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March 23 [Saturday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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AfterDark is showing new events.

The AfterDark report

(All times are unsure, as AfterDark is taped and edited, so I will use times from 00:00 to 3:00.)


All the houseguests are wearing solid color shirts of different hues and talking about a competition in which they had to find Canada's provinces.

Alec sits on the couch with Peter, playing with one of the long pool floaters.

Alec says that they are waiting for Big Brother to write their scores from the competition on a board, so that Andrew (the HoH comp host) can reveal them properly.

Peter jokes to Alec "if I win HoH you're going home!"

The houseguests agree that the competition can be considered as a mental/puzzle type challenge.

Topaz didn't run. Emmitt only ran.

They seemed to agree that Newfoundland was the hardest to find (calling in Not-Found-Land in jest).

Andrew is apparently in the Diary Room, or so they think.

Suzette said that the medic told her that he would stand by in case she needed him. She was worried that she would get really hurt.

Alec jokingly asks Jillian "if you win $10,000 can I have $5". She answers that she's not allowed to make a deal like that on a prize. They laugh that Alec was trying to get her disqualified.

Houseguests were not allowed to talk to the players during the competition. But it sounds like everyone shouted some encouragement at some point or another.

Talla tells Peter that Jillian and Suzette did talk to players during the competition and she wouldn't be surprised if they get punishments.

AJ talks about having heard Mark Burnett speak at a conference.

Peter starts to fall asleep on the couch.

AJ talks about wanting to light up a cigarette during the challenge.

Topaz tells him that the maze was indoors, technically, and they aren't allowed to smoke indoors.


Talla says that she's so hungry she could eat a cigarette.

AJ complains about how long this is taking to calculate. "You guys shouldn't have fell asleep during math class!" (He wants to go outside for a smoke.) "It's not fucking rocket science."

Topaz wonders who won the $10,000. (Sounds like whoever wins HoH wins the money too.)

AJ and Talla hear sounds from the backyard and hope that they're not taking it apart, because they want to smoke. But Topaz points out that they probably want to wait before taking it down, so that it will still be there when they reveal the results.

Alec points out that they'll have to go back out there because they were asked to remember where each one was sitting.

AJ thinks that since it took them like 10 hours to set the competition up, it won't be taken away very quickly.

Topaz says that they'll also have to stay in their competition clothes until after they've done Diary Room sessions.

AJ thinks he has the possible winner narrowed down to 4 people. Topaz thinks she has it narrowed down to 3.

Jillian complains that she wants to eat food. Talla seconds that.


AJ counts that there are 9 of them. (He forgot to count Andrew who is in the Diary Room?)

Peter is now fully asleep. Topaz puts a pillow on Talla's lap and lies down on her. Alec comes and cuddles up to Topaz.

Gary is playing a type of shuffleboard on the dining room table, with Suzette. (It's quite noisy, as the metallic puck slides.)

AJ brings up how Emmitt commented that they should have a comp for everything, even things like cleaning the fridge, because "what else do we have to do all day?".

Alec and Talla discuss how no mention was made of how those who performed the worst would be Have-Nots. Topaz and AJ speculate that there might only be 3 Have-Nots this time.


(we come back from a commercial break and can tell that time has passed.)

All houseguests in the kitchen area.

Alec is dumping his slop in the sink because "I hate it!"

Emmitt is eating a cookie. (With a big smile on his face.)

Talla says that she's very happy Alec won that.

Alec and Emmitt shake hands and say they are happy that they are not Have-Nots.

Gary "Oh my God, 7 kinds of milk!"

Female Big Brother voice calls "Andrew, please go to the Diary Room".

Emmitt says that he feels half full after that one cookie.

Topaz tells Emmitt that he looks like he's lost a lot of weight.

Jillian has changed her clothing. She says she's happy with her score of 17 seconds. And that she won't beat herself up about not being 3 seconds faster.

Alec said he got lucky. That he only made one wrong turn.

Peter said he knew that Jillian was really close.

Topaz said she was lost the whole time.

Peter said he thought he took 6 minutes, but it was less than 4. That the Edmonton, Alberta one was the one that screwed him up.

NO HAVE-NOTS for the week.

Emmitt and Jillian say that they wouldn't even have taken a prize of like $2000 if it meant having to do another week a a Have-Not.


Emmitt "Big Brother, can you tell me when the storage room opens, because I hate walking over here and being disappointed!"

Female Big Brother voice says "Houseguests, can you please return to the house".

AJ comes in and says "that was the greatest cigarette I've ever had in my life!"

Jillian is getting antsy that the storage room isn't open yet.

Peter tells her that it's ok, they are restocking and it will be open soon.

Gary asks Alec how it feels to win $10,000. Gary tells Alec that he's happy for him.


Topaz says that she doesn't even know what kind of food Alec likes, because he's always on slop.

Topaz says she is going to shower.

Female Big Brother voice says "Houseguests, please grab your things and immediately go to the bedroom and shut the sliding door, please".

There was a lot of noise, so now they're confused as to what exactly was said.

They start gathering food for the lockdown.

Alec "where's the trail mix?"

Female Big Brother voice says "Take the whole kitchen with ya, and get into the bedroom".

30 seconds later, they are all on their way to the bedroom with arms full of snacks.

Female Big Brother voice says "Perfect. And if someone could just close the door on the way."

AJ closes the door.

Female Big Brother voice says "Thanks, AJ."

Emmitt and Jillian high-five over the fact that they are no longer in the Have-Not room.

Houseguests settle into the bedroom and start snacking.


Everyone is happy that they won't have to smell slop for a week.

Alec jokes about how his first meal after 3 weeks on slop ends up being trail mix.

Suzette is happy that they all get to hang out together in the bedroom again, no Have-Not room.

They are on lockdown in the bedroom (with bathroom access).

Suzette says "smorgasbord".

Gary says he was scared because Andrew had said that all the slowest people in the competition were going to end up on slop.


Suzette tells Alec "Good thing you didn't win HoH last time!" (Because he ended up winning $10,000 in this one, and he would not have been able to compete as out-going HoH.)

Emmitt says that Andrew is out in the backyard because he has to do his HoH comp speech again.

They talk about the cameraman having to stay crouched there, with a mask on, and how he must be sweating his face off.

Alec says "Know what kind of sucked? Andrew had tilted it downwards, so I already saw that I won."

Talla says that they'll play spin-the-bottle tonight.

Jillian says that they'll clean the Have-Not sheets this week because no one is in there.

AJ congratulates Alec on being the first one to be assured at least jury. (Because only one eviction remains before jury, and as HoH you can be sure that Alec will not be the one evicted.)

Emmitt jokes "just send Pete home this week!" Everyone laughs.

Gary asks if the person who wins Veto will be considered as guaranteed to make the jury as well.

Gary says that Topaz will now have 2 weeks straight in the HoH room

Big Brother voice says "Jillian, please put on your microphone".

Jillian doesn't know where it is. Can't remember what she did with it. Thinks that it is in the living room. She has a pink hoodie on, no shirt underneath.

Jillian keeps trying to tell Big Brother that he microphone is in the living room, but without a microphone on, they might not hear her well.

Peter tells Big Brother into his own microphone that Jillian's microphone is in the living room.

Houseguests start talking about other things, like who will sleep where, and cashews, cookies.

AJ wonders what the whole long delay was. And how the HoH dragged on so long that it was overall longer than the lumberjack endurance challenge. That Alec won it in less than a minute, which is ironic considering how long it took Jillian to win her endurance HoH.

Alec says how for the smokers and Have-Nots, this comp was an endurance comp in a way.

Talla finds a little bottle of something in Liza's old cubby. She and AJ joke that there could be sperm in there.

Emmitt says that it is eyedrops for Tom.


Big Brother voice again says "Jillian, please put on your microphone".

Jillian yells that it's in the living room. Twice.

Aj repeats it into his microphone.

(Still no sign of Andrew).

Alec offers someone some "delicious raisins".

Suzette bandages her knee.

They talk about seeing Alec's mom, and how she said "Oh no, you're on slop again."

Gary liked when she said "we're so proud of you" and then choked up."

Suzette said that when Alec's mom cried, she wanted to cry.

Suzette adds that when she said "Vancouver" she was like "Yeay-a!"

Emmit says that they must have had video messages from everyone, for all of them. (In case they won Hoh)

"So our families are all making video messages back home. That's pretty neat, eh?"

Jillian "oh yeah, they're putting our families to work at home"

Alec says he didn't recognize the strange background behind his Mom.

Gary says to Jillian "I didn't even think of that. all our parents have to take time out of their busy schedules..."

Gary says his Mom would probably tell them "listen bitch, my son's on TV, not me, I have to fucking work"


Houseguest all chime in at the same time with similar comments and jokes about their own families.

They try to cheer up AJ about not having won anything. He says "there's no bronze medal". He doesn't need cheering up.

He does say that he's made it to chalkboard a couple of times, and not lost any Have-Not competitions yet.

It quiets down.

They start organizing and unpacking their stuff into chests and drawers.

AJ says that there's a bunch of new stuff in the storage room. (Tehy are still on lockdown.)

They start talking about when the gym equipment will be back.

And how PoV ceremony is always on Monday, and that the schedule between now and then will be a little compressed and slightly different than previous weeks due to the double eviction.


Andrew is back.

AJ "All Haves! What a freaking nice break that is for everyone!"

Andrew says "You were shitting bricks, weren't you!"

AJ "Hell yeah, I was thinking of friggin slop recipes, and like shit, do I know how to fucking make anything?"

Andrew "You can't even peel an orange!"

AJ "Exactly!"

AJ "Somebody up there likes me!"

Peter "Is the living room still off limits?"

Andrew "Yeah, they'll let us know".

AJ "It'll be a while before they clean that backyard, like 6 hours or something."

<feed switches to the bathroom>

Topaz is post shower.

Alec is weighing himself. Says 159. Lost almost 11 pounds in a week.

Emmitt weighs himself in just blue boxer-briefs and says 185. Says he will gain it all back.

Topaz says that before they called out the last 2 names, she knew it was either Jillian or Alec so she felt safe.

When they called "her" (meaning Suzette) third, is when she got relieved.


Big Brother voice says "Houseguests, you are now free to go back into the house".

Topaz sees Emmitt, then Talla, and then Jillian, burst through the door.

Talla runs to the kitchen and immediately starts making a salad. Jillian says she will make chicken. (Jillian is once again wearing her microphone now.)

Talla says that at one point she thought that Suzette might win.

She tells Jillian "when you actually see that episode, you're going to laugh your face off at what happened to me"

Jillian says she really wants to know, but knows that they're not allowed to talk about it.

Talla says that she was having a panic attach while going through it. (Earlier she said she apologized to the cameraman for using the F word so much.)


Emmitt walks by with blueberries and tells Talla that the storage room is unlocked.

Talla runs into the storage room.

Jillian tells Emmitt the funny things Talla was telling her about losing it in the challenge.

(Like how Talla was yelling back at the Female Big Brother voice during the comp.)

They laugh about it.

Emmitt says he'd like to see Liza's bio when he gets out.

Talla comes back and says she thinks the fridge in the storage room actually just got scared of her.

The 3 of them talk about what kind of chicken to make, and what kind of pizza.


Talla says she got disqualified. That she quit. She says she would have been in the 4-minute range if she hadn't quit.

Big Brother voice says "Talla, please go to the Diary Room".

Jillian tells Emmitt she was glad that he told her. That he kind of like nodded, because then she knew and didn't care.

Emmitt gets up and walks to Jillian, starts whispering about it's good how she didn't win because now they can both play next week, and no one will hold the fact of winning a lot of money against her.

Emmitt tells her "we're not here for 10 grand!". He walks away.

Jillian "I'm really excited to sleep in a real bed with you, and..."

Emmitt "And what?" (He smiles.)

Jillian "Kiss!" (They laugh.)

They talk about being scared that the 4 slowest competitors in the competition would be Have-Nots.

And how Gary almost turned into a monster when he got scared that her would be a Have-Not.

Jillian is chopping up the chicken. Emmitt is eating blueberries.


Jillian starts frying some chicken.

Gary comes in. He's changed into a purple sleeveless shirt.

They start talking about making chicken pizza, and nachos with ground beef.

Jillian mentions how they just talked about his reaction to almost being on slop, and they all start cracking up about it.


Jillian asks if they think she turns into a huge bitch when on slop.

Gary "Yeah, you do!"

AJ joins them.

Still talking about when they though the slowest times were going to be on slop.

There was a car out there in the backyard during the competition, because Gary just said he would have kicked the car if they had told him he was going on slop. Jillian jokes that she would have beat the windshield in.

AJ "Get this fucking slop out of here! This is not necessary!"

Jillian still laughing about it, says "I love us!"

Gary is trying to make a ponytail.

Jillian has finished prepping the chicken for the pizza.

Gary's ponytail looks ridiculous.

Gary and Jillian discuss making chicken.

Gary notices that Tom and Liza's photos are now in black and white.

Says that Tom looks more bearable like that.

The camera zooms in on the photos in question.

<feeds switch to bedroom>

Everyone has now changed except AJ.

AJ runs in with garlic and runs up to Andrew with it, yelling "DIE!" (Running vampire joke.)

Emmitt and Alec discuss the challenge.

Alec says there were see-through parts.

Emmitt says he thought there would only be four digits (address) to gather and memorize their order, run out.

Alec says you didn't have to go up to each one.

Andrew says, that's right, there were 3 you could see from the front, just go boom boom boom.

Alec says he was nowhere near Vancouver in the maze, but could see it through the glass, so that's all he needed, it was the last one.


Gary calls the bedroom boys for food.

Peter, Andrew and Alec stay in the bedroom to talk.

Andrew shakes his head and says "I can't believe that she fucking freaked out. She was yelling about how it's not fair, and said that fucking 90210 was ..."

Alec says that he's scared to put her up against Suzette, because she'll freak out.

Andrew says Suzette's score was 2 minutes and 6.

Laughs that he won the competition Alec gave him (in a dead language), then Alec wins $10,000 and HoH the next week.

"I'm on fucking TV. I look like a moron!"

Alec jokes that it would be hilarious is Andrew ended up going home this week. They all laugh (including Andrew).

Alec says he wants to tell everyone as soon as possible, that if Suzette wins PoV he's putting up Talla.

They talk about how Suzette's closest person is Gary, and Topaz is his closest.

They laugh about how some of them say "pond" instead of "pawn". How Talla even said something like "I don't want to go up as a pawn - I mean 'pond'."

They discuss how Talla was swearing after giving up in the competition.

They start counting votes.

Andrew talks about having to play along with Tom about him staying last week, while actually knowing he was going home.

Peter tells Andrew "You're actually still a better Hoh than Tom, though. Because the person you wanted to go home, went home. He put up 3 different people, and none of them went home!"


Peter "So if it's Suzette and Talla, and Suzette somehow gets off the block, we get rid of Talla."

Emmitt comes in, wearing a toque.

Alec asks him would he vote out Suzette if she was on the block against Talla.

Andrew says "I'll be there" in response to voting.

Peter sings "I'll be there"

Big Brother voice says "Houseguests, please stop singing."

They are amazed how quickly that came on.

Andrew points out that they are in the middle of a game conversation.


Talk turns to AJ.

Andrew says "Well, he was close today. 9 minutes and... " (The rest gets drowned out be the laughter of the other 3.)

"And he had his hat on. He looked like he was on the short bus. The guy was sauntering. Floating, let's say."

Peter "We'll have to nominate tomorrow, probably. Then play the veto Sunday, and then Veto Ceremony on Monday. Right? Does that make sense?"

Emmitt "AJ should not be scared, because AJ's not a threat. If someone's going up as a pawn that's a threat, they should be scared. AJ's not a threat, as we just discussed (they all laugh!) he's going up against Suzette who "A" has a couple of different reasons why she should be going home. She's been kept in here by Canada."

(He gets cut off by chatter from the others.)

Alec says he's not even worried about veto because it's 5 against 1.

Andrew mentions that the one thing he's worried about is that Gary could win it and use it on Suzette.

Alec says he would have a chat with him and tell him that the whole house would be against it.

Emmitt points out that Alec can tell Gary that since Alec didn't use it when Gary asked him, Gary owes him the same.


Andrew talks about how Suzette has been kising Alec's ass, and how Alec will never hang out with Suzette outside the house.

Alec says "yeah, can you imagine?"

A moment later Suzette comes in.

Andrew asks her "how's the old knee?" (She injured it in the competition today.)

They take a look at Andrew's knees, which have healed quite nicely.

He says he might go in the hot tub tonight.

Alec says he wants some steak, so he and Peter head to the kitchen.

Now Andrew gets up and puts on some pants. AJ and Emmitt head to the kitchen too.

<feeds switch to the kitchen>

Jillian asks what Alec wants on his pizza, because Emmitt is turning it into a meat pizza.

Peter says he can feel Jillian's excitement.

Gary is chopping meat. Says "I'm only happy when my man is happy". (He was talking about Emmitt. LOL)

Peter says "There's such a positive energy in the house" (since everyone is a Have.)

AJ, Peter and AJ sit and look at the black and white photos on the memory wall.

Peter says "one-third, guys!"

The camera shows all the photos on the memory wall. The five on the right side are all black and white.


In the kitchen. No sign of Talla or Topaz. Suzette is still in the bedroom.

Talla walks in.

Someone else gets called to the Diary Room.

Cooking continues. Jillian, Gary and Talla in charge. Guys just sitting around talking.

(Hard to make out more than just phrases here and there.)

Talla says to Peter "Hey, do you know what I though of, people make out all the time in public. So me kissing Topaz is not even a big deal. So everyone just saw us kiss - it's not even a big deal. It's what people do. Right? Because when you kiss out in public, you're still like everyone is seeing it, it's not that big of a deal. Right? Would you agree?"

Peter says "It's a very small portion of a very large episode."


Now Talla is asking what Jillian would say if her students told her that they saw her kissing a girl on TV. Jillian jokes how they wouldn't say that to her (because Jillian hasn't kissed any girls on TV), and if they did, she would leave school.

Andrew asks who takes credit for making up the vampire theory about him. Jilliam lays claim.

Talla is asking Alec now about what he thinks if people would ask her about kissing a girl on TV.

Alec ends up saying that he would say it was while playing spin-the-bottle.

Emmitt tells Talla they all heard her freak-out.

Talla starts to explain herself, then stops herself and says that she doesn't think she's allowed to talk about it because it's production.

Meanwhile, Alec and Gary are in the storage room, and Alec is telling him about putting Suzette up.

How she's going to lose, and shouldn't be away from her kid like that.

Then talk turns to the Veto.

Gary suggests Talla go up.

Alec says that Talla would come after him if she didn't leave.

Gary says that ideally Talla would go home. That he knows what is going on in Suzette's head.

Alec asks Gary not to use the veto if he wins it.


Everyone but AJ and Andrew are around the kitchen counter.

Alec and Emmitt go over to join them in the living room area.

Jillian is putting the finishing touches (mozzarella) on four mini pizzas.

Now she's putting it into the oven.

Gary is still preparing meat. (Steaks? Porkchops?)

Peter tells BB that "I love these shoes. Checklist of things that we'd like to have at the end of the show. Super-duper cool."

Peter tells Talla (Calling her Lala) that she has to clean the blender.


Big Brother voice says "Alec, please go to the Diary Room".

Suzette "This whole house is going to be so nice now."

Andrew to Emmitt "Like last night, imagine if you and Jill had of played spin-the-bottle with us?"

Gary is working on nachos. But he wants to use both bags of cheese.

Emmitt is trying to talk some cheese out of him.

They hear the car alarm go off in the backyard and joke that someone is trying to steal the car. Probably the cameraman.

Jilian and Gary still have cheese-sharing issues and joke about it.


Andrew jokes that they're going to eat all the food tonight and have nothing left for the rest of the week.

Emmitt was grating cheese and ended up grating a bit of the cloth towel he was holding the cheese with.

Jilian cut a little chunk of skin off her finger while slicing some vegetables.

Big Brother female voice "Andrew, please bring today's (garbled, sounded like "strip") into the storage room."

Andrew "this I can do."

Peter says he is tired but doesn't understand why, since he slept most of the afternoon.

Jilian still slicing. Asks if she should sautée before putting it on the nachos.


Talla and Gary washing the slop buckets in the sink.

Andrew wants, for Christmas, "that think you put a potato in, press down and make fries".

Jilian says she's looking forward to just her life for the next week.

Emmitt is sweeping up in the kitchen. "Watch your step in here, there's nasty stuff on the floor."

Jilian "Oh! Why's the storage room always friggin locked?"

Emmitt asks Andrew if his brother is doing his taxes.

Andrew forgot all about it.

Talk turns to doing your taxes.


Andrew "As long as you don't owe, it's ok. There's no penalty for filing late."

Talk turns to someone having heard a guest say "I want to be the first one voted out of the house", just for the moment of fame.

Emmitt is keeping an eye on the wings and pizza in the oven. Andrew comes have a look.

Now they're talking about when Alec will get his HoH room, and what Big Brother had to do to prepare.

Emmitt and Andrew play a kind of patty-cake.


The lights dim to nighttime levels.

Talls says "it's 5:28" (According to the clock on the stove, which is nowhere near accurate, but they still use it to measure time anyway), AJ got up at 1."

The lights come back up to full strength.


<goes to commercial>

<SLICE starts playing an episode of "Brides of Beverly Hills", with the following message scrolling across the bottom: "Due to technical difficulties, our regularly scheduled program is unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience.">

End of AfterDark

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01:22AM BBT: Feeds are back.

01:24AM BBT: Alec is HoH.

01:27AM BBT: Topaz,Peter,Alec just said welcome to jury. Topaz told Alec do not go around saying that you want Suzette gone. Talk to everyone first

01:30AM BBT: AJ, Andrew, Emmett, Jillian in BY. Apparently a comp just ended recently because they say it's amazing BB got it cleared so fast and it looks so empty now.

01:32AM BBT: Sounds like AJ and Suzette may go on the block. Andrew angry he won HoH and got nothing. Alec got a letter from his boy. AJ says he's never seen that before.

01:35AM BBT: Andrew angry he won HoH and got nothing. Alec got a letter from his boy. AJ says he's never seen that before.Andrew thinks it's because Alec threw the dbl eviction HoH to him. They discuss whether everyone is on board evicting Suzette.

01:36AM BBT: Jillian says she keeps saying she's no threat. AJ says the person who says they aren't going after anybody is going after everybody. Andrew jokes Alec is putting up Topaz and Peter.

01:37AM BBT:Andrew really wanted a letter from his twin brother. There was $10k up for grabs in a comp. "He" won it, but not sure if that's Alec. Alec won $10k on top of HoH.

01:38AM BBT: AJ says Alec feels bad that Andrew is getting gyped. Andrew made "it" in 13 seconds and Alec beat that, even on 3 weeks slop.

01:39AM BBT: Peter and Alec said they are getting tired of Topaz and how she is trying to control them.

01:41AM BBT:Andrew & AJ on the BY patio. Andrew feels like his back got kicked by a donkey. They start talking PoV and who might play. If Gary plays and takes someone down, Andrew might go up.

01:42AM BBT: Andrew said Alec won't put up Topaz and Peter and everyone else is fair game, Andrew jokes that Alec is obsessed with the Marlins. AJ and Andrew both confirm they are not HN.

01:43AM BBT: Peter said who would put Topaz on the block, Alec said maybe Emmett or Jillian. Peter said it is time Topaz go on the block.

01:45AM BBT: They are already talking about winning HoH next week. Gary would be Andrew's target. Or Peter or Alec. AJ says we're running out of choices. Talla is with them. And Emmett/Jillian, strong as oxes, that's an alliance.

01:46AM BBT: AJ says they are good on both sides now. He says Topaz won't let Gary be nom. He says Gary deserves to be there, he's earned it. Topaz is a floater, Andrew says, she sleeps the whole time. AJ says you can't put just one, you have to put both up. Emmett and Jillian. Alec & Topaz.

01:47AM BBT: Andrew says after Suzette is gone, Peter, Alec, Topaz and Gary are tight.

01:48AM BBT: Peter said Gary should go after Suzette. Alec said it is better to get Gary before Talla. Alec is asking BB to turn the camera to the KT. Peter find that Suzette is trying to stick around and it is annoying. Alec said Gary need to stay and control Suzette this week.

01:51AM BBT: Suzette came third in the competition today and she told Peter see I am playing the game.

01:52AM BBT: AJ would be pi$$ed to be asked to be a pawn. Andrew said I'm as paranoid as a stoner. They worry Suzette is Canada's player. AJ says he knows what to do, he'll only debate the second nom. AJ said the girls, the guys, even the appliances don't want to play with Suzette.

01:54AM BBT: They discuss who Topaz talks to - Gary & Alec. She is paranoid, questions why people talk to each other. Talla comes out to do laundry. Andrew says Topaz won't sleep with Alec in HoH - Peter will. He's still up there, AJ observes. But Peter wants us to be together, he sees a bigger picture.

01:56AM BBT: Peter said Jillian is very competitive and she is hanging onto Emmett. Andrew is in the HoH he thinks AJ should be nominated. Andrew said that AJ told him Alec is putting Gary and Suzette on the block.

01:58AM BBT: Emmett is now in HOH, Emmett said Suzette is Canada's player because she did not go to Winnipeg for casting. Plus Canada saved her. BB announce please stop talking about casting.

02:00AM BBT: AJ and Andrew return to the KT. They've been up since 7am, Andrew says. We're living in luxury, Suzette says, food, beds. Sounds like there are no HN this week. Andew has a belly full of steak, so apparently they had a nice dinner. Gary on the LR couch. Topaz doing dishes.

02:01AM BBT: Talla tells Topaz that the letters remind her everyone is watching. AJ is making tea. Talla says it's wierd, this is like her hope, they are her brothers and sisters, her job is the comps. Topaz says she's kissed everyone at this point.

02:02AM BBT: Alec said he is going to tell Suzette she is the target this week. Andrew,Emmett,Peter and Alec is in HoH. Andrew said he will go down as the worst player in Canada history. The bashing of Suzette starts. Alec said AJ is upset he is going up on the block.

02:04AM BBT: Alec asks if Jillian would give AJ her vote, Emmett said yes she would. Alec said anyone go up against Suzette or Talla would win. Emmett said AJ do not need to be BD. They all think AJ needs to know he is going on the block.

02:06AM BBT: Alec and Peter mention that it was a random maze that he solved in 13 seconds ( Being on slop for so long)

02:08AM BBT: Andrew said to Alec you are not going to put me up also if you put up Emmett and Jillian they are going to come after you. Andrew said his 14 mins of fame was it let Liza put her fu***** black dress on and go home. They are all laughing at Tom and how he left the house.

02:12AM BBT: Looks like a house meeting in HoH. Talla,Emmett,Alec,Jillian, Andrew,AJ and Peter. Jillian said she made Suzette tea for her to go sleep. Emmett said Jillian should put something in her tea to sleep. Gary and Topaz is not there. They are all bashing Suzette. Topaz and Suzette is in teh KT having tea no audio on that feed.

02:28AM BBT: The crew was trying to avoid Suzette coming up but she did make it up there. Conversation turn to the spy screen and no game talk. Topaz and Gary is not up there.

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02:33AM BBT: Lots of talking about baseball, Everyone is talking at the same time. While Jillian,Suzette and Talla talking, Emmett and Peter talking game but I cannot hear them. Suzette looks so comfortable with them if only she knew they are all coming after her.

02:37AM BBT: Andrew is crawling on the ground he is complaining that it have lots of pain. Alec have a teddy bear name snuggles he had it from a baby.

02:41AM BBT:Topaz came up to the Hoh and Told Suzette that Gary need her. Jillian said that Topaz is a great actor. AJ said he think Alec should not let Suzette know tonight. They are all laughing at Suzette. Emmett said do not tell Suzette in front the entire house. Andrew said Suzette may have a clue she is going home.

02:47AM BBT: Alec said we need to find out the best way to get Suzette out. Alec said a pawn is needed, AJ I already done that I would not do it again. Alec said I will give you my word you would not go home. AJ said non taken. If Suzette take herself off Alec said you will not go home. Alec said you have to be comfortable with this.

02:52AM BBT: Alec said he talked to Gary if he win the PoV he would not use it. AJ agree to be a pawn. He said it would be 7-0.

02:58AM BBT: Everyone left the HoH Alec hugs AJ and said you are not going home this week, even if Canada try something. Peter and Alec in the room Talla said thank you to Peter. Peter replied I did nothing. Jillian and Emmett is back she gives the thumbs up for good job Alec.

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03:03AM BBT: AJ,Talla and Andrew out smoking. AJ said he does not like Gary and he is very strong 6 ft 230lbs. Talla said they have to kill PoV. AJ he is safe anyway. Andrew said if the talk change you have to be prepared for it.

03:06AM BBT: Andrew said Alec is not playing next. Talla said she is surprise Gary did not go up to HoH. Talla,AJ and andrew is bashing Alec while smoking.

03:11AM BBT: Alec,AJ and Peter in HoH, Alec said he would rather put up Talla instead of AJ but she is going to freak out. Talla walks in she said if next week is endurance she is going to kill it. Alec said just make sure Andrew and Topaz is safe. Talla said she came close to win HoH today and she wants to make her mom proud.

03:18AM BBT: Peter said if Suzette go home this week who do you want out Talla said Gary of course. They all think they would have to get someone to take out Gary. Gary told Tall he wants to see who would protect him down the road.

03:20AM BBT: Talla and AJ really want Gary gone next week they are trying to get Alec to put up Gary. AJ is hoping it not a power play this week. AJ ask if Gary win PoV and take Suzette off the block what happens, Alec said if Gary does that the entire house would be after him.

03:24AM BBT: AJ said if anyone vote against him he is going after them next week. Looks like AJ is HN this week. Topaz is in the HoH now she said to Talla do not talk loud because Canada would come after us again and keep Suzette.

03:29AM BBT: AJ is pretending it is nomination he ask Topaz to pretend to be Suzette. ( It was too silly)AJ said f**k the power play. The plan for the speech is Alec would tell AJ that he see's him hanging around Topaz and kissing her, Alec said he would look very serious. AJ said if Suzette win PoV who would you put up Alec said Gary would go up and he would be going home.

03:34AM BBT: Alec said Suzette tell lot of lies to him, and she talks about everyone in the house. AJ said the LD was very long. AJ said Suzette have small kids and a family and they don't want her in jury. AJ leaves HoH.

03:39AM BBT: Peter and Alec continue game talk alone. Alec said he is okay if AJ use him as a pawn next week. Alec said he was not thinking that AJ could win the veto. Peter said he is very tired and he is going to bed.

03:51AM BBT: Peter and Alec in the KT Alec said he is so happy to win 10k. Alec said the bed feels like a board moving. Peter is off to take a shower. Alec is eating pizza in HoH.

03:55AM BBT: Alec Told Topaz if Suzette wins PoV and Talla goes up she will go home. Looks like Peter did really bad in the competition today he took 4 minutes but he said he was playing around for few mins.

03:59AM BBT: Topaz and Alec going over what will happen in jury house, They both think there would be another twist some time coming up. Alec is brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed.

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04:05AM BBT: There is some talking in the BR but we have no audio. While in HoH Alec is listening to music and packing away his clothes.

04:18AM BBT: Nothing much going on Alec is still packing, Topaz just came in and said everyone is still up and no one is tired. ( But we still have no feeds)

04:34AM BBT: Looks like Jillian was really close to Alec in the competition. They are both cuddling and kissing in bed. We have lost feed to the HoH.

05:00AM BBT: The feeds are showing the BR. All Hg's are asleep. Good night.

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9:00AM BBT: Feed 1 is following Jillian around the house while all other feeds are on SotH.

9:07AM BBT: BB says Alec to the DR. Jillian says "Mr Man do I have enough time to color my hair before nominations?" He told her not to. So looks like noms will be soon.

9:12AM BBT: Feed 1 joins the other 3 feeds in SotH.

9:30AM BBT: Feeds return for a second as BB saying "HGs this is your 30 minute warning. In 30 minutes you will locked in the BY." and feeds return to SotH.

10:13AM BBT: Still SotH, probably for awhile for noms.

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4:40PM BBT: Beats me-- I have no idea what's going on. Emmett's doing Gary's make-up. Gary to Emmett: "Don't make me look cuckoo."

In the livingroom, Alec and Topaz are laying together on the sofa whispering a little too low to be heard.

AJ is in the kitchen area with Talla, Peter is watching from the couch by the dinning table. Those that are on camera seem to be in playful, jovial moods. No sign of Suzette.

5:00PM BBT: Topaz and Alec are stilling cuddling, Suzette is in he bedroom evaluating Emmett's technique as he continues to apply make-up to Gary.

Suzette still has an Ace bandage around her knee, I believe the injury was sustained in the Maze competition yesterday.

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6:03PM BBT: The feeds are back. Alec's talking game with Gary in the HoH room. Topaz is in the HoH bathroom area.

Gary says that if he's going to play the game smart, then there's no reason to keep Suzette around, because there's nothing she can do for him. Gary says that Suzette said she was going to change her attitude and be happy, "but every time I'm around her she just sucks all the energy out of me." Gary says he doesn't trust Talla either, Alec says they can only get rid of one person at a time. Gary mentions that after this they've made jury. Alec tells him that "Everyone in this room has made jury." Alec told him he's safe for sure this week.

Alec tells Gary that AJ said that if he wins PoV he's going to use it to take himself off the block.

Meanwhile in the storage room, Talla looks like she's consoling Suzette [No sound] so I think they did the nominations since both of the nominees know where they stand.

They also feel that since Suzette has no chance of winning, there's no point in her staying around for the jury, when she could be home with her kids

6:20PM BBT: Jillian, Topaz, Talla and Gary have control of the HoH room and are talking up a storm re-hashing a competition, Unfortunately it sounds like The View with everyone talking at once, and no one being heard. Talla said she got so confused in the HoH competition that she swore at the cameraman, and she thinks she scared him. Talla gets warned by BB not to talk about production.

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5:30pm BBT - AJ told Andrew that he threw the PoV comp during the double elimination episode. Before the competition, he gave the order to Emmett. Talla said the F word after she was eliminated from the HoH comp during the double elimination and Arisa didn't say anything. That's how they new they weren't live. (See, even the HG see through the deception)

6:15pm BBT - Gary and Alec are in the HoH talking about Suzette and Talla while Topaz is in the HoH WA. Gary doesn't trust Talla but Alec says they can't evict more than one HG at a time. Gary says if he makes it this week, he's on the jury. Alec says he's already on the jury, everyone in the room (Gary, Topaz) is on the jury, he promises. Alec tells Gary that Topaz didn't want him nom. Alec says Suzette can't win BB, so why keep her from her kids by letting her get to the jury?

6:30pm BBT - Talla and Jillian up in HoH, saying Suzette was just 40 seconds behind Alec in the HoH comp yesterday. Jillian was only 17 seconds behind (it was a timed maze comp). Topaz took over 9 minutes (suspicious!). Talla was so confused she cursed the camera man. She thinks she had the itinerary right but then got confused and panicked or she could have beaten Peter (who took around 4m and admitted to Alec he stood around for the last couple to throw it).

6:45pm BBT - BB calling HGs into DR. While they are waiting for PoV (more SotH ahead), some are going to take a nap. Topaz remarks to Suzette they've been building a long time. In HoH, they think the comp will involve water or some kind of liquid. In the KT, Gary & Emmett play puckball. Peter, Jillian, Alec and Talla are in the LR not talking. Peter is called to the DR. He might be hosting so it may be starting soon.

7:00pm BBT - No PoV yet. Talla worries if Gary wins PoV and saves Suzette, she will be the replacement (I think that goes for if anyone uses PoV). In the BR, Gary, Alec, Andrew, Jillian talk burping and farting. Jillian can't stop burping since she got off slop. The convo wakes up a sleeping Suzette. Emmett and Jillian tell Gary hes' too young to get a dog (didn't know there was a minimum age to love a puppy).

7:05pm BBT - Talk in BR turns to the BB USA How Bad Do You Want It comp and burning the clothes off your back. Gary wants a lux comp. Andrew reminds him that "someone" just won $100k, but Gary says it doesn't count, that was in the HoH comp. He really wants a dog and if he nags about it enough, he'll get one (you-re an adult - just go out and buy one). Jillian and Emmett say it's a lot of work to care for a dog. Gary says he'd keep the dog at his mom's place (I bet she would have something to say about that).

7:15pm BBT - There are 6 guys and 4 girls left in the game. Gary says the girls are dropping fast and he'll have to change to the other side and bring "Zoey" back to even things up. In WA, Alec, Topaz and AJ tease Talla about her dating life. AJ jokes he'll date her outside the house. AJ says people have templates for what they look for, but when she finds the right guy, he won't fit in any template. AJ admits to 4 serious relationships.

7:30pm BBT - AJ pays for online dating sites. Jillian tried one but never met anyone. AJ goes on a sales pitch for online dating. Jillian only responded to 2 people - many of the guys had bad grammar. One was a RCMP but wasn't attracted to him, though they are friends now. The other was a pharmaceutical rep, but by the time she responded, he had given up on the service. AJ teases that the guy is probably kicking himself right now.

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7:30PM BBT The chit chat in the WA includes Alec, Jill, Talla, AJ and Topaz, they have been talking about internet dating sites and their experiences. They agree the free sites attract strange people and the pay sites weed out a lot of problems. AJ says his sister had success on a pay site. Jill dated an RCMP officer a few times, nicest guy ever and is still friends but, there just wasn't that "attraction" there but they are still friends

7:37PM BBT Suz, Em and I believe Andrew are asleep in the BR. We hear from AJ and Talla that the PoV comp could happen at any minute. They are still talking relationships and hair in the WA.

7:42PM BBT AJ has a thing for long hair, "Like Talla's". Topaz has a weave and wears it sometimes. She would love long hair but, it's not in her genes.

7:47PM BBT Jill, Talla, Aj are in the LR going over the HG's names, first and last, nationalities. AJ yells "Hey does anyone knows Kat's last name?" Talla is very giggly.

7:50PM BBT AJ about Andrew "I am sorry, I believe that he has wasted his life, not to say anything about his experiences or things he has done but, that man should be on stage making people laugh. He would be great at it. He should have done this his whole life."

7:54PM BBT Aj is now in the HoHR with Talla and Alec rehashing the Andrew statement. Talla says "He should have a one night stand up." AJ says that she is confusing one night stand with stand up comedy. Talla is now being asked by AJ about her experience and job as a waitress.

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8:05pm BBT - Talla confronting Alec about noms. She is worried if PoV is used by Gary. Why would he support Suzette when she is all alone in the game? Alec explains why he nominated Suzette and what he told her afterward. What she calls people speaking poison, he considers gaming. AJ tells Talla that they are not going to separate this week - everyone is getting along. Separate game and friendship, like playing monopoly, fight on the game board but be friends off. Talla is loud and animated, mostly with AJ.

8:10pm BBT - Alec says Suzette doesn't know how to be sneaky. Alec and Talla reveal to AJ that it was emmet's plan to put up Aneal against AJ after Canada saved Suzette. Talla says Tom made Suzette think they were all against her. AJ defending Tom, saying that's what Tom had to do to protect him. Alec said he thought it would be Topaz as the replacement nom. Topaz enters, saying it was so loud up here, she thought everyone was up here. Alec said he told Suzette that he likes everyone else in the house, had stronger relationships with them, trusts them. AJ says if you are not gunning for anyone, you're gunning for everyone.

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8:15pm BBT Topaz and Talla are headed to the KT. Talla just wants to "get this PoV over with!" She is now talking about AJ and AJ is now with them in the KT as is Alec. Jill and Em are napping in the BR. So are Suzette, Andrew and Gary. Peter has been in the DR for a very long time.

8:23PM BBT Peter is out of the DR. The Veto comp is delayed and that was all he was allowed to say. Veto will be run tonight. Peter was just called back into the DR. Topaz says she will deny it when people ask her if she was on the show. She goes by emerald at work so she will just say it wasn't her. Talla wonders if her mother saw her kiss Topaz on the feeds. BB "All hg to the bedroom please, all hg to the bedroom." Talla is shoving food in to her mouth. She wants to take it with her but they aren't answering her back.

8:27PM BBT Talla Jill and Topaz are now in the hallway outside the WA. Talla is chewing and eating at the same time [this woman does not take a breath] smacking lips. She and Topaz wants Jill to tell them a story. They think that because they are called to the BR area, the feeds are off.

8:29PM BBT Jill "I have lived with all my serious boyfriends" Talla "Do you think it's a good idea to co-habitate before?" Topaz says "Ya oh ya." Jill and Topaz think live together before rather than wait til after engagement and marriage. Topaz says "You learn more by living with someone rather than going on a trip. There will be things you don't like." Topaz swears, Talla calls her on it. Talla interrupts Jill again. Jill is trying to tell a story about a trip she went on with her ex that she lived with for 3 yrs. She was going through the motions of her relationship. She is talking fast.

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8:35PM BBT Jill and the guy broke up and she ended up going on a trip with him to the Dominican. She went even though they had broken up. [she keeps saying blah blah blah] The guy filled her suitcase with water while there. Jill says he just went crazy when they were there. Refused to eat dinner with her, wouldn't go anywhere with her and cut her swimsuit into pieces. "I am going to make your trip into a living nightmare." is what he said to her. Jill was screaming the one night and no security or anything came to help her. She finally went to bed and he woke her up by pouring water on her head. The nexy day after she left for the beach, he changed the key cards to the room. Day 3 she went to report him at the front desk. She told the staff, they got someone to help her that speaks English. The staff told the guy if there was one more thing happening to Jill he would be removed from the resort. Jill was moved to another part of the resort. At the end of the trip, Her parents moved her things out while she was on her way back. When the plane landed she told the guy "We are not going home, my parents moved everything out of the apartment for me while we were gone." She laughs , "And that was how we broke up!"

8:50PM BBT Andrew, Em, AJ, Alec are talking about injuries in the BR. The door opens and all you can hear is the girls in the hall. Gary is lying in bed still. They are wondering how long they will be in the BR.

8:53PM BBT Jill is telling the story of when her friends sister went missing years ago. She was never found. Not even a trace of her. Suzette is now telling a story about her friend and now we have SotH.

8:58PM BBT Topaz wants 5 kids. The girls are telling stories about abductions and close calls they have heard about. AJ has joined them. Andrew, Em and Alec are talking about drinking in college. Alec "In thailand they do red bull and a bunch of spirits and then everyone gets a straw they call it Thai Bucket" Andrew "In the UK they do shambles." his friends used to chug white wine and a few beers to get drunk fast.

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