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August 19th Live Feed Updates


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Ivette: Janelle went out of control when she won.

Maggie: Yeah, she showed her true colors. They say people show their true colors when they win.

GR at 9:50 p.m.

April talking to James.

April says she had to put in her f--ing two cents. She says that the other side looked like fools when they won.

April says she confronted Howie and said that he shouldn't use her husband and dog against her, and he couldn't even talk to her about it, and he walked away because he couldn't face her.

James says he tried to calm Howie down, and he thinks that Rachel understands.

April says that she doesn't even want Rachel to lay down next to her. She says that she makes the room stink, and she wonders if Rachel thinks they actually like her? She says she can't stand her.

April says that she wishes they would let them play the POV because she may need to pack tomorrow and will only have two hours.

April: Howie always said that he would think strategically, but..I don't know. I don't care. I could care less.

James: Yeah, you don't care about going home.

April: I'm going to sequester. But the more they piss me off the more I want to whip their f--ing asses.

April: If Maggie wins and takes herself off, this is a worst case scenario, all of them are worst, but if Maggie does then they will put me up because we're a couple, right?

James agrees.

April asks, since she doesn't care about the money, should she volunteer to go? She says they will (the other team) definitely vote out Jen.

April says that the good thing is that James will be sleeping in the GR by himself.

April: The bottom line is, I didn't want you to take it personal. I mean, I like you, but you start thinking which is, you know?

James; It's all part of the game.

April: At least we didn't do it behind your back.

James: Not anymore.

April leaves.

James starts looking through all of the drawers in the GR.

F3/4 10 p.m.

Big bedroom with Jennifer packing.

Maggie is packing, asks if she needs one outfit, and they say she will need it if she is leaving. She says she won't need it as much as she would if she was staying.

April: Do you all realize that we are sitting here watching you guys pack, and we could be leaving the next day?

Maggie says that is totally true, anyone could go.

April says it is 4-2 in the competition so they have better odds to win.

Ivette says they got rid of a lot of people.

April says that she told Howie that he wasn't winning the money. Ivette asks why she talked to him? April says no, they were talking pretty good, but then she had to put in her 2 cents.

Maggie passes out clothes to Ivette (who says she will give it to her Grandma--seriously), April and Beau. April says that it won't work on Beau, and Maggie says that a lot of the clothes Beau wears are womens clothes.

April is saying that the math was too quick for her with the last question on the comp. Beau agrees.

April says that no matter who goes tomorrow, she will be okay if she goes the next week, because "one of her people" will be there.

April: You'll have plenty of time tomorrow--you don't need to pack everything, guys. The odds are-----you know.

Ivette: What?

April says it is 4-2 and odds are they will win veto, and if they put her up, she will tell them to vote her off.

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Jennifer talking to April saying if the noms stay the way they are now - she is pretty sure that Beau and Ivette will vote to evict Maggie. That its only fair because the 2 remaining couples on their side should be the ones to stay.

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10:15 p.m. BB time

Jennifer says she wishes she was going home. She says she doesn't trust anyone in the house or in the walls of the house. She says that she was told that she would be able to call home and tell them she got to LA okay, and to tie up loose ends, but when she got there and asked to call they said THEY would call for her.

Talk between Ivette, Maggie, April and Jennifer. Ivette is second guessing every question on the HOH comp. Jen: No point in looking back.

April says she was figuring 20 bulbs per letter, but a little more than that. April says that Janelle got "pretty f--ing close."

James is in the room now. April says it sucks that he got out on the question about Sarah.

They think they will be on lockdown all night long.

Jen says that they think that since they've had so many mental challenges that it will be physical. They wonder why Janelle picked Howie last time instead of Rachel for a physical comp.

April: Tomorrow, I'm excited. What do we have to lose?

Jen says that she is almost wanting to leave at this point, but she thinks Maggie wants to stay now. Jen starts counting the votes, and says that Ivette has been telling her how she thinks the votes will go. Jen says it will be weird if Maggie gets POV and takes herself off the block.

Jen: It's only fair to let the two pairs who are left continue! They asked me in the DR, "So, would YOU give up $500,000?" I said if it was for one of my friends and they needed the money, I really think I would.

Beau comes in and April screeches that he is taking her blanket.

James and Ivette and Maggie come in the room. They have realized that the comforter is gone.

Ivette: The thing is, it's not fair, though, James. This is a luxury bed.

April says she will help him put a sleeping bag on the bed.

James: I hope I get HOH.

April: I hope you do, too, James.

James: Fair can eat a dick.

Ivette: what?

James: Fair can eat a dick. I'll tell you all about fair.

They put the sleeping bag on the GR bed.

April gripes about Janelle having too many blankets.

Rachel is in the GR with them. They are talking about food.

Ivette says that BB spends too much money on wrong things. For instance, Maggie is the only one who eats tofu, so they should only buy one of them.

Ivette tells Beau he can take the GR clock. Rachel says she gets up early and needs it, and she will put the clock out there for them after she gets up. Ivette and James whisper about why does she need it? Rachel says out loud "Because I get out early and I need it." She says again she will put it out in the other room when she wakes up. Ivette asks if Howie is upstairs sleeping with Janelle? Rachel says yes.

They hear a lot of drilling outside.

James says that BB can be evil with their choice of wakeup songs.

He brings up the song that they played when Howie put James on the block.

They have played the Empire Strikes Back and an Eminem song.

Ivette says she wants to wake up pretty early tomorrow.

Rachel continues to sit in the GR and is going to sleep in there!

April brings up revenge. Jennifer says she isn't playing for revenge. She says she is getting greedy, now. She made it this far, so why not win? Then she changes this to saying that she actually just always wants one more week, because you have one more luxury comp. and more experiences, and she is there for the experience. April says that it could be "Us four girls!" to Ivette. (April, Ivette and Jen are in the WC area). April asks Ivette if Maggie is asking her to use the veto on her? Ivette says that there is no right answer to the situation they are in. Jen says that if they loved "their beloved Kaysar" so much, why are they mad at her? Shouldn't they be mad at Rachel for taking herself off the block? They were greedy with the POV, she says.

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April and Jenn squatting down between the chairs in the family room whispering. I annpt pick up anyhing they are saying except for a couple of words here and there

BB Janelle Please come to the diary room

Jan walked by the girls and said ''''weeeeeelllll if it isn't the bitches.

j&A still hiding behing the couch and talking stratagey...

Talking about Maggie and Beau and the scenerio if Maggie takes herserf off.... April kinds liooks like the Grince Who Stole Christmas

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10:38 p.m.

Rachel talks briefly with James while she is alone with him. She tells him that she kind of wants to take out Jennifer now and let him take out Maggie, but she isn't the one who decides. She says that if James gets HOH tomorrow, she really hopes he won't put one of them on the block. She says that she really believes that they (her side and James) need each other to have even a chance of winning. He says that if you are looking at the numbers, that is the only way to go. She says she isn't playing games with him. She says that when the other side come in there and kiss him goodnight, etc. it makes her sick, because she knows that they hate him! She says that she was pissed at him last week, but never hated him, and none of her side ever said that they hated him personally, but the other side did. James says he can't even believe he is there.

James: You guys know I have a temper. It is one thing to vent amongst friends and vent in the DR, but it is one thing to vent amongst friends, but that display today, I don't understand.

Rachel says that Howie acted like a gorilla, she was trying to calm him down, and she doesn't understand it either and can't control Howie.

James says he pulled him away from April once and has tried to calm him down.

James: And the whole "force is with you" thing, and Jedi Janie?

Rachel: He was excited. I understand that. You can be excited and be happy for yourself. But there are other people in this house. I apologize for him as much as I can. I don't want people to think I condone it because I don't, but....

James: But you guys aren't married? I don't have anything to worry about? (I assume because they are sleeping in the same room alone)

Rachel: We are not married. I would never. I would not.

April and Jen are behind the green chairs in the LR, hiding. They are whispering. Jen brings up Maggie's face when she said that they should choose Jen or Ivette to stay if the choice was there, as they were the ones who auditioned. They are talking about how Ivette will play for Maggie and then if she wins, they will probably put up April. April says she doesn't care. Jennifer says that she never wanted to go any further than sequester, but now that she is here she feels greedy. Jen says they could want to get rid of Ivette because she is irritating and annoying. They are trying to figure out who the other side could put up. They don't feel Beau has done enough to cause them to put him up. April asks Jen if she will fight for the veto, and she says yes. April asks if she does that, would she take herself off?? (Her eyes are HUGE right now).

Jen: I wouldn't if we were all in agreeance, but apparently we aren't, because Maggie is saying she is going to take herself off now.

Jen says they didn't get rid of James last week, and they knew there would be repercussions. (Maggie had said before that if she was at the end with a couple, she would let them have it and take herself out).

11 p.m.

April tells Jen how she brought it up to James and Ivette about how they could have kept Kaysar and had a more peaceful week.

Jen: That's why she feels so f---ing guilty right now!

Jen says "she" has been distancing herself from all of the group's decisions, even though she was the one who brought it up!! Jen sounds angry about this.

Jen says "she" is already playing the cards like she is going to win the game. Jen says Ivette is starting to turn against Jen, and she is thinking, "What is going on here?" April says talk to Maggie, but not to tell "her." (Ivette, I think)

Jen says she is definitely going to bust her about it.

Ivette called to DR

April: Should we get her??

Jen feels that Ivette is working both sides.

Jen says that she and Maggie would have still been up on the block even if she hadn't taken out Kaysar.

Jen says that this is why Kaysar didn't give her a second name when she asked who she should put up with Maggie when they were in the box!

Someone talks to them and they get up.

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April was telling Jennifer about a conversation she had with Maggie and James earlier. According to April, Maggie told James it was Jen's idea to change the plan to backdoor James and put up Kaysar instead. Jen is mad as Hell and wants to confront her.

Ivette on her way to the DR spotted April and Jennifer hiding behind the couch scheming. They decide it's time to move.


James, Howie, Janey and Rachel talking about the changed answer on Janey's card for the HoH comp. Howie reassures her that if the producers, lawyers, crew, etc. have cleared the HoH win then she should stop worrying about it.

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11 p.m. GR

Howie, Rachel, James and Janelle. Janelle is talking about someone bringing up the 300 she wrote first, and saying she cheated. (Not sure which houseguest). She asks if they think that? Howie and Rachel say no, and James is quiet. Janelle says that she didn't even know she had accidentally shown the 300 side, upside down or not. Howie says that the 275 was her final answer, and it was no different than if they were doing the cubes and she moved it and then gave her final answer. He says that CBS and their attorneys told her that she was in the right and that she gave her final answer, so it was fine.

Rachel says that she has nothing against James. She says what Jennifer did...James says "It's part of the game." She says it is, but they all came in the room begging them to take out James. She says they do that and then turn on them. He says it was good strategy, though. They agree that Maggie plays for herself and Eric, and no one else.

They leave, and James and Rachel talk.

James says that Maggie is unbreakable. Rachel says she knows. James still thinks she is a policewoman, and when Rachel sees the tapes she will understand why he thinks she is. Rachel says it is possible.

James says that he wants "those two groups" (two groups within the sheep) to stop trusting each other. He says that Maggie was the one "who led the little group in here." Rachel says she knows.

James: It's like she has a moral high ground over everybody else, and that everything they do is right. It's bullshit!

Rachel says she doesn't dislike anybody in the game. She says what they have done isn't against any rules.

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Janelle and Howie are standing in the HOH room, talking.

Howie says that he was upset before, but he can see how they can feel that all bets were off because they discussed taking out Ivette the week before. Janelle says yes, but that had nothing to do with Kaysar! He agrees. Janelle says that the other side was just afraid of Kaysar.

Howie talks about how April tried to tell him off downstairs and claimed he was threatening her family. She told him he could just evict her. He told her that he would never evict her from the game because she is horrible!

They talk about how Janelle thought that she never showed the 300.

Howie: Those people can cry all they want. And you know what, I don't care if it is by a technicality. You won.

Janelle says she has seen them on other seasons when they have marked out a number and written a second one. Howie says that her official, final answer won, and she won the game fair and square. Janelle says that she can't believe they would accuse her of cheating. Howie says that they have no room to talk! He says that when he was HOH, they were supposed to choose one hand in the box, and both Ivette and James kept switching hands. He says they switched several times and BB didn't do anything about it!

Janelle: I want to take a bath. I'll put on my bikini and take a bath. I might not have this room again.

Howie says he will try to get it for next time.

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The sheep are all sitting on one bed in the big bedroom.

April asks Ivette why she went "up there?" Ivette says so that she could look at the picture. She says Janelle only got one picture.

Ivette says Janelle pulled that win out of her ass today.

Maggie says that "SHE HAD HELP pulling it out of her ass." She repeats this.

Ivette says that the other group is going to try to pull them apart. Maggie says that they just have to be sure that they don't allow that, and that they don't misunderstand each other.

Maggie isn't happy that Rachel is in the GR with James.

Jenny brings up to Ivette that Ivette supposedly told James that Jen was the one who came up with the idea of taking out Kaysar.

Ivette angrily says "I DIDN"T SAY THAT! I didn't SAY that!"

Maggie asks how Jen and April even know that "she" even heard that Ivette supposedly said that?

April: It doesn't matter.

(In other words, why was April talking to the other side--April says it doesn't matter how she knows)

Jen says that sometimes she feels like if you approach someone with a concern, that person jumps to the conclusion that you are trying to fight. Beau says that isn't so.

Jen says that they approached Ivette about her relationship with James, and she got very defensive, so you can't win whichever way you go!

Jen says that it's not really any longer that they can count on picking the other group off any longer--they are going to have to start picking each other off.

Jennifer: I admitted it!!

April agrees and says that she will be playing for Jen, and Ivette will be playing for Maggie.

Jen says that they need to admit that they are all playing for themselves.

Maggie says she doesn't want it to be like, you bring up what someone said 10 weeks ago. She says if someone beats her tomorrow, she will say, "Good job!"

Jen: I also think, though, that if you are going to play that way, we have to watch what we say. Obviously, she (Ivette) said that I came up with the James plan and James was in the room. So what if James thinks that?

Ivette: James said strategically it didn't matter.

Jen: I didn't hear that.

Jen: I'm just saying that like now, we have no choice, because Maggie and I are up. It's strategic to think, which is best to go.

Jen says that strategically, you want to save your own ass.

Jen: When it's like the other team against us, we can all go and save Maggie's ass. But when it is us, then we have to fight for our partners.

Howie walks by. Someone said "Hi, Howie." April asks why Ivette didn't talk to him--she talks to him all of the time!

Ivette gets mad and says she does NOT!

Maggie says that this is what the other team is doing to them.

Beau: Yeah. They want you to be pissed at her, and me to be pissed at her.

Maggie says that they know they can get at each person a certain way.

April says that she will go up, and they can just have her go home.

Beau says that they don't have the choice, anyway.

Jen: They aren't gonna pick James. They have them by the balls, they think.

Ivette is irritated that the other side is comfortable.

Beau: They're allowed to be comfortable! We're going to be comfortable tomorrow!

Maggie says that they were comfortable last week, too.

Maggie says that the other side is trying to make them fall apart, and she truly feels they are giving the other side happiness. She says that the people in their group can't misconstrue or reconstruct things that happen.

Maggie says that the other side will do everything they can to make sure that they don't vote for each other. They will try to make them hate each other. Maggie says they will try to make them hate Maggie. April says she would never hate Maggie.

April: They are going to put me up. I'm not dumb.

April: If her and I really wanted Ivette off, Ivette would not be here.

Maggie says that all the other side is doing is breeding off negative stuff.

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Ivette brings up that Rachel told them she didn't condone Howie's behavior, but there was nothing to do. Then she told them that she knew they didn't want her in the big bedroom, so she would sleep in the GR.

April: I didn't TELL her that. I just said it would be nice if she didn't sleep here.

(big pause)

Maggie: They are going to do everything they can do to try to make themselves look good.

Jennifer brings up when Ivette was playing chess with James, and Ivette turned to Jen and said, "You're so brave, Jenny!" and that made her feel that Ivette was indicating that it was all Jen's idea to take out Kaysar. She says that she knows Ivette didn't mean that, though.

Maggie is paranoid and says that she is afraid they might hear a few words they are saying.

Jen says that when you are HOH, you have a target on your back every time the next week, and that is just the way it is.

Ivette says that it makes strategic sense to take out a pair. Maggie says that is not what they did--they took out Kaysar and he wasn't a pair.

Jen asks why, when it was a close decision between taking out Kaysar and James, wouldn't they just go ahead and take out James next?

Ivette argues that it isn't the best idea to take out James.

Jen: We could put up Howie and Rachel, Rachel will probably win veto and we can backdoor James.

They talk about why Rachel let go of the button in the box. They think she could have held on longer.

Maggie brings up Janelle (a long time ago) bringing up the fact that some people voted for Eric instead of Maggie, and that Janelle tried to start a fight to make them worry about whether Maggie was mad about that.

They are talking about how the other side "concocts stories."

April talks about how the other side felt that Ivette was obsessed about Eric. April says they told her that Ivette put her key in Eric's slot, etc. and they felt she was obsessed about him. April says she could go on and on with stories they told about that.

Maggie talks about how everyone in the house has lied, and is guilty of hypocrisy. They don't like it that Janelle says she hasn't lied. They say she lies about her extensions. Janelle bashing session progressing now.

And now a Rachel bashing session. April says in the DR she calls Rachel "Smelly Nelly" and that she stinks, has her period and is dirty and stinks, etc.

They are enjoying their last night as a fivesome while making their personal attacks against Howie, Janelle and Rachel (which they say they never make!) That's it for me tonight as I am tired of listening to them.

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The friendship were saying that Howie stoled Jens thongs.

Theres alot of Janelle bashing. They can't believe Jan said give me the key you fucking bitch. And pack your bag bitches. April is all worried about being put up again. April is telling Jen that she will go home if its her and Jen on the block. April and Jen whispering cant make out what they are saying. Maggie comes over and hits them on the head.

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Howie talking to Janelle about if Maggie gets veto they will put up Beau. To get out jen. If Jen wins they will vote Maggie out.

H & Jan talking about James not bing sad anymore. Because he's still here. Still not trusting James but say he is better off the H,J, and Rachel.

Janelle listening to her music. Howies goes to the bathroom.

Goodnight for now.

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Howie and Janey in bed in the HoH BR. They are talking strategy and who they should nominate if Jen or Maggie gets vetoed. Janey is leaning towards Ivette "...just to watch her squirm." They both laugh.

Main Bedroom

Jen and April in bed whispering. April is saying "I need to be the one to win it." - referring to the PoV. Jen wants to focus on making sure Janey and her partner (probably Rachel) don't win PoV. They're holding out hope that maybe Janey would nominate James if Jen comes off the block. April continues to procrastinate. First she doesn't want to stay and doesn't care about the money. In the next breath she wonders if she can win the PoV and keep Jen and her both safe this week. They hear someone in the kitchen and their conversation ends abruptly.


Howie and Janey having a late night snack. They're still laughing about the bad sportsmanship shown by jen when she tossed the key.

Janey: "She's such a snot."

Howie (laughs): "That was awesome. That's great TV."

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Janey and Howie are eating. Well, Howie is doing most of the eating. They both stare and reminisce at the Memory Wall photos. Howie doesn't like his picture.

Howie: "Do you ever stop and think where you are? Like, 'Whoa, I'm in the BB6 house?'"

Janey: "Yeah."

Howie decides he needs toast. Janey heads up to the HoH BR.

Main Bedroom

April and Jen have finally stopped pretending to be asleep (I think) and look to have dozed off.

Nothing else other than sleep is probably going to happen tonight. I'm out.

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Howie n Janie in HOH room

h- no more leaks about what we are doing. No more we need james vote lets just play the game.... my shoulder is killing me

rach done w/ her shower

jan- i'm so cold

j- can u turn the heat up

h- i couldn't sleep

j- 68 what is wrong w/ u?

h- i couldn't sleep

j- damn

h- eat the strawberries, there are good vit in there

h- well u have hoh for a week if it changes, they cannot expect you to cram all that food in your face in two days

h says something about a f****** B******

h- maybe they went to commercial break or maybe julie was talking and they toned it down, they had to see it, prime time tv... (howie recanting events)

h- u want a couple eggs? some fruit? wanna kick some ass? YAWN

h is picking his toes

h- now that we know that they are horrid liars, we knew something was up and they were liars, we knew 2 weeks ago that they were f****** liars

j- i am f**** cold

h- i'm sorry janie

jan- heads downstairs

r- is howie up?

j- he had raisin bran

r- he should have eggs but that is kewl

janie looking at HG wall

r- g'morning howie

h- whats up?

r- nuttin really

b and a awake...

i- where we put our lil blocks?

b- same diofference, like jenga... potato potata

I cant understand them between all the yawns

a- did you make bfast? coffee?

m- yeah

a- thanks

m- i am gonna start bfast now

m- i had nightmares last night

m- i thought u were sleeping w/ her?

a- i was but i wanted to stretch

a- howie stayed up there right?

b- uh hu

whispering that i cannot understand

a- she has 1 picture he he he

a- america will see us...

a- she will be humiliated outside this house

m- i'll start eggs jenn u want some

i - no pancakes

b- are we over pancakes?

i- yes!

a- u almost kissed her on the lips

a- engine engine #9...

m- one of us gets to go today

m- eat good stuff

m- are u excited?

a- i'm not sad, why should i be?

m- that s*** doesn't fit in my bag

a- is that not insane? one of us are going tonight...

m-= that is crazy, they day has finally come, good or bad the day has finally come...

m- they will tell us what to pack

i- good morning girls

jenn is up

lotsa yawning

m&i in pantry... says something bout f*** you too and then my feeds went notso


b- lucky charm,s would be fabulous

j- i'm cold

b- want to get me the bacon?

m- i'm gonna do fried

b- fried eggs?

b- don't u mean scrambled?

just general kitchen chatter

jenn and ivette in Bathroom at sinks...

someone is being hella loud in the kitchen and someone says "God Girl!"

i now in kitchen

i- i wanted wheat bread... beau

jenn still in bathroom

i- i was saying we will barely have time to digest it

b- u want white bread?

a- yeah I am gonna want mine like that

i- beau break my yolk, i don't want it soft, i don't want it runny... yuck, yuck and more youck

b- ok

i - ooooh coffee...

jenn in loo pacing back n forth brushing teeth

I have not seen James yet

general chatter in the kicthen...

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H & Jan talking about how they have to win back to back HOH on double eviction week. H tells Jan to keep her plans a secret.

H is stretching in case anything is physical.

Jan wondering if America heard her say, "Pack your bags, you f'in bitches."

HG's cooking/eating in the kitchen.

James is up too now.

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James is up. (Camera zooms in on him)

James: Relentless.... relentless (takes Sarah's scarf and took a wif)

James is making the bed. Rachel walks in. They make small talk.

Rachel: Can you make my bed?

James: Oh sure..

James makes Rachel's bed and heads outside. Meanwhile, Maggie and the rest are eating breakfast in the dining table. Rachel is in the bathroom area. James is as well.

Rachel: Another day of not competing.

James: It's kind of scary..

BB: Attention Houseguests, the Veto competition will begin in 60 minutes.

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