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March 4 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!
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10:30pm BBT - BB took away hot water for 48hrs from all HG for not obeying commands. Games have also been outlawed. Because Topaz didn't put her mic on when told to this afternoon, BB had her collect the cards and chess set. Topaz responded by telling BB where to go. Tom and Liza discussed the balance of power in the house. She says she is friends with some of them but they see him as on the other side. She will try to use that friendship to protect them.

11:45pm BBT - Aneal cries to Liza that he wants to go home and live on his own terms. He doesn't understand why the house wants him gone. Liza says he's too likeable. He doesn't really want to go home but knows the writing is on the wall unless something changes. Liza wanted a Misfits alliance of the 3 oldest and 3 youngest HG. Aneal gave up a lot to be in the BB house and he is disappointing his family, his mother. Liza tells him to take a day off from the game. Aneal doesn't think it will help.

11:50pm BBT - In the real world, Aneal would call his mom or his boyfriend. {So far, none of the HG have taken notice that the two gay guys were nominated by Jillian. Coincidence?} Alec joins them and tells not to panic; it could be worse - he could also be on slop. Tom and Peter count the votes to keeping Aneal and get rid of Danielle, though she hasn't yet been nominated. They say they will make a deal with Aneal to get Suzette or Gary out. They talk to him and tell him to work on Talla's vote.

00:15am BBT - Tom is on board with saving Aneal and tries to convince Emmett. Tom, Peter and Alec discuss setting up a fake deal with Aneal to see if he tells anyone. Tom doesn't care what Jillian wants. and they (the four boys) are safe unless Gary wins HoH. They need six votes to save Aneal: him, Liza, Peter, Topaz, Andrew and AJ. With Danielle gone, it will be their six and Emmett against Gary and Suzette for HoH. Peter also tries to sell Emmett, this is the time to make a big move.

00:30am BBT - Liza tells Danielle that no one is even thinking of voting her out (maybe PoV mtg did happen). She promises to tell Danielle if the house turns against her. Emmett goes to HoH and tells Jillian what's going on and she's shocked to hear Gary and Dani told Liza that they would target Alec and Topaz and then backdoor Tom because Liza is with Tom.They don't trust The Boys but don't trust Aneal either.

00:45am BBT - Emmett and Jillian decide to offer Aneal a deal on Wednesday for protection if they save him. Then they get a head start on the night making out again. BB Canada's Brenchel? Jellett? Emmellian? Emmett joins Tom in the SR and they disagree over trusting Liza: Tom does and Emmett doesn't. Both agree that their girls are loyal to them and just happy to make the jury. They run the house and the girls are just there to support them. Tom says they are in good shape whomever is evicted, but Emmett is not as sure.

00:59am BBT - Tom is extremely cocky that he controls Liza and that The Boys are in complete control. Gary tells Peter that if he wins HoH, he'll tell the two noms exactly who his target is. Emmellian is already in the HoH bed with the lights out. He's on top of her as they resume last night's nocturnal activities as if the day never happened. Liza tells Peter how she told Aneal to not give up, but she tells Peter she can't trust Aneal like she can Danielle.

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01:05AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian in HOH doing their thing kissing and being very quiet. little game talk. loud noice cannot hear only action with lots of covering up. Jillian just said she is very sticky (Hmm) They know how to put on a show. they got disturb by the HG.

01:22AM BBT: Talla and Peter having a talk in BY about who to trust,Topaz just interrupted about some water problem. Back to game talk Talla asked Peter if he will save her Peter reply yes. The punishment really hurt because they are adults Peter said.

01:28AM BBT: HG is tearing the place apart. Gary,AndrewTalla in the KT trying to fix the sink Gary has a note around his neck that read (I love you mom) Nice way to advertise on Tv. Aneal look very comfortable. (No more tears).

01:39AM BBT: Talla and Gary having a smoke and game talk begin, Gary think that Andrew is playing everyone so Gary wants to bring him into his alliance. Gary have a great idea to get Aneal out and keep Danielle in. Tom and look like Peter in the BR they are trying to take out Emmett Jillian,Gary,Alec and Topaz they are the big guns in the house. Talk was interrupted by Talla. Tom is making deals with everyone.

01:48AM BBT: Aneal and Topaz LR having a normal conversation about mics and why BB is bothering her, as she explain BB announce Topaz please put on your mic (pure Jokes did you watch BBUSA) Topaz think BBCA wants her out the game. (Wake up Topaz) Topaz thinks that BB don't like her because she sleeps allot. Topaz also said they are trying to get at the crazy African-Canadian.

01:55AM BBT: Talk continue in LR with Aneal and Topaz, Aneal think Topaz has sexy eyes (Took you so long to see Aneal) Aneal wish the cast was the real world. (Wake up) They are both going over past competition, Aneal is really good if he stays.

02:00AM BBT: HN guest is fully asleep. Topaz went to the WR she turn the hair dryer on so her stuff does not smell (First time for me seeing this) she really needs help.

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02:13 BBT: Aneal is going over the Memory wall. Topaz is washing her hands and there goes BB Topaz please put on your microphone (How many times does BB have to say this).Her reply can a girl sh** in peace. Topaz leaves the WA and said good night to Aneal which is still brushing his teeth. Aneal is done but the hair dryer is still on (Careless Topaz.)

02:23AM BBT: Topaz is back and but stil forget the hair dryer on. BB zoomed the camera on the hair dryer it is orange just in case you are wondering.

02:33AM BBT: The fourth time tonight Topaz was warned to put on your Microphone by BB. I think Topaz will get a penalty for this behaviour.

02:39M BBT: I taught all HG was asleep Aneal and Topaz is very sneaky, they both was searching for what I don't know someone turned and they jump I believe they were looking for clues.

02:48M BBT: Emmett is up he went to the KT to have a drink and cheesies for Jillian. HN room consist of Peter and Talla on the Cot, and Tom and Alec on the round bed.

02:59BBT: Gary still have some movements in bed. All other HG fully Asleep.

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8:30AM BBT - Everyone seems to be up and in the back yard complaining about the cold. Most are bundled up in blankets and hoodies and have agreed that Big Brother can do whatever BB wants to do. They also have agreed this is NOT a house, it is a warehouse and it is winter and so it likely isn't AC that is causing the cold.

8:33AM BBT - All discussing best cell phones, where they have lost theirs and where their phones have been stolen.

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8:38AM BBT - Gary - I am having a fashion show later this week. He hasn't yet decided where the runway will be. Liza and Jillian are in shorts

Jillian - they give us hot showers before live shows so they will be back by Wednesday.

Gary - is the fireplace broken? He is cutting some sort of template from the bottom of a juice can liner and says it is for the fashion show. He plans to spray a colour on the girst hair and they remind him they have no hot water.

8:42AM BBT - Gary - I had a vision last night and it needs to come true. If this was Toronto I would have already had the fashion show.

8:43AM BBT - Last night Gary was awakened last night by "a guy with a big orange light".

Jillian - it is scary knowing there are people wandering around watching you.

Gary - maybe because it is BBCan they made it very cold.

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9:36AM BBT: HG are awake. Liza and Suzette are making breakfast. Andrew, Peter, AJ are having morning coffee in the BY. Topaz is chilling out in the BY.

9:38AM BBT: the BY gang (which now includes Alec) are discussing BBUK and Coolio. Peter searched greatest players before coming into the house. AJ has not seen BBUK. Alec really likes the show.

9:42AM BBT: AJ is now quoting wrestling quotes. Ric Flair quote: "Tonight we are in the house of the horseman....." he has the whole thing memorized. Peter says, "Oh that's a pretty good Ric Flair." (sorry, I didn't think so)

9:45AM BBT: Peter and AJ are discussing wrestling. Lots of info and talk about how it all works. Trish Stratus was mentioned. AJ knows people who went to school with her.

9:50AM BBT: Dani, Suz, Liza are eating breakfast. They are talking about trying to be positive with the lack of hot water. Liza and Dani want HoH for just privacy and some music. Gary is resting on the little couch in the Kitchen.

9:52AM BBT: Dani has a dream she was "Actually legit sleeping with Ryan Gossling." Suz and Liza "Oh hell ya!" Dani elaborates on her dream. BUZZER! Someone is sleeping (a few are)

9:55AM BBT: Jill and Em are in the HoH lying in bed. Jill is saying they have an hour and a half. Emmett was covering his mic so no idea for what.

9:57AM BBT: The BY guys (Peter, AJ, Andrew, Alec) are talking hockey and the difference between ESPN and TSN. Now women broadcasters who are "Really hot" according to AJ.

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10:03AM BBT: Liza, AJ, Aneal, Andrew, Peter are still talking in the BY about video games and sports. Jill and Em are in the HoH, Jill is putting make up and yawning. Em is back lying on the bed.

10:06AM BBT: AJ is telling a story about a relationship and says "I was married in my heart" and Liza yells "BULLSHIT!" the BY crew busts out laughing. Talla has now joined them.

10:08AM BBT: Liza is elaborating on a "weird" relationship she had. She was in the relationship, but they never labeled it and after a year broke up but it was only then they realized it what it was. Andrew says those things "never happen to him" Peter says they kinda have to him. They were worried that an ex would have been in the house.

10:10AM BBT: Liza "Tell me a story to redeem yourself" AJ " O I'm not really east indian, I am italian with a hot tan right now"

10:15AM BBT: AJ "Did you hear the story about my marriage? Now I have to go tell the whole house. I told Talla." Peter says "Hey can you hear that? Shut up!" Aneal and peter go quiet. It was nothing but, sounds like he was trying to hear the convo inside. FotH

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10:15AMBBT- 11:20AMBBT: FotH

11:20AM BBT: Feeds are back. Danielle is vacuuming in the LR.

11:24AM BBT: Dani asking Suz for confirmation about Aneal going home. Alec says the house is voting for him. Dani thinks Jill and Em knew each other before entering the house. Suz "I have been married for 16 yrs and they have that comfortablity. I am just curious. If I was crushing on someone... I just don't see the newness of it." Alec is braving a cold shower.

11:30AM BBT: Suz to Alec "Doesn't matter how you do it man, it is gonna be cold." Suz "I feel like Cinderella, go on tv and have to mend clothes. Straight from the Value Village!" (VV is a department thrift store up here)

11:35AM BBT: Jill, Liza, Peter, Tom, Em are on the deck talking about Tom Cruise movies and the list of movies available in sequester. Not one TC movie was on the list.

11:40AM BBT: Jill, Liza are wishing they had brought masks and stuff for spa days in the house. They want to do a hair mask. Just general chit chat. Peter and Em are listening.

11:45AM BBT: Suz has brought up the idle no more movement in the WA. Alec and Dani are listening. Jill and Em are on a lounge chair in the BY. Peter is debating the next reward or thing to happen in the house.

11:55AM BBT: Small talk still in the BY. Political talk in the WA between Suz and AJ about the difference between Aboriginal rights and Canadian rights. "This should be important to everyone it is our history." AJ is apologizing, he thought he offended her. She says "No you didn't."

11:57AM BBT: Liza "I don't get it. I came here to have fun. Not to nap." Tom "Could you imagine Topaz and Gary on slop? We gotta get that red team on slop!" Peter "If they break it after day 2 on slop, I will be infuriated!

12:00PMBBT: Tom and peter are whispering about who is going home. "Little does she know, she is going home." They haven't said who "she" is yet.

12:01PMBBT: Tom and Peter are talking about Dani (who they now call Woody) the plan is get Dani out then back door Gary. Aneal would be the pawn or Topaz. Suzette is also a target.

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12:15pm BBT - Topaz is sleeping on the hammock and BB keeps sounding the buzzer to wake up. It's annoying the other HG. She complains she's just laying in the hammock, not sleeping.

12:30pm BBT - General chit chat, lots of laughing (mostly Alec and AJ). Peter is kind of quiet. Gary still in WC getting made up. Someone, can't see who, is annoying the heck out of me by vacuuming. Aneal also in WA. It appears PoV Mtg took place this morning (we never got confirmation) so the mood is lighter.

12:45pm BBT - Peter, Suzette and Talla at the KT table. The Boys at the KT counter. There's eating, talking, but little substance.

1:15pm BBT - The Hot Tub is is on! Yes, it's gonna be that kind of day. The Boys and their women are Hot tubbing it at 1pm in the afternoon. Talla and Aneal chill out at the KT table w/Suzette and Andrew.

1:40pm BBT - Tom and Aneal having quiet convo at KT table. Emmett, Suzette, Danielle and Andrew in HT. Others milling about the KT. Emmett gets out of the HT. This is thrilling. Is there a hockey game I could watch instead? Curling?

1:45pm BBT - What a surprise, Emmett on top of Jillian in HoH bed, slowly stroking (massaging)her legs. HT action down to Andrew & Suzette, talking to AJ who is not dressed for the occasion. They are talking about how much weight Tom has lost on Slop.

2:00pm BBT - HT party is over. Jillian and Emmett in HoH doing what they do best, Suzette in the pool with Danielle dangling her feet in. Andrew dives in. Liza comes out and reports on the house cleaning. She seems really excited about it. In the BR, Gary gives Danielle fashion advice. Aneal, AJ and The Boys are sitting at the KT table talking TV.

2:15pm BBT - At the KT table, the talk turns to the best age to take Human Growth Hormone (apparently at 35 so you can re-experience puberty - why, I don't know) and how it affects muscle size. As usual, Peter is more listening than talking, his legs stretched out with his feet on Liza's lap . Topaz is mopping the WA while Suzette is in the shower. Danielle talking to Gary in the BR. If Peter were any more still, BB would be sounding the sleep buzzer.

2:30pm BBT - Gary, Suzette. Liza and Danielle continue to converse in the BR, and everyone else hanging out in the KT/Dining area. Andrew is telling Talla about his nightlife back home. Peter has moved his imigation of a log to the LR couch and BB seems to not care. The Gym Is Open! Aneal and Emmett are working out in the BY with Alec.

2:45pm BBT - Danielle discusses her showbiz aspirations: I want more and more. Aneal and Emmett are getting some strength and conditioning in while Alec goes through the slow motions on his back. He has mastered the hands clasped behind his head and thrust the abs forward. Too bad the girls are all inside. Aneal is on the elliptical now for some cardio. Sounds like Aneal is agreeing to nominate Gary and Suzette in exchange for being saved but they are talking very softly. Alec says he's also worried about Peter.

2:50pm BBT - Alec tells Aneal to not worry if he acts like he's voting against him. They trash Danielle for being in the BB House to further her career, not to play the game. They decide they can't talk too long without it looking suspicious. Then there is some kind of sound that takes everyone by surprise and FotH. Feeds come back and Alec is alone on the mat, his hat over his face. If I didn't know better, I would say he's napping. Certainly he's not sunning. The BY is indoors. Aneal is in the KT now.

3:00pm BBT - Gary doesn't know where his audience will come from, maybe Japan, so he just wants to be himself in the BB House. Liza is taking a cold water shower. AJ keeps her company in the WA. FotH. Feeds return to find Emmett and Topaz in the SR. Aneal jand Jillian join them. Lunch time anyone? Liza in the BR now. Gary talking about how he thinks his mom suspected he was gay and was more afraid for him than upset at him. Peter's eyes are open! Emmett and Alec joined him on the LR couch. Tom is running fingers through Talla's hair.

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3:15pm BBT - Emmett and Jillian are back in HoH, this time she's sitting on him. They separate and he lays on the HoH bed as she putters around. Banal chit chat ensues. Gary and Danielle continue their own banal chit chat in the main BR. He says he didn't quit any of his jobs before coming into the BB House. Emmett asks Jillian if she's seen his white pants. She asks him if these yellow hot pants make her look fat. Well, she could have - they are acting like a married couple, feeding into a lot of suspicion downstairs.

3:30pm BBT - Danielle wants to move to LA and start becoming famous. Gary needs to get his visa first. And an agent. They make plans to share a 2 bedroom apartment. AJ comes into the BR and Danielle leaves. Jillian is doing windmills in the HoH room. Suzzette gets off the bed in the BR and heads to the hammock in the BY. Emmett is listening to Jillian's HoH iPod. Jillian hasn't listend to it yet. Lunch is underway in the KT. Peter is even on his feet in the BY folding towels. Pretty sure Alec has only put his shirt on for the live show. FotH.

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8:10 PM BBT Feeds have been down since about 6:50 when Peter announced to the house he had completed his mission given by BB . For doing that he won something for the whole house and Canada voted for it. They won a hot tub party with food & drinks. The whole house can participate, including have nots but at midnight they return to being have nots. They jumped for joy & then the feeds cut out. It seems they went right into the party .....?

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8:18 PM BBT Feed are back. Jillian, Liza, Tom, Andrew, Suzette, Emmett & sounds like a few other out by the HT talking about alcohol

8:21 PM BBT Danielle, Talla, Gary, Topaz in the kitchen drinking, having a good time. General tipsy talk

8:25 PM BBT It's party time in the BB house , everyone has made their way to the HT area, drinks are being filled up. No game talk. They do a cheers, Alec wasn't there so they do it again when he arrives

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08:32PM BBT: The party continues. However we have Foth.

08:40PM BBT: Feeds are back. lots of drinking, Danielle and Gary in WA complaining about Topaz being a B***** While all HG is in the HT.

08:48M BBT: All HG if not in the HT is wearing their Winter Jacket. Looks like they had Mac and Cheese and Poutine. Looks like a little cat fight between Talla and Tom.

08:50PM BBT: We have FOTH. On and off.

08:59AM BBT: Top secret going on. We still have FOTH.

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9:31 PM BBT

HGs are back. Sitting around wearing toques and drinking still.

Alec and Topaz are doing a little snuggling. Peter, AJ and Danielle also with them.

Danielle is going to make a trade mark out of the T-Shirt she was wearing. "Tres big boobs"? They joke about her wearing a double push up bras and that her boobs are really just average.

9:34 PM BBT

Dani has the moves like Jagger. She can do comedy, crime, drama whatever you want. She is moving to LA. Peter says, "Yeah you move to LA, do that." as he drinks out of a Vodka bottle. "I'd move to Vancouver."

9:39 PM BBT

Emmett pulls Aneal into the SR. "I think you are safe now. Don't talk to anyone about this, don't talk to Gary about it. Just make sure when you won HOH you go after the same people."

"I won't say anything,"says Aneal "You're saving my life. "

"Just keep acting like you are going home." Emmett counsels "Just keep acting like you are going home." Manly back pat.

"Thanks man, I appreciate it." says a smiling Aneal.

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9:44 AM BBT

Emmett and Tom talking through a work out. Emmett says he gets the best chest he ever had with this work out.

Liza and Talla sitting together looking tired/tipsy. Andrew and Gary are sitting together as well. "You're like hot chocolate." says Andrew as he feels Gary's leg. "Are you finally coming to terms with who you are?" quips AJ.

9:48 PM BBT

Suzette, Aneal and AJ sitting on the other BY couch. Everyone is just joking around and being a little crude. Someone farts. Topaz blames AJ who says, "It could have been anyone so let's just stop the witch hunt." Everyone laughs. "It smells like slop"

Inside Jillian and Emmett were trying to make pasta.

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9:54 PM

"Would you have come on this show if they had warned you it was going to feature hairy legs and farts?" Liza asks the group. Peter has been quietly sitting and chugging back his bottle of vodka. It's now gone. It was a 26er (26 Ounces). Danielle is inside 'Caucasian dancing' according to Talla. They are now discussing the Super Pass BB14 Wrap party.

10:00 PM BBT

Out in the outside Suzette and Danielle go looking for more booze. "F-Them, they drank it all" says Dani. "This is a nice little party they had here. I'm up on the block bitches!"

"H-O-H, H-O-H, H-O-H" Danielle dances around doing a booty slap. "They tell me that I'm just up as a pawn. Suck this bitches. F#ck this bitches." she's making some rude gestures. "I've got to go pack... " she trails off.

Back inside everyone is chatting and snacking.

10:10 BBT Danielle is kicking around and dancing (sort of). "Where's your drink?" Talla asks her. "I drank it. Thank god. I can't drink anymore. I mean, I can but not anymore Bailey's. That stuff goes right in your blood."

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10:18 PM BBT

Gary in the KT talking with Danielle who is telling people to eat. "Gary you're too skinny. You need to be forced o go to Subway a couple dozen times." They joke around about how drunks she is. "I'm not drunk, this is me with a buzz only. I said so much stuff for copyright today." she rambles. "Big Brother owns every f-ing thing you say, they ain't giving you a dime." Gary tells her. "It still kinda came out of my mouth." Danielle replies.

Suzette is making rare steak. She has not stopped eating in the past hour. Gary is also cooking.

10:23 PM BBT

There is still no hot water. Emmett and Jillian are boiling water to try to fill the tub for a bath. Danielle does not take baths because it's like soaking in your own body."

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10:27 PM BBT

Jillian can funnel like nobody's business. "What the F^ck does that mean?" Danielle hollers, "Like beer bong? Anytime I drink a beer I just get sick. Every f&cking time. I can't drink beer. Maybe it's because I don't like beer."

Jillian tells them how to funnel a beer. "You have to open your throat and relax and let the beer flow."

"I think you are trying to tell us how to do something else." Danielle hiccups "I like bud light, that's it, bud light."

Emmett and Jillian take up the next pot of water.

Out back Alec, AJ and Topaz are chatting about their new sleep habits. Topaz is struggling to get to sleep at night and she wants to sleep in. AJ wonders if Alec's brows are keeping her up at night. "You can hear him raising those things at night" "Yeah well I'm with a brow man now. A brow man." Topaz laughs.

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10:37 PM BBT

Liza and Tom chat in the work out. Emmett is there as well. Tom is joking that Liza will break him eventually. He's gladly sleep up in the big HOH bed. Emmett should sleep in the have not room. Talla comes in to share some story about what she calls her 'girls parts' she does not refer to them in bed. Tom asking her what if someone else refers to them. They go into some 50 Shades of Grey nonsense.

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