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Sunday, March 23 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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1:28 AM BBT

We are still on Hoth screen. Wonder what the secret is???? Once the feeds are back up we’ll let you know.

1:46 AM BBT

The feeds are back. Most of the HGs are in the KT. Some are wearing fitness head and wrist bands. Rachelle and Sabrina (wearing a referee outfit) and Neda are in the HOH.

1:52 AM BBT

The 3 girls are talking numbers for votes. They would be down 2 with Sarah and Allison on the boys side. They are speaking about Ika – she doesn’t trust the girls. I don’t think the comp they just did was POV because they are talking like it’s still to come (unless they are talking about a future week).

2:06 AM BBT

Back in the HOH…POV will be tomorrow. They definitely did another comp, just not sure what it was yet. Ika has joined them.

Downstairs Kenny and Allison are both wearing yellow fitness, Rachelle pink and Jon has a red headband. Andrew is cooking for the girls that were upstairs. They are talking about Jon having to do laps in the pool. Maybe the comp was a punishment/reward one? Whatever it is starts at midnight by the sounds of it. Sarah is in the DR.

2:15 AM BBT

Heather and Sabrina are in the HNR. Adel and Ika are in the WA. Downstairs, Sarah is out of the DR and eating. No audio downstairs. Back in the HNR Arlie and Adel have joined them. They are counting down 5 nights 4 days left. Adel left the room. They are wanting to go say goodnight but still have to go into the DR.

2:19 AM BBT

Heather won: walking 10,000 steps in one day. Average person does under 5,000.

2:32 AM BBT

One of the girls won a 2 week slop pass, not sure which one. Ika and Neda are going to go to bed. The HNs have stopped talking and are going to sleep.

2:42 AM BBT

The BY just came off of LD. Andrew, Kenny and Jon have gone out to smoke. Rachelle and Sarah are in the WA. Andrew just walked in. He’s having a shower. Rachelle ‘won’ wearing a hotdog suit.

2:49 AM BBT

The audio is still off downstairs and in the WA they are just talking general chit chat.

2:56 AM BBT

Ika is upset in the BR. Sarah is comforting her. Andrew asks what’s wrong and Sarah says they are just missing their kids. Sarah misses them the most at bed time. Ika feels like she doesn’t have anyone. No one wants to talk to her. Sarah feels bad for her and told her to come speak to her anytime. Sarah thought Ika wouldn’t want to talk to her after turning on the group.

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03:00 AM BBT Sarah continues to console Ika, telling her she's a beast in the game. She's a strong woman and that's great. Ika laughs and says she's good at this. Sarah says she means everything she says. She wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. Sarah still feels bad for last week. Ika says she doesn't take game related things personally. Sarah understands but feels bad because she still had to lie. Ika says thank god she has Adel. Sarah says good point and he's funny. Both agree that he's very funny.

03:04 AM Meanwhile downstairs Rachelle and Allison are still on the couch in the LR. No audio. Up in the BR Jon comes in briefly and goes back out. Sarah and Ika both share a cry together. Ika says Sarah had to make the best move for her game last week and she understands. Sarah (while crying softly) says she still feels bad especially when she realizes she is causing harm/taking away from someone else's game. Ika tells her to not worry about it. In the end it's always a game. Both agree that the girls in the girl's alliance are very childish and catty. Ika says she's bit her tongue so many times when listening to the girls. Sarah just couldn't align with them especially because she felt like she always had to be cautious about what she said. Heather comes in briefly. Sarah gets Ika some tissues.

03:07 AM BBT Sarah questions whether Ika ate. Ika did. Sarah says she will go out of her way to make her feel welcome tomorrow. Sarah says she isn't doing this because she feels bad for her either because she didn't do this for Paul. Both laugh and Ika understands. Sarah said she felt bad for him but just didn't care to give him time. Ika appreciates this. Sarah says once the game is over she wants to trade e-mails and check in on her and her kids in the future. Ika likes this. Ika once again says she loves the game and is a fan of the game and understands why Sarah did what she had to do. It wasn't personal it was simply a game move. They both wonder who knew that this would be them 2 days later. LR feeds switch to Neda and Jon next to the front door. Still no audio for feeds 1 and 2.

03:12 AM BBT Sarah thought the girls were closer than they were. Ika says Sabrina and Rachelle are close. Ika says she's called Sabrina out too many times in the past. Sarah understands that. Ika says she's told Sabrina that she was sticking her nose in places it didn't belong and she takes it so personal. Sarah agrees. Ika says she didn't expect to come here and end up alone. But at least she has Adel. Sarah thought Ika was getting close to Jon. Ika says she's not foolish. She knows Jon's allegiance would be to Kenny or the other guys. Sarah asks about Adel. Ika says Adel is Adel though...clearly whatever he is doing his game is working. Sarah agrees and says she thinks his game play is to act like a nut case causing everyone to keep guessing. Ika laughs and says who ever thought she'd be saying "thank God for Adel!”

03:17 AM BBT Curious as to what is being said on feeds 1 and 2? So are we. Right now Neda and Jon are hanging out on the chairs next to the front door, appearing very relaxed. Meanwhile Rachelle is still in her pink comp outfit, pacing back and forth. Back in the BR Ika has lost it again and is crying about someone. Sarah says she's only known her for a short time and she sees all the good in her, so she's sure that "he" sees all of the good in her because he's had that much longer with her. Both agree that they are very lucky to be in the house, especially as mothers. Jason and Brendan are special men for agreeing to stay home and take care of the two kids. Sarah said she wrote and cried everyday they were in pre-show (sequester). Ika said she cried quite a bit as well.

03:22 AM BBT Rachelle continues to pace in front of Jon and Neda. Heather could be seen in her night clothes and heading down the stairs. Back in the BR Sarah tells Ika about a dream she had. Big Brother sent her home for something for $50 and she had to tell her husband that Big Brother said she could go back and he said no way. She also shared fears that she's afraid the public wasn't taking kindly to what she was doing in the house. Ika laughed and is glad she's not the only one with those kinds of fears.

03:25 AM BBT Ika and Sarah wonder how much of the crying they actually show because then people wouldn't want to apply. "Quick turn off the cameras, someone's having another break-down!" Sarah says Ika's girlfriends are going to hate her. Ika says no way. They know it's a game. She knows who they'll hate but she won't say.

03:27 AM Talk turns various mom thoughts. "Do you ever plan escape routes in your mind in case someone breaks into the house?" "Have your kids ever slept in late and you were afraid to get up and go check on them because you were terrified that one of them were dead? But then you hear them move around and you've relieved but soon after you're wishing they were going back to bed." Kenny comes in and Sarah asks if he's going to bed. Kenny says yes. Sarah is going to get her glass of water and then go to bed as well. Sarah and Ika hug it out before Sarah gets up to change. Sarah thought she might get called back into DR because they didn't ask her why she didn't take the money. She thought that was a pretty significant thing, but then laughs saying it was only $18 so maybe that's why they didn't. Sarah gets into her night clothes and Kenny crawls into his bed.

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03:34 AM BBT Sarah heads out of the BR and stops at Neda and Jon and apologizes to them and says they could have come in and went to the bed. Sarah says it's a game and everyone has to understand that everyone is real people. Sarah tells them that if she sees her sitting by herself she'll be go and visit with her. Sarah jokingly says if everyone goes into DR and tries to self-evict they'd shut the show down. Jon would absolutely go. Neda says she'd stay behind and win the game. Sarah goes to get her water and is going to bed. Neda and Jon go into the HoH. Jon is going to go to listen to music. Jon and Neda start talking about Adel's card. Jon doesn't think it's only good for two weeks. He questions who saw or didn't see that it was only good for two weeks. Neda says she never saw it and never said that someone saw it. Adel told her that he showed the card to Jon and one other person.

03:40 AM BBT Neda and Jon go back and forth over trust between the two. Jon wants the two of them to share important information. Neda wants to share everything. Talk turns to Sabrina. They don't think Sabrina like's Andrew and that she's trying to keep him close. Neda asks if Andrew would evict Allison. Jon doesn't think so. Jon is tired of talking game. He says he's going to bed. They hug and he leaves the room. Rachelle is still in DR. Meanwhile...we still lack audio on feeds 1 and 2. This has become the norm for this time of night it seems.

03:46 AM HGs on the move. Sarah whispers to Allison in WA saying congrats. Sarah says she got a slop pass so it's all good. This is a very hushed convo. Meanwhile Jon gets up and goes back to HoH. Feeds switch over as he leaving the room and he says "...but I still trust you alright?" Neda agrees and says goodnight once more. Feeds 1 and 2 show numerous HGs laying in their beds with the lights on full strength. Feeds 3 and 4 are of Allison washing her face.

03:52 AM BBT Allison is now brushing her teeth. Lights still don't appear to be dimming in BR at this time. Allison heads into the BR briefly and whispers something to someone (Andrew?) before heading back out and returning quickly back in with her PoV outfit.

03:56 AM BBT Allison crawls into bed with Andrew and puts her mic away. She whispers briefly before they begin cuddling. Feeds switch to the HoH where Rachelle is out of DR and talking to Neda. Neda points out that Adel may use his power to pull Ika off (Remember, everyone thinks Adel has a veto ability to pull someone off the block. In reality he is able to compete in any PoV comp that he wants to up until the very end. Rachelle doesn't think so because he swore no matter who she put up that he would take off. An alarm goes off and Jon gets up and tells everyone they can stay behind. Everyone gets up and follows him down stairs. Jon says "...and so it begins. It was an air horn. Sarah reminds him he only has 2 minutes. Jon heads down and gets into the pool and swims back and forth once. He has to swim a lap only. He's out just as quick as he got in.

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04:02 AM BBT Sarah tells Jon he should sleep naked in his towel and leave his shorts down by the pool. Jon thinks he'll just run downstairs in his pants and slide into his shorts. Sarah points out that everyone will be sleeping and he should do it naked. BB will blur out his important parts. Jon still doesn't want his parents accidentally seeing something. Jon then points out that the live feeders will see it as well. Jon walks into the HoH and tells Neda he did his first lap. He walks back out towards the BR and gives the camera a finger waggle. Feeds switch to Neda and Rachelle in HoH. Neither is wearing a mic. BB tells Neda to put a mic on. Rachelle walks off into the HoH WA and brushes her hair. She asks where something is and Neda tells her and Rachelle says she'll be back. Rachelle goes to the main WA and retrieves the facial wipes before returning back to HoH.

04:07 AM BBT Lights are now dimming in the BR. Rachelle is washing her face in the HoH BR.

04:09 AM BBT Lights now completely off in the BR. Rachelle now crawling into bed in the HoH. Rachelle asks Neda if she's asleep. Neda says no. Rachelle asks Neda if she's stressed. Neda says no but Jon is being evil. Rachelle repeatedly asks for the lights to be turned off. Lights in the HoH begin to dim.

04:15 AM BBT Lights now off in HoH, HN and BR at this time. We have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. We'll stick with the feeds a bit longer and see how often Jon has to get up and swim his lap.

04:29 AM BBT Nothing new to report. All four feeds continue to show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

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04:45 AM BBT We continue to wait for Jon to be woken up to go for a swim. We'll give it another 15 minutes before giving up for the night. (Clearly BBCA isn't as twisted as BBUS because he would've been called out to swim several times by now. - Niteslacker)

05:00 AM BBT Nothing new to report. All HGs remain horizontal in darkened rooms. Looks like BB is letting Jon getting some good sleep for the moment... We'll just have to wait and see how often they make him go for a swim later today!

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8:52AM BBT: All HG's still sleeping. Wonder if BB will let them sleep in this mornig after the long night they had.

9:23AM BBT: Lights have come on in the the BR and HNR. Heather is getting out of bed. 9:29AM BBT: Hg's have begun to get up. Heather is showering, Adel in and Arlie changing their batteries and Neda is washing her face. Ro has also joined the WA group.

9:33AM BBT: Jon, Arlie, Andrew, Ika, Sabrina in the BR. Arlie is passing out batteries. Jon telling everyone how he would dream that he missed the alarm to go to the pool.

9:41AM BBT: Ro and Sabrina in the WA discussing if Adel is going to use is power today. Sabrina He is not gonna use it if would be so stupid. Ro: I will just tell him he is going home next week if he does. Sabrina: He is not going to use it would be so stupid if he did. I wouldn't tell him anything. (I believe they are talking about putting Ika up)

9:46AM BBT: Jon and Andrew in the LR. Jon is telling him how bad last night sucked. Andrew says he does not envy him.

9:48AM BBT: Ika and Adel in the BR. Ika is telling Adel how no one is talking to her and how weird it is because she didn't do anything. Adel: We just have to fight. Ika: Last night I think the girls were upset because Sarah and I were talking. The reason I am not upset is because she made a game move it wasn't personal she just did what was best for her game. I knew something was up last night when I walked into the BR they all stopped talking and wanted to leave. Adel: I know those guys are playing me. Ika: I don't think RO will put you or I up but she might. Adel: I don't care I will fight.

9:54AM BBT: Sarah and Ro in the HOH talking about putting Ika up. They are now discussing if Adel will use his power. Sarah doesn't think he will. Ro: I am going to start crying when I have to put her up. I think I am going to say I know you don't trust me and you are a really dangerous player in this game. Sarah: Last night Ika told me that she doesn't take things personal. They both then agree that they really like Ika and outside of this house they would be friends w/ her.

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9:59AM BBT: Ro is telling Sarah she just wants to get it over. (PoV ceremony and putting Ika up.) On camera 3 and 4 we have Allison, Kenny, Jon, and Andrew, in the LR once again talking about movies.

10:03AM BBT: Ro is telling Sarah how she wants to get this over. (PoV ceremony and putting Ika up) Downstairs Allison, Kenny, Jon, and Andrew sitting on the couch talking about movies. 10:06AM BBT: All 4 feeds in the HG's downstairs Andrew, Adel, Allison, and Kenny getting breakfast. General chit chat.

10:19AM BBT: Sabrina, Arlie, Allsion, Sarah, Jon, Andrew sitting on the couch. All 4 feeds still just on them. General talk about movies, bowel movements, cost of cigarettes.

10:25AM BBT: Sarah just came out of the Dr and joined the LR group, Sabrina asked her what she can do for her slop pass. Sarah says I don't think there is anything anyone can do. 10:28AM BBT: Adel, Heather, Ika in the WA. They are trying to figure out if the PoV ceremony will be today or not.

10:33AM BBT: Sabrina, Sarah, Jon, Kenny outside at the HT they complain about how clod it is and go back in. Sarah is trying to decide if she should get ready or not. No one knows if the PoV ceremony is today several comments are made to the fact that it is not up on the TV screens.

10:39AM BBT: Most of the HG's in the LR. Andrew is doing impressions of Sabrina dancing. Then Allison asks him to do one of each of them he says Paul and Arlie is easy to do.

10:44AM BBT: All camera's on the HG's in the LR. Andrew is talking about his observations on each of the HG's. He says Arlie has no regard for what Canada thinks about him. He is also the most complimentary person he has ever met. Kenny has a beard that attacks his masculinity. Jon is a person that can make anybody laugh even if someone just died. Sabrina is sweet with a big heart.

10:51AM BBT: Ro was just called to the DR. The HG's expect it is for her to get her hotdog outfit.

10:53 AM BBT: False alarm Ro comes back out of the DR and apologizes for not being dressed as a hotdog. Production called Sarah to the pantry and talk turns to what she got called in there for.

10:57AM BBT: Sarah comes out and Andrew asks what was that for. She says it is all the stuff for her baking.

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12:05PM BBT: All cams on green couches where the HGs are slumped around looking like they were rode hard and put away wet. Andrew and allison are in the bathroom doing ADSs. BB askes Allison to put on her microphone. Rachelle is being asked how long she has to wear her hotdog outfit and she is not sure. BB announces that this is the 15 minute warning for the ODLD. (POV ceremony coming up? DRG) Rachelle says she would be fine in the suit if she did not have to wear the hat. she and Sabrina are in the HOH bathroom prepping for the upcoming ceremony. Heather comes in to use the toilet.

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12:12PM BBT: Sarah and Kenny in the kitchen talking about whether they have dish soap or if it is dishwasher detergent. Sarah concludes it is the detergent. Heather now in the bathroom with Allison. Sabrina and Rachelle talking about Andrew not really liking Allison but he is just using her. Rachelle worried that if she was on the block with Kenny then she would go home. She acknowledges that she overthinks everything. Sabrina now saying that Adel's power is over next week. Sarah and Kenny in the SR where he is saying that he is trying to be strong for her. He is eating something from a bowl. Andrew joins them talking about this week could be a double eviction and even if it is not they just need to get HOH. Neda has joined the two gals upstairs. she thinks that Ika will hate them after she becomes the renom but she is not going to avoid her especially if she starts crying. Downstairs they are talking about whether any of their alliance will switch and if they should talk with Arlie or not (could have been Jon they were discussing. DRG)

12:19PM BBT: Gals upstairs still nervous about the reaction to upcoming POV ceremony and how Heather will respond. They review the comp and why some people did what they did. Ika and Jon now by the pool talking about Sabrina and how she creates drama then cries and plays the victim. Ika says she feels like Paul. BB gives the HGs the five minute warning. Upstairs they are still planning how to manage the next few days and what they will do if they win HOH next week. Neda is saying that she will support Sabrina and Rachelle's reasons for putting up Ika. She will vote with them and is just having a hard time letting go of the dreams from last week. Ika alone by the pool now looking quite apprehensive and deep in thought.

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12:24PM BBT: Upstairs group hugs it out and starts heading downstairs. Sarah asks if they were given the final warning yet as they pass her on the landing. Ika still alone with Jon perhaps in the hammock. Other HGs in the kitchen as BB gives the final warning that the house is now off limits. Allison comes out and sits next to Ika. Others making their way out now but in no particular hurry. They don't think it will be the POV ceremony as Allison was not called to the DR. Arlie is asked to close the orange door. Sarah speculates that this ODLD is just for house maintenance. She then says that she thinks Arlie is hot when he wears regular clothes and the other girls chime in that they just told him inside that he looks hot today. Sarah comments that he walks around in his underwear 99% of the time. he is folding laundry and is wearing jeans and a blue teeshirt with a backwards baseball cap.

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12:31PM BBT: Talk now turns to the missing smokes and did BB take them or Allison. One of the guys says to Allison just give them back and she replies not that way. She is facing a window using it as a mirror to put on her face. They are all sitting around the pool looking as animated as they did on the couches inside. Most are drinking from mugs. Andrew is eating an apple as he asks if you would take 10 Grand over the veto if you were on the block and had a 50-50 chance of going home. He says he would take that and could be in Ibiza inside of a week, Talk now turns to the grand prize money and the taxes that would be due. He talks about having a friend who was on Price is Right with Bob Barker and they all think the show is not as good with Drew Carey. They say he looks really bad now that he has lost the weight. Now they are talking about The View vs. The Talk as they try to figure out the female host of another game show that recently returned to the air who was on The Talk.

12:37PM BBT: Jon remarks that this is just like any other day of his life except that he is sober here. They comment about Rachelle having some hot dog hanging out which prompts discussion of how they have all become comfortable seeing each others genitals and commenting about it. Heather says that she is at 755 steps in response to being asked. (She has to do 10K a day, twice the normal average as punishment from the POV comp. DRG)

12:41PM BBT: Now they are talking about what they would take from the house if given the chance. Someone would take the washer and dryer but Sarah would definitely not take the stove or fridge. Someone would take the Veto necklace and someone else the board with all their pics where the keys are kept. The keyholes they cannot keep as it is a prop but they think they can keep the actual keys. BB finally asks them to stop talking about production. Sabrina is all but asleep and Jon is face down on the tiles between the pool and the chairs. Allison still working on her face. Sarah asks if it is Sunday and when told it is she says "Good that means my family will get to watch me lose the HOH."

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11:38PM BBT: Heather in the LR dressed in 80's attire wearing a pedometer. Heather tells the HGs that she only has to wear it till live eviction, so not a whole week. Rachelle gets excited that her live eviction plays on TV tonight.

General chitchat among HGs in the LR. (Jon, Heather, Neda, Arlie, Allison, Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle)

Sabrina and Rachelle talking about Rachelle being HOH and Sabrina not being able to sleep in her bed. Pretty quiet talk among HGs. HGs talk about "wall-rats" and how they can hear them chatting up a storm. Rachelle brings up the 2 million counter again and how the task had nothing to do with it, they would have told them.

11:42PM BBT: HGs contemplating double evictions, again. When it will be - Arlie guesses it will be a double eviction and how one will go home and the other will be the first jury.

BB tells HGs nap time is over - Jon was sleeping on the green couches. Heather talks about her task of having to walk 10,000 steps in one day, she is currently at 402. She says she is currently taking a break before going full force.

More general chat. Jon sits up to wake up and Heather asks about when he goes in the pool - Jon says whenever they call him. Rachelle gets called to DR and HGs all get excited.

11:47PM BBT: Jon and Sarah in the WA. Sarah doing her make-up and Jon relaxing in the corner. Both think that Rachelle is not going to be stirring up the house this week. Feeds briefly cut FotH. Jon thinks its going to be a double eviction, Sarah says she wants to win - but she really wants a letter. Jon asks Sarah where the boys are at, and Sarah says really just to not go on the block this week, as far as she knows. Sarah says the boys and EVERYONE are smooshing RoRo. Jon asks about Ika crying and Sarah says its just her not feeling like her HOH was worthy. Sarah and Ika had a talk about Ika knowing Sarah isn't gonna play her game, she just wants to win.

Feeds 3 and 4 on FotH.

11:51PM BBT: Allison asks about the showers and their temperature. Sarah says they are warm but to let it run first. Allison says perfect, I am going to take a shower.

Feed 1 and 2 switches to the DR door, assuming waiting for Ro to come out. Feed 3 and 4 still FotH. Silent feeds right now.

11:53PM BBT: Ro comes out of the DR and yells "Whose hungry for a wiener?". Ro says she has to go show everybody and runs outside. She says how uncomfortable it is. Ika and Adel out in the HT and Ro dances around the HT. Ika compliments how roomy it is and how it will be hygienic. Ro quickly runs back inside because its cold. Ro stops at the mirrors and fixes her hair while duck lipping. Ro goes to the WA to show off her hot dog, before heading to her HOHr to put a bra on.

11:56PM BBT: Sabrina, Kenny, Jon, Arlie, Neda and Heather in the LR on green couches. General chat about summer and plans. Sabrina has lost her contact in her eye, but she doesn't get up to find it, rather stay lying on the couch rooting around her eye for a good minute before getting up.

Ro in her HOHr changing her bra and snacking on her HOH goodies, making disturbing chewing sounds.

12:00PM BBT: HGs talk about last season HGs about what they are doing. Neda is shocked that Jillian is teaching again and other HGs say how $100,000 doesn't get you far. They continue to list HGs and what they are doing. (Jon says Gary is doing the most publicity wise, Neda mentions Aneal on 1 Girl 5 Gays, a TV show). Feeds go to FotH.

12:05PM BBT: Feeds are back. HGs are having general chat in the LR about their real life week days. All feeds on green couches. HGs briefly talk about Andrew and Allison and whether or not they will do a long distance relationship. Jon says he is a good judge of things and he says he thinks something is going to come of this.

Feeds change to Andrew and Allison in the WA. Allison asks if he shaves his back. We can't really hear what he is saying as he doesn't have his mic on. Adel comes up to shower. General talk. HGs get a 15 minute warning for BY LD.

12:10PM BBT: HGs all question why they are doing a BY LD. Ro screams BB I DONT WANT TO WEAR THIS HOOD ANYMORE. Ro says she would be fine if she didn't have to wear the hat. Ro and Sabrina in the HOHr and see that Ika is following. Ro is scared that she is going to ask who I'm putting up. What do I say? Neda asks if she is shitting her pants. Sabrina laughs and says words of wisdom, we know who to come to. Neda thinks Ika knows she is going up. Neda says Ika asks why people stop talking when she comes into the room. Sabrina says she feels so bad, and Neda asks if they are 100 million percent sure. They say yes. Sabrina, Neda and Ro talk about how they have each other and how they are the only people who don't run their mouths.

Allison and Heather in the WA. Allison apologizes for how things happened and talks about them both staying. Heather says she thinks she will stay because she feels like Ro will make a big move. Heather and Allison having general friendly chit chat.

12:15PM BBT: HOH WA cam walks behind the wall to the HOHr. Sabrina, Neda and Ro in the HOH WA talking about HGs possibilities and whose gonna vote for who.

Sarah, Andrew and Kenny in the SR eating and talking about Arlie and how he is making friendships outside the first five but still feeling like he is true to the alliance. Sarah thinks that Arlie is a big enough fan that he wants to get the first five to the end. Andrew says that they just need him to vote with them the next two votes and afterwards they have the votes. They all agree that they feel better and agree not to talk to him but continue to make him feel good about things. Sarah says he is fine that they think he is the dumb one.

HGs all scrambling for the BY LD. Heather and Allison doing make-up. Adel just out of the shower, Arlie getting dressed, Kenny in the stall, Ro, Neda and Sabrina in the HOH WA doing make-up. Sound is Jon and Ika talking about how Jon will have to vote against Ika and he says no. Cams switch and they are in the BY. Ika feels like the girls are gonna put her up but think she is shady if she does that. Jon agrees. Ika is bashing all of the girls to Jon. Ika thinks her worst move was trying to true to them.

BB gives a 3 minute warning. Jon runs to grab water and Ika talks to herself saying "Emotional route number 1, who else can I be emotional to? I really hope its not me or Adel."

12:22PM BBT: Sabrina, Ro and Neda are still in the HOH WA talking about who they went form 5 to 3 in 1 week. They hug it out and are excited about being friends outside of the house. The girls head to the BY.

All HGs still hanging out in the KT cleaning. BB gives HGs a final warning, the house is now off limits. Heather takes a spoonful of sugar before heading outside. Jon says this is going to be fucking crazy guys. Adel is in the hammock, all other HGs around the pool.

HGs are all surprised that Allison is still with them in the BY. BB asks Arlie to close the door.

12:28PM BBT: The girls all compliment Arlie and how good he looks today. Andrew says he wishes he could put pj's on and be called hot.

HGs all agree to clean the house today.

General chit chat about TV shows and such, no game talk.

12:34PM BBT: HGs around the pool talking BBUS and how much taxes they get taken away. Kenny says 30%, Sabrina agrees. Kenny mentions his friend on The Price Is Right, Neda says thats on her bucket list. HGs talk about TV shows and list off numerous celebrity names. Andrew eats the apple core and Sarah is so shocked he does that, again.

Jon asks BB to blow the horn because he's bored. Jon says this is his life any day outside of the house, the only difference is he's sober in the house. Pretty quiet around the pool. HGs now talk about Sarah seeing Ro's vagina. Kenny laughs at how comfortable HGs are with each others genitals.

12:38PM BBT: Heather at 752, she says she is going to wait till later to work on it more. Jon farts and HGs joke he is a beached whale cause he's lying on the ground next to the pool. Farts is now the topic of conversation.

Sarah says how cool it would be to be able to take anything they want after leaving the house. Sarah says she would take rose pillows, Andrew says he would take the knives, Kenny says he would take the washer/dryer, Sarah laughs and says she was talking about decor. Sarah says she would take Neda's photo. Kenny asks if anyone wants to keep their picture.

Things they would want to keep:
Sarah - every single costume she worn
Kenny - veto necklace
Andrew - hot tub
Ro - board with pictures and keys
(HGs all want to keep their keys, Sarah says she frame it)
Arlie - TV from HOHr

BB tells them to stop talking about production, Kenny says "we can't talk about nothing". Sarah and Kenny do play-by-play of Jon sleeping on the floor, Jon says he is a deep thruster and that he is very good in bed.

12:45PM BBT: Sarah says "Its sunday, great my family will see me lose the HOH" Ro says "You didn't lose, you almost won" Sarah says "Second place still sucks".

HGs talk about what they would be happy winning. Sarah and Jon talk about who played in net for Canada for the gold medal game.

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12:46PM BBT: One of the guys asks if you would rather win the Bronze hockey game or be in the finals. General consensus is Bronze would be better because it would absolutely suck to come in second. Long lulls between bursts of conversation. Someone asks Adel if he is sleeping and I hear no response. Now they are discussing someone that will be going into the NHL. Ika now has her head down on the back of the chair with her eyes closed. Allison has progressed to lotioning her arms. Neda is scrunched up on a loveseat right above Jon who is now on his side on the tiles. Sarah says she hates that she was not allowed to bring any of her hockey stuff to wear because it was considered logos.

12:51PM BBT: Sarah still talking about her outfits that she could not bring with Neda. Ika now chatting with Allison who announces that she is now going to bronze herself. She starts applying the lotion and says to Ika that she will rinse it in the pool if need be. Jon rolls over onto his back now. Heather cuddled up into a chair with her head down and eyes closed when she stirs and readjusts her leg and blanket. Sarah and Allison the only ones who appear to be fully upright and funtional. Feeds 1 & 2 go the FoTH.

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12:50PM BBT: HGs talking about sports and specific players. Sarah hates that she couldn't bring hockey things because they were all considered logos. Sarah talks to Ika about a specific seller on Etsy (a website), Allison goes on to explain to Ika what Etsy is.

Lazy LD, more general chit chat with lots of sleeping HGs.

12:53PM BBT: Ika thinks they will get a new cup. Jon says I hope not. Sarah considers that they are fan cups because the pattern has been broken as no new HGs came in. Jon wants to know what the 2 million thing was and Allison agrees, Allison thinks they will find out next week.

Jon considers that there is a 98 year old man that brings the cups in the house. Jon says that they install a chair lift on the rail, he comes in and drops the mug wherever, then leaves. The crew then needs to disassemble the chair lift and thats what takes so long.

Feeds 1 and 2 are FotH. Jon asks what tethering means. Neda explains that you tie things together. Jon asks if Neda likes the word and Neda says its alright, I have no strong opinion on it. Jon says he doesn't like it.

12:57PM BBT: Jon wonders what Major Rob Ford is up to. They talk about places he has visited (bars) in the HGs hometown.

Allison is still moisturizing and asks if HGs can smell it. She says it smells like Cuba. Ika is looking around with a stern face, not really saying much.

Little conversation, lots of sleeping HGs.

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12:55PM BBT: A guy says he wants to know what the 2 million thing was about and Sarah says they will probably find out later this week. Cam 3 now showing Sabrina sleeping with her hoodie over her head. Kenny is stretched out horizontal with his feet on the table in front of him and appears to also be sleeping. Allison now standing to apply bronzer to her thighs. Allison asks Ika if she can smell it over there and she says it smells like Cuba. Ika says no but she loves Cuba. Roaming shots of horizontal hamsters with audio of Allison rubbing bronzer on herself.

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1:00PM BBT: One of the laundry machines has finished its cycle and plays its electronic melody. No one moves. Allison has now finished and is sitting with her feet up on the love seat leaning against an arm. Someone is snoring moderately loudly. Tis the morning before Veto and all through the house not a creature is stirring not even a louse. (As punishment for typing that sentence BB sends a loud high pitched and rising electronic tone out over Feed 1. DRG) (Yes it really is just this boring. DRG) Snoring is now getting louder.

1:07PM BBT: Seems even the control room crew has nodded off or are on their lunch break as we have been stuck with a closeup of Jon on the deck and a long shot of the pool for quite some time now. (Sure guys quiet down just when the NCAA game goes to half-time. DRG)

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1:19PM BBT: Breaking news Cam 3 switched from Jon sleeping to Allison sleeping before switching back and now shows Ika up on the exercise equipment doing leg lifts while hanging from the crossbars by her forearms. This is too exciting for us so BB switches back to Jon sleeping. The horn sounds and Jon rises to swim his assigned lap of the pool. he strips to his tightie whiteys then puts on a towel to drop his briefs and don his trunks. He calls out Nap time is over bitches as he runs and does a cannonball into the pool towards the end where they are sitting. Neda got soaked and Sabrina gets up to get a towel to dry her seat as well. She says she was having a dream that was scarey and is glad Jon woke her up. He is out of the pool now and is toweling off at the end farthest from the others before stripping out of his trunks underneath the towel. Now he pulls his sweat shorts on over his briefs Neda and allison say they are not angry with him and either Neda or Sarah say they were scared he was going to hurt himself by running and jumping in. They comment about Sarah not waking even when he yelled out and she says that her legs are now totally soaked.

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1:27PM BBT: Sabrina saying she was dreaming all the time that a tooth was moving and she was going to have to have it taken out. She again says she is not angry and Jon for getting her wet. She was not enjoying the dream. Adel is still lying in the hammock. Jon asks if he can just throw the towel in the dryer for 5 minutes. Sarah tells him it won't dry and he needs to wring it out and then put it in for 15 minutes or so on Speed Dry. He starts the machine and returns to the pool saying that was fun. Now he heads around the corner to where Ika is sitting bouncing on the exercise ball. Ika and Jon now walking back to the pool where the snoring has resumed. They say that there is nothing else to do. Sarah commenting about how the POV is usually on the screen first thing in the morning and the ceremony is usually early. Jon says that there are people, not a person, but people in the house. Ika has a pool noodle and asks Jon if he still has to go pee and he replies yes, really bad. Sarah is glad that at least he did not pee in the pool. Jon thinks that there are a lot of girls in the house and Sarah teases him that the girls were probably models and they sounded naked. Kenny said the voices did sound high pitched.

1:34PM BBT: Jon says again that he did not pee in the pool and Ika tells him not to pee in the pool. He asks if she has even been in once and she says that she was once when she was thrown in. Jon says no one would know if he peed in the pool and they say that BB will know as they know everything. Sarah now tells a story about having told her kids about there being a chemical in the pool that turns the water blue if someone pees and someone else talking about how that is a myth in front of her daughter and Sarah saw the look of enlightenment spread across her face. Now they are talking about why music sometimes plays in the house when they are on LD and Sarah explains it is to keep sound from bleeding through the walls when production is in the house and the HGs are not on camera when that happens. BB tells them to stop talking about production. Jon says I really have to pee with some urgency as if BB will respond to him.

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1:40PM BBT; The comment about Adel sleeping this whole time since they came out and that he is really lucky. Jon saying that it has been a really long time and he wishes he had peed before he came out. Sarah now speculating that maybe it is a POV ceremony random live eviction. Kenny is carving up an orange. Rachelle wakes in her hot dog suit and proclaims that napping is awful. Not just in this chair but napping in general is bad. Neda is sleeping away on the love seat next to Rachelle. Jon now remarks that he has not had to hold his pee since like grade 9. As someone asks if the POV has to be today, the garage door starts going up and they all run over. Nothing has changed except they say that it smells different in the house. They wander around inspecing and Rachelle goes up to the HOH and we hear her peeing. Kenny Allison and Neda are walking along the upstairs balcony inspecting it and the downstairs. Allison says that at some point something will be hidden here. Sabrina and Jon now in the SR as feeds 1 & 2 come back live. They are talking about Andrew and thinking that he has their backs and they will protect him as long as they can. Rachelle breaks up the conference coming in to get something to eat. Ika is in the bedroom changing and all four feeds go FoTH.

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1:45 BBT Outdoor lockdown over. HGS run to the door to see of anything happened inside. Nothing new just the house smells better. HGS making food and taking turns for washroom. Andrew went into storage room and BB left him new hair clippers.

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1:52PM BBT: HGs again wondering why POV ceremony is not on the TV screen, it would be there if something weird were not happening. Andrew comes into the kitchen and says they have new clippers which he is holding. He hands them to Arlie. Kenny says he might trim his beard with them. Jon is heading out to the hot tub where he looks around then heads back inside. Talk in the kitchen is what to make for lunch. Sabrina calling out to Adel but Rachelle answers. Arlie and Jon on the green couch next to the counter. Andrew and Neda working in the kitchen. Heather and Sabrina by the stairs where they are exchanging batteries.

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1:03PM BBT: Sarah, Heather, Ro, Ika, Jon, and Neda at the pool almost all of them look like they are sleeping. No one is talking just some occ. snoring.

1:20PM BBT: No have has spoke in 20 minutes and then BB sound the alarm for JOn to do a lap in the pool.

1:21PM BBT: As Jon goes to get into the pol he does a cannon ball and gets everyone wet.

1:27PM BBT: Sabrina is now awake telling Jon she is not mad he woke her up because she was having a terrible dream that one of her teeth were loose. Most HG's have fallen back to sleep.

1:31PM BBT: Jon and Sarah are talking about why they have a OLD. Jon mentions it may be do to the counter reaching 2 million. Jon says it sounds like there are a lot of people in the house. It sounds like it was girls. Sarah says Jon maybe we have been in this house too long. Kenny says it did sound like higher pitched voices.

1:36PM BBT: Talk has now turned to peeing in the pool, and the fact htat grown ups always tell children if they pee in the pool it will turn blue.

1:45PM BBT: OLD is over. As they enter several people complain that it smells different inside but nothing visible has changed.

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