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August 28th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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James lying on bed with Ivet. He strokes her gently.

Maggie: what do you want us to do?

J: I'll stay with her.

A: they got what they wanted. (BB) they didn't want us to be happy.

Speculate what Janie did to get the call.

They want to see us upset, jealous, arguing.

Dishing Janele for getting a call from someone she knew 2 weeks. Michael is a piece of S--t. Janelle is too --etc Rant goes on

Ivet: why does it come so easy for Janelle?

M: we don't know that

J: She has no friends

A: America does not like her.

M: Our families are pissed because they didn't get to talk to us. ANd it was a F--king former HG!

M: This is TV. We are A'holes for signing up for this.

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Jan & H w/ B and ask him if the plan is still to backdoor James. B asks Jan why she didn't try to backdoor James when she was HOH, Howie answers for, it was emotional.

A- Michael is a piece of shit, just like Janelle is. My family is looking at Jan and thinking what a piece of work she is. A says America can't like Jan.

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Howie tells Jan that it will be her and him against Beau and Maggie

Jan - they were SO pissed that I got the call....you dont even understand..April was tring to be the mediator..but you know....

H - America doesn't like them....who would like a bunch of Nerd Herders

Jan - I think they are realizing that..you think?

H - yeah..they bring kiddie land to the game.

Jan - Michael likes me alot..I can tell...You think we will be together forever?

H - talks about James being backdoored.

(aaagggghhhhh...NH voices over by convo with Jan and Howie)

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2:14pm BBT

F1 & 2 - HOH with Beau, Ivette - James just left

F3 & 4 - Maggie and April in the gym - M on ellyptical, A on treadmill

Maggie warns A that I will try to convince her to change her decision

A - worst case scenario. James or Jan are the ones to take to the end with you

M - neither

A - every week that James has been on the block..BB has thrown a curve ball to get us to think to change our decision

M - yep

A - every week. Pretty much every week

M - it isn't BB's game...it's our game

A - do you want me to try to help us out? Barter with her..I really dont want to. Everything happens for a reason.

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M & A in gym: BB did this to change our mind so we would vote out Janie not James. Look at all the ways this would make the game more interesting.

Magiie: DONT YOU DARE change your mind! If we get rid of Janele, we are giving away the game

Apr: I'd rather have Janelle. Talks about she will be easier to bet. BB wants to see if we rethink our decision

M: It is not BB's game. It is OUR game

Apr confirms she will take off Janie. Asks if Mag wants her to bargain with Janele to help Apr & Mag

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BY - James Jan and Howie talking

James - BB got what they wanted..everyone was getting along

H - no one could control who called today. I was petitioning for A and I

James - exactly. That was to stir up more drama

H - the did it on purpose. Who sees the polls and numbers? No one. The most drama would be for Jan to get a phone call

James - from a person that the houseguests hate.

H - I wanna see the votes on papers

James - that is what they were saying upstairs

H - that they want to see it on paper?

Jan - I think it was mean for them to say it was rigged

H - I think it was

Jan - you do????

James - I dont think that America would vote for you to talk to M over your mom

Howie sneezes

Jan - bless you

H - thank you

- on and on about how they think BB rigged it. -

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Jan James and H all are discussing whether M was in sequester, or was out at home. They can't decide from the phone call.

Jan asked M on the call...."April and Beau want to know if we have fans" Michael said that they would be very very pleased.

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Guest Shockalot

Just to confirm CurlyQ.. I caught Howie, James and Janelle outside talking too and the two guys are pretty much convinced that the vote was rigged and would want to see the actual votes shown on paper.

Their reasoning - America would want Janelle to talk with her Mum.. not Michael?

Janelle protests - "I ASKED to speak with Michael"

They were still theorising it was rigged although it more Howie than James.

Over in the bedroom - Beau is comforting Ivette who is still weepy.

Ivette is really making a case for Janelle to be gone asap. Beau is resisting the idea but Ivette makes it clear Janelle is worse than James.. that James has some redeeming qualities.

Ivette talks about how Janelle has been racist and she reminds Beau that he is just as much a 'Minority' as she is.

She all but asks outright they vote Janelle out.

Beau is not so sure but he goes with her into the bathroom for more discussion.

Now over to the workout room

Maggie and April are having a very intense discussion while they work out - April thinks Ivette is gonna vote for James to stay and there is a big concern about that.

April has no patience now.. She tells Maggie "Look.. If you promise to vote out James then its going to be a Tie and Im the Tie-Breaker.. So I do not care who Ivette votes for"

Maggie agree's she is going to vote James to go.

April and Maggie are absolutely convinced the game is being rigged and manipulated by Big Brother and that BB wants Janelle Evicted or Howie.

Now Beau enters the workout room and he has a whole lot of stories about 'Who said' and who was trash talking and things James has been saying.

April and Maggie request Howie and Janelle are summoned to them.

Beau gets them.

Now all of them but James in the workout room with a lot of conspiracy theories about how they want James out.

Enter James.

Now A lot more 'Who said.. she said.."

James gets a bit upset now "YOU people are Fucking IDIOTS!"

James goes on quite an explanation about 'Who said and what and Who said ..."

There is a whole lot of fast 'you said and she said' stuff going on so I really hope one of our transcribers is on???

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(trouble posting here)

SO much is going on. James is trying to explain that he hasn't been playing the game for weeks...that he isn't shit talking.

They are all (minus H and I ) going back and forth on the "he said" "she said" stuff...everything being gone over and analyzed and tossed back and forth

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Guest Shockalot

Now James is really really laying it right out there!

He is going through all the alliances and trying to 'Get the Reality and FACTS' right out in the Open!!

At this point April and Beau and Janelle are actually quieting down and listening but they are not so sure.

James tells them "It was called the Sovereign Six!" "We were a loyal team and we now its out there.. Kaysar, Me, Howie Janelle"

Beau and April are a little bit unsure and James says "Yes.. Do you not remember that symbol you saw.. That meant 'SOV 6' and Kaysar came up with that name.. You guys!.. You know Kaysar is the only one who would come up with that name because the rest of the fucking Team can not even spell Soveriegn and you KNow That!"

"That includes your girlfriend James"

James "Ya and she cant ferking spell Cauliflower either!"

April and Beau think about it for a second and then seemingly accept that its true what James says


Wow.. James is really giving it.. he makes it clear he is like April and does not care about the money.

In fact, the game was over for him two weeks ago and he does not care he is going.. he just wants revenge on Howie and Janelle.

April is listening.

James then turns to Beau "And I have NO idea what the fuck you have such a big fucking problem with me Beau???"

Beau goes on something about the Bible Incident.

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3:08pm BBT

F1 & 2 - BR - Maggie and April (just changed into a bikini and is heading outside)

M- I'll be right out

- beau comes in

F3 - empty living room

F4 - empty kitchen

A goes out to talk to James in BY. April is discussing with James that if she gets rid of Jan this week...what his HOH noms would be. They are going over strategies. James says that he has 2 more people to get rid of. James insists to A that backdooring him is FINE, but that it means that "they" won in his book. He is WORKING April.

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3:15 pm BBT

It looks like April is really taking in what James is saying. He is going on and on about how it is more strategic as well as personally smart to get rid of the other 2 and then they still have him to get rid of - leaving A, B, M and I as final 4 at the end. This is what April wants more than anything she says...

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April is squirming as Janelle tries to figure out about James saying that she was talking shit about April and April talking shit about Janelle in the beginning.

April says that she never told Janelle that James said that....that she said a GUY said it and let Janelle assume that it was James

- More talk about BB rigging the phone call to cause ALL this drama

Howie comes out.....

April still thinks that BB absolutely rigged it or Jan would have heard from her mom...not Michael....

James is trying to explain to A that Jan doesn't think that it was a BB rig. Maybe America DID want Jan to talk to Michael (hmmm....ya think?)

A - no one can be mad that she got a phone call, I personally think BB planned it ..but...

james - we will NEVER know

A - we never will know

James - if we had been rational we would have just said ...well, that sucks, oh well.

James again goes on that I didn't have anything of a momento of her loved ones...that it just wasn't fair.

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3:27pm BBT

April goes into the kitchen to talk to I and B. Her version is exaggerated - her and James' convo. She thinks they are ALL bad except for the NH.

B wants to go and confront them outside. A is relaying that Jan thought it was James - that she assumed it. Turns out it was B that was saying that Jan was talking shit about A.

All the he said, she said is coming to the surface, and they seem as confused about it all as I do :huh:

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Guest Shockalot

James and April & Maggie were in the kitchen for a bit and when one of them said "I dont believe anyone.." James jumped right on them and said "Do NOT even TELL ME about believing anyone.. do you know how hard it is to be the only LONE player who has nobody else!? .. I have two sides taking turns talking shit to each other... I KNOW.. what it means"

Maggie was called to the DR.

James and April are together now in the backyard and James is making a case for himself while April seems to be taking it in.

James is making it clear he doesnt even worry if April Backdoors him, in fact he tells her "April go ahead and Do IT" but he explains he is just pissed because he really wants to get Howie and Janelle out!

Janelle approaches and sits down and tries to start with James but it now seems more like James and April defend themselves against Janelles accusations of 'Trash-Talking' and end up rebutting Janelle together.

Howie shows up and more talk about how they all agree the AC Phonecall was rigged.. why would people want Michael to talk to Janelle.

Now April, Beau and Ivette meet in the kitchen.

April gives them the low-down on what has been happening and what is being said - April pretty much sums it up as "All Three of them are Liars. All three of them!"

Now April is called to the DR.

Now Maggie joins Ivette and Beau in the kitchen and they rehash the confrontations.

Maggies observations:

When the three were confronted - Howie ran upstairs.

Janelle then took off.

James on the other hand stood up for himself and took it like a man.

In fact, James is not denying the Bible incident anymore and he has been addressing Maggies concerns one by one, 'Head on' the way Maggie likes to confront problems.

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Outside, Maggie asks Howie why he ran off when there was a confrontation. He said he didn't hear his name mentioned and he went to be with Ivette. She said she just wanted to understand and he asked why, because i'm usually in the middle of confrontation? She agreed. He said Beau was talking shit so he wanted to get out of there. He is teasing...and sees beau and says oh shit, sorry. Howie and beau talk about doing pushups and working out. Maggie and Ivette are laying out in the sun talking quietly.

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Guest Shockalot

Now Maggie informs Beau and Ivette that Janelle has admitted she was part of someting called "The Soveriegn Six" and that was what was on Kaysars Card that day "Sov6". Janelle has admitted that she has been working with James right up until THIS week!

Beau and Ivette are pretty intrigued by the discovery but Janelle suddenly arrives in the kitchen to sit down with them.

Beau thanks Janelle for taking the last of the Cold and Sinus Meds and she says "I was totally fucked up last night.. there was one left though."

Beau "Ya, I know, I took it this morning"

Maggie, Ivette and Beau simply leave Janelle to herself in the kitchen as they go outside.

Outside in the backyard - Maggie confronts Howie about him leaving once the big confrontations started.

Maggie: "Why did you run away Howie?"

Howie: "I dunno.. Beau was talking shit and I never heard my name come up in this so I just went upstairs to comfort Vetty.. I dunno?"

Ivette and Maggie are whispering to each other.. she is telling Maggie how she noticed Maggie is losing so much weight. Ivette cant believe how much less curvy Maggie is. Maggie is saying something about how she never wants to be without curves.

Chatter about size and shapes or something.

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3:46pm BBT

M and I are in the BY talking....I is telling Maggie that she has lost SO much weight in the house and she looks beautiful. M says that she doesn't think she looks good in any of her clothes and I said that M was welcome, more than welcome to try on any of the stuff that she brought in the house. She said that she has everything from sz 4 to sz 9. M worries that she is portrayed as the fat person on the show and I tells her that we are our own worst critics and I thinks that M looks tiny and really looks good.

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