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August 24th Live Feed Updates

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Guest BigSis

BBT 4:30 pm

Feeds switch to I & M in BY

M says A has been more upbeat lately.

I What do you think?

M What do you mean?

I There will only be the four of us left.

M It won't be us four though.

I What do you mean?

M If any of us four get it, we will knock of one of those two off. (Jan or Howie)

M says she might have to take a dump

M thinks BB might be putting together a lux comp.

I says she is bored. Says if she stays fine, but if she goes, she won't be disappointed.

M says she just doesn't want to disappoint Eric.

I tells her she hasn't.

Switching feeds.

A,R,B & James at table B & James playing chess. A & R playing cards. I can't see or hear H & Jan.

Not much talking going on.

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Beau got a tag that allowed him to trade in a deck of cards for a prize in the diary room, he got a Barbeque Grill for the rest of the summer, Ivette got a pool volleyball set, James traded in the last set of cards for an orgami set plus got a hackysack, Rachel got a light up braclet and gave it to Janelle, Howie got a key necklace and gave it to Rachel. Maggie got a mood ring, April got 2 more quarters.

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