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    Normaly my Husband is my main interest and learning his Native American Heritage.
  1. Phew , It is Ben I have . Right face just had his name wrong in my mind. Sorry Sugar did not mean to do that , most is personal speculation on our part not real spoilers. But we will be careful in future what we say in this forum. PS Yana : (Just because I can ) It is Coach some one that teaches a team not Couch that you sit on , but then maybe he likes to be sat on.
  2. I thought Brendan was a coach also , the news says conductor and coach of a womens soccer league I think . Two coaches thats weird.
  3. I can't join the chat tonight I work wednesday nights but I can tell ya here my decisions so ya'll can discuss them and relay the thoughts here . I chose Branden for my MPV before I ever seen that picture of him and the massive weight loss that makes him look sick and 20 years older , my choice was strictly gut instinct , after seing that pic maybe I was right lets hope for the best. For the rest the first two straight up evictions before camp are fake , the two evicted will be flown to camp not having to do the 4 hour trek and will be given the option to work around camp during the 4 hours hopfully redeeming themselves or a clue to hidden idol and 4 hours to figure it out. I believe there will be no reward challenge usually isn't first show , the immunity challenge will be lost by the T tribe (lol) and they will go to tribal where I think either sierra or candace will go i put dow candace . so for my pics i use 3 from the jelepeno tribe and Brendan from the T tribe
  4. Okay All my score for this week is now 2108 points , and the answer to both bonus questions is for Susie for the blind side and the Ponderosa one I did not hear Randy say any thing abou the truck smelling anyone else got a clue Wolfie PS : Mortys Marvels 2 are ranked 131 Out of 1900 with a average team total of 1800 PSS: Sorry about the silence I been working 12 hour days 7 days a week right now and don't know when it will end.
  5. Okay All my score for this week is now 1669 points , and the answer to both bonus questions is for Charlie he lost 5 kilo's and Ken refred to himself as a Rat hope that helps Wolfie PS : Mortys Marvels 2 are ranked 154 Out of 1875 with a average team total of 1457
  6. Mortys Marvels 2: 1320 points Mortys Wolf 896 out of 25825 : 1488 points 158 Out of 1821 Mortys Marvels 2 1320
  7. okay I lied just a little , I can't help it I am stuck on this stuff. So for this week so far this is what I know: That is not a merge feast it is a merge misdirection , no merge but another tribe swap. The feast is to make them think it when they get drunk and naked and randy declares to himself he is the king . New Tribes are : Kota - Crystal, Marcus, Kenny, Susie and Bob Fang - Matty, Sugar, Randy, Corine and Charlie A Big shake up , many teams split up but I don't think it will be for more than this week look for merge next week. So with all that I know , this is my guess for the week. RC: None , fake merge feast EI: None IC: Fang Boot: Susie or Bob
  8. 11540 - 1123 - Sonoerin ----------- 10417 - 1154 Wolfie ------------ 9263 - 216 Cathysavon ------------- 9047 This weeks mystery question for 30 pts answer is Ace
  9. Okay all seems my short studied logic not so good , lol. So I not going try for here any more , if you want my oppinion let me know and I send it but I suck this season , lol.
  10. 947 x 10 players = 9470 9470 - 985 Wolfie ---------- 8485 - 1344 Chatterbox ---------- 7151 Copy and paste what is here so far then add your score and name to new / reply post
  11. Okay lets see if we can find out what every one has 947 x 10 players = 9470 9470 - 985 Wolfie ---------- 8485 - Next Person ---------- Everyone add to it that reads this board. Please
  12. Okay Guys time for another week of how wrong can Wolfie be , lmao . Any way here is my bad guess of the week. It all depends on the Pin-Up girl 1.Tensions rise at Fang when one castaway is careless with the tribe
  13. I got to admit this season CBS fantasy league is really screwed up , hard to find out what real standings are. Also that we have more then 8 people on the team thats a first also. Hope CBS knows what the F there doing. But we will just go on as we are win or lose we know what were doing right. Mortys Marvels2: Rank : 238 out of 1675 Score : 947 MortysWulf: Rank: 2472 out of 23002 Score: 985 Now what looks weird there , my score is higher then the team score I can see. Who ever has the connection to CBS please find out whats going on if you can.
  14. Your right Chatter I can't in fact I can not even see individual team scores this season so I am flying blind right now as far as what the real scores for us are.
  15. andreadros score is 1153 Sharonda's score is 609 MortysWulfs score is 744 Chaterbox score is 1100. Smooches score is 1079
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