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9/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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7:01PM BBT - Frank says he thinks he deserves 6th place more than Joe does. Ian says he deserves a higher place more than a lot of people. Ian says "So I either go with you, Jenn and me or.... Joe." Frank reminds him Joe will not win anything.

7:06PM BBT - Frank tries one of Jenn's slop cookies and likes it. He then goes to see Dani and Dan in the arcade room, telling Dani her hair looks lighter. Frank laments that it has been a long day.

Dani goes to get some chicken nuggets. Dan asks Frank for an update on the house. Ian heads back to the BY. Dan says slop cookies are as close as they will get to the real cookies.

Frank re-counts his conversation with Ian to Dan. He worries about everyone telling him that he is safe because everyone was telling Janelle that too. Dan and Frank count possible votes for tomorrow. They go over what if scenarios on how to get an extra person out to be down to the final 3 by the timeframe.

7:15PM BBT - Jenn and Dani on the BY couches. Chatting about Frank and his attitude again. Dani doesn't know what she did to Frank to make her not like him. Jenn re-iterates what she told Frank earlier. Dani thinks Frank can tell that she "runs away" whenever he comes around.

In the AR, Dan confiming the finale date with Frank. "We're sure its the 19th, right? Not the 22nd?" Frank confirms that is what they were told. Dan says they don't want Survivor and BB to overlap, and that's Survivor time. Dan asks what week they are in. Frank says they are in week 9, tomorrow is day 62. Dan says the first time he played, he felt overwhelmed because there was so many smart people. They discuss past HG's.

7:19PM BBT - Frank asks Dan if he liked Russell. Dan did, he liked that as soon as he came on, you knew what he was about.

Jenn asks Dani if Joe has talked to her. "Same old, same old." Dani feels bad for Jenn. She is telling Jenn everything as honestly as she can, so Jenn will know what to expect. Dani has her back, she assures Jenn. Dani asks Jenn if she knows who the biggest kid in the house is. He's walking around with his puppy dog. "He's worried about crying on TV," Jenn says.

Jenn's flight to the house was 5 hours, Dani's was 6 hours. Jenn's was a one way flight, which shocks Dani.

7:26PM BBT - Dan and Frank talking about Survivor. Dan wonders how long the show will go one for. Until Probst is done, he surmises. Dan asks Frank if they ever told him to apply for Survivor. Frank says no. The community around BB is way bigger than Survivor, Dan says. Dan wonders why Survivor went from final two to final three. That's a big format change. He wonders if BB would ever try it. Frank says maybe it's happening on this season, but then they both shoot down the idea. They would have figured it out, Dan says.

The only thing they have to do federally is make sure they explain anything to the HG's and make sure they understand it.

7:30PM BBT - Jenn told Frank some of the things Dani told him. Like where Frank tried out 3 times and makes it sound like he deserves to be there more than anyone else. Dan tried out every season from BB6 before finally getting onto BB10. Dan can't believe he is in the house again; feels like he is in a coma or something. Dan tells Frank he'll probably come back for another season. Frank wonders in what capacity.

Frank would want to come back to an All Stars season, with all returning players.

7:35PM BBT - Dani tells Joe she is voting to keep Frank because he'll give her two packs of cigarettes.

7:40PM BBT - Dan starts talking about production and WBRB.

7:43PM BBT - Back, and Frank calls to Dani to ask her what everyone is doing. Just hanging outside, she says. Dan has to go to the WC. On the way, he tells Dani that Frank thinks she thinks he's arrogant.

7:45PM BBT - Dani in the SR: I don't care if he thinks I think he's arrogant. Cause guess what? He is!

7:46PM BBT - Shane, Frank and Jenn general chit chat on the BY couches. Ian in the hammock. Dani joins them.

7:49PM BBT - Joe shares his private candy stash with Dan. Dan heads into the BY with everyone else. Joe follows and starts walking laps again.

7:52PM BBT - Joe goes inside and comes out with marinated tuna and salmon for the grill. Ian inside chopping up vegetables.

7:56PM BBT - Dani comments on the shoes Dan is wearing. His sister Kelly bought them for him, gives a shout out to her. They're Timbaland.

7:57PM BBT - Ian is frying up some perogies on the stove with his vegetables.

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8:03pm :talk in the by about tornados and hurricanes. and how scary they are. joe is cooking at the grill and ian is in the kt chopping veggies.

8:08pm dan telling how he doesnt like pit bulls. dani says pit bulls are only mean if you train them that way. dan telling about a pit bull chasing him and eyes were red and he said it was scary. dani says i have nevber seen one of our pitbulls attack anyone never ever ever.

8:09pm joe tells about a pitbull that a friend had andf attacked his friends kid and the kid had to have stitches all obver him and they had to kill the dog to get it off him.

8: 12pm dan and ian in kt now . dan says i almost bet money that there wont be a double tomorrow.(dan will lose this bet) ian says you think there wont be? dan says no. joe comes in and starts talking about pitbulls again.

8:14pm dan asking ian if frank got to him today. ian says yeah i told him this is the way i see it that everyone pairs off and then i get either you or joe. dan says either. ian says yeah i pick either frank or joe.

8:17pm dan says frank doesnt know about the ducks but he is going to feel the quacks tomorrow. joe comes in to check the time. general talk in the by about dogs with shane , frank, dani , jenn and joe at the grill listening to them.

8:20pm shane now inside he says what are you thinking ian a quiz tomorrow or america? ian says a quiz. or it could be a what america thinks or a what days things happened. ian says i can see that the what days happen one being it tomorrow night for hoh comp.

8:23pm joe has gotten dinner ready now. everyone heads to the kt to eat their wacky wednesday dinner. ian says he is going to have a little bit of that turkey burger i think.

8:35pm hg sitting around the table. ian telling about dani r. in allstars and how boogie showmanced erica to get erica to vote her best friend dani out of the house. joe tells frank no showmancing ian tonight. joe then tells the hg that frank is not allowed upstairs at all tonight. ian gets up to go get ice cream from his hoh rm.

8:44pm dan is stacking cards. ian says he isnt any good at stacking cards. he says you know what i am good at stacking? shane says legos? he says no. ian talks about giving shout outs to old hg like willie, dick, dani R, shane says dani D? ian says no no way.

8:47pm Dan says he knows who ian is crushing on. ian says who kristen? dan says no shelly. shane says he rather crush on rachel than shelly. frank says he would crush on kristen.

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9:03 PM BBT Dan runs to the bedroom looking for candy - going to take it from Dani's bag. She follows him in. They sit down to talk. Dan tells Dani about his convo with Frank on the hammock. Dani tells him about her convo with Jenn by the pool today. Both are whispering and can't hear much. Frank walks in to ask a question and then out.

Shane and Joe in the side room talking. Talking about Frank. Laughing about his comments trying to get Dani's vote. Now talk of if it will be a double or FF.

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