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September 4 & 5 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:50AM BBT: All HG's in kitchen talking. Renny annoyed with Dan's pranks and telling him that drinking a beer isn't what's going to lose him his job.. it's some of his actions. Reeny is really wound up with wine.

Memphis and Dan now in 60's room just talking about how Reeny is behaving. Dan looks kind of down. Now they are talking about needing to win HOH as well as the comps that have been fun.

Keesha just joined the guys. Dan asked her if Renny was really mad at him and she said she didn't think so.

1:04 am BB time:Keesha talking about Jerry trying to look for someone to pair up with. Just told Dan and Memphis Jerry told her that one of the 3 has deals with everyone. She's making seem like she's not listening to him. However, when Dan asked her point blank what he said she side stepped. Assuring the guys she doesn't believe Jerry at all.

All are comparing notes on how Jerry is approaching them with the "I can control the jury house and I don't know why none of you are talking about it with me".

Keesha saying that Jerry puts her down any chance he can through smart a... comment.

All are looking forward to saturday when one of them wins POV.

1:20AM BBT: Renny giving Memphis and Dan advice on what they need to work on. For Memphis she suggests putting the toilet seat down and Dan to stop pulling pranks on older people like her. Also that both need to work on getting in touch with their emotions.

She suggests both guys have things to work out with their parents (Dan's father and Memphis finally finding out what the situation was with his father leaving).

Dan asking Renny what could he do to make things better with his dad;she doesn't know but thinks it's worth for him to make an effort. Thinks therapy might help, but Dan doesn't think he'd agree to go since he didn't agree to do so during the divorce. His dad was there financially but not emotionally. Dan says he is the one who always has to go visit etc...

Memphis feels that since his dad has already passed away there isn't any point now. He doesn't want to bring up bad memories for his mom. He is close to his step-dad.

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5:11 am BBT: HG's all tucked in bed, sound asleep... oooops spoke too soon, have a fidgety Jerry

8:32 am BBT: HG's still in bed asleep

Cam 1 - Jerry in HoH - looks like he slept in his clothes, still has belt on

Cam 2 - Dan

Cam 3 - Renny

Cam 4 - Keesha and Memphis

8:42 am BBT: we have colorful bubbles! Wake up call?

9:00 am BBT: Now we have fish

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9:11 am BBT

Dan still in bed, BB keeps telling him to get up for the day. Renny in the BR getting ready for the day, Keesha sitting in massage chair in the spa room...

Dan now to SR to change out batteries

Memphis getting ready, Memphis then heads to spa room where Keesha is in and grabs a blanket and lays down.

M - it is cold up in here

K - I know! I always wear this sweatshirt in the morning...

lots of yawning going on

K - what time is it? do you know

M - un uh

K - I hate being locked insiiiiide!

9:14 am BBT


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9:15 am BBT

HG have been summonds upstairs for HoH LD. Keesha in and says G'morning to Jerry

M - It is freezing!

K - oh burrrrrr

Dan in his room getting pillow and blanket before he heads up

K - Jerry looks different in this picture!

M - he looks big

K - his neck looks a little big! that was too funny

more yawning

Dan making way upstairs

Dan into HoH

Jerry down in SR getting batteries

J - is today the 5th? I have no idea

K - we should have brought the fish food

*** Holy cow! Everyone in HoH room and NO ONE will sleep on the bed! They are all on the floors or in the chairs***

J now up in HoH...

J - is Dan in here? There he is

K - Should have brought that up, I forgot it

J - did u already do the one downstairs?

K - uh huh

J - thank you for helping me with the fish this week

K - uh huh

J - they get so excited...

J (to fish ) Hey baby!

Jerry now feeding the fish, Keesha watching

J - they didn't give me a chance to get ready today

K - oh yeah they are letting us back downstairs and then calling us back up at the regular time

J - Oh

K - yeah that is what she said

J in the HoH BR washing hands... everyone avoiding the booger bed like the plague

K in one chair by HoH round table, M in the other. R in the captain chair, D on the floor aside the bed...

9:22 am BBT

Jerry in BR brushing dentures

everyone else sitting in the room being silent

FOTH at 9:23

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9:27 am BBT

HG's still in HoH LD. Everyone still avoiding the bed. Jerry is laying on the edge of the bed. No one is talking.

Renny isn't in the captains chair, correction, she is laying on the floor by the captains chair.


Jerry gets out of bed and heads to the BR, closes door, grunts and then his mic turns off

No one in the HoH is talking, Keesha sighs then looks around...


Everyone still quiet... M gets up and adjusts his seating on the chair, yawns and then silence again...

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9:36 am BBT

jerry finally out of the BR... leaves the door open (hopefully it is not stinky)

Jerry gets his marines blanket, takes it to Renny and covers her up as she lays on the floor (I must say, that was nice)

R - Thank You

Jerry heads back to the HoH bed and lays down

Memphis stomps his feet in the floor

9:38 someone just windy-popped

Typical early morning HoH LD silence

Memphis squirming as he is sitting in the chair... rolling his ankle... looks very bored

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9:42 am BBT

Someone is breathing reaaly loud...

BB - HG's the LD is over, you are now free to move about the house...

Everyone up and outta there

K - there are pictures

D - oh they have pictures up!!

K - Oh wooooow!

D - Kewl

The pics on the wall have all changed!

K - Oh my god!

everyone laughting

R gasps

R - Oh thats me, look

everyone milling around the pic wall

K - oh shut up dude!

J - oh God oh God

Keesha laughing

K - oh my God these are old

D - My hair

J -me on slop

D - is that when u ran into it?

K - I knew it

K - look at Aprils face!

D - look keesha it is the water

K - you are horrible, that is horrible

J - you can keep looking at it but it won't go away - cackles - There is the onions Memphis, I don't remember you falling

D - look how cool that is it is going to look cool on TV, why is she yelling like that?

K - I don't know (mumbles something)

J - look at that renny

K - this is going to look so cool on film

J - wow

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9:46 am BBT

D - Keesha gets wateres, take that for what it is worth

K - that is a horrible pic

J - ok Jen

K - whatever, I don't cry

J - ok jen

keesha laughs

J - oh they don't miss much do they

K - it is so weird

R - look at this one of April! It is terrible! It sucks!

J goes to SR other HG still looking at pics

J - u had better study those

Renny back to her BR

D - those are crazy

M - oh I hadn't seen this one

D - it is funny how much better they look in pictures than they do to us

K - I know, the comps


Renny back to wall, Jerry in the kitchen getting food

R - look at the veins in your neck

K - oh that poor dude

D - I don't remember u biting it that hard

M - I did a few times

K - Dan that doesn't even look like u in that pic, this one looks really cool though

D - I like that one

Everyone 'cept Jerry looking and studying wall, J making a lot of noise in the kitchen...

Renny leaves to go to BR, starts messing with her hair

D (yawns) - oh man

K - jerry what time does it say over there?

J - 9:53

Dan only one still looking at wall... Keesha sitting at round table... close up of some of the pics (they are funny!)


K sitting at table looking at pics, J making mad noise in Kitchen, R just went to the kitchen

R - did you get some coffe started Col?

J - this goes over here

R - this goes like this

J -ok

R - you put the water in huh Jerry, see it clamps in

J - now were going


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K up and looking closer at wall

J in the kitchen

J - son of a bitch (he is preping food)

R now looking at wall...

One of the boys laying down in the spa room

K - this is cute!

R - No! I look like a beached whale here!

J - ha ha beached whale - they got some crazy moments dont they... oh well

R - look how difficult that had to be for her cuz she is so tall, she had to bend, look

K - yeah, harder than April (looking at Mich pic on earthquake comp)

R & K still looking at wall

M in the spa room laying down.D comes out of the BR

D sitting in chair in front of wall

D - ur pic is the clearest Keesha

K - Lucky me

K now sitting at counter

M - in spa room

J cooking

R- who is the photographer he needs to get mpore experience! Can't her get better photos of the women?

J - they are not meant to be photos they are questions for the HoH today

K - OMG I can't believe they set that on there


M up from spa room, sneezes

Jerry making a SL of noise so if they talk I won't be able to hear...

M now sitting at counter (as if J will ever cook for anyone else in the house)

D - keesha gets watered!

K - huh huh

J - I think the coffee is done guys

R making herself some coffee

M is coughing

J mumbles something and then says huh?


J getting his food to the round table to eat...

J grunting as he sits (he looks like he may be sore)

K and M still sitting at counter

R in kitchen washing something

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R cleaning up mess in kitchen...

D still sitting in chair placed in front of pic wall

J eating

R making something to eat

J looking at wall as he eats

M & K still at counter

K gets up to go get coffee

J- everybody sleep ok last night

some um hums

J - I kinda tossed a bit and woke up...

D now stading in front of wall

R - Memphis you left the toilet seat down!

M - no I didn't

R - oh you didn't, it wasn't you? (It was Dan)

R - mumbles something

K now has her coffee

Dan leaves the wall and walks to back of house

J - what was that one where the ladies were yelling?

K - it was ___ comp

J - oh ok


These guys are VERY freakin noisy this morning in the kitchen!

Dan back at pic wall

K drinking her coffee

R is cooking something on the stove

J still eating

M has disappeared

K - hi Renny rooooooo

J- well old Dan what do you think riddle man?

D - I don't think it was going to be like last time

J - they did one onf these last time like which arm was up, the right or left

M- what comp was that

D - the very first it was a practice one

K - they didn't even use that

M - yeah we were all studying and it wasn't even a part

K - yeah they are good at that

K - OMG I forgot how good this cereal is

J - you should buy that pic from them

K - that is the last pic I would want

J- so u could destroy the negative

M- it is not that bad

K - I don't really care

J - it is all fun

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M now drinking his coffee at the counter

K at the counter drinking coffee

J mumbling something to himself

R made her food and is sitting at round table

J - the coffee come out ok

R - yep

K - um hum

J - I don't make it that often

K - it is like to give you an idea

M - it is going to have something to do with the comps we have done but it won't be those pics. It will be like who did this and this type $hit

K - um hum. they are some funny pics. M when did you bite it like that?

D _ i don't remember you biting that bad

M - it was slippery, I kept busting onions cuz it was slippery

K - oh... it looks like a new fridge over there

J coughing a lot too

K - what do u think it is gonna be?



M - I'll bet it is something like two steps forward, like a course kinds, you get a question right and u step forward

K - I think you are right, like they blindfolded them and they got it right and it was like two steps forward.

J done eating, washes dishes...

(I swear Renny has a serious echo chamber in her head, when she eats it is so loud... God love her... one of my favorites!)

J is being incredibly loud... no one is talking

D still staring at the wall... intense look on his face


R sitting at round table looking at wall

D standing in front of wall

M & K at counter drinking coffee and looking at wall

J causing a rukus at the kitchen sink

R - what was the name of the HoH when we all have to eat the stuff

K - you

R - no what was it called?

K - oh I don't know

K _ i can't believe you haven't ate any of this Dan

D - I'll have some, when did you open it?

K - right now, It is so good (cinnamon toast crunch)

** OK I am outta here, gotta make chocolates for a wedding - BBL **

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1:40 pm BBT

Jerry and Dan were in the B&R room and Memphis had already asked J what time it was and J didn't know the answer so M conveniently escaped to check the time. Dan was then trapped. J starts asking about the pic and D says I am going to go study the pics. D finally escapes. D walks out to the kitchen and M is laughing.

D - Thanks a lot - you a$$hole

M - I can't stand that dude

K and R are doing facials in the BR, both look like green martains

M - looks at K and screams!

M - you doing a face mask (duh!)

K - yeah

BB - ATTN HG's the SR is now open

Dan sitting in front of pic wall staring and studying.

K is doing a wee bit o' brow plucking

D - sighs - and is now pacing in front of the wall, drinking a drink (his ice is noisy)

Camera person keeps doing a close up on the Keesha pic where she is on the flower suit in the flower bed and her face is all scrunched up

R - you got it all down?

D - trying to

R - you must know by now, you are a teacher

K - look at you

D - Keesha you look in this pic

K - well thanks (sarcastic like) what you didn't ever think I looked hot?

D - no

They make comments on different pics, one they couldn't even recognise that it was Michelle

D - keesha gets watered

K - laughs

K - you can't even see his face, you see his crotch

M - that is not me what are you talking about

K - legs up in the air

D - u know who she looks like in this picture?

K - who?

D - Obamas wife!

K - No She is very photogenic though

D - yeah

Dan starts singing Welcome To The Jungle by G&R and we get FoTH


D - arrrgh pirates

K - that water was so cold it was running in my eyes

M - you could replace the water with something else

K - eeeew yuck

M - you don't know what I am talking about, dirty mind

** I missed a lot as my daughter needed help back to chocolates... someone take over... there has been a lot of convo going on**

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4:07 pm BBT

Feeds back

K & R in the BR

K - same here I couldn't have said it better, I don't know what I would have done without you in here

J in the B & R room, getting dressed up and says something is nuts... not sure who he is talking to, don't see anyone in there

R - my mouth is so dry

J walking around trolling and popping fingers and rubbing his hands together

K - you look nice

J -- different, I decided to look different

Dan in SR ironing his clothes

Memphis is in the shower... girls putting on their faces

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4:40 pm BBT

K in the BR doing her hair (she looks very pretty!)

Dan in the B & R room rading a letter from home.

Jerry comes out of the WC and tells Keesha "How dumb!, How Dumb! I could be the swing vote... how dumb"

Then Jerry turns on the sink faucet, gets arounf 5 drops of water on his finger (this is what he deems washing his hands after using the restroom) flicks the miniscule amount of water off of his fingers then rubs his hands all over the hand towel.

Jerry then makes a comment to Keesha about how the old man looks in his shirt.

K - You look good

J - huh?

K - you look good!


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4:43 BBT: Just went to trivia.

Before it did though Jerry was telling Keesha how Memphis/or Dan? walked by him like he wasn't even there and how stupid that is since he can still win POV. Repeats how stupid they are not to talk to him. Keesha just kept it short and answered that she wasn't aware of that.

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