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August 19th Live Feed Updates


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Guest supatah


The nerd herd refused to see Janelle's HOH room. James, Howie and Rachel only went up.

Ivette told James that the nominations were a blessing in disguise for her - so that she wouldn't have to put one of them up. she said that if she doesn't vote out jennifer - then I leave a pair in the house. James tells her to vote out maggie because the other side will go after Jennifer next - keeping her in the game longer - James said "you are way under the radar Ivette".

Later - Jen and April talked and they both said that Ivette is getting scared and will save Maggie if she gets POV. They say Ivette is still a threat. She's got the james thing - Jennifer said she doesn't trust Maggie now etiher. They both said they will fight like hell to get the veto.

James is trying to convince Rachel to vote out maggie.

Janelle taking a bubble bath.

Later - nerd herd is talking strategy - playing cards. Jennifer is telling Maggie that she isnt the one that came up with the Kaysar thing. She is pawning the idea of taking Kaysar out on her group. April said that she NEVER would have taken kaysar out - but she went with the group. They all say - that none the less - they are all still a group. Jennifer said, strategically who would be the best person to stay? Maggie said - I guess strategically it would be me to leave because of the pair thing. (jen likes that idea, obviously). Jen said that whoever gets HOH has a target on their back. Ivette says well that's not true - if we win HOH, janelle isn't our target next week, we need to split the pair. Jen says well we took out kaysar - why wouldn't james be next? It was such a close call? (she says it to Ivette) ivette doesn't want James now... she wants RACHEL.

Ivette turns the convo about Howie and says how uncoordinated he is - he can't win HOH. They say Rachel is anal and will probably win VETO if they put her up. Jen and april tell Ivette that Janelle said they were saying that Ivette is psychotic about Eric. April keeps saying it to Ivette that they think she's obsessed and crazy and weird about eric.


Maggie whispers under her breath: "Howie is such a snake - they breed off of negativaty."

April said something to ivette about Ivette never stands up to Howie

They turn all their attention to Janelle now and April starts saying everything and calls Janelle "smelly nelly".

They finish their conversation and all get in a group huddle (like a football huddle) and hug each other.

I lost my feeds after that -

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Rachel and Janelle talk strategy in the HOH room. Janelle wants to get rid of Jennifer so bad and Rachel is explaining to her the different scenarios.

Rachel thinks it's in their best interest to get rid of Maggie because she's the glue that holds together The Friendship. She compares Ivette-Beau-Jennifer-April to the leaning tower of pisa - you never know what's going to happen to them without Maggie. Janelle is not quite convinced, she really wants Jennifer out. Rachel thinks that Maggie is better at certain competitions than Jennifer, Janelle disagrees. Rachel tells her not to act on emotions. Janelle gets called to the DR and their conversation is cut short.

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Back from fish

James and Ivette playing cards in GR

April, Jenny, and Maggie playing cards in big room

Ivette goes to talk to Beau in the WR about how they need to start playing the game, and figure out who needs to leave to benefit them.


Howie and Janie in HOH discussing who won past veto comps, HOH's, etc.

Ivette and Beau still discussing strategy

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Guest raceingal11


"BIG BROTHER 6 24/7 is temporarily unavailable so that certain competitive results are not revealed in advance of Saturday's broadcast. BIG BROTHER 6 24/7 will resume Saturday, August 20 at 9pm PT/12am ET."

the above "spoiler" is completely untrue as I have been sitting at the feeds since 6am this morning, and we have had nothing but fish since about 10:30am

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Guest supatah

The feeds came up - it sounded like April crying. Speculation is that Jennifer is gone.

(also speculation that Rachel got hurt in the HOH comp, which is why we have fish right now - CBS employee )

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Guest ranster627

Friday, August 19, 2005

1200 AM BBT: Maggie says she was told in the DR that they have to get up at 8 am because they have the veto comp, veto ceremony, voting, eviction, new HOH and new nominations.

12:03 AM BBT: The Friendship discusses who they would target if they won HOH. Ivette wants them to go after Rachel as the most competitive. Jennifer wants them to finally oust James. April wants Howie out. Maggie thinks it was how horrible that Janelle said she hadn't lied on national TV. Maggie says they'll have her saying that and then show clips that show Janelle has lied, and it'll make her look bad.

Ivette says it's not smart to go after Janelle and that they need up break up the pair. Maggie points out that they didn

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