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April 12 [Friday] Live Feed Updates

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11:00PM feeds are back, Emmett, Jillian, and Talla, Andrew are in the KT eating. Emmett calls Alec a prick for thanking Chevrolet for the powershift for this speech.

11:12 PM It is confirmed Jillian won HOH. Talla asked Jillian to wake her up when she gets her HOH room.

11:13 PM Jillian and Talla are talking in the kitchen suggesting Andrew will go up on the block. Jillian tells Talla she wants all four of them to talk openly so everyone is on the same page

11:16 PM Talla gets ready for bed and asks Jillian again to wake her up when she gets her HOH room. Andrew joins Jillian in the kitchen.

11:18 PM Jillian is telling Andrew how Talla wanted to put Andrew as a pawn but Jilian clairfys that she wants to talk with all four of them. Andrew tells Jillian the scenarios if Talla goes up with Peter. If Peter wins POV and takes himself off then one of their own goes up. It is confirmed they want Peter out next.

11:20 PM Andrew and Emmett head to the hot tub. Andrew tells Emmett in the hot tub he likes how it worked out. Andrew tells Emmett he trusts him and Jillian that it is them three that will be in the final three. He tells Emmett what Jillian told him that Talla didn't want to be put up as a pawn but to put Andrew up instead. Andrew points out if it is Talla and Peter on the block and Peter wins POV, Peter will pull himself off the block then he will have to go up.

11:23 PM Andrew tells Emmett the reason why Topaz went home was that she slept all the time which was disrespectful of the game and he is happy that Alec is gone. Andrew didn't like how Alec played the game.

11:27PM SotH

11:40PM Feeds are back. Feeds are back. Peter is eating in the KT by himself, looks like he is planning for his next move. Andrew and Emmett are in the hot tub talking about what happens after big brother and who they want to see when they get out.

11:44PM Andrew tells Emmett if he (Emmett) wins next HOH what they will do if Peter is still there and what kind of competitions will be taking place.

11:47PM BB house guests to stop talking about production.

11:48PM Andrew and Emmett are talking about grudges and if who will have grudges when the show is done. Andrew suggests Gary will have grudges against them.

11:50PM Andrew tells Emmett that he would take him to the final two if came down to it and he isn’t just saying it because he is right beside him.

11:52PM Peter joins Andrew and Emmett in the hot tub, Andrew asks Peter if he just got out (from the DR), Peter tells them he was out awhile ago and he was eating nuggets in the kitchen. Andrew says he thought they threw that out awhile ago because they were old. They continue to talk about chicken nuggets. No game talk. They talk about North Korea and how they hosted their own Olympics and they won all the competitions. Peter tells them that North Korea controls everything in their country that if someone types google.com they get directed to Chinese.gov.com. that the government controls everything. Peter says North Korea’s people are brainwashed, information is so regulated and compare how they (Canada) are living in luxury compared to them.

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12:04AM BBT - Andrew & Emmett in the HT, Peter chatting with them. Peter is joking about his PVR being full. Andrew asks if the lights are dim inside, Peter says no. Talla went to bed, she wasn't feeling well. Andrew said likely because she was on the block. Peter says she didn't get a vote, she was up there a very short time. He says that they got their doubles out of the way, so if there's another twist, it shouldn't be a double.

12:07AM BBT - Andrew says we'll see what tomorrow brings. He doesn't want to stay up too much longer, but thinks he is going to be called to the DR. Peter confirms Jillian was going to the DR as he came outside. Andrew surmises maybe they'll get a game or something to play with this week, voted by Canada. Or a shopping spree. They discuss BB US shopping sprees.

12:10AM BBT - Andrew & Emmett are done in the HT. Peter: "8 men started this, 3 remain". Andrew says that's crazy. Peter's ankle that he hurt in the apple challenge is bothering him. Emmett talks about going to bed, Peter comments that they'll have to go see Jillian's HOH room (that they already saw earlier today). Andrew & Emmett take a quick dive in the pool while Peter heads inside.

12:16AM BBT - Andrew talking about Talla and how hot she is, even though he doesn't like her "that way"; she drives him crazy. He wonders if they've shown any scenes on the show of the two of them arguing and bickering. (Hard to make out exactly what they are saying while in the pool with no mics - especially when they whisper)

12:19AM BBT - Andrew and Emmett climb out of the pool to go take a shower. Andrew comments it's colder out in the BY. Peter in the WC.

12:25AM BBT - Emmett asks Peter if the lights are dim in the BR. He shakes his head no and Emmett groans, asking why. Does Peter think it's early? He has his mic in his mouth (washing his hands) and shakes his head no vigorously, eyes wide. Emmett says he can't sleep with the lights on. He can during the day for a nap, but not at night. Peter heads to the SR for a bandaid, which he wraps around his finger. He then heads to the KT to put the leftover nuggets away.

12:30AM BBT - Emmett goes into the BR, tells Talla he can't sleep in there with the lights on. Andrew comes in, says doesn't know what time it is; Talla says it's late. Andrew & Talla dicsuss which one is going up as a pawn with Peter. Talla says she doesn't want to have to go up first, but she would go up second. Andrew says it really doesn't matter as long as they are clear about the ones who are not on the block saving the one who is.

12:33AM BBT - Talla would rather Andrew goes up because she thinks he has a stronger chance of winning it. (She must forget that they all get to play the POV now? - BBLuver) Talla really wants to win something. Just one win would be nice. She then circles back to it doesn't matter who is the pawn, but it would make her feel less stressed out. Talla says she wasn't worried on the block tonight. Talla asks Andrew who he would've nominated; he says Peter and Topaz. She asks Andrew if he's closer to Emmett than her, he says no. Emmett and Jillian are closer, Andrew is closer to Talla.

12:35AM BBT - This week, it's super important that Peter does not win POV, Andrew stresses. Talla agrees. Jillian comes in and puts eye drops in her eyes. Andrew asks if Emmett got called into DR, Jillian says no, she will be called in again. Andrew reassures Talla he'll come get her when the HOH room is revealed. Talla bids them good night and tries to go back to sleep.

12:36AM BBT - Emmett & Jillian on the KT couches. Jillian comments her eyes looked stoned while she was in the DR. Peter on a chair at the bar, Andrew making something. BB tells the HG's to stop talking about the DR; Jillian then gets called to the DR.

12:37AM BBT - SoTH.

12:56AM BBT - Feeds are back. Jillian is in the KT, starving she says. Andrew and Peter are in the KT with her. Emmett was in the HOH room, but comes downstairs.

1:00AM BBT - Jillian wants some protein, they all ask BB for protein powder for protein shakes. Peter tells Jillian olives have protein. Peter is tired and but a bit wired. Andrew agrees, asks if Peter took a nap today. Peter says no, and adds that he's drained from the emotions of losing Alec today. Jillian is going to make some nachos.

1:02AM BBT - They have another rack of ribs left, and Talla and Peter won't eat them. More for the other 3. Andrew wonders what Canada thought about Topaz. If there had been another power shift, both would've lost and they would've voted to keep Suzette again, Andrew jokes. Peter and Jillian settle in with their nachos. Jillian mixed some salsa with cottage cheese (sounds gross but has protein she says). Peter is just eating the salsa with the chips.

1:05AM BBT - They've been in the house 50 days, which is like 100 AJ relationships. Andrew asks how many hickeys Emmett has given Jillian. He jokingly wonders how she can stand Emmett after having 3 meals a day with him everyday. He then decides to go check the BR to see if the lights are dim yet, citing they'll never be dim again. Emmett is in the DR, apparently. Andrew goes to HOH to use the washroom.

1:08AM BBT - Peter doesn't think he'll be able to fully process Alec not being here until tomorrow. Tonight was too crazy with the double eviction. Alec was Peter's Emmett, Jillian says. You didn't always have to talk game with him, can decompress with him. Peter agrees, especially since they were from the same place. He could've talked to Suzette about the same thing, but it wouldn't have been the same thing. Jillian asks how they connected the first night. Peter re-enacts it. Peter, Alec and the first 3 people evicted were all in the first group.

1:10AM BBT - Andrew re-joins and asks when they found out they were both from Vancouver. Peter says about 3 hours in. They bonded over BB, Survivor and a prank they pulled on Topaz. Jillian can't wait to watch that stuff on the show, but Andrew tells her there is no guarantee what's on the show. Andrew says Emmett offered to have all 3 watch together (Jillian, Emmett and Andrew) but Andrew says he'd need a barf bucket for all the makeout scenes.

1:13AM BBT - Jillian says she sucks in the veto competitions. Andrew says there is someone that is worse than she is, and that someone is asleep right now. Jillian almost spits out her water laughing.

1:17AM BBT - They discuss how loud they are when they are in their DR sessions. BB tells them to stop talking about the diary room. Andrew looks outside, brow furrowed. "We have a swimming pool. Can we talk about that?" He's about to go on a full rant when he's interrupted by BB: "Andrew, stop that." Andrew moves on to talk about brand names. BB comes back with "Houseguests, please stop talking about brand names." Peter tells Andrew to cut his losses and go to bed.

1:25AM BBT - Discussion moves on to how someone was always sleeping in the HOH room with the HOH except Andrew's week. Suzette & Aneal were up there the first weeks, Topaz with Alec and Gary, Emmett with Jillian. Andrew comments that AJ will have been in the jury house for longer than he was in the BB house. Jillian says Emmett said AJ would have rather went home than be the first person in the jury house. Suzette went home before AJ, and Andrew says she wanted to be in the jury house, which was confusing.

1:30AM BBT - Andrew mentions that Gary, Danielle and Suzette all wanted to be famous as a result of doing BB. Andrew says he doesn't know about Talla because he doesn't know what she does outside of BB. Peter appears about to enlighten him when we get SoTH. The feeds are back within about 30 seconds, and the topic has changed to Peter hanging out with Alec in Vancouver after BB.

1:34AM BBT - SoTH.

1:35AM BBT - Andrew complaining that he does not want to spend as long in the DR as Emmett. He'll get too hot and have to come out with no tshirt, drenched in sweat. He'll go for a maximum of 2 minutes. Jillian jokes that she was so sure Emmett wasn't going to win HOH that she packed everything. Andrew threatens (jokingly) to tell Emmett. Jillian chuckles; she was kidding.

1:37AM BBT - Jillian in the WA brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed. Andrew joins her, beginning his bed time routine. Andrew is nervous; he wants to win competitions and it sucks not having someone like Emmett and Jillian have each other. He doesn't want to be the laughingstock of the show for trusting the showmance.

1:40AM BBT - Andrew tells Jillian she's had 3 good HOH's, which makes her a huge threat in the finals. He's only really had 1 good one. Andrew really building Jillian up, telling her she's amazing. Jillian says she is so tired she can't focus, mutters about packing her bag to move to the HOH room. Andrew tells her goodnight and heads to bed. Jillian is also in the BR, packing her stuff.

1:45AM BBT - Bag packed, Jillian heads to her HOH room. She begins unpacking once inside. In the BR, Andrew tells Peter he knows it was a rough day, but he made it through and he's still here. Peter thanks him, they bid each other good night.

1:59AMBBT - Emmett finally comes into the HOH room; Jillian says she thought they'd never let him out. Emmett says they just gotta keep on winning HOH's, and Emmett is glad that they won back to back HOH's. Jillian tells him she grabbed his bag, he coyly teases her that she didn't know he was going to stay with her. Jillian catches him up to Andrew's "carrying on".

2:01AM BBT - Emmett says Talla is pissed because he put her on the block, because she lost one of her close friends (Topaz) tonight and because she can't win anything. He didn't want to put Peter up and have Peter turn on them. Jillian is completely happy with the way tonight went, and understands. Emmett says he talked to Peter before the eviction tonight. Right after he won POV, Peter told Emmett this was his chance to prove himself to Peter; Emmett told him not to use the POV, it was time Topaz left.

2:04PM BBT - Emmett told Peter there were too many girls in the house, that was another reason Topaz had to go. Jillian tells Emmett that Andrew is scared Emmett's playing his own game with Peter. Emmett didn't want Peter winning next HOH and sending them home. Now Peter is on their side, along with Andrew. Everyone in the house is on their side.

2:07AM BBT - Emmett is going to talk to Andrew, reassure him. Emmett lays the plan: If Andrew and Talla go up, Emmett wins POV, noms stay the same. Andrew or Talla win, they take themselves off, Peter goes up. Peter wins POV, he stays off the block. He then says, don't put Peter up in case he wins POV. If he doesn't win, they can take Talla or Andrew off and BD Peter.

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2:15am Emmett and Jillian in HoH bed going through the different possibilities and how they would impact their game. They are pretty confident they will make F3. I am pretty confident that between snogging sessions, they will continue to hash out the same possibilities. They will either nom Andrew and Peter, Andrew and Talla or Peter and Talla. What they have not contemplated is the possibility that the other three could gang up on them and force Jillian to nominate Emmett. They are sure that all three HG are loyal to them.

2:20am In any case, we're going to let the two love birds kiss and scheme and sign off for the night. If they have an epiphany, we'll let you know in the morning.

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9am All HG asleep. Why not take our new poll http://mortystv.com/fb

9:05am Rooster crows & evry1's up.

9:15am Feeds go off for a few min & return to HG doing ADL's. Andrew delivering batteries. Peter & Jillian in WA. Talla looking for food in KT. Emmett in HoH.

9:20am Jillian on livR couch talking to Andrew who's mocking Emmett for walking around in a robe. Can't see any1 else.

9:25am Talla joins them in the LR. Peter says good morn on the way to the KT. We get SotH

9:35am Still SotH

9:40am Feeds R back. Emmett puts wet cloth over Jillians eyes on LR couch. Peter with them. Andrew & Talla in BY talking abut past comps.

9:45am Andrew saying Tom was a nice guy but was too much. If he was at 70% as apposed to 100% he would have been ok. Talla asks what % she's at. He says she's perfect now because she's toned down. They switch to talk about what happens if either of them go up as a nom. Why people would vote either way. They're both reassuring each other.

9:50am Andrew saying Peter was stupid for listening to Emmett & not taking Topaz off the block or winning HOH. He says with evrything out of their control they have to just wait & see. Emmetts just joined them.

9:55am Andew says how bad Alec must feel right now because he could have voted him out. Emmett says, same with Topaz because she could have put him & Jillian up. Jillian still lying down in LR . Peter lying down on other couch. Talla says that while evry1 else is going crazy, Andrew interrupts, she just is crazy. She says she'd love to see how it looks to evry1 else. Andrew talking about Alec throwing corps comp. Talla says she came across a torso that wasn't really a torso.

10am Take our poll http://mortystv.com/fb/. Andrew listing off HG how didn't win anything, Suzette, Liza, Danielle, AJ, Aneal. Says Tom won a couple & Topaz won a stupid one asking what colour was Arisa wearing. That the guys couldn't get that one. Talla says she can't do math questions. Andrew says it isn't her strong point but AJ said he's a mathleet but not sure if he believes him. Andrew asks her a math question & she stumbles on it. She gets it right in the end & we get SotH

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10:10am Still SotH

10:15am Feeds R back. Jillian snacking in the SR. Andrew & Emmett in HT. Can't see any1 else.

10:20am Emmett & Andrew talking about who might go up. Andrew says as long as it comes down to the 3 of them it's ok. Emmett says Peter has to be on the block. Sounds like Emmett is talking about Talla. He says, you think you deserve to be here more then any1else. U haven't done anything. Andrew agrees saying Peter too because he's been throwing comps.

10:27am Andrew says he thought he was going to well in the game until he say evry1 else then thought he was screwed but it's amazing how things work out. How Tom screwed himself. How Garry was up so many times. The first 3 weeks were easy because they got rid of people who didn't matter & Emmett was lucky to be in a showmance because it occupied his time & boosted his social game. BB gives a 3 min warning that the BY will B off limits.

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10:39AM BBT Andrew, Jill, Talla, Peter in the KT talking. Andrew "What is happening today? It's gotta be a have not." Talla wants to vacuum. Em is shaving in the HoHWA. The BY is closed.

10:47AM BBT Talla asks Andrew to rub her feet, he says no. He is now rubbing her feet. He is reminiscing about rubbing feet when he was younger. Talla is also rubbing his feet.

10:50AM BBT All HG are now in the KT. Talla says to Andrew, "Sit back get comfortable..." Andrew rolls over so he is half off the couch, Em "Now spread your cheeks please." and they break out laughing.

10:53AM BBT Andrew is called to the DR.

11:00AM BBT Jill says "Me and LALA are the last 2 girls, aren't we the sweetest ever?" Talla is heading to take a shower. Peter is still cooking. Jill asks Em "When you look at the wall and see the pictures, what 2 girls would you want to be with in the final?" Em "Suzette and Liza!"

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11:01AM BBT SotH.

11:10AMBBT We are still on SotH. If you haven't already, check out our new poll! http://bit.ly/PabVFi Tell us what you are thinking!

11:27AMBBT Feeds are back. Jill, talla, Em and Peter are eating (smacking), chatting in the KT. Peter's dad was a stock car driver. Peter says he can rock the gokart. Jill is filing her nails.

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11:33AMBBT Peter worked as a video editor for 2yrs. He likes editing but only his own stuff. He says his Dad had 4 strokes but stopped driving after the first one. Peter says "You guys hear of Woodstock? New Brunswick?" Talla asks "Oh the concert?" Em and Peter say no the town.

11:36AMBBT Peter and Em are still talking about cars and racing. Peter brings up demolition derby and how intense they are. Talla is now talking to Jill, the conversations are over each other.

11:40AMBBT Em says "Do you realize that when it has been a Double the second to go was already on the block first, like in the first place? Already packed."

11:43AMBBT Jill has pork in the slow cooker and is trying to make pulled pork. She says just put it on and it should be ready after supper. "And if it doesn't work out, oh well, it was gonna go bad anyways."

11:45AMBBT They don't have any sauce for the pork in the slow cooker. So Em thinks they should just add water. (I can not believe no one knows how to cook from scratch)

11:47AMBBT Jill grabs a cup of water "This water looks safe" Em asks "You just poured in someone's drink of water?" She laughs. (this is very frustrating to watch) She says "Maybe we should put some spices on it like salt and pepper?" It is 3 boneless pork chops in the slow cooker.

11:52AMBBT Andrew is finally out of the DR. He walks in, Em and Peter are doing the shuffle board game on the table, Talla is cleaning and Andrew says "Where is everybody?" Jill is the only one not there. She is in the HoH and Andrew has found her. He is on her about how much Emmett trusts Peter, he says "We just have to figure out where we are, at this point!"

11:57AMBBT Andrew and Jill make their way downstairs. They are debating whether or not it will be a luxury or havenot comp this week.

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12:00 BBT The HG are now making lunch in the KT Jillian is putting pork in the slow cooker for a sandwich She doesnt know how to cook it, and she doesnt have sauce for the pork. She is talking about the former hg and how they cooked. EM and peter are now playing putball jillian and andrew are now in the hoh

12:10 BBT Jil and andrew and talla are in the LR talla is sweeping, EM and peter are playing putball, jil and andrew are talking about movies Jillian is called into the DR she runs in Talla whispering something in andrews ear jillian is out of the DR they want her to reset up her Hoh room for photos

12:05 BBT SOTH

12:06 feeds back

12:08 BBT talla and andrew are in the LR andrew is showing talla how to swing a golf club the putball game between em and peter as ended and we get the SOth again

12:11 BBT feeds are back with no sound at all talla and andrew are now playing putball peter is washing dishes sound just came on jil and EM are sitting on the sofa

12:13 BBT sound is oot again before it went out jillian was telling em where he should go to get some help with his "foot problems"

12:15BBT BB is still have sound problems on some of the feeds there is sound on feed 2 putball game with talla and andrew is now ended Em is sitting on the sofa with EM talla and andrew start another game

12:20 BBT not much to report nothing is going on talla and andrew are still playing putball jil and EM are making out in the HOH (yuck)

12:30 BBT talla is now talking about how messy the jury house will be, and andrew says that the people that are in the jury house now are the most messy people in the house

12:37 BBT SOTH

12:38 BBT andrew and talla are now in the BR andrew gives talla a hug (the bR is a mess) they are whispering and the sound goes in and out I cant tell what all they are saying

12:43 BBT talla is in the WR jil, EM, and andrew are in the hoh andrew is talking about peter now and how alone he is now with alec gone

12:46 BBT in the hoh they are now talking about who should be on slop next week and if they will get a luxury comp next week. andrew is now saying that he will throw the havenot comp because he will have lala on his team

2:50 BBT andrew is now talking about how great the double eviction was this week and now they are talking about how alec and topaz will blowup the jury house

12:55 BBT jil is saying how everyone in the jury house hates her because she got them out, they are just talking about jury house and what it must be like in there and how they are now in a really good spot, now they are talking about past comps and jillian is called into the DR

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2:15 BBT Jillian is wrapping Emmett's ankle. Peter called to the DR. Emmett is picking Jillian's face (yuck! - nslisa). Talla and Andrew playing some game (shuffleboard?) on the table.

2:22 BBT Talla is winning. Jillian and Emmett are cuddling.

2:25 BBT Jillian making sauce. Emmitt giving instruction to Talla on how to win the table game. No BBQ sauce left, Jillian wants to go to the storage room, instead gets the last drop out of every bottle and says she is not cleaning them out because she cleans them all out. Emmett is over at the table with Talla and Andrew. Andrew wins, fourth in a row according to him. Talla complaining that it's not fair. Andrew says she is a sore loser. Andrew chases her as she heads to the bathroom then throws a bunch of towels in with her as she pee's.

2:30 BBT Peter, Andrew and Jillian in the kitchen. Jillian still making sauce, looks like they have something going in the slow cooker. Jillian gets Andrew to try her sauce, he says it tastes ok to him. Jillian looking for input on whether it needs to be changed. She adds more BBQ sauce.

2:34 BBT Jillian says her favourite part of living in the house is that everyone leaves a little in the bottle so she has to clean it out. Peter says his is that everyone keeps piling onto the garbage until he takes it away.

2:36 BBT Feeds down. SOTH

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1:15pm Andrew continues to paint Alec and Peter as Dan wannabees, says they sat on the KT couch all the time and stared at the memory wall. Jillian out of DR. Andrew emphasizes how they can't let Peter win PoV. Peter shouldn't keep so much to himself. Andrew is getting more familiar with both Talla and Jillian, tells Jillian that she was supposed to be his showmance. Talk turns to trashing Talla for being irrational and self-centered. Emmett thinks it was a friend of his in the audience that shouted, "Way To Go, Emmett!"

1:30pm BBT - Emmett & Jillian are at it again, snogging & competing over how many comp wins they have. Emmett says he almost thinks Peter is a stronger player than Andrew. Jill disagrees, competing against Peter is like competing against a girl. Emmett tells her to nom Andrew then. Jillian's father called her dough-head in his letter to her - she thinks it's a signal to not take either Peter or Andrew (you can only get one this week). She suggests putting Peter and Talla up then backdooring Andrew Andrew might not fight hard for the Veto if he thinks he's safe. Emmett says Talla in F3 against the two of them can't win the jury.

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5:25PM BBT: The feeds are back. Andrew, Jillian, Peter, and Emmett are at the kitchen counter chatting happily, no one seems stressed like they're a Have-Not.

5:40PM BBT: Talla is a Have-Not and Emmett is reading the competition rules to her. For the next 72 hours, the Have-Nots must do all the Haves laundry, cleaning cooking, dishes, and serving. The Haves are not allowed to do anything for themselves for the next three days. Talla: "So basically, for the next three days we're your bitches." Andrew is also a Have-Not and tells Talla he will take the night shift, while she can take the AM shift.

Peter says he'll go easy on them, so Peter is a Have.

5:50PM BBT: Andrew said he's more upset about not winning the "luxury shit" than having to be a servant. Peter reads from the rules card: "As a special reward the haves will work as a group to decide what luxury will be brought in (once a day)." Peter's is wondering just what they'll be allowed to ask for. He's hoping maybe an Xbox for a day, or maybe a movie.

5:55PM BBT: Talla isn't taking her job as a servant with good spirit. She threw a fit and said, "I am so over this shit." She tells everyone to F-off and stomps off to the bathroom and starts throwing stuff off the counter.

6:10PM BBT: Jillian and Emmett are in the storage room. Jillian wants to make cookies but Emmett tells her she can't, she not allowed to do cooking. "But this isn't a meal," she replies. Emmett says he doesn't want to do anything that would cause the to lose the luxury part, so they're not doing anything until BB clarifies the rules.

6:15PM BBT: Peter, Emmett, and Jillian are pondering what kind of luxuries they can ask for. "Maybe we could get a board game like Monopoly or Risk." Letters from home are also mentioned as a possibility. Peter suggests "Strippers." Emmett says, "Yes and a male one for Jillian." [Like either of them need more than each other.]

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7:30PM BBT BB opens the BY up for Emmett and Peter's dinner. They announce that Talla, Andrew and Jillian are not allowed in the BY.Em has lobster, steak, wine (which they comment they don't even like wine), looks like Peter has pizza and fries.

7:37PM BBT In the KT Talla is giving her opinion about Peter's eating disorder. She is explaining how Peter is just closed minded to foods. (It is a little more than that). Andrew is at the window yelling out to the boys in the BY. He wants to know how dinner is.

7:40PM BBT Andrew says "You all I can think is, well, all the great experiences I have had because of food." He brought up the luxury comp where Peter was disgusted by the sushi. Jill says "What if he brings a girl on a date?" Andrew is now washing up dishes.

7:44PM BBT Em and Pete are eating still, small talk about past comps and how Topaz and Alec would have been good at the last couple comps. Em "Talla hasn't won anything and she just drives me..." Peter "It is now all about placement in the game." He says Talla is beatable in everything.

7:51PM BBT Game talk continues between Pete and Em. Em says "Jill is an HoH beast! She has won 3!" Peter agrees. In the house, Andrew, Jill and Talla are joking around, got very loud at one point.

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7:55PM BBT Peter feels Topaz didn't respect the game. He feared she would sleep her way to 5th place. Em agrees. Jill is the only one who has not been nominated. Peter states they have another luxury thing. He wants something Batman. They just mentioned a wrestling ring then Em says "Oh you know those Sumo things? That would be fun, we should ask for that!"

8:00PM BBT As Peter asks for clarification to save his leftovers for later, why not pop over to Morty's and take this week's poll?

8:05PM BBT Em and Peter are listing off what they could ask for. Everything from a bouncy castle to them leaving the house for an hour to skate on the ice at the ACC (Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Maple Leafs)

8:08PM BBT SotH!

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8:18PM BBT Feeds are back, Everyone is inside the house. Peter and Talla are playing the game at the table, Jill and Em are on the KT couch, Big Sister: "Emmett and Peter to the diary room."

8:21PM BBT It wasn't a regular HN comp. Andrew is mad because he didn't get luxury, he is ok with the slop. He says "I am mad at those guys now."

8:24PM BBT Andrew says Alec said that Topaz said that Talla said He was attractive. Jill agrees. Jill said they agreed that Andrew is hot. "I'll take that" he said.

8:30PM BBT Em and Peter are still in the DR. Jill, Andrew and Andrew are at the table. Jill wants to go outside, they haven't been out all day.

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8:38PM BBT Talla and Jill are whispering on the couch in the KT. Can not make out what they are saying. Em and Peter are out of the DR, BB confirmed that Jill can not cook or bake til Monday.

8:41PM BBT Peter is asking Jillian what she would ask for. They mentioned massages for the HG and Jill shouts "OMG!!! They would be the most amazing thing to get"

8:50PM BBT Andrew and Em in the HT. Jets are roaring and so is Andrew... he is going over scenarios and his mouth is racing. Em says "I dont know why we are talking about it. We already know this." Andrew keeps going.

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9:00PM BBT Like an alarm Talla is screaming.

9:03PM BBT Talla walks into the HoH and catches Jill standing on the bed, Looked like she was bouncing and dancing around. Talla yells "OMG you were like this and I caught you red handed!" Jill says she is making something. Talla and Jill are talking quickly to work out their little deal. Both Talla and Jill have stressed "You are my friend." and they want the 2 of them and one guy, in this deal of the moment.

9:06PM BBT They are discussing how the votes will go. "AJ would vote for Andrew, Gary would vote for ummm that's tough." They decide he would vote Em. "Topaz would vote for Emmett. Alec would be a touch one... Andrew. Peter would vote for Emmett. Then it is me and you." And neither wants to say it.

9:10PM BBT Talla is concerned about the boys turning on her. Jill says she hasn't decided who she is putting up yet. Jill says "No, we have a girl thing." and that is how she has explained things to Emmett.

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9:15PM BBT Peter has joined Em and Andrew in the HTArea (with his coat on) the mics are muffled but, they are again talking about what to ask for with the next luxury (Em and Pete get one more thing for their win)

9:20PM BBT Talla is looking for chap stick in the WA. She found it. says to the mirror "I was so upset today, I like lost it." She goes back to the KT. Jill says "I have vitamin D if someone wants it." Talla is getting chicken to cook for Jill.

9:25PM BBT The boys are talking about the girls. Andrew "We have been here 51 days... watching you two (meaning Jill and Em) make out... its frustrating." Peter says "Em is on the bachelor and big brother at the same time." Andrew "Tom will be the next bachelor." They laugh.

9:28PM BBT Jillian just put toe nail clippings in the garbage. She is hoping they don't take the luxury away or make the house a HN because she did something out of habit.

9:30PM BBT SotH.

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9:33PM BBT Feeds are back. Jill is tripping out. Sounds like she got in trouble for putting her toe clippings in the trash. That would be a servants job. She is now teaching Talla how to use the stove. They are now heading outside Talla "BTW We haven't met, I am Edna, your servant for the week." Andrew is coming in so Talla is following him. He is explaining the convos he just had, with Talla. Andrew is now in the BY pool.

9:40PM BBT Jill, Em and Peter in the HTArea discussing the HN stipulations Em "it's only for 3 days, you will never get this again just enjoy it." Andrew and Talla in the BY talking about stuff that has happened in the house. AJ is mentioned. Talla's afternoon meltdown was mentioned.

9:50PM BBT HTArea crew is just joking around about luxury items. BY Pool crew is winding down, heading inside, Talla keeps saying she is going to bed but has to finish Jillians chicken. Talla "Why's it burning?" (Why can no grown adults cook in the house?) Andrew has gone from the HT to the pool to the shower ... nope BB called him to the DR instead.

9:53PM BBT Talla is alone in the KT. She has asked BB for clarification about folding Peter's laundry as that is something she doesn't do. "Well, Day 1 of my slop....uhhhhhhhhhh" she is alone, talking to herself while trying to finish a slop shake.

9:56PM BBT Jill comes back in "Talla.... how is my chicken coming?" Talla says there was an incident and she forgot to set the timer. Jill is explaining the timer to her. Andrew is back from the DR. Jill is whining because she can't pick and eat because BB won't let her. Jill has been called to the DR.

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10:03 PM BBT Talla and Andrew by the dryer have a discussion about how much she cleans and no one else does, even when she's not a servant.

10:07 PM BBT

Andrew is just clarifying what they are responsible for. "All we have to do is cook, clean, everything?"

"Yes, cook, clean we are SERVANTS!" Talla yells "Oh god, I don't even know how to tell if her chicken is done. How do you know if chicken is done?"

10:13 PM BBT

Talla has come up with a new plan for her 'servitude'. She is going to take a loooooong shower.

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10:19 PM BBT

Andrew and Peter having a chat. Andrew reliving how he and AJ had to share a bed even after there were almost enough beds for everyone. Gary couldn't sleep with AJ because he reminded Gary of an Ex. Suzette couldn't sleep with anyone else because she was married....etc.

Emmett and Peter sitting on the couch. Emmett can't finish his drink and asks Andrew to put his drink in the fridge. Andrew thinks it must be hard for them to not be able to do anything for themselves.

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10:29 PM BBT

Peter has hurt his leg. He says that tomorrow, if his leg hurts, he will ask Andrew to carry him through the veto competition. He's off to bed. Andrew confirms he doesn't need a drink or anything.

Jillian is in the WC. Talla is getting ready for bed. Andrew and Emmett just chatting about getting zits on your butt. In grown hairs even.

10:33 PM BBT

They discuss whether or not the Veto and replacement noms will be tomorrow. They don't think so. Andrew gets fired up. Not like Prince of Darkness fired up but fired up. Talla is going to bed. "What am I supposed to do with that chicken?" a terrified Andrew yelps. "Feed it to her." Talla advises. She hollers her good nights (at 10:23) and is gone to bed.

Andrew can't go to bed until Jillian is out of the DR as he must serve everyone until they are asleep this evening.

10:38 PM BBT

Andrew thinks this food thing is ridiculous because he has to do every single thing for their food for the duration. It's going to get out of line. Talla left dishes out. "Not only do I have to clean up after all of you, I have to clean up after HER too!" Andrew exclaims. He says he really does clean up after himself and Talla has no business get mad at him.

Emmett invites Andrew into the pantry. "Come into the pantry with me. I'm going to look and see if there is anything I would like to eat. That's the problem with this place and being bored. You eat." ANdrew has to go because Emmett is not allowed to touch the food.

10:41 PM BBT

Talla and Andrew look at their bed. They must share the have not bed. Andrew tells her that tomorrow, when they get woken up, he is dragging her ass out of bed. He is also going to hang out in the LR until all his gas is gone, so the room doesn't stink.

10:43 PM BBT

Peter is lying like a human pretzel in his bed. He's talking to Emmett. They think there will be a movie tomorrow. Peter says that if Jillian really wants a dress he will let her choose it. They get to choose everything else so let her have a dress. Emmett has no dress shirts. They think the item for Thursday could be dress clothes for eviction. Emmett would like a dress shirt. Blue, black, purple whatever. provided Jill's dress doesn't cost too much. How much do dresses cost anyways?

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10:51 PM BBT

Emmett laying in bed listening to music.

Andrew in the KT taking the chicken out of the fridge and covering it up/putting it away. He asks Big Brother if Jillian is in there or what (the DR). He's waiting to go to bed.

"OH Pierre, what have I gotten myself into with this bunch of punks. No way he's watching. Ugh." Andrew talks to himself.

Jillian comes out of the DR. She's hungry but first she has to go tell Emmett to turn his music down, that BB can hear it.

Andrew gets called to the DR. We hear him talk with BB. "What about the making of a meal for Jillian and stuff?" he asks

"I don't know, is it on a timer or something?" BB asks

"No, it's just sitting here covered up and stuff." Andrew explains "Trust me I'd rather come in there and talk to you for a bit."

"Well come on it then, for a bit. Just come on in here." BB tells him. Andrew obliges and heads into the DR.

Emmett says they will wake up Talla to make Jillian's dinner.

The cam zooms in on a sleeping Talla.

11:00 AM BBT

Jillian and Emmett having a chat. She needs to know what to say to Peter about why he's going up. Emmett is saying that she should tell him that they don't know where Andrew stands and they don't want Andrew going after Jillian next week. Peter will go up against Talla and then she goes home.Unless he wins POV and takes himself off. In which case Peter comes down and Andrew goes home. Jillian thinks Andrew is pissed because of how close he came to going home. You can tell Emmett is tired because his accent gets stronger. Jillian thinks that Andrew wants her to turn on Emmett.

11:04 PM BBT

Jillian is telling Emmett that she is going right now to tell Peter he's going up. She's not going to hurt his trust by blindsiding him with this info. She's telling him right now. She's going to explain why she is doing it. Emmett keeps telling her to make sure she says that he is not the target and that he has to trust her.

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