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April 5 [Friday] Live Feed Updates

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9:30PM BBT - Emmett & Talla back with feet in the HT. General chit chat. They head inside, Talla stops to grab a load of laundry from the dryer first. Jillian in HOH bathroom brushing her teeth. Topaz complaining that her HOH was so bad. She lost her HOH, she ended up a HN and was on the block all in one week.

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9:33PM BBT - Emmett and Peter in KT. Peter starts to recount his convo with Jillian with him, but Talla comes through. She decides to go put her feet in the pool. Topaz comes down full of tales about Alec smelling like a tomato now. Within a minute, Talla changes her mind and decides to go to bed. Emmett decides to get ready as well. Topaz tells them that he's going to have a bubble bath. Emmett asks her if she's going to sleep in the same bed as him, and Topaz says she was going too but now not so sure. Tomorrow he is going to go into the HT and pool.

9:37PM BBT - In the HOH bathroom, Alec asks Jillian if she's decided yet. She says no and says they should have a convo agian with Emmett involved, and Peter. Topaz comes back and mentions washing all the towels and the fish smelling stuff.

9:40PM BBT - Peter, Jillian, Emmett and Talla in the WA. Jillian getting ready for the DR. Talla telling Emmett she wasn't allowed to pick a girl for her part of the comp. Emmett says Andrew has no hair on his legs anyway. Jillian tells Emmett she can't believe he is going to bed. She feels like the night is still young. She complains her arm is swollen and bruising.

9:47PM BBT - Jillian and Emmett on the KT couches, alternatively making out and Jillian recounting her respective conversations with Alec and Peter.

9:52PM BBT - Peter and Emmett in the BY. Emmett says he'd be worried if he was Alec, but Peter doesn't have a reason to be worried. Emmett is trying to dissuade Jillian from putting Talla up, or making Talla the target. Talla hasn't crossed Jillian like Alec has. Peter says he doesn't know what's wrong with Alec.

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10:14 PM BBT- Jillian is out of the DR now and she lost the baby. . . suit that is. She is outside now and Emmett grabs her as soon as she passes by him. Peter has gone into the kitchen alone and asks BB for some Tylenol.

10:20 PM BBT Andrew and Alec are in the pool. Emmett is doing curls Peter is sitting on the steps doing nothing in particular. Topaz is in the DR.

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10:22 PM BBT Peter and Jillian in the kitchen complaining about being hungry. Peter says he will eat one thing an hour. Jillian does not know why they don't have groceries, only the pizza they got after the have-not comp was over. Peter now brings up Alec's convo with Jillian earlier in the HOH. He is distancing himself from Alec's behavior. Saying he is not on board with the way Alec spoke to her in a threatening manner. He says is makes no sense why Alec would do that. Jillian saying he got scared and then he got threatening, running through the scenarios how things would go badly for Jillian depending on who won the veto.

10:28 PM BBT Jillian and Peter in the kitchen she is telling him that she told Alec that she was not a dumb girl and she has a brain. Peter says he has never had a deal with Topaz and it is in his best interests to be in with Jillian over Topaz. He says if I win the veto I will have to take Alec off. She says thats when it gets tricky and I will have to put up Topaz. Emmett enters and game talks stops.

10:31 PM BBT Peter now telling Jillian that he will not likely win Veto because he is so bad at comps, but if he did he understands what she will have to do and says she can just say she has limited choices at this point in the game. She says that she promised Topaz and will not go back on that promise. Peter trying to convince her that she could use Topaz as a replacement nominee. Also telling her how much quieter the house would be if Talla was sent to the jury house. They both agree that she is a very intelligent for an airheady girl.

10:35 PM BBT- Topaz now out of DR talking about who had it the hardest or the easiest with today's tasks for the have-not comp. Andrew and Alec have been in the hot tub for a while and are having a typical frat-boy chat about episodes from their pasts.

10:35 PM BBT- Jillian requested to enter DR and was declined. Peter is eating a yogurt or a pudding cup. Jillian promising to bake tomorrow either muffins or banana bread. topaz and Peter scour the store room looking for something to snack on. Apparently BB has not provided them much in the way of general groceries yet, and definitely not much junk food.

10:43 PM BBT - The boys close up the hot tub and walk across the BY. Alec goes inside. The kitchen crew is now saying happy birthday over and over to Julie. They all disperse. Jillian gathering laundry. Alec in the shower. Feed 3 on empty kitchen. [its just that exciting folks]

10:48 {M BBT - Andrew in pool talking to Emmett about the milk emmett had to drink till he puked today in the challenge. Now talking about Andrew's maid outfit. Jillian now straightening up the HOH washroom. Emmett talking about how he sometimes drinks a liter of chocolate milk on his way home from the gym. Feed 3 an empty but tidy HOH room. Emmett lifting again, Andrew doing his usual floating.

10:53 PM BBT - Alec and Andrew whispering in WA. can't make out much and then Peter says he is going to bed. Emmett now telling Andrew how angry Jillian is that Alec went from not talking to her straight to threatening her. He is trying to separate Peter from Alec, he says. He wants Alec to go out this week.

10:58 PM BBT - Emmett saying he is trying to stay close to Peter in case he gets picked for the veto via a houseguests choice chip being pulled. Emmett wishes the Veto tooth fairy would come tonight. They are complaining about the limited food they were given for this evening. They expect to be fully replenished tomorrow. Emmett telling Andrew that if he ate good for a month then his stomach will look just like Emmett's does now.

11:00 PM BBT - Emmett bragging about how he lost weight before going on a trip to Cancun. He tells Andrew he must have a wicked metabolism. Jillian reading her letter in the HOH. Topaz sitting with a soda all alone in the kitchen. Alec in the DR.

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10:12PM BBT: Peter , Emmett in BY while Andrew is in the pool. Topaz and Alec still in HoH cleaning the bathtub. Jillian just join the group and BB told them to stop talking about production. Looks like Talla is already in bed.

10:16PM BBT: Emmett and Jillian in BY Jillian is showing Emmett her bruise from the HoH competition. Alec is now in the pool with Andrew.

10:22PM BBT: Jillian and Peter is in the KT, Jillian is having pizza. Peter told Jillian that she does not know the entire conversation with Emmett and Alec. Peter told Jillian it is not Peter,Alec and Topaz. It is Peter and Alec Peter said he don't know where Alec head is. Jillian said she trust Peter more than Alec.

10:28PM BBT: Jillian said that Alec was coming at her so powerful that she was confused. Peter said so Alec is protecting Topaz. Jillian said that Alec makes her feel that she is stupid with his questions. Peter said fifteen minutes in the game he made a deal with Alec not Topaz. Peter said he is terrible in challenge what if he win and he takes off Alec Jillian said she would have to put up Topaz.

10:34PM BBT: Peter said he would throw competitions but because how tight he and Alec are. .Jillian keep on repeating that she is not putting up Topaz, Peter thinks that Jillian is sending home Talla, Peter said the jury house will be crazy with AJ,Gary and Talla. Peter said Talla is not a air head she is very intelligent.

10:39PM BBT:Jillian keep on saying she cannot believe it is midnight but the time is (10:39PM.)

10:50PM BBT: Alec is out of the pool he is now in the WC. Peter is also in there. Alec ask Peter if he talk to Jillian. Andrew and Emmett is in the BY Emmett told Andrew that Alec is trying to sway Jillian nomination. They are whispering.

10:57PM BBT: Emmett said he wish the Veto fairy comes tonight. The feeds was switch when Peter talking to Alec, Peter was giving advice to Alec about Jillian.

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11:04 PM BBT Emmett and Andrew going over the Veto comps that have been held to date. Topaz cleaning a very empty kitchen drawer. Jillian now heading downstairs. Joins Topaz in kitchen and talk turns to cleaning vs. not cleaning strategies upon entering the house.

11:07 PM BBT Emmett and Andrew now speaking about what they drink. Andrew drinks tons of diet sodas while Emmett drinks only water and milk. But beer is OK. Jillian back upstairs, Topaz still cleaning in kitchen. [Things sure are pretty quiet when Talla is not in action.]

11:10 PM BBT Andrew now talking with Topaz about whether or not they were given soap by the powers that be. she says she asked for bar soap. Jillian wrestling with her mic or the headphones on the HOH bed. she seems to be trying to do a kip but can't manage to get upright on the mattress. She is lying on her back "dancing" up in the air, [well that or auditioning for a porno.]

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11:15 PM BBT - Talla's foot finally appears from under the covers on one of the beds. Peter is lying down trying to go to sleep. andrew and Topaz wander in and out of the room doing just enough to make it impossible for Peter to get to sleep. They are now in the WA reminiscing about how loud it was the first night. Andrew in the shower. Emmett still working out, now doing push-ups.

Talla in and out of the have not room then the main bedroom, now back to kitchen. Alec emerges from the DR and she asks him how he smells. Jillian comes by carrying a basket of laundry.

11:22 PM BBT - Topaz saying Alec needs to lotion his body to get a different kind of scent. Apparrently he still smells from the fish chum used in the comp. Topaz starts helping Alec lotion up. Andrew finishes his shower and Jillian seems to still be tidying up. Topaz says that the lotion is helping but he might still need to be sprayed with perfume to pass the smell test. Alec wants no part of the perfume.

11:25 PM BBT - Andrew and Alec doing night time ADLs. Topaz tidying up the area and now brushing her own teeth alongside of Alec. Andrew Emmett and Jillian now in HOH. andrew says Emmett is going to put him on a diet. Andrew tells Jillian not to let Emmett convince her to put him on the block to assure he will be in the Veto comp. Andrew says it is a ridiculous idea and for Jillian to not give in to him.

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11:30 PM BBT - Alec and Topaz having a little smoochfest in the WA. Jillian saying how she sucks at POVs. Jillian says she is 100% confident with the three in the room, but only 76% confident with a fourth. andrew says Talla is the fourth vote that they need. Jillian says she will feel guilty putting Peter on the block. Emmett says he talked to Peter later and related how Alec threatened Jill and this drew Peter into the mess. Talla has not done anything but Alec threatened and he has drawn you in with him. Jillian tells them what Peter said to her in the kitchen, namely, he does not feel the same as Peter all the time in this game.They definitely want Alec out first and then either Peter or Topaz preferably Topaz first.

11:35 PM BBT - HOH crew counting that they only need two more HOH's to get to the end of the game. Jillian lamenting that she had to expose their connection to Andrew, but at the same time they now know about Peter and Alec with Topaz. They think Talla will float through for another two weeks. Andrew says, watch it will be Peter and Talla floating through to final three and then they will get married when the show ends. On that note he heads off to bed.

11:40 PM BBT - Emmett compliments Jillian on her shirt. She says she now feels confident in her decision and he starts smooching her. He starts to leave to get a snack and she says to wait she will put on shorts and then go get a bowl of raisin bran.

Topaz still doing random cleaning in the kitchen.

11:42 PM BBT - Andrew saying goodnight to Emmett and Julian as they pass through the bedroom. Andrew Emmett and Jillian now in SR. Topaz now on top of Alec in his bed. Jillian saying they could always just take a jug of milk to bed. she is now back in HOH and Emmett is in HOH shower.

11:47 PM BBT - Feeds all go to FOTH

11:47 PM BBT - Feeds back, Emmett in HOH shower, Jillian in short shorts and a t shirt. Alec pacing around the bedroom and then out to the WA where Topaz is in the john. [such elaborate foreplay rituals these showmances display.]

11:52 PM BBT - Topaz and Alec in SR deciding between hot chocolate or tea for a nightcap. Alec looking so debonair with a sleep mask on his forehead, no shirt and the ever present grey sweatpants.

11:54 PM BBT - Emmett and Jillian in HOH WA talking about what to say to whom before or during the nomination ceremony. He is brushing his teeth and she is putting cream on her face. Downstairs Topaz is lamenting the sugar shortage and heating water for their beverage. Emmett and Jillian now heading downstairs too so Emmett can get something to eat.

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12:00 AM BBT - The two showmances are in the kitchen speculating about next eviction twist and reviewing past punishments and todays tasks. Emmett is making his own hot chocolate mix.

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11:05PM BBT: Topaz is cleaning the KT. Andrew have pains after waxing he was showing the bruise to Topaz. Looks like Topaz is the cleaner for the house.

11:14PM BBT: Emmett is out in the BY doing pus#h ups. The feeds are really mixed up tonight. One feeds show the BR and Emmett voice in BY.

11:29PM BBT: Emmett is still doing weights in BY. Peter/Talla is already in bed. Jillian and Andrew in HoH Jillian is telling Andrew that Alec wants Andrew on the block. Andrew told Jillian that Talla need to win and put up Peter and Topaz.

11:34PM BBT: Emmett joins Andrew and Jillian in Hoh, Emmett said Alec is after Andrew. They all agree to get Alec out then Peter. Emmett said that Topaz is really strong in competitions. Emmett said Topaz only won the HoH because it was a bull shit question.

11:38PM BBT: Jillian said she is letting them believe she is not with Talla, Because Talla is really close to Topaz. They are very scared of Talla that she may switch.

11:40PM BBT: Jillian and Emmett shared a kiss and Emmett is going to have milk before his shower. Topaz is still in the KT looks like she is making tea.

11:51PM BBT:Jillian is now brushing her teeth, Emmett had his shower. Alec and Topaz in KT having peppermint tea. Jillian just asks Emmett if she should put up Tallla and Alec but Emmett does not want her to do that.

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