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8/15 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:30 - ish BBT Indoor Lockdown is over. There is a golf game with instructions set up. They have oversized golf clubs and golf balls to use. Lydia and Natalie are currently practicing. Lydia is giving Natalie pointers and they are trying to analyze the game.

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9:45 ish BBT Kevin in the kitchen talking with Michelle, Jordan and Jeff. He told Jeff that he had nothing to do with his (J's) things being moved out of his drawer. Kevin says that they put all of his (K's) stuff in the drawer and that he moved it back out. He says they were trying to implicate him.

Russel comes in to prepare something to cook on the grill. Jeff is upset that he ate and now the lockdown is over. He would have liked to eat steak.

Natalie and Lydia playing golf.

Michelle, Jordan, Jeff, Kevin and Russel in the kitchen.

Kevin goes into Red Room and tells Chima (who is still curled up in bed) that she should practice the game outside.

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10:00 is BBT Chima goes outside. She does not have her microphone on. Nat tells Lydia to go get it for Chima. Lydia tells her that she will get it for her. Chima continues talking without a mic and tells Lydia not to get it. She says something about how she can sit out there without it. (BB has already told her to put it on, she flipped them off)

They are rewashing their clothes again.

Nat and Lydia want to hide the balls to the game so others cannot play.

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9:04PM BBT: Jeff alone in kitchen eating left over Chinese food. Not another houseguest in sight. Most everyone is napping during and indoor lockdown.

9:05PM BBT: Natalie and new best friend Lydia, in red room. They have the chess-board from upstairs. They are using colored candy and the squares to build a Big Brother calendar. Actually a little impressive coming from Natalie (BigFLGuy).

9:39PM BBT: LD Over and in the backyard we find a

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10:20 BBT

Well the lines that have been drawn and there's no doubt who's on which side...Outside Lydia Chima and Natalie and to some extent Kevin plan to monopolize the washer/dryer as well as the minature golf apparatus for what natalie said earlier "the whole night"...

Chima being obstinate is not wearing her mic as they practice for what apparantly will be the PoV comp for tomorrow....Natalie and Lydia trying to figure out how to make their shots better.....

10:25 BBT meanwhile indoors Russell is preparing a steak/chicken feast for himself and Jordan to cook on the new grill....Michele/Jeff is on the couch watching the other girls minus Jordan practice for POV while Russell grills...Jeff called to DR

10:27 BBT Jordan cleaning up in the kitchen

10:30 BBT They continue to practice/ wash clothes even rewashing clothes... but expect things to butt heads after awhile....Natalie saying she's going to use the minature golf clubs "all night long"..as natalie has "lost the touch" as Lydia says "don't worry you'll get it back"

10:31 BBT "guess what bitches I have all night to get the technique down" and saying "i don't sleep..I'm a beast" ..Chima is inaudible since she doesn't have her mic on yet her laugh seems to come in loud and clear...{go figure}

10:33 BBT Now Lydia and natalie talking how they have stuff to wash in fact natalie says "I have a chicken suit" to wash she plans to wear if she's evicted....

10:35 BBT Jordan still working on hers and Russells side dishes....

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10:36 BBT

Jordan says "we can't lose Jeff" as both says "we can do without Russell" as Jordan says "we'll worry about that later...we don't want to get too ahead of ourselves"

Michele says Kevin really "doesn't want to win" and Jordan thinks natalie doesn't want to win.....and says she wants Chima to go first" because she is 'coming after us"......

10:38 BBT Russ renters the kitchen..."I looove BBQ" as Michele says she's glad nones has "sabotage" the BBQ" and Russ says "give em time" as Michele says "they don't care" because they know they're "going home" and don't want them to have "anything fun"

Michele saysing she doesn't care if she wins pov or not "if she doesn't go home this week..then she goes home next week" about Chima

Russ making fun saying "Is she praying to her Jesse statute for guidance and health"

10:42 BBT "we love you" "you answered our prayers" as Michele and Jordan dig in to the BBQ.....Jordan says "that's a nice grill" and she thought they would get the cheap "circular" one....."this is sooo good"..Michele "i'm so pist off' about 'what they are doing' about hiding throwing stuff...and says Kevin is an "accomplice" even though he just watched....as they talk about beinga "bystander and not get help"

Jordan says "i think he's a nice person' about Kevin as Michele agrees but says "he just didn't strategize"

10:45 BBt Jeff who is "so full" is passing on Russ's BBQ feast...

Lydia and Chima reneter the house and head to the bathroom and do whatever Lydias and Chimas do in BRs...

10:47 BBT Michele and Jordan gobbling down their food..at the kitchen bar..

10:50 BBT Outdoors natalie being relentless in keeping the POV apparatus in her use....

Chima heads to the Kitchen and gets something to drink as Russell heads in with Part II of Russ's BBQ as Russ offers some up and Michele says "i don't think I could eat anymore...but try back in ..1/2 hour"

10:52 BBT Jeff sitting outside alone..looking quite displeased....

Indoors Russ enjoying the fruits of his labor..as he digs in asking what they thought of his zuchini ..Michele says "I loved it"

10:53 BBT Kevin just sitting there no participating in any practice....just throwing the balls back to Natalie

Russ says to Jordan "lets go outside" as Michele and Jordan whispers inaudible at the sink drowned out by running water and banging pots as Michele is washing dishes...but I have a feeling it was about Chima..

10:56 BBT Post dinner clean up as michele says "i got it' and Jordan says "i'll help"

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1-2AM EST 10-11PM BBT

10:03PM BBT: Russell is telling Jordan the story about when his Father left Lebanon. He says that his Father left with no money or anything. Then he went back and got his siblings. When he got to America he went to school and became a journalist. Russell continues that his family in Lebanon are involved in the Secret Service and that his Uncle ran for President just two-years ago.

10:07PM BBT: Russell bitching how it

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10:57 BBT

Chima has taken position on her new throne..yep she's sitting on the washer/dryer...with a look that would send any pitbull running....

Michel, Jeff ,Russell and Jordan sitting on the couch....Jordan telling them Lydia took some "hot sauce" "toilet paper" and a "lint roller" back into the room and warns them to take their stuff up to their room and warns she will do it when 'yall are sleeping' as Russ says "i'll do it right back...you better believe it"

1:02 BBT Chima still on the washer/dryer as Lydia announces to them she's making them some cookies...Chima talking

she was warned to "exchange" her mic.she bitches "i'm not going anywhere".....whinning for them not to do it saying "i did get fucked over by Michele"..Natalie yapping something from across the yard....as Chima sits ....

11:06 BBT at the couches the rest of them sit and watch possibly the most {vile immature} HG practice and hog the POV practice apparatus..

Jordan saying 'at least when " we were on the block" they didnt act like them...

11:08 BBT Russell has pushed his way into practicing...Jordan at the couch "she has to go now" as Russ tells Jeff "wannna try it" and Jeff says "i'll practice later"....

Jordan aks Michele why Chima is sitting on the dryer.."so we can't use it"

11:10 BBT Russ now practicing for PoV as the other three watch him...

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11:11 BBT

Michele and Jordan whispering..about talking about next weeks HOH...

Lydia has joined Chima on the dryer...

Natalie is yelling to lydia and Chima if they have anything "to wash" as Natalie says "she'll wait"

11:14 BBt Russell unphased at natalie' attempt to hog the apparatus...as he is there practicing...

Jordan saysing it was "wierd" Russ voted to "keep Jesse"..Michele mumble something that was inaudible....Jeff sitting there like he's about to blow...

Chima warned to put on her mic and does nothing...

11:16 BBT...Russ practicing as now Natalie seems to be fetching the balls for him...as he shoots...

11:17 BBT Now there just silence on the couch as the rest practice or guard the washer.....

mostly silence as when Chima talks it really is inuadible.....Jordan tells Jeff "Russell admitted to her" about his Jesse vote Jeff "oh really" and tells she tells Jeff what Michele told her.....as Jordan whispers at such a low decible about Russ and getting him out before the final 4.....jeff tells Michele and Russell "i'll play in a little bit".....Jordan says Michele "will tell me later" about Russ's reason to keep Jesse in the house..

11:21 BBT Michele has joined Russell in practicing for the POV

Jordan telling Jeff "they're just trying to start' problems to get evicted as jeff says he'll start clothes on fire....

Jordan says "he wouldn't do that" about Russ saving Natalie..with POV..

11:24 Jordan says Chima "gets mad" when you call girls "bitches" and Jeff "whatever"...Jordan saying..she's thinking ahead about unloading Russell and Jeff says he is too and how if he gets to the final two....they will 'stick it to me" in the jury vote..

11:26 Jordan reminds Jeff that Russell and Kevin have won money...

Jeff says he's gonna "say it" about Lydia's secret if she messes with his or Jordan's clothes....as both says they are in a bad mood....and Jeff says they make "this experience a nightmare"

11:27 "if they touch my shit I'm lighting their shit on fire ..period".."burning fire...on fire!" jeff tells Jordan when she suggest he moves his stuff to HOH..

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11:29 BBT

Chima has put on her mic......

11:31 BBT "russ asks why don't they want to do this as him and Michele practice and Michele says they're just in a bad mood...Michele goes pee "too much soda for me" as Russ continues to practice for PoV....he says she'll be right back...

11:33 BBT..Inside Natalie,Lydia,Chima, and Kevin Jedi drilling...as natalie says "we're just making checker pieces" as they use colr candy for vetoes, HOHs, HHNs to make a cheat sheet...

11:34 Michele returns to practice..J&J sitting watching..Russel..has 'got it' and tells how to do the shot and Michele was able to do it...."nice Michele" as Russell 's intructions....have made michele a good shot.....

They are talking "Chima's done" as Russell says "fuck it" and isn't allowing them to act like they are running this shit....

11:37 BBT Russell explaining what she needs to do to get the ball "around the snail"......as Michele and him practice "diffrent angles" as Russ being very methodic in explaining how she needs to shoot...

11:39 BBT...Natalie "the first person to get rid of Jeff" will get her vote will be her speech..Chima "they all just fucked themselves" as Chima says she will "vote for him to win" as she complains they took the target off Russell..

11:41 BBT PoV practice continues with Russ/Michele..

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11:43 BBT

Russ and Michele still practicing as jeff and Jordan still have not participated...Jeff is smoking and Jordan is in DR..

Feeds are FOTH..

BBAD PoV practicing..

11:45 BBT Michele jokes "so how much are the mini golf lessons from Russell?".....they continue..

11:47 BBT Natalie Chima Lydia and Kevin continue to Jedi drill as Jordan heads out of DR.

Jeff finally gets off his butt and heads over to practice for PoV as Jordan heads over also.."it got cold" as Jeff tries his hand at it....

Jordan says "i need to get on pants and I'll try"...Michele calling Jeff "fancy pants ....you're good' as Jeff makes all his shots.....

russ asks "you check your shit" and Jeff says no as he thinks they won't mess with his stuff..Lydia called to DR and Michele jokes what BB is telling her.. "stop fucking with people's shit"

11:52 BBT Jordan gives it a go..."its gonna be a game of luck for me" {she'll probably win} as Jordan is pretty bad at it...

11:54 BBT Feeds are FOTh and BBad has them practicing for PoV..

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11:58 BBT

In Red BR...Kevin saying "i'm already getting the asshole edit"...and chima says "they tried to make me look like a bitch" for making him not use the PoV..

Lydia says she told DR "i was fine with it" Kevin not using PoV...

12:02 BBT FoTH...

12:04 BBT outside "6' with shoes on..maybe 6'1" as Jordan ask Jeff how tall he is...they continue to practice..Jordan saying "Ronno said the corny things" as Jordan says "he probably sits at his computer 24 hrs/day" saying "lie,lie,lie" as Michele jokes don't talk about him when "i'm trying to concentrate"

12:07 BBT "maybe they'll hook us with some cute outfits" during POV Michele says as Jeff says "Plaid" pants for the guys..Michele says no plaid as it is bad for "the cameras"

12:08 BBT they are back to concentrating on the golf game...Michele "looks like the washer will be free"

back to golf concentartion..

12:11 BBT No convo outdoor other than golf shots..

Indoors Natalie still going over dates as Chima cleans up in the kitchen...

12:13 BBT jordan telling Russ how they took Jeff's stuff out of a drawer and put in Kevins's and how Kevin removed hid stuff..

Talking about them hogging the washer.."there's nothing stopping us from getting there stuff and throwing there stuff on the ground" Michele suggests....as Russ is getting mad how they are washing like 2 socks at a time...

12:16 russ talking how they have all been at the bottom and they are first to experience it and says he told them "i'll take my four any day" and Russ says when your at the bottom and how you act shows "what you're made of"

12:18 BBT Russ says "we all have neen up there" about being on the block... as Jeff giving Jordan intense instructions for her bad golf..

Michele says she respects Kevin who "actually tried" today..."that was nice"

12:19 BBT Chima sticks her head out asking them if they have seen the Cheetos and Russ says I'saw them in the SR" but doesn't say anything..."she fucking disgusts me" he adds..

12:20 More Pov practice....Russ realizes the snail is velcroed and can move it for diffrent angles...but Russ is not gonna says anything to the other side..

12:22 BBT Tiger Wood talk

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12:25 BBT

Not too much hapeening as indoors as Chima says that "you won't have this tool" and how are they are going to remeber all this stuff "in you heads"

Natalie saying all the dates and tells kevin "if you can remember those 5 dates" he'll "remeber anything"

12:27 BBT Chima talking about Jordan saying she hasn't done anything but she's "gulity by association" with Jeff...going over HOHs and Chima says "i would appreciate you don't refer to me as HOH" and sa "the 6th person evicted from the BB house"

12:29 BBT Michele bashing about what Ronnie said the way she eats...Chima "i feel like a fool" for defending her gainst all their personal attacks ...Chima "I think that bitch drunk my pineapple juice"

Lydia wants to go to HOH and raid it....as Natalie warns they need to be invited......Chima calling her HOH a "figure Head"...Kevin come up with "Fake OH" and Natalie wants to go practice...and no one else wants to as Lydia says "i don't want to give them the satisfaction" of having to wait..Natalie says she'll just go up there and take it over..

12:33 BBT Chima talks about when DR asks about "your downfall" and we get FOTH..

Chima says if she won POV she would save Natalie and Chima "i made some good friends here" as Natalie says even one that she thought was "a fucking bitch" and Lydia "ditto"

12:34 BBT they are talking about Jesse and Michelle BB10...chima "they better include that part" as we keep getting FOTH

12:36 FOTH

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12:38 BBT

natalie is going "to wash my chicken suit" as they talk about their order of eviction as Chima says BB "fucked me so royally up the ass" and FOTH..

12:39 Natalie saying "its not like we got outplayed" and everytime Chima chimes in FOTH...

12:40 BBT FOTH..

Feed switches to outside and Jeff,Russel,Michele practicing...Russ goes over to Micheles socks over at the laundry..Jeff and Russel seem to have mastered the golf game..as Jeff explains where they need to "break" the ball...

jeff "i don't think its one shot because its a veto" talking about it.."maybe you play something" as Russ says "there will be cash prizes" and Jordan "i'll pay 10G's to "get Chima the "fuck" outta here..

Jordan thinks they will take the prizes..rather than try to win it..Russell "they will take em to' and Michele "I totally think so"

12:44 BBT Jordan goes up and she's bad...at first ad seems to now have the hang of it and I typed too soon as her last shot misses...

12:46 BBT Jordan tells Jeff "I'll listen to you for once" as she listens to Jeff's golf tips.....talking how the last apparatus came with instructions "not to hog" the thing and laugh how Casey had a rotation system for the practices..

12:48 BBT the continue to practice..and laugh about the Cheetos Chima was looking for "was in one of our drawers" and talk how they were "totally reading that manual"

12:49 BBT Foth

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12:51 BBT

"i will flip" Russ says if they are "raiding" anything or putting "hot sauce" on anything of his...and Jeff says something about the "fire department" as he mentioned earlier he would burn their stuff if they messed with his...

Talking about them trying to hog as Jeff says he just outwaited while Russ says he just bullied his way...

12:53 Jeff talking baout the way his niece acts we get FOTH...

Feeds return with them practicing as Russ asks "was I snoring" because "I was out on your bed" ..Michele says "a little bit" as she left when he did...

12:55 BBT ..Michele wonders "why do we have a snail" something should have been better for BB

talk about their food......."its fucking disgusting" Russell says about Lydia's chicken..talking how Michele's hubby doesn't "have a temper' and Russell says "apparently he's killing Ronnie" and Michele say "yeah......" and we get foth..

12:57 BBT FOTH..

1:00 BBT Still Foth


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10 minutes of {1:07 BBT} FOTH so far

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1:10 BBT

Feed finally return to Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Jeff still practicing for POV

Switched cameras to see what the other half of the house was up to and and we get FOTH

1:12 BBT FOTH...

1:14 BBT FOTH...


For some inexplicable reason Real/CBS are being even more touchy with the FOTH switch..



{this is too frustrating..I'm out I will be back tomorrow}

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