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August 24th Live Feed Updates

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Maggie is floored becuase she has just realized that James has to stick with Howie and Janelle to have a chance to win the money. She realizes that it will not be as easy as she thought to get rid of James.

Ivette is playing chess with James, trying to find out stuff from him, but Howie comes out to screw up the convo.

Maggie is talking to Beau about all the situations that James could do to get them out and stay safe. Maggie is upset becuase Ivette is still going out of her way to get James and take him outside. Maggie can't beleive Ivette went and got James just after they had this discussion in the hot tub. Maggie knows Ivette and Beau have better chances with James then her and April, and she dislikes it.

Maggie is upset that she never saw this from the other sides point of view. She is freaking out. Calling herself a fool. She thinks Howie has been playing her for a fool. She knows none of them will knock each other off.

Maggie thinks they should not have talked about how they would not vote for any of the others at the end of the game. She knows it has messed up her plan. She is REALLY mad at herself.

Note- Rachel thought this idea up almost two weeks ago.

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Maggie doesn't want James to know that they friendship knows about this. Then she says that it doesn't really matter.

Maggie thinks James is hurting Ivette. Maggie thinks that Ivette does not see what James is doing to her. THey think he will sacrifice her for Howie or Janelle.

Ivette just beat James in chess and is screaming in the backyard.

Maggie thinks Ivette's relationship with James is not good. She wants to talk to Ivette about it. Maggie does not doubt Ivette's behavior, but James' behavior. Beau thinks it would be a great idea to talk to I about her realtionship with James. Maggie keeps repeating that she does not trust James.

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Maggie and Beau are trying to figure out how to address the James issue with Ivette. Maggie is afraid that Ivette is giving James everything they talk about and that makes Maggie nervous.

Maggie is now talking about how messed up things get in April's head when she tries to talk. Maggie thinks April's head gets tangled up and she can't say what she really wants to, which only confuses the situation.

Maggie says she must talk to Ivette about this tonight. She needs to tell Ivette that she has no chance winning against James if she gets to the final two with him. (Which contradicts what they have been saying all night). They don't care if she thinks they are attacking him or not.

Howie and Janie are working out in the yard and talking about questions that might be asked in the HOH comp. Rachel comes up and they talk about who might be going home.

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James & Ivette playing chess in BY

James is scheming. Ivette saying she just wants to know that she at least trust James & Maggie in this game. (plane flying overhead hard to hear)

Howie comes outside & said Beau had been plucking his back hair. Howie showed J & I his finger (one of his bad ones I think) & was saying something about them having to graft skin from his waistline onto his finger. Howie says he was always zit-free when Jennifer was in the house & something about missing her boobies. Howie (asskisser) is being so friendly to everyone tonite.

Howie goes back in, chess is boring, switching feeds

Beau & Mags in HoH saying the SOV are playing like this is a game (well duh) & that they don

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Maggie is preparing to talk to Ivette because she is so mad right now about the situation and how Ivette is playing the game with James.

Howie is talking about how he is going to go off on everyone if he is voted out this week instead of Rachel. He will confront Ivette as he walks out the door. He says he has been so nice to everyone that he should not be leaving.

Maggie says she hates James. She thinks he is playing a great game, but she thinks he has no feelings towards Ivette and he will just screw her in the end.

Beau left the HOH room and Maggie is now telling April how pissed she is with Ivette ebcause Ivette immediatly went ans ran to James. Maggie keeps expressing that they only have ONE WEEK to get this done. (getting rid of James). Maggie tells April that Beau already knew about the numbers for voting. Maggie just can't believe everyone had figured it out except her.

I'm out...

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Rachel in the HT. James and Howie talking to rachel while Janelle is walking. (sorry, had that wrong.. had to edit..)

Howie is saying he is getting a woodie looking at Rachels boobies.

Howie: "Down boy down"

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Guest Shockalot

Janelle and Howie are still quizzing themselves ala Flashcard style competition.

They are making up possible trivia questions and holding up the picture of the right guest.

LOTS of questions like:

Which Houseguest has the nicest ass?


Which guest was the first to be 'Backdoored'?

Actually most are about favourite colours or who did what in what comp etc etc.

They break from the self-testing and Janelle asks pleading "Ohhh HOwie.. you are gonna be here next week right, right??"

Howie: "I dont know..I will try .. but I think they will take me out"

Janelle breaks... "Oh Howie I dont want you to leave.. you big hunk.. " and she gives Howie a great big hug.

Howie consoles Janelle telling her she can do it on her own anyway, she is more than good enough to win by herself.

Talk turns to James.

Howie says if he is gone he will hope James wins.

They speculate on what James is up to with Beau and Ivette. Howie insists that James can not be doing something so stupid.. He insists James is fucking smart and is here to win.

Now Howie explains he thinks he is leaving. He explains how they have been 'fucking with him' with Beau telling him to streak naked to get his vote.. or April saying to him "You will go see Jennifer in two weeks"

Howie says either they think he is stupid or trying to scare him.

Howie: "Im not gonna go crying out that door or be scared ... not gonna be scared by those Fairies"

"Fuckin Fairies!"

Janelle pipes in and together towards the house "Fucking Fairies.. Fucking Nerdherd!"

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Guest Shockalot

After much speculation about what James is doing.. Janelle and Howie return to the practice questions:

Howie: Which Houseguest through a bottle into the Jensons Yard?

Janelle: Who?

HOwie: Kaysar. That night he through it at Ivette.

Janelle: No no.. he through it at the wall.. it hit the wall.

Howie; Oh. Did it?

Which two guests almost came to blows?

Janelle holds up Eric and Michael (I think?)

J: Times the power of veto has been used in the game and who?

They figure.. 3times.. no, 4. They seem confused. 5 times PoV had NOT been used. Right?

H: Order everyone was evicted?

They figure 7 not counting either Howie or Rachel by the time the HOH.

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9:15 BBT

BB is waking the HG up for the day

James and Rachel in kitchen fixing breakfast and questioning why BB is waking them up so early.

J says it is okay because they sleep all day anyway. He is also telling R about watching UK's BB6 and they had to dress up like chickens and sit on eggs. James sais he would never do that

R said he would. She told him she was going outside

He said he would meet her out there after he got his coffee.

They are both outside now making small talk...

R said that BB told her that she could bring her vitamins as long as the bottles were sealed.

J said he was going to have to beat I ass in chess mercilessly. Yawning

James asking R about packing.

R said it's no big deal

J said after almost going home he feels his has to win this thing.

R said she has to let it go.

J if you stay then you Jan and I have no reason to not take over this game.

R it's not that I don't want to leave, it's right that I leave.

J strategically feels that he needs Rachel.

R I am not a quitter and it is hard to say evict me but he brought me here and I am not going to fight to stay.

J as far as I know, they could be lying about sending you home. They think at the last minute that they have a strategy. The only person that is a waste is April, even though Howie always says it it is the truth. Everyone wants her in the final 3 because she is weak.

James goes inside.

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Ivette called to the DR...

Rachel, Maggie and B are playing cards outside.

H is outside eating.

All talking about blogs and what to say. H asked B to mention him in his. R asked him to be nice said that she mentioned everyone in hers or at least mentioned the pairs.

H said that the pool looked so big with 100 faces in it.

Talking about weather.

M: What was your fave part of the whole game?

H: the whole game, like one event? The pool game was fun as hell even though I lost. There isn't one thing that I can go on so many things have happened. I had a great time on the surfboard.

R: The rectangle and sweet factory.

B: How about hi and dry?

H: It hurt but it was fun. That was fun as hell. It would have been fun to go the entire yard. You were tired but it was so fun.

M: I wanted them to hook us up to at least give us a try.

B: My favorite.. was matching munchies. The hair when you turned around.

M: I laughed so hard at the sweet factory. I wanted a costume. All they gave me was a jacket. The snack shack??

R: It was my favorite set but it was disgusting.

H: It was awful. All I ate for the rest of the day was M&Ms.

B: All I did was puke the pepper pizza and Janelle's puke.

M: There going to think that you'r wooses. Ivette screaming at Sarah.

Feeds switched to April and James in Bathroom...

A: I don't get sick either that often.

J: It's good that you quit smoking.

A: I don't feel different.

J: Imagine running the veto game the other day, you would have died.

A: Have you made breakfast?

J: all the pans are dirty.

A: I need my coffee. I bet Jennifer's having so much fun.

J: She'll be having a lot more fun when someone else gets there. All this petty shit will end.

A: I don't know if you're on the jury they might try to get you to vote a certain way.

J: if they can be swayed at this point they are a freaking idiot. The ones that told the most bullshit are the ones that don't trust anyone. There is no foundation of truth to base anything on. How do I know that you are really April?

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M/B/Ap/B wondering why James gets called to the diary room so frequently right after he gets called there, they say he must either be mean or something is going on that they are unaware of.

R saying she hopes no one leaves mean message in her goodbye tape. she says she wouldn't leave anyone a mean message.

B says he's never eaten an eng. muffin in the house.

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Talking about s3 + James dolls:

H: Little girls all over the country will say they want jedi Janie dolls.

Jan:They will tell there mommies,"Pack your bags bitches."

H talking about the James doll, it can't come out now b/c they don't know how many vetoes he'll win by the end.

J: "Fuck that, I think the trophy case should come separate and I should get residuals."

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Guest BigSis

BBT 4:15 pm

A & R in BY talking about I and how R expects to be evicted. A tells her she thinks she knows who's going but you never know. She is telling R that some "people" get pissed off by "people" for the stupidist reasons and who pisses them off changes every week. Now they are talking about Kaysar's eviction.

Ivette joins them and convo changes. They discuss how something has got to be coming up, (Americas Choice, etc) this week. Ivette is just staring off into space. (I think she is disturbed by A & R sitting together). Apparently the HOH room is locked and I says she is waiting for it to be unlocked so that she can wash clothes. Not much talking now.

HG"s this is a lockdown. Please go outside, etc. etc.

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