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9/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:04 PM BBT In the BY Ian is still rocking. Jenn is still exercising. In the KT - the card game game is being played.

Dan asks Shane if he would go to war if he was drafter. Shane: Don't you have to? Frank: You can escape to Canada.

In the BY Joe asks Ian if he has heard from Dan. Ian says tight lipped and no game talk. Ian resumes rocking alone and Joe starts to play corn hole.

9:16 PM BBT Dani has just beaten Dan in a round of rummy. Joe continues to play outside.

Ian has left the hammock! Dan says a silly joke - why was 6 angry? Because 7-8-9. Ian heads to HOH room.

Jenn is taking a shower and Dani has beat Dan in another round of Rummy.

9:23 PM BBT Frank announces to the KT crew that he wishes they had take out a little more this season - like once every two weeks. Shane says :In and Out

Frank talking about his trophies and gamer points on his PS3. Dan/Dani still playing rummy and Joe still in the BY playing.

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9:31 PM BBT Dan: Ian told me today that in Japan you can buy woman's panties in a vending machine. Jenn getting dressed in the WCA.

9:36 PM BBT Dan has won a round of rummy! Jenn still doing ADLs in the WCA.

9:41 PM BBT Jenn has completed her attire and is at the hot tub with her feet in it. an in the HOH shower it sounds like and the rummy game continues in the kitchen.

9:50 PM BBT It's snack time. Frank is heating up a rice cake with honey and brown sugar. Joe has broken into his BB candy bag. Dan says he may have to. Jenn lying on the ground by the hot tub.

9:54 PM BBT Dan in his bag with a blanket over his head. Shane asks him what he is doing. Dan says BB trying to see what's in his bag. Dani comes into the BR and crawls under the blaket with Shane and Dan (they are all standing) Frank joins in the fun. All laughing. Joe in the KT cooking.

Dan still looking for his candy. Now telling BB that he loves them and would never hide anything from them. Dan says his blood sugar is low (joking).

9:57 PM BBT Ian has finally gotten out of the HOH shower. Jenn heads outside to HT again. Dani gives Dan candy so Dan will be quiet.

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10:02pm bbt Joe joins Jenn at HTub, he says it used to be everytime you turn a corner there is someone talking, now it's empty. They discuss dinner and Jenn being a HNot. Dan/Dani continue Rummy game.

10:04pm bbt Joe/Jenn are bored, decide to start a game of bags.

10:15pm bbt Ian is down from HOH, asks if anyone minds if he finishes off the leftover chicken. Another game of rummy starts, this time with Dani/Shane/Frank(Frank's first game).

10:19pm bbt Ian explains to the rummy players the BB2 toothbrush incident. He tells Shane there was no POV, once you were up, you were up and had to survive the vote. Ian goes outside to play pool with Dan.

10:40pm bbt Rummy, cornhole, pool(off camera) continue with no BB game talk, and almost no casual talk either other than rummy/cornhole score talk.

10:50pm bbt Dan comes through the house with an American flag. He takes it to brdroom and folds it, professionally, quickly as if he's done it before, and puts it away.

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11:04 pm BBT Shane gives Jenn the back rub he owe her. Dani is running on the elliptical. Dan beats Ian at pool so it is now 1-1 best out of three wins. The rest of the HGs just sitting around making small talk.

11:10 pm BBT Game 3 is underway Dan is solids. Ian seems to be hustling Dan right now, making 3 shots in a row. Ian is already on the 8 ball. Dan has all but 2 balls on the table. Ian wins for the night… again

11:12 pm BBT Dani tells Dan how annoyed she got by Frank. She recaps her conversation and the attitude she got with him over his comments about deserving to be here more than anyone. Dani says she had it over and over again.

11:17 pm BBT Dan keeps telling Dani to make sure Bieber (Shane) votes Frank out. Dan is sick on him too and tells Dani she has been the most patient with him and is the last to be fed up.

11:24 pm BBT Shane goes into the SBR and helps Dani and Dan make Dani's bed. They voice their frustrations with Frank to Shane. Out of nowhere Shane tackles Dani with the blankets and the boys beat her with pillows. They get off of Dani and Dani takes a good two mins to find her way out from under the blanket.

11:34 pm BBT Now Dani is convinced that Frank watches her work out and is trying to get with her. She tells Shane who says he can't wait for Frank to go on Thurs.

11:37 pm BBT Joe and Ian talking at Ian's hammock about Frank. Ian says he has nothing to stand on. He can't even promise someone safety because he can't play in hoh. Joe says he thinks he's got it. Ian says good, keep acting like you are in trouble. They both wish the vote was already done and locked in. While listening I notice Ian's new hammock creaks now....thanks Ian.

11:43 pm BBT Joe goes into SBR. Dani and Shane tell him to go talk to Dan to feel him out and see where his vote is. They all re-go over how sick of Frank acting so cocky they are.

11:55 pm BBT Dani keeps going over how mad at Frank she is and says right now would be a good time to get called to the DR cause she has a major fury to unleash. Shane keeps begging for her to get called to the DR

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12:05 am BBT As for the rest of the house, Frank Dan and Jenn are playing rummy while discussing music. Joe seems to be prepping or cleaning something in the kitchen. Ian is rocking in the hammock . Back to the Frank bash fest, Shane says he bet Frank would go for Dani if Shane wasn't in the house anymore. Shane leaves to see what everyone is doing outside.

12:15 am BT Jenn wins the rummy game. They appear to be done playing because Frank gets up and walks away. Dan and Jenn continue to talk music. Dan gives her some encouragement and tells her that by being here he bets people have looked up her music already. Joe comes inside and makes a snack with Shane. Shane asks if Ian is still rocking. Joe says yeah he needs to unwind before bed.

12:27 am BBT all is idle around the house while Frank washes his face, Shane and Joe make a snack, and the rest just make small talk.

12:34 am BBT Ian is done rocking and enters the house. He says everyone cooking is making him want a snack. Joe is having tuna. Shane is having egg whites with peppers. Frank is chopping peppers and mushrooms to cook. Ian heads into the SR to get himself some peppers. Riveting no?

12:43 am BBT Dan and Jenn go over how much of a big deal it is that Jenn is a platinum recording artist. She doesn't think many people know or understand how big kittie was. Jenn starts bashing Joe. She told Joe she heard some things about he had said. She tells Dan hee denied it and told her to ask around again. Dan says who else is he going to put up?? Dan says he knows Joe is after him and probably wouldn't put up Ian at this point so who else could he be after but her. She agrees we get fish.

12:54 am BBT we probably got it due to the kids in the kitchen singing. We come back to Jenn saying Joe could be dangerous if he pops off a win. However, she continues by saying she thinks he realizes he is out the door. Jenn says she has nothing to say to Ian cause he cannot win next week and she thinks he is next. She says no one really has gone up to talk to him and she doesn't think he has anyone.

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01:03 BBT

Frank and Danielle are in the WA discussing drinking and hangovers. Danielle looks really uncomfortable for some reason. Meanwhile Shane and Joe are outside playing cornhole. No one is helping them, so every time they throw a beanbag, they have to go pick it up again (although I'm not sure why one doesn't just stand at either end - that seems like the logical thing to do).

Dani tells Frank that she's having cramps (hence why she looks like she's uncomfortable). She says she normally only has her cycle every 3 months, but it got thrown off coming into the house b/c of the hormones of living w/ other girls. Frank is surprisingly not freaked out about this conversation.

01:19 BBT

Dani is washing her face. Dan is in there too briefly and they whisper a bit. Frank doesn't seem to be in there any more. Dan heads out to the kitchen where Ian is cleaning. Ian is talking about the "genres" that BB puts the houseguests during casting. Meanwhile, Joe and Shane are still playing cornhole outside.

Looks like it's Wil's picture on the memory wall that has been blacked out. (Dan broke it earlier today.) Danielle is in the WA carefully removing her eye makeup. Jenn walks into the WA. Dan walks in and back out again - heads to the kitchen. Ian is still cleaning the kitchen. (The camera's jumping around.) Danielle whines about her cramps to Jenn. Jenn says guys just don't understand.

01:32 BBT

Danielle has her face right up to the mirror next to the couch in the WA popping and squeezing a huge pimple on her forehead. The camera is zoomed right in on her face. (And yes… that is the most interesting thing happening in the house right now).

Jenn tells Danielle to stop poking her pimple… that no one will notice it anyway. Danielle says, "Jenn! How will no one notice this??" Jenn laughs and says, "By not looking!" Dani huffs, but sits down and stops playing with her pimple. Dan comes in to brush his teeth. He asks Jenn about something he heard about Jenn being an arson. Jenn tells him some of the fire tricks she knows how to do.

01:46 BBT

Dan heads to bed. Jenn tells Danielle to break up her pimple and stop touching it. Joe/Frank are outside playing cornhole. Shane/Ian are playing pool. Looks like the girls are probably heading to bed now.

Dan starts reading to Danielle out of his Bible and we get FOTH and then the camera jumps to the BY. (I wasn't aware that the Bible was copyrighted). The guys look like they're wearing down as well - Joe says 10 more throws and he's heading in to bed. Frank says that sounds good b/c his shoulder is giving out anyway.

Frank is making up his own scoring rules for cornhole, "I think if I hit in on the rim so many times it a row that it's gotta count for something. I think I should have 3 points now!" Looks like Ian and Shane have headed inside. Camera jumps back to the SBR. Shane and Danielle want to know Dan's romance story. Dan says he knew he would marry Chelsea when he first met her.

02:02 BBT

Dan says he feels so lucky to have met Chelsea. Shane says he hopes he meets someone like that one day. Joe walks in and wants to know what they're talking about. Dan says he's trying to find a Bible verse about sex. Shane asks BB to please turn up the air conditioning. Dan says someone behind the window laughed or coughed. Meanwhile, Jenn and Frank are whispering w/o mics in the MBR. Can't hear anything.

Dan finds some jerky and wonders whose it is. Joe says he had wanted to eat that earlier but thought it was Dan's so he didn't. Dan threw the bag of jerky at him and Joe starts eating it. Dan starts reading to Shane/Danielle/Joe out of Deuteronomy and Proverbs. Looks like Jenn/Frank are still whispering. I hear Danielle's name every so often but hard to understand what they're talking about.

02:13 BBT

The lights go out in the SBR. It's a lot of "good-nights" coming from everyone… including Joe saying, "Good-night, John-Boy!" (referencing the old TV show, The Waltons). Dan says it's so weird to think that someone's watching him sleep. Shane complains about how hot it is in there. Still whispers from Jenn & Frank in the MBR.

02:20 BBT

From what I can hear from Frank and Jenn's whispering (which isn't much), it sounds like they're just trash-talking the other houseguests and/or trying to figure out which players they can trust as well as who might vote to keep Frank in the house. Only about every other word comes through, so it's hard to patch together the conversation very well.

Frank lays back and asks BB to turn up the A/C, "It's hot in here!" Looks like all the hamsters are asleep in their beds. Good night, everyone!

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9:21am all hg still sleeping this morning.

9:28am dan is up goes to wc then washes his hands and brushes his teeth. he now goes to the sr to change his batteries and head back to bed.

9:59am all hg still sleeping. we just went to foth for wakeup call.

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10:11am frank is up in the kt making coffee. BB comes on and says" attention hg therer are fresh batteries in the sr" . jenn and joe are out in the by jenn says it rarely gets cloudy here. joe says better enjoy it. jenn says i think it is sprinkling.

10:14am Frank goes to by now he says how much you be weighting joe? joe says about 185 now.

10:31am frank and jenn are sitting out in the by enjoying the rain and talking about norther exposure.

10:36am frank and joe and jenn in by talking about music. everyone else still in bed sleeping.

10:38am jenn and frank in by still . jenn says wow its kicking up. talking about the rain. it is raining harder now in the bb by.

10:51am jenn still laying on by couch enjoying the rain. frank is in the kt making his iced coffee. all other hg still in bed sleeping.

10:56am frank says the rain is now slowing down. he says oh man wednesday blahhhh. jenn says i have work to do today. frank says one thing about dani she doesnt think much. jenn says she does but the last 2 days i feel like she hasnt been on her toes as usual.

10:57am frank says we might have to tell dani and shane that we will vote out dan if thats what they want but we are going to have to split dani and shane up. jenn says yeah we are. frank says we will have to do that next week.

10:59am frank says what i would like to see hasppen is is ian go and you me or dan win the hoh. shane wont be good with comps .he says the best thing to do is going into the final 4 with you me, shane and dan. jenn says i agree and i am going to work dan hard today.

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11 a.m.-12 p.m. BBT

Frank and Jenn are in the backyard discussing Danielle's vote. Jenn thinks she has a great relationship with Danielle and she'll have her vote. Dani says she's heard Frank has been throwing her under the bus. The only thing they can figure is that Joe is lying to her and spreading lies, because it's untrue.

Jenn says Danielle needs to get past Frank putting her up twice, her boyfriend put up Jenn and Frank twice. Get over it. Jenn says, "I'm not salty at him for it, I don't forget it, but I assure you I'm not salty about it." Jenn is down for Shane having to play, it's about time to get from behind Brit's shadow and play for himself.

Frank says he thinks it's weird that Shane approached Frank about talking with Frank, Shane, Jenn, and Danielle. Frank said I tried to talk game to her, but she didn't want to talk game. Jenn says, that's good. Let's talk tomorrow for sure with her. Frank said he talked zits and periods with Dani, because he knows women. Jenn says "yeah", talk about clothes and shopping to her, she loves it!"

Silence falls over the backyard as Jenn and Frank lay on the background couch as they enjoy the rain falling.

Frank gets up and goes out in the yard. He looks up at the sky and comments on how the rain system seems to be stuck over them and isn't moving. The voice of Big Brother asks them to lower the outside awning and Frank can't believe it, since it's not sunny at all. He does it anyway.

Frank is mad that his fate comes down to a wishy washy 23 year old who just wants to get married, to decide his fate (meaning Danielle). He says I'm a jerk. Franks daily monologue starts.

Frank says, Well everyone I have two votes for sure. I think I have three, but having to rely on someone who's only half in the game who is more concerned with her showmance, worries me. I want Jenn or Dan to win hoh or even Shane. I do not want Danielle to win. I don't want her in a place of power again, running her mouth too much. I don't want Jenn to win, so she can win the next one, so I don't have to.

Shane might be my best option to win that hoh. Shane wins puts up Ian and Dan. I'd like to win the pov, so that noms can't change or even Jenn/Shane. Hopefully Ian goes. Then I compete in hoh, against Dan, Ian, Jenn, and Dani. Jenn comes back out and interrupts his diatribe.

Jenn and Frank talk about having to take pictures and that Dani is a picture nazi, and will delete all pictures she hates. They talk about how no one in the house drinks soy milk or those egg shakers, just give us egg whites. Jenn feels bad for wasting it, I can only have slop, and most of that is for me. Jenn is call to DR.

Frank immediately resumes his monologue. I would like if Jenn won that next hoh, I could get her to put up Dani vs Shane, and get Dan to vote Danielle out and we're left with four. Me, Jenn, Dan, and Shane. I can play hoh,win, guarantee myself a spot in F3. As long as Shane doesn't win pov, we're godo. We get rid of Shane. Then it's me,Jenn,Dan for final three. That's my dream. I win final hoh and take Jenn.

I owe more to Jenn that Dan. I feel bad for taking him that far and getting rid of him, but she has been my ally since Mike/Ashley left. I messed up telling Danielle so much, and I was too worried about Dan, but I know he's good, so I may have screwed things up. These competitions have to go my way if I stay. She had no reason or way to tell Dan what I said though.

Only two weeks left. I just got to get through these next two days. Then someone from my side win hoh, that's what I need. Jenn interrupts him again and we're left to a bit of awkward silence in the backyard as Frank is clearly still wanting to talk to us about his strategy. Frank says, "I think Shane needs to win this next hoh. Jenn said, "yeah, you're right. That way he can't play in next hoh."

Frank says, If we win pov, we keep the noms the same. If Dani wins, she'll just run her mouth to Dan about what we said yesterday. Frank said, it wouldn't hurt me, but my relationship with Dan. Jenn said, but Dani would trust us over him. Frank says I could explain it away and Dan would still work with me. Dan would be okay if he was up and he knew we were going to vote Ian out.

Frank is telling Jenn she needs to win this hoh, and he'll win the next. If I win #4, I'm guaranteed final three, and you would too, if it's Shane and Dan, they'll vote each other out. Even if they win pov, they'll vote each other out. If you won hoh and put Dan and Shane up, if I didn't win pov, Dan or Shane would keep me over the other. Dan might choose Shane. If one of them win, one of us will go home.

We don't want Danielle and Shane and you end up on the block somehow, they'll send you home and keep the other. We have to get Danielle out, so we're there together with the path of least resistance. Jenn agrees completely.

Frank says, "we're barely two weeks away from finale. We are SOOO close." Jenn says, "I feel good. It's all about winning. We're at 7, then 6 by tomorrow. We have to get down to 3 in ten days. So it has to be a double eviction and a fast forward.

Jenn and Frank says that Ian is going to change as he gets older, and this is not who he is going to be forever. Frank asks the sun to come out and say hello.

Frank and Jenn continue to bash Dani as they talk about her not dieting or working out, and Jenn says I dieted even before slop and I've lost weight! She only does pilates which is just stretching. Mike and Frank made fun of her workouts cause all she did is stretch and lunge and some pilates.

Jenn and Frank continue their bashing and have moved on to Joe, about how he eats a ton of salad, which doesn't help him lose weight. Jenn starts saying it's all about portion control and you can't snack, cause you'll eat more than you realize. Frank leaves to go to the bathroom and we are left in silence once again.

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12:00PM BBT-2:00PM BBT

  • 12:02-Frank & jenn are the only HGs up. They are sitting on the couches outside talking about what a throw away society we all live in. It has been rainy today & they want to work out when the BY dries us some.
  • 12:15-Dan & Dani have gotten up & started moving around. Dani goes outside & tells Frank & Jenn good morning & then goes to the WA where Dan tells her good morning.
  • 12:20-Dan & Dani in the WA. Dan tells her that last night, he told Jenn he was 50/50 on keeping Frank.They wonder if she has told him. The start talking about how they think BB has edited them on the show.
  • 12:41- Frank is in the WA talking to Dani while she puts make-up on. Outside on the couches, Jenn & dan are talking about Joe wanting to talk to Dan about his vote. Jenn does not think Dani will vote for Frank & does not think she really likes Frank. She tells Dan if Joe stays , they are both in trouble.
  • 12:56- All HGs are finally up & moving around. The HGs were told to get ready for a OLD soon.
  • 1:03-Dan comes throught the KT where Dani is alone eating, & lets her know Jenn is trying to get votes for Frank. Jenn wants it to be Frank, Jenn, Dan ,& Dani at the final 4.
  • 1:17-The HGs are on OLD. Joe, Shane, Ian, & Jenn are chatting on the couches. Frank has been working out. Dan & Dani are sitting by the pool.
  • 1:37- OLD is over. Dan is inside in the KT washing dishes. Shane is @ the counter talking to him. Ian has gone to get Joe up. He was sleeping in the hammock. Frank is working out & Dani is laying out by the pool. Jenn cannot be seen on the feeds.
  • 1:44- Dan & Joe are in the SBR. Joe says Shane is the one person that he tells everything to & they have been together since the beginning. He is promising Dan complete saftey & he wont go up if he wins HOH.
  • 1:49- Joe knows he has Shane & Dani's vote & all he needs is one more. He knows that Jenn is going to vote for Frank. Joe thinks it will be a tie vote & if it comes back 3-1 he will know Dan voted for him.
  • 1:55-Jenn is out by the pool talking to Dani about her vote. She is going over things that happened earlier in the game & why she feels like she does. She is trying to get Dani to be friends & trust Dan again.
  • 1:57-Jenn does not want to lose Frank this week. Jenn tells her that this morning Frank said he wanted to get rid of Dan next. She is letting Jenn know that she does not trust Frank & he does not have her vote.
  • 1:59- Jenn says if Frank does leave this week, then she needs a solid w Dani & Dan. Dani assures her they are a solid three.

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2:04 PM BBT Dani and Jenn talking. Dani tells Jenn that she may tell Frank tomorrow that she doesn't know how she is voting. Talk about how they aren't mean to the people who have put them up.

Jenn says she needs to decide if she wants to give him her vote. She doesn't want the others to hold it against her. Dani says she understands if she does give him her vote.

2:13 PM BBT Ian is rocking on the hammock. Dani is telling Jenn sorry - she doesn't want to lie to her. Jenn says she got it. Frank in the KT telling Dan that he feels he has his and Jenn's vote locked down.

2:20 PM BBT Jenn and Dani still talking. Dani says that she won't have a job until January. Jenn tells her she will most likely be doing some modeling before then. Shane/Joe sitting on BY couches and Ian playing pool.

2:25 PM BBT Frank has prepped his lunch and removes his hat to say a prayer before digging in. Outside Shane and Joe watching the pool game and not saying much at all.

2:30 PM BBT Dan playing pool. Frank cleaning in the KT. Joe talks to Shane about doing a "walk a thon" next week and asking feeders to donate $5 an hour that the HG walk to St. Jude's Hospital. Joe says the HG should match the donation ($5/hour).

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2:34 PM BBT St. Jude Children's Hospital. Shane says he is in. Joe says anything - $1 anything - just something better then sitting there and it will help out.

2:38 PM BBT Frank playing in the pool. Jenn puts on her hoodie and says it's the most overcast day yet in the house. Dan in the WCA putting on sunscreen.

2:44 PM BBT Jenn joins Dan in the WCA. Says they are cool. Jenn says she believes "her". Jenn tells Dan that Dani told her she trusts Dan but they have to work on the relationship. They talk about what Dani is going to tell Frank. Hard ot hear. Jenn whispering and mic is covered. BB tells her to exchange it.

2:49 PM BBT Ian in the KT making lunch. Plays with his picture on the memory wall. In the BY talk about sleeping. Joe says he and his wife have a deal that even if it's hot they still touch feet. Shane says he is only used to snuggling Dozier. He was shivering last night in his sleep. He had thrown the comforter on Dani and then was cold.

2:52 PM BBT BB Informs the HG that if the swim 444 laps in the BB pool - they have swam one mile. The HG discuss that for a moment.

2:55 BBT

We are getting FOTH - not sure why - gen chit chat and no singing.We are getting FOTH - not sure why - gen chit chat and no singing.

2:58 PM BBT Jenn and Frank talking. Jenn telling Frank that he has to talk to Dani. Tells him to pull out the sweet awesome Frank. Tells him saying things like "he deserves to be here more". isn't working. Franks aks if he good for tomorrow but needs to talk to her for the future. Jenn says yes - but you have to sweet talk her. Frank says he has it. Good talk.

3:00 PM BBT Dani talking to Shane and Ian. Tells them Jenn is not a definite but they have talked.

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3:05PM BBT - Frank, Joe, Shane, Dani in the BY on the couches. Dan and Ian are playing pool. Frank telling the HG's about BB6. He was stoked to have met her in person this season. Shane asks if there is a Survivor on right now. Frank says no, One World ended about two months before BB. Frank and Ian start telling Shane and Joe about Survivor.

WBRB; must not want them talking about another CBS show.

3:11PM BBT - Talk turns to Willie, who was unable to control his temper. He was in HOH for 13 days, and the power went to his head. Of anyone, he stayed up there the most. Every other HOH comes down to hang with the others. Shane doesn't remember him ever laying outside. Joe comments that he came down only to eat, not to help cook or clean.

3:15PM BBT - Discussion turns to the HOH comp for tomorrow night and when they will go on LD. Could be a crapshoot, or a double, Frank says. Frank says he doesn't remember them ever doing 2 double evictions in one season.

3:17PM BBT - Shane asks Joe what the first fast food he wants to eat is when he's out of the house. Taco Bell, says Joe. Shane wants to know if you can order out from the jury house and production must be asleep because they did not FoTH us. Frank said Britney said they order out almost every night, and her first order was going to be Chipotle. Shane reasons it must save money on groceries and Frank confirms the cost of ordering does not come out of their stipend.

Frank is thinking really hard about a nap and Shane is thinking really hard about working out.

Shane, Ian and Frank discuss how boring it is and that's why they sleep a lot. Shane says they were hard on Kalia last season for the same thing but Ian points out she never worked out.

3:25PM BBT - Dani and Jenn sitting by the pool, general chit chat. Dani saw that Frank cornered Jenn. She told Frank to be nice to Dani. Dani is real sour about Frank's behaviour.

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3:35PM BBT - Ian and Dan are on game 3 of their tournament. Ian appears to be winning. Frank inside for a nap and Shane watching the pool game.

3:41PM BBT - The game is over; not sure who won. Dan is in the pool and Ian on the hammock. Joe eating lunch on the BY couches.

3:52PM BBT - Shane working out, Dani and Dan playing in the pool. Ian in the hammock, Jenn laying out.

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4:54 PM BBT

Ian telling them about the fish. If you walk near them, they swim right to the top. "Stripes is pathetic" says Danielle "Stripes is the bomb!" says Shane.

The three of them are enjoying some lunch/dinner. Danille has the hiccups. Joe is sleeping, listening to tunes in the HOH.

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5:22 PM BBT

Frank just out of the shower, Danielle in there now. [There really isn't anything going on - I'm not being lazy! ZuZu]

Shane tells Frank that Joe loved the turkey dogs. Frank says that the texture, taste, everything is terrible.

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5:47 PM BBT

Shane talking to Danielle as she does her make up. Shane says he doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

"If we win, who are we going to put up, what's teh general concensus?" Shane asks. Danielle doesn't want to out Jenn up but she can't let it go any further. Ian is ok because they have the numbers. He won't care.

Shane tells Danielle to tell Jenn that Frank is going to come after her. Shane would rather have Joe in the house. Danielle says that Jenn knows this already.

5:57 PM BBT

Shane eating a sugar free lollipop. It's less flavourful and hot.

Danielle asks him if he thinks they've gone to his hometown and we get WBRB.

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6:30 PM BBT

Danielle joins Dan in the toy room and invites him to go outside and not be in solitude confinement. He asks her to hang out with him for a while. Dan comments about her and Shane in "Flirt City--FC." He tells her to wear her shirt more for branding purposes...BAMA. Talking about the geography, Gulf of Mexico and the different beaches there. Danielle talks about Alabama beaches are all white because they are in the South and all beaches in the South have white sand. She's showing Dan on her pretend map with her hands about the cities: Huntsville, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, Auburn. Dan says that he didn't know Alabama was that big. More hand geography lesson with the surrounding states and how Louisiana is very close. Alabama is called the Heart of Dixie because it's in the center of the South. Flag discussion now...Dan talks about Michigan is the Great Lakes State and when other states run out of water, tthey will charge a premium to drink their water. So much fun--party every weekend. He asks her to come visit. What will Dan's football kids ask him and he says that they always want to know about the girls and they think it's a big joke. The teachers and faculty get the most into it and that they had a big party there to watch his finale. Danielle wants to know if they are doing that for her.

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6:40 PM BBT

Has Colt graduated yet? He's a senior with a double major...electrical and mechanical engineering. Probably will work at NASA. Dan asking random questions. When will Danielle parents retire? Talking about her parents being in the Marines. Her dad got out before her mom. Same ranks but Mom went longer. Mom did 20 years in the Marines. And before Desert Storm she was pregnant with her brother so she didn't have to go. Danielle says that her mom grew up very blessed and that her parents went through a divorce and her dad basically abandoned her. She was naive when a Marine talked her into recruiting her. She was a swimmer and competed on the Marine Corp Team. Danielle's dad never went to college. Ian joins them and plays the tilt a ball game. Her parents live on a lake. Her mom has a college degree and her parents met at Camp Pendelton (sp?). He chased her for 6 months and wouldn't go out with him because he was a stud.

6:45 PM BBT

Frank went to work!! Ian and Frank are talking in the HOH. Ian telling him that he knows he can't play next week. Veto got used. He's discussing what he would have to get a hard sleep tonight to decide what to do with a tie. He doesn't know what the vote count. Joe seems to think that Ian is breaking a tie. Frank says that if he goes out this week, then it's possible that Dan and Ian will be nominated. People are worried about Ian moving forward and they are heated at Dan for the funeral but if they are both there then he and Dan will probably go up. Frank says that he's been trying to work with him and wants to use h im as a human shield. Ian says that it's a tough decision and that he doesn't realize what he's going to do in case of a tie. Frank says that he brought up the idea to work together and has played the game with the theory of No Harm, No Foul. Everyone has put him up and he's bneen open to working with everyone. People are starting to group and getting close. If he breaks the tie in his favor then Jenn will not go after him. Jenn and Dan, Shane and Danielle which would leave me with Joe. Frank says that he KNOWS that he's going to do what he says and denies that Jenn and Dan have a thing because of the funeral. Ian thinks that Jenn and Dan are working together and Frank denies that and doesn't think that they are working together. Jenn is campaigning for Frank. Ian is looking at all his options. Frank assures Ian that he isn't holding anything against him and wants to work together with him. Ian reiterates that he has to think a lot. Frank says that if he does go, then he's going to be stuck working with Joe. Frank says that it's a good thing for him. I'll keep Frank and he'll go up on the block next week.

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6:04PM BBT - Joe and Frank in the BY discussing Ashley being in the jury. Joe said he ratted out that Ash had flipped to Jenn. Frank calls Joe a snitch. Joe says he saved Jenn by letting her know her BF stabbed her in the back. Frank asks why Joe didn't tell him that Ian was going to stab him in the back. Joe didn't know, he says. Had nothing to do with that one.

Frank said as soon as the votes went down, he knew it was Ian. Joe says it was smart to tell on Ash; Frank cries out that it didn't help him any. Joe says it's done a lot for him in the game, but can't tell Frank what. Frank guffaws in disbelief. "We're both still up on the block, so it didn't do either one of us that good," Frank says.

6:11PM BBT - Shane debating going for a nap; Dani trying to talk him out of it so he's not up till 5am. Shane making fun of Dani's clothing due to her "tater tots". He can't believe she can wear a small with them. She says sometimes she wears a medium.

Outside, Frank thinks Ian teamed up with Britney and the QP because they were the 'cool kids'. Frank discussing who they could have put up if Brit had stayed and Dan had left last week. He is explaining that she said they would get Frank out in the next week or two, which is why he nominated her. He says Brit is one of the most untrustworthy people in the house. Joe still feels Frank should've taken Dan out; he would've. Joe says he can see Dan in the final seat winning it. "Not if I'm sitting next to him," Frank quips.

6:19PM BBT - Dani wonders what they look like on camera. "Fat," Shane replies. "Me, not you." Dani: "Well, if you look fat, then I look like Free Willy."

Joe said he voted for Boogie to go, which helped Jenn. Frank said no, the votes weren't there against her. Joe says, they would have been if Ian hadn't poked you in the back. "Poked? I have so many holes in my back this season, I can't sleep on my back."

6:27PM BBT - Frank and Joe come inside. Frank doing dishes, Joe cooking. Jenn making slop cookies. Frank asks if anyone wants to play rummy. Dani will, in a bit.

Dani woke Dan up from his nap in the arcade room, general chit chat.

Ian, Shane and Joe outside. Ian asks Joe what's for dinner. Tuna and salmon. Ian might make some perogies. Joe and Shane have their feet in the HT, Ian on the hammock.

6:44PM BBT - Joe walking laps in the BY, Shane on the lounger. Ian came into the arcade room with Dani and Dan, who are still general chit chatting. Realizing it's not game talk, Ian quickly leaves.

Shane and Joe talking what if HOH scenarios.

6:45PM BBT - Ian and Frank in HOH room. Frank wonders where Ian's head is at since he might end up with a vote tomorrow. Ian stammers about Frank not being able to play HOH tomorrow night but doesn't answer directly. He says the veto being used made it harder for him but he needs to sleep hard on it tonight. Ian doesn't know where the votes lie right now.

Frank would like to work with Ian, but if he doesn't want to, that's fine. He is playing the game no harm no foul, meaning despite being put up by other people, he'll still work with them again. You have to have a short term memory in this house, Frank laments. Ian says there seems to be obviously coupling happening: Jenn/Dan and Shane/Dani - which leaves him with Frank or Joe.

Frank doesn't think Dan/Jenn are working together. He knows that if he stays, Jenn will work with him. Most of their conversations aren't game, Frank assures Ian. Frank pitches an alliance of Ian/Jenn/Frank. Ian is non-committal, saying he needs to go over all available options. Frank just wants to make sure that Ian knows he isn't holding anything against him.

6:55PM BBT - The conversation starts over again with Frank and Ian.

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6:52 PM BBT

Frank says that Jenn won't put him up, but if you do get put up, he can compete in the POV and take him off the block. He only needs 2 votes. Frank talks about not being able to trust Joe and what side he is on. He'll be running to Shane if he wins HOH and will say, nominate Dan and Ian. Frank thinks Dan is nervous about going up against Ian. He says that Ian will be rocking the endurance competitions. Frank says that he's not going to throw anyone under the bus this week. Even if he doesn't work with him, he'd know that Frank and Dan most likely be nominated and that Ian would be good for a week. Ian thinks that everyone is overestimating him playing in the comps. Discussion about the possible type of games...

Frank finally says that he hopes that it's not his prior team mate send him home in case of a tie. He's open for working with Ian and wanted Brittney out of the house because he wanted to work with Ian. Frank says that he was always going to work to get him further along in the game. He says that he and Boogie wanted to help Jenn and Ian get further in the game no matter what. Ian calls him out about the Silent 6. Frank explains that he and Boogie would have nominated the floaters and not Jenn and Ian even though they told the other 6 differently.

7:04 PM BBT - Frank's campaign session is over.

7:07 PM BBT

Frank and Dan talking in the Toy Room. Dan asked if he went to work and Frank said that he did and worked Ian a little bit. Frank says that it went "alright" and Ian thinks that Dan and Jenn are working together. Frank tells Dan that they aren't working together and that she's helping him campaign and trying to get Dan to help them out. Frank doesn't think that it will be a tie but in the event that it is a tie. He asks Dan if he thinks it's going to be a tie and he doesn't think so. Frank asks if it's going to be 4-0? Dan says that Danielle is back and forth but asks if Shane said he has his vote. Dan says, yeah, like paranoia. Frank says that the anxiety is kicking in and makes the day go extra slow.

Dan says that this place does crazy things to everyone and how his heart beats like crazy when he's nominated. Frank is talking about the Janelle eviction and how nervous he was...

7:12 PM BBT

Talk about potential future comps. Frank is going over the future timelines, AGAIN.

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