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7/16 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Guest Kekila

9:03 PM BBT Ashley is getting ready for her date in the Bathroom. She is late for her date.

9:15 BBT Ashley continues to get ready for her date. In the KT - Jani and Frank discuss what is actually shown on the live feeds.

The date has started! Brit is being the server at the moment. Everyone is giving advice. Ian says "Mom if you are watching - this is just for fun

9:19 BBT Joe is preparing a meal for the lucky couple. On the date, "getting to know you chat" going on.

Ian thanks Ashley for being willing to do this - he feels she is the most down to earth girl in the house.

9:25 BBT Ian and Ashlie continue to chat - Ian has moved in Chemistry. In the KT - various chatting from HG

Discussion of Yelp and reviews for restaurants. Now back to a discussion over what is being served to the lovebirds on the date.

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9:16 PM BBT: The date is finally beginning (Ashley was running late). Apparently they want all the girls to go on a date with him and he will choose one at the end Bachelor style.

Ian comes to the bathroom where Ashley is and just waves his arm and says "Let's go."

Mike: "Be a gentleman!"

They are escorted into the arcade room. Ian asks for them to close the door.

Ian: "Mom, if you are watching, this is just for fun."

Awkward conversation starts about what they did today.

Ian: "I stayed in my house all day."

Ashley: "OMG me too!"

The rest of the HGs are preparing their slop dessert in the kitchen and speculating what might be going on in the arcade room. Mike says Ashley is being a good sport.

Ian and Ashley are talking about where they are from and what they do.

9: 24 PM BBT: Ian is telling Ashley he is on an extreme diet and a new age living kick where he sleeps on inclines.

Ian: "I think prisoners are sleeping better than I am right now. And eating better."

Ashley asks Ian what his favorite class is and he says inorganic chemistry. Ashley then gets a bit excited and asks what the difference between inorganic and organic chemistry is. He explains something about carbon and she is very confused and asks for clarification. This is really confusing Ashley.

Ashley: "So our skin is made out of graphite?"

Ian: "Um, No..."

9:29 PM BBT: Waitress and Waiter Kara and Wil (dressed in similar spandex outfits) bring in their first dessert: White chocolate coffee mocha latte.

Ian and Ashley toast to Big Brother 14 being a long summer in which they are both there.

Ian: "Chef Joe has outdone himself again!"

Ashley: "Sometimes when I get nervous I get a watery eye."

Ian: "Where you nervous?"

Ashley: "Yeah a little bit."

Ian: "That's odd, I wasn't and usually it is the other way around."

Ashley says she doesn't believe in the concrete and logical like Ian, she thinks more spiritually. She thinks cancer is caused by stress and her back spasms were stress induced too. Ian says he sympathizes with that because the stress made him weird and creep people out, but now he is more comfortable.

He starts talking a bit game saying he is nervous about next week, but Ashley bypasses the game talk.

Next course arrives: Warm banana nut bread and slop pudding.

Kara and Wil start dancing as entertainment.

Again, Ian tries to talk game about how he thinks people are after him.

Ashley: "Who do you think is going home this week?"

Ian: "I don't know."

Ashley: "No one ever talks game to me."

Ian: "Me either, which is odd because according to Joe everyone is talking game, so if no one is talking to us, they must be talking about us."

Ian says his being a super fan does not make him a threat because there won't be a competition about past seasons. He says he is the least threatening because he is not physical at all. Ashley is anxious to see how he will compete in competitions like question and answer because of his photographic memory. Ian continues to down play himself every time she brings up one of his strengths, just like his coach told him to do.

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9:36 PM BBT: In the BY JoJo telling Jenn when she was younger she would be more attracted to women than men when she was drunk.

9:37 PM BBT: In arcade room Ashley asks Ian if he will play like Mike has in the past.

We get WBRB so I didn't hear the whole answer. Feeds come back and Ian is saying MIke has done some bad things in the past, so Ian think he (Ian) will be more trustworthy than Mike and he hopes Ashley will be trustworthy too. Ashley asks Ian if Dan talks game to him and he admits he does. When asked if the coaches talk game to Ashley she says no, even Janelle doesn't talk much to her.

Ashley feels pretty safe because first the house will go after the big guys.

9:40 PM BBT: Janelle saying she is feeling good because of her wine. She likes the red more than white. She says every season they have gotten the same brands of alcohol and it will never change.

Back in the arcade/date room game talk continues and Ian still says he is not a physical or social threat and he has no strategy and he is just trying to float through it.

Ian: "If I had a dream at the end, I would like to bring you because you are really cool and I don't want to say I definitely trust you but I really think I can. I like Frank and he is really cool, but I don't know if he will be safe."

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9:45 PM BBT: Ian seems to be fishing to get information by asking who Ashley is closest to in the house and she still plays it cool and says she doesn't have one bff in the house and she has always been pretty independent.

Ian: "I don't know what I would do if I won HOH."

Ashley: "Would you do what Boogie said"

Ian: "Yeah but I have to remember that what is in Boogie's best interest is not always in my best interest. He needs one of three to win, I need one of one. The twist is designed for the coaches interests to conflict with their players."

Ashley: "Boogie is a good competitor."

Ian: "What do you think is going to happen Thursday?"

Ashley: "I don't even want to make a decision, whatever someone tells me is what I'm going to do."

Ian: "Mike told me that this isn't the f-ing real world and I had to get my head in the game."

Talk turns to if Ian thinks people are playing in their teams. He thinks there are alliances and Ashley is good at acting surprised that he thinks there are alliances. She tells him she needs to try and be more observant.

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9:53 PM BBT: Ian tells Ashley he doesn't know who he will vote out. Ashley is surprised he is possibly thinking about voting out a team member. He says he is leaning towards one way because he is loyal and doesn't want to go against his team. At this he ends the game talk and they talk about Pittsburgh.

Meanwhile in HOH...

Willie and Britney are now worried about keeping Kara because she would help Janelle's team more than theirs. They are interrupted by Wil. Willie says the way things are going he is worried that the final two is going to end up being Danielle and Jenn and the competitors will be sitting at home or in jury. More of the same speculation over and over again.

10:01 PM BBT: The date ends with Ian telling Ashley to think about it (perhaps a bit of a deal). He walks away and says to himself: "Planted a seed."

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10:09 PM BBT: Ian debriefs Frank about his game talk with Ashley saying he planted the seed to keep Frank since they will need a strong person in physical competitions.

10:13 PM BBT: Ashley debriefs Janelle about all the game talk Ian and she had. She is convinced Dan and Mike's teams are working together because he was really adament about not wanting Kara or Frank out of the game. They then both talk about Willie's freak out today. They think he is being too paranoid and it isn't going to help him to do that. They are happy he atleast apologized for that, but they will get sick of him freaking out every time they talk to someone on the other side.

10:18 PM BBT: Britney and Wil in the HOH bath (Wil in the green speedo) and Kara comes in to chat with them.

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21:30BBT Ian and Ashlie talk a little game while on their date. Ash compliments Ian's photographic memory, Ian downplays this ability in upcoming BB games due to those types of games coming so few and far between.

‎21:37BBT Meanwhile in the BY Jenn, JoJo, Joe, and Janelle chat about the type of women Jenn likes (Tall and smart!)...Just like Joe...that's what he says at least.

21:40BBT Ash and Ian continue to talk game on their date while eating their desert. Ash says Jani and her team don't talk game to her. Ian agrees that his team seems to avoid talking game with him as well.

21:43BBT Ash continues to tell Ian that his memory will be a bonus in challenges because he knows a lot about HGs, and Ian again shoots the idea down. "They aren't going to ask me who was voted out and where in Season 10." Both agree that it's still early in the game and that they should continue to play carefully.

21:46BBT Ash asks Ian if he talks game with Frank. Ian says he and Frank will chill outside of the house. Ian asks Ash who she is best friends with inside the house and Ash says she's friendly towards everyone. No stand out BFF for her right now because she considers her an individual. Ian says Boogie is looking out for 1 of 3 players to win. Ian has to realize that he can only look out for himself.

21:50BBT Meanwhile elsewhere in the house Brit and Wil are in the kitchen. Wil throwing food up into the air trying to catch it in his mouth. Ian and Ash continue to discuss their teams. Ash asks Ian if he thinks there are alliances in the house and Ian says yes. Ash acts shocked by this statement and asks why. "Because it's BB..."

21:54BBT Ian says he has to look ahead to next week. His exemption was for 1 week only. Ash asks if Frank is mad that he was passed over for it, Ian says it's a possibility, especially considering he may go home this week because of it. Ash asks Ian if he is working with Kara and Ian denies it. Ian then asked if he would vote against someone on his team and he quickly says no.

‎21:56BBT Wil, Willie and Britt in the HoH. Britt says everyone should focus on getting rid of 3 strong players early in the game. Wil thinks it's possible to get Britt and Jani's team to Jury. Willie agrees but they have to play a perfect game.

22:00BBT Ash and Ian continue their date. Ian now discussing space exploration with Ash. Ash mentions wanting to go to the moon because she's always been interested in "astrology" (astronomy maybe?) Ian explains how the space industry has been privatized. Ash now thanking Ian for talking game with him. Ian says he'd really like to see Ash go far in the game, saying they have to learn to think with their heads and not their hearts.

22:03BBT Date now coming to a close. Ian says he had a fun time. Ash goes outside to thank Joe for the meal. Camera follows Ian back through the house towards the bedrooms. Ian mumbles about planting seeds in Ash's head.

22:08BBT Wil, Willie and Brit continues to talk game in the HoH. If Kara stays we put Ian and Danielle. If Frank stays then Frank goes up for sure. Who else will go up with him? Ian? Danielle? Britt points out that BB likes to flip the power and may make the HoH something that the other side of the house can win. Meanwhile assorted group of HG's play charades in the back yard.

22:11BBT ‎Charades continue in the BY. Ian talking to Frank in Spiral Room. Ian says he wanted to point out to Ash that it is an individual game even with coaches and that the competitions won't always be physical.

22:14BBT Ash and Jani talking about the date in the Spiral Room now. Frank and Ian long gone. Ash says the conversation started out innocent at first but then turned serious in a heartbeat. Jani and Ash giggling as Ash rehashes the conversation that the game is not team based and should still be played individually.

22:17BBT Ash "verifies" that the other side is working together because Ian doesn't want Kara to go home. Jani asks Ash what she thinks about Willie's outburst today. Ash and Jani agree that it was very uncomfortable and awkward. Compare it to Rus (from Survivor) freaking out. Ash says Willie asked her about Shane and Kara if they are having a showmance. Ash told him they are not as far as she is aware.

22:19BBT In the HoH Brit and Wil in the tub. Kara comes in looking for Jani and Ash. Brit sends Willie off to ask Ash about the date.

22:22BBT Ash and Jan continue to chat in the Spiral Room about Willie needing to calm down and not be so paranoid about who they talk to. Both agree that it will be much better after Thursday. Ash says Ian is the first person to talk game to her outside her own team. Jani asks Ash what Ian was saying. Ash says he hammered home the point that it's not a team game. Jani says this will be Mike's angle for the next 3 weeks. Jani tells Ash that Willie is still trying to save Frank. Ash shocked. Jani tells her to keep it quiet for now.

22:29BBT Britt, Wil in the HoH tub and Kara nearby talking about not feeling like doing DRs somedays. Jani and Ash continue to chat in Spiral Room about Willie's paranoia. Ash starts to tell Jani something about what Ian said when Ian walks into the room. Jani and Ash invites him in. Jani says she was talking to her about the last competition. "How many bubbles do you think were there?". Ian responds saying bubbles are temporary, it's unlikely they would ask that. Ian says they could ask anything quantifiable. Jani explains it means anything that can be counted. Jani says she hopes Ian would keep Ash safe if he were to be HoH. Ian agrees in a very shy/coy manner.

22:33BBT Will, Britt and Kara chat in HoH BR about diamonds. Jani, Ian and Ash continue to chat in the SR...Jani asks if Jack is his number 1 BB HG. Ian says he was certainly in the top 5 as well as Dr. Wil. Ian says he wanted to emulate Jack this season. Jani asks if Ian was offended by her targeting the floaters in S6 and offers to explain herself to him.

22:35BBT Jani says she didn't want to get taken out by a floater and she didn't think she was going to survive much longer. At least if she were to be taken out by Chill Town (CT) they would be a respectable alliance and wouldn't be as bad as being taken out by Erika, George and Danielle.

22:38 Meanwhile in the kitchen Wil, Shane and Kara are chatting about nothing in particular and making a dish of some sort. Back in the Spiral Room Ian and Jani continue to chat about BB6, Ash watching/listening to them.

22:48 Kara, Shane and Wil chatting about London. Kara took a trip once...it was cold. Back in the Spiral Room Jani and Ian continue to talk about Howie and Rachel in S6. Ian now trying to play down his intelligence once again. Jani gives him 60 seconds to prove that he's not smart. Jani says he's game smart because he's been able to see the mistakes that people have made.

22:47BBT After a short bit of time of fish we return to Jani, Ash and Ian talking about what Ian will do if he wins HoH this week. He tells Ash that she will be safe. Ian admits to feeling in over his head at the start of the game. "I feel like a boy in a man's game"...and we get fish again.

22:51BBT Still looking at a screen full of fish. While there's time, don't forget to stop by our site for your daily and nightly recaps! http://bit.ly/O56rp

22:54BBT Feeds back. Ian, Jani and Ash in Spiral Room. Ian says he wouldn't be surprised if Jodi will be reintroduced to the house at some point. Meanwhile in the KT Kara, Shane, Jenn and Wil in kitchen chatting about Kara's life outside of the house. Shane says he'll Google her when he gets out. Kara says she's tired of modeling. Tired of starving herself. Jani, Ash and Ian exits the Spiral Room, Ian heading outside.

22:58BBT Movie Charades continue in the BY. Willie, Frank, Ian, Mike, Joe, Dan and Jenn participating. Meanwhile in the kitchen JoJo, Shane, Wil and Kara discussing odd jobs they did outside the house. Shane mentions knocking snow off mailboxes. JoJo called to DR.

23:06BBT Small group of HG's eating pizza at the KT counter while Movie Charades continues in the BY with the rest of the HGs. No game talk at this time.

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12:00 am BBT Willie and Shane rehashing POV comp and how fast it was

12:09 am BBT Hoh crew says the POV felt like two mins and the bed comp took about 20 min said POV reminds him of the sport they play on harry potter (quiddich)

12:14 am BBT they switch the other feeds to Joe cleaning up the kitchen which is way less fun then playing chardes with the BY crew

12:17 am BBT Jani and Boogie now in KT talking about all stars and Boog didnt like Marcellas very much because he was a negative person Jani agrees

12:21 am BBT Charades is now over and The BY crew has now become the KT crew all settling down for a midnight snack not much talking going on not even small chit chat

12:26 am BBT Brit has joined Hoh crew with Ian they are talking about old field trips and Brit went to the rennisance fair in high school said her now husband was on the trip as well and she had a crush on him way back then (they go way back)

12:27 am BBT We are now graced with Foth I have now named all fish

12:54 am BBT Feeds back Jani sleeping in Hoh bed and Jojo in BY with Joe and Ash saying Kara and Dani dont deserve to be here

1:05 am BBT Jani and Brit talking about Ian thinking he's safe for two weeks and bashing Boogie.

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1:02am BBT #BB14TFU Janelle and Britney are in HOH chatting about Danielle having a crush and might have a showmance and Britney warning her not to.

#BB14TFU Willie and JoJo come into his HOH and Janelle and Britney get quiet and listen. Willie saying what happened today was a good thing.

BB14TFU Joe and Frank in the shoe room and Joe passing on advice that Janelle gave: "play week to week".BB14TFU Joe amazed how quickly things get around the house and people freak out and how Boogie has been starting most of it.#BB14TFU Dan and Danielle in the bathroom whispering about Shane telling Willie something and we get WBRB

BB14TFU Feeds back and Kara walks in on Dan and Danielle whispering and asks them "why did you quit talking when I came in?"

#BB14TFU They ask Kara if she is drunk and she smiles, nods and says brb, the whispering con't with both saying they like Frank.

14TFU Kara comes back into bathroom to brush teeth and Dan begins to tell both girls he got asked in DR and we get FOTH

#BB14TFU Dan and Kara in the SR and Dan tell Kara that he will calm Danielle, it's his job as a coach to help them, Kara doesn't trust her

3:35 BBT #BB14TFU Janelle was called to the DR; Dan is still pep talking Kara in the SR that they need to stick together even if annoyed, she agreesBB14TFU Meanwhile back in HOH Willie and JoJo continue to talk about different scenarios of who wins HOH this week and who will be put up

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3:38 BBT BB14TFU Meanwhile back in HOH Willie and JoJo continue to talk about different scenarios of who wins HOH this week and who will be put up

#BB14TFU Dan is back in the bathroom now having his same pep talk with Danielle only its about calming Kara down

#BB14TFU Ashley telling Dan about her date with Ian and how she saw a different side to him that she really like, she wasn't annoyed

#BB14TFU Ashley tells Dan all of the girls are going to go on dates with him, like the Bachelor, to help build Ian's confidence

BB14TFU Ashley and Dan are outside chatting about the Ian dates, Dan says it was really nice of Ashley to do that

#BB14TFU Feeds showed HOH for a bit, all was quiet, then feeds return to Ashley telling Dan how she percieves the house to be, the paranoia

#BB14TFU Dan is now talking to live feed updaters on the meltdown of his 2 female players and how he isn't use to coaching females

BB14TFU apologies, is now talking to live feed updaters... He suddenly stops and whispers "aw man these people are crazy"

1:59AM BBT #BB14TFU Feed 1 is HOH Willie and JoJo sleeping; Feed 2 is Have nots sleeping; Feeds 3 and 4 are Dan outside in deep thought

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2:06AM BBT BB14TFU Dan still outside on couch and says to himself "alright, clearly there are problem between Kara and Danielle."

#BB14TFU Dan "How do I get those two back on the same page, they are like oil and water, it might be my finest coaching moment ever."

#BB14TFU Dan "I have to get Danielle to stop talking so much and Kara out of her shell more. Why am I making these deals and not Kara?"

BB14TFU Dan on couch "I'd love to get one of them the half million dollars. Without the other they die alone, they have to understand that"

#BB14TFU Ashley just went into HOH and Willie told her to come in, she snuggles up and starts whispering, heard something about Kara

#BB14TFU Willie takes Ashley into HOH bathroom to talk, shuts door behind them

2:17AM BBT #BB14TFU Dan is done talking to himself about how to get the Kara and Danielle back on the same page and heads in Bathroom

#BB14TFU Back in HOH bathroom Ashley telling Willie all she heard from Dan and Janelle, Willie going over scenarios with her

#BB14TFU Dan in bed. Only Willie and Ashley awake in HOH bathroom talking. Willie "I'm here for the money, I'm not here for 2nd place.

2:25AM BBT #BB14TFU Willie thinks Frank is freaking out and making deals with everyone. They both think Kara needs to go.

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02:29BBT Willie and Ash finished whispering on the floor of the HoH BR. Willie says "If anyone asked I'm gonna tell them we were making out!" They move their convo to the BY.

‎02:32BBT Willie tells Ash you can't play the game for the coaches. You have to play for yourself. If he felt Brit were doing him wrong he'd tell her.

‎02:36BBT Willie and Ash feels they shouldn't mention this conversation to Brit. Ash feels she'd tell Jani. Willie disagrees but wants to keep it on the down low regardless. Willie still thinks something felt off today.

‎02:40BBT Cams 1 & 2 focused on Willie and Ash in the BY still as Willie discusses why Jani wants to keep Kara. Both agree that she is looking out for Wil only. Willie says Brit cares for all of her team members. Cams 3 & 4 focused on stereo room. A light snoring can be heard.

02:43BBT Willie thinks people are letting their coaches make their decisions for them which is shady. He feels he's playing a game against Ian AND Boogie. Not either or. They have to play the game for themselves and not the coaches. Ash says the coaches only play for $100K. The HGs are playing for $500K. Willie says that's why the game started so early because the coaches are playing reckless using them as pawns.

02:47BBT Wille wants Ash to win HoH more than anything this week. He wouldn't mind seeing Joe win it either this week "He'd be like the Godfather of BB or somethin'. If Ian wins next week Willie wants Ash to plant seeds in his mind about who to put up.

‎02:51BBT All cameras now black. Audio remains. Willie says Boogie wants him out because he's Russel's brother. He says Dan does as well, but Dan is less obvious about it.

‎02:54BBT Ash says her date with Ian really changed her mind about him. He's a little strange but he's still sweet. Willie rehashing that the coaches are playing recklessly. "They get 3 chances at a prize. We only get 1."

02:58BBT Willie asks Ash if she's having a hard time sleeping. She said yes because she took a nap earlier. "I have to be real sleepy to fall asleep in that room". Video flickers on for a moment. Willie heading up to HoH and Ash heading to her room. Willie offers her the chance to come up and nap for a bit but she declines.

03:00BBT Cams back up. Cam 1 is Ash washing her face. Cam 2 is Jojo and Willie in HoH bed. Cams 3 and 4 is the Stereo room with the occasional snore coming from someone.

‎03:02BBT Ash picking at a zit? Nothing like a good zoom in from the camera crew. Cam 2 becomes Have-not room. Snoring increases in intensity/frequency.

03:07BBT All HGs now in bed/sleeping. Cam 1 is Have-not room with Ash trying to get comfortable. Cam 2 is HoH. Cam 3 is Stereo room. Cam 4 is Shoe room.

03:31BBT All cams black/blank screens again. Snoring can be heard on Cam 1. HG's continue to sleep.

03:33BBT All cams now showing "We're sorry, this video stream is temporarily unavailable. Please try again shortly."

03:43BBT FoTH on screen without music briefly. Fish tank could be heard? All cams black once more.

04:05BBT Cams brought back up with audio. Cam1: Havenots. Cam2: HoH. Cam3: Shoe Room. Cam4: Stereo Room. Multiple light snores can be heard.

04:40BBT Everyone continues to sleep peacefully in the BB House.

05:27BBT HG's continue to sleep peacefully even with the occasional bumps from within the walls.

I extended my shift by 30 minutes (and noted it on the schedule) while waiting for the wife to come home from work. I'm bowing out for the night! Have a great day everyone!

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9am BBT Wakeup call this morning was Ducktales(woo-oo!). Ashley struggles again with back pain, slowly shuffling around and landing on a KT table chair. Mike, Jojo, Ian, Willie, and Joe gather on the patio. Mike points out that on day 4 he commented that Danielle works in the health care field, not teaching Kindergarten as she stated. Mike says they'll laugh about it in Sept(and he'll be happy to know he is right!) No sight of the other 3 coaches yet this morning

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10:05 AM BBT

Nothing going on, just general buzz of waking up, ADLs, making/ eating breakfast.


Shane, Joe, Wil, and Willie talking strategy, the tried and true "we have to win HOH this week", the importance of sticking together.

They believe the 'other side' talks to Joe because they think he's on the outs.

Shane: you (Wil), Ashley and Jojo are in a great spot.

pretty circular talk about how they NEED to win hoh, hoping Brit or Janie wins the coaches comp, and how Boogie and his people are going to try to break them up but they have to stay strong.

Girls start coming outside, and convo switches to naps in the BB house, etc.


Inside, Ian suggests to Boogie "if you want to start a huge house fight, piss ALL over the seat."

Boogie tells Ian that Ian needs to ask other people questions when they take an interest in him.

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10:53 BBT

Not much going on that we can see.

Joe, Wil and Janelle sit out by the pool, casually chatting about challenges in general, and who might be good at holding their own body weight for challenges. Janelle talks a little bit about some of her challenges in all stars.

Willie, JoJo, Boogie and a few others are sitting outside on the couches. Boogie's birthday is brought up and people wish him a happy one.

Boogie: thanks for hanging out with me on my birthday, oh wait-- you don't have a choice.

Now everyone outside (couches and by the pool) are shouting back and forth about just random things like sports, alcohol, etc. Jojo and Janie want strictly wine for "ladies night" drinking, because they don't really like the beer.

Inside, Dan prepares his breakfast alone.

Janelle now watching Dan prepare his breakfast. Dan reminds Janelle he can't talk about the DR because production will get mad.

Janelle and Dan now both prepping breakfast. Nice and quiet in the kitchen, most everyone is outdoors or nowhere to be found.


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Willie explaining to Brit they need to KEEP Frank this week, but keep it a secret from Janelle.

Willie said they have himself, Boogie's whole team, Jojo, Ashley and probably Shane to vote Kara out.

Brit saying that Kara can't win an HoH, isn't Willie worried about getting Frank out later?

Willie saying Kara will get numbers behind her.

B: if we get rid of Kara this week, everyones gonna wanna go after Frank next week.


Basically Willie and Brit have decided they need to get Kara out this week, and to paint the picture it benefits all of them.

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Noon BBT - After some conversation, Janelle believes that Kara is no threat at all. Brit doesn't think its about Kara, its ALL about Dan. Kara wouldn't matter at all if she wasn't tied to Dan.

Janelle doesn't care either way.

Janelle says that they (the coaches) won't go into the game next week, they will go into the game the week after.

Janelle has decided Kara needs to go this week so that Wil doesn't work with Kara once Janelle and Britney enter the game.

Janelle and Brit want to make up a lie so that Kara goes.

Brit suggests they just think on it.

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1:47pm BBT Brittney, Ashley and Willie sitting at the kitchen table. Brit asks Ashely if she would go on a 2nd date with Ian. Ash says "no, she thinks someone else should have a turn." But then Ashley says well, maybe if it was an activity or something more casual. While they are talking at the kitchen table Janelle is also in the kitchen with Frank making Banana Bread from scratch. Jani went to the storage room originally to get a cake mix to bake a cake for Boogie's Birthday. But, when she returned from the SR Jani said "there wasn't any cake mix, but we can still make one with these ingredients." She was holding an armful of sugar, flour, ect. After looking at the bag of flour, she decided she would make Banana Bread instead.

Then we get the BB music, but feeds are on. We can see them, but not hear them.

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1:31pm BBT Janelle is trying to figure out if the mixer really works or is just a prop. She can't get it to work. Joe looks at it and plugs it in. The mixer turns on!

Meanwhile, Brit, Ian, and Shane are in BY on patio. Brit is telling them about what the viewers voted on for them to eat in addition to slop when she was a Have Not in her season. First she had Fish sticks and fruit cake. Shane and Ian say thats not bad. Brit say the fruit cake was gross but they would pick the nuts out of it and eat them. The 2nd time she was a Have Not it was Escgot and something, (Sorry, I didn't hear the second thing and I don't remember what it was.) Shane gets excited and says he loves Escgot. He went on a cruise and ate it everyday. Then he says, "Escgot is fish eggs....right? Brit tells him "No, it is snails, and its gross."

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1:48pm BBT Willie and Frank are in the HOH talking. I just switched to this feed, so missed how it started, but Willie is promising Frank he is safe, but he can not say a word to ANYONE!!! Willie feels they are both strong and can go far if him and Frank stick together. Frank agrees. Frank says the only person he thinks he can trust from his side of the house is Jenn. He tells Willie, "Yes we can protect each other from the 2 sides of the house." Willie tells Frank not to feel on the outs because he isn't up in the HOH with all of them. Right now they just can't. Frank says there is no one in the house that he trusts more than Willie. Willie then tells Frank he knows Frank could win the game, but niether of them will get to the end if they don't stick together. They are saying the same thing over and over again. How much they trust each other and how they HAVE to stick together if they want to get to the end and how they will protect each other from the 2 sides of the house.

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1:01pm Jani,Brit, and willie in kitchen talking about how old everyone in the house is they cant believe that Jenn is 37

1:05pm Brit says she has been in the hoh room with Willie for 10 days and she has never seen Willie brush his teeth till lastnight Willie says he has never seen Brit take a shower either everyone is laughing

1:15pm general talk in kt with Brit,Frank,Ashley and jani about wearing shoes that match your clothes Jenn and Jojo in by tanning now going inside for drinks jani fixen to make a birthday cake Boogie

1:30pm hg in kt getting drinks and snacks talking about bees being in the by and Ian being allergic to them

1:34pm willie in by smoking talking to Brit,Ian, and Shane talking about how dark everyone is laying outside .. he thought he would be the darkest in the house but he was wrong

1:36pm Willie tells Shane he needs off slop soon he is losing weight Shane says its water weight Willie says he was 250 plus 3 months ago Shane said no way Willie says yes i was

1:42pm Brit asking Ian when he will ever get married he says i hope sometimes in the next 5 to 10 years she ask Shane he says never because he has seen to much with cheating divorce with his buddys

1:44pm Frank and Willie sitting in hoh Willie says i am fighting to keep you in this house and i am not trying to be mean or agressive at all but dont talk to anyone because it is getting to the point i have no option

1:46pm Willie say me and you if your ligit with me you will go far if your not ligit you are messing up yourself Frank says yeah i know we cant trust boogie

1:47pm Willie tells Frank from now on you cant say anything not to Boogie or anyone dont offer info about anything Frank says yeah you got to hold your cards close

1:49pm Willie says i am taking a big big risk with this if you talk it messes up my game i am taking a big risk Frank says if you get me the votes this week i will put danielle up next week Willie sayd why danielle Frank says to knock Dan out Willie says i dont care i am only keeping you safe no one else

1:51pm rank says boogies worried that the house is half in half Willie says good Boogie needs to be scared he says if we dont come together we are going home soon so we have to work together Frank agrees

1:53pm Frank says like you are telling me now i am safe this week i will let you know that you are safe Willie says i am in this for my game and you are in this for your game my main concern is boogie will get in your head to get me out

1:56pm Willie says i am fighting to keep you in this house when you go down stairs you tell em you just wanted

to see what was in his head cuz he is the big guy

1:58pm willie says i am putting my life in your hands in this game

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Guest Guest

2:00pm BBT Ian sitting on Patio in BY by himself. He is sniffiliing and keeps wiping his eyes. I think he is crying. Not sure why, I was watching Frank and Willie in HOH on other feed. Time to switch back, Frank and Wiliie are much more interesting right now.

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2:03pm Frank says if i get your vote this week i know we are 110% Willie says yeah just dont go around running your mouth


Willie says let me tell you something next week i aint worried at all but if i went on thew block and i knew i had the votes then i wouldnt ask you to vote for me but if i didnt have the votes i would ask for your vote i want you to trust me 100% i know i did you dirty but now i want to do it right

2:12pm Frank said when he was talking to Joe night before last that Jani said Shane has to go soon Frank says i cant believe she said that Frank ask what the kt looks like i wanted to get out without getting noticed by to many people Willie says just tell em you came to talk not that i called you up here Frank says yeah yeah

2:32pm general talk in the by Boogie ane hg sitting around in by and kt just general chit chat

2:37pm Willie telling Brit in hoh room that willie said he wouldnt nominate him or come after him he would go after Wil brit says did you tell him we know he is going around saying things Willie says no

2:39pm : Brit tells Willie that she told Jani that kara needs to go and she thinks it is the best thing to stay together as a group that kara is gonna cause problems and Dan is gonna cause problems

2:42pm Willie says we have to be on top of things we have to go after others before they come after us

2:44pm Willie says Jani came up and said lastnight that something is going on with Wil and Kara Brit says Kara is going home thats it Willie says yeah Kara is going home no matter what

2:48pm Brit says i was lucky i got to pic Shane first and no one wanted you even though it made you mad Willie says it did make me mad but i am glad it is like it is

2:51pm Willie says look we can only do this for 3 weeks then we have to cut off this with Jani and maybe frank Brit says you dont want to go to the end with Frank Willie says i know frank will have to go

2:52pm Willie sayd will has to go he will be upset he has to go Brit sayd yeah he will stay with Jani or with Ashley and joe

2:54pm : Brit and Willie now going to take a nap Brit tells him to unlock the door so it doesnt look suspicious willie turns on spy cam to watch in the kt

2:56pm Jani putting icing on a cake she baked telling Kara its weird how you cant look at yourself nude in the bb house in the mirror but when you get out and go to a motel its like holy crap your tan and she giggles

2:58pm Boogie and Dan in by talking about twitter and facebook accounts with Ian and Ashley and how Boogie doesnt know how to use twitter

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