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August 28th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

Please keep personal comments to a minimum and feel free to e-mail updates to ranster@mortystv.com

go to http://s134005998.onlinehome.us/forums/ind...hp?showforum=22

to post pictures and screencaps

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Maggie and Beau were having a tickle fight that ended in bathroom.

01:56 AM The heard was in the HOH room and Beau was getting done in the shower... April pulled Maggie over to see the "chocolate drop" and at first he was hesitant but then he flashed her (and the whole wide live feeds viewers) .... he has no shame...

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Maggie was talking to Ivette, April and Beau in the HoH room.

Ivette said to her. Take your headphones off cause you are talking really loud.

Maggie said. Your really crabby huh?

Now Ivette is going on about Janelle again.

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Beau was talking about HoH. Maggie said she is due to get one.

April just asked Ivette why she is always so down after talking to James.

April: Everytime you come up here after you talk to James you are frazzled and stressed when she comes back from talking to him.

Ivette: He doesnt get me there April!

Ivette: Im sad because I miss my family and I get down by myself. I do it all on my own.

April: You dont have to yell at me.

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April, The odds are in the favor of two of us getting it. (winning the whole lot)

Now we are on the favorite subject. Janelle. April said she hopes that Janelle wont win anything again. "But there is a reason she has won things. There is a reason for eveything."

Then they start talking about maybe you can trade your prizes for cash like The Price Is Right. How she said she never wins anything. Maggie: "She is a fucking bratt. She knows she lost to Beau playing chess. All she is here for is to start fighting and get people riled up."

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Guest Shockalot

Another tense moment between Ivette and AprilMaggie in the HOH room.

They quite intensley ask Ivette why James said "Thanks for defending me Ivette".

Ivette is a bit offended looking by the questioning but Maggie really grills her "What.. why did he say that Ivette?"

Ivette finally explains that James said "Im up on the chopping block" and she just agreed with him.

Beau joins them. Ivette wants to know if they can all agree on what to say when James asks about being 'Backdoored'.

At this point April is very clear they should all agree this was a decision they ALL made.

Beau, April and Maggie all take turns giving Ivette a stern talking to about how this needs to work and they don't want her confused or mixed up on this.

Ivette bites back with her own questions "Hey.. you think im going to be the one to 'break it down' to James .. but I wanted him out early in this game.. and besides, what can James do anway"

The conversation has the tone of a squabble.

Finally Maggie asks out loud "Hey.. what are we arguing about again people?"

April reiterates they will 'backdoor' James and they will all tell him its a 'group decision'.

April is making another strong case that James has been allowed to come too far and even though Janelle is no better - its time for James to go.

They agree they will tell him its because of his Veto wins that makes him the bigger threat.

Maggie: "He had a dammmm good run, either by skill or manipulation, he has had five weeks and he should be very proud of what he has done in this game".

"There have been five casualities because of him"

April "and one of them was my partner"

Maggie "..and one of them was my partner".

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James seems to have either allergies or a cold. He's standing talking to the fish and sneezing on them.

Everyone else is asleep still.

James is doing dishes and humming to self.

Now in BY having a milk drink and water.

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Howie is up and in the kitchen talking to April, Beau and Maggie.

He told them about the funeral comment lastnight. Magie said, "We have tried to get him out five times."

Ivette and James come from outside.

They are talking about the M&M's and that they are full of ants.

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Beau cutting a green pepper in the kitchen.

April comes from outside to get some more coffee.

April: Was someone starting more coffee?

Beau: Howie was, but he's an idiot.

April now talking about he bad dreams and that she didnt get to sleep till 5am.

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(I hope I'm in the right place)

Guests gathered around on couches, waiting for results of America's choice.

James is in the diary room.

Maggie: I wonder if they'll give us the proceeds from America's choice? (repeats this)

Howie: Oh, maybe.

Someone: It's like .49 a call.

Maggie: They've got to give a bonus. They will.

<talk about Danielle winning the video, she had a kid>

James returned.

James: They want to tlak to you, Howie.

Howie: About the garbage can? Oh, ok.

James: Were you drunk?

April: James, what did they want?

JAmes: I really can't tell you that, at all.

<James goes off somewhere>

<Beau comes in>

April: Look at BEAU! I want him to get it! I just want to hear someone's voice. James said he could not say, it could be a reaction to who got AMerica's choice.

April: Well, I'm the only married person in this house...I'm the only married person in here.


April: What if they offer us a choice between 10,000 and a phone call? I'm telling you if I get it I owe it to Howie, cuz he BASHED me up!

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