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August 21st Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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9:28 BB Time

Janie and Howie asked beau for some gummi bears from his HOH basket and he gave them some... they then went downstairs to go work out, Howie said he is the fattest player ever on BB

Beau and Maggie up in HOH bathroom and Beau is asking M what she thinks about certain ppl that need to go. He said that both James and Howie came to him and told him that April already came to them to try to merge with them.

Beau is prancing around like the queen of sheba

m- james needs to say things to make me look bad, but he can't cuz he knows we are a 3some, april is a perfect target...

someone is ringing HOH doorbell

b- who is it?

it's april and Ivette

m- they were so mad that I was up here

a- what were they doing following you around the room

m- they were saying something about HOH and they saw me and they stopped talking

i- go to the hot tub and see if those b***** are scheeming

april is trying to split up everyone in the HOH room to have them go see if the sov are scheeming

i- just go out there and say "I left a towel out there"

everyone still chomping loudly on gummi bears... sounds like cows chewing cud

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It looks like Rachel and Howie are on the block. Janelle will be playing in the veto for Howie. I'm not sure who Rachel will pick. From the conversations I've been hearing from the Sov., apparently James originally thought that he was going to play for veto for Rachel. Then, Rachel said they probably wouldn't pick him. He is now upset and came in the room and told Rachel and Howie and Janelle that they are scheming, and that they are a "conglomeration," and that he is "trying to put together the pieces right now."

Rachel then went into the GR to talk to James (against Howie's advice). She told him that the votes are still going to be the same, and that her team is just going to do what it can, but it won't affect the votes. She tells James it won't affect him one way or the other. He says that one person from their team WILL go home this week, though. She agrees. He says it could be HIM. Rachel says that she is not planning for James to leave, she is planning for her (Rachel) to leave. She says that she knows that the members of her team only have a chance of winning if they go to the end together or with James, and he should remember that. She says that the only way James would go up on the block is if Janelle wins the veto. If Rachel or Howie win, then they will just put up Janelle. He agrees, but still doesn't feel comfortable because HE wanted to play and he feels that since they aren't letting him play veto for them that they are planning for him to leave. She tells him not to worry and he says he will be there in this "thinking room." She says she will come back later and talk and he says he will be there. She leaves him brooding.

Janelle and Howie go to Beau's HOH room and look at his stuff.

Howie: So this is the way the other half lives?!

Howie asks where Beau puked. Beau is half friendly, half snippy. He obviously doesn't want them to stick around, and Janelle eats a few gummy bears and they thank him and leave.

Beau goes in the HOH bathroom and talks to Maggie. Beau says that he doesn't know who to believe, but he has heard from James and Howie that April has already gone over to the other side. Beau says that he heard it from two different people at different times, so he isn't sure. Maggie doubts this info from that source.

Maggie: How many times do we have to hear something from James, and then we believe it now because he is "on our side?"

Beau says he had planned on using James for veto, but asks if he should use James or not? Beau thinks this is a stunt. They saw April eating nachos at the table, so that made it an obvious thing for him to bring up. Beau says that James told him that the other side was going to use him for veto, and then they now say they won't, so James is worried. DR tells Maggie twice to put on her mic. Maggie says that James is trying to make sure he isn't backdoored.

Maggie: He thinks we are going to forget what he did because he is doing things right now to benefit us.

Beau: Right now we want Rachel and Howie gone.

Maggie says that James' strategy is smart but risky, and James thought that Beau wouldn't come and tell Maggie about this. Maggie says that April feels very upset that Maggie voted for Ivette to stay over Jen, and she feels very alone in the game. Maggie says that it would be very risky for April to go to the other side.

Maggie: Did Ivette forget that James it he one who went and told her that Janelle was talking shit when she really wasn't?

Beau: I know. I know.

Maggie says that James thinks he has Beau and Ivette in the game, but other than that he has no one. Maggie says that James can't make Maggie look bad, so April is a perfect target. She says that James knows that Ivette is irritated by April, so he is playing on that.

Maggie: April has not done one thing against you or Ivette. Not one f--ing thing.

Ivette come into HOH. So does April.

Beau talks about how Howie and Janelle were walking around his room talking, and then they saw Maggie and left. Maggie says this, also.

April starts talking about the order she thinks people should take turns with the shower, and how they should go in pairs in the backyard and play cards, etc. Maggie asks why? April: Cause they're out there!

In the HOH bathroom, Ivette is constantly defending James, blaming this April rumor on the "other side." Beau says that it would piss him off if James is lying to him about this to protect himself, and it would cause him to not use James in the veto. Maggie asks Ivette why James waited until Maggie came upstairs before he told this to Ivette? Ivette says that James doesn't feel that the others will talk to him. April says that she personally feels that James is lying. She tells how James came to her last week and told a rumor that he knew that Kaysar was staying.

Ivette talks about one of the girls on the other side asking to play chess, and she knew it was something dirty.

Maggie: If you guys see me ask someone to play chess, you can speculate that I'm doing something dirty, because I haven't played chess in here.

April says that she went into the kitchen to see if Rachel and Janelle would talk to her about strategy, but they didn't. Maggie says that is f--ing brilliant--the other side is trying to MAKE IT LOOK like they are strategizing or making deals, when in reality, they are just talking about regular stuff! Maggie and Ivette go on about how brilliant the other side is to be this devious. Maggie: Because they KNOW how we speculate!

April: Let me tell you something else. This is getting way too far, and I don't know if it should be talked about....mmmmm no, it shouldn't be talked about, because it is too far for speculation.

Ivette immediately says that if it isn't something that they can control, they shouldn't talk about it.


Ivette goes to calm down James in the GR. He tells her that Rachel hurried in there and told him that "they have to save themselves," and that is why they are not picking him for veto. Ivette says that she told him last week that he was safe, and he was. He told her yesterday that she was safe, and she was. Now she is telling him again that he is safe, and he is. Even if Beau doesn't pick James, he is SAFE. Ivette promises him. He says that if he gets picked by Beau, he will win it and not use it, but he wants to shove it in "their faces." He says if Janelle gets the veto, saves Howie and then he gets backdoored, he wants Ivette to take out April next week. Ivette keeps calming him, saying he talks too much when he is upset. Maggie interrupts by knocking quickly and opening the door. Maggie: POPCORN?

They say they don't want any (looking like they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar).

James to Ivette after Maggie leaves: OK, I'm going to put my faith in you.

Ivette tells James that Maggie sent Jennifer home, she respects Ivette and trusts her, so James needs to trust and believe Ivette. She says she will never stop campaigning for James.

James: I heard what I heard.

Ivette says she knows, but the other side is "corning April, but not talking about strategy" and making them question her and question James, because the other side is "running out of resources."

Ivette says that it is hard for her to campaign for James, because her side sometimes questions her when she stands up for him, and they might put too many pieces together.

Ivette says that when Rachel talks to him about a backdoor that James should just say that he has learned that in this game he should expect anything.

James says he should say that every time he tries to trust Rachel, he gets screwed over.

Ivette leaves and James is alone and talks to himself:

James: If I survive, somehow, someway, it is going to be insane! See the things you make me do, Sarah?

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Guest BigSis

BBT: 10:00 pm

Howie,Jan,Rachel in BY discussing what their plans are with the Veto.

Rachel says this has been the best summer of her life and she's really not worried about it if she has to leave. She would take H off the block if she wins the veto. H says if he leaves he will leave happy because of what the accomplished this week.

H There is no rule saying that if one of us win this week, that we can't evict M next week. One of them are gone.

R I would love to put M and B up because it would tear up I.

H If we can't win this game, lets at least make sure that couple doesn't win it.

They all go inside, J & H to work out, R to change into her bathing suit for hot tub.

R stops in Kitchen to talk to M about her knee and take med for it.

M When we compete tomorrow, you should prob ask for a wrap.

R Oh, no, its totally healed its been 9 months.

M Well, it takes a year for those things to really heal. I would ice it and elevate it tonight.

Now M,R,A talking about popcorn.

A & M talking about James starting rumor that A has joined the SOV. A says that he totally made that up.

R back in the room so their convo stops.

Switching feed to GR where I & J is talking.

I telling J that R is a bigger threat than H.

J Tell B to pick me for veto.

I I know, everyone you work up a sweat and now I have to settle everybody down. (They give each other a hug) Trust me, just relax.

J (after I walks out and to himself) I hate this game, if I survive somehow, some way, it is going to be insane. The things you make me do Sarah.

Swithing feed to HOH rm.

I,A,B talking about veto and who will play.

I telling them that she told James to say things like H brought you, etc. and if they try telling him that they are going to backdoor him not to believe it.

A But let him do what he wants it is better for us to get rid of James. He also Ivette knows that you and I wasn't on speaking terms last week. James played this game hard core for six weeks, so don't be surprised.

I The only people I trust in this game are you three. I don't trust any of them.

A Don't give him any advise, let him fxxx himself.

M I is a mother, she does that.

A Im not saying, I understand that but when he tells you stories,,,

I But I need to keep him like that because if he gets HOH next week, we need to buy another week.

A Let me also tell you one thing. I know we are here as a team and we will stay as a team. How do I say this, me personally, it takes all of us to make a decision. R will go this week, there is a poss that I will put James up next week if I get HOH. He would take you and B to the final. I would want to get rid of James because I don't want it to cause problems with us because you would be safe.

I But we are telling you that as an overall picture, it wouldn't even be safe for you to put up James next week, if you want to backdoor him that fine but you could buy yourself another week.

A I know, but I don't want to keep him around.

I None of us do. But we have already said that Jan luck is dangerous in this game.

M.A,B,I now preparing to play cards.

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10 p.m.

All sheep in the HOH.

Ivette is standing while the others lie on the bed. She is telling them all passionately what she was telling James, that he needs to stay calm and not get upset if the other side talks about backdooring him, because they won't. April says that is reassuring James and carrying him along with them, though, so why not just let James rave and make it hard on himself? Ivette continues to talk about how she kept reassuring James, telling him that the other side is evil and that they don't believe the other side. April again says that they need to just let James mouth off and not calm him down.

Maggie (silent until now) says that Ivette is a Mother figure, but April is onto James.

April says that James knows that April and Ivette were not on speaking terms a couple of weeks ago, and he will use that against her.

Ivette now changes her tactics and says she isn't doing this for herself--she is doing it for their TEAM! She says the more she talks to James about the other side's "demonic" side, if James gets HOH he will go after the other side and they will be safe.

April says she doesn't want them to take this wrong, but eventually, if Rachel goes this week (they are planning to evict Rachel if she doesn't get veto), then next week she would like to put up James if she (April) got HOH. April says that she understands that Ivette feels safe with James, but that only benefits Ivette, not all of them. Ivette keeps arguing that James benefits all of them. She is upset that April said she would put up James next week possibly. Ivette gets upset and April tells Ivette not to roll her eyes at her like that! Ivette says "I couldn't do that" when April talks about voting against James.

Beau: What do you MEAN?

Beau then changes the meaning to say that they couldn't put James up at FIRST--they would need to backdoor James or he will win veto.

Maggie says that they are all talking about different weeks, and April takes that out and says that she guesses that's why they aren't on the same page. The James talk stops.

April says that if she was HOH, she would just say, "Hey, guys, whoever I put up it is strategic. Peace out."

Outside at 10:19

Howie and Rachel.

Talk is about the Jennifer eviction.

Howie: She was hit by lightning this week.

Rachel: BLONDE lightning!

Howie: The blonde had more fun this week!

Howie talks about how Jennifer only wanted face time on the show, but she would have done a lot better in that sense if she had not broken her promise, because she would have gotten a lot more face time the farther she got in the game. But instead, she had her moment and is gone now. Rachel says she was devastated.

Talk about veto. Howie says that he would love to see Janelle win the veto, save him (apparently Rachel has agreed that Howie could be the one saved) and then Janelle is safe, and the other side would have to put up James--there would be no one left to put up. Rachel says that would be great.

Howie says that he thinks that Janelle is maybe a better player than James. They talk about whether they can split the money or not.

Howie says that they could lie and offer someone on the other team 100,000 dollars if they help them. He says that people lie on their dogs, family, and the Bible, and that is allowed. So even if they know they can't split the money, they could still lie about it! Rachel says they will have to see further down the road.

In the HOH, the sheep are playing cards and being as exciting as watching grass grow.

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11:11 BBT

House Guests are excited because their fish "Bubba" is alive! They thought he was dead!

Everyone except Maggie and Beau are downstairs looking at the tank. They all seem really happy!

Now they are sharing funny stores about the fish!

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Rachel talking to James in the GR. She is reassuring him that she is gonna have fun before she leaves and they are not out to get him. He realizes her over reacted.

She says she is not a poor sport, nor an overzealous winner, like some people she knows. He reply's "Yeah, like your husband?" (whhhhhat?)

Janelle and Howie in the BY going over veto comps, food comps and past HOH's. They are preparing themselves for veto and HOH.

Janelle tells Howie how bad she thinks it will be physical and thats why she doesnt want James to play. She says how she wants to win veto so bad to take Howie off the block.

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Guest Shockalot

James, Howie and Rachel (Janelle?) chatting with each other about game and what went wrong with Kaysar - Various comments about Kaysars but in a friendly way.

James: "Kaysar was a smart guy.. but his arrogance got the better of him"

Rachel: "He was gloating.. He was a gloater."

Howie: "I admired his knowledge but not his wisdom"

James "He not only let on. he gave everything right away."




Continued talk about past guests etc.

Janelle recalls how people were onto her and Ashlea when she would say things to Ashlea like "Shut up' and they thought it odd she would talk to a stranger that way.

Also when they overheard Janelle knowing about Ashleas dress size.

They talk about how Beau and Ivette were caught agreeing with each other that 'They should have brought drums".

Later they denied it all.

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Guest Shockalot

James and Janelle are chatting.

James mentions how they spent the first month trying to evict him. He also mentions how 'in a way' he is glad Sarah is not there anymore.

He misses her and so does Janelle.

James "I need, I need, I need.. to get Maggie out next weak.. I have to. I want to there to be tears after the Nom Ceremony.. she needs to be gone"

Janelle "I cant believe this has happened.. I cant believe it came down to this.."

James "Well the good side. .this is just a game. Nobody is really dying here.. we have fun and make money..not much but.. hehe."

Janelle "I got a Plasma.. How much do you think that is worth?"

James thinks maybe Three Grand or more.

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Guest Shockalot

James is saying he doesn't want to be in sequester because it means the game is over.. but you lost.

Then he and Janelle joke about what will happen if they are both in there.. and the looks on the others faces when they see them there.

They laugh and joke about giving them the finger etc.

James is more serious now:

He figures they need a two week spurt of wins.

Maggie has to go first.

They both agree that Ivette is probably a bigger threat than Beau.

James says (seriously) "Maybe Im just being Chauvinists but I think of Beau as a Man"

Janelle is on the fence.. she says Beau or Ivette is a toss up.

James reminds her Maggie must go first.

Janelle starts laughing about how creeped out she was at Maggies 'Shrine' with Eric items in her room. "Its like a ferking shrine.. I just wanted to get out of there"

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Guest Shockalot

James has gone to bed and sleeping.

Janelle and Howie are now that only ones up (that i can see) and are down in the bathroom area.

They are both coaching and testing each other on trivia for what might be an upcoming competition.

"How many boxes.. what were in the boxes.. "

Howie: "First box.. flies.. flies.. 3,000K.. flies.. Ivette=Black=Bush, because she is a carpetmuncher.. plasma tv.. flies..flies.. how many boxes.. 8 boxes..."

"Hey Janelle.. I love being in a room with 8 boxes. Get it?"

Janelle: "Dork".

Howie back to thinkin: "purple box.. flies.. 8 boxes.."

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Guest Shockalot

Howie went to bed and Janelle stayed up to stand at the picture wall and reflect.

3:00 BBT and everyone has gone to sleep.

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