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Saturday, March 29 / Sunday, March 30 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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BB is turning the feeds off this morning, and they won't be back until after Sunday's show airs. So everyone rest up those fingers, because there's lots more Big Brother Canada to come!


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11:33PM BBT Sarah and Arlie still talking on the hammock Arlie told Sarah to think about the 100 thousand dollars that she came to play for, Arlie said when they make fun of people like heather he laugh but really he do not like it. Arlie said he is in game mood.

11:37PM BBT Andrew join Sarah and Arlie in the BY wearing a winter hat they both love it. Andrew left and Sarah asked Arlie how she sound, Sarah told Arlie when I told you that you looked good in your hat I mean it. As soon as Andrew left they both start talking bad about Andrew.

11:42PM BBT Kenny is now in the By with Arlie and Sarah, they all said the game just begin and there is nothing they can do about Canada being HoH

11:45PM BBT JOn join the BY crew Sarah,Kenny, and Arlie. They are thinking who is going up on the block. Arlie asks Jon how is Neda she is better now. Kenny said next week would be double eviction and he believe Canada would have a seat. They are going over how many people left for jury.

11:49PM BBT Adel join the BY crew BB announce stop talking about production.

11:52PM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle in WA blow drying hair..Heather, Neda Sarah getting ready for bed.

11:57PM BBT Allison and Andrew in Kt Allison explaining to Andrew all the guys she have been with in the past.

12:03AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle out in the HT they both toast to final 2, Rachelle said they have to win HoH next week. Sabrina said even if they do not win but Allison and Adel cannot win. Sabrina is having ice cream and Rachelle having tea.

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12:13AM BBT Rachelle told Sabrina that Jon said Neda is the cutest girl in the house. Sabrina said what if we go up on the block tomorrow.

12:17AM BBT Sarah and Andrew are in bed now still talking to Kenny. Topic is now what size underwear Kenny wears.

12:26AM BBT Sabrina,Allison,Rachelle and Heather are in the WA general chit chat.

12:36AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle is back at the HT, We have 2 feeds on HotH. Sabrina is imitating Heather asking Allison if her family would love Andrew. Looks like Sabrina have a diarrhea she is running to the WC

.12:46AM BBT Sabrina is not feeling well she think she has a bug. Andrew and Allison in the WA Allison asks Andrew how many strippers he dated, Feeds in and out I did not hear the answe

12:59AM BBT Sabrina and Rachelle out by the HT going over who would vote Andrew if he is on the block.

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1:07 AM BBT

Rochelle is saying she’d be so sad if she didn’t make jury. Now they are talking about Heather. Making fun of her. They are thankful Ika is gone and that Canada didn’t save her or something. If she comes back into the house they will be gone.

1:12 AM BBT

Every time Sabrina and Rachelle talk about Heather they use a high mocking voice. They think she is so weird. Rachelle says Allison puts on make up before going to bed. Sabrina thinks it’s because she doesn’t want to wake up next to Andrew without.

1:23 AM BBT

In the BR Andrew and Allison are sleeping. The room is still bright. Can’t tell who the other HGs are. Sarah just walked in and went to bed. By the HT Sabrina and Rachelle seem to be the only ones up. General chit chat.

1:29 AM BBT

The 2 girls have now moved back into the house and are in the WA. Rachelle is taking off her makeup. Sabrina wants to go to Edmonton and Rachelle says don’t it’s really boring.

1:43 AM BBT

Allison was called to the DR but everytime someone mentions it Hoth comes on. It looked like Rachelle and Sabrina were going to bed but they are back in the WA again. Just general chit chat.

1:48 AM BBT

Allison is back from the DR and talking to Rachelle and Sabrina. Allison’s mic doesn’t seem to be on, hard to hear. BB called in Jon, Neda, Allison and Andrew before. They think it’s weird. HotH came back on.

1:58 AM BBT

The feeds came back up and Rachelle and Allison are coming out of the supply room and now are back up in the WA. Allison thinks Canada will break up two’s. Her and Andrew, Andrew and Kenny etc. Allison really wants the chance to pull a key out during nominations. She hasn’t had a chance yet.

2:11 AM BBT

Rachelle and Allison continue to talk about who they think will be nominated. They are worried it’ll be a big player. In the BR lights are starting to dim. Sabrina is nowhere on the feeds. Not sure where she went.

2:21 AM BBT

Sabrina is back from where ever she was. She wants to go back outside again. Rochelle said not for as long this time. They decide to go to bed instead and head for the BR.

2:31 AM BBT

The HGs have all gone to bed for the night. We will see you in the morning Canada.

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10:39PMBBT: Feeds are back on. They are all sitting on the couches. They just watched a video on the TV's. Sounds like it was a kind of bloopers/swearing reel.

10:41PMBBT: Sarah has mentioned BB told them to stand by. They are talking about cookies. Heather had 2. Rachelle said she had 12 but was exaggerating. Adel says "They are cookies, who cares!" Jon says "WHAT ARE WE DOING?" And they are now having to sing O Canada!

10:46PMBBT: Jon's shirt says "I touch myself in inappropriate areas." They all run up to the HoHR. Nothing new. Beaver is still on the coffee table. Jon is touching himself again, the camera zooms in. Arlie says they will probably have to stay up all night doing stuff again. Sounds like they did it last night too.

10:47PMBBT: Andrew's shirt says "I pick my nose."

10:48PMBBT: They had a challenge. Sarah and Arlie are now in the SR, he says he knows Andrew lies and he wants Sarah to come to him if there is any situation she doesn't believe him. His shirt says "I expose myself inappropriately" He tells her he will call a house meeting and call Sabrina out on her lies in front of everyone. Sarah wants to move forward and be on task with Arlie. They are tired. Rachelle said something like "Jon was trying to bring us over" Arlie says they all know Sabrina lies but he can't bring it up because it would expose Sarah. They agree to trust one another.

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10:40PM BBT: Feeds back with all HGs sitting on the green couches. General chatter going on. Heather announces that she did good today as she only ate 2 cookies. She calls out Rachelle saying that yesterday Rachelle ate 12. They all stand to sing when the national anthem begins playing. They are arm and arm and swaying back and forth. As soon as they finish they all dart up the stairs to the HOH for their one hour of access. They find nothing there, but sit anyway and start talking about whether they can go to bed yet or not. Heather and Rachelle in the HOH bed under blankets. Kenny andrew Arlie and Jon on the couch and chair. They are asking to be shown the video and someone says it is odd that they cannot spy on the HGs with the HOH tv. Sarah leaves and she and Adel are now in the kitchen. allison and Neda are now also in the HOH bed. Sarah talking about how she tricked Arlie earlier and put him in jail. She and Arlie are now in the pantry and Sarah asks BB to please play the video again, please for us girls. Heather has left the HOH bed so the remaining gals scooch over. Sarah and Arlie talking about Jon being good then about how Sabrina tells so many lies that it is obvious. Arlie won't call anyone out now because it would not be a good game move. Sabrina upstairs saying that she is gonna puke then she runs and jumps up on Andrew screaming out his name like a todler when her daddy comes home. Kenny now in the pantry with Arlie as Sarah has left.

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10:54PMBBT: Arlie and Ken talk in the SR. Ken calls him out on not giving him anything. Arlie says "I feel the same thing" Ken mentions that Jon went behind his back and was telling people he doesn't trust Ken. Arlie says "I think people are stirring stuff up." Ken says he heard it from Sabby. Arlie says "Ya but she lies and we know she lies." Ken doesn't like Arlie talking to Adel and Heather. Arlie says "I don't know what to tell you." He says he is first 5 all the way. Ken asks him OK well where is your head at? Arlie feels like the rest of the house is banding together and Sabrina is close with people he is not with. It is talking in circles like a battle of wits. Arlie is doing well.

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10:55PM BBT: The guys are talking about problems of trust in the alliance and if they should talk more. Kenny is pretty suspicious of Arlie and Arlie is not doing much to allay his anxiety other than to say he is first five all the way. Kenny asks more detailed questions about how Arlie fees about everyone else in the house. Andrew Sarah and Jon in the red chairs out by the hot tub. Arlie saying he has just started hanging back more Kenny still probing at Arlie saying he needs to be more open and honest with him. Arlie saying he doesn't pass on a lot of what he hears because there are so many lies and BS going around in the house. Outside they are talking about their reactions to the video montage they were shown by BB before the feeds came back live. Arlie still justifying and defending himself, but he is not making much of an impression on Kenny.

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11:11PM BBT: Andrew and Sarah are talking by the hot tub. Andrew says he is doomed and only have four days left, so it looks like he is leaving the house. Andrew talks about how much it sucks to nominated by your own country and how he doesn't know if he will get over it. Sarah says that he will in a few days after he leaves. Andrew says his friends might cut him out for this, and Sarah says no they won't, otherwise they will face the wrath of "Officer Mumsy". Andrew wants cigarettes and wonders what questions Arisa will ask him. Heather apparently thinks she will ask Andrew if he really picks his nose that much.

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11:01PM BBT: Sarah talking about what she was told to watch the HGs doing like swearing, farting, junk touching etc. Heather joins the three outside while Kenny and Arlie are still having an intense conversation. Arlie keeps telling Kenny he is first five all the way but he sees the other side coming together and is worried about Sabrina sabotaging herself. Adel and Jon come in with a slop bucket in tow. They drop it off and leave again. Outside talk about farts again. Kenny and Arlie head to the kitchen where Kenny is getting a cup of tea. Adel is there too and Kenny keeps talking about how he had "notions" about Arlie. Girls in the HOH talking about what will happen tomorrow and Allison says if it is a pool party she will need an Ex-lax. They are going to work out in a half an hour (bets anyone?? DRG) Rachelle leaves to go bike until they are ready to work out. Andrew Sarah and Heather still chatting outside. Jon has now joined the ladies in the HOH. Andrew is telling Sarah that when it is all over she is coming to where he is and he will drive them to Langley in 81/2 hours. Arlie and Kenny now out by the pool with Kenny explaining what made his start suspecting Arlie. Andrew still telling Sarah about post show plans. Jon is outside too and Adel has come out and is opening up the tub.

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11:14PM BBT: Kenny and Arlie now whispering and things seem a little better between them now. Adel soaking away in the tub and everyone but Heather gets up to go inside. Kenny saying that he needs more reassurance about the first five since the game is changing now. Rachelle on the stationary bike with Jon and Sarah sitting beside her on the exercise bench. (Is it just me or does Kenny in his glasses and knit cap look very Breaking Bad tonight?? DRG) Sarah and Jon now in the store room where she is saying that Kenny is a big target in the game and while she is friends with him and will be outside the house too she feels like she is turning her back on a friend to play the game. She is not asking him to turn his back on Neda but. . . Jon telling her he has a better chance of getting Sarah to the end than Neda. He says that she and Neda and Jon are the only three he trusts. She says deciding to let go of Kenny will be tough but she will be willing to do it. Andrew has now joined Arlie and Kenny by the pool. Sarah and Jon continue talking about this being a game but it will not be easy to pick people off when they get down to 7 or 8.

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11:25PM BBT: Sarah telling him to be very careful of Sabrina and Rachelle. Girls are now outside running wind sprints across the BY. Heather and Sabrina have already droppped out of the running. Sarah reviewing things that Sabrina has lied about and Jon telling about when he tricked Sabrina into telling him something. He says it it like a free week as long as Sabrina is in the house. Andrew Kenny and Arlie talking about how they have managed to stay relatively civil with everyone else. Then they digress to talking about boogers and how there is almost always a hard one in one nostril or the other. Heather crossing at the other end of the pool doing lunges.

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11:31PM BBT: Sabrina has now gone to talk with Adel who is still soaking in the tub. (Guess he will be the prennial evictee babysitter this season. DRG) Adel telling her that his plan worked really well with what he told them about his power. Sarah now reassuring Jon that she will work really hard to keep Kenny from putting Jon up if he is HOH next week. Sarah says that Kenny does admit that he left Jon out of the loop a little. She says that she tries to reassure Kenny about Jon. Adel still talking with Sabrina about his power and whether it was for three weeks or has already expired. He calls her out as playing for spite and going after him for emotional reasons. He says he would rather rip his veto than put her up. Sabrina trying to tell him that she is the one that said not to put Adel on the block because there is no point in it yet. Sarah and Jon hugging it out and wrapping up their talk. Sabrina reminding Adel that they promised not to nom one another until jury. He says her alliance is obvious and she wants him to name them. She says who is in my alliance Gordo (Andrew) he is leaving. Feeds one and two now back to the gals exercising and they are all freezing up.

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11:42PM BBT: Jon joins the gals outside doing ab work on towels. Adel shouting at Sabrina how he was so deep in with Ika that they could not do anything. Then he tells her that if Rachelle put him up he would have used the veto to take himself off and put Sabrina up. Sabrina shouting back saying that Rachelle was true to her word . She says she came outside to be a nice person but says that he is not a nice person to her. She is calling off trying to make nice with him, he is bringing up the incident between Sabrina and Ika and how BB called them all into the living room to question if there was any physical confrontation between them which Adel says is the source of his animosity toward her. She says she will still keep her word and he can do what he wants even if he did swear on the Koran and she can only wait for Adel to go home and see for himself what has happened. She starts to leave and Andrew was coming in when Sabrina starts telling him her version of what happened outside and Adel gets angry at her and calls her out for once again playing the victim role. He tells her to just play her game and he will just be a normal human being. Andrew comes to the door and Sabrina says they are being very nice to each other so he leaves again. They hear the national anthem start and stand to sing.

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11:52PM BBT: Sabrina now going back to saying that she wants to squash the problem between them and he does not so. . . Adel saying that he is still on slop and does not need additional problems. He now brings up how she called out Adel Neda and Jon during the playing of the video earlier. He says she goes out of her way to repeat the names that someone else said several times. She is wondering why he gets so defensive about her. she keeps trying to convince him that she said what she did only because she was totally shocked and she was not playing game at all. She swears from this point forward his name will not leave her lips. Jon comes out and asks Sabrina what she is doing not working out (like that will ever happen in the house DRG) Adel saying that she is not his target and there are real problems in the world, He cannot trust her after the way she swore to Ika and then they back doored her. She goes back to saying she really wanted to squash the animosity between them and that when he leaves maybe he will send her a text saying that she was not as evil as he thought she was. She says she is not innocent but from this point forward she will not speak bad about him but in the past she has because he said things that hurt her. She swears that when she leaves this room she will not say a word about this convo, he says she already did when Gordo came to the door and we ger FoTHed.

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11:00 PM BBT Kenny and Arlie continue talking in the SR. Kenny continues to probe Arlie for information and why he never gives information back. Kenny question's what is being said about Jon. Arlie doesn't believe it. Kenny does. Arlie tells Kenny that he can understand how his silence can be perceived as something shady, but he's always afraid to say the wrong thing. Kenny tells him he doesn't have to be.

11:05 PM BBT Kenny tells Arlie that he's not stupid. He sees Arlie hanging out with Adel and he knows how Adel is. He knows Adel and Heather had a thing. He knows Neda and Jon have a thing and he can put the pieces together. Arlie says he's afraid how well Sabrina is looking for the long term game. Kenny agrees. Arlie says Sabrina making them protect Rachelle for the rest of the game only helps her because at the end of the day Rachelle will have her back. Adel and Jon wander in and out repeatedly and Arlie and Kenny move their conversation to the KT before Arlie says he'll have a seat next to the pool. Arlie wants to continue the talk.

11:09 PM BBT Out near the HT Sarah, Andrew and Heather are gathered. Andrew says he has four days left in the house. Sarah thinks the next few days will be great because the house has been so chill over the past couple of days. Talk turns to them

11:14 PM BBT Jon joins the HT crew. Andrew asks if he thinks they'll let him have a cigarette right out after he gets out. Someone suggests that he ask to have one on stage with Arisa. Andrew and the gathered HG seem to agree that he's going home this week. There is little to no resistance to this thought line.

11:17 PM Arlie and Kenny continue their whisper fest near the pool. Kenny once again repeats that Sabrina told him that Jon told her that he'd use the PoV on her. Kenny doesn't trust him. He thinks there is an angle behind this move. Jon briefly seen in the BY working out with some of the girls. Jon now in the SR talking to Sarah. Jon is all over the house tonight.

11:19 PM BBT Once again. Jon has the veto. Kenny doesn't trust him. Jon and Neda are close. Adel and Heather are floaters that are looking for something to hang onto. Arlie says the game is crazy to think about. In the SR, Sarah and Jon continue to talk. Sarah says she really trusts Arlie and that he really is looking out for "us". Sarah says she believe "we all have enough connections that we can get there". Jon agrees and asks her not to talk game to Neda. Sarah understands and says she doesn't like talking to game to her and it freaks her out. Sarah says she and Neda live in the same town and she gets the game. Both agree to let her get to Jury and then to cut her loose. She'd understand.

11:23 PM BBT Jon again asks Sarah not to tell her about their little deal. Sarah agrees. In the HT Adel is talking to Heather while she hangs out in a chair. Both agree that they hope Canada sees how Sabrina acts. Adel thinks they do, because she was in the top two as for who would get nominated by Canada. They totally get it. Adel says she's a bad person. Adel has never been annoyed by his lack of food. Heather tells him to hang in there. She heads in. Rachelle, Allison, Neda and Sabrina are jogging in the BY. Rachelle, Allison and Neda are all wearing tank tops. Sabrina is wearing a jacket? They are running back and forth across the yard. Sabrina wonders how they aren't throwing up. (No comment.)

11:28 PM BBT Back in the SR Jon and Sarah are talking about how awful of a player 'she' is even though she brags about it. Sarah tells Jon it's one thing to be strong to win a comp, but to be smart and win a comp, that's truly something. Jon agrees. The conversation goes back to the girl they were discussing. It sounds like it's Neda. Sarah genuinely cares about it and she's amazing. Sarah says they've never really connected game wise. Outside of the game she suspects they'll really connect and she'd consider her like a little sister. Sabrina is really jealous of this connection and has made comments about it before. Both agree she's very insecure. Sarah fears Neda ending up in the line of fire of Sabrina.

11:32 PM BBT Meanwhile back near the HT Sabrina is talking to Adel. Sabrina doesn't understand why she hears that Adel thinks she's dumb as well as other things. Adel says he has a hard time trusting anything Sabrina says. He says she has a golden voice within the game because of her alliances. They are now discussing the fact that Adel's secret power. Adel thanks her for spreading the 2 week lie and says everyone fell for it hook, line and sinker. Sabrina says she knew that it wasn't good for only two weeks. She questions if he called her dumb. He says no. She questions if he ever called her dumb in the SR. He says no. She says a girl told her this and she'll leave it at that. Adel says Heather is the only girl he talks to. She says it wasn't her.

11:36 PM BBT Adel and Sabrina continue to go back and forth. They both frequently interrupt each other's thoughts with "Ok, but whatever..." and then start in, only to be interrupted by the next person's "Ok, but whatever...". It sounds like Adel's power is still a secret. They are only discussing the fact that it supposedly expired. Unable to confirm at this time.

11:38 PM BBT Jon and Sarah's conversation breaks up in the SR. Sarah walks out and Jon follows about 2 minutes later. Back out at the HT. Adel mentions that he kind of sees her alliance. She wonders who is in her Alliance. She asks if he's Rachelle. Adel says "Who in this house only has a two person alliance?" Sabrina starts to drill Adel about how she hears he's talking about her calling her stupid and what not. He says he's not. Talk turns to religion-gate (The Kyle, Sabrina, Adel, and Paul fight during the first week). Both agree that it's too far back to deal with. Sabrina says she doesn't want to hate him but he's making it very hard not to, because of the way he's treating her.

11:43 PM BBT Jon has joined Neda, Allison and Rachelle as they work out in the BY. Sabrina and Adel continue to argue next to the HT. Adel says he was in so deep with Ika and when Sabrina came and told him something he was already aware of what was being planned. Sabrina blows him off. They continue going back with "he said, she said, I said, you said, while they said". She says she's been watching the game since she was 9 and she knows people lie. Adel points out the reason he thinks he won the Buzzworthy thing and he didn't end up on the block because he hasn't been lying in the game. Sabrina is stunned for a moment and blows him off again.

11:48 PM BBT Sabrina says she came out for fresh air and saw him in the HT and wanted to try and mend fences between each other. She says he's blowing her off. Adel points out that BB called them all together in the LR and stated "There was no intentional shoving on the stairs and there was no threat made next to the HT" (This went down the day before Ika went home when Sabrina had a meltdown by saying Ika threatened her). Talk turns to DR and BB lays on the "Don't talk about Production" button. Andrew comes out and Sabrina makes a bit of a scene saying she's tired of trying to be nice. They both walk out the HT door and Adel says he's never met someone so full of themselves. She comes back in and questions what he said. He repeats it.

11:53 PM BBT She comes back out and he repeats that she was never going to be a target and yet she makes a big show in front of other people. She denies this statement. More "he said, she said, they said, you said, I said...". The conversation is difficult to follow. It's time to sing the National Anthem. They mumble their way through it and talk turns to Ika and what happened the day they watched her when she was debating on getting the letters or the check. Sabrina says Adel twists her words. He says the same about her.

11:58 PM BBT Sabrina tells Adel that from this point forward she will not say his name unless she is HoH and his name brought up as a target. Adel doesn't care. He tells her to play the game the way she wants and that he doesn't care. Jon comes out. She asks for 2 minutes. He questions why she isn't working out (Oh, oh, oh I know! Pick me! Pick me! - Niteslacker). He stands outside the HT door and listens in briefly before walking out. Adel begins to question something and she questions "Why because BB gathered us..." and she stops and says she wants to stop talking about BB.

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