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August 9, Live Feed Updates

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rach still in kitchen going through fridge and talking to herself...

leaves kitchen to go to BR to get vitamins or meds... whatever it is.

heads back to kitchen

gathers her bfast and heads out into the BY

sits down at table and begins to eat

howie is stirring up in the HOH room now

r - uuuuummmmm

r still eating in BY at table... no one else awake as of yet 9:44 BB time

c1 - rachel in BY

c2 - rachel in BY

c3 - howie n jan in HOH room

c4 - james and sarah in GR

r gets up and heads into kitchen, dishes still on patio table, not sure what she is doing in kitchen as camera angle is at quite a distance

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r - still in kitchen, looks as if maybe she is making more food

heads back out to BY and sits down at table... continues her meal

howie still restless, looks like he may be awake but just lying in bed

r finishes bfast, grabs dishes, heads into kitchen, and starts doing dishes

dishes are done and she heads to the BR, leaves BR quickly and heads out to BY to do her morning pool cleaning routine.

10:03 BB hg STILL asleep

r - in BY says "Hmmmm"

goes to hot tup to check chem.

r - I'ts so low..... it's real low... sighs loudly, walks away, puts chemicals up & heads to washer and dryer, puts load into dryer, grabs a chaise and plops herself down to have a lil R&R...

45 sec. rr... gets up and heads to common room, grabs what looks like her tye-dye shirt and heads back to BY and relaxes in the chaise...

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rachel still in BY laying on chaise

howie in hoh room tossing and turning

he he he , howie is sleeping with his head half way off of the bed...

r still in chaise starts exaamining her nails... gets up goes inside to common room, then off to the BR, takes off tye-dye and mic and heads into the loo, comes out of loo wearing a bikini...

r puts her Kaysar tye-dye on, hair into a pony, puts on mic and goes into the kitchen.

howie in hoh stirring still and now james in GR stirring

r goes into BY and heads to laundry area, grabs a towel, lays it out in the grass by the pool, and lays down to catch some rays...

10:32 BB time

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rach still in BY and decides to flip over to her tummy...

looks like james and sarah are cuddling

c3 doing a close up of the lotion bottle in HOH room...

rach still sunbathing in BY

james and sarah maybe trying to get a lil getting frisky...

c3 doing a close up of all of Howies goodies in HOH room, basket, plant, toilet paper, lotion... keeps flashing from the lotion to the paper towels...

rachel gets up and decides to get feet wet in pool

rachel sitting on side of pool with feet in water kicking her feet, she looks beyond bored

11:06 james is up w/ wood?, grabs mic and heads to BR, takes off mic and goes to loo,

11:00 BB good morning HG it is time to get up for the day... the bedroom lights must remain on during the day

R- I'm up... as usual

james outta loo washes hands

james heads outside to R

jam - good morning

r - its hot

jam - it is hot

jam - i just woke up to use the bathroom, i thought i would have the opportunity to talk and then they made the announcement, dumb f******

r - i have been up for awhile

jam - yeah i heard you when you went to the SR, i thought maggie would wake up since she is a lite sleeper

r- she did wake up

I can't believe this!!! they give us FISH as soon as they tell everyone to wake up! What a joke! un-freakin believeable!

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rach still by pool

james in kitchen, maggie walks by

jam - good toilet paper, there was none in there when i was there

m- no there is never enough

a- there is non in there...

a- what is this? did they jsut stick it in there or did they clean it?

jam - in the sR?

a -aaaaahhhh c'mon coffee

jam - did u get ur battery sarah?

s- did you?

m to james? did you already start a pot?

jam - yeah

m- thank you

a- ahhhh it takes so long

m- huh

a- it takes so long might as well sit down and wait for it... ah my shirt

rach still alone sitting by pool

NOW my feed sound decides to act up... so someone needs to take over, my 4+ hr. tour of duty must be over

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Guest somniac_mommy

11:25 am BBT

Sarah and James in GR getting dressed/ready for day. Sarah said she thought it was only 6am. She's surprised it's already 11:30am.

James just told her that she has to be extremely nice to people in the house, because he thinks that they (Rachel, Janelle & Howie team) either realized they were wrong for believing the other side, and put him up [because they said he was playing both sides], or they want to use them to get further in the game. [He must think he can use them just as well so why not play it up too].

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Ok, board is back up.

HG's have been called for Outdoor Lockdown.

J&S plan to tell Jen that she is safe if her & A join their side. R walks in, and they let her in on the plan b/c they don't want R & H to feel blindsided again. They are going to tell Jen & A that they are going to try to get R & H out, but they tell R that's not their actual plan, this is their attempt to stay in the house.

B complaining his sinus' are all messed up.

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A has joined H, R at the pool. They are discussing who AC will bring back. R mentions that this is the chance for the viewers to "play" - "they can make the game whatever they want"

They think Kaysar exited the house well. A misses K's hooka. Discussing that they all really liked K.

(F1 & 2 are B and I playing chess)

Howie is wondering how the live tv is...what they show, etc.

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F1 Y2 - S and James whispering, going over scenarios i think

F3 & 4 - By with H, R and Jan

S thinks maybe she should talk to A, but J is worried that she is building up hope and will get her feelings hurt again. J thinks there is just no solution, but wants to know if S thinks she can swing A.

J - i'm always honest with you, you know that

S - we get ONE chance at this..

J - you've gotten a lot of color, you look really good

J - who do you wanna go after? A or Jen?

S - I dunno yet, A just cant keep her damn mouth shut

J - her whole thing is she thinks they make her look like a manipulator. Her whole motif (yes, motif) is that she can't keep a secret

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sarah and james are trying to figure out who they want to try to talk april or jen. trying to get them to come to their side. james tells sarah we have to go after jenn. maggie is watching over april she is the weak 1 right now..

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sarah tells james I feel like i am trying to convence you to let me stay. he tells her no i want you to stay. just if you stay we both be on the block again .. sarah tells him 2 chances at HOH. he says we need to talk jenn...

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(choppy feeds and slow posts - sorry :(

S thinks that James isn't fighting enough for her to stay, but J is trying to explain to her that it is difficult and that taking on "a whole army would be suicide for us both"

James tells her that she is his only ally. That they will talk to Jen and see if they can swing her.

J thinks howie is a f'in idiot - "i need Kay back so bad"

S - I knew we should try to get Janelle out of here last week instead of K - if he was here, this never would have happened

J - we wouldn't have had the votes - they wanted to get rid of the guy that got rid of Eric.

J - if you're gonna get some sun, I'll get some with you...

J - this is so hard (s kisses him)

They head out of the GR

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R, A, S, and James outside by pool area

James brings A a water

S - did you bring me a water?

J - no

S - did you want to GET me a water?

J hands water to A

A "grassy ass"

J - "denalgas"

J - is it santa fee or santa fay?

A - santa fay

S - we were talking about where we would go on vacation

J - well, we've been to hell...so

A - i dont think anyone is enjoying themselves here right now

S - i'd trade places with them. I wanna stay. Grass is always greener on the other side

J - i've enjoyed my time and i've been attacked physically, emotionally, personally, metaphysically...


J - i have to remind myself that this is a game and isn't personal

S - everyone here likes each other

J - i'd beg to differ

A - you have to understand a lot of people, cause they are pissed, and think they are personally attacked, they attack back

J - after being here for a few days, you can figure out what needs to be done to motivate a person (manipulate them, whatever) - As Eric said..there are three sides to every story. This entore game is based on assumptions. You trust some, you dont trust others. A game based on assumptions

A - yeah, so the bottom line is dont take anything personally

J - i think i stood by that

Howie comes out and joins them

H - like if you go out one morning and someone baseball batted your mail box in the real world....that you take personally

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BB - HG there is no talking about DR sessions with other HGs

James, H, S, R all yell that it wasnt THEM

- they are discussing James and Howies "felonious pasts"

J - being a kid was so much fun

H - no pressure, no worries, no worryin about boobies...

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[my feeds died, this is where I came back in]

James/Sarah playing chess at the patio

Mag/Jen in the gym

Jen: can't say anything, Janelle would get mad

M: interesting

Jen: she wants her gone... Rachel and Howie agreed with some of the things we said, and Janelle was like (she makes growling dog noises)... I just got up and walked away

M: of course, that makes perfect sense

S/James talking chess strategy, Jen/M discussing if they are walking fast enough

Jen: I punched in that I way 113, so it will say I'm burning more calories, like if I'm carrying weights... why would you have punch in your weight anyway?

S: ahhh, you weren't on that square! Now I hate you!

James: you better hate me, because this game is... I'd rather play to a draw than let you win...

S: check!

Jen: I'm starting to miss home alot... it's the U2 music

James: Ivette, you may want to come watch this...

S: watch me break up with my boyfriend...

feeds switch, Beau/Ivette in bedroom area, Howie visits Jen/Maggie in gym for a minute and leaves

Howie asks about doing something, I couldn't catch what he said... but when he left, Jen was smiling, looked at Maggie and ran her finger across her lips, like a slashing motion but over her mouth not throat... then she said I'm never playing James in chess [i'm confused about everything being said lol]

M: I was watching them play, and I started clapping, and his eyes were like... we are making the right decision... I saw him get mad, and he said... Maggie's so evil...

Jen: put those horns back!

Jen: he likes his rooks, because rooks can go both ways

James/Sarah comes into bedroom, Sarah announces that James cheated, James says she wasn't concentrating... he goes on explaining what his strategy was...

I: I guess the whole house is playing chess

J: I think it's their way of getting me out... I'm having fun with this

I: have you been sleeping

J: I was up the entire night Friday night

I: Beau and I were out in the hammock until 4:30... fell asleep for about a half hour...

J: that's why I sleep during the day... at night everything is going thru your head, in the day the rooms are empty... of course that's why I can't sleep at night....

J: in all honesty, you both know you are safe... I've had to indure the stress, you've had an easy ride

I: first 3 weeks I was the main target

J: remember, I was the one that gave his life away... so I understand more than anything about that pressure

Jen telling story of being at gym with her mom, yelling across guy on machine to each other, 30 minutes later he asked if they wanted to swap machines


Rachel/Jan are at the pool, Beau/Iv in the bedroom

Rachel calls Howie over

Ivette mentions if she'd be better if she was wearing the patch?

H: I said I can't get him out, it's the rest of the houses job... she was trying to play me, and I gave her nothing, I said we can't get him out anymore...

Howie leaves, Rachel/Jan continue whispering some... Rachel calls over to April at the patio that it's getting warm... April has joined them at the pool

Ivette is going over her Thursday speech with Beau


(someone, I'm guessing Jen to Maggie at patio about April being with Rach/Jan at the pool): she's trying to get information

A: Jen and I were playing chess, Beau came up... I said sure... finally Iv came up, said April do you want to say something?

(plane flies over, and Iv realizes she is 25 1/2)

BB: please put on your microphone

Beau: who?!?!?

Iv has gone to the kitchen, James wishes her a happy half birthday... she tells the group outside, and says she's going to make some ghetto pudding... now going around asking everone to wish her a happy half birthday...

BB: April, please check your microphone

Sarah is taking a shower, Iv brushing her teeth in bathroom

Jen talking about what she told friends before going to BB, said she was going to CA, figured they would think it was for Dan...

M: my dad must be dying.. I don't keep anything from him, but I had to with this...

Howie has joined Rach/Jen/April by the pool...

BB: April, exchange your mic in the storeroom

H: who knows, if Michael wins HOH, he'll put me up to get me away from Janie

R: James is going to come talk to me, asking if he has our support next week... that's when we have to backdoor him.... that will keep us in their good graces....

(feeds acting up a little)

R: I would almost like to see James win HOH... Howie agrees and they both laugh, nervously, but still laugh...

April back to the pool with fresh batteries

Jan gets out and goes off cam, Beau/Iv playing chess in bedroom

A: I think Eric's the one coming back, I have a wierd feeling

H: you have a house going one way... it's America's choice, millions of viewers

R: the fans have a chance to make the game how they want

A: I don't know, I think it will be Eric or Kaysar

R: it will be interesting

H: it's a 1 in 3 chance... depends on how they are portrayed

Howie gives reasons why fans will vote for each one

A: of all 3, Kaysar went out gracefully

R: what up Kaysar!

A: bring back Kaysar and his Hookah

R: I like Kaysar alot

A: it was like Howie had football pads on (after he won HOH)

H: were we live still, or had they gone to commercial?

A: no, they tell us when live stops

H: so they show Maggie putting it around my neck, do they prep her on that?


Howie pacing by the pool, Rach/April laying down

Iv/Beau playing chess

Mag/Jen still in gym

Sarah shown getting ready in bathroom to lay out

M: absolutely could have been premeditated... and Rachel/Howie, that was a win-win situation... is that what you are thinking?

Howie has layed down on towel, doing exercises

H: the people not in sequester, they will be flown back for the wrap party?

R: maybe not Ashlea, because she left

Sarah is whispering with James in GR now

J: but we knew this.. I don't know what to do... it seemed like everything was ok until they came up with this plan... but it's one vote, out of two people... April and Jen, and we aren't even sure if Howie and Rachel, they are so scared... what do you think of Janelle... you know...

S: who do you think they believe more, you or Janelle?

J: if Janelle says, I hear you are voting to keep Sarah... and they run to.. (feeds a little rough again)

J: April, because Jan already said she doesn't trust Jen

S: so maybe I should talk to her...

J: but do you really think you could swing it?

S: we have ONE chance for this

(hard to hear them whispering, while Howie/April replaying Howie's post-HOH victory celebration of hugging the women)

J: we have no bargaining power at all

S: I think Jen would be more easy to convince... she is smart and understands the game... April is so emotional a person, she doesn't want to turn on her friends

J: that's a good point...

H: I didn't want to win HOH the first week

A: but that was the best week to win

H: yea, it was, nice job Ra-Ra

J: you need to thank her... for being the one person that was nice to you

S: I already told her that

J: you need to tell her again!

BB: April, please put on your microphone

James: ok, can you do that? Maggie is going to stick on her... she's staying with Jen

S: so maybe we should go after April?

J: no, because Maggie is watching over the one weakling...

H: she said to backdoor him

Jan: no she didn't

H: yea she did, were you listening, or sleeping?

A: Howie, you are bad at listening

H: she was listing the best senario

A: is that what you all think?

Jan: I do

H: we'll have a 5 on 1 shot

R: what if there is no veto?

H: they we are screwed

A: we need the strongest of the strong competing, because the odds are better

A: Jan, if Michael comes back, you can't be up late kissing and...

Jan: I'll behave myself

S: I don't want to be a quiter

James: you're not a quiter, dumb***


H: let me ask some questions... there's 9 people, for 2 winners and the jury... what do they do, put us up in hotels, or fly us out right then?

A: they said the last day they need us is the 24th

H: makes sense, 3 or 4 days later, so you can call your family, tell them what to bring

A: do you think sequester house will be fun?

H: can I read my meterology books? I'll be fine [soooo hard to think of Howie doing that! lol]

S: if we make this work, and we are both here next week, we'll have allies

A: first thing I'll say is, Dan I love you do you still love me!

S: there's a 2 to 1 chance he's not coming back.... if Eric comes back...

J: he'll have Howie, Janelle, you, me as enemies.. it's very complicated... just let me talk to her

S: wait until Maggie goes to the DR

J: I #*$@$# hate Howie

S: me too

J: Maggie was just doing her job... I want Kaysar back so bad... imagine if you stay and Kaysar comes back...

A: you know, if Michael comes back and brings cigarettes....

R: how are you doing?

A: it's getting better... I had never gone more than 4 days without... Matt is going to be so proud of me! I really appreciate you all

S: if Kaysar had been here, this wouldn't have happened!

J: if you want to go lay out, I'll go with you

James talking about the strategy/April talking about quiting smoking, amost at the same time: this is so hard!

Sarah goes outside, April says she's losing weight... Ivete/Beau still playing chess, my feeds still skipping around some

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everyone outside... talking about withdrawls from herione... James asks if you can die from withdrawing from heroine, Maggie says yes, happens all the time... but I'm not a rehab counselor... James talks about addictions, Maggie talks about going to an AA meeting with a friend...

James states if you get skin cancer from laying in the sun, you shouldn't get benefits from the government, same with smokers... Maggie says it's a grey area...

James: but ERs can't refuse someone... and hospitals in Arizona have to close down because of so many illegals... inmates on deathrow shouldn't be put ahead of us for heart transplant

M: it's a good thing I don't get to judge who I would treat... in Nevada, they started a new system, we are losing so much money, if we deem you don't have an emergency, you have to put down $200.. now that's a grey area

James: I know people on Medicare, if the kid is crying, they take them to the ER so they don't have to pay a co payment

M: I have good health coverage, but I won't go to the doctor because I can't afford the co payments... only time I've gone to my primary in the last 3 years is because I had chicken pox... had them had a kid, but... in ER, I was taking cases of kids with chicken pox, one morning I woke up and had sore throat, and was covered in red dots... didn't cross my mind it was that because I'd had it... I thought it could be foot in mouth...

James: you get that alot?

M: I've never had that

James: that was a joke

M: real funny.... I had red dots everywhere... I was off that day, next day I went to primary.. they said I was the tenth case that month.. the strain kids are getting now is a different strain...

James: HIV is mutating... talks about new strains of AIDS

James: it's funny, because that disease is so curable, without any drugs... abstinance, and drug users... it could be wiped out in 10-15 years...

more talk of STDs...

H: you may as well not fly, drive a car... everyone is going to die, you just have to be as safe as you can...

M: did we all sign a consent for HIV?

S: I just signed everything


some moving around... Rachel in kitchen cleaning, Maggie, Iv at the counter, James, Rach, Jen, April at pool, April willing to pay Jan for her PBJ pass, Jen goes inside again

James: there is a certain understanding that Maggie and I have, based on some apparent certain training that both of us went thru, I don't know what her background may have been at one time or another

Sarah: you never thought that until she said something about

James: there are two types of training, for what I do, there is a regular version and police version... when I said something, she was shocked, then said shut up and get away from me... her and I have an understanding...

S: she knows things that he knows... maybe she just researched it.. the only reason he thought that is because she led him to believe it... maybe she knew someone

James: no, this isn't something that your friend can tell you... didn't you hear her, when I got nominated? She said her and I have an understanding...

S: that's why, from her nomination speech... we were just speculating

James: it's all me speculating, because I'm the only one that has that kind of training...

(phone call, missed a little from here)

James: I can't wait for you guys to watch that veto game on tape... It was just how I thought, you guys would be so worried about getting me... (players must have been sent to separate rooms, talk of who was where, waiting for their turn)

Ivette talking randomly in the kitchen to Janelle/Rachelle that her family will see in a few hours that she has been put up on the block... Janelle says her housekeeper's name is Monica... Janelle is going to go work out

James to Sarah about their earlier chess game: I can't believe I beat you at that game

Sarah, sounding still like she feels he cheated: yea, I can't either...

April starting to talk softly to at the pool with... Sarah... James came inside to the kitchen with Ivette/Jan/Rachel

S: at this point I just want to leave knowing I have friends... 6 to 1 vote... how does that make me feel? Obviously you guys are friends with Ivette, but... (sounds of James mixing things)

A: .... when you feel like you are being attacked...

S: ... it's strategy...

A: I know... it's not over til it's over...

James won't be a spokesman for Outback... says eating a blooming onion with sauce is over 2000 calories... I'd eat their grilled chicken, but not chili cheese fries... more talk by James/Iv/Rach/now Howie about food/restaurants/made up words by James/Kaysar...

Sarah tells April she feels Maggie is hanging around Jen to prevent Sarah from being able to talk Jen into voting to keep Sarah... Sarah is buttering up April, working her now to get her vote...

another feed now showing Jen and Maggie are on the patio alone talking

M: I may not like them, but it's crucial for the game...

Jen: if we get together and have meetings, then they think, even when they are mad they still meet and discuss everything

M: maybe it's good to pretend we are upset

Jen: no, because look at this week, with Howie having HOH, we didn't have a place to meet, and look what happened, and Iv got upset because we scattered

M: yea, being on the block even as a pawn, it changes you

Jen: I've noticed today, we aren't all together, Iv and Beau were inside, I've made a point of going to her

M: do that... I don't know if you will both go all the way without going on the block, but...

Jen: has anyone ever done that? won without going on the block?

(they discuss prior games... Jen talking about her own game play to this point)

Jen: I want HOH so bad

M: well, I'd like that, because I'd like to think I'm safe

Jen: hey, don't count your chickens! lol a lot is going down Thursday... Iv won't feel comfortable until she hears Sarah is leaving... someone is coming in... what if Howie/Rach vote for Iv to leave, then try to say it was me and April?

(they break up their chat, Sarah/April still talking)

S: because I don't feel comfortable, I don't want others to feel uncomfortable...

A: the deal is Sarah, do you remember, back when...

Sarah interrupts saying something hard to hear

A: I'm trying to be nice... the only person I trust is Jen, because I know she wouldn't put me up... I'm just trying to enjoy my stay... I've said things to James's face, but I don't hate him...

Howie comes out, walks by them to the weights... April still talking

A: the first week, everyone was being mean to Ashlea, even Mike, I told everyone to be nice... I promise you, if he leaves, I will be nice to him... but you'll get to see your doggies and your kitty, that will be fun, a lot of fun...

Maggie joins them to lay down by the pool

(time to leave here... night all!)

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Guest somniac_mommy

James in GR w/ Ivette playing chess. Jen is in there too.

Ivette left the room and James told Jen he needs her vote to keep Sarah. Jen kept asking James what other votes does he have. He wouldn't tell her. He just kept saying someone came to him with the opportunity and he would like to keep Sarah in the house with him. Jen says, "I love you James!" She's acting all cutsie and innocent. Ivette returned and their conversation ends.

Sarah just entered room with warm banana bread w/butter. James asks for a bite. Ivette asked if she (?) made it good. Jen says it tastes really good it just needs nuts. Sarah gives James her piece and heads to kitchen for another piece.

BB: Maggie to the DR

Feeds switch to kitchen. Rachel talking to Sarah. They're discussing Jen and April's big mouths. Jen just comes out of GR and asks Sarah what is taking her so long. She thought she was coming back to GR. Sarah tells her she will be there in a minute. Jen acting like she is afraid to have James and Sarah out of her sight.

Feeds switch back to GR. Sarah rejoins Ivette and James. I don't see Jen in there. I think I heard her in the background in the kitchen asking Rachel where Maggie was. She was told Maggie is in the DR.

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Guest somniac_mommy

4:35- 4:48pm BBT

Beau and April in backyard. They just saw a cute hummingbird. April asks Jen (who just appeared from inside the house) where Maggie is. She tell her that she's in the DR. She must have signaled for April to come inside, because April just asked Beau if he minds her going inside the house. She is stalling and keeps asking Beau if it's okay if she goes inside. Sounds like nervous/paranoid behavior to me. She's still sitting in lawn chair... Oh there she goes. . . She tells him she might come back later... April says, "I think I'm going to take some midol"..."You need anything?" as she heads into the house.

Moaning heard from inside the house as April opens the sliding door... It's really loud like a wounded animal. April says, "I know, I was smelling it earlier" as she enters house and closes door behind her. Must be the banana bread and some people can't have anything but PB&J. They are torturing them with the smells of fresh baked banana bread.

Oh, how mean!! LOL!

Howie is laying out on towel in backyard next to Beau. Rachel just came out and sat in lawn chair.

BB: Jennifer, please put on your microphone.

James just came out and told Rachel that Jen was asking who the other votes were. He said he wanted to give Rachel the heads up. He went back inside and Rachel stayed sitting in the lawnchair looking unaffected.

BB: Jennifer, please go to the DR

I didn't see it posted here, but earlier when they were all around the pool, BB told April to put on her microphone and April picked it up and put the microphone close to her mouth and said, "FUCK YOU!" Everyone was shocked she did that and teased her about what BB will do because of her swearin at them. She said that when BB tells her to put on her microphone and she does they never say thank-you, so she's pissed off.

James is back out telling Rachel more.

Rachel says that there is no way she (Jen) is going to go against Maggie.

Rachel playing it off that they thought James was backstabbing that's why they went after him. She tells him she is sorry.

Conversation changes as Maggie and Sarah come outside.

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Guest somniac_mommy

4:55 pm BBT: Quad cams show:

Cam 1: Round table in kitchen

Cam 2: Living room w/big orange couches and coaster table

Cam 3: James both hands together similar to praying position close to his face as he sits amongst the wolves around the table in backyard.

Cam 4: Distant view of entire area where HG's are sitting at table in backyard. Rachel on pink lawn chair close by.

5:00 pm BBT: Cam 4 now on GR. April and Sarah talking the game.

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Guest somniac_mommy

Sara is telling April that if "her team" doesn't win HoH then someone from her group is going to go up. If April helps them they won't put her or Jen up. She is trying to convince April that James is not a bad person he is just playing the game.

Sarah just told her that her and James will swear not to put her and Jen up. She added that Howie, Rachel, and Janelle would also commit to this deal.

April wants to know how can she vote Ivette out without it being so obvious. Sarah says it has to be 4 against 3. They only want one vote. April said she doesn't want to be a floater.

Sarah said that her and James said that they were done playing the game the other night, but someone came to them and said they could be saved.

Sarah is trying really hard to convince April that if she helps them now, later when they (Sov6) end up voting Maggie, Beau an Ivette out that they (Sarah and James) will not go after April and Jen, because they will be going after other people since they went after them (must be talking about Howie, Rachel and Janelle).

Strategy talk ends, because Janelle just came in and said she wants to color her hair roots. She said she's running out of options (Not sure what she's talking about?)

April playing chess with Sarah now while Janelle rummages through stuff in a cabinet in the GR.

Talk returns to strategy:

April LOVES Maggie, she has never done anything to her. She is worried about Eric coming back. Sarah tells April that she/Jen will be the first to get put up if Eric come back after they (Cappy's group) take care of the others on her team (Sov6). She tells April that they won't be going after them if the table is turned, unless of course Sarah gets sent home.

April says they will be put up first from either side. Sarah repeats that won't be the case if SHE stays. They want to go after the players strategically.

(I can't keep up with all this chatter... it's redundant. I need a break! BBL)

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Guest somniac_mommy

5:20 pm BBT Sarah still workin on April in GR:

She just told April that her and James figured out something. They figured out that Howie and Rachel are throwing HoH and veto's so other HG's have to do their dirty work. She said that Howie and Rachel rolled their ball really hard during the HoH contest knowing that Maggie would go after Kaysar. Not us, but "THEY WANTED TO GET RID OF KAYSAR!" She is really grasping at straws here trying to convince April to vote off Ivette instead of her.

April says she does not trust James at all, because he had said some horrible things about her and has lied to so many people in the house. Sarah says, "Don't trust James, TRUST ME." [sorry.. I can't help it LMAO!!]

Feed changes to show Ivette in backyard with Jen and Beau- She caught a beetle in a net. she named it Dan.

BB: This is a lockdown, please go inside and close the door.

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