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September 12th Live Feed Updates

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10:16 AM BBT

Back from FISH

Iv is outside drinking coffee.

A and M are still in bed awake and talking. A is asking what time it is


A told him that he is rude and they are at the end, does he not see that?


A that is f****** rude, I am not going to respond to that. She is still asking what time it is. She said that she is going to sleep all day.

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FISH again (probably because they are still not getting out of bed)

Just before FISH, A and M were talking about the final 2 and A was giving M reasons why Jan would never pick Iv over M to go the final 2. A said they would kill her if she chose Iv to go with her. (Just a note: when A was saying all of this, I was right outside the GR making her bed.)

They also were talking about how America views them and the ones that watch the internet feeds were nothing but losers who didn't work.

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Back from fish...

Jan is still in bed with the lights on.

Iv is in the BR, not headed outside doing laundry.

M and A still in bed in GR with lights off

BB: The lights must remain on during the day.

A and M are talking about wanting to get their teeth cleaned when they get out. A said she can feel the coffee on the back of her teeth.

M said she spooned her all night last night.

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A and M were in the kitchen...

M asked where Flo was and A said either in the Backyard or BR (she was in the BR)

Iv walked through and A (half-assed) thanked her for making coffee. M thanked her loudly and Iv just walked outside.

M said that it is really going to bring her down if she (Iv) is down the rest of this f****** game.

They went outside and A said they the three of them (M, A, and Jan) need to play volleyball today. M and A went to sit in the sun to be warm. Iv is in the hammock.

A offered to give her some clothes when she leaves.

M asked if her legs look smaller.

A said she has soccer legs and they are not fat but stocky.

M said she is okay with that.

A said she has a gymnast body, soccer body

A asked what kind of body she has

M said a 12 year old boy body but she has gotten more womanly. Maggie said at first she was too skinny but was beautiful but too skinny.

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A and M were talking about good-bye messages...

M said she wasn't going to say a good-bye to A.

A said she had to because she was going to have at least one mean one (from Iv). She said that M and J would be nice. A asked BB to not show Iv and to show M message 5 times and J message twice.

M said there is no need to leave a mean message and she hasn't.

A said that Jan told her that she needed to apologize to Jen for her message because in the message she blamed Jen for evicting K and that was the reason she had to go.

Now A and M are going over K and his promise in the pressure cooker and how he swore on everything to keep her safe.

A and M talking about James and saying how they treated them so badly. M is talking about how James said he would never vote for Maggie because of Eric.

M said that is pure hatred.

A said when she gets to the sequester house she is not going to talk to anyone but Jen and Beau first and tell them everything.

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M asked I what she was going to do today. Iv said probably the same thing as yesterday.

Iv said she cleaned the shower and instead of A saying thanks she told Iv that she was going to do that. Iv said she didn't clean the toilet and A said she would clean it.

M starts talking about her toilet phobia. She won't sit on the toilet seat without a cover or she lifts the lid. She said home is the only place where she sits on the seat, not even at the hospital.

A said that she isn't scared because they have all been tested before coming in the house.

A goes inside to make coffee

M is headed inside to go poo

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A: I want to be happy today Maggie.

M: I want to be happy today April

A says she feels so bad for Jan. she says that Jan said that she is so sad that A is leaving. A said that they all have each other for their cheerleaders but Jan has no one. A said that she isn't going to wish that Jan doesn't make it because it isn't nice (since when has that stopped A before?) April wonders what she is going to do when M is in the DR. A says that she hates being on the block with her.

M said she never campaigns against her.

A said me either. A said that Iv told her that she wished she could give money to charity but she cannot because she has to give it to her family. M said there is no excuse to not give because it is much more than what they bring home. A said when she gets home she is going to get involved in a charity.

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A: I hate to bring this back up but I think Iv thinks I don't like her but I just don't like the way that she makes me feel in this house. I don't know what to do.

M: Me either.

A: Did she just go on and repeat herself.

M: yeah. You just hurt her feelings.

A: She sat there and told me shove the POV up my ass and called me a little Texas girl. I told her that I wanted to wait until we were out of the game. I know that I hurt her feelings and I put the majority (if not all) of the blame on her but normally I would not sit there and listen to someone making fun of someone else and join in on it.

M: That was Bo-Bos thing too. He made fun of a lot of people.

A: He liked Jan though. I usually don't hang around the loud person that make fun of everyone but I had already made friends with her and the minute that the SOSs came out I had already made promises so I wanted to stick with them.

M: I didn't make promises to anyone.

A: Well, maybe not promises but I had established a friendship.

M: I was the last one to make promises. Did Eric ask you to protect me or take care of me?

A: That could have possibly happened, I don't remember. The words might not have been exchanged but at least understood. I don't remember. R told me that as soon as she got to sequester that she was going to tell Jen that she screwed the pooch.

M: Both sides were rooting for her.

A: I cannot help it that I felt that I was controlled by Iv. Should I have told her, probably not. Matt would have told me to keep my mouth shut but when she told me the POV thing then I changed my mind about shutting up. I really wanted her out the week the Howie was HOH, Jen and I thought about getting rid of her.

M: I would have seen that as going against because we had already made our deal.

A: It isn't that I hate her. Maggie is going to hate me

M: really?

A: I have talked about it in the DR.

M: Thay ghave asked me about both of you.

A: They asked me about you too.

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A said that she would tell Iv that she is sorry but she would want to talk about again and I wouldn't get to talk. She is a very vocal person and I feel like I listened to her over what I want. If I would have listened to her when I was HOH James would not be gone.

M says that B wanted James gone too. The time that she spent with James compared to B...

A says she felt sorry for B, no one (esp her and Beau) could not do right in her eyes.

A: am I going to cry tomorrow night when I give my good-bye speech?

M: No.

A: When you are on the block you knew you were not going home.

M: No, I didn't know that I wasn't going home when I was on the block with Eric.

A is telling M how honest she was (compared to Jenn) with K when K wanted them to vote against M.

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Jan and April is talking in backyard. Jan is talking about being nice to everyone, Maggie and April she was nice to. (got in on the last of that convo but April was telling Jan about something she said to someone else) April is saying "she" is a nice person but April made her choices by hearing Ive. Jan wants to know if Ive used April, April says she didn't think she meant to use her, but she is a really nice and good person, April isn't going to sit here and say she isn't. Jan wants to know why Ive says Jan didn't make friends, Jan named off all the friends she made, and Jan says Ive sees things only one way, April agrees and says she does the same thing. April says she knows it appears that she is putting the blame all on Ive, but it is Aprils fault but because April constantly heard that trash talking she became bad like that, it is her fault, but even when you watch the tapes you can't see everything, they cut the tapes and stuff. April was asked in the DR about Ive and the cussing and stuff. April feels like where she went wrong, she based her feelings on others thoughts and not on her own feelings and thoughts, that was her fault totally. Jan says you have to go with your own thoughts and feelings. April says she tries to see others points of views and feelings and she was trying to make to many people happy, she is like that she is a social person, she likes to be liked and she likes to like, but she accomidated to many people and she stretched herself to far. April points out how jan didn't react to people after hearing James talk about them. April says if she heard something she believes it because outside of this house when her friends tell her something she believes it, she doesn't second guess her friends and she thought everyone was her friends in here so why not trust them. Now she is going on about how people interpret things differently. She isn't going to take things personally, Ive is very uspet with her. Jan doesn't see why Ive is upset with April, April says Ive says she feels April personally attacked her and blamed her, jan says that Ive did influence April. April is replaying the fight between her and Ive and now April is asking Jan not to tell Ive what she is saying once April leaves. April tells Jan that she has told them that Jan doesn't hate Ive. She thinks James is the only one who understands Ive, he wasn't holding information, April thinks James is the dirtest player in the game, he is the root of all the trouble in this house. Jan has just been nodding and saying uhuh during April's speech. April is saying that lux comp hasn't been done. She thinks the safe will be incorporated in one of the comps. She asked Jan what Jan told Howie about a past show and she swears she won't tell anyone, Jan yawned and said something but April didn't press the issue because Jan wouldn't tell her. April is trying to figure out what is going to happen in the next comp, Jan says they are going to have boxs in the middle and the combo will be in one of those boxs. Jan wants that combo so badly. April thinks maybe they can figure out the next combo by useing the last two safes combos. Jan is playing along with that.

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April is telling Jan that April is so fair in playing and not a cheater, she could see Jan's feet and she could of followed every move Jan made and if she would of done that she could of tied Jan or Mag would of won. Jan says really? April says yeah, but now she added that she didn't see that till after the first couple of questions. April says that she is weird but if you win the money the bad way, bad will come to you. April tells BB that next time they need to make the comp better and to the floor. April says if you get asked any questions just act like we never talked about this. jan says "no shit why would I?". April is called to the DR and jan is searching around the kitchen for something.

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Jan fixing herself something to eat, Mag brought in a load of laundry to the BR. Ive joined her. Mag and Ive goes outside. April is trying to line dry something and mag says that will never work. Ive is walking the yard for a couple of laps, Mag is going to sit in the sun and wait for Ive. Mag says she is doing the game in her mind. Ive says she never thought she would be so sad in this game, she knew she was sad when Cappy left but she never thought she would be this sad. Mag says she doesn't think anyone would think they could get this sad in this game, Ive is sooooooo sad, she doesn't even look forward to waking up, Mag says right, ive says she has nothing to look forward to because what ever she would have to look forward to is 8 or 7 days away. Ive is so worried about what is going to be said in sequester, Mag says why worry about that because there is nothing you can do about it, Ive says because she is worried shit is going to be talked and she can't defend herself and it is going to piss her off, Mag says that happen in the house all the time, people talked all the time and they couldn't defend themselves, Ive says when she heard it she defended herself, Mag says yeah but there was plenty you didn't hear, worrying about that stuff is a wasted worry, she can't let herself get down about things she can't control. Ive asked if Michael is 28 Mag says yeah. Ive wonders why they didn't give them shopping this year, Mag says becasue they expected it, Ive says but they did it the other years, it doesn't make sense, Mag says she doesn't know she never asked. Ive hates when she really loves someone, Mag wants to know why Ive says that, Ive says she really gets hurt when that happens, that is why she distance herself so she won't get hurt, she is very picky about who she loves and lets get close for that reason. Ive says the fact she loved April and trusted her so much really hurts Ive, but oh well, she only has 8 more days of this mess then she can go home. Mag says she can't hear Ive to well because Ive was across the yard and there was a plane. Ive repeats what she said before, Mag says yes. Ive says it is very hard not to take things personally in this house, Mag says right. Ive says it is all shit. Ive says the greatest victory is to beat her and that is it, f*ck the rest. Ive says she has never been a quitter but she has wanted to quit so bad, soooooo bad. Ive doesn't understand what is up with that. Now talk about how long mag set the dryer for. All of a sudden you hear music, Ive says Hey and we have fish.

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Ive wants to know how many feet are in a mile, mag says she has no idea. Ive says it all sucks. (during this whole conversation, Ive keeps walking laps and changing subjects every few minutes and Mag is laying in a chair in the sun relaxing not responding to very much of what Ive is saying) Ive ask Mag is she is studying and Mag says not really just thinking. Ive has to pee, the last lap and then she is going to sit next to mag. Long pause in talk here. Ive is sitting next to mag now. Ive tells Mag that she looks good in the skirt, Mag says thanks for letting her borrow it, she loves it but she isn't sure she would of bought it. Now Mag is talking about her friend that the skirt is totally her, she is an expensive hippy, she would spend 40 dollars on a skirt where Mag wouldn't do that. Mag is now saying the house guests names to Ive and Ive says those were HOH's so now Mag is saying another list of names Ive says those are vetos, Mag goes on with another list of names. I lost my feeds. Now Ive is resaying names and says they are part of the jury. Ive ask if it is horrible to want out of the hosue, mag says no she wants out to, Ive tells Mag she hates every second in this house, Mag says well....I don't know what to say, everyone hates this house, your low is a big low, we have all been low, I have at least. Mag says she has went in there and talked about leaving. Mag tells Ive now she is okay, everyone wants this game to be over, she thinks of all the good times in this house and it makes it easier. Ive says when she thinks about the laughs and stuff all that comes to mind is she is responsible for all the bad things that has happen in this hosue. Mag says your doing that to yourself then, you know deep down your not responsible for all the bad things that has happen, right now your eatting yourself up. Ive ask if she should do something (not sure what) today or tomorrow to eat some time up. mag tells her that they have to do an HOH comp sometime and it is going to be a endurance one so she is trying to save herself up as much as possible. Ive is reasking questions about the house again to make sure she is prepared. We have fish.

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Okay they are back. They are talking about who is HOH and who was here when the table got switched. They determine that Jen was not here when they changed the table, Beau was the HOH when the table was changed. Ive doesn't understand why BB hasn't changed the table again to only four people. April was the HOH when the second safe was open, Mag was HOH when the first safe was open. Some answer was pie during a comp, they are saying it how "she" said it. james was bake, Beau was buns, Rachel was string cheese, she was pie and someone else was something else, but they can't remember it. One of the answers was bread and that was James. Ive was Bake, James was bread, Jan was strawberries, Jen was pie, they are saying french fries, Ive says french something and they said fries. ( I think this was about the Match game comp they had) Okay they are now moving to the spelling comp. Mag is having trouble remembering this one, but Ive has it down pat. Mag does know what was misspelled. April came out and said thanks for drying her stuff. Mag asked April what she was doing, April says she just got out of the DR but she didn't say anything, now April is going to eat because she is hungry. April says to Mag about how she told "her" that she is balls to the wall. April tells Mag that she told "her" that they love her, Mag says that she knows she doesn't want to talk about this but what was Jen doing in the comp and stuff, April wants to know why Mag would think April wouldn't want to help with teh game and Mag says you told me you didn't want to talk about the game any more, April says that it was that day. Now April and Mag is trying to figure out the Match Game comp and Ive is actually helping in this talk. they are having trouble with what Jen's answer was. Mag says that she remembers one comp where there was a pillar and you had to answer what other house guests said about you, Ive says that was in 3 but she couldn't remember what they did in 5. Ive says the first one is endurance, now she is going in detail about the last veto comps in past BB shows. Ive is giving the impression that the last comps were split into sections where there is different stages to the final HOH, start with three, the last two compete for the HOH. April says they haven't done crap from season 3, everything is the same as season 5. Ive is telling that they did do some of the same comps from season 3 as this year. now talk about what they are going to do tonight. Mag is going to clean, April is going to do a mud pack and paint her toe nails. Now April is telling Mag all the things they did together yesterday while Ive is sitting there. Ive gets up and leaves. April says Cory makes her feel good about herself, she thinks Cory is her friend, but mag says she makes things stradegy more than what it really is. April says Cory does put things in thier head, she said that Cory said I know we have been talking about this...................then we get fish.

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4:20 BBT

M&A are in the BY, Iv has just gone inside

They started to talk about Iv but then I got fishies (so I missed most of it)

Maggie says all Ivette talks about is how she wants to be out of the house.

Ivette comes back out/convo quickly changes to idle chitchat

Ivette is laying on a lounge chair semi-pouting but she is participating in the convo every now & then

Janelle comes & joins them so all 4 are hanging out in the BY

They are talking about furniture & April is telling some story about how she got some entertainment center & the TV didn't fit in it (yawn)

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