noms are set as Pao, Brit, Hayden, and Nicole.

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2:45 AM BBT Brit just literally asked Pao if she is planning on throwing the battle comp. Pao says if she loses, it's because she sucks. She says that Devin is going to go through the house and tell everyone that everyone else is going to vote Brit and it is nuts. Pao says he is crazy. They talk about Joey for a bit. In HOH Amber and Caleb are telling Nicole the same things over and over.

2:55 AM BBT Devin goes into the hive room and tells Pao he needs to talk to her before bed. Brit says he only put up Pao because he thinks she is weak. Brit tells Pao that he is going to tell her nice things, but none of it is true. Derrick comes in and they break up for Pao to head to HOH and talk to Devin. Devin threatens Pao by saying that if she doesn't throw this battle comp then Devin is going home and Pao will be stuck with Caleb and she is going to go next week. Devin then says point blank, that is Brit wins POV then Victoria will go up and go home. Caleb says the two baddest players here have her back. Devin then threatens her again if she decides not to throw the comp.

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3:00AM BBT: Just when you think it's over, a voice comes over the PA and shouts, "Party foul!" and a few minutes later they get, "He's streaking through the quad!"

Jocasta suggests that they might keep the college frat party theme for the BotB. They think the competition will involve remembering the announcements.

I hope someone can take over, as I need some sleep.

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3:15 AM BBT Just general chit chat in the house. Jocasta talks about how people will put things up their anus that later must be surgically removed.

3:20 AM BBT Devin, Derrick, Amber, Frankie, Caleb, and Christine are hanging out in the HoH room. Jocasta and Zach are in the KT. KT camera feeds switch to Nicole and Paola in the beehive talking about the upcoming BotB. Paola says she doesn't care to win because she doesn't like drama. Zach (I think) is yelling and singing through the house "Party foul...streaking through the quad...I just wanna dance all night long."

3:25 AM BBT Caleb thinks the "party foul" might have to do with the fact that he said that exact same thing to Joey when she spilled her liquor the other night. He thinks the announcements might be directly related to what is happening inside the house. The group in the HoH room are trying to remember if they heard anyone say "Streaking through the quad." Christine is called into the DR.

3:30 AM BBT Over the intercom "AHHHHHH, I broke a heel." The HGs recall that is something Victoria hollered out.

3:35 AM BBT Nicole is alone in the Have-Not room repeating the quotes BB has given them since 3:00 AM. "Party foul, streaking through the quad, I just wanna dance all night long, heel."

3:39 AM BBT Jocasta is talking to Paola in the WA. Jocasta has pieced together that all the quotes from BB go along with the frat party theme of the HoH competition.

3:45 AM BBT Brittany and Amber are in the fire BR talking about why Brittany voted against Joey last night. Hayden and Paola are in the beehive. He tells her that he thinks Brittany is the target and she has nothing to worry about.

3:50 AM BBT Paola, Hayden, and Christine are in the beehive. Paola says it sucks she will be playing against two really cool people. She wishes him luck in the BotB.

3:55 AM BBT Brittany and Amber are still in the fire BR. Brittany says she doesn't mind going home because of the game. She minds going home because one person (Devin) wants to take it personal.

4:00 AM BBT Caleb, Frankie, and Paola are talking about Joey's game. She left her mark. They miss her. Paola "I hope the next one is mental." Frankie "It is. It's going to be this."

4:02 AM BBT Over the intercome "Panty raid, panty raid, panty raid" eight of them. The HGs have put all the quotes to song and BB is letting them sing it. "Party foul, streaking through the quad, I just wanna dance all night long, Ahhhh I broke my heel, panty raid panty."

4:05 AM BBT Most of the HGs are hanging out in the KT. Hayden and Nicole are in the Have-Not room using rice to study. Nicole and Hayden think Christine is too smart to be a barista. They agree they wouldn't mind losing to someone like her.

4:15 AM BBT BB: Sirens "Someone called the cops."

4:30 PM BBT BB: "Take it off, take it off, take it off" Repeated three times. Frankie looks up to the ceiling and says Okay okay.. He starts stripping down to his underwear.

4:50 AM BBT BB: "We hate freshmen, we hate freshmen, we hate freshmen."

4:55 AM BBT HGs are hanging out in the KT. WBRB followed almost immediately by Jeff's interviews. BotB maybe?

5:15 AM BBT Jeff's interviews over all four feeds.

6:25 AM BBT Feeds return. Nicole is smiling and waving at the camera. It appears Hayden and Nicole have won the BotB. Up on the balcony Devin is telling Hayden he was sorry they had to put him in that position. Devin talks about Brittany blowing questions that were clear as day. Paola is upset about something Victoria (maybe Amber) has said or done. Paola says "That f*ing bitch is going home. She only thinks of herself." Paola is having a little temper tantrum. she steals beds. The world revolves around her. Devin tells her she needs to stop right now and calm down.

6:30 AM BBT Jeff's interview again.

6:32 AM BBT Feeds return. Paola is still very angry. She is in the HoH room where Frankie and Jocasta are calming her down. Meanwhile Brittany is in the shower and Nicole and Victoria are in the WA talking about how mean Devin's HoH speech was.

6:37 AM BBT Brittany is the shower and talking to Nicole. She says Devin uses his kid to get points and has no integrity. She says when she leaves the house she is throwing all "that $hit" outside. Not sure what all that #hit is. Nicole tells her that she can't do that.

6:48 AM BBT Paola has gotten over her hissy fit and goes to the where Brittany has just gotten out of the shower. Paola gives her a hug. Frankie brings Brittany her microphone and kisses her cheek.

6:50 AM BBT Brittany is talking to Paola and Christine in the WA. She says her only hope is to win POV or if someone who is safe wins it and takes her off. She doesn't know if anyone in the house likes her enough to do that.

7:00 AM BBT Some of the HGs are preparing to go to bed.

7:05 AM BBT Cody, Zach, Derrick and Christine are talking in the beehive. They think the BB announcements were intended to keep them up but that BB didn't anticipate they would still be awake.

7:07 AM BBT Cody, Zach, Derrick and Christine are still in the beehive. They have concluded that no one is loyal enough to Devin to not want him out next week. Even Donny has been talking bad about him. Cody says Caleb might but he will trip him if he has to so that Caleb doesn't win HoH next week.

7:10 AM BBT Cody, Zach, Derrick and Christine and talking about confronting Devin. They are going to chill for the next three days and then tell Devin that he isn't a dictator. He is the only person that wants Brittany gone. They are going to get rid of Paola. She is the ultimate floater. She has already been saved twice. She is useless to them. They all like Brittany. Plus, Devin can't play HoH next week and if he doesn't want to go along, there will be twelve people who are willing to get rid of him next week.

7:14 AM BBT The four in the beehive are swearing complete secrecy. They are afraid Devin will get word of the plan to betray him and it may impact what he does with the POV. They say no more game talk about it for three days. The HGs start talking about the frat house quotes.

7:18 AM BBT BB announces there are fresh batteries. I think BB intends for them to stay awake. WBRB.

7:25 AM BBT Brittany and Paola are in the KT. Brittany says the guys used Amber to get her to put up Hayden. Paola is telling her she should to tell the others to get rid of her instead of Brittany because Brittany can fight harder. Paola starts talking about Victoria again and refers to her as a c*nt. Brittany tells her not to use that word or stoop to that level.

7:30 AM BBT Paola is still telling Brittany that she needs to stay this week. Paola wants her to stay because she can fight to get rid of terrible people like Victoria. Meanwhile Hayden, Derrick, and Cody are in the beehive talking about Devin's personal issue with Brittany.

7:44 AM BBT Derrick and Cody are going to try to get close to Brittany and Hayden this week. Brittany walks in and sees them talking starts to walk out. The guys tell her they want her to stay in the room and in the house.

7:48 AM BBT The guys chase Paola and Brittany out of the Have-Not room. They say they can't sleep in beds knowing the girls are in there. They make room for the girls in the Rock BR with them.

7:50 AM BBT Most of the HGs are heading into bed after a very long and sleepless night. They remember that they can't turn the lights out now because it's morning. WBRB.

7:57 AM BBT BB has allowed the HGs to turn off the lights. Feeds one and two are on the Cody alone in the WA washing up. Feeds three and four are on sleeping HGs

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Guest 6Borders

5:50am BBT: We still have Jeff interviews!

{I sure hope we get some new ones this week...I'll go nuts if these are on all Summer}

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Guest 6Borders

6am BBT: Good Morning and Happy 4th of July USA.

We still have interviews with Jeff so apparently Battle of The Block is still going on.

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Guest 6Borders

6:25am BBT: We have feeds. Caleb is in the shower saying he is never going to get the

smell out of his hair and it smells like throw up.

Devin is explaining to Hayden and Nicole why they had to put them in this position.

Devin is grilling Pao, asking over and over "what did she say to you?" and "what did she do?"

Pao is whispering/rambling a mile a minute saying "this girl does not care" "It's not even that".

(she is really ticked). Devin tells her she needs to stop and calm down. Jocasta is also trying to


6:29am BBT: Devin is telling Pao she needs to stop and she is not playing a smart game right now

and she's going to cause everything to blow up. Jocasta is talking with Pao about sleeping arrangements


6:30am BBT: Suddenly we are back to Jeff interviews!

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Guest 6Borders

6:32am BBT: Feeds are back.

Devin is goingn on again about the reasons he wants Brit out. Devin is telling

Jocasta and Pao "I don't want anyone talking game". He repeats Pao needs to

stay calm and not over-react. Devin says when in doubt and you don't know what to do, do nothing.

Tels Pao to just rest and know that everything is ok and it's taken care of.

Pao is not really buying it. She is still mad and says she (?) came up to Pao and told her

she better f'ing win.

6:35am BBT: Frankie comes in and joins Jocasta and Devin, hugs Devin.

Devin is talking about something, and being soaking wet.

Pao tells Frankie she is not crying, she is angry and Frankie asks why.

Pao asks if he is drunk and he says no, he does not drink.

6:36am BBT: Nicole and Victoria are in the bathroom talking with Christine and

Brit (who is in the shower). Nicole says "his speech was sooo mean to her"

Brit is saying something about if she walks out (evicted) she is going to say something

(I can't get it with the water running) Nicole says you can't say that, you will get in


Talk turns to sleeping, waiting until the food is restocked and needing coffee.

{BB keeps switching the cams in the middle of conversations}

6:40am BBT: In the fire bedroom Jocasta and Christine are whispering about what Devin was saying to her (again no clue)

during the comp. She says "that speech was disgusting" and related comments Devin made (sounds like to Brit).

Jocasta says "he did it directly to her" and Christine says "he was laughing at Amber" Victoria is just

listening. Christine says "what is your take on this".

Jocasta says there is nothing they can do since Amber lost

BB admonishes that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Jocasta says we never even

had a chance to have them off.

Jocasta is saying that Amber chose (the noms) 2nd.

6:43am BBT: BB switches the cam to the living room and back to the HOH

{BB please stop that, I can't get any conversations this way -6Borders}

Hayden is whispering to Nicole in the ice bedroom that he (Devin I guess) is an ass. Nicole says it just

feels weird that they are staying for a week. They are whispering and I can barely

make it out but Hayden is talking about the same situation

6:47am BBT: Living room with Zach, Christine, Pao, Caleb

Zach discussing Victoria, she such and if she can be rude I can be rude.

Pao leaves and the others are talking chess with someone upstairs

playing chess. Someone says "congrats for being safe this week" and the reply

is "thanks man, 'preash"

6:49am BBT: In the fire bedroom Jocasts is talking with Amber and Victoria.

She says "this is going to be interesting" Amber says I'm not HOH anymore.

Jocasta says they (BB) are trying to mix things up. They says "5am, I was not

expecting that". Talk turns to taking power naps and they wish someone off

camera "good night"

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Guest 6Borders

6:51am BBT: In the bathroom Brit, Christine and Pao are talking.

Pao is still mad about something to do with the beds and clinging to Jocasta.

6:54am BBT: General talk about the comp, being cold all the time with stuff

dripping on you and what was in that stuff they had to drink. Zach (I think)

says he's going to shower again.

6:567:01am BBT: Derrick and Cody are playing chess. Talk is about having to

stay up.

Frankie and Caleb are in the HOH room. Frankie gets in bed and Caleb is looking

at a picture saying "she is so beautiful". Caleb says he has to win HOH next week

so he can read a letter from his mom and he will cry for house.

Frankie says he feels bad he didn't push himself harder and Caleb says as long as

you're safe is doesn't matter. He says he could go without and "we definitely got

screwed on that one"

Frankie says maybe next time it will be a different set up, not guys and irls. Caleb

says it doesn't matter. Frankie comments "they fixed the tv" and that he can't believe

they are still awake. Caleb says he's scared to fall asleep now because they (BB)

will call them within an hour to change batteries and stuff.

Caleb says he's always rocking something of Ambers like a scarf or dress around his neck

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Guest 6Borders

7:01am BBT: Cody and Zach are in the bathroom doing ADL.

Zach (I think) says "he's such a dickhead. Brit comes thru and says

"I like you Zach" and he says "I like you too"

In the HOH bedroom Frankie is talking about going to sleep. He asks

Devin if he got all his stuff and Devin says he did. Frankie and Caleb are

teasing about being King Kong and Donkey Kong (Devin is King Kong and

Caleb is Donkey Kong). Frankie says hes King Kong Jr.

Talk turns to being up all night and how tired Donny was, that he was a zombie.

Frankie says Donny makes him nervous in the morning because Donny can't see

him without his glasses on. Devin says Donny has astigntism in both eyes.

7:05-7:10am BBT: Cody, Derrick, Christine and Zach are in the beehive talking about

being up and having to get up for the comp. They whisper Brit is going home and Zach

says he's not doing this week in/week out. Something about Donny talking or not talking

shit about Devin. Zach says next week they will get HOH. Christine whispers that "she is

so pissed Devin got HOH because she wanted to backdoor him

Derrick is whispering about getting out the floaters and "she is the worst player in here"

They say they have to make the best decision for the team. Zach says this week lets just vote

out Pao and keep Brit in. Derrick says "she is the biggest floater in this house" (not sure if

he is talking about Victoria or Pao)

7:10am BBT: Devin is running over the quick how things are going to go. Caleb says

what if they win POV, take Pao off and put up Victoria but it might look suspicious.

Frankie says it won't look suspicious because Pao is going to be on the block and she

is the worst player in BB history.

The think if they pull Pao and put Victoria up and vote off Brit it might be too early to make that move. They say

they will think about it more after they have had some sleep

7:14am BBT; In the Beehive Derrick, Cody, Zach and Christine are discussing all the clues

they got all night. Hayden joins the group and they are discussing that the clues are going

to play into the HOH.

7:15am BBT: BB announces there are fresh batteries in the storage room.

Christine says "oh my gosh" and we go to Fish/WBRB

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Guest 6Borders

7:18am BBT: Feeds are back. In the Beehive Derrick, Cody, Christine, Hayden: They are telling Hayden it's never fun to be a pawn.

Talk turns to Pao jeoparding everyone's game and Brit wants to be there.

Hayden says it's always scary but when you see your face up there....

Christine says hse had to go to bed and leaves.

Hayden is asking what are you thinking at this point. Derrick says I know what they want to do,

that this week everyone wants Brit out and unforunately she will prob go home because we

have to vote with the house. Derrick says by no means is he friends with Brit (brief Fish),

and Derrick says Brit is the Spencer of this season

7:22am BBT: we have Fish/WBRB

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Guest 6Borders

7:24am BBT: Feeds are back

7:24-7:33BBTHayden and Derrick are talking about "he is strung on Amber". Derrick tells Hayden "he

does not honestly think he wants you out". Derrick says you went up there and did

what you needed to do and you are safe now, and Nicole is safe too.

Hayden does not want ppl to think he needs Nicole and nothing is going on, he is

there to play his game. Derrick says he does not thin ppl think that (Hayden and Nicole)

have anything going on...that the Amber/Caleb thing was a little more believable.

Hayden says e's not trying to badmouth Devin but the things he has said and done makes

him think it was all Devin. They say the conv. needs to remain between the 3 of them.

They are suspicious why Devin wants to keep Pao.

Cody says he is sticking with the house, if Brit goes home, Pao goes home and you

have to stick with the power in the house. They say it's not him.

They think the power is small and will be short lived. Cody is livid that he and Hayden

were both rushing and they both fell (in the HOH comp). Hayden says he's so happy

he safe. Cody says he's just going to lay low because Devin just wants Brit out and

stay off the radar because there is going worse than being put up as a backdoor.

Cody says the POV is so bittersweet.

Hayden says he (Devin) wants Brit out so bad, and Devin says he didn't want to play

the game personally but Devin is doing exactly that. They think they are missing something

as to why Devin wants her out so badly. They again say they need to keep this conversatio

between the 3 of them. They discuss there has to be something going on and it's pretty


Hayden says if Amber didn't want to stay HOH there was no reason for her to put up

Hayden and Nicole. They think Amber had to bow down to Devin. Derrick says they

will figure it out, that something will pop out this week.

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Guest 6Borders

7:34-7:36am BBT: Hayden says he just wants to enjoy this week and Cody and Derrick

tell him he will enjoy it more than they will (because he is safe).

They rehash the comp. Hayden says he wasn't going to buzz in too fast and give

the other team a point (if he was wrong). Hayden says it feels good to be safe

and he is going to continue to compete and leaves.

7:36am BBT: Cody, Pao, Brit and Nicole are at the kitchen table., Cody hugs Brit for a few minutes.

Talk is about bed situations and Pao says she respects them. They ask where everyone was


Pao says can I tell you guys something, I am just so proud of you for being mentally strong , not thta the girls aren not, and

she is really proud of them.

Talk turns to sleeping. Pao says she is not sleeping in the fire room, there are too many bodies in there.

She says she will sleep in the have not room.

They say it feels like nighttime and Brit says the radio is going to go off in 2 hrs.

Pao says he misses her family so much and they will be going to the Hamptons tomorrow.

Brit says if she goes home she will memorize Derricks number and call his wife.

7:40-7:46am BBT: Cody and Derrick are in the ice room discussing Zach and they don't want to get caught in the

f'ing door. They are whispering and hard to hear. BB says to no one specific "please reattach your mic"

Cody says as weeks go by it's hard for him to swallow his pride.

Derrick says unless Brit wins POV she is going home.

Derrick is saying Amber did not want to put up Jocasta or Donny. Brit joins them. Derrick'

tells her straight up they want her to stay. She says a lot of ppl want her to stay and Derrick says

it comes down to if she has the balls to stay. Brit says everyone wants Devin gone and Derrick

says he's not going anywhere this week.

Hayden and Pao join the group in the ice room and they change the conversation to beds and

sleeping arrangements. Derrick says in good conscious he cann't let Pao sleep in the ice room.

They continue to discuss sleeping arrnagements and are trying to settle down in the rock room

to sleep. Brit, Pao, Zach and Derrick are going to sleep in the rock room. Brit says who gets to turn off

the light and is reminded they can't because it's day time.

7:49am BBT: Fish and WBRB

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Guest 6Borders

7:54am BBT: Feeds are back.

Cody is in the shower again {whatever tht comp was something they got doused with smelled really bad}}

Looks like everyone else has decided to try sleeping.

7:57-8:03am BBT: Cody is in the bathroom finishing ADL's, heads to the ice room for his sweatshirt,

organizes some of his things and goes to the storage room to change batteries and back to the

bathroom (appears he is looking for something he misplaced).

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8:04 AM BBT Cody isn't the only one awake. So is Hayden. They are walking around quietly apparently looking for something. Hayden gives us a sexy dance and when BB turns the camera he says "He don't want it anymore." The camera then turns back to him again.

8:07 PM BBT Talking to the camera in the KT/DR area Hayden says Hi to Joey. He says she was a cool chick who just didn't know how to play the game.

8:15 AM BBT Hayden and Cody are sitting in the KT. They are talking about how shocked they are Hayden was nominated, how Amber was weak and allowed them to talk her into his nomination, and how the only way to get out the strong players is to backdoor them. They also discuss that they are probably the dirties cast in BB history. It takes so long to clean the house and very little time to trash it up.

8:21 AM BBT Cody and Hayden are still in the KT. Cody doesn't think he has anyone to talk to. Hayden says he can always talk to him. They talk about BB goals: Not going week 1, getting to jury, and then just getting as far as you can. Talk turns to former BB seasons.

8:35 AM BBT Cody and Hayden are talking about Jocasta. They laugh that she isn't playing the game. She is just there living.

8:40 AM BBT Cody and Hayden say they both feel guilty for considering Jocasta a good nomination but then as soon as Hayden is nominated she goes up and hugs him. They think that she may not be a player but she is an amazing woman. Talk then turns to Donny and how nice he is. They can't believe the BB paranoia about him. Cody is going to cook some eggs. He is disgusted with the condition of the KT. There is still a hot dog sitting in a pot from last night.

8:44 AM BBT Cody and Hayden are talking about Have-Nots. Hayden is thinking he may volunteer since he is safe this week. Cody reminds him that might make him weak for the next HoH comp.

8:50 AM BBT Hayden talks directly to us. "We love you America, love you feedsters." They just realize it is almost noon on the East Coast. Cody "Yo Daddy Oh, if you watching...this is my boy Hayden."

8:56 AM BBT Hayden and Cody go to the Have-Not room to study the rice Hayden and Nicole used to remember all the quotes.

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Guest 6Borders

8:03-8:12am BT: Cody is wandering the house. Hayden is up and Cody whispers

he doesn't know where his sweat jacket is. Hayden is helping him look.

Cody and Hayden are in the kitchen and Cody says someone definitely did something with (whatever he

is looking for). Hayden reminds himself there are fresh batteries and goes to change his.

They look at the memory wall and discuss Joey and her bold stragedy didn't pay off one bit.

Cody and Hayden discuss what they are thinking, there is a lot of stuff going on and Cody doesn't

like it one bit. Cody says as long as there are numbers to protect the people they care about

there is no reason to do anything.

Hayden says he can't believe he got nominated. Cody is talking about strong-arming and now he has to

go against someone he can trust in the house. They say for now just lay low. Cody does not think they

will do the guy/girl thing (comp) each week.

They are frustrated but say they have to lay low and stay out of the limelight. Cody says he will

wait until after the veto meeting is ajourned and then he will say something.

Hayden says it's kind of good that they didn't get it (HOH) is kind of good for them because now

things are clear (whose in power) and they are making it so obvious.

Hayden says Amber just showed her weakness with what she just did

Hayden says the only way to get strong player to go home this year is to backdoor.

8:13-8:18am BBT: Cody says he doesn't like the way Amber got pushed around and

"they" have power but not the numbers. Talk turns to Caleb and they ask each other

if they are tight with him. The think Caleb is super tight with Devin.

They like both Caleb and Devin but it is a game. Cody says it's a brutal game and

he feels like he is always hungry.

Talk turns to the mountain of dishes in the sink and that's why stuff is stained and

dirty. They would like to see what the other seasons are like but they may be the


Hayden says he wants the HOH so bad. Cody says he would not make a move on Caeb...but

he just doesn't know who he can talk to in the house. Hayden says you can always talk to me.

They talk about who they trust...Christine and Nicole....

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Guest 6Borders

8:18am BBT: Cody and Hayden are talking about being only 15 days in and

the game is so crazy but it's so fun. Talk about if they go home they will see

the tapes. Hayden says they will all have a certain amount of hatred, and they

discuss the fans and the stuff they say about the HG's. They think it's pretty

awesome that people care enough to hate you. They want to get to jury.

8:20am BBT: Caleb is relating the 3 steps of the game everyone wants.

Don't get evicted the first week, next is make the jury and then go as far as you can

{step 3 makes no sense to me}. Cody says 7 people need to go and then Jury.

Discussion about jury and past seasons, and that if you are going to make jury

being the first is like being 3rd place {I think that means the money}

They are talking about The Brigade season, how Brendon took all the punishements,

who got what perk and who lied/told the truth about what they got.

8:25am BBT: Cody wants to see how he is viewed Hayden says you can get an idea of how you

are viewed based on the question they ask you in DR {we don't get Fish, BB must be asleep at the


Cody is saying the game is hard because in his entire life he's never done anything where he

had to keep his head down and his mouth shut. He has a lot of respect for Hayden, says had he

been in that position he would have told Amber "I know what you just did". Hayden said he

wanted to say something when Amber turned the key but told himself to just stay calm.

Cody says he would have lost it. Hayden says his heart was racing during that comp. Cody

tells him did exactly right. Discussion about the comp being a vision challenge and that's the

reason they gave Brit beer goggles.

Discussion about Brit, that she doesn't care (something I missed with whispering) and that she's a mother

and not some POS. More whispering about what they should do this week.

Cody is saying this is a game and not vengence and you have to be smart.

Cody says "everyone knows now" (basically who is on what side).

Hayden is relating how in high school he was always the one going right for head shots in dodge ball.

Talk about the comp tht Victoria almost got nailed in the face, lots of laughing about how the HG's behaved

and their expressions in the comp

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Guest 6Borders

8:38am BBT: Cody and Hayden are making fun of Jocasta, saying she

needs to get to the house, that the game started two weeks ago...lots of laughter.

Cody turns to how he preps himself for comps and does it in the BB house the

same way he does in soccer. He is reliving how excited everyone was to be in the house

the first days, Jocasta gave him a "mother hug" and he said to himself if he got HOH

he would put her up.

Cody is saying you just don't know what people are thinking. Talk turns to Donny and how

much they like him and he is just so nice. Cody says he didn't want to get into the "what people

do and if they are lying or not" becuase no matter what you do for a living it doesn't help you

in the game. He says McCrae was one of the best people to play his game and he was a pizza boy

'but his game was brought down by Amanda.

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Guest 6Borders

8:42-8:50am BBT: Cody is fixing something to eat. Hayden has left for a minute.

When he comes back they discuss being have-nots. Hayden says he is considering it

and Cody says why? Hayden says because he is safe for the week. Cody says it was

not that bad actually.

Talk turns to how their bodies fluctuate a lot, that skinny is not bad cos it's not like anorexic.

Cody says he was a twig in HS and Hayden says he was pretty small too., Cody says in

college he could lift (weights) in the off season. The discuss their weights in between

how disgusting the house is. Hayden isgoing to empty the trash and Cody is cooking.

Discussion about what they ate during Have-Not and Joey did not eat right.

Hayden is empting something in the garbage and says how gross it is there are flies

'coming out of it. They talk about Zach tossing something in the garbage and it was so full it bounced out and

Zach didn't do a thing.

Talk turns to colleges and how hard it is to get in. Cody's cousin could not get into USF and went to

'some private college in NJersey.

They remarks "they (BB) are pounding out there!

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Guest 6Borders

8:50am BBT: Hayden is giving America a shout-out to the camera and

they are discussing what time it is and who is watching and "my dad

is probably at work right now" {maybe not since it's the 4th of July and

most people are off work}.

Hayden can't figure out how to open the trash bag. Cody is talking to

America and telling his dad he loves him. Hayden says Hi to Cody's dad.

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Guest 6Borders

9:11-9:25amBBT: {sorry, missed the last 10 min with an emergency phone call}

Hayden and Cody are still at the kitchen table.

Donny is up now as well and has joined the guys at the table.

Donny says "my girlfriend talked me into coming (on BB)...and I'm breaking up

with her" {I love Donny-isms}. Cody says Donny is nothing like what he thought, that

he had Donny pegged so wrong. Donny says he had Cody pegged exactly how he is.

Hayden says people pegged him as a surfer. Cody says he was too scared to say anything,

but Frankie talked on and on (before BB started) and Julie coming up to take a selfie wiht


Donny says that (last night & the comp) was worse than the war he wasn't in. They ask

if he heard all the clues and he said he did. They think the clues will figure into the next HOH

and Donny says it could have just been sleep deprivation...

(BB keeps switching the cams...grrrr).

9:17am BBT: Hayden, Donny and Cody are rehashing the clues and what order they were in,

how many times Panty Raid was said (he says 8 times), Take It Off was 10 times in 4 different incriments

(so 40 times) and "we hate freshman" 4 times and the last one was BB Party and to remember when

you were told to put your hands up and wave them side to side.

Hayden goes over the order again and how many times each thing was repeated.

Talk turns to if they (in the HOH) room are watching them and who they can trust.

Donny says the way it all went down last night and y'all (Cody and Hayden) were not included

he figured what was going on.

Cody says Donny is a straight-up person, says there are so many lies and you don't know who

is lying. Donny says a lot of butt kissing too and he doens't do butt kissing. Donny says it's

just wrong that a few people are running things. He says there is a group of good kids he loves:

Cody, Hayden, Zach, Amber and Nicole...the rest he (has no use for basically). They say that

Amber is weak. Donny says it will be a boring show all season if it goes down how it's going down.

Cody says it's actually good that it happened the way it did. Donny says had he won he would

have separated them. Hayden says it would be good to separate Devin and Caleb (between the two HOH noms).

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Guest 6Borders

9:25am BBT: Donny wants to know how they feel about Zach. Hay and Cody think he's

good. Donny says you need a good core group of people (you can trust).

Talk is that Frankie will never get put up because he is in with everyone. Cody thinks

Frankie will just ride thru on his social game.

They like Derrick but say he's all over the map and they don't fully trust him.

Donny says Derrick was invited up there (to the HOH) and he's never been invited.

Donny says he could not hear a lot but she (?) said she wanted to hang out with a man

because of all them boys...and Jocasta said something! {sorry missed that cos of the phone}.

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Guest 6Borders

9:31-9:40am BBT: Donny, Hayden and Cody are going over when the comps where.

Donny said he was not included in any conversations about how the votes were going to do and he had to ask.

Hayden says for him it was not really hearing it but more like knowing it from the way people were acting.

Hayden said that when Jocasta said something immediately knew he was voting Joey because

she was.

Discussion turns to Joey already had her interview (on the Early Show) and she is probably on a plane

back home.

Talk turns to how the house (mostly Bomb Squad) thinks Donny has been in the military and now they think

he's a cop...etc. They said you were in the military and Donny says he absolutely was not.

Donny says you have to trust some people and Cody says that is the toughest part and trusting someone

too soon is bad too. Cody does not like the way things are going down and how some people are being

treated. Donny says the way they treated Brit was...Cody says "disgusting".

Cody says Brit was guilty by association only because she shared a bed with Joey in a terrible situation as

have nots. Talk about if Brit stays she would be a vote for Donny. Cody says he told Hayden the conversation

had to stay between them. Donny says he talks to Brit about her kids and stuff. Cody says you have to

have someone to talk other stuff to, and Donny says you can't talk game all the time.

Cody says he is waiting for people to get up so there is a space to lie down. Cody says he wants to

respect Brit because shes a mom and her kids and family are watching and it's not cool to just have

her lying in bed with some guy. Donny says it is different in this situation (the BB house) because you

can just go in with all your clothes on and lay down.

Cody says the first couple days he was a good housemate and did dishes etc. but now he is not doing

other people's dishes. Donny says he eats his sandwich on a paper towel and when he eats he washes

his bowl on the spot.

9:42-9:47am BBT: Donny says people kind of forget about him in the house and

they have a good laugh about that. Cody is washing his own dishes he used and says

Oh man, I need some sleep". Says he needs to go to sleep now so he can get up about

1pm and he is not missing going outside.

Hayden says from now on they are not going to have all the down time like the did before,

maybe have a day in between. Cody finishes his dishes, walks thru the house and sticks his

tongue out at one of the cameras. He gets his sweats and socks from the ice room, starts to

make up an ice bed and turns off the light but quickly turns it on again. He's settling down to

nap on one of the ice beds.

9:47am BBT: Donny is walking thru the house, waves at a camera and goes to get his contacts case.

BB switches the camera to the HOH bedroom...looks like Frankie and Caleb or Frankie and Zach (can't tell for sure)

9:50amBBT: Donny is putting in his contacts. Looks like he is the only one up right now...most seem to have

found a place to sleep. He's half talking/humming to himself while fixing food but I can't make it out.

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