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7/16 - Live Feed Updates


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BBT 9:53

BY.. Ronnie/Michelle/Jeff/Jordan talking that the vote could be 5-5 but Jeff says it will not be as Casey is going to vote to keep braden. Ronnie is upset that Russ is saying mean things to him. Jordan saying they can stick to it and run the house. Michelle and Ronnie agree (but ronnie does not look like he is going to do it) casey comes out and plays pool and Michelle tells Casey that Chima told her that she was going to put up casey. Casey agrees that he is already thinking that he may vote to keep Braden. Michelle tells Casey that Russ has also said he wanted casey up on the block as well. Casey asks scouts honor and she says yes. casey says it makes him mad the way Russ walks around the house the way he does. Casey says if he does this they must agree if he goes on the block they have to vote him to stay. Casey says he would send russ home. Casey says his only concern is that if anyone backs out (wish they knew about ronnie) but says he is still willing to do it b/c he likes jeff and braden more than the other side. Casey says that he knows his team mates will be mad at him but that does not bother him so much.

( They may pull this off since Ronnie is upset with Russell)

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BBT 10:13

Jeff/Braden playing pool laura and Ronnnie talking while Jessie watches from the couch. Jessie who was not really talking to the "other" side of the house seems to be really trying to be nice and talk to the ones he would not talk to before as the HOH comp is now less than 24 hours away.

Bathroom Lydia/Kevin Lydia puts on makeup as Kevin watches and there is not much game talk but they have much to say about everyone in the house.

( you can see the tension in the house and can tell they all thinking on the eve of the frist evection)

There is a bunch of general chit chat and when given the chance they duck in a room and talk but at this point if Ronnie and Casey do what they say chima is going home and they are going to flip the house. If it stays the same I will not post so if anyone wants to post its all yours...

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10:30 BBT the eve of the first eviction of the season

Outdoors Braden and Jeff are playing pool both seem relaxed and are engaging in very little game talk.

Inside jordan wondering if the camera "adds 10lb" Jordan says that she thought Jesse was taller than he appeared in person she said when she say him she thought "wow he's short"...Russell trying to explain if camera adds weight like differnt mirrors make you appear different..

10:33 BBT Jordan sings and Russell shh's her and "oh sorry" Jordan remembers....Laura "I don't drink enough fluids unless its alcohol"....Russell playfully teases Jordan while Laura goes takes her medicine....Laura returns...Lydia passes by and out..."she always seems so mad" Jordan or Laura says...Russ "so what" and they ignore his question..

10:37 BBT

Jeff at the sink while Jordan looks at the memory wall and they go to the pool room to change and talk...Jordan tells him russell asking "what's up" telling Jordan "you've been mean to me" and tells Jeff Russ told he he's been ignoring him...Jefff they're worried....."They know something's coming....I fucking love it" Jeff says...Jordan "I weigh 137..do you know how terrible that is" Jeff ask what she weighed "coming in"..Jordan "uhh uhh" Jeff "come on"..and thinks she couldn't weigh "130 something" coming in..

Jeff/Jordan head back out to the kitchen..they head outdoors while Jeff asks "where's braden" and tells her he "beat me at pool"

10:41 as they walk out "here's America's sweethearts" Casey announces and ask "how is he going on the bachelor if he's with you"

Braden heads out and evryone is there either playing pool...Jeff asks why he's out of breath "what'd you just do?" as he says "its heavy"...nothing Braden says "i was just cleaning my shoes"

Jordan "i'm bored" and can't figure "what I wanna do"......

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10:45 BBT

"I hear a lot of people are coming after me" Jesse asks Casey...Casey confirms Jesse "guilty by association".....Casey says he asked for gurantees that Jesse wasn't going up and casey realizes what gurantees mean in BB. the whisper but water is on and drowns them out...{talking bout Braden}

"that's the closet we can get" talking about gurantees...casseys says "jesse "I'm so nervous I need to shit"...Casey says he'll tell him what his decision is in the morning {I guess to braden}...Jesse now nervous to go "shit"..

10:48 BBT Jordan looking for something to do and found doing her nails "I guess pink"....Ronnie comes by whispers something..Jordans asks "Why"...and says he's going to go changes

In silver room Jesse talking about "numbers game"...Casey tells him "that's no blood fucking bond' about the athletes...Ronnie walks in and Casey says either sending them is a risk...Casey tells Ronnie he and Jeff "are just as athletic" and sending Chima is the best offer "for survival" and Casey tells Ronnie Ruus is after me and Ronnie was his choice to be the replacemeny nominee...he tells Ronnie to keep it "hush hush" {oh oh} Casey says he's "90% sure" he'll vote out Chima...He say they're will be explosions tomorrow but he's prepared to deal with it...

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KC tried to go to bed early and BB jst called him to the diary room.

Lots of 'just in case' scheming going on night before eviction

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10:55 BBT

Ronnie tells Chima and Jesse Russell that he offerred him a deal for final three....Jesse "his stock" in the house after this week is going down....Ronnie and Jesse heads to the HOH...as BB warns him to put on his mic'''It's on" he whines..

Jesse trying to make in less obvious by heading upstairs a whole 30 seconds after Ronnie..."what's up" Ronnie asks...Jesse and him laugh at Laura's offer to the final three...Ronnie "I trust you..I trust Natalie and I trust Chima ..that's it"...Jesse tells him the vote may be "5-5" and Ronnie says "Russ is really rubbing the house the wrong way"...Jesse says that's Russ problem because his name isn't being mentioned......Ronnie "you are not going up next week...they want Russ out"....Jesse says who says they are 'going to win"....

11:01 BBT...Ronnie "russ told Laura she needs a fucking Muzzle"..and told her "you're fucking dumb" and Laura came back..."the peasants are revolting against him"...

Ronnie says "they think "i'm in the middle ..I'm a free agent".....Ronnie says "they want to get rid of Russ" and "they want to talk to you when Russ is out" Jesse "they don't talk to me" and tells Jesse they want "Natalie" out too... Jesse says "as easy as the plan sounds" if Russ wins POV that can change..Jesse says "i hate playing the what if game"....Jesse says "it sucks " about Russ......Lydia at the HOH door.."oh my God are you having man talk" and shoos her away for "2 minutes"..Ronnie "that's who scares me"...Jesse "I can talk to her"...Ronnie tells Jesse "He's a bully, walks around like he owns the place"...

Jesse "unfortunately that bully is on my side"..."what is actually going to happen" and warns not to brush him off because he can win HOH "next week"

11:07 BBT Jeff and Casey in Pool rooom Casey admits he told Jesse it 5-5 'Jeff says not to tell him shit...Jeff asks if he's on board...feeds switch abck to Jesse talking all manically.....Talking about Laura and her offer...."I just wanna make sure you knew"..and tells him "no he's not coming after you"....and tris to tell ronnie if he has the power it would be good to keep Russ in..

Jesse says he's worried the vote being 6-4...he tells him to keep Chima "if she goes home you understand"..."its in your guy's hands"....Jesse Lydia and Kevin "are not keeping Braden in this house"

11:13 BBT Russ and Lydia enter..Jesse asks "you voting for Braden to stay right?" and Lydia Yeah right and I'm a natural blond"...Lydia...says who does he have....Jeff Jordan Michele and laura....and Jesse could care less if its a tie since he's knows "who i'm going to vote for" but would rater not be put into that position...

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11:00 BBT

Jessie (I believe he caught wind of the play from Casey) is in the HOH room scrambling deals to try to keep Ronnie on his side. Lydia tries to come in, but Jess asks her to wait. Jess promises a lot to Ronnie, saying he'll tell Ronnie everything, Russ isn't after Ron and if they win HOH next week, whoever Ronnie wants on the block, Jessie will get on the block and how Ron has a voice in their group and Jess will make sure it's heard.

Russ comes in to use the bathroom and Lydia follows. They count votes for Braden and know Chima is staying. Ronnie trying to hint that he's worried that people will keep Braden.

(Jeff and Casey had a quick pow wow in the pool room. I missed most of the convo, but I think Casey committed to the plan to keep Braden. Jeff said that he'd tell people they had the votes.)

11:15 BBT

Jordan and Jeff whispering in the bathroom. Braden walks in and Jeff tells him and Michele that he thinks they (the other side) knows b/c Casey told them, but they still have Casey's vote. Jeff says he can't believe they did it and asks Braden if he's happy and how much work they had to do.

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Russ-ron-lydia-jessie in hoh

Russ is a cranky boy. He says he didn't get to lay out and didn't get his vitamin K.

Russ''If I hear one more of them talking about your boobs I am going to pop them!!

lydia''thank you!''

all are criticizing laura for all of her ' poor me, and my beautifl fake boobs'

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11:15 BBT "why would I vote out my teammate" Roonie say in his high squaky voice as Lydia asks if he's keeping Chima....Lydia ragging on Laura "she's not even grateful that she wasn't put up"....Jesse says once noms are set people talk "a little more Freeer" {should be freely}

In the bathroom Michele jordan and Michele talking.."is going to be a wierd 24 hrs...I love it" and warns braden not to get "tacky on his speech" because he's still going to be around.

11:18 BBT Now the wonder where Ronnie is..."where is he" Jeff wonders...

Upstairs Russ complaing people "pissed me off today" talking about how "craky" he said "I went to bed cranky last night because they didn't let us play my fucking game" and rants about production and throw out names "mike" "Stephanie she's new" and Russ asks what the chatter was about..and Jesse says Brade working hard to stay...and laugh at him..Jesse "that's prety much it"..."braden doesn't have the votes" Russ declares More Braden bashing...

11:23 BBT Back in the bathroom Jordan whispering to Laura and Jeff says with Chima out "we have one more player" on our side....Jordan "its so awkward outside..."...Now they worried "they better not be working on his ass" about Ronnie....Whispering continues..a lot of overtalking....."its one less person for them"

Braden and Jeff in the kitchen.....where's Ronnie Jeff wonders again...tells Braden if there are more votes because they realized it was a losing cause so tell then fuck you if they say his speech changed their vote..

11:27 BBT Braden and Jeff continue talking

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11:30 BBT

Russ upstairs looking a little more riled up saying "he's blunt"..

Casey says "probably more tha you would of liked" Casey tells Jeff when he asks what he told Jesse...and Natalie walks in and talk turns to bum shoulders..

11:31 BBT Ruus laughing hysterically at his own selly fart....Jesse "what does it stink that bad"...Russ 'don't you think farts are funny?" and continues to laugh..

Jesse says :Casey doesn't like Chima" but Lydia assures his vote to evict Braden.

11:34 BBT Casey and Jeff talking saying they he and Russel could end up being firiends...saying "i think I could be cool with Jesse" and says he told Jesse "i hope you don't say a word to Russell" and Casey hopes he stays true to his word..."i just don't want them I don't want jesse to know and he just needs to know what he needs to know" casey tells you need "to continue to play the nervous nominee"...Casey says "i'm not telling Kevin and Lydia nothing" ..Jeff says "whos fault is all this...Lydia"...Casy "if you got them locked up" Micele and Ronnie" "i'm ready to ride" Jeff "thy're locked up"..Casey "Let's ride"

Casey "vote Chima out..shut the fuck up..and one of us grab HOH and nominate this dude" about Russ..Casey "i can antagonize him" to punch me and get thrown out..

11:39 BBT I'll take 'us three athletes" despite being "a little rickety" against them...Casey says "I have no intetions of putting Jesse up" in the near future but if it happens and he'll vote him out if eveyone else does..

Casey brings up getting Russ to hit one of themmm "he aint going to hit anyone" Jeff says

11:41 BBT laughing about at all of Braden's accomlplishments.."just don't look at the cock shots"....and they continue talking..."I don't care for her" about Chima and the way she talks "to the other girls"Casey says...

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Russ -in a girlie voice mocking Laura-"I am saving this black dress for final 2''

Jess ''I hate laura''

Russ''I am tired of hearing her.thats just me.

Lydia''I heard if she gets HOH she is changing the house''

Russ''Its probably towards me''

Jess''she has an unfounded arrogance about her''

Jessie is giving a rundown of what he did today.

Russ is still bagging on Laura

They see Ron on the spy cam and all say 'oh no, is he coming up hear again?'.

Russ''he is lurking to see where everyone is''

Nat''I feel sorry for him, like he has no friends''

jessie''Me an russ workout with him"

Lydia''i talk to him, i held his hand when I talk to him"

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11:43 BBT

Casey "I don't want my name attached to this season" if Natalie an 18 year old wins...They talk about Natalies shoulder injury and how it will affect her game....Casey says when we get to the "final 6-7" we reset and go on......Casey talking about Russ's bad "vibe".."he's rubbed me the wrong way several times....say with Chima"

11:46 BBT Ronnie come out and rags on Russ and "the crap" about girls and where "i'm from" he would get "knocked out"...Caey says "i'm not gonna mention Russel' and his excuse will be "Chima wanted me out"..Ronnie says "he's going to flip out at me"..Casey says "i hope he hits me..I'll take one for the team"

11:50 BBT..Braden gets crude and Jeff warns him to lay low and not act out and Braden says "i never do"...Casey Pssst" "Beaners"..."yeah but I aplogized' and goes on to tell him that was stupid...

Roonie asks he he offered everyone "final three or Four" and all said yes..casys "he pulled a Brian"....Jordan comes out...steps on a dead bee and braden assists her getting the stinger out...

11:52 BBT. Casey says Jeese told him "he's send her home if he had to" about natalie as the wonder if she knows about the switch...Casey says "you may hear me say other things tomorrow' and warns not to get bent out of shape..Jordan "what'd you mean?" Casey says you know but Jordan says he doesn't..

Ronnie sitting there looking nervous....

11:55 BBT Jordan "what is Lydia's problem she's being so rude...she's hot and cold"....Casey doesn't bother me "I can be an asshole"..Jordan "i can see that Casey"

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11:57 BBT Ronnie wonders "what are they showing about us" Jeff cuts one.."a lot of farts...what did I eat"

Now they are talking in circles.....and warns that they will try to pit them against each other by saying that so and so said this sos and so said that...Jeff "they had no other options then to start lying"

Ronnie say "this will not be tolerated" about russ actions Casey says "there will be fallout" the best way is to "laugh it off"...talking about the flipp.."Casey 5 days ago..lydia was going home...I wish it were the same"

12:01 BBT Casey going on "the mob mentality" and the "sheep' and Ronnie says "jesse is still trying to play that way"..Caesey "shit changes every day" and by "the hour" and Jeff says we need to "keep our mouth shut" so "nothing changes"...

12:03 BBT Kevin walks out "Special K" Casey yells as he comes out to check his laundry....Braden says how anyone can play on this fake turf.....Jeff explains the new stuff is pellets and give...

Casey still going on abot the vote and lets see what happens after HOH...

12:06 BBT Jeff regails about old football injuries..Jeff goes in saying "i'm gonna brush my chompers" and tells Braden 'to bring it inside"

12:08 BBT Braden and Ronnie go over the changes in the house...and head to the pool room..they talk in generalities...Casey enters...casey gets in bed and tell him goodnight...Braden offers Casey his wierd eye dropper potion...gives him 5 drops" Braden does it "it taste good too"

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12:15 BBT

Braden hits the light and goes to the red bedroom which is dark and Jeff and Laura getting ready for bed..Braden asks Laura what she could do with his hair...she admits she's not "very creative" with hair..Braden wanted a perm when he was 10 so he could have an afro..Braden says his mom told him it wouldn't work "boys don't get perm"

Outside "i don't know if I believe Casey" laura says..Is casey upstairs Laura wonders...Jeff deoen't know...but Jeff reassures he's on baord.... Laura "if its 5-5" we'll know...Jordan "lydia has an attitude tonight" and Laura "she does...shady as hell".....they think they are upstairs trying to strategize..Jordan talks how condescending Jesse talk to her....Jordan says she doesn't understand "how he sticks up for him"..Jeff "don't worry about him"....

12:20 BBT....Laura says she's not putting up a weak player "I'm not giving them that option"....Jeff say if its elimination.."russell natalie and me" and Laura confirms "Russell natalie and Jeff"...Jordan feels bad about Chima and Laura says she didn't give up everything to "be railroaded" whn Jordan tells her she's glad they are on her side.." Laura "ill put up "jesse and I'll put up Russell" and says she's not worried about lydia "she's a flake"

12:23 BBT Ragging on Natalie and her boyfriend and the way she flirts..talking about they wouldn't like to see Nat win because of her age.."I don't want to see her make the jury house" Laura says..

they are talking about how nervous Ronnie is "he needs a xanax"..Laura wonders why "he keeps going up to talk to Jesse"....Jeff goes over Casey's convo..."I don't want to be a bitch but why would anyone want to align with Jesse" because he tore through challenges last summer..

12:27 BBT the continue jesse bashing....

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12:28 BBT

Laura Jeff and Jordan talking outside.."it better be us" Laura says about HOH...Jordan "she has no clue" about Chima ..Jeff says she may if Jesse tells her..

12:30 Casey comes out...and goes on about the vote...."don't talk about it" {that's all they've been doing..non stop}

Casey "we know we can't trust him" if Jesse says anything..."a bit of a test if you will"...Laura hopes in not 5-5...talking "michele is "solid"..

12:31 BBT...Now Casey when we get down to final 6 "may the best man or woman win" Casey says for the hundreth time tonight..

Jeff says it feels like we've been here "3 months already"

Laura "they've made deals with everybody"....Laura says "after I put Russel and Natalie up" Casey wants Lydia as replacement...as Casey doesn't want Jesse up....and everyone who has a deal with "russell raise your hand" and she says that's her nomination ceremony..."everyone at that table will raise their hand"

Casey "she'll be our best buddy next week" about Lydia..and Jeff says "too little too late"..Jordan says maybe they should backdoor Russell and they all say that's to iffy because they would have to win POV..

12:36 BBT Talking about Rusell and his impending doom..and said he warned Jesse about Natalie and Russ were making deals with his power. Casey warns "you may me hear say something different tomorrow to throw the scent off"

12:38 BBT talk about lockdown for tomorrow and hope they can get "some sun" before it happens....Natalie comes out...then heads back in...and talk about the timeline for tomorrow...

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12:40 BBT

Upstairs Jesse and Ronnie whispering..talking about the vote..Ronnie says "i'll talk to Michele in the morning and try again" to change her vote..Ronnie saying "they will try to keep Braden to strike against Russell"...Jesse says "braden will come after him"..and is relentless on Ronnie to vote Braden out..Ronnie asks if they "offered you" anything and Jesse says "fuck that I'm not keeping braden"...they whisper and Ronnie continues to play both sides....

12:46 BBT Outside it seems they have taken their own advices and stopped talking about it..as Jordan wonders what the date is oops Casey starts talking about the flip again and they all talk about it again and we get FOTH

12:49 BBT Still FOTH

12:50 BBT Casey announces he's going to try to go to sleep again hoping it won't be "endurance" and Caseys says they{BB} can't be skewing to the athletes..

Laura thought Lydia would be cool like Nakomis...and tells Jordan not to sleep with her..

Jordan thinks they will put up Braden and Lydia..Laura says no it will be Braden and Me or Braden and You" she tells Jordan and laugh how they can't put up Jeff and Jeff knows "i love it"

12:52 BBT Russ bashing...

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12:54 BBT Laura goes in to wash up and go to bed..Jeff?jordan by themselves

Jordan "a couple of days ago I wanted to cry" and laugh how just a few days ago braden was going home...Jordan says "Chima has no clue because she's talking about the competition tomorrow".......Jeff "i can't believe we did it"..Jordan we turned the whole thing around...it was good being nice...I said my prayers"

Jordan I think Natalie knows"...and continues "she makes me cringe when she walks out here"

12:56 BBT A lot of rehashing Jordan complaining about them calling her "Ditzy" Jeff "you are a litlle ditzy but it's cute".....Jeff "you're cute don't worry about it"...Jordan says "i get sidetracked"........Jordan "he owes us his life....do you think he would turn on us"......Jeff "I would stab him...I'd get thrown out"...Jeff says "I stayed positive"..."it stay positive " "Good things will happen" {jeff doing his best Tony Robbins"

Jordan "you like your job" and Jeff says "I like the people I work" and Jeff says "they are other different things I wanna do" and says he wants to "get into the industry more"

Jeff saying she would be good at interviews because she's "spacey" and "blunt" with her questions...

Jordan "I'm not going to be able to sleep because I'm so excited"

talking about Ronnie's nervousness is driving them nuts...

1:02 BBT Jeff "I would been bum" if she would have left and he would "pick her over anyone else" and loves he loyalty and he tells her he'll be "loyal to the end"...Jordan sniffing "you smell that"..Jeff "I didn't fart"

Jordan talks about her bee stung toe

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1:05 BBT I got a brief shot of Natalie whispering with Laura{I think} in the darken room and we get FOTH

1:08 BBT Still FOTH

1:09 BBT...Natalie telling Laura that someone told her that she was going to put up her and Russell and Laura says she wants to know so they call em out. Laura tells her "I do intended to vote for braden" because he's on her team and Laura says maybe "they are going to put you up"...Laura says Jordan doesn't talk to her ..Natalie says "i'm trying to do damage controll"......Laura say its a landslide her vote doesn't mater and Natalie says "is iut smart for your game" "to go against the rest of the house" Laura tells her "if I get HOH" then it wouldn't matter...and says "if it were close" it would be different" "he's going home so it doesn't matter"

1:13 BBT

Laura gets up to look for Jordan..."Jesse told her" and tells her what Natalie just told her..Casey back up...and Casey says peopel shouldn't be mad..and Luara says "I'm tired of this bullshit" Laura says and says she's going to tell Jesse to stop sending Natalie to do his dirty work...

Jordan "can we put him up" and casey says no..."casey I like you"

Upstairs Laura going off "why does it matter" saying "its just me and Jordan"..everyone is voting for Chima "but braden is on my team" Lydia calls her retarted...Jesse saying I was asleep...and Laura accuses Jesse of having a deal with everyone and does her planned nom speech earlier...Jessse trying to spin it..."Laura "nobaody talks to me" except "Jordan and she is on my team"...

1:20 BBT Jesse saying that she's trying to get with the "other people in the house"..Natalie bitching that she doesn't have any deals or "any power"

Natalie "if lydia wins I'm getting put up" and Laura goes on that "Jordan and I " are voting for..and yells at him "I'm not getting railroaded" and says he's not the boss of him and tell her what to do.....

Jesse trying to twist Laura's word and calling her untrustworthy and Laura "changed my mind" because it was a poor decision to go "against my teammate....

Laura goes on

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1:24 BBT

Laura talking in circles...Jesse "ok you can leave".....Laura I hope you and Russell get the power"...Natalie says "I saved you from the block"....Lydia laughs and tells her "if you have something to say" and tells her "i know you talk shit about me to Jordan"

Laura rambling "I didn't leave my family to get bossed around"..Natalie "I want to aplogize" if I came downstairs to boss you around...

Jesse says she promised...Laura says if you feels "Chima is in jeopardy"..and Natalie concedes that "she feels" that Chima is in trouble..

"he's on my team" laura is steadfast for her reason to vote....

Jesse says "she's in jeopardy because you're not voting for her"

1:30 BBT

Lydia asking why she doesn't she think she likes her...Laura says Jordan told her...

Natalie says she didn't mean to sound like she was bullying....Natalie "the only person to save you from going up...was me"....."and you're not voting with us"

Natalie "i look like a fool" for saving you...

Laura "i'm a smart girl".."If I have the power i'm going to remember this"

Natalie "let the cards fall" "i made an enemy" "lydia"......Laura "who wanted me on the block"..Laura says "ronnie" and Laura wants names...and Natalie shuts up...

Laura again "bradens on my team" Chima why would you want to go on the losing side..Laura "this is week one"

Arguing continues...

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1:40 BBT

Laura's unnecessary rant goes on...she just repeating herself....Chima "if I stay in the house..I will put you up"

Laura now puts Ronnie on the spot on his vote if it was his team member how'd he vote...{Laura is an idiot}

Laura "he's going home".....so her sympathy vote shouldn't matter..Laura "if you're worried about it I'll vote for you"..

Laura contiues "why wasn't I invited up".....ransts she isn't going to "railroaded' and "never made an attempt to talk to me"...

Jeese saying Laura doesn't vote their way he'll "preceive " her as a "liar"

Jesse "you lied to everybody in this room"

"jesse "if you vote for braden' he sumises she's a liar...Laura "i made a mistake" and "not a liar"...Chima "I thought I had you're vote"

Laura keeps going....

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1:51 BBT

Laura still up in hOH while Jesse tries to spin it.......Jesse "i was asleep when all this happened"

{Laura needs to leave} but she stiil in HOH talking in circles...in a nut shell she doesn't want to be railroaded..no one talks to her..she's supporting her teammate.......and they should have come to her...

Lydia apolgizes for being a bitch....and Laura says she can't figure out why they think Chima is in trouble with the vote

1:55 BBT Downstairs Jordan and Jeff oblivious to Laura upstaurs killing the plan...talking about bugs getting into ears...Jordan looks into Jeff's ear "i think I see something"

Jeff hits him "what's going up there" and think "we're getting bashed " and said it was nice "5 minutes" feeling safe...Jeff "i'd like to be a fly on the wall"..I don't want to get in the middle of it" and both says "we're probably are" hoping Laura "isn't spilling the beans"

Pimple popping talk....

2:01 BBT Laura still upstairs looking for ''the missing piece of the puzzle" and they says "you're going against us"...Jesse says they are trying to talk ratinally to her while laura says "it feels like I'm getting attacked"

Chima "I thought I had your vote" in a loop...

Jesse "why give someone sympathy who doesn't deserve sympathy"....Jesse it took "1/2 hour to 45 minutes to calm you down".....

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2:07 BBT

"i would appreciate your vote" Chima asks....and they don't know what Michele is doing....and keep telling laura "we saved you". Jesse says if you watched my season she should know what an upstanding guy he was...

2:10 Pretty much he same......Natalie asking "don't you want people on your side".....

Repeating see previous posts...

Laura says she was going to tell Chima she was voting Braden to stay...Natalie saying it would be only a few hrs before eviction...Natalie trying to argue Laura's point of letting Chima know....Chima saying 'you never know"....and Jesse wants to know why she just doesn't vote to her...Chima tells laura "look honey you have to get over this insecurity thing" because laura believes people don't talk to her..

Chima "why does he {braden} need a sympathy vote"

Natalie "vote for who you want to...and what is better for you...we just wanted to know" {yeahh right}

2:18 BBT Chima and Natalie trying to lay the guilt on laura......."laura I can see you making faces in the mirror..this is ridiculous" and Laura finally almost leaves...and Natalie starts up again...with saving you...."laura who told you this?" when Natalie says "i heard"......

2:21 BBT Natalie heard "yu were putting me and Russell".....and Laura wants to know...they won't say laura thinks it Casey yet Ronnie sitting up there and can't put two and two together just "someone's playing both sides"

Natalie says its not "common sense' to go against the whole house" yet Laura says if its 5-5 that she then isn't going against it.

2:24 BBT Guilt trip continues

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2:25 BBT

Jesse throws her out when she told him "watch how you talk to me" and says "walk out the door....now they are calling her dumb...disrespectful..they call Jeff up to see how's he's voting....Chima 'are you voting for braden" and jeff "yes" and natalie getting nasty "you're going against the team"..."braden's going home"...Jeff says "i'm going with Braden' "he is my friend"

2:28 natalie sayingthey have the votes but want him to be on board..Chima calling laura "a turn coat"...Jeff Talk to her about that" Chima "we did".....

Jeff says Braden and Jordan wre the only ones that talked to him..

2:30 BBT Jesse says "you're showing us you're good graces" if they vote...They are trying to bully jeff into voting to keep Chima but jeff isn't having any of it...

Jeff says "team first" was thrown out the window"i'm already alienated" Jeff 'what are your good graces"..total silience...

Jeff "if you have the votes" and Jeff says 'what is so important to have Chima " if she's not on the team...and jeff says you're coming at the night before at "in the AM"

Ronnie comes in says goodnight....and Jesse keeps saying it would "by doing this you would be making a friend"

Jeff "i know I'm on the bottom" and Natlie says if Chima gets hOH she would put up him and Jordan...Chima "if you didn't vote for me" then he makes himself a target..

2:36 BBT The bullying of Jeff continues........Jeff not backing down

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2:38 BBT

Jeff asks if she was so important {Chima} why did they put her up and why didn't they take her off.

"show your good graces"....is Jesse's loop...and now they are blaming Russ 'he makes his own decisions" Jeff "why does Russ get to make his ow decisions" and he can't and he's still part of the group...

2:41 BBT Jeff says he doesn't feel like he's getting anything out of voting Braden out..Jeff says if you cared so much"about the team" then they should have defended him when he "got shit all week"..Natalie "I don't find other people's battles"

2:43 Jesse trying to get Jeff to think he has evertything "to lose" if they do't vote his way.....

Jeff keeps asking 'if you have the votes" but they say they are trying to make a "starting point" for a new team....

2:45 "jeff how long do you think this is going to last" Jesse "why are you playing the what if game"

Jesse says "dude its your call"

Jeff says "this is all for show". after natalie tells him..and tells them "this is a tough pill to swallow".Jeff says he promised Braden andChima says "that's funny" and brings up Laura's double crossing...and Jesse facetiously says "we don't have the votes"

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