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April 5 [Friday] Live Feed Updates

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12:08AM BBT; Topaz and Alec in HN, Topaz is trying to be warm in blanket, Topaz told Alec that Talla drop because she taught Topaz was going to win. Topaz said she was negotiated to Jillian. They offered each other safety but no one wanted to drop, Then they offered to keep their showmance safe from nomination.

12:14AM BBT: Alec is trying to get Talla on the block with Andrew. Topaz said she does not want to talk too much with Talla. Alec said Talla would not save him over Andrew. Alec said he is not going after Emmett and Jillian next week. Let the cuddle begin.

12:18AM BBT: Peter,Andrew,and Talla in BR, Talla said she have to clean the entire house Andrew said let Gary do it. Talla just looked under the bed and found her slippers she was looking for a long time. Peter said he thinks there is a double eviction coming.

12:22AM BBT: We now have Soth.

12:40AM BBT: Feeds are back. Alec and Topaz kissing in HN.

12:42AM BBT: Topaz said she is weak and have a headache. ( I guess Topaz did not get the memo to stop kissing) Topaz is moving her bags from the SR. Alec asks Topaz to put his stuff with hers. They are now calling it the remance.

12:45AM BBT: Talla,Emmett and Andrew in KT, Looks like Andrew is making pizza. Andrew said he wish Gary dumps glitter on AJ when they meet.

12:54AM BBT: Peter and Emmett playing hockey not much game talk. Emmett won the game. Talla is farting all over the place. Talla asks BB when the BY would be open because she wants to smoke.

12:56AM BBT: We now have Soth.

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1:16AM BBT: Feeds are back with Jillian in HoH, Jillian is talking about her little sister. Jillian said she is not putting Topaz on the block, Emmett said Topaz would not keep her word. Jillian said Talla was looking at Topaz to win and she was already making sign to Topaz. Jillian said Talla is on their side. Emmett said he does not trust Topaz at all.

1:20AM BBT: Emmett said Peter use to have a good relationship with him before, but Alec have change. Jillian said they are the biggest targets in the house, Because they also have a strong alliance. Emmett said Jillian locked him in for another week. Jillian told Emmett he have to win HoH next week in order for them to stay in the game.

1:26AM BBT: Jillian,Emmett,Alec,Andrew and Talla in the KT. They are going over how much times they won a competition. Talla is trying to tell a story but no one is paying attention to her.

1:30AM BBT: Jillian said she taught she was dead after the competition because she was very cold. Talla is eating everything from Alec's plate. Talla said she wanted to win to get a letter from her family.

1:35AM BBT: Peter and Alec in WA talking about the competition looks like Peter slipped off the alley. Emmett is in the WA brushing his teeth. Alec said he wanted to tie his shirt on the pole but Peter said Alec you are not allowed to cheat. Peter said he actually like Arisa now.

1:40AM BBT: Alec told Peter in the BR that he told Jillian to put up Talla and Andrew with the intention to evict Andrew. If Andrew win Pov they are trying to replace Topaz so Talla would vote Topaz out. Alec and Peter is trying not to go on the block. Alec said he was happy to get this information from Topaz. Peter asks Alec if the showmance is on again Alec said no it is just a game. Alec said Talla needs to go home next week.

1:44AM BBT: Emmett is now talking to Alec, Alec is trying to get Jillian to put up Talla, Emmett said Jillian would not put up Talla. Alec said Talla told him she was going after Jillian and Emmett. Alec said that Topaz would target Andrew if she won HoH. Alec is saying that he have to get back with Topaz just for the game. (The locket story is here again) Alec said Topaz is on his side again.

1:54AM BBT: Alec said it was a set up for Talla to be in his bed for Topaz to see them, Because he knew Topaz was coming in the room. Alec also said that he and Topaz was mad and he might as well bring Talla down with him. Emmett is not letting Alec know much that is going on. Emmett does not look happy with what Alec just explained.

1:59AM BBT: Andrew said to Talla who wanted some of the wine. She said I won't get drunk. Andrew said, that's what you said last time.

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2:00AM BBT: Jillian and Emmett in HoH Jillian is going over what she would say to the Hgs. Emmett told Jillian put up Alec and Peter. Emmett said Talla is a stupid girl and she is a moron. Emmett said Talla drive him insane and when she comes up in the room he is leaving. Jillian said not because she is dumb. Jillian said we have four more weeks to stand Talla.

2:05AM BBT: Jillian said she would have to put up Peter and Alec so things would change around the house. Jillian said this is going to be a tough week and this is the biggest move she have to make. Emmett said Alec is back with Topaz but he does not care. They are going over the PoV and who would get to play. Jillian told Emmett to act like the move she is making this week is silly. Emmett told Jillian to tell Alec and Peter that she made a deal with Andrew not to put her up and she have to keep her word.

2:12AM Emmett said Alec and Peter don't talk around him anymore, they stop talking when he comes in the room.

2:16AM BBT: The talk change to what if Peter got off the block they would put up Andrew as a pawn then it would be a tie 2-2 and Jillian have to break the tie. Jillian sounds nervous and Emmett said this is a game and you have to lie. Talla is now in the HoH, Jillian removes the chips and chocolate from her room because she said she is going to get fat.. Sorry BB

2:21AM BBT: Emmett is really not in a good mood so he went to bed. Talla,Andrew and Jillian going over nomination. Peter and Alec is going to be nominated. Andrew ask if one of the boys win would you put up Topaz, Jillian is trying to explain what she and Emmett discuss. Andrew is trying to get Jillian to put Topaz. Jillian said that Alec is playing them by saying he and Topaz is done but they are still kissing. Jillian said that Topaz promised if she jump she would put up Talla and Andrew up.

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2:30AM BBT: Talla called Peter a floater. Jillian said that Alec told her that he kissed Topaz and it felt weird. They all said that Alec is a lying to everyone. Topaz is now in the HoH all game talk is over. Talla said she does not miss Gary.

2:36AM BBT: Conversation in HoH is about the competitions. No game talk.

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2:55AM BBT: Alec is now having wine in HoH. Talla said that she and Tom may have met before.

3:02AM BBT: Jillian asks Topaz if she know she was staying, Topaz replied yes Andrew told her. Jillian told Topaz that she is not going on the block. Jillian said that she is stress that she would have to put Alec on the block. Topaz said with Andrew she is ok but Peter have not won anything.

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3:05AM BBT: Jillian asks Topaz if Talla is a floater Jillian said she cannot read Talla. Topaz said that Peter is a floater and Talla is a jumper. Jillian said that Topaz can sleep easy she is not her target. Jillian also said she want to talk to Alec and Peter and see where they are in the game.

3:10AM BBT: Topaz and Jillian game talk is over Talla came in the room. Looks like Talla is sleeping with Jillian. Talla is lying on the bed and she said she cannot wait to get her own room. Everything that Jillian told Topaz she is now telling Alec all that was discussed in HoH.

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3:28AM BBT: Jillian and Talla is now talking over what she told Topaz in the room. Jillian told Topaz that she is not close to Talla. ( Which is not true) Jillian also told Topaz that she and Andrew is not close. Talla said she is more committed to Jillian than Topaz.

3:34AM BBT: Jillian said if they get out Alec this week they would not have the votes next week. Talla said Topaz is two faced. Jillian and Talla is going down stairs in BR to sleep because it is hot in HoH. BB told Talla to put on her mic.

3:42AM BBT: All Hgs are asleep now. Good night.

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9:07am Emmett's in the shower. Most of the HG still in bed. No alarm yet

9:11AM Peter is in the WA talking to Emmett when the Alarm rings. Jillian stretches & says she's so hungry. Evry1's up.

9:18am Alec is on battery duty. Andrew making coffee. Jillian, Emmet & Peter in the WA doing ADL's. Quiet morning so far.

9:20am. Andrew comes into WA complaining that there is absolutely no food in the kitchen or fridge except a large bucket of slop. Emmett says that means a food comp is coming. Andrew shows Jillian how empty the fridge is.

9:23am Andrew resorts to a slopshake which the cam zooms in on. He guzzles it. Andrew tells Alec about the lack of food. Cam switches to SR to show it's empty too. Emmett & Andrew go to check SR. Nothing left but condoms .

9:28am Alarm sounds again for Talla & Topaz lying down in WA. Topaz says she's tired & hungry because all she had last night was a glass of slop. Andrew starts to vacuum LR.

9:30am. Peter takes his turn searching for food in the SR. Evry1 is very hungry. Starving.

9:34am Alec says his neck & back R killing him. Alec making a slopshake.

9:40am Alec & Andrew chug slopshakes side by side for the cams. Most of the talk is about lack of food. Alec says he's become accustomed to the slop.

9:45am Andrew talking about an allergy he has. He & Alec bantering back in for about how little they matter to each other. Topaz walks into KT noticing the lack of food & says the guys weren't kidding. She's unhappy BB took the sugar for slop too.

9:47am Jillian goes to see if BB took the food from her HOHR. She hasn't been up there this morn. She comes back empty handed & she & Topaz agree this will B a luxury comp.

9:50am Jillian poses the question if there was a comp where you could possibly win 10g's but evry1's on slop for the week or evry1 could eat. Topaz, Andrew & Alec say 'eat for the week'. Topaz goes to look for sugar in SR. No luck.

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9:55am Alec & Emmet speculate of food comp to come. That they will have to win the chance to eat meats, dairy, sweets ect. Talla in WA. Evry1 else in KT

9:57am Topaz checks SR again. Find only water. Jillian says she can't believe Gary's gone. Andrew says it's a sad day, just not here. Jillian says you know they're going to take a long time outside (lockdown) since they were given so much slop

10:05am evry1 cleaning or primping. Keep getting close up of slop. Talla joins the others in the KT.

10:12am Evry1 still cleaning. Peter lying on the couch. Talla wonders how she would look as a cartoon character. Jillian says skinny & screechy (in a good way).

10:23am Fridge is clean. Andrew tells Alec how to work the dishwasher. Alec says he's never lived in a home with one. Jillian went to HOHR. Peter still on couch in LR. Topaz enjoying a wineglass of slop. Talla still can't believe they have no food.

10:27am Talla asks if there's coffee. Andrew says no. Talla insists Topaz opens a cupboard door to prove it because she doesn't believe it. Topaz does & Talla is shocked. Andrew picking up glitter all over the house. Walks into WA & asks Alec if he would like to have some glitter sir. Alec says no, he has glitter up his butt. Talla shouting to Jillian that she needs to use the HOH WC.

10:29am Jillian tells Talla to take her time in there. She's going to go downstairs to listen to music & read her letter again. Talla says thanks & good idea.

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10:38am Jillian says she feels bad putting up Alec but its a game. Talla says she would rather play with her friends that she knows will have her back. Meanwhile Topaz and Emmett wonder what the Jury house looks like. Topaz says Gary will be doing his first interviews today.

10:38am Jillian says she feels bad putting up Alec but its a game. Talla says she would rather play with her friends that she knows will have her back. Meanwhile Topaz and Emmett wonder what the Jury house looks like. Topaz says Gary will be doing his first interviews today.

10:44am Alec has been pacing trying to loosen his back up, he ends up in the HNBR with Topaz and Emmett talking about summer plans. In HOH Jill and Talla talk about nom speach, Talla tells her she will know what to say.

10:50am Talla goes down stairs and sits with Andrew. Talla tells him they have to win POV and HOH. They also talk about Gary, how his task wasnt really a task, he was just trying to show he had power. Alec bets it wasnt a task, Talla bets it was. Bets go from drinks to bras...Ends up bet is a bra for Talla and the money equivalent in beer or garbanzo beans for Alec. SotH

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11:00am Talla, Andrew, Alec still talking about Gary's task. Jillian in HOH doing stretches while listening to music. Garage doors are opening and there is NOTHING. Talla is disappointed. Alec lights the fireplace, they look for the sun and try to figure out what time it is. Put one hand at the horizon and using your other hand count how many hands there are between your first hand and the sun to tell what time it is.

11:08am Jillian joins Emmet and Topaz and talk turns to being on slop. They will be dead if they are on it for a week. Topaz says Andrew will do the best with it as its his first time.

11:11am Talla and Andrew talk about Jillian winning HOH. Emmett joins them in the BY. Andrew says Peter wont make it. Jillian also joins them says she already talked to "them" Talla thinks they are being punished, they dont even have coffee.

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11:15am The only thing they have is one squash. They say Peter will have the hardest time with it. They go over what things they did wrong. Andrew rubs Alecs neck, his back is sore, it started after the challenge.

11:20am Emmett and Jillian head to HOH. He says dont throw Peter, Alec or Topaz under the bus, dont tell Andrew or Talla about them. She tells him she made a deal with Andrew when he was HOH.

11:24am Emmett says its getting to the point where your word doesnt mean shit any more. He doesnt trust anyone but her, he and Alec have separated a bit. Alec wants to keep him so people dont go after him. Emmett tells her to tell Alec that she made a deal Topaz that kinda included him. In the next breath Emmett says she can tell Alec that he is going up.

11:27am Emmett tells Jillian she can say she didnt talk to him about it, that way they will still come to him. Meanwhile in the kitchen Alec and Andrew chug slop shakes, Andrew wins.

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11:31am All this time Peter has been on the livingroom couch, Alec and Andrew pass him on the way to the WC and say he does not look good.

11:35am HOH talk turns to kisses. Andrew is called to DR and Alec heads to HOH, everyone else is napping. Alec says if they are going to be on slop for a week it will be boring with everyone sleeping all week.

11:40am He tells her Andrew would put her up next week. She says they are down to so few ppl. He says put Andrew up against Talla but tell Andrew he is safe..well that is tricky for you. Alec says he has been working to keep her safe. She asks why he was so tense last night. He says he is trying to keep Topaz safe too.

11:43am The biggest threat to her is Talla. Jillian doesnt want to use Andrew as a pawn. Alec says he made a deal with Topaz but he doesnt think she can get him to F4. He had to work very hard to get back into Topaz good graces.

11:47am The longer Jillian goes w/o telling Alec what is going on the more he plots for next week. She says she needs to talk to others but she will let him know whats going on. She is not happy with it, she knows its not an Emmett play. Alec says if he goes home she will have Andrew and Topaz mad at her.

11:49am Alec says if she tursts Emmett she can trust him. In the Kitchen: Andrew tells Emmett he wants Alec gone this week.

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11:51am Peter out of DR, he says they didnt say why or for how long they will be on slop. Peter trys some of Emmetts shake and says no, he needs protein. In HOH: Alec tells Jillian she should want Topaz to go home, it doesnt make sense for her to want Andrew to go. She says she made a promise to not put Talla up.

11:53am Alec continues, Jillian is getting bored with the convo, she keeps looking away from him. Andrew washes off the kitchen counter. Emmett reads what they can have with their slop...oh wait...they dont have this stuff.

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Our regular updaters will be away from their keyboards today from 2:00PM to 8:00PM and from 10:00PM to midnight. That's a tremendous amount of time not covered. Please try to pitch in and post an update.

Without your help the update page will cease to exist.


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12:00 BBT alec and jillan are in the hoh talking about who she should put up alec is pitching to put up topaz even though jillan promised topaz that she wouldnt

put her up sounds like jillan maybe going after peter jillan and alec are going back and forth as to who she should put up alec wants andrew and talla up alec wants andrew to go home jillan may want talla alec is pitching for andrew to go home

12:05 BBT Jillan is telling alec that her gut is telling her not to put up andrew, alec is now pitching a final four deal to jillan including alec peter emmit and jillan and that ends the talk

12:10 BBT andrew and talla are in the BY talking

peter is also there andrew is telling talla that jillan is a monster in the comps talla is asking andrew if they should go after jillan next week andrew says of course

emmit is in the KT

12:15 BBT jillan walks though the BY now is in the HOH with emmit she is telling emmit what all alec told her saying the alec wants her to put up andrew and talla saying that alec told her that if she puts him and talla up peter and andrew will be mad and come after her next week

now is telling him that alec offered her a final four deal and asking if emmit knows about it.

12:20 BBT emmit is telling jillan that he cant trust alec because alec is contining to threaten him and jillan and he doesnt really talk game with them jillan doesnt think that alec really wants a final four deal with them so why not just put them up emmit asking jillan if alec says hes coming for him jillan saying if I put him up

jillan telling emmit that alec told her that she was now scaring people now they start kissing

12:25 BBT back in the BY andrew and talla are still talking andrew is talking about his work back home and how hes going to play some golf with his bros when he gets home alec is in the KT making a protein shake

12:30 BBT it look like peter may not be feeling good alec just handed him a slop shake peter says he cant keep it down, alec asked him if he wants it colder peter says yes alec remaking the slop shake for peter

12:35BBT alec is telling peter that he pitched to jillan to put up andrew and topaz then topaz walks into the

kt now talks turns to the slop shake that alec just made topaz asked where jillan is at who is still in her hoh with

emmit and peter is still just sitting no the sofa not drinking his slop shake andrew is washing cloths topaz is now in the BR

12:40 BBT and it was andrew and talla that alec wants jillan to put up now andrew is back in the BY talking to talla they are talking about AJ and how much fun he was

now they are talking about slop

12:45 BBT alec was just called to the DR other then that not much else is going on emmit and jillan are making out in the hoh topaz is sleeping peter is still sitting on the sofa and andrew and talla are just talking in the BY

12:50 BBT not much to report nothing much going on topaz is in the havenot room with jillan and emmit who have moved into the havenot room they are just talking about how long topaz has to be on slop I thought she was in the BR sleeping topaz

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7:02BBT BB gave the HG pizza, and also jillan got an outfit to wear that makes her looks like she is going to have a baby Andrews outfit is a old womans waitress one black and white dress with shorts talla is called into the DR Andrews outfit is a French maid one not a waitress

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7:25 BBT Jillan and emit are in the HoH room making out Jillan still in her baby outfit 7:35 BBT not much is going on the HG are now cleaning up from the pizza and andrew is still having to wear is french maid outfit I believe it was part of the food comp maybe a punishment

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7:00PM BBT: The feeds are back and the HGs are eating pizza. Alec gets out of the shower and Talla asks him if he still smelled like fish.

7:10PM BBT: The HGs are finishing up their pizza dinner.

Andrew got a waitress or French maid outfit to wear black and white with lace.

The Have/Have-Not competition involved all kinds of different challenges to earn the right to be a Have for the week There was a chum bath, which we believe Alec was involved in, Emmett had to drink so much milk he vomited, which must of been a lot of milk, and Andrew has to wear the French maid's costume for the whole week and Talla had to wax Andrew's legs. If Andrew has to wear his outfit for the week, we're assuming Jillian has to wear her maternity belly for the week. The whole house won their individual challenges and there are no Have-Nots.

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7:39 BBT peter is talking about the food comp thats why the feeds were down and how he almost threw up

7:44 BBT alec is now in the shower and in the hoh emmit and jillan are talking jillan is talking about

topaz who has lied to her about something jillan is worried that emmit is going to be mad at her if she

put up the wrong people Emmit tells she no go ahead do whatever you need to do

7:40 BBT andrew and talla are smoking talking about really nothing feeds are either on emmit and jillan or Andrew and Talla Jillan wants into the DR

7:50 BBT Andrew is walking around in the by now goes into the KT area now the WR with topaz he is now brushing his teeth this is boreing zzzzzz

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8:02PM BBT - Alec calls out to BB that his mic pack reeks of fish and pleads with them to change it. Topaz and Andrew chime in with the things they need for the bathroom; body wash, bar of soap, hand soap, etc.

8:05PM BBT - Not much going on. Andrew & Talla sitting on the KT couches. Topaz refilling soap in the WA. Alec joins Andrew & Talla. Peter, Jillian and Emmett nowhere to be seen.

8:10PM BBT - Topaz now cleaning the bathroom; they got more hand soap. In the KT, Andrew & Alec discussing the comp. Saying that Peter said he'd try to do what he was required to do, but would probably throw up (and did) but at least he tried. The competition for them to remain off slop for the week consisted of each HG doing different tasks. Talla had to speak another language and chose not to talk. Peter had to fake choke on a salad. Emmett drank 5 glasses of milk and threw up.

8:13PM BBT - Jillian has to wear a pregnancy suit and lick Alec's chest (?), Alec has to take a chum bath every hour (hence the fish smell), Andrew has to wear the French maid outfit, Correction from last post - Talla had to wax Andrew's legs, it was Topaz who couldn't speak English.

8:15PM BBT - Andrew tells Alec there are baby wipes under the bathroom sink; Talla rouses long enough to tell Alec to make sure he closes them after so they stay moist. Peter joins them in the WA, he's brushing his teeth. Brief discussion about bed soon; Topaz says it's supposedly light out.

8:17PM BBT - Jillian and Talla in HOH; Jillian is saying she is putting up Peter and Alec and that Alec thinks it might be Talla going up. Emmett's not happy that Alec is turning on them, Jillian says. Emmett wanted Andrew and Talla up, but Jillian says this is her decision.

8:20PM BBT - Jillian goes down to the KT where Alec, Peter and Andrew are. Emmett in the DR. Jillian complaining about how uncomfortable her pregnancy belly is.

8:27PM BBT - Talla listening to music in the HOH room. Jillian and Topaz cleaning out the fridge. Alec helping the "pregnant woman".

8:31PM BBT - Alec says it's cool that there's only 7 people now so it's easier to clean. Peter says it's insane that there used to be 15 people in the house at once.

8:33PM BBT - Jillian complaining how tired and uncomfortable she is. She's waiting to go in the DR. She's envious of Talla, who did the DR and got to take her outfit off. Jillian laughs that the result of her challenge was awkward for Emmett, seeing her with the pregnancy belly.

8:37PM BBT - They woke up this morning to no food but slop until the phone rang and Peter answered the phone and Andrew got asked to do Emmett's laundry. Andrew gets distracted to complain about his outfit, especially the lace. Peter & Jillian in the SR; she suggests going to HOH room. More comfortable to chat there.

8:40PM BBT - Talla sees Peter & Jillian coming and pretends to be asleep. Jillian "wakes" her and gets her to leave. She tells Peter she is in the worst possible position and asks him what he'd do. Peter sees it as him, Alec, Emmett and Jillian so she needs to decide who to put up with the last 3. Jillian says she will honour her promise to Topaz to keep her safe this week because of how hard she worked last night.

8:44PM BBT - Jillian has been concerned because no one has discussed F4 with her except Andrew. Jillian feels Emmett is her #1 and Andrew is her #2, not that they've made a deal, just based on the discussions they've had. She feels like she has a close bond with him; they made a deal if she won HOH this week that she wouldn't put him up. She would have loved to put up Topaz but she felt she had to make the deal before she slipped. Same as the last time when she made the deal with Talla. Jillian doesn't feel the need to hold true to deals she has made with Alec and Talla. She feels she needs to use Talla or Peter as a pawn. Emmett's not on board, she clarifies.

Peter reassures her they can change the fact that she hasn't been included. Jillian re-iterates her gut telling her not to put up Andrew and Talla. She also felt the sincerity of who cheered for her to win HOH and who didn't. She felt Alec didn't want her to win. Jillian couldn't understand why he was so scared, because if Topaz had won, she was his showmance and if Jillian won, she's in his F4 (supposedly).

8:50PM BBT - Jillian says for her game, she doesn't want to touch Andrew. She would rather put up Alec & Talla, with the target being Talla. Peter asks her who is the most capable to win veto over Alec and Peter. The answer is obvious - Alec, because Peter is horrible at challenges. Alec wins veto, and now Jillian can put up Topaz, Peter says. This way, she's essentially honoured her deal. She can tell Topaz that she's a pawn and they'll all vote Talla out. Peter is hearing that he needs to build more trust with her independently, not via Emmett. Jillian agrees with everything.

Peter wants the F4 to be him, Alec, Emmett and Jillian because they are very strong players. Topaz and Alec come into HOH and Topaz says they need to make Alec a tomato bath, as if he'd been sprayed by a skunk because he reeks. She asks what they're talking about and Jillian jokingly says "You!" and Topaz asks if they need more time. Jillian says no, they're good.

8:55PM BBT - Topaz and Alec head into the HOH bathroom to use the bathtub and try and soak the smell out of Alec. She is dumping the tomato juice in the water. Peter says he wants to cut the people out of the house who don't deserve to win (Topaz and Talla) and then play to win. He says this way, whomever goes after that can shake hands and go out the door, no hard feelings.

Peter recognizes he's been largely terrible at challenges, but he's come in 2nd or 3rd sometimes. He believes he plays a great social game, and Jillian agrees. They make their way down to the KT. Andrew says HOH has it perks and Peter chimes in but great power has great responsibility.

8:58PM BBT - Talla and Emmett by the HT with their feet in the HT; Talla smoking. Emmett thinks it is guaranteed that one of "them" are going to go home this week. (He means Alec & Peter) Emmett laments that he used to like them but now he feels betrayed by Alec and he heard Alec was coming after him anyway. Talla says she liked Alec, but after how he was this week, she's fine with him going. Especially cause he won $10,000. She points out that it has to be all game, not about who you like as a person.

Emmett says once Alec goes, Andrew is his biggest physical competitor. Emmett wants to play the veto and is only guaranteed if he's on the block, which is very risky. Then he can take himself off once he wins. He wants to stay closer to Peter and Alec and pretend to be angry at Jillian for putting them up so he can get picked if it's HG's choice for POV.

9:06PM BBT - Alec & Topaz in the HOH; Alec in the tub. Topaz is going to try to convince Jillian to keep showmances until the end. Alec agreeing with her.

9:09PM BBT - Jillian and Andrew on the BY couches whispering. She's recounting the conversation with Peter to him. She also recounts an earlier conversation with Alec to Andrew. Her expressions make it obvious she is going after Alec.

9:20PM BBT - Andrew says the best scenario would be F4 of Talla, Andrew, Emmett and Jillian, as long as Talla doesn't win HOH that week.

9:23PM BBT - Jillian and Andrew head inside, Jillian complains that she wants to use her bathroom. Just as she starts peeling everything off to go to the WC in the main WA, BB calls her to the DR. She yells back that they should call Andrew because she's going to the bathroom. Production calls over that it's fine, Andrew can go to the DR. Andrew helps Jillian out of her outfit and heads to the DR.

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