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August 9, Live Feed Updates

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Hi Morty!!!

Well it seems the boards are back so I will try to do a bit of posting.

Rachel, James and Sarah are out on the round lounge chair talking. They are saying they don't know why Ivette is nervous since she volunteered to go up.

From what I can tell Beau, Maggie, April and Jen are all in the GR talking. Trying to work things out so it looks.

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Maggie and Ivette in BR

Ivette is explaining to Maggie about how she felt when Eric, and even though she came with Beau. Ivette says that she is getting over that initial sad period.

Maggie understands, she came with Eric and she says no one knows the fun she and Eric had, because it had to be hidden. Maggie is telling Ivette not to get worked up, being up on the block brings you down.

Ivette is telling Maggie that she respect the friendship, but she doesn't think certain people respect it. She says that she swears that Jennifer told her what she did. Ivette is starting to realize that April and Jennifer have been behind a lot of what has happened.

Ivette: Who were the 2 behind Michael leaving...who were saying things?

Maggie: You need to stop talking about this, worrying about this now. You are being a dead horse.

Ivette: I am not ready to stop talking about this, I am really upset.

Maggie tells her that she has a right to feel, but a lot is misunderstanding. Ivette says she trusts Maggie, and she trusted Eric, but she doesn't trust April and Jen. Ivette says that it takes all the strength in her body not to tell April and Jen that they are the biggest liars in the world.

Maggie is telling Ivette is she is feeling real uncomfortable..she needs to get with Beau and make their decisions. Ivette wants to take Maggie with them. Maggie says she feels good about it, but she also realizes how important it is to talk to your partner.

Ivette explains how she had told Beau early in the game if it got down to her, Beau and Eric that Beau would have to pick, because she couldn't pick between the two of them.

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Maggie pulls her Eric shirt up and says she needs to keep it close.

Now her Ivette are talking about Rachel, and how they have been nice and not said anything when they are talking, but today they had told her they were talking privately. Maggie didn't care for the fact that she had asked what they are talking about.

Ironically Rachel walks in. Howie too. He is hugging on Rachel and she smacks him. Be gay Howie..Be gay says Rachel.

Maggie and Ivette are telling Rachel to be nice to Howie.

Maggie and Ivette want to make them a nice sexual couple. Ivette doesn't just want them to be lovers, but to go catch Alligators together.

Ivette is giving Rachel a hard time about going to bed early. "Where are you going tomorrow?"

They keep working on them. Howie keeps saying nice boobies. Maggie says that Howie has never been with a quality women like Rachel. He agrees.

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Janelle, Jennifer and April sitting around the chess board. Jen and April playing. They are commenting on all the noise downstairs. Janelle is showing them moves they should make.

They are discussing how mad Rachel was earlier when they asked her to leave when they were talking to Howie. It wasn't personal, they needed some alone time.

Janelle leaves for a minute. April asks Jennifer to promise not to go to Maggie with any problems she has with her (april).

April says Matt will be mad at her..she hasn't done a good job to get people to like her.

Feed changes to BR. Howie, Ivette, Rachel and Maggie still going on about Rachel and Howie getting together. Beau is there too. Maggie: Howie, pick her up and take her up to bed!

Can hear Howie moaning offscreen talking about a reverse cowgirl. Everyone is screaming.

Beau tells Howie he just needs to call himself gay, it would be so much easier. Howie asks him if he would let him F*** him all the time. Beau says yeah, but we would have to switch it up from time to time.

They are laughing about something disgusting that Howie must of accidently left with Cappy's clothes....Howie says he apoligized in the DR. I missed what it was...but I can guess...

James walks by to go in the GR. They make jokes with him. Feed on Maggie who's back is to him...her sullen expression doesn't change.

They start singing...fishes for a second. Feed back and Howie is laying on top of Rachel. Everyone is watching telling Rachel to go with it.

Beaus says come here Howie, but then Ivette offers some space on her bunk and he goes running over. She is caressing his back and she says not to breath on her, he has bad breath. He is telling Ivette that she is a good lesbian. He tells Bo-Bo that he is switching to lesbians. They are telling Rachel that she needs to be nice to Howie like that. Rachel is looking pissed. She rolls over and ignores them.

They start talking about Elimidate, what happened to Howie...then fishes.

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Hi ya Morty!

We night owls are happy to hear from you!

I bantered a bit with you last summer in the wee hours..some funny postings. Nice to know you're still checking in on your children.

Hope all is well, Greta.

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Feed is back They are discussing sleeping arrangements.

They think that there is a bowling alley behind the doors that don't open.

Howie goes to the Storage room to ask for toilet paper.

Bored...switched feeds to Janelle and April talking in the bathroom.

April is explaining how Ivette hasn't talked with her or Jen all day. They are discussing that Michael didn't get a fair shake.


Now Howie came in. They are discussing Ivette. April is talking about a conversation they had....April thinks Ivette is telling James. April thinks it's best to keep things to the original plan, but Ivette is pissing her off. Janelle and Howie want to know why not change her mind.

April says she made promises...she is afraid that the others will team up on them...the alliances will change...and Jan, Howie, Rachel, April and Jen will be targets...

April says Ivette was pissed that when she got put up, no one told her that it was okay...but April told her she thought it was an understanding....

April is still going on about Ivette....what she must be saying in the DR. Jan and Howie tell her not to worry about it...it's a game. They think she (Ivette) is low on popularity.

Now they are talking about Rachel...and how rusty she is. Howie was telling how Ivette and Beau were trying to teach her to be nice. Howie says she is out of practice...she hasn't been "squirted on" in a long time.

Howie and Janelle to BY...April to the HOH room...April yells Howie...Jen is sleeping in your bed...he comes running. Howie jumps on her giving her kisses. You can hear music...and yes now there is fishes.

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Hi Morty...great website you have here. Have been reading for 2 years...didn't know I could post until recently....this is great.

Feed is back, but no sound.

Howie, Jen and April all in the bed. Both April and Howie are rubbing on Jen. Howie leaves and April jumps up on her...not sexually like Howie....

Still no sound....wait...I hear walking...sound must of went with Howie...can hear him and Janelle talking...wish I could read lips...they are discussing.

Switched to Quad...F1 on James and Sarah...just caught enough to hear James asking if Sarahs parents liked him. She said yes...if he is good to her, they will like him. Now fishes.

Back to F4. sound is back. April and Jen...April says if they go up together...she wants to go first. April is going to tell people that. April says they won't put her up for being strong, but for people not liking her.

They don't care who goes first after the sequest time is over. April thinks more people like Jen then her. They are saying Maggie, Beau, Ivette would all vote out April on Jen. They still think Ivette and James have a secret alliance.

April is going on and on about Ivette. They agree not to tell Maggie about things again...it gets back to Ivette. They discuss how Ivette turns things around and only hears what she wants. How she blames everyone else for things. They have wanted Ivette out since day 1.

They are questioning Maggie's loyalty and what is going to happen if Eric comes back in. April wonders is Maggie will side with her or Ivette when it comes down to it. Jen thinks Maggie will do what Eric does.

April doesn't know who she wants to walk through the door. Jen thinks it's best to stick with the original plan. If not, they are back stabbers and no one will trust them. Jen is telling April just to be nice to Ivette, and if she isn't nice back, then realize she is the good person.

Howie knocks on the door...Jen: Why did you knock? Howie: You could have been making it.

He jumped up on Jennifer and starts going on about her cute little body features.

Howie is partially aroused. Now he has his pants down (underwear still on, I think) they are watching to see if it gets harder when he think about naughty thoughts.

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x-rated, caution advised

Howie came in to the HOH room where April and Jen have been for the past half a hour. He hugs on Jen and April reminds them of how Howie got a woody last time he huged on her (jen). Howie gets out of the bed and pulls down his shorts and shows a partial woody (under his undies of course). Jen asks if anyone has watched one get "hard" before and howie says yeah. Howie pulled down his shorts again and started saying dirty things outloud to get it to get "harder", no such luck. The camera man gave us a nice zoom in on howies hard on.

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2:22 AM BBT

Howie and Janelle have a new nickname for the other side, they are now known as the "cappy clan"... (it has a nice ring to it)

Janelle: Do you think America loves Kaysar?

Howie: Uh huh....

(oh boy howie and jannie, if you really ONLY knew)

(goodnight all you sleepy eyed bb fans, im off to dream of kaysar!!)

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Janelle and Beau had an interesting discussion over a chess game about who they think would America bring back also discussing past hgs from different seasons. Jan seems to know alot about past seasons.

Beau's rationalization was, Eric lives in Las Vegas he is going to get most Boston votes... his family is spread all across America so he'll get a lot of votes. Also because he is a father and a husband and a fireman that will gain him alot of votes. Mike/Kay are both from LA so (they'll split vote).

Jan's rationalization was, America usually likes quiet types like Jason (bb3) the virgin... America didnt like Holly (because she was loud). She firmly blvs America will bring Kay back (even though she'd prefer Mike). She doesn't blv "demographic" has much to do with likability but Beau doesn't seem to get it.

Beau thinks Kay' already had his share of game played. He asks Jan if she thought Ashlea had a chance, Jan doesnt think she did. She also thinks that it would've been an disadvantage for ashlea to come back seeing as she was an emotional player.

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Guest raceingal11

8:05 am BBT

all HG still appear to be asleep

F1 - Overview of common bedroom

F2 - close up of 3 HG sleeping (can't tell which ones)

F3 - HOH room

F4 - Gold room

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rach in kitchen making herself some bfast. goes over to the fish tank and mumbles something and giggles...

looks like she is possibly cutting up oranges to make freshly squeezed orange juice, i am not 100% sure as the camers are at a far distance....

now the camera has moved overhead her and it looks more like cantalope slices

still in kitchen

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