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August 31st Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

Please keep personal comments to a minimum and feel free to e-mail updates to ranster@mortystv.com

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B,M, Iv, A in the hot tub

(something funny going on with the sympathy vote Ivette was going to give James, has to do with James scheming. Maybe James played his hand)

I: when I tell you guys that I tell him (James) NO to his face I mean it I am unbendable (damn I hate when they are in the hot tub you just cannot hear good)

M: I wonder how much damage James did in this game before we evicted him? You know he wants to talk about the game with me before he goes

B: what did he say

M: he said I wanna sit down & talk to u about the game before you go

(I just can

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Jan just told James that she didn't find an advantage for keeping him in the house over Howie. And that if she lost next week she would be competing for the Veto against him(James), and didn't want to take the risk of trying to beat him....James doesn't have a good comeback for this and looks defeated.

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Ivette in the HoH bath shaving her legs.

Beau is in the shower. Maggie and April talking. They were going over competitions before.

I changed feeds and came back to fish!

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Guest Huntergreen

11:40 PM BBTime

The Nerd Cult feels sorry for Howie, as they are so dumb that they have bought into one of JAMES"S lies of disinformation that Janelle and James have an alliance to take out Howie next.

Howie is outside telling James what a Hall of Famer Veto Player he is - :blink:

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Guest Huntergreen

11:50 PM BBTime

James, Howie and Janelle still talking outside. James said he is leaving having won as many HOH's as Cowboy and he is embarassed.

Ahhhhhhh, Howie has an electric razor, he is using to shave his chest, stomache and I can not hear a darn thing with it on. Janelle tells Howie it is gay to shave there. Ahhhhhhhhh- back on. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - forget it. :angry:

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James and Howie talking about egging HG on the way out on Thurs. Maybe even chucking them over the wall.

Also they were surpised that the BBH is actually a studio lot and thought they were really outside.

They hear sirens and Jamess says "LAPD is chasing somebody"

Howie is talking about working out and won't be in bed for an hour and a half.

Asks James to work out but says his toe hurts.

Funny satement James made earlier "I can't believe I'm being taken out by this years version of Cowboy"

Howie to James "All time Veto Champion" James replys "Big fucken deal"

James says he can't help go over mistakes in the game "I can't believe i never won an HOH"

James says if Maggie is in the final two "I'm giving her my vote" He would give it to Janelle over Maggie because he wouldn't want Eric to have any.

"Fuck why didn't i get HOH this week"..James

Whinning again about being backdoored

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James "You can always tell dead man walking because the camers never leave you alone" talking about his inevitable eviction on Thursday to Janelle.

Janelle is doing her hair and has PMS and tells Howie to "go away"

The friendship upsatirs talking about Beau's family and kackling as usual. Enough of those idiots...back to janelle doing her roots..she told james earlier that it was goig to take awhile.

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Janelle tells James "that was easy" about her root job. James ask Howie "are you going to do your cardio now" and tells him "don't forget to jerk it tonight"

Howie tells Janelle he needs to do cardio because he's "a fat slob"

Janelle asks James "how many weeks ago did Sarah leave?" James says "3" Janelles says "Perfect that's the last time I did my hair" James looked hurt and Janelle says "sorry".

"I don't want to do my nails red do I?" james looks like he doesn't care

James in the BR washing his mug looking defeated.

He tells Janelle " It's 1 o'clock in the morning and they're still looking on the spy screen" talking about the idiots upstairs.

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"Do you know what Jennifer claims what Mike did" In the GR Janelle says it she was crying because of her boyfirend..James says "what did she originally claimed happened" Janelle says that he was touching her and .."I really don't know"

James "Where did the old man go?" refering to Howie and Janelle doesn't know.


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In the BR Howie talking to Janelle about possible HOH questions about the workout room.

Janelle clipping her toenails.

Janelle asks "Are you okay Howie?" Howie says "yes" "Are you Janey?' she says "yes" and now he's finally going to go do his cardio.

Upstairs April is talking about her Job and she took "a huge..." Everyone says "Pay Cut" she says no the reason she left to follow her old manger to the new place.

"Fuck they are going to wake us up to do goodbyes"..Maggie.

"I'm so fat I hate myself" ..April

April tells Beau "can you and Janelle seriously shut the fuck up about Lori"

"you love to be gay" Beau tell her "What are you talking abou I'm being myself"

Beau complaining James had his feet on his pillow."

Back downstairs

"You're cute Howie" Janelle.."You're cuter" he tells Janelle "Am I really? Thanks. Fifteen minutes" referring to how much time she has for her root job.

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Janelle interupts Howies cardio to ask him what color of nail polish would look better the red or the pink. Howie ends up picking the red.

Back upstairs

Maggie is yelling "Beau is selfish..Beau is selfish" acting stupid as usual.

Maggie just called Beau a "face fucker" jokingly.

Maggie syas Beau twisted her wrist and Beau is mad because Maggie took some skin off. I guess fighting over a pilow?? Confirmation???

Now they want to hear Beau stories about the celebrities he knows but Beau is being piisy and ignoring them.

Back downstairs.

Howie is still doing cardio on the ellipitical and Jannelle is in the shower finally washing her hair fron her root job.

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Janelle and howie talking about the quaters found Howie is trying to tell Janelle that 40 quaters is 10 dollars. Janelle says "are you sure 40 quaters is $10?" Howie reassures her it is.

Talking about what they would put if they are asked the questions. Janelle will put $10 and Howie will put $11.25.

They are going over light bulbs , balls and candy in the pinata and all posiible tie breaker questions.

Howie asks if they ask total electrical outlets and Janelle laughs.

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Howie is gettin ready to take care of business in the pool shed (actuall a storage bin). He has his lotion and toilet paper and proclaims "this is beautiful". Off to jerk he goes!!!

[i hope someone captures this..too funny]

Janelle asks if he really jerked off.

Howie tells her "I didn't have a full woody"

Howie can't believe he went 2 months without doing it. He wishes he would have been doing it the whole time.

Howie says "It's a great day"

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James is up and in kitchen. He seems to be limping.

Janelle is up and in bathroom.

Beau and Maggie talking - wondering why James is limping.

Maggie: bet he tried to work out on that toe after I told him not to.

Maggie: April, you kicked me a record breaking number of times last night.

April: Ok...I want you to look and see how much room you have, and how much room I have.

Maggie: I'm not saying it wasn't warranted!

Janelle now clothed, but back in bed in the GR.


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