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7/16 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Guest Guest

3:52pm BBT

Boogie, Joann, and Ian sitting in BY general chit chat about a good night sleep last night and were people slept

All camera are on the BY but all the voice is coming from Britney, Dan, and Wil and another voice I can not make out

General chit chat about tv shows

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3:03pm most hg taking naps and general talk in by jani going to teach ash how to play chess after jani puts a B on the cake with M&M's for Boogies Birthday

3:20pm Jani teaching Ash and Jojo how to play chess danielle just got out og the showe Kara in shower after laying out in the sun for awhile

3:25pm Boogie comes in the house says BB called him to the dr probably to tell him not to torcher Ian and he laughs

3:37pm Jojo sleeping on upstairs lounger by the chess game jani and ash goes downstairs Frank asked if he can have a slice of cake she says yeah Frank says Boogie is in dr Jani says lets wait then to sing happy birthday then says no Boogie wont care lets cut it

3:41pm Ian says he came into this house hoping someone would get on his nerves in this game he never expected to like everyone dan says yeah it happens that way ian starts bashing renny and dan said she got on my nerves some but only a couple of times

3:43pm : Dan ask Ian if he ever feels like a child around adults he says yeah i feel like a child in this game they put a child in here with adults ian says this isnt the dorms i am used to

3:45pm Boogie comes out of dr and everyone sings for he's a jolly good fello and we get Foth

3:50pm Ian saying this is a game show and it really isnt as stressful as my real life is and if it came down to it i would walk out the door JOJO says what you would walk out the door before eviction Ian says no and Boogie walks out he stops talking

3:55pm Boogie telling Ian to get his run on tonight Ian says i will get my 100 yard dash on tonight Jojo says yeah i rest better after i run at night Boogie says yeah me too

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Guest LoriPav


Still general chit chat with Will, Dan, Brit, can't see where because all cameras on BY with Ian just sitting there. Talking about The Ellen show

No cameras are on the voices but I can hear Boogie joined the convo.

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Guest LoriPav

4:00 BBT

Camera are on the kitchen now

Its Brit, wil, Dan, Joe, Frank, Jo ann and a blonde with her back to the camera

They are talking about cutting classes. No game talk

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4:00 PM BBT Boogie and Ian talking in BY. Ian telling Mike about the conversation he had with JoJo about who is voting for. He says that JoJo asked him if he has a crush on Kara and he told her no - she's like 8, 10 years older than me.

Mike thinks that Willie won't like the pressure of being bothered all the time. Encourages Ian to let up on the brakes a bit. Ian had told him about a convo he had where he told Willie how he was going to vote for Frank to stay etc.

Mike encouraging him to blend in more, he's getting better and better. Ian says he knows that he's just a 21 year old kid and how he read that online it was bad to put young kids in here, he had a hard time determining how to act - in the dorm he could put a duck on his head and be the King for the day. Telling a story to 18 year old dorm kids about the wildest place he defecated would be awesome but not the same with a group of an average age of 38.

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401 BBT

Boogie and Ian talking in BY Ian is talking to Boogie about voting. Boogie is trying to squeeze Ian for info

and Ian is giving in to all the questions. Ian says he is voting for Frank and he has a crush on all the girls.

They are all hot.

Boogie is saying willie is scared. Ian says that willie fears him. He says Willie is scared that the next comp is

going to be a puzzle and Ian will automatically win. Ian is saying willie is a stand up guy, but it is comical that

he thinks ian will automatically win a puzzle or quiz comp

Ian talking about himself and school

Boogie says the game of bb doesnt matter on age, with all that aside its not gonna matter on the outside

Boogie keeps trying to talk, Ian keeps cutting him off. Saying he is nervous as hell

Boogie says ask questions Franks comes outside to smoke

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408 BBT

Boogie tells Ian he has to talk to Frank

Boogie asks Ian if he talked to Frank

Franks says he talked to Willie, he thinks that if he plays it cool, he thinks hes ok

Boogie asks did willie ask to talk to you or did you go up there

JoJO told ian you have to get excited for Thurs Ian said he is nervous Jojo said I feel bad you

have a crush on Kara and she is leaving

Boogie said he has 65 percent of the votes for frank to stay. He says tomorrow he will kick it up

so he doesnt overplay it

Frank says over the next few weeks hes fine he has to get thru this week. they arny going to save him this week

and get rid of him next week

boogie says wil will vote out kara frank says no way

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4:07 PM BBT

Mike heads over to patio to talk to Frank. "hey Frankie Frank I noticed a little Willie time."

Frank tells him he went upstairs to talk to Willie. Willie told him he got nervous about that thing, he tried to push the conversation onto Frank.

Mike telling Frank how JoJo asked Ian how it was going... she told Ian that he must be sad that JoJo is going because he's got a little bit of a crush on her. So that kind of tells you what's going on in their camp. He feels good about the plan. He doesn't want to overplay it.

Frank says the next few weeks...man... it'll be ok.

Mike says as long as he survives this week he's ok. He highly doubts they'll come right back at him. It'd be odd to save him on Thursday and nominate you after dinner on Friday. Mike feels that Ashely and Joe are more with Willie than anyone else.

Frank tells him that Willie doesn't really have any power anymore, he's still in the big chair

Mike - I see it that he still has the power then, they are still going to do what Willie wants. If he figures out that it's Kara that's going, he'll throw her a pity vote. If we have 4 votes on that side it's rap city man we're golden.

Frank - If we do get Kara out this week then I can get Willie on the block - he won't have anyone then.

Mike - I'd love to see it.

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4:16 PM BBT

In the washroom/primping area as the girls get ready Danielle asks Dan if he ever got a girl pregnant. He says no. She asks Kara if she's ever been pregnant. She says no. Dan tells us that he always takes care to wear a helmet. BB takes pity on us and switches cams.

Janelle and Willie talking about what's going on.

"I really miss my daughter." says Janelle "When I found about the twist I thought, there's no way I want to be a houseguests and play against everyone but when they said the coach thing, it's like a one in four shot, that's 25%. Would you do it if you were asked?"

"Well yeah," says Wil "And for that money.."

They agree she has a good shot of winning.

Janelle thinks that Willie was thinking that Kara and Danielle are the ultimate pawns and that he could persuade the jury to vote for him Wil thinks Willie misjudged Kara, she's not a pawn at all. Janelle agrees.

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4:23 PM BBT

Wil says that {missed it} is always pointing out how emotional the girls are. He's so emotional himself.

Janelle and Wil talk about what would happen if they have to trade team members. They agree to always stay working together no matter what teams they end up on. Janelle says that the coach's challenges could go from "save a player save a player" to "ok grab a player"

Janelle says that Frank is telling Joe his secrets that he's going to go after Shane - you might end up on the block but the target is Shane.

They discuss what the upcoming HOH game might be - percentages, guesses etc.

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4:29 PM BBT

Wil comes inside to KT they say it's now 4:21. Ashley made slop cookies. Willie washing up his plate. Joe joins Wil and Janelle in lounge room.

Janelle asks him what the Hot Tub conversation was last night. Joe says that it was almost as if Boogie told Frank to stop whatever he was doing because it wasn't working. Boogie pulled Shane into the SR and told him to work with Frank and then he pulled Willie in and said the same. Told them they should work with Joe to make a foursome. Boogie told Shane that if he wanted to show his loyalty to them he would have to put up Danielle or JoJo. It's obviously just a one week safety deal.

He says that Frank asked him what he could do to get people to believe him and Joe recommended that he just lay low and do nothing. Frank said that yeah yeah that's what I'll do because Kara is just killing herself. She wouldn't play charades so so wasn't being sociable. Janelle and Wil point out that she was dancing with Wil at the fake dance and that she was just tired, she'd gotten a bit tipsy.

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4:37 PM BBT

Janelle says "He (mike) has had a personal vendetta against me for years, because I got his best friend out of the game." They agree to just tell Frank that he has the votes to stop all the paranoia.

They are talking about how Willie and Frank are working together and how Boogie will be in the DR saying that he's got all these idiots fooled into thinking that Frank's not targeting them.

Joe looks into the camera and says "Next week, Frank has to take out Shane." They all pray that Willie is not as stupid as he seems.

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4:49 PM BBT

Dan and others are playing a game in the Blue Room. It's 'tell a story' where they go person to person adding details. Dan starts off with "Once upon a time there was a guy in a house of prostitution.." One of the girls pipes up about a pole dancer and we get WBRB. Something about "Mohana" when it comes back and then we're off again. WBRB

In the lounge they are rehashing their same thought process as before. Joe says, "Willie, Shane and Frank are scared to death that they are physical threats and Boogie is selling to them that they will always be threats and they will always be targets and they will be taken down if they don't stick together.. Yeah, that sounds good if I'm hearing it out there."


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4:58 PM BBT

Janelle giving the rundown of their conversation to Ashley. She says that Frank got nervous/paranoid because he saw her talking with Danielle and Kara and then he pulled him (Joe) aside and told him that they have to stick together because the girls are going to take them down.

"So he's just playing everybody?" asks Ash

" I think so" Janelle tells her.

Joe tells Ash what happened. But Ash none of this matters because we still have to vote with them - just keep your ears open.

Outside on the Hammock Willie and Brit are talking.

"So why are the boys trying to have a boys alliance?" Brit asks

"In a perfect world that's who I'd want to be with...Ash and JoJo...kick Frank out." Willie says.

Brit asks if he and Ash are close. Yeah he says. I'm hoping to have a showmance - he laughs.

"You're not going to have a showmance stupid." Brit laughs. "Are you serious right now? You better keep a stick around to beat the ladies off with. Wait, what, does Ashley want to have a showmance with you? Does she touch you?" Willie is laughing so hard "I'm just messing with you."

"No seriously does she touch you?" Brit laughs

"No but JoJo would." Willie laughs himself

"What? Eww right, she told Janelle she was horney the other day." Brit says.

"What's so funny about this anyways?" Willie asks. "It's funny, the way you said it, I hope that never happens." Brit replies

"You have to tell me everything in this house, it's a part of all of this. You have to tell me if you start sexing Ashley." Brit says

"She's dating other people in the house!" says Brit

"I know and it bothers me..." quips Willie.

He talks about he's interested in really nice girls. Her personality attracts him. Brit says she's made of gumballs and sugar drops. Willie says and she's pretty. Brit asks if she knows he can drive a tugboat. "No, I do have good qualities." Willie says. She keeps bugging him for his qualities. He says he is laid back, he loads and unloads barges. Brit says they could say he's in the import/export business. He says you could call him an tanker man. Brit says no you're an overseer of importing and exporting hazardous waste. He laughs and says, "I'm a trash man.... on water!" Brit says "An aqua-sanitation-engineer. They move on this his house, he says it's alright. Not the best. They keep joking along these lines.

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5:16 PM BBT

Back in the lounge Wil asks Janelle if they could trust Frank if they kept him. "No, the longer Frank stays with Boogie the more we can't trust him."

Joe reminds them all to take a moment to slow down, they are throwing out so many scenarios. Right now he believes that they are going to stay true to us 100% but that he believes he has a strong enough bromance with Frank that it will keep him safe for a week. He's afraid Kara will go against us.

Joe thinks that if he keeps Frank in Frank can win HOH and keep him in, if he kicks him out then someone else can win in it and take him out. Janelle says Frank is so paranoid. He is Joe agrees but he just wants a side bet, a way to keep himself safe. Janelle says it's week one, time to play with the house. Joe asks how red his face is, it's burning.

When he leaves Ash, Wil and Janelle say they don't like to be bullied, it's like Joe is telling them what to do. They get along with him but it's those little things, he only wants us to do what he wants.

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5:22 PM BBT

So where is JoJo's head at? Janelle asks.

"She was so sure she'd win in that competition but Kara whooped her ass." Wil says.

Ash mentions that she thinks Willie wants to start a showmance with her, "It's weird, he never talks game to me."

Britney comes in and Janelle asks if they are going to have their daily check in meeting. She explains how Joe and Willie are upstairs and to let them talk because Frank keeps putting ideas into Joe's head saying that Shane, Willie and Joe ought to work together with him to get the girls out. Etc Etc

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5:27 PM BBT

Willie talking to Joe upstairs. He's asking "would he play with someone who will only listen to their coach or to someone that could make some plays?" Willie says that there's no purpose to him for keeping Kara. "You are a-ok in my book," Willie tells Joe "I'm not going to come after you until we get to that point. I don't want to walk around giving everyone final 2 deals. I will tell you when it's time to say game on."

"That's all I want, all I want out of our friendship is that you've got my back." Joe says

Willie tells him that he's got that, he'll take care of him until it's time to say "Game on" He says that Kara will cause a division within this family, Frank won't do that. Kara will follow Dan.

"Can I just ask you a question?" asks Joe "what makes you think he (Frank) is not playing you?"

"I think it's possible to divide yourself from your coach. Is he playing me, maybe, but at least one day he will say he's getting off this sinking ship. Kara is never going to get off this ship." Willie says

"Do you mind if I go talk to Frank?" asks Joe

"You can talk to Frank about anything you want. Here's the only thing I don't want. I don't want you to get Frank all upset. Keep things as they are."

They discuss how if Frank stays in the house they have a good chance of making it to the end. Joe is just worried if Frank is lying about the Boogie thing. Willie isn't worried, he says if Frank wins he's going to put up Danielle and someone else. Does it matter who? No because they have the numbers. Willie isn't doing this for selfish reasons, he's doing it for his family. The only person he's protecting is Wil if he keeps Kara. He's sorry but he'll be selfish that long. They agree that Wil is not never going to vote her out. Joe has told Wil he's upset about how much time they spend together. Willie asks Joe not to go tell Janelle this whole conversation. Joe agrees not to.

They agree that they have each other's backs and that when they go up they will never vote against each other.

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5:39 PM BBT

Britney now up in the HOH. She says that Frank is playing a dumb game. Kara is playing a better game. Frank is playing like Boogie and Kara is playing like Dan. "Exactly, to me, it's better to get rid of Kara because she's going to cause division." Willie says.

"You're smart Joe," says Britney "If you think real hard you can figure this out." "Absolutely, figure this out." says Willie. Joe is telling Willie that what can happen here is that he (Willie) will get bit in the butt. Next week Frank could turn around and go against him. "And there's 100% chance that Kara will go against him. "

Joe keeps mentioning that Kara doesn't like him. Willie says she doesn't like him either. Britney tries talking logic to Joe. "Do you think that there are people in this house that trust Kara?" "Yes" Joe says "And no one trusts Frank!" Britney says.

She is telling him to look at his own game and do what is best for his game. Willie tells him the same thing. Joe says in the back of his head he just doesn't want Boogie on the DR couches saying "I got ya bitches!" he just doesn't want to be duped.

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5:58 PM|

In HOH they discuss how they ought to get alcohol for Mike's birthday tonight and what they can do to entertain themselves (play chess or other games). Just general chat in Blue Room. Nothing overly interesting to report.

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7:00PM BBT: Ashley and Willie are in the Have-Not room where Willie is telling Ashley that Janelle is pretty pissed off right now because of the conversation the three of them had yesterday. Ashley says she's really putting her ass on the line trusting him. Ashley says that Janelle is afraid that Willie will be part of an all boys alliance who will try to get the girls out. Willie asks where this is coming from and Ashley says from Frank.

Willie says Janelle is upset with him because she thinks he's becoming paranoid. Willie says that Janelle did not want to leave Ashley alone in the HoH room alone with him.

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7:52 PM BBT - Boogie is sitting in the Living Room talking to Ian. Ian keeps calling Alison Groedner (the producer) "AG". Boogie gets called to DR.

Meanwhile Janelle is outside on the couches. She and Willie are talking about how good Ian will do on an "America's Answer" competition. Willie says Ian promised him safety through day 26. (Jo, Shane, and JoJo are also on the couches outside - not saying much.

7:55 PM BBT - Frank is inside at the table - can't hear what he's saying - audio is really bad. He seems to be talking to Ashley and Jenn.

Audio comes back - Ashley is talking about soft skin. Danielle sits down at the table to eat. Dan and Janelle and Brittany come in. Wil and someone I can't see are in the kitchen cooking. Nobody is saying anything important other than the teddy bear has been named Ted.

7:58 PM BBT - Ashley thinks the producers are annoyed with her b/c of her back issue - we instantly get WBRB.

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