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August 28th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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<HGs in kitchen>

Howie: Do you want bacon?

Janelle: You forget I'm Jewish!

<surprise from someone>

<talk about the hurricane, they think BB would let them know if problem>

<I missed some stuff>

Janelle is talking about her luck to Ivette, now Halloween charcacters sh e has been - Little Miss Moffet, Little Red Riding Hood, something else?

<gym room>

April: I'm not going to mad at whoever gets it. <Repeats this>

Maggie: <works out>

BEau: Eveyone deserves it!

April: But they'll like, wanna pick someone with a husband, right?

April: <to Maggie> Did you say you did not even want it?

Maggie:N o, I said I'd love it.

April: When do you think we'll hear it?!

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F1 & 2 - Beau Mitts, Howie punches

F3 - April again complains to BB that she has to go to the bathroom "BB - I'll close my eyessss..come onnnn...let me innnn"

F4 - other HGs at table ;) - Janelle and Ivette playing chess...James playing with a water bottle

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1:35pm BBT - lockdown over

Ivette, Maggie and April in the HOH - Ivette crying

Beau, Janelle and Howie in the living room talking. I think that Janelle won America's choice and Janelle got to talk to Michael. Janelle is saying that Michael is watching the show from home

Maggie and April are trying to consol Ivette saying that BB rigged it and that there is NO way that America picked Michael to talk to Janelle. April thinks that they did it so that she will change her mind about backdooring James.

M - they want us to second guess ourselves

A - yeah, they do

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Guest Blhuebutterfly

I< B<A<M all agree that BB gave it to Janelle not America, it is good for tv.They cannot believe she talked to Micehal and not her family!! :(

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Guest Huntergreen

Yep, Janelle won America's Choice and will call Michael.

The Nerd Herd is conforting Ivette who is balling her eyes out. They all agree with James that this was fixed and there is no way America would have voted for Janelle.

They just will not get a clue.

One thing I do not like is that they did this before veto, so now I think they will not use the veto and vote Janelle off. That might have been done on purpose.

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Janie and Howie are talking about Michael being dreamy

Janie was eating swiss cheese when the phone call came in. Jan is really excited that he called and can't wait to get out of the house to see him.

Beau wants to do one more set of punching with Howie - they head outside


James - there is no way America could be that cruel

A - no way...BB did it

James - they are always giving me shit about saying my father owns BB and shit like that......Janelle wins EVERYTHING

Ivette is crying crying crying that she didn't get to talk to her girlfriend

A - if it were even her mom - that would be....

James - talks about reading a bible verse in Ecliastes(sp) about the wicked winning all the rewards

James and April are rubbing Ivette and playing with her hair to console her while she cries. They are convinced that BB rigged the whole thing. They are saying that it is ridiculous that Janie has known Michael for 2 weeks and "she loves him". James cursed America in the backyard

M - America doesn't know what it's like..they dont give a fuck

James - there is no way

I - there is no way that Cowboy won it last year and someone without a good heart wins it this year

M - I wouldn't feel this way if it were her mom on the phone

- all agree -

James - I told her that she had the opportunity to talk to her mom - her genuine moment

M - it's TV

James - I'm so sorry Ivette

A - I had a weird feeling something was gonna....

James - no way in hell (repeats 3 times) that i thought she was gonna win this

A - I said whoever gets it..let's be happy

M - it's all about tv

(lol) Apparantly Jan asked Michael if Britney Spears had her baby

M - it's a tv show - we signed up to be tortured

A - soon we will be with our loved ones...she doesn't have any loved ones

(some discussion that she likes Mike cause he makes '250'...over and over they are saying it - dont know where that came from)

A - not one person went in that DR and said they hoped Janelle wins it..so we KNOW that BB planned this..We were all saying we wanted it or Ivette to get it ...they will have all these clips and the phone rings and Jan picks it up and it's Michael - we KNOW it was planned!!!

James is willing to give up his 1 invite for the wrap party to Ivette so that she can bring her mom - James said that Sarah is already going to be there, so he doesn't need it

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A is going on and on about BB rigging it - can't believe that she is a newlywed....newly MARRIED....and they did this....(lol)

Maggie starts to say something about the producer Arnold -- "poor Arnie...he's gonna be like..." FISH

A - a newlywed...and I was attacked by them 2 weeks ago

ok...now A just said that all of America that watches this show (isn't that us?) are all pieces of shit....she's gonna blog that she says


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Guest Huntergreen

Maggie: You know guys, we came in here and Arnold told us that they treat us all equally and...........FISH

April: And if America did really pick her, then the America that watches this is all a piece of SH**!

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Ivette is non-stop crying and whining that she is "done..done..she just doesn't care anymore"

I says that all the evil in the house.....

A - we've gotten a lot of the evil out. None of us would vote for her to win the 500k

James - we all know that...

- some random Janelle bashing -

A - all he (michael) is gonna do is fuck her at the wrap party and be on his way

M - she looked at me like it was for me

I - I was happy when I thought that you (Mag) got it

doorbell rings

Janelle is at the door - comes in with a bowl ofsomething she is eating

she apologizes to them

I - no no...it's ok..you didn't pick it..America picked it

J - are you guys mad at me?

I - how can we be mad at you? you didn't tell people to vote for you

A - i firmly believe that they (BB) stir up crap in the house. I dont think America even voted. They did it to get people upset. They picked Michael instead of your mom - they know we call you lady luck

J - well, i dont want to get you guys mad at me..i'm sorry

A - nooooo....not you....it's not you...it's BB's fault

James - just that everyone was on a high waiting for a phone call and now everyone is on the low

A - in reality tv..you have to expect the unexpected and you have to be happy for whoever wins. BB knew it would stir up problems. Americ didn't vote Mike back in...they wouldn't have voted for a phone call from him

Jan - let's just all get along and not get upset about it

A - we know that it was rigged.....cause I am a newlywed

Jan says that she asked for calls from both Mike and her Mom and Mike called

A - they just do all of this to just piss us off

Jan - well maybe they did it cause Mike left the 2nd week and I didn't get a chance to get to know him in the house

A - well, it said loved ones..and you only knew Mike for 2 weeks

Jan - well, I did tell him I love him

they discuss that they have been there 2 months (today) - only 3 weeks left...they have put up with all of this all along and they can do it some more

A - if we blame it on anyone - we blame it on BB "you fuckers BB"

M - I agree

A - we're all getting along...eating together, playing cards together...they dont like it when we get along..that's boring

Jan - yep

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Janelle apologizes again and leaves the room

A tells her that it's ok yelling from the bathroom as Jan is leaving the room

Jam - I'm numb

M - that was just salt on the wound

Jam - cause once again..it was all about her when she was up her e(Jan). As I'm laying here, I'm going through each individual story that I"ve heard....

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Ivette is cried out, lying on the bed. Through her whole crying spell, her partner Bobo was outside, oblivious.

Janelle comes into the hoh room. She apologizes to the group for getting a call. Asks if they're all mad at her. April denies it. Contineus to blame BB.

Rpeats over and over, "It's not your fault"

Janie continues to apologize

They theorize why BB did this (all assuming America didn't vote) Decide it was for the "show" and to set people against each other.

Janie & April leave. James, M & I talking about why this happened. J has no answer.

M" it was a wasted call. She asked about Brittany Spears

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Jan w/ H & B outside says "They are fucking pissed." Says that James is consoling Ivette.

Mag bitching that it was a wasted call b/c Janie asked about Britney Spears. M asks the self-rightous I if she would like them there or to be alone. H asked Jan, if Michael asked about her boobs, she said to shut up.

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2:04pm BBT

F1 & 2 James consoles Ivette in HOH

F3 & 4 - Jan, Howie and Beau at the table in the backyard talking

(have to get out of the HOH - someone else take over there? - I can't take the whining anymore)


Jan - my week was about revenge (as HOH) - it was pretty fun too

-Beau and Howie laugh

Jan tells Howie that if he touches her boobies again..he dies (joking but not)

Howie's arms are killing him from the boxing

Beau is doing curls

B - how did he sound?

Jan - cute like he always does

B - I bet K was tehre - they are next door neighbors, he was probably in the background

H - "hi janieee"

Jan - he is up there talking shit to them...I know it

B - all James does is talk shit

Jan - it's annoying for them to get mad at me for a phone call

B - I know..it's America's CHOICE

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