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8/23 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:45 BBT

Jeff and Russ playing pool.

Nat and Kevin whispering in the kitchen. He tells her not to bug J/J and how Kevin has stopped complaining about things b/c Jeff hates that. Nat says that next week, they have to break their word and put up Jeff and Michele b/c if they put up Michele and Jordan, and Jeff wins veto, he'll save Jordan, he'll be safe and either N/K will go on the block and J/J will decide who goes home. So they have to put up Jeff with Michele or else N/K will go home next week. Kevin says Jeff will understand that.

Kevin says they must play like their dumb, weak and desperate.

Russ and Jeff just talking about Casey's voice during the veto comp.

Inside, Nat talks about how Michele winning stuff is just luck and she can out hang and out do Michele in every way (blah blah blah...) Nat asks Kevin if he wants to play badmiten.

9:52 BBT

Nat, Kevin, Jeff and Russ outside.

10:05 BBT

N/K counting back and forth how many times they can hit the bird back and forth. Jeff, Michele and Jordan sitting on outside couches. Jordan asks Jeff if he wants to take a bubble bath with her later and he gets excited and Jordan says to rekindle after all the drama tonight

10:19 BBT

Michele was called to DR. Everyone else is outside on the couches.

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10:16 BBT

Outside Jeff comes out and sits with his food as Natalie says her BF will loves she's gained weight "a good 5 lbs" as her BF she wasn't big enough "to bear my child".....

Jordan talking about getting back to the real world and her real life..Kevin agrees as he says "this is the best summer Ever" as Jordan wonders "how did Big Brother Start" as they talk how amazing the people who run it are and how they need to come up with "new ideas" every season...

10:18 BBT Silence with Jeff/Jordan kevin, Russell and Natalie as Jeff eats......and the rest just sitting there..

10:20 BBT Kevin talking about the POV from today how she "put the banana between your boobs"...Jordan says "the grease got hot" as Nat says "that was the worst part of the competetion" as their seems to be grease residue from "the slide" as Jeff says "just hose it down maybe" as he asks how much is it "bothering" everybody..

Kevin gets up and puts detergent on the artificial turf and gets to hose it down..

Jordan asks about Nat and her BF she met at "Home Depot" as she was a checker and he was "security"....

10:23 BBT Jordan asks how "y'all start talking" as she was called for spanish translation as Jordan asks questions and Natalie goes on about how they met and how he liked he "binder" and started texting....and one thing lead to another and an "Olive Garden" date with movie.....

Natalie goes on and talks he looks like "landon" and Jordan realizes they talked about it before.."oh yeah" {duhh}

Jordan starts one of her storys and camer switches to Jeff coming out of the crapper and Jeff hears the FOTH music from our FOTH..."do you hear it" he says about the music.. Jeff in the green room perplexed about the fOTH music he's hearing

10:28 He goes out and gets Russ "they're playing music in here" and Russ says "its the show" as they listen... and laugh..."what the fuck are they doing" and it stops...Jeff "by accident" they are playing it..

10:29 "maybe there's beer" Jeff says the reason they are playing the music..

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10:30 BBT

Russ is in the kitchen as we get FOTH on the feeds...

10:31 BBT Feeds return..

Jordan still talking about her family problems.....talking about being mean to her mom...as Jordan says "she's got sensitive" as she got older..

Russ comes out and ask how the oil cleaning from his clothes worked.....Jeff says they came out "pretty good' but there are "oil stains on the butt" as Nat says "you need to wash it twice on sanitize"...

10:34 BBT "I think these clothes might be ruined" as Jeff thinks the shirts for sure but the pants/shorst "are doable" as the are gonna bleach the oil out..

Russ decides to head back inside....make another protein shake..

10:37 BBT Jeff doing laundry and realized he washed his HOH key while Kevin and Jordan talking about his hair as he wished he could grow his hair long..Jordan asks if he's ever had long hair but tells her he can only grow "a fro"

Jeff has sais "jordan's shirt is pretty clean"...as him an Nat rewash their POV uniforms from today....

Russ goes over and sits where Jordan and Kevin are talking as Jordan talking to kevin as Natalie interrupts says the "santitize" cycle worked "i told you" she tells her..as Jordan continues talking to Kevin one of her long winded {insipid}stories..

10:41 BBT Jordan and Kevin talking about "never coming back here" after they leaves as they really hve no lives to return too.

10:42 Jeff: "FUCK" was his reaction to his SR investigation "No beers" as he heads back outside..Russ "its 11:00"

10:43 BBT talking about making beer and wine at home....Jordan "don't you have to stomp on grapes"..

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10:45 BBT

Jeff going over how he made wine and says he doesn't know exactly how "he did it in his garage" and says it comes out "fucking strong...strong as hell" saying "a couple glasses and your wrecked"..

10:46 BBT Russ interested and wants to do it himself as Jeff sketchy about the facts saying he's not sure...

Russ wants to go "shark diving" and Jordan says that would be "scary' as "that shark might open my cage"..as Jordan says she seen it happen on TV as Russ says sharks don't have fingers..

10:48 BBT "saturday night" as Jeff and Russ says "no beers"....and says they don't know the reasoning why they don't get alcohol on sats...as Jeff says "you were getting every night" when he was HOH.....Jeff jokes with Russ....

10:49 BBT Kevin and Natalie a few feet away playing pool.....

Russ asks Jeff how old he was and Jeff says "31" as Jordan says "he's 9 years older than me" as they talk Bdays....on the couch...

10:51 BBT Jeff says he likes seeing everyones HOH....as Russ talks about forgetting to feed the fish...as Jeff forgot to feed them...They ask where Michele was ...russ "she's stressing..sleeping" up in HOH as Jeff hopes she fed the fish...

10:53 BBT Russ Jordan and Jeff talking on the couch..."jeff's horny" Jordan says "we all are" Russ says...and talk about being called in the morning by BB.....Jeff talks how cranky he is....Jeff "i hate morning people".......

10:55 Jordan talking about flipping off the camera and told production it wasn't them...Russ lost by the convo {mee too}

10:57 Jeff and Jordan "tension" between them as Jordan strats talking about her DR and told them "get on your nerves" as she gets BB warning...Jordan says she can't wait to go out dancing and drinking... as she says Nat dance...

10:59 BBT Jordan starts a "dancin'" story

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11:00 BBT

Natalie and Kevin playing pool and the others sit on the couch and talk as Michele is sleeping.....Jordan talking about food a "buffet"...as she says if they ever "come to Charlotte" she'll take them to "a strip club" and then go have "breakfast" and talks about going to bars..........Kevin called to DR so Nat playing pool alone..

11:03 BBR Jordan talking about her party times pile "8 girls" in her car and tell Jeff and Russ she can drive stick ....

Nat "my feet" as she heads over to HT and Jeff asks if she's going in...

BBAD ccommericial and FOTH on Feeds..

Michele reappears from the DR and Russ "i thought you were sleeping" as they were suprised she was in there ......Michele "you don't look so tan anymore" when Jeff says he was thinking about getting sun tomorrow..

11:06 BBR Russ says he and his buddies "take flasks" when they go out and Russ says he always "buys people drinks" and Jordan says she does also she says she buys shots...and talks about shots..

Natalie over at the HT buy herself....

11:07 BBT russ talking about "fernet blanca" as a drink that's strong that doesn't "taste very good" and its "bitter" and says he'll but them shots if they ever come to SF..

Russ saying he likes "Chopin Vodka" and says its very expensive...

11:09 BBT natalie hanging her head down at the HT as Russ Jeff Michele and Jordan talking about shots.....Michele changes the subject to "the whitest kids you know" and kills the convo...

11:13 BBT Natalie looking worried at the HT..sitting by herself....

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11:13 BBT

talking about going to work with hangovers...sweaty and smelly.....Jeff "you're still kinda happy because you're still drunk" until you have something "greasy' for lunch..and then feel shot....

11:15 BBT Russ talking about him and his Roomate "get retarded" and "stupid drunk".......Natalie still sitting alone looking mighty worried at what appears to be the four bonding over drunk stories and hangovers...

Jordan "i have some embarrassing" stories about being drunk.....

Russ says he feels like partying...as Jordan says she will call her friends to see if they remember as Russ says "you're the talk" of them every weekend...as Russ jokes at her about her little sayings...

11:18 BBT Jeff went to BR and heads to SS room and goes through his drawers..

Outside Natalie finally speaks saying she's gonna be "called next" to the DR...

Jeff "ahh yeah" as he gets his coffee and heads back outside..Russ wonders "what new musics out" and my sound cuts off on the feeds....BBAD back from commercial as Jordan says "i'm gonna take a bath" as Russ "did you just fart" and laughs "no that was Jeff"...

11:21 BBT Jordan goes over to the HT to talk to Nat and Michele heads indoors.. as Jeff and Russ continue talkingas Russ talks about "classic moments" with Casey as Michele comes back out as Jeff "toona's not a slogan" as Russ says he could make money on it and Jeff saying his phone pic is him "hold a toona" a "yellow fin toona"...

Russ say Michele's is "tehe" as Russ says he says "what the fuck" a lot..

11:24 BBT Jeff taling about "techotronics" as russ says they are going to let it die"

Talking aboutMichele doing a "faceplant" during the POV as Michele says "i'm not good at climbing ropes" as apparently this POV had ropes..they continue to talk about POV..

11:26 Michele talking about "a crazy banana" jeff 'back hand' at Michele..as they talk about looking for names on the bananas...Michele says she remembers "the Braden one" but went back it was gone..

11:28 BBT talking about Jeff "i can smell it" about football as Russ and Jeff talk football

11:29 BBT Natalie and Kevin sitting at the HT not talking....

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11:30 BBT

Natalie "i just want Monday to come" as natalie says to jeff she's making Tuna ...

"you weren't gone too long".......Nat says she's feeling pretty "certain" about this week and is moving on to next week "in my head"...kevin not so much...

11:31 BBT

back at the couch Michele talking about her rats the cost "$4000/ month" for rat "rent" ........Michele says she hasn't done "crazy' shots or partying and "bar hopping" as she says "the drunker I get" talks about has to be very careful about "no red shots" and russ talks about being "an organ donor"...Jordan has to carry a card with what "kind a boobs" and the Dr..as Jordantalks about donating her boobs..Michele says you can't..

11:36 BBT Russ asks why she didn't go bigger as Jorddan says at first she thought they were "too big"...and went out "the fourth day" after and didn't drink....as Jordan talks about wearing a dress that showed her boob bandages...

11:38 BBT More boob talk .....as kevin and jeff play pool..Russ asking questions about if they are "heavy on your back" as Michele says she was "32 A/b" when jordan asks what her size was as Jordan says "i was like that" before her surgery....Jeff from the pool table "i like your boobs...they're good boobs"

11:42 BBT Kevin talking about how he's dying to eat a "carne asada burrito" as Jeff has no clue what it is...kevin trying to find something to talk baout "rolled tacos?" and BBAD goes to commercial and feeds are FOTH

11:43 BBT FOTH

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11:44 BBT

Jordan still talking about her boobs...."they're normal size" and is happy with them...as before she was selfconscience....Russ aks if she had to get "all new wardrobe" as she says "not really' saying if her clothes that don't fit its because "i've gained weight" as she goes on about her boobs and "the weight I have to drop"....and goes on ger "belly..my arms..my thighs..errrrr"

11:47 BBT Jordan says she takes prescription "diet pills" as Russ says "not good for your heart" as she says "russell don't lecture me" as Jordan says at "st Patricks day I weighed 117" and says "you get more attention when your skinnier"...

Jordan talking about a guys who told her last time he say her she "looked chubbier" as she talks about the food she consumes....they complain the water filter being broken and don't like the tap water..."i want my water' Michele says as she has complained about it to the DR and she got the usual they're "working on it"

11:50 Michele talking about hacking her toenails too short and they are all "owie"

Jordan gets up to go take a shower as Russ and Michele talking on the couch...Jordan grabs her clothes and heads indoors...

11:52 BBT Kevin inside talking to Michele in the kitchen "I'm starving" as she says to eat something or it will keep you awake..."so true" as Russ comes in and says nothing to Kevin...as Kevin prepares something to eat..

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11:56 BBT

Natalie out of DR complains about ending their pool game.. as Kevin offers her "a grill chese" but declines....as she says she gets "in arguments" over her weight...

11:57 BBT

Upstairs in HOH Jordan is in the tub taking her bath....

12:00 BBT outside kevin apologizes about "the blanket thing" and says he didn't know she "was there"

Jeff and Natalie playing pool.....

12:01 Michele talking about napping saying in the sun "i love being warm" and says she has a lot of blankets on her bed at home "even in the summer"

Kevin and Michele struggling to talk about something as they now are talking about the "ants"..."bugs" and what not...as Kevin talks about "ants infestation" at home...

Jeff called to DR..as the bug talks continues as Natalie calls Kevin to play pool and says yeas but "i want to go to bed after"

12:06 BBT Michele goes in as they talk pool and Russ comes out..Russ complaing he isn't gonna fight for the blanket as Russ will get one in the "hotel" and says he isn't gonna "give Jeff a reason" to see them cause trouble..

They are talking about Russ "blow a gasket" after noms Mondays as kevin is worried that Jeff responds to "friendship" and Russell "laying it on thick" even though they say its probably annoying Jordan...

12:10 BBT

Russ tells michele they'll talk 'later on tonight" in the kitchen as Russ saying he got such "annoying look" and says he's about to give "a verbal" lashing and says he'll tell her later.. as they eat churros and prepare some slop..

12:13 BBT Russ asking what "kevin and Jeff" said....."who brought it up first Kevin" as Kev and Nat walk in ""good night" as they walk to the room....so they talk stop talking...

12:16 BBT Nat and Kev talking how "miserable" Russell is...as he goes to the BR to brush his teeth

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12:20 BBT

Russ preparing slop...as Jordan walks by...."what's up" he asks as she waht "nuthin..ya preparin' slop" as she walks by in her towel..as Jordan says she is heading downstairs "to give him his space" to Kevin and Natalie as she tells him they have been "bickering"..and talks about "missing him" when she gets out....talking about long distance dating "wouldn't work" and says she'sa flirt and Jeff will "get a lot of"....and kevin finishes her sentence "fans"

12:23 BBT

all feeds on Jordan and her new alliance talking about "nose hairs" and trimmers....and its "other uses"..."eyebrows"

12:25 BBT

Outside Russ paranoid that they are all "fucking best friends"...."were all getting played and can't do anything about it"...Michele "if nominations are changing" she says how are "we getting screwed" and says they will "vote Kevin out" as they talk about natalie's worthlessness...

12:27 BBT Michele says "they're being mean" and Russ says Jordan is "avoided us" and Michele says she got "yelled at" for not "hanging out" with them enough...

Russ says "i don't know what's going on' as he says J&J didn'tt yell.........Russ upset about Nat and kevin playing the good people.....Michele says "everyone forgets" that Michele was an outcast too when everyone was hating Jeff..

Russ says it sucks because "i genuinely like" them and how Kevin and Natalie are "being fake" and can't stand being around them....and Michele their sneers almost "ha ha I got your friends wraped around my fingers"

12:32 russ "i'm a little frustrated" and Michele complains about the "joke" at "my expense" at POV...as Jeff and Kevin were being "all jokey" and Natalie didn't look that bummed....as michele says "jordan and natalie were trying to cheat from the sidelines" and were saying things "when they weren't suppose to"

Michele says "i want to be happy...we'll see what happens on Monday"as Russ says he told me everything "is fine" but thinks he's doing it for "jury votes"...

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12:36 BBT

Russ says he can't figure "what's going on" as Michele says they are "threatened' that "they are too strong" and can't beat them "in the final four"

michele says she wanted to win POV to make sure the noms say..Michele says BB warned thay couldn't "stash stuff" and said Kevin and Natalie did.. and apparently Michele lost POV by "5 seconds" looking for "braden"...

12:39 BBT Russ "where's Jeff....spying on us"..Michele telling Russ Jordan is downstairs because Jeff "needs his space".......talking about the lie that was actually turned out to be true that he wished the "person" didn't hear them talk....

Michele says "he was heckling me"...about Jeff during the POV..as Michele says "it looks like he wanted Kevin to win" as he didn't want to be "forced to" make the decision..

12:43 BBT Michele says Jeff was "slamming shit"' after POV saying "he didn't look happy" and both says "it looks like he was rooting Kevin on"

russ "i wished they never found out when me and you talked about" saying "its not your fault"....and hope Jeff doesn't pull out his cards..and now "we have to win"...

12:45 BBT Michele talking about Kevin ripping the sheets off but Russ says they'll talk later as they think Jeff might be watching...

Jeff in Red Room with his new alliance as they talk about staying around afterwards...as Jeff complains Jordan makes things "sound like I'm a dirty old man"

12:48 BBT talking about the "crust stains" on Nat's ASU sweatshirt as they talk about Lydia's HJs with Jesse....natalie "they're dirty" as natalie says Jesse nota good lucking guy.."but Lydia"...as Nat says "make up" to J&J..and s says to Jordan to "have make up sex"

12:50 Kevin now really Lying to Jordan "you have a playboy body"

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12:51 BBT Russ in green room by himself just laying down..

12:53 BBT

Outside Jeff grabs his cup to make some tea as Michele says something "inaudible" as BB warns her to put on her mic...

Jeff whistling and singing and in what seems to be a good mood..as he make shis tea

12:55 and heads back outdoors...Michele out there..."my churro dinner didn't work out so well" and asks if she's sick of em and talk how final 5 it all ends and "it sucks" if next week they stll have it.....as Jeff says his DR about her "biting it"...

12:57 BBT Russ comes outdoors...talking about mic probs "i'm a loud talker" Jeff says and he never has mic problems..

Jeff says he doesn't want to be up all night....says he gets tired about 9:00...but wakes up again.....a lot of small talk...Michele talking about a "purple" winged moth..she saw earlier..

Jeff "i thought it was a cucaracha" as now an awkward silence is followed ny Michele saying the load of laundry that's drying is "the loudest.... ever"

1:01 BBT FOTH {probably from Jordan in other room}


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1:03 BBT

Feeds return with Russell and Michele outside and Jeff's gone.."leave em there" Russ says about Kevins dishes he left outside.."that's not your job" as Michele doesn't want ants everywhere..

Michele returns as Russ says all "of them were all in that room talking" about them in Red BR...

1:05 BBT "i don't know what the fuck is going on" and says "she was very standoffish when we were up in the room"...Russ .."how did the fuck did he win"

Michele tells Russ "calm down" until "monday" as there is "no campaigning" as "the decision has been made" and says its not cool "the stress" they are putting them through...

1:08 BBT Michele mumbles something....as they talk about slop...Michele "they makes out to be crazy" Michele says because we are reacting to what they say...

Michele "i don't know" how much bashing of them "is going on"....Russ mad how Nat bashes jesse and lydia now..Michele says she's a "crazy bitch"..

Russ "do you think Jess will keep one of them and send one of us home".......Russ saying "with Kevin and Natalie its better odds" of getting to the end...Michele says natalie may ne a "watch out" and bust out "in the final comp"...

1:12 BBT Russ says "i can't say anything' and tell Jeff what "i'm thinking"....Michele says "I think Natalie told them something bad"...Jeff said Jeff told her.in the morning..."i find it ridiculous" that she isn't scheming...and Michele says she wonders if Jeff believes that green room lie story with Ronnie.....

Russ "i can read Jordan and Jordan is not being normal" Russell says...

1:14 BBT Michele "you can't do it without scheming" about being alone as Russ gets snippy not to give him 'a sob story" of being alone as she was alone only

Russ says he doesn't under stand why he gives him so much information..

1:16 BBT "he pissed" about the "Jesse vote" she tells Russ..he says "oh with me"......Michele says logically "he's giving us a lot of power" because they decide who goes...

1:18 "if one of us go up" we'll go home and he'll end up with two people coming after him and a pissed off person...

Russ says he thinks they are all in the Red Room...

1:18 BBT Russ says we're done talking "without him reciprocating"

1:19 BBT Russ "i can't believe I lost that"

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1:31 BBT Russ said if they thought Chima was bad that they better watch out if Jeff puts either him or Michelle up... though Russ and Michelle are talking about getting Jeff out.

Russ says the smartest thing is to take one of them out (referring to him and Michelle).

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1:20 BBT

In the red Room Jeff is bonding with his new {executioners} teammates as Jordan talking about the different guys she likes..Jeff likes chicks in "sweatpants and her hair all tied back"

1:22 BBY talking about the types they like...

1:23 BBT Outside the realization is coming to fruition.."i can't believe what's happening..I'm in awe" Russ says..

Russ says "i just want to see what happens" if "one of us goes up"..."i will lose it" he says worse then Chima..asaying he will go after Jeff......"he better have a damn good reason" to put us up..."he made a stink about coming after our families" if they went behind his back...

1:27 BBT

Michele talking about Jesse asking why he asked about it and Russ says he just wante "to see where you stood"......

1:28 BBT...Russell wants to know what Kevin said about him...as Russell gains amunition for Monday's massive blowup......

Russ says "I had no problems with him" about Jesse....and sais he was too cocky and says how Kevin coud throw all his firends under the bus and becaome "close" friends with Jeff..

Russ asks Michele if DR asked about "backdooring" and Michele said "last week" and get BB warning.....and says Jeff said "make sure you get the veto" and leave the noms the same..

Russ says if he goes against one of us he's screwing himself......and Russs ays "he's trying to buy himself a week" so he can compete....

Russ "everyone hate us now" and Michele Jeff is helping them hate us....

1:34 BBT Russ says "i honestly don't know" but concedes it is a smart thing to get one of us out but if he thinks Kevin isn't coming after him he's mistaken.... and Kevin "used a gold can" on him..

1:35...Both talking and are very worried...

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1:37 BBT

Russ saying "he thinks it odd" they got Lydia out.....Russ "i wished we got rid of kevin and says "you did the right thing" by getting rid or nominating Chima

1:38 FOTH...

Russ says "it comes down to fucking luck" about the "can game" as Russ says he wished BB "would have enforced the rules better" and foth....as they talk Jeff was asking questions about the riddles during the POV..and Michele says "people should have been called out" for talking as Jeff asked about questions during the "laura" riddle and another foth

1:40 BBT "today didn't go the way it was suppose to" and says all they can do is hang out with them tommorrow like nothing's wrong...Russ says that will be hard as they are running things to talk about

Russ "where did we go wrong" and Michele says "we didn't win HOH"

Russ says now he was upset "when he took the hawaiian vacation" saying he should have taken the "$5000" and is was like a" big fuck you"

Russ saying Jeff was being possesive about him bonding with Michele..

1:43 BBT "i thought we were all allies" Michele says and Russ thought the same...

1:46 BBT "If I'm nominated I'm throwing churros all over this place"Michele says and Russ says it will be him as Jeff is over "the Jesse vote" and says that was his friend from "day 3" and what was he suppose "to do"

1:47 BBTMichele says they are on slop and isolated and says "this week I really feel like the nominees" and says this was suppose to be a "good week"...

1:48 Michele says she should have plopped her butt in there HOH and never left..

1:49 BBT Russ: "I have a sick Feeling I'm going up"

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1:50 BBT Nat and Kevin hope Russ sleeps all day tomorrow and says they will try to domiate all of Jeff's time tomorrow..

Nat saying Michele is a great competitior and gets lucky...

1:51 Jeff telling Jordan what he's saying to Russ at POV ceremony.....and Jordan says Jeff better not pull a Diane BB%...Jeff says "i don't want to see anybody win the money but us" and "why would I do that"

1:55 BBT Jeff says he wants to spil "them up" a becaus ethey are talking about us and "all their stories" and get rid of Russell "and keep Michele on our side" and Jeff says he's going to make it seems Russ is untrustworthy....

"It hurts what are you gonna do" Jeff says .....

1:56 BBT Jeff playing solitaire.."what do you think"..and Jordanagrees with "everything you said" and jeff says "come on" and she says "I do"

Jeff "we have to talk to michele" and Jordan says she doesn't like talking to Nat and Kevin...and Jordan says "i hope next week" she doesn't hope sh says "jeff and Jordan you're up"..as Jeff says what can she do "trust them ..they hate her" and Jeff says he has to look at all the angles to make sure they are not "missing something"

2:00 BBT talking about winning HOHs and POVs back to back and hope they didn't blow all their prayers this past "two weeks"

2:01 BBT Jeff "you don't think" Kev and Natalie would flip... and says "sorry you and Jordan are up" and Jordan says he doesn't think so as Jordan says Natalie "sounds so sincere"..

Jordan says if its between her and Michele she will let Michele win and next week Jeff says "i'll win" and do the "backstab move and get her the fuck out"

2:03 BBT J&J are almost sure Kev and Nat are not going up.they promised not to put Jordan up..as Jordan believes.."they are putting each other up" not them..with Michele going out.. {ok how fucking dumb can you be}

2:05 BBT Jeff talking about the swear of the father.....Jeff "what does that mean" and told Russ he's alright..


{I'm out}

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2:50 am BBT: Last night before bed Jordan and Jeff were in HOH bed cuddling and talking about the possible scenarios AGAIN and started disussing topics ranging from eachother and how they need to focus and count things. They went threw final HOH scenarios and game possibilities. Jeff thinks they are going to have an endurance comp. because it will be "fair" since Jeff and Russell cant play. He is banking on that Jordan will take it but its its questions hes not so sure. He wants her to count to be prepared because he thinks if it isnt an endurance it will defintly be numbers. Jeff mentioned J & M vs. N & K is good odds ( he is obviously assuming that M will be happy he is taking out her partner).

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12:12 BBT

Michele is shaving her legs in HOH bathroom. Jordan is downstairs in regular bathroom.

12:22 BBT

Feeds have now followed Jordan to the pool and Michele outside to lounge near her.

Russ is sleeping in the pool room.

12:29 BBT

Michele asks Jordan who should go home this week: Kevin, Natalie or the mystery person. Jordan says she doesn't know and that it should be the stronger person and Michele agrees. Jordan asks Michele who should go and Michele says she's conflicted. Jordan asks if it's between Kevin and Russell and Michele laughs and says Russ hasn't been winning stuff lately and then says it's between Nat and Kevin. Michele asks Jordan if she wants Russ/Kevin out and Jordan says yes, it's either of them and Nat isn't strong and the focus should be to get the strongest people out.

Michele says right now, Jeff is the strongest person and laughs and Jordan agrees and Michele says it's good to have him on their side. Jordan flatters Michele, though, and comments on how good Michele has been in comps. Michele can understand how J/J want Russ out now. Jordan says how Russ has already agreed to F2 with Michele and how J/J have only said F3 with Michele.

Jordan says in the F4, with J/J/M/R, if J/J get HOH and Russ gets POV, then Michele is in jepardy (not really, b/c he'd keep Michele and evict J or J) Michele says no one is safe in the F4 unless you're HOH or POV.

Michele tells Jordan that Russ said he'll go crazy if put up as a replacement nom and Jordan says she'll go crazy on him and isn't scared of Russ.

12:36 BBT

Jordan says if Russ wins HOH next week, Russ isn't stupid and will put up J/J. Jordan says Russ is just using Michele, b/c he thinks Michele is a Ronnie and is smart, so Russ is just using her. Jordan says how Russ chose F2 with Michele, but Jordan doesn't know if Jeff would pick her, b/c he might do a BB5 Drew and pick Russ over her to go to the F2 (Jordan knows this isn't the truth). Jordan mentions that if Michele wins HOH next week, and Russ is still there, he'll try to tell Michele to put J/J up and Michele says that will never happen. Jordan goes back to the veto comp and how Jordan didn't care who won, but Russ was only rooting for Michele to win when he should have been cheering for J/J/M b/c of their F4 deal, so he must not trust Jeff.

Jordan says she doesn't know for sure what Jeff is doing and he probably won't tell Jordan until Monday, if that, but Russ has shown his cards too early.

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12:40 BBT

Jeff is sleeping in HOH room.

Outside, Jordan says if she won HOH and POV, it'd be between Kevin and Russ b/c they're strong competitors. She mentions that Michele is strong, too, but they have a F3 with her (I guess F4 with Russell doesn't matter...)

Jordan is bashing Russ to Michele, saying how horrible he was to Michele but now he's just being nice to her b/c of their F2 deal. Jordan states that if someone saved her with the wizard power, she'd do anything for that person and vote how they want and whatnot.

12:45 BBT

Nat has come outside and Michele joins Jordan in the pool.

1:00 BBT

Nat says Kevin is still sleeping. She also predicts (again) that next week, BB will close the pool room and Have Not room. She's happy that Russ got to experience being a Have Not, b/c that's only fair that everyone had to be one at some point (since when does she care about stuff being fair?)

1:05 BBT

Nat is in the kitchen, looking for food. In the pool, Michele asks Jordan if she's really concerned about Jeff pulling a BB5 Drew. Jordan says yes and she's not sure what Jeff will do.

1:10 BBT

Couch potato-turned domestic follower Natalie has come outside and offers to wash everyone's water shoes. Michele thanks her (as it's free service for her).

Jeff is still in HOH bed. Nothing happening.

(I'll be back in a couple of hours.-lala)

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1:20PM BBT: Jordan runs to the HoH room to tell Jeff her shocking conversation with Michele [some how laladoopiedu and I didn't hear it the same way -Morty] . Jordan says how she told Michele that Jeff is going to do what's best for him. She tells Jordan that Michele thought it was weird that they would want to keep Natalie around, and next week wouldn't be good because next week you couldn't play for HoH. Jeff gets really pissed and is shouting, "Yeah well then she's so gone! [Michele] If she doesn't want to play by our fucking rules then she's gone! She knows it's the smartest move. Jessie knew it when I took him out, that that was a smart move." Jordan says it's a good thing she didn't win competition. yesterday. Jeff: "Yeah, well she better watch her fucking tone! You want to throw HoH, fine. Make it easy on us, you're going home. She knows Russell is her only ally and if he goes she's next!"

Jordan: "She said Russell will blow up, I told her I told her let him go crazy, I'm not scared of Russell. What's he going to do, scream, yell. I don't care, I'm not scared of him." Jeff: "I'll fucking slap him in the face. Who the fuck is she to run around and tell you that shit?!"

Jordan says she told her this was her words, and not Jeff's "So don't get mad saying that I never say anything, I told her this was coming from me, not you." She say she can fell that Michele is turning on them but she shouldn't have made a final two deal with Russell. Jordan says she's scared Michele might put her and Jeff up if she wins HoH.

It's really important that some cover the next two hours, I'll be out. (Newbies welcome) -Morty

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