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9/9 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:01 PM BBT

Rain/lightening back. Natalie standing as still as a statue, Same with Kevin, Jordan switching arms. Snow back.

Log not rolling. Kevin and Natalie share a smile.

9:06 PM BBT

Log covering with a bit of snow while not moving. Everyone moving hands/arms around.

9:07 PM BBT

Natalie yelling out that she thinks something is enough. No sounds, no weather, no movement.

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9:08 PM BBT

Natalie asks if anyone almost ever fell like her (twice) she is afraid to fall because they are so high. They show Natalie's hand hanging on to rope, not key. Natalie shares a candy or gum she has with the others, everyone hacking on something. Natalie says this is the worst part, just sitting here waiting around, you get cold, moving keeps the blood circulating.

9:12 PM BBT

Natalie thinks they are planning something, Kevin says what? Like throw rocks at us next?

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9:13 PM BBT

Natalie just looked over and saw Kevin eating a power bar. She says - did you just bust out a power bar? Boy, put that back on to teach this boy a lesson. They are eating it through the wrapper. Jordan says she likes the mentos (so that's what they were) better. Kevin says he is not fing around, he will be here all night. Natalie asks Jordan if she's going to drop anytime soon? No she says. Natalie ahd actually reminded Jordan not to let go of the key when she was trying to eat the power bar.

Natalie says you guys can just fall and you can compete tomorrow. I'm not going to go nowhere. Out of the blue the lightening comes back. And the rain.

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9:18 PM BBT

Kevin asking for some warm rain to fall on him. Natalie says she just had ice thrown at her. She says this could be over quick if people just start falling. They are now being blasted with wind.

(what overlap? The more the merrier!)

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9:24 PM BBT

Natalie says :Why can't they blow 100 dollar bills at us? Who wants to take their hand off the key off the key for the hundreds? They estimate they were up there for an hour and a half. Natalie telling them that before the hold the key was 9 hours.

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Stopped raining, stopped rolling.

(my side thought.... the way K can hold on to his key - if he lost his footing he could just hang and regain it again)

Kevin doesn't show any signs of being uncomfortable .... except for a few shakes of his hands every once

in awhile.

(probably feeling very confident)

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9:59 PM BBT

Natalie tells them that they made a good effort, there's no shame in dropping now. Kevin says "I told you I wasn't dropping till the sun rises wench." Natalie says "Well I"m going longer than that so if you are only going till the sun rises you may as well drop now."

Rain Back

(I'm out for the night - will be watching till I fall asleep though!)

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(Just to add to what queenjoni said...)

K replied that he isn't leaving till the sun comes up

N: Well you should just drop now, cuz i'll last longer

K: well I'll drop when the sun comes up Wench!

J has stayed quiet and focus throughout that convo

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Still no rolling

Rain off and on .. now leaves blowing.

kevin still looking down to the right

(something wrong with barrel ? Hasn't been doing much the past 35 mins or so)

Rain... barrel moved a little again. now stopped

now it sounds like someone trying to start a VERY rusty motor

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