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August 25th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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April and Maggie talking in the HoH room.

April doesn't trust Ivette at all. She is going over the fact that she thinks James has a deal with Ivette to take Ivette to the end. She goes on to say that she (April) hangs out with Janelle, Howie and Rachel for information. April makes a comment that she cant handle it in the house if Maggie goes.

Maggie: I have moments that I have made mistakes in this game, everyone has. I just don't want to leave here thinking I will do something that I will regret. I don't want to have to explain to my family why I did something.

April: We don't know who will be at the end. But Rachel made a good point. The people that are here a person who all they want to do is make sure they go back to school and others just to get rich quick. Meaning James and Ivette.

Maggie: When did she say that?

April: She has mentioned it twice. Don't mention it to her. Don't tell her anything I tell you.

April then goes on to say that she thinks that they will get Ivette out before James. That Janelle wants to get information from April. Janelle really brings humor to this game. Funny stuff. So she isn't bad to be around sometimes. April is just really weary of Janelle as she is so hard to read.


Howie and Rachel outside talking about Janelle.

Rachel said she is jealous of her. She is a great competitor and nothing bothers her. She is a BB dream HG's. She give back as good as she gets and nothing stresses her out.

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Guest Shockalot

Janele, Rachel and James having a chat in the bedroom.

James is telling Rachel that it does indeed look like they are sending her home.

Rachel is not unhappy about it and says she is looking forward to new things in the Sequester especially new food and new people to talk to.

She says her and Jennifer will get along just fine.

James says Maggie will make things uncomfortable if she shows up with Jenny and Rachel and will pretend she does not like them.

(? thats what he said im sure?)

"A lot of people thought Maggie was your partner" says Janelle to Rachel.

They talk about being able to view the tapes once they leave.

The girls say they will look forward to a BB6 Marathon.

James says he doesn't care to see the tapes... he figures once he leaves - who cares?

Then again, he wants to see what he looks like on TV.

Talk about how people leave on Eviction day.

James comments how Sarah went out went out with only one vote and was hugging everyone.

Eric on the other hand went out like 'A Bitch'

Rachel adds "With everyone worshipping him"

James picks up a Hack-e-sack and tosses it up and down, looks to the camera and says "Gonna sell this on Ebay.. Official BB HackeSack... ok just kidding"

James says knowing his luck it will get tossed over a wall anyway.. says Big Brother hates him and wont let him get anything good.

He says its probably because of all the things he has said about Democrats to BB in the Diary Room.

James goes to get himself and the girls something to drink.

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Guest Shockalot

Rachel and Janelle are alone still and talk turns to Michael.

Janelle is worried.. Michael said something about not normally being attracted to 'Blonde Bombshells" types.

Rachel assures Janelle "Dont worry.. your beautiful"

Janelle doesnt know.. she asks "Well.. do you think he was just attracted to me for the Game?"

Rachel: "Thats something you are going to need to find out after this game.. dont base anything on what people do in this game"

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Guest Shockalot


Rachel is recounting how she asked someone what the Sequester House was like. She was told it was really great and really nice.. but that was last year.

The lady told her "..that was last year.. we are not sure what we are doing this year though"

James returns with drinks.

Janelle is really concerned about her hair, saying she doesn't even comb it.

"Here Im trying to be this really good looking person on the show and I dont even comb my hair"

James is joking about how people thought he had a twin or that his parents owned the show.

It seems James is enjoying some ice-cream.

He teases Janelle about sleeping through tomorrows show.

She says "I cant show up.. I dont have any clothes that fit me!"

Rachel: "What happened to those Jeans?"

Janelle: "Well that was last week.. this week I just laid in bed eating hamburgers.. I look like SHIT!"

Janelle: "I just want my Pills.. thats the only thing I look forward to now is my Pills"

James: "What Pills?"

Janelle: "I cant say"

Janelle is saying something like "I cant let that happen.. I cant let that happen..... .....I would end up on the top of my neighbours car"

[[sorry did not catch what 'can not happen']]

James asks Rachel: "So you are 100% positive you want us to vote you out?"

Rachel: "Yes. I cant continue.. I cant continue in this game"

Rachel explains that she is not 'giving up'. She is saying she came here because Howie brought her in the game and she will not be campaigning against him. She wont fight it because its not worth it.

James "This sucks.. it sucks"

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Guest Shockalot

Janelle asks what time it is?

Its 10:20 BBT

Janelle: "Well... its too late to work out. Im gonna get some ice-creme and some benedryl and hopefully I will fall asleep just like I did last night. Im a bum"

She leaves to go to the kitchen.

James and Rachel are now alone.

James: "Honestly, this is the first time Ive had a really hard decision to make"

Rachel says "Thanks"

James says he is serious.. Rachel is probably the strategic choice.

Rachel takes it as a compliment again.

James is convinced someone has taken off with his toothbrushes and doesnt know where they went.

He searchs his bag.

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Janelle, James and Rach in the GR.

Janelle making her bed

R: Janie what did you do during your stint on BB?

J: Slept...and got fat. It will only take me about 2 weeks to lose it.

General chit chat.....

James: America hates the nerd herd...we need t-shirts. April, America hates you

Janie: April, America hates you how does it feel (laughing)

James: We so need and arts and crafts right now (they are all laughing very hard now)

R: Ohh you guys are so bad

Janie: hahaha.....America hates you

James: They hate you Busto

James to Janelle: We have to hang out in Miami

Janie: uh huh

They are all lying done in silence......

J laughes again.... "I will laugh about that till I die"

BB: Janelle, please dont obstruct your mic

Janie: Sorry BB its my boobies

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James: We've had about one fucking America's choice all year

R: something about Kaysar

James: Yeah he spent like what a week here?

R: I am sure he had some interesting things to say to Julie when he left again

James: This fucking sucks

Lots of silence again....

James: Ohhh Jesus. I need HOH so bad tomorrow

R: uh huh

Janie snuggled in her bed, Rach lying on James bed, and James laying down but seems kinda figety.

Rach leaves to go finish packing. She says she will be back

James to janelle: Hey...strategically, who do you think is best to keep here R or H...like should I try and convince...

Janie: Strategically in what way...like who could we beat?

(missed what she replied)

Janie: We cant put you up

James: And I cant put you up....its suicide.

James: I hate this place....I just gotta do it tomorrow

Janie: Why u wanna try and keep R cause she's a better player

J: Howie scared me cause (couldnt here why) (James fooling with his mic)

Janie: I think H is good though

James changes and leaves room.


I: James said to me today "the decision to evict Kaysar was it really a group thing"

I: I said yes, it was ultimately Jens decision but it was the groups opinion

Maggie: I dont like that question (she is very aggrivated by that question)

James and Howie in workout room, James looking in mirror, they are talking about ingrown hairs I believe as James has some.

J: Like look at the size of this one I just pulled out

H: Holy shit thats deep

Howie on elliptical

J: Fucking pimpled everywhere, my skin is horrible

H: Just once i want to hoist that veto around my neck....Howie you are only 4 down from James

Light hearted kinda boring talk

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Rach back in the GR with Janie.

J: I am extremely bored

R: Me too. Well I'll tell you what...if I leave tomorrow at least I am not going to be bored Anymore. At least not right away

R leaves GR and goes to workout room with Howie

R: I miss Fran

H: You'll see her soon

They are talking about Kaysar and how much they love him

H: What up Kaaaaysar!

R: Summer of secrets, you never know what they are doing. I guess I will find out more tomorrow

H: So will I

H: Look how cute my Ray Ray is. My Ray Ray is the hottest 24 year old around

R: Did u say 24 year old? Oh gawd.

They hear banging up stairs

R: Nerds!

They laugh

R: Look what u turned me into!

Howie is rubbing Rachel's leg. They are talking about how the other team wants to back door James. Howie wonders if he sheould tell james to make him hate them more. R says not to. She says H and Janie are huge targets too.

R: I know they want me out, I'm a big threat.

Howie is now kissing her leg. R wants to know if H said a nice goodbye message for her. He says its pretty good.

They talk about how they are the biggest dumb asses in BB history. Even bigger then Jennifer. (but America still loves you guys!)

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Guest Shockalot

Rachel is saying how she can barely imagine what its gonna be like to be outta this house.

Howie asks: "You really want to leave?"

Rachel says it almost seems 'Surreal' that she will be somewhere else.

They talk about the choices BB put as a tagline under their DR interviews.

Age or Profession.

Rachel: "I noticed they used 'HorseBreeder" I told them that Im not really a Horse Breeder.. I have bred some horses but.. I told them I really didn't care, whatever."

James mentions they didn't use 'Bustos' real age - 38 and they are laughing about April.

Talk turns to their Diary Room interviews. Howie and James admit they use them to vent and they dont care what happens.

James says he vented last night like never before. He explains that he has just been on a 'RollerCoaster' because he first thought he had friends, then they turned on him... then he went to another group thinking he had friends and they wanted him out.. then he woke up and realised that the whole house wanted him out! The whole thing has been like a RollerCoaster Ride for him.

James even admits that he was so upset he was going to draw a picture of a Knife on the back of his shirt (as if it was sticking in his back) and write Rachel and Howie (Sovs) names around it.

James: "Dude.. I have had some HIGHSS. and some LOWWWS"

Howie: "James you are a Roller Coaster Rider Buddy!"

James recalls how he was in the 'Button Comp' and all these 'fuckin idiots' would not let go for fear of him. He remembers Howie trash talking him saying "You got nothing... ..you got nothing to go home to.. you dont have a life to go back to.."

Rachel chastises Howie for doing that and mock throws a pillow at him.

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Guest Shockalot

Howie, James and Rachel still up chatting. They recall how Eric behaved and James is convinced Eric will still have a bad attitude even at the Wrap-Party.

"Take the Chess match.. Kaysar waved goodbye at the end and he should not have done that!"

They agree that Kaysars arrogance like that cost him and Rachel adds it has cost all of them.

Howie: "His arrogance blinded him"

James insists that Kaysar just went after Eric for personal reasons and no good strategy reasons.

They agree that Kaysar is probably watchign the tapes saying "Oh. I should not have done that.

James says that its just a game and things happen. Heck, after all "One of us will be in Paradise tomorrow".

Then they joke "Well, unless its in the Arctic??"

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(Since someone posted that Rachel was up & on the treadmill over 1-1/2 hours ago) I am confused as to who is up messing around with some items on the dining table & her tennis shoes are sitting on top of the table (ewww)

Mystery gal now putting on her tennis shoes. She is now taking her bra off using the old "straps over arms & pull bra out neckhole while still wearing your top" maneuver.

She is now on the treadmill

She is now off the treadmill & gone to the poddy

(maybe it's Ivette since there is no feed on the HoH bed. I swear I am not blind but it really doesn't look like Ivette or Rach)

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James is up he just went in the exersice room to see how long he would have to wait for the treadmill

Janelle just went in the storage room & got something

Jan & James in the kitchen

Ivette joins them as she has just finished the treadmill (it was Ivette on the treadmill sorry)

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James/B/M/H/R all discussing what to do after the show...

R wants to move to Austin. Said she would do a horse reality show.

B wants to do something what Marcellas does but says he can stand outside the house and critique the HG clothes as they walk in the house.

H teases James that he is going to be the POV consultant for the future BBs.

All discussing the spelling bee comp.

H is making fun of Sarah's answer.

B made them all breakfast.

Jan called him a beef-cake.

H wants a Ray-Ray doll.

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