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August 25th Live Feed Updates

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3:32 BBT

Everyone is getting ready...

Beau is pluking the guys eyebrows. He did Howies... now he is doing James.

Janie is wearing her green bombshell dress

Maggie said she didnt take a bath the first 4 days they were in the house because she doesnt like taking cold showers.

Everyone is getting along...lots of chit chat...

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James & Jan in the GR. James is folding pieces of paper. Jan getting ready. She is wearing her green dress (I guess since it is stretchy it's the only thing she still fit in)

All other HG in the bathroom getting ready for tonights show.

Lots of friendly chit chat going on.

& I got fishies

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Right now the houseguest's are excited that big brother has re-stalked the storage room with plenty of food.

Ivette is cleaning out the fridge in the storage room and talking about the HOH comp's and how they usually come from day to day activities, certain things about the veto comps.

all 4 feeds are showing howie and ivette in the storage room.

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HG'S are talking about the big brother house and the pair situation. They are a bit upset that they didn't get to pick who they wanted to come into the house with.

Apparently ashlea told ivette that she was only in LA for one day for auditions while the real houseguest had to audition for 8 days.

They continue to talk about ashlea. Janelle is angry that ashela blew so many lies while being in the house. She never said anything janelle wanted her to stay.

They are now talking about how many people from FL are in the house.

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Ivette, maggie, april and beau are outside talking about HOH and stuff.

Ivette is telling the group how "amazing" it is that there are only 4 votes this week and they are all 3 of them.

The group is convinced that two of them will make the game.

A: if i win some money, i'll give you all guys a gift certificate.

M: you do have to thank everyone.

A: every single person, helps you get where you are.. every person.

I: by the time they take taxes you still get a big chunk of change.

M: we can't talk about this

I: i know, we shouldn't be talking about this.

A: a million dollars, i'd be set for life.

M: there are 4 out of the 6 friendship group, you have to be amazed on how crazy that is.

I: for the sake of all of us, we have to make a smart move this week

M: regardless, we are still left.

Ivette is talking about howie and janelle and that she feels janelle is the better player because she is always in the finals for everything.

M: we'll talk about it tonight, we're all getting worked up.

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BB: maggie please go to the diary room.

Ivette, beau and april are talking about janelle and her comment regarding maggie technically winning "HOH" and putting two of there groups up. (ivette talking really nasty about janelle)

all 4 feeds are showing the conversation in the back yard.

April is still freaking out that she won HOH. she's telling beau how she felt like she was just crown miss america.

Feed changes... Howie, james and janelle are in the kitchen talking about the last question about the hockey pucks. They had figured out a special plan and someone from the other team heard that they wanted to do 101 as an answer if that question was ever to come up.

Jan: i really want to go home right now.

James: that's how i felt when sarah went home, it feels better

H: the best was jenny, watching her get it, then go home the next day.lol

Jan: i screwed up, i'm an idiot.

H: you did everything we discussed. you did your job. i failed you

Jan: i hate myself, i hate myself

James: we don't have votes

Jan: we don't have shit

James: we need booze

H: we need drugs.

*james leaves*

H: he's going to know something is up when we don't ask him to play

Jan: we'll tell james that we didn't pick him because we want it for ourselves and we can't risk you "leaving it as is"

H: yeah that's true..

Howie and janelle are talking about the HOH comp again. Howie is telling her that she has a better chance in this game then he does and he would rather go home then see her leave this house.

Janelle is telling howie how rachael was crying during her good bye speech.

J: it's over howie!

J: if we are still here, we have to win it. it's going to be tough.

J: we have to break up that group howie, we have to stay in here. the power will shift. it can very well happen.

Howie and james are hugging in the GR.

Jam: i dont want you to go think about that week

How: it's over, don't worry about it

James: i'm not pissed off, i dont have any hard feelings, it happened, they played better that week

How: lately they've been playing better and better.

J: i wish i would have heard you guys talking about the pucks.

H: we weren't even there to do it anyway

J: i know.

H: i know.. i know bro

H: we where out there going over stuff like that.

*janelle joins the room*

J: maggie has sold out the other HOH's. She should out jen.

J: she doesn't want to make herself a target

Jan: it's sad, after this week there is only going to be two of us left.

jan: none of us are safe.

James: one of us 3 are leaving. if i stay i have to get with maggie.

James: who ever stays has to get HOH three weeks in a row

jan: that's impossible. come on!

Janelle: i feel like we are getting picked off

James: we are getting kicked out. there are so many of them

Janelle: the only way we can stay in the game next week is if, next week they put someone up as a pawn.

James: they wont do that. they will put the last two of us up

Janelle: i know.. i know..

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Howie, Jan, & Iv are still in the BY (feed not on them)

James, B, & M are in the kitchen rehashing what they would have answered for the hockey puck count in the HoH comp. Talking about past HG & their partners & why they were selected.

They are waiting on April to get out of the DR so they can go check out her HoH room & goodies

James, B, & M are talking about really mundane, nothing things just to kill time (this is really boring, I wish April would get out of DR so the scenery will change)

Feeds finally switch to Jan, H, & Iv in the BY

I: I like to think that Beau & I have been playing the same way. I didn

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