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Monday, March 31 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
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War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
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Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Head of House Room (HOHR)

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12:12 AM BBT Feeds remain FoTH at this time.

12:18 AM BBT Feeds back. Heather and Allison are in the WA while Sabrina and Rachelle are in the shower. Meanwhile in the BY Andrew, Sarah, Kenny, and Arlie are chatting. Heather wanders in. Heather is about to go work out. Arlie points out it's going to be a late one.

12:21 AM Brief FoTH. Feeds back and they are joking with Kenny because he apparently gave out his address at dinner. They laugh and say he'll have girls knocking down his door literally. Heather leaves and Andrew says he won't miss that. Sarah points out that he wanted to bone her the first two weeks. Andrew says of course. He questions Kenny and Arlie. Both basically agree. Sarah tells Arlie to be quiet because she has a bit of respect for him still.

12:24 AM BBT Out in the BY Adel tells Heather about the conversation that he and Sabrina had. He's going to go slumming and if she gets bored she can come in there. Feeds switch to Neda and Jon talking on the upstairs corner loungers. This of course switches just before Allison wanders in and points this out. The room has a laugh because they supposedly never talk to each other. Jon tells Neda about his conversation with Sarah earlier and he assures her that it's not true. He still only trusts her in the house. Allison wanders out of the BR and the conversation stops. Jon hollers down to Adel "How're the slums?" Adel says good. Jon points out that the 2 million just came back on. Someone asks "Was that it?" and we get FoTH.

12:34 AM BBT FoTH continues.

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12:45 AM BBT Jon comes in and asks Adel about what he and Sabrina were talking about. Adel rehashes the conversation. Both agree that Arlie needs to pick a side. He's won't sit with them because he'll draw too much "heat" but then he can sit with Sarah or Kenny all day and it's no big deal. He's not forthcoming with any information either. Adel says he was talking to Heather about it and he questions whether that's what he and Neda were talking about. Jon agrees. Neda knocks on the door and asks if she can talk to Jon. They try to go in the pantry but BB has the door locked. They decide to sit at the table under the stairs.

12:49 AM BBT Neda doesn't want Jon to go to bed mad. Jon says he's not mad (I've not been able to pick up what he's supposedly mad about). They go back and forth a bit. He's not mad, she thinks he is. She's annoyed because... and he interrupts and says because he has to sleep in the HNR. She peers at him quizzically before laughing it off and saying whatever. Jon's not mad. She thinks he is. Neda is heading off to bed but she's annoyed at herself now. Jon heads back into HNR.

12:55 AM BBT Neda, Sabrina and Rachelle are in the doing nightly ADLs and getting bundled up (bouncing between the BR and the WA). Allison is just outside the WA blow drying her hair. Sabrina gives us a shot of her derrière when she stands up and pulls her pants up. Down in the HNR. Adel thinks Sarah, Arlie, and Kenny have a thing going on and that they are dragging Rachelle along. Jon agrees. Both agree that Arlie is playing both sides of the house and it's frustrating. Sabrina and Rachelle appear to be heading outside. Heather is outside working out. Jon and Adel agree to sleep on things and to chat in the AM. FoTH.

01:02 AM BBT After a brief FoTH on feeds 1 and 2 the lights are dimming in the BR. Jon follows Sabrina and Rachelle into the SR and they talk about Sabrina always having a headache. Jon walks out and Sabrina? hisses "I hate him!" She follows him out the door and asks if there will be enough water for her tea. Casual conversation now.

01:06 AM BBT Feeds back after a brief FoTH. Sabrina is venting saying she thinks that they shouldn't have to deal with Canada intervening in their game. The game should be about them playing their own game. Sabrina doesn't understand why she's on the block. Jon points out that Canada sees everything including DRs, conversations in the corner, etc. Sabrina still doesn't understand why she's on the block. She's not playing the crazy hard game that everyone says she is. Sabrina asks if she can talk to Jon for a bit.

1:10 AM BBT Neda goes into the darkened BR. Sabrina tells Jon that she doesn't want to repeat this convo. She swears she won't repeat it because that's not the game she plays. She asks Jon if he hates her. He says no. She asks again. She says no. He asks why. She doesn't want to elaborate on it. Jon understands. She asks once more. Jon says if he hated her he wouldn't be taking her off the block. (Just before they came outside it was mentioned that they are curious to know who else would end up on the block if/when she is taken off). Jon says he knows Andrew will go home. If he wanted her to go home he would take Andrew off the block and hope that a smaller target would end up next to her.

01:15 AM BBT Sabrina tells Jon that she thinks she knows what is going on in the house but then she hears otherwise. She is afraid as to how she is being portrayed outside the house. Jon says he would tell her if he thought she might be in danger of becoming a target. Sabrina thanks him and asks him once more if he's not talking bad about her. He says no and he'd like to know who is talking bad about her because he wouldn't have trust in them any more and that's only if he even trusts them in the first place. Sabrina won't give up the person's name and just warns him to watch the people he think he can trust.

01:19 AM BBT Sabrina tries to get the waterworks started but it doesn't quite happen. She says she's heard that people don't like her. Talk turns to the way Ika was treated. Jon says Neda went to Ika because she saw Ika as a wounded animal. Jon felt that way as well but when they watched Ika go over her decision to get rid of the letters from the family she was no longer a wounded animal, but a bad person. Sabrina thanks him for that. She agrees. Ika never would have had Jon's vote. Rachelle had wandered out to the HT and Sabrina told her she'd meet her out there. Rachelle heads back in after about 5-10 minutes. Sabrina says she'll catch up with her later. She wants to have this convo. Sabrina asks if he thinks she's a bad person. Jon does not. He'd tell her.

01:26 AM BBT Sabrina swears for the third or fourth time this conversation will not be repeated. They hug it out. Talk turns to Adel. Sabrina is very very hesitant to tell Jon things (here we go...who didn't see this coming? - Niteslacker) Jon says you can't trust Adel. 2 weeks ago his power expired after 2 weeks. This week it's 3 weeks. Next week it'll be 4 weeks. Sabrina questions whether he's seen the way Adel has been treating her. He has. Sabrina sits down on the ground and remains hesitant to say anything. Jon tells her she doesn't have to. He will only hear what she wants to tell him.

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01:30 AM BBT Sabrina asks if Jon said anything to Adel about the day she game in freaking out as she tried to get into DR after arguing with Ika. Jon said he didn't tell him anything. Sabrina figured as much. She swore she wouldn't say anything about the conversation. Sabrina turns on the dry water works (squeaking out while making animated gestures with her hands) that she's not an emotional player. There are certain things that Adel knows that she doesn't understand how he knows. Jon points out that he hangs out with Heather. Sabrina asks Jon if he won HoH if he'd put Adel on the block. Jon says he would absolutely because it'd get the house an extra week closer to the end. Sabrina mumbles "I think I know your alliances..mmafmfmfmammam" (mimicking Adel).

01:36 AM BBT Rachelle came out briefly saying she wanted to go to bed soon. Sabrina asks Jon to swear on his family that this conversation won't be repeated. He swears on his family that he'll keep it quiet. Sabrina swears on her Noona that she won't say anything either. She then points out that she hasn't sworn on her Noona yet to anyone. They hug it out and Sabrina goes and tracks down Rachelle next to the HT. Sabrina starts telling Rachelle about her conversation with Adel from earlier.

01:39 AM BBT Sabrina said she saw Adel by himself in the HT and asked to talk to him about life outside the game. Instead he started attacking her by saying he can't trust anything she says. Sabrina rehashes the conversation with Adel to Rachelle including Religion Gate (the emotional fight that happened between Sabrina, Kyle, Adel and Paul the first week). Rachelle says Adel mentioned that her God wasn't mentioned nearly as much as his god. Sabrina thanks her for saying that. She's glad she remembers because she was there. Sabrina's voice gets louder and louder as she pokes 'holes' in his arguments/statements. Rachelle says he just has a dislike for her. Sabrina agrees. Both agree that's fake.

01:45 AM BBT Sabrina says that during the dance HN competition that he laughed at them and said "I hope you guys don't end up on slop!" and she questions Rachelle what she said. Rachelle doesn't know. Sabrina gives her two options. This is unimportant. What is important is that Sabrina points out that Adel brought up the fact that BB called them all to the LR to point out that Sabrina was a liar. Sabrina says "Watch, they're going to edit it and she's going to say "I'm going to put your ass up on the block" and it's going to make me out to be a liar (Let the live feeder updates show...this is EXACTLY what Ika said. EXACTLY. This was not edited, nor was it even shown on the show. - Niteslacker)

01:49 AM BBT Sabrina brings up the fact that Adel also laughed and acted like she was the only one that he told about his 2 week time limit on his secret power. Rachelle says he told several people and Sabrina was one of the last ones. Also brought up is that Rachelle swore on her brother about something. Rachelle says she never swore on her brother. Talk quickly turns to Adel saying he talks bad about Sabrina to Heather which was on accident. Adel also told her that Jon and Neda don't like her either.

01:54 AM BBT Sabrina says he made her feel so small. She almost wishes she could go home. Rachelle tells her she can't. Sabrina tells Rachelle that she swore to Adel that she wouldn't tell anyone and she knew the conversation would stop here with Rachelle. Sabrina goes on to say that she "hinted" to Jon tonight that Adel may be talking about him. Rachelle tries to mouth words to Sabrina and BB gives her a "Stop that!" Sabrina tells her that she can't whisper like that. Sabrina tells Rachelle that she told Adel she can't wait for him to go home and see the show to learn the realities.

01:58 AM BBT Rachelle hates that Canada loves him. Sabrina says they don't even know who he is. Rachelle says he's an idiot and he needs to go. She wishes his power was over. Sabrina tells Rachelle that Adel took a shot at her earlier trying to make her feel like sh*** by pointing out that Canada put her on the block. Rachelle asks if Jon will use the veto on Sabrina. Sabrina doesn't reply. All through out this conversation they've occasionally whispered, wondering if Adel was outside the door listening. Rachelle asks Sabrina whast she said to Jon. Sabrina mumbles something.

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(Tonight, on AFTER DARK. ??:?? BBT)

Sabrina is cleaning in the kitchen, RAchelle is doing some dishes, Andrew is cooking and Arlie is sweeping up.

Sarah comes out of the Diary Room dressed like a cop. (Blue shirt with rolled-up sleeves, with a tie, and a hat, as well as black gloves and a silver whistle. The badge on her hat reads "Special Officer".) She blows her police whistle and walks into the kitchen area. Everyone else just looks at her and doesn't know what's going on.

Sarah does the "I am watching you" gesture (think DeNiro in Meet The Parents), 2 fingers pointing to her eyes, then at the other people.

She is holding some white square cardboard cards, with red maple leaf symbols on them.

The houseguests are quick on the uptake, and figure out that she will be giving out tickets to them if they break any rules.

Jon soon enough says the "F" word, and Sarah blows her whistle, calls him over and gives him a "ticket" (basically one of the cards she is holding). She quickly gives him 2 more a minute later when he swears two more times. Kenny gets one too.

Arlie quickly yells out to everyone to stop swearing. He says "let's not lose this", which prompts speculation from some that this is a challenge. Sarah says "be yourselves, but I'll be watching!"

Arlie then starts following her around to warn everyone else not to swear.

He follows her into the bathroom area for a while. Heather isn't sure whether she should want to get a card or not. The rest of them tell her that she probably does not.

Jon has three cards, Kenny has one. Nobody else does (yet?).

They go back to the kitchen area.

Andrew asks Sarah "will you be joining us for dinner?

Sarah, "of course!... I'm not allowed to leave." LOL

Pretty much everyone now in the kitchen area, sitting around, most of them munching on things. Not much conversation.

Andrew asks Sarah "do you hand out any positive things?" Sarah replies "busy!" (like Talla would).

Arlie asks "will you frisk me"? Sarah answers, "in your dreams!"

Sarah grabs Arlie arm in arm and says "let's take a look around, Shaban!" (Arlie's last name is Shaban.) They go back to the bathroom, where Kenny is grooming.

Suddenly, Sarah leaps up and runs off.

Arlie follows Sarah into the main bedroom, where Sabrina is cleaning. (But audio remains on the kitchen crew.)

Arlie ends up running out of the bedroom ahead of Sarah and yelling at everyone not to pick their noses in front of her either. (Strictly on a hunch, apparently.) Andrew says "oh, shoot (sarcastically). I might be in trouble."

Andrew: "well, they're not going to be able to get us to stop farting. That's not possible."

Allison: "maybe stop TALKing about farting?"

Someone says "pretend you're hanging out with your grandmother"! LOL

Sarah goes back downstairs (with Arlie). Sabrina follows. She soon goes into the DR.

While she is in there, Andrew speculates that if they can make it a certain amount of time without Sarah giving out all the cards, maybe they will get a reward for the house, or a reward for everyone who didn't get a "ticket" from the cop.

He jokingly tells Jon that maybe he should just get all the tickets.

Neda thinks that maybe if Sarah does give out all her tickets, Sarah might be getting a reward.

Sarah comes out of DR again and tells Arlie that he has to go to the Main Bedroom and spend 10 minutes there in BB jail.

"Arlie, you have ten minutes in Big Brother jail. Please go to the main bedroom. I will let you know when your jail time is over."

Someone asks, "what did you do, Arlie?" He replies, "I don't know, but she had to ask permission if she could put me in there or not."

Arlie goes to the bedroom. His last words are "someone follow her!"

When we come back from commercial, Sarah is sitting on the couch with Jon. She looks upstairs and tells someone "do not talk to the Big Brother prisoner. Not one word, not even one."

Jon says he just wants the national anthem to come on "so I can stuff my face!". Sarah hopes there is food in there for him again today.

Andrew asks Sarah to show him her ears. She does. So he asks her is she can show him her breasts. That gets a laugh out of everyone.

Sarah continues walking around but no one is swearing (or picking their nose), so no more tickets get given out.

She pauses on the stairs, looks down at the living room, blows her whistle and says "Jon!".

When the camera switches to Jon, we see his hand on his crotch, as he reclines on the sofa, as if he has just adjusted his junk. He says "no, that can't be it!"

Sarah walks down to Jon and gives him another ticket.

Andrew says "Yup, inappropriate for television!"

Sarah goes back upstairs. Kenny passes by, in just a towel.

Kenny asks "Officer, may I go into the jail to get changed, please?"

Sarah "Oh yeah, the prisoner! I forgot about that." She leads Kenny into the bedroom and tells Arlie "you have three more minutes. Try that again, and it will be worse." As she leaves, she reminds Kenny that "you are not to speak to the prisoner." Then a few seconds later she throws the bedroom door open and sticks her head in to see if they are talking. (They are not.)

Sarah jokingly says "I love the power!" as she watches the houseguests from the landing above the living room.

She calls down, "Hi, Jon!"

Jon calls up "Hey sweetie, how are ya?"

Sarah: "How you feeling?"

Jon: "Good. Itchy, but good!"

Sarah laughs.

Andrew says, "I'm concerned as to why he is so itchy!"

Sarah sticks her head back into the bedroom and says "Arlie, you may be released. Carry on your regular day-to-day."

Arlie leaves. Sarah remains with Kenny, who is looking for some clothes to put on over his tighty-whities.

Sarah to Kenny: "so talk to me about something other than this, even though it's fine."

Kenny: "Um, I'm afraid!"

Sarah: "Don't be afraid, Kenny."

Kenny: "Aaaah, you're scary like this! (in a high-pitched voice) And also HOT! (in a low-pitched voice)"

Kenny: "Um, so the weather is nice. I don't want to say anything inappropriate."

Sarah: "Eh, you're boring. I'll go see what's going on in the rest of the house." She leaves.

Jon is watching his behaviour. Sitting in one of the white chairs at the top of the stairs, with his legs crossed (in order to avoid further self-manipulation, evidently.)

Sarah comes over and sits on the same chair with him.

Jon says "my leg is really itchy", then scratches it. They both laugh.

Kenny goes downstairs. Rachelle is walking around upstairs, goes to sit next to Jon. Arlie sitting not far away. Sabrina is sweeping the floor upstairs.

Sarah goes downstairs, then quickly runs back up to check on them again, before going back downstairs.

Andrew is in the kitchen are with Kenny, saying how he made some sexual remarks to the officer, and she seemed to like them, because he was not issued an infraction.

Andrew: "if you were looking for Mr. Pardy, I think he has retired to upstairs."

Sarah: "Mr. Pardy may be in trouble today."

A little later, they ask her is they can refer to her as "Officer Mumsy".

Shortly after that, he asks if they can call her "Officer Sexy-Pants". She says "I will accept that", and they all laugh.

[That was the first 30 minutes of AfterDark. Calling it a night for now. Might watch the rest tomorrow and re-cap, if none of this was on the feeds because of the blackout before Sunday's episode. - JEDI]

[Edited: I'm going to continue my coverage of AfterDark.]

Kenny: "... uh, we have a 428 in progress. Officer Sexy-Pants, we're going to need you on that."

Andrew: "... we have a 428, i.e. 'junk-tugging' in progress"

Allison asks Sarah "is the prisoner still in jail?"

Sarah: "the prisoner has been released, but he is on probation, and he knows it.

Allison: "thank you".

(Meanwhile) Andrew saying: "we are going to need a response immediately. It is an emergency situation, there is way too much junk being tugged. Officer Sexy-Pants, please respond immediately."

Sarah: "Officer Sexy-Pants is tired of these calls!"

Kenny: "Oh beard, stop growing!"

Sarah goes back upstairs. Sabrina still sweeping. Jon is still sitting there, but has his arms up, as if he is being mugged.

Andrew sings "bad girls, bad girls, whatcha gonna do" but stops himself when he realized he is singing.

Rachelle has gone to the bedroom. Neda now comes and sits next to Jon. Neda suggests to Jon that maybe she could just tie his hands together.

Jon: "Sure."

BB: "Sarah, please come to the diary room."

Sarah goes down the stairs and into the diary room.

Jon: "I already have four freaking tickets. I have four tickets."

Neda: "Arlie, you only have one?"

Jon still doesn't know how to spell Neda's last name properly. (Kalantar)

Rachelle with Andrew and Kenny in the kitchen.

She remarks that she was lucky to be HoH last week, since she will get to compete in the next one due to Canada being HoH this week.

Sarah comes out of the diary room and goes back upstairs, sits next to Arlie and shuffles her infraction cards.

She stares at Arlie. Then blows her whistle and hands him an infraction card.

Nearby, Neda, Jon and Heather are just as puzzled as Arlie.

Arlie: "don't stay near her, I guess? If she comes near you, walk away. That's just a guess."

Jon yells out "everyone exclude Sarah from everything"

Arlie "don't make eye contact with her"

Neda: "were your feet up, or something? Maybe that's why?"

Arlie" "I took it off her chair when she sat down. They might have retouched, but I don't know. Just don't make eye contact with her. That's the only thing I can think of that I did."

Sarah just stands around smiling.

Heather starts watching Sarah.

Jon yells "HEATHER! Why you staring?"

Neda: "don't look, Heather. Look at the ground."

Arlie: "walk away if she comes near you guys!"

Sarah walks over and sits on the floor by Jon, Neda and Heather.

Arlie: "walk away, walk away!"

The three of them get up and make their way down the stairs. Arlie quickly follows.

Sarah quietly and sadly, from the floor, says "you're allowed to stay near me", with a frown.

Sarah is now alone upstairs, while everyone else is in the kitchen area downstairs.

We hear Sarah asking "am I allowed to tell them that I'm allowed to give out cards f-" before her audio is cut.

Andrew: "I would like to be rewarded on my last week in this Bog rother house."

Arlie speculates that infractions are given for eye contact or just being around her for too long.

Arlie outs Rachelle for talking to him while he was in prison, but Sarah is still upstairs out of earshot.

Sarah actually leans over the railing and says "Arlie, you were given that card for something you did earlier. In the day."

Sabrina comes upstairs to wipe down the railings.

Sarah: "I gave you a gift, Arlie. It's a maple leaf."

Arlie: "Thank you. Big brother. Special Police."

Sarah: "you're welcome."

BB: "Sarah, please fix your microphone." (It was rubbing on her tie, making a lot of noise, actually, as she walked down the stairs.)

Sarah sits on a kitchen stool, and swivels back and forth.

Andrew: "don't sing, don't whistle. Is there tickets for being really attractive? Cuz I feel that's just a disadvantage to me, the way this game is going."

Talk slows down, turns to nutrition values of dried fruit.

When we come back from commercial, we are with Jon and Arlie in the backyard around the hammock.

Arlie: "maybe I shouldn't have mooned the police, though. But Canada told me to keep streaking, that was my logic."

Jon: "I just want this day to be over. And then for tomorrow to be over. And the day after, and the day after."

Arlie: "This is fun, though. Something to do."

Jon: "I don't like it, it's making me anxious."

Arlie: "Because you have four! You idiot! Hahaaha!"

Jon tells Arlie that apparently Adel told Neda that Jon and Allison has a final 2 deal. Arlie tells him that it was probably because of that night (that they had the drinking challenge to get a party for the house). Heather and Adel come out to join them.

Feeds switch to the kitchen area, where Allison, Rachelle and Neda are chatting while Kenny makes himself a beverage.

Sarah went outside, so Arlie comes back in. Andrew comes out of the storage room. Sabrina joins the kitchen crew. Sarah comes back in.

(Now 60 minutes into AfterDark)

Arlie to Sarah: "where are you tickets, Officer?"

Sarah: "I'm off-duty. Currently."

Sabrina asks if BB calls her into the diary room to tell her who was swearing, if she doesn't actually hear it herself.

Sarah just raises her arms in a shrug.

Arlie says "no, she has to catch us."

Sarah (jokingly): "Just ask Arlie, he knows everything."

Small talk follows.

Sarah goes for a walk in the yard with Rachelle and Sabrina. They walk around Jon and Heather, then head to the hot tub area.

Sabrina opens the door, and says something containing the 'F' word.

Sarah blows her whistle, reaches for the tickets she had tucked in the back of her waistband and hands one to Sabrina.

Sabrina tells Kenny "I'm so mad at myself. I literally said: I'll open the door for you as long as you don't give me a bleep ticket. I'm so pissed."

As soon as Sabrina says "pissed", Sarah reaches for her whistle.

Sabrina: "that's not a bad word! That's NOT a bad word!"

Sarah blows her whistle.

Sabrina: "how is that a bad word?"

Sarah: "if my children can't say it, it's a BAD word." She hands sabrina a second ticket.

Kenny continues munching on his apple.

Sarah heads for the door back to the backyard.

Rachelle is worried that if Sarah runs out of tickets, they are going to fail.

Meanwhile, we see that Sarah hasn't actually left, she is crouching around the corner and eavesdropping to see if she can give out more tickets.

Sarah makes a "shhh!" signal to us via the camera.

Sabrina: "is 'freaking' bad?

Kenny: "no, I don't think so.

Rachelle: "no, 'freaking' isn't"

Rachelle asks what the second word was that got Jon a ticket.

Sabrina: "Jon's like 'Sabrina!', I'm like 'shut up, you've got 4'."

Rachelle to Sabrina: "you just said it again!"

Sabrina: "Ok, she's not here."

Rachelle: "but what if they tell her?"

Sabrina: "they won't, or else I would have already got two in the bathroom, when I'm like 'fucking gross disgusting shit'!"

Sarah blows her whistle and comes out.

Sabrina and Rachelle scream. Long and loud. Kenny just puts his hands over his mouth and laughs.

Sabrina stars trying to run away around the hot tub, but Sarah corners her and gives her two more tickets.

Sabrina: "Sarah! You were hiding! You're supposed to be my friend!"

Sarah leaves. For real this time.

Rachelle is laughing so hard she snorts.

Rachelle thinks Sarah may only have like 2 tickets left to give out.

Sarah goes back to the hot tub door and presses her ear up against it, in time to hear Kenny say "this is dangerous now, we're on thin ice. I feel like this is going to be like 'party, or no'."

Sabrina: "Sarah, I know you're out there! I love you!"

Kenny: "that was SO funny!"

Back from commercial, Sarah is back in the kitchen area with Andrew and Allison, discussing cream of mushroom soup, and other comfort foods.

Andrew talks about going to his favourite Vietnamese restaurant back home in Calgary when he gets out of here, straight after his three day bender.

Then he tells us about his goodbye speech, in which he tells his mother to get ready to celebrate his birthday because he's going to have eerybody at his house, like 60 people, and just get like 'devastated'.

Allison starts to tear up, and says whenever he starts to talk about it, she starts to cry.

Andrew discusses how they didn't see it coming, and he had a chance in the PoV but blew it, and it is what it is.

They go over the highlights of his stay in the house. The competitions, the squirrel dance party, etc.

He says he did more in this game than some of the people who stayed in here longer last year.

Andrew: "It is the way that it is, right? No one said this game was going to be fair. In fact, it's the exact opposite of fair. That's what twists are about. It's only fair in the sense that everybody is subjected to the same things. And that it could be anybody. IT could have been anybody, it just happens that it was me."

Andrew: "Oh, and there are still some cupcakes and shit left in here." (Yup, he said 'shit' with Sarh sitting right in front of him, but she missed it.)

Sarah: "Sabrina's mad, she got three tickets."

Jon and Allison: "Three?"

Sarah: "Well, three Canadian flags."

Jon: "when she was outside? You have no tickets left?"

Sarah shrugs.

Jon: "I don't know what's happening anymore, in this house. I don't like it."

Sarah: "what don't you like?"

Jon: "that I have four tickets. And I'm on slop, and I like touching my junk, so what can you do about it."

Back from commercial, we are with Rachelle, Sabrina and Kenny around the hot tub.

Sabrina is still complaining about how "pissed" is not a bad word.

Sabrina tells about how she contested a ticket for talking on her cell phone while driving, and she won.

Sabrina tells Kenny not to jaywalk in Montreal, because they give out tickets for it.

(I'm from Montreal, and it is very rare.)

Now Sabrina is bashing Heather for thanking her for cleaning.

Rachelle and Sabrina keep bashing on Heather to Kenny.

They tell him this is part of their regular day.

They ask him if he thinks she is really like this outside in the real world.

Kenny thinks she behaves pretty much the same, although maybe she is upping it a notch in the Big Brother house.

Rachelle asks Sabrina for confirmation that Heather has her nipples pierced. Sabrina says yes, that she's a strange one.

Rachelle says that she feels that she herself would be more suitable to have her nipples pierced than Heather.

Kenny: "so she's a lady in the street, but a freak in the sheets".

Sabrina: "no, she's a weirdo, period!"

Cameras (thankfully) switch over to the hmmock, where Heather and Neda are laying, while Adel lies on the ground beside them, and Jon stands nearby. They are talking about the tickets, and speculating that the person with the most tickets, or anyone with a ticket, may not be able to attend a celebration, as punishment.

They start talking about how Jon does not resemble the poster of him hanging in the backyard. How it's more like one of his distant relatives, mostly due to the lack of facial hair in the picture.

Jon goes inside.

Heather: "<sighs> Can you imagine the last like 5 people left in this house aren't really going to remember even what the first five were even like, it takes so long."

Neda: "I honestly don't remember where Anick was from (Hanmer, ON), Where was Kyle from? Do you guys remember? I don't remember. Some small town. (Porter's Lake, NS)"

Back from commercial again, Andrew tells a story about how he and his brother went whale watching, and a whale came close and they fell backwards. His brother took a photo, which is hanging in his house, framed.

Sarah asks Andrew and Allison if one of them farted, because it smells bad. They deny it, and say maybe Jon did, before he left.

Sarah yells out to Jon, "did you crop-dust us?"

Jon denies it.

Adel comes in to join them. He says he is hungry. (But he is on slop, so he can only watch.)

Now Arlie comes in.

Sarah says that he slept so long.

Talk turns to pomegranates.

Andrew talks about Morocco, and "oasisses".

Andrew to Adel: "I don't care what anyone says, your dance moves were awesome."

Back to Neda and Heather.

Neda: "I don't have boogers in my nose, do I?"

Heather: "I just want this challenge to be over so I know what it is."

They start running over competition and events (a.k.a. Jedi-training)

But they're not even sure if it's day 32 or 31.

Neda says how it's weird that they are like halfway through the season and they're not even at the jury stage yet.

Neda says that's it's kind of cold out here.

We hear a loud male voice say "Sabrina is the ticketmaster!"

Neda and Heather "she got another one? For what?"

We see Kenny walk into the house (but the male voice sounded more like Arlie or Jon.)

Neda's audio starts to echo while Neda and Heather continue small talk.

Eventually they start laughing about how they were sitting around on the couches the first night and both Neda and Heather were asking themselves (in their heads) "where are all the young hot guys?" LOL

Neda sees Jon coming over, and asks him "who was the first group to come in?"

Jon: "Holy Smokes. I am the only one left from my group!"

Neda: "What? Who came in your group?"

Jon: "Anick, Ika, Kyle, Paul. No! Not Paul. Anick, Kyle and Ika."

Neda: "Paul was in my group."

[i was thinking maybe they would catch on to the First Five alliance, but we cut to commercial. - Jedi]

When we come back from commercial, we are still with Neda and Heather.

In come Sabrina and Rachelle, from the hot tub area.

[so maybe Neda will catch on after all! - Jedi]

Neda: "Sabrina, were you in the first group to come in? To the house."

Sabrina: "Uhhh, yeah!"

Neda: "Who was in your group? We're just trying to see like who they tried to pair up, and stuff."

Sabrina: "Me, Andrew, Sarah. Kenny. Oh yeah, Arlie. Why, what are you thinking?"

Neda: "I'm trying to go, like you know how they put like Andrew and like Jillian next to each other and stuff last season."

Neda: "did you get four tickets?"

Sabrina starts to answer while Jon tells Rachelle that everyone from the same group as him is gone.

Rachelle: "Oh my God! That's weird. No way!"

Rachelle goes to Sabrina "did you hear that? Everyone from his group that he walked in with is gone."

Sabrina gives him a double high-five.

Heather is talking about how the girls were all hot the first night, but she didn't think the guys were, and she was like "what the fuck?", then she realizes she just said the "F" word, and looks around to make sure Sarah wasn't around.

Feeds switch us to inside the house, around the kitchen counter, where Kenny and Andrew are sitting with Sarah, Sabrina, Allison and Rachelle, most of whom are eating.

Sarah finishes, and starts doing some dishes (still dressed as a cop).

Talk revolves around soup. Then farts.

Kenny swears to Sarah that he hasn't farted recently.

She doesn't believe him.

He says "then give me a ticket".

She does not.

Andrew: "I had an awesome time with you guys." "And I'm going to PVR all you guys."

Sarah: "Oh shit, I need my gloves back, sorry!" (She just said "shit"!)

Everyone looks at her as they slowly realize what she just said.

Finally, Sabrina speaks up and says "you're allowed to swear, but we're not. I got it."

Sarah smiles abashedly and gently blows a short solemn blast on her whistle, then pulls out a flag card and places it on her own chest, whilst continuing smiling throughout the entirety of this. She then opens a breast pocket and forces the card into it.

Sabrina: "now what happens"?

Sarah frowns.

Andrew: "Well that is the first time I've seen a police officer take ownership over his own actions. Ha!"

Sarah: "a different kind of police officer."

Andrew goes on to tell us about a time he was in Spain during the running of the bulls and he saw some cops offers "unleashing" on this Australian guy, beating him with their batons "so fiercely", for peeing on the wall.

He goes on to explain further, and says "pissing on the wall" and that the whole city would smell like piss.

Sarah blows her whistle. Everybody freezes.

Kenny says "she has more left!"

Andrew massages the back of his head with one hand and asks "what did I do?"

Sarah gives Andrew what appears to be her last ticket.

Sarah then gets up and heads to the diary room, her duty apparently done, as Kenny says "that was the last one! You just said the 'P' word."

Andrew: "Pissing?"

Kenny: "yeah, that's a swear word."

Sabrina: "I got one for exactly that reason. I said that word. You guuuuuys!!!"

Kenny: "I thought she just gave her last one to herself."

Arlie: "So we lost!"

Allison: "Sneaky!"

Andrew: "How is that a swear word?"

Sabrina: "I said that too, and I said I'm contesting my ticket."

Allison: "Hahahaaha, I'll see you in court!"

Kenny: "well obviously, it is one."

Andrew: "well, that's depressing"

Arlie: "I don't think we're going to find out what it was, unless she comes out and like, says, 'mission failed'."

Andrew: "oh, that's really upsetting. Sorry, guys!"

Sarah comes back out. Still dressed as a cop.

She sits and the counter.

Kenny asks if she got more tickets.

Sarah shrugs.

Andrew says he just learned something new, that changing peeing into a different word is a swear.

[We are now 2 hours into the 3 hour AfterDark show.]

Sabrina says that if it's ok with everyone, she will start boiling the pasta in an hour.

Back from commercial, we have Heather and Neda in the backyard.

Heather says "running is still not fun". She heads to the outdoor area at the hot tub. As she gets out there, she says "oh, it's beautiful" regarding the weather. She stands and looks up at the sky.

Back in the backyard, Adel is talking to Neda.

Adel says Sarah just went and got more tickets. That she had given one to herself and one to Andrew.

They go over who hasn't received a ticket yet. There's Adel, Neda, Rachelle. And Allison. And Heather.

(Neda's microphone still has an echo effect on it.)

Adel and Neda once again bring up to Jon the fact that they heard him telling Allison about a final two. (That they kissed, then looked into a camera and yelled "Newfoundland pride!"

Off in the distance, we hear Sarah's whistle blow.

Adel: "You know what, I might have made a mistake. Honestly. My bad."

Jon goes back inside. Adel and Neda continue talking about it.

Neda: "it's funny how people's attitudes change depending on who is in power."

Jon comes back out.

Adel tells him that they've noticed that Rachelle and Allison have started to suck up to Jon ever since he (Andrew?) was on the block.

Adel just wants to make sure that there is no drama between the three of them (Himself, Jon and Neda.)

Back from commercial, Neda and Adel start speculating about the tickets.

Adel says how he said the "F" word in front of her, and she just brushed it off.

Neda says that the same thing happened to Andrew.

Adel says he feels bad now that he said that about Jon and the final two thing with Allison.

He blames it on his being on slop.

They get up and make their way inside.

Jon intercepts Neda at the door and pulls her outside for a quick conversation.

They quickly clear up the whole thing Adel brought up. Neda rolls her eyes, they high-five, and she goes in.

Back in the kitchen, Heather is getting herself some kind of a frozen chocolate popsicle.

Andrew is cooking something. Pasta sauce, it seems.

Adel looks on. Starts complaining about being hungry, but just not wanting to eat slop, or a slop cookie. He said the "F" word, but Sarah was coming down the stairs, and didn't hear him.

In the bedroom, Sabrina talks to Allison about all that she has done to keep Andrew in this game over the past two weeks. She says she loves Andrew. That to her, he is that person that no matter what, he is there for her.

She tells Allison that maybe that is why she was put here, because once he goes, they will have each other.

Sabrina says she was really close in the PoV competition the day before.

Allison says it was hard to watch. She thought that if Andrew had taken his time, he would have got it.

They both wish that Jon would use it, but they don't think he will.

Sabrina says that literally, if Jon would take one of them off, the other person put up would go home.

Now Allison tells Sabrina about how Heather has been hanging out with Adel, Neda and Jon all day, and that this makes her want to throw up.

They count how many in each alliance, and see that they will still have six against four. Sabrina says that "Arlie is with me".

Sabrina says that "Jon will never put me up, neither will Neda."

(This whole conversation, Allison is just lying there while Sabrina folds clothes and makes beds.)

Allison says that playing this game is completely different when you're in it.

Sabrina: "Right? Paul is not wrong."

Allison starts to get tears in her eyes, and Sabrina tells her not to cry.

Sabrina: "Why are you crying?"

Allison: "I can't think about the game without Andrew right now!"

Sabrina: "I know."

We hear Sarah blow her whistle somewhere outside, probably downstairs. (Sabrina says "fuck". Luckily, Sarah isn't there to hear her.)

Allison: "not even the game, just not having him here."

Sabrina: "You're telling me! I like it because literaly, it's the same thing, but I don't kiss him."

Sabrina: "Ally, all we can do is have each other. We have to have each other."

Allison remarks about she totally was not planning to get into a showmance. Quite the opposite.

They start whispering about scenarios based on who wins HoH next week.

We hear Sarah blow her whistle again. (Once again, Sabrina says "oh, fuck".)

Then they keep whispering. They move up to talking in low tones.

Sabrina says "I doubt he'll win anything. He didn't even get to the third question yesterday. I always said he's out second, every single comp, right?" (About Arlie?)

Allison: "yeah, you did."

Sabrina: "we will have the numbers to diminish the other side, and that there's a scary thing that has to happen, they need to break the strongest tie, like they just did to us."

Talk between Sabrina and Allison turns to discussing the twists, and possible future twists. Maybe bringing someone back in. But Sabrina points out that in their contracts, it said they get to go home within 72 hours after being evicted, unless they make jury.

Sabrina says that if the jury were to be made up ALL evicted houseguests, that would be a twist, but it would cost

a lot.

They now seriously entertain this thought. About having 11 go to jury. Also counting Canada as a tie-breaker vote. [Their math gets very fuzzy, but it's more the concept they are considering than the actual numbers.]

Rachelle comes in looking for Sabrina. Sits down on the bed next to her.

Allison and Sabrina fill her in on the alliance they suspect is forming between Adel, Heather, Neda and Jon.

Sabrina tells Allison that she should start hanging out with Heather and asking her, since Heather seems to like Allison.

The three of them talk about Jon, and how determined he was to win that veto yesterday, before the competition.

Sabrina reiterates about how both her and Andrew would have a chance to stay if Jon would use the veto.

Allison: "I was going to approach him, and see. Just have a Newfoundland heart-to-heart chat and see if he would consider using it on one of you. But at this point I really don't think he's going to to. No matter what, no matter how much I cry, or what I do..."

Allison: "the scary thing is, who would be the replacement? That's why I think he wouldn't."

Allison: "As Andrew likes to say: 'nobody even knows Neda is in the game'... I'm sure they do. Maybe her DR's are hilarious, who knows?"

Allison feels that she has done more than Neda in this game, even though she's only been in the house half as long.

(We hear Sarah's whistle get blown again, off in the distance.)

After discussing yesterday's veto comp a little (wondering if Heather might actually have finished faster than Sabrina and Andrew) Sabrina rouses the other two, saying they should return to the group downstairs before this looks suspicious. They all get up and head downstairs.

Rachelle says it's cold out there.

They pass by the bathroom and see Arlie in his boxers.

Allison stays in the washroom while Rachelle and Sabrina go down to the kitchen area and start whispering with Kenny and Andrew, who were there alone.

They talk about getting rid of Adel next week.

Kenny says something about "way before she chose Adel to play in that veto".

Andrew says that Adel playing in that veto was the least of anyone's concerns.

Heather walks by, and Andrew asks her "did you get another one, Heather?"

Heather: "same one"

(Looks like she got a ticket for something. One of those whistles we heard from afar earlier, so not sure what for.)

Andrew says someone else just got one not long ago, because he heard her blow her whistle.

They are trying to guess what time it is. 4 or 5?

Apparently the clock says 4:16 (But it isn't accurate, supposedly.)

Finally, we switch to the washroom, where a now-dressed Arlie is chatting with Allison.

Allison: "there's no point to have a set strategy coming in here."

They talk about trust.

Allison says it's her third week, but their fifth week, in here.

Arlie: "it will be interesting to see the dynamic of the house change after this week. Every week it's changed drastically, but this week I think it will be the most drastic change, by fucking far!"

Allison: "And I think that's why Canada chose the two of them. Because, either way, whoever goes, the dynamic will change completely. They want to see a shift. That's what you're going to get, Canada!"

We hear Sarah blow her whistle somewhere again.

Allison: "how many do you have?"

Arlie: "I just have one. I think I got the first one, but she gave it to me 20 minutes later. For mooning her. It's really easy to not get them if you just avoid her. I feel like if we wanted to win everyone should just literally go sit by themselves for 2 hours and then we'd have a sick prize. How would we lose?"

Allison: "I don't have any yet."

Arlie: "am I the only one who's been in jail?"

Adel comes into the washroom looking for a good napping spot, so that BB doesn't wake him up after 5 minutes.

<end of AfterDark 31-03-2014>

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02:04 AM BBT Rachelle questions if she confronted Jon about what Kenny told her. Sabrina did not and it breaks her heart. Sabrina points out that Jon swore on her family. Rachelle questions if she believes Jon. Sabrina doesn't believe anybody at this time.

02:09 AM BBT Talk turns to what Kenny told them. Rachelle wonders why Kenny would say that Jon said those things only after they started telling Kenny what Jon supposedly told them. Sabrina is proud of Rachelle for thinking about that on her own. Sabrina says it's BB101 that you spread misinformation about someone when they're supposedly saying things about you so you are less likely to believe the things that they say. They don't want to trust anyone now.

02:20 AM BBT Rachelle and Sabrina's talk begins to wind down. Rachelle is scared because there are two people that could put them on the block. She wonders if anyone would put Kenny, Sarah or someone else on the block. She believes Adel would. BB randomly gives the two of them a stop that. Rachelle wants to make it to jury. She'll be upset if Adel and Heather make it over her.

02:24 AM BBT I realize I haven't mentioned the other HGs in a while. Feeds 1 and 2 currently display horizontal HGs in the darkened BR. Both girls wish Kenny would win an HoH because he acts like a competitor but he hasn't. Rachelle thought he would have won the one she did because he does yoga.

02:30 AM BBT They get up and put the cover on the HT. Talk turns to the video they were shown just before the feeds returned. Apparently Rachelle and Sabrina were always picking their nose and farting. They wonder if they're always displayed together on TV. They decide to head inside.

02:32 Sabrina says she's not tired. Rachelle points out that they are always tired in the morning though. Sabrina wants to eat something. They head into SR and Sabrina starts looking around. Sabrina starts munching on popcorn while Rachelle starts munching on celery.

02:43 AM BBT Nothing new to report. More snacking in the SR with random conversations about food. Rachelle suggests they stop eating and go to bed. Sabrina is still hungry. Rachelle says she's not hungry, she's bored. They head out into the LR and bash Adel some more before heading upstairs. Rachelle is going to remove her makeup.

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02:49 AM BBT Adel bashing has begun again. They question how they could get him to flush out his veto. Sabrina thinks it's already expired (clearly they aren't aware that it only gets him the opportunity play in any veto). They girls continue their nightly ADLs.

02:55 AM BBT The two girls head into the darkened BR after finishing their nightly ADLs. Sabrina is going to be sharing a bed with Rachelle tonight. Feeds 1 and 2 a sleeping Jon and Adel in the HNR while feeds 3 and 4 are on Rachelle and Sabrina in bed. Rachelle and Sabrina are whispering, but their mics are making so much noise as they rub against their covers, making hearing them almost impossible.

03:03 AM BBT All four feeds currently display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

03:19 AM BBT All four feeds continue to show sleeping HGs. On that note we'll call it a night too! Good night Canada!

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8:44AM BBT: HG are up! Jon, Kenny, Arlie, and Andrew in the KT. Jon is making coffee liittle to no talking between them. Sabrina, Allison, and Neda can be seen in the WA doing ADL's they are not talking either.

8:58AM BBT: Feeds is still on an empty KT but I can hear Kenny, Andrew, and Arlie at the HT. Andrew says so saying anything right now wouldn't help any would it? Kenny says no if anything it would look petty. Kenny says to just say I know you have to do what is best for your game something standard like that but I will respect whatever you do. Arlie agrees but adds do what you have to do.

9:03AM BBT: Kenny was called to the DR and Jon joined Arlie and Andrew at the HT. Little to nothing was said while Jon was there after Jon left after about 2 minutes Andrew says Son of a bitch. Arlie says it would be nice to get him out. Andrew says get him out next week don't let anybody try and sway you. Arlie agrees. Kenny then comes back and Andrew asks so it's Jon next week? Kenny then says yeah well prob. Adel then Jon. Andrew says no you guys should get rid of Jon first. Talk then turns to how they hope Canada is not HOH next week. Kenny says I respect that it was a twist this week because it threw a wrench in everything but after that it would just be a popularity contest. Talk then turns to how bad Ika dropped the ball on her HOH and how funny it was.

9:12AM BBT: Upstairs in the BR Sab, and Ro are trying to predict the next twist. Ro says do you think that someone is going to come back? What if Ika came back? We would be screwed. Sabrina thinks no one is going to come back because they would have been in sequester too long.

9:19AM BBT: Arlie, Jon, Kenny, and Adel at the HT talking aobut how none of them have ever watched the live feeds. Kenny said he never watched but one episode ever of BB until he was sequestered for the game. Arlie says how could the feeds be that interesting we are fighting off sleeping most of the time? Adel says well if you are paying attention I am sure there are things that people find interesting. He then goes on the tell them how he told Sabrina that he couldn't trust her because of the whole religion thing week one and the Ika thing where she lied and BB had to tell everyone she lied. The guys all say good. After a brief break in the convo Arlie says so there are actually people watching right now just a matter of how many. Adel then shouts " Wake up Canada!"

9:27Am BBT: Ro, Arlie, Kenny, and Adel are at the HT. They are all talking about how nice it is outside and that everyone will prob. be out there after the PoV Ceremony. Kenny says how funny Jon was on the video last night. They talk about how there was a fart montage. Adel asks do you really think the bloggers are calling up dirt bags. Kenny yes, we fart, pick our nose of course they do.

9:31AM BBT: Sarah and Kenny at the HT alone now. Sarah says she can't believe a word that comes out of Sabrina's mouth. I wish we could get her out instead. I know we won't though. Kenny I have to vote to keep Andrew. Sarah says she knows but no one else will vote to keep him. Kenny then tells Sarah he had a convo last night with Arlie and how he told Arlie that he gives him info but Arlie gives nothing back, he sees him with Adel and can see the writing on the wall. Arlie told him that he wants to but he just can't. Arlie then told him he doesn't want Sab to know anything because she can't be trusted she is just too emotional. Between the commercial and Andrew coming in and breaking up the convo I couldn't catch much else of the convo except that Kenny felt like he cleared the air with Arlie.

9:35AM BBT: Andrew is talking about how when he was called to the DR he was supposed to act surprised that he was up. Talk then turns to Jon and and how if anyone thinks Jon is not smart after the speech last night he clearly know what he is doing. Kenny said that hockey players have extensive training for media. His speech was witty. Ro says I can't believe he said he didn't know what he was going to say and then he comes up with that.
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9:45AM BBT: Andrew is saying that he hopes they show that everyone is sad when he leaves so that his family and people that don't know him know that he is not that bad of a person. Andrew then says maybe it is a lesson for me to not be as sarcastic of a person. [Andrew is very quite today.] Ro says it is so hard not knowing how your are portrayed.

9:50AM BBT: Sarah, Ro and Andrew are wondering if they are getting their reward today. They said it was so funny everyone was swearing, nose picking,and farting. Sarah said she had to look at the couch to make sure the little dribbles of pee that came out weren't staining the couch.

9:53AM BBT: Andrew said you think I am really going to get interviewed? Sarah says yes you are a big deal Canada doesn't put up not big personalities.

9:57AM BBT: Feeds have cut to HoTH.

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10:06AM BBT: Feeds are back. Sarah and Kenny sitting in the red corner. Sarah said I hate Sabrina. Kenny: It is coming to a time where we can just come out and say this is who we are and what we have done. Not yet but soon we can. I want to get Adel out next and that will give me enough time to figure out everything that is going on in here. Sarah: Jon is not going to use it is he? I really think he wants Andrew out so he can have you back. Talk then turns to the counter and what it could mean. Kenny: Adel told me that if he doesn't use his veto this week that he will get a prize from Canada. Does he think we are going to keep believing all the things that he swears is true?

10:15AM BBT: Everyone except Kenny and Sarah are in the BR. General chit chat about movies.

10:16AM BBT: Feeds have once again cut to HoTH.

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12:25AM BBT: Sabrina, Neda, and Ro in the WA. Sabrina is telling them that Ika knew about his power first and that he told her and and Ika at the same time again. Neda certain things he does really sketches me out. Sabrina then says she overreacts about personal things in the game but she tries to stay calm about game things. It really kills me that i am up with Andrew. Talk then switches back to Adel and his power. Sabrina says that he told her that Ika and him have been together since day 1 and that the planned the fight to throw everyone off. Ro asks why didn't he use his power to save Ika. Neda because he is selfish. He is stupid and smart he has everyone scared that he will put thieir best friend and that is why he hasn't been put up.

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12:31 PM BBT Adel is in the Hot Tub area with Heather. Heather asks I wonder what the alliances are called? See wonders what the TV edit is calling them. Adel says his was called the Outsiders and that the alliances have changed so much he doesn't know they are being called.

Adel asks Kenny and Heather if someone broke their ankle would they let them continue in the game. Kenny says if it was a broken ankle, the HG would be done, and that other people have come back from injuries and just missed a challenge or two.

12:33 PM BBT Jon and Sarah are in the Backyard. Jon says it was harder than he thought it was going to be ( the POV ceremony). Sarah and Jon talk about who Andrew trusts now, and that Andrew probably only trusts Sarah 100% now.

12:37 PM BBT Most of the HGs are outside basking in the sun. Just general chit chat about the weather and what they would do if it was warmer.

12:44 PM BBT Rachelle says it will probably hit 2 million today.(refering to the meter) Adel thinks the twist will be the following week based on when the meter hit 2 million the last time the meter was used. (The Meter has to hit 6 million this time, however. its already approaching 4 million now) Kenny thinks its a double eviction this week or the next week.

12:47 PM BBT The talk outside goes back to non-game related among Rachelle, Sabrina, Heather, Kenny, Jon, Adel. Mainly about expensive sunglasses as it seems to be the topic of the day.

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2:28 PM BBT Sabrina and Sarah are outside randomly screaming together. Sarah says she wants to punch something. Sabrina says she'll feel alone with Andrew out. Sarah says she will just feel confident in the allies she made to this point, and that its difficult to change who you can trust at this point in the game. Rachelle is with them outside and says one of them (Sarah/Sabrina) needs to win HoH Thursday.

  • The Meter has hit 6 million, so now one lucky houseguest will discover the secret PoV, but it remains to be seen when it will come into play.
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2:33 PM BBT Rachelle, Sarah, and Sabrina are contemplating how Canada being HoH will change the course of the game. They are worried about Neda, Jon and Adel gaining power. They go on to discuss Adel's power, or if he even has a power that he says he does. Also, it is discussed whether Adel would put up Jon or if Jon/Adel are aligned together.

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2:41 PM BBT Sarah discussing various scenarios if she was HoH. Sarah says one of them has to win it, and then says what if Heather wins HoH. Rachelle mentions that Heather is throwing every competition, and that she has no chance of winning HoH. Sabrina says she came close to winning the PoV this week, but there are no "close wins" in Big Brother.

2:44 PM BBT Sabrina says she feels like she is enormous on camera and that her nose looks weird. The conversation then ends with Sarah and Rachelle mentioning how they look on camera. Sarah leaves. Rachelle says to Sabrina that Sarah sketches her out. Rachelle then goes on to say she hopes that people aren't thinking her and Kenny are talking game? (Im not sure what this means)?

2:51 PM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle are talking about if Sarah is playing them. Rachelle says she's lacking clarity regarding Sarah's place in the game's alliances. Sabrina says she does not trust Sarah, for real. Rachelle agrees. Sabrina says that she could tell Sarah was lying to her face just now. The conversation goes on to really bash Sarah, and that she cannot be trusted anymore.

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3:15 Kenny and Sarah are talking by the hot tub and Kenny tells Sarah that he is gay. Kenny says everyone in DR, BB AND CANADA knows. He feels now maybe he should tell the house because it won't change his game. Sarah this is crazy she is so glad he told her and that she loves him so much. Kenny says it feels so good to finally say something. Sarah says I love you because you are my buddy in this house and have always had my back. Sarah jokes to the cameras for her husband see it's ok for me to cuddle with Kenny.
3:24 Kenny says he has not been faking it in the house, that nothing he would do or say would be different. He has not been acting. Sarah jokes about what he thinks about the guys in the house. Kenny says not even thinking about that here.
[so much being said please flashback to this conversation to report this better. I was just checking the feeds out on my phone and can't keep up to conversation. ]

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324 pm bbt: Kenny talking to Sarah about how he knew he was always attracted to guys, but he has no attractions to an of the guys in the house, however he has had sex dreams about girls since he has been in the big brother house

3:25 pm Sarah just keeps saying omg [ like he is the first gay person she ever met] Kenny is so happy he told someone, k and s are talking out the possibilities of reaction if he comes out to everyone. He is telling Sarah he knows Allison and is surprised she doesn't know about him being gay.

Kenny is asking for Sarah feedback. Sarah saying she isn't sure what he should do. [i think he should tell everyone, should have from the beginning]

331 pm bbt: Kenny laughing about his answer to someone asking him weeks ago if he was an ass man. Giggles from both he and Sarah

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1:29 Sarah breaks down and cries and says she just wants to snuggle with him in the house all the time but never did because she loves her husband and never wanted it to come across more than it was. Adel comes into area but leaves them talking. Kenny feels so relieved that he now has Sarah to talk to in the house about it and when they joke about if he is a boob or ass man he can look at Sarah and she can laugh with him. Kenny is leaning towards telling them once the numbers in the house are one way or the other. He doesn't want it to change his game but e doesn't want to leave this game without telling them. Sarah - Kenny you have been so convincing. Kenny says it would take some of the pressure off but doesn't know when to do it. Sarah yes u don't need to be not who u are but it does need to be right timing. And when they tell the house she has to be as blown away as the rest if the house. Kenny says yes because it would put a target in you if you knew and they didn't. Kenny I would like to tell gordo before he leaves. He would like for him to know from himself and not when he goes out on to the stage when he is evicted.

3:35 Kenny says he is single right now. Sarah jokes and says she would have a hard time to convince his future boyfriends to where uggs in bed. Kenny tells her that the stories he has shared about his ex are real just it's a he not a she.

3:37 Sarah says nothing changes for her towards him and she loves him. They discuss it is a timing thing as to when they will tell the other houseguests. They think this will be on an episode. Sarah says this helps with the connection between them. Kenny says he felt why leave it out to her because it is not something that was benefiting the game and he just needs to get it of his chest to her. Sarah says to just know that Sarah thinks rachelle is really falling for him. Then they discus Sabrina feelings towards Kenny. They are smiling and laughing that she will lose it when she finds out.

3:40 Jon comes out and sees they have been crying and asks if they are ok. They says yes they just missing family. They invite him to stay and he says no. After he leaves Sarah asks Kenny if he would date Jon and if he is his type. Kenny says fuck no!!

3:43 Adel comes out to see them. They discus if everyone is still sleeping. Adel yes but he can't sleep out there. Wondering if they here the gate open from the hot tub area. They figure BB will call them to the door when they are done. Discussion about things that have to be fixed in the house. Speculating what will be inside when they can go in. Sarah hoping for something from home. Adel wants food. Adel asks if they might get a bag of goodies for a parting gift. Sarah and Kenny joking about what they could get in a bag. Sarah jokes it's not the oscars so they probably get crayons and stuff. [lots of laughter after a heavy conversation ]

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3:55 SR Kenny and Rachelle having a conversation about Heather and Neda having conversations. That Kenny needs to watch what is going on there. Rochelle says Sarah trusts Jon more than they do Kenny agrees but Sarah might be close just to know more about what Jon is thinking.

4:01 Kenny and Sarah in kitchen. Kenny making something with oats berries and egg whites. Sarah cleaning and moving things around in kitchen. [to noisy to hear anything they might be saying] rest of the house guests laying around on green couches.

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4:05 Ro and Sabrina in bedroom. RO talking about how she doesn't trust Jon and going over her convo with Kenny. RO saying she doesn't trust Sarah and has issues that Sarah was talking to Neda and Jon. Sabrina says to RO that she should go talk to Sarah. RO she isn't going to talk to me and I don't even care anymore. Sabrina aka if she said anything be to Kenny about Sarah. RO says no she was careful and she doesn't think Kenny would put her up anyway.

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