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September 12th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

Please keep personal comments to a minimum and feel free to e-mail updates to ranster@mortystv.com

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sorry posted this on the other thread so I am reposting it here.

Jan is eatting again, Ive is in bed looking at the pictures of her family, April is in the shower and Mag is in the DR. Ive and April are in the bathroom together and nothing is being said by either of them. Ive leaves and is looking at the house guests pictures on the wall. Now she is in the gold room studying the room then back to bed with her family's photos.

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Janelle and April playing volleyball in BY.

Talking about the HOH comp on Thursday. April asks Janelle is she's excited.

April tells her that she thinks the last comp will be questions. She tells Janelle

to think back on the previous Big Brothers to figure out what it is.

Janelle says "if it's endurance, do you think Ivette will do well, or Maggie?

April says I think ya'll will do well.

April says that she knows you (janelle) don't have any support here which sucks, but do your absolute best. I know you will.' (giving Janelle a little pep talk)

They both start hitting the volleyball again and are laughing and having fun

Meanwhile... Maggie and Ivette are in the kitchen making somthing to eat.

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April says to Janelle that Ivette will not pick Janelle and Janelle won't pick Ivette. So to look at the bright side - she'll either be here in the final two or in the sequester drinking.

April says "if you've made it this far - you can make it another seven days"

They keep playing volleyball and laughing together

April says she's getting a "pimping" outfit for the wrap party. Janelle says "me too". They're hoping BB will give them a shopping spree.


They must have said something over the intercom.

Now April and ivette are peeking out in the backyard with Janelle and April.

Ivette said I just said "what is greater than god. There is nothing greater than god" and that's when they said (something inaudible) and she said "NOTH" with her fingers and that's when we put it together.

Janelle and April said they couldn't put it together

Maggie said they were bored out of there minds and just put it together

April said "what did you say it was again BB" and then

FOTH again!

Back and then April said to Maggie and Ivette "I'm proud of you all"!!! We couldn't put it together!!! We were saying "NOTHING makes sense" Maggie said that's funny you said 'NOTHING'.

So what I can get from it all is that Ivette and Maggie have put something together and Big Brother went "ding, ding ding" like they got something right. (which is why we got fish) Ivette said she started figuring it out with "NOTH" which would be short for nothing.

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While A&J were in the BY playing volleyball I&M came out to say they firgured out the answer to the riddle was "nothing" (I came in during the middle of this but I think it was Maggie who came up with the answer)

April & Janelle sitting at the dining table chitchatting

Ivette & Maggie in the cot room chitchatting. (Ivette seems happy for a change)

(I&M playing some game, 20 questions maybe??)

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April says she's curious about the dam safe. She speculates that it might be the winner. She says it might hold the $500,000.

Janelle says Ya Right. I hope not, that would be dumb.

Janelle and April want to get Wine. April says I know.... they wouldn't give us any last night. They both hope they'll give it for Aprils going away party.

They both start talking about the people they love. (michael and Matt) then April says - i'm going into the DR and see if I can go talk about him.

Ivette and Maggie in the cot room laying around chatting.

Janelle does some laundry

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girls stilll talking in the big room.

M wants to take rachel the wool blankets for horses. she askes bb.

bb doesnt reply

M-A talk about pictures of how fun it was taking them of howie on the shitter

M-A talk about A getting some and you hear bb ring a bell and A start singing get down tonight.

M-A talk about sleeping in the goldroom M asks BB if they are going to scare her and BB rings the bell again.

they ask bb another question we get fish.


your hear A say don't you sit back behind those windows?


well good night for now.

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Just when I thought I'd have to give up my BB6 feeds it gets fun! BB is messing with the girls - Maggie & April while Ivette is a wet blanket getting up only to storm out of the room or say something rude. Ignoring her, the other two girls began by asking BB true/false questions to which bb would ring a bell for yes, buzzer for no. It started out innocently and was fun until someone asked BB if April had a nice cooter (hate that word)....bb didn't answer and it went downhill from there. Ivette got mad and left and the girls just egged bb on more to the point BB started reprimanding Maggie who told them "NO". She kept doing that and climbing on something (sorry, I missed what since my audio was them, video of Janelle in the bath - um.....does she have clothes on?). Anyway, bb started playing music and we got fish.

I hope whomever is BB tonight doesn't get in trouble because for the first time in a few days I was truly laughing my butt off!


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They've been talking a lot tonight about the rats - which ones they like, which can get some new clothes for Maggie because the one special outfit she brought to wear won't fit her now, and so forth. When too many details come out they go to fish.

The girls wanted BB to give 'em all their pre-recorded messages so bb obliged and they got the old favorite, "HG, Please pull down the protective shades before playing Basketball.". The guests yelled for BB to give them one!

Maggie just told April she's being mean tonight. She says April squashed a grape on her forehead...we missed it because it was during fish. Maggie has something that Apirl is trying to keep her from telling - April got angry earlier when she thought Maggie had told the "secret" to the rats.

Now Ivette is trying to figure out why April's husband calls her "Slip N Slide". She appears ticked that the other girls make a bit of fun at her expense because she doesn't get it. She says she has to go to the bathroom and she leaves.

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Janelle is finished shaving her legs, dying her hair (earlier she said, I have to rinse this out of here before it turns my hair white - to which Maggie rolled her eyes). Maggie is forbidding April from sleeping with her boogly pillow in her crotch - says she'd have to dry clean it afterward.

Ivette is outside by herself, obviously out of sorts. Looking at the sky, arms folded across her chest.

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Lots of farting tonight and now talk of cooter color - April thought Janelle dyed hers but Janelle had to set her straight that she's clean shaven. April says she usually is but not in here.

Ivette is back in the house, in the kitchen. She's putting away dishes.

Maggie just offered to mud wrestle naked for the gold safe combination - BB rang the bell continuously that he/she thought it was a great idea. I'm guessing it's a he.

Now they want to know if the gold safe will be opened before Tuesday....BB is silent.

Now they ask if they can have the combination now....nothing.

Is there a live show on Tuesday? One ring (yes)

Is there a luxury competition tomorrow? nothing

Is my hair blonde? <<April>> Nothing....someone says , "naturally" ... one ring, yes

Is my cooter shaved? Buzzz

Does Janelle wear underwear? Ever? nothing

Are Janelle's period panties being sold on eBay? nothing - Janelle says, yuck, that's gross....I gave them to Howie. April says, That's better?

Are you guys going to scare me if I sleep in the Gold Room <<Maggie>>: Nothing (earlier she asked the same question and they said yes.....

dang! I hope that's not the end of the messages.

Janelle has gone out to check the laundry. Ivette is back to brooding in bed.

Maggie she asked her if she was ok, she mumbled something and Maggie asked her if she needs to go to the DR. Well that spoiled the mood. Maggie asked if she wanted to join them in playing with the people behind the walls, "They're actually making us laugh....they're showing more of their personality tonight". Ivette says no.

Back to talking about the Rats by name & what they love. I'm sure we'll have fish soon.

Corrie - woman, no shame in Corrie's game.

Gee.....fish, I'm so surprised!

Janelle went up to the HOH.

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A.I.M is laying around in bed. Maggie and April are acting crazy. Maggie keeps saying (yelling) "I LOVE YOU..... I LOOOOOVE YOU" to April.... she's grabbing her and wrestling her. they're squealling.

Ivette seems depressed. Janelle is now in the room with Maggie and april. Ivette goes pee. They are talking about lubricant. April says she's 31 and needs it.

April wants to borrow Maggies "booogley" to do something nasty to it. Maggie says she'd let her sleep with her booogley but not in her hole. April says "awe..come on Magg - i'm getting evicted on tuesday - throw me a bone.

Janelle farted. Maggie said bless you. April said that was a BIG fart. Janelle says not as big as yours. They're all light hearted and having a nice night.

Maggie said to April "don't go". They are hoping that there might be something in the Gold Safe that will change the game for april to stay.

Ivette is missing out on all the chit chat. She's staring at the picture board. She's totally depressed.

AIM is asking for the combo to the gold safe to BB (no answer from BB)

They keep asking Big brother questions and they answer with a "ding" noise for yes or a "unkkkkk" for no.

April asked is my hair blond? "ding ding" (from BB)

April asked if her carpet is blond "unkkkunkkk (from BB)

They laughed and had some fun with it.

Ivette is back. She's totally totally depressed. The girls ask her if they are bothering her or if they should turn the lights off. She melonchally responds "no" and pulls her covers closer to the chins.

Maggie asks if she wants to play with her and April with the men behind the scenes? They're making us laugh".

Ivette: NO


april and maggie keep talking about the people they like in the DR.

Ivette has covers over her head

FotH because of the name dropping of the Diary Room people.

Out for the night for me... *muah

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Maggie just figured out tonight that she's been seen naked by the rats because the others explained to her that when someone talks in the shared shower they turn on the cameras there. She asked BB if she'd been seen naked - one ding. She says the cheerleader (forgot her name) used to talk to her all the time and fool around with the curtain so she figures every one of the camera people have seen her by now.

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April just told Maggie that she's tired of Ivettes attitude. Maggie says I don't want to talk to either of you about this any more, I'm emotionally drained. Maggie says Ivette is emotionally down because of the game. Maggie says I told her that I was down about the game when I lost my partner. April says I can't do anything right by her. She's an influential person and because she does speak her mind people listen. Maggie groans to stop April and says, "I've actually been having fun this last hour and I want to keep having fun." April says, "I'm the one going home on Thursday and I still want to have fun."

April goes on the repeat everything she's already said and Maggie is getting frustrated because twice now she's said she doesn't want to talk about it.

Evidently during FISH Ivette left the room.

Maggie said she had a low point last night. April is repeating her woes about why she's upset with Ivette. Tells Maggie she'll see when this is over what really happened. Maggie repies but I don't want to talk about it now....April says well there's nothing else to do.

They all keep complaining that there's nothing to do.

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