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April 14 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:20PM BBT: Natalie leaves HoH and Sheila starts talking to the Alex doll. Sheila tells Alex that he is a nice person and they could have gone all the way in this game. Sheila tells Alex she is a floater (then laughs). Sheila says she is nuts because she is talking to a doll and tells BB that they have driven her to this. Sheila tells Alex this game is brutal and you can't be a nice person.

Sharon and Natalie are in the bathroom. Sharon is telling Natalie how her hair looks good, blends well and has a lot of random blonde streaks in it. Something is said about the boys and Natalie says they are sleeping.

9:25PM BBT: Sheila in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine with Natalie and Sharon. She says they are going to take the wine up to HoH. The girls head upstairs.

9:46PM BBT: Natalie is highlighting Sharon's hair in the HoH bathroom. Natalie says she's pretty good at doing highlights.

Nothing but general chitchat going on. Ryan and Adam are still asleep and the BBAD cameras are showing them quite frequently and for long periods.

10:23PM BBT: Natalie is still highlighting Sharon's hair and they are just chit chatting, mostly about past boys in their life.

10:38PM BBT: Natalie, Sharon and Sheila are hanging out in HoH. Natalie is still highlighting Sharon's hair.

Natalie leaves for a moment and Sheila tells Sharon how upset Natalie is at the boys and Natalie can't believe they are doing this to her. Sheila and Sharon say what the boys did today was dumb and they don't understand it. They say it did no good because Natalie wasn't going to admit anything she has said.

Natalie and Adam are in the bathroom. Nat is putting on lip gloss. Nat goes back to HoH & tells them Adam didn

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11:20AM BBT Sheila & Sharon in HOH Talking game and Sharon to get the next HOH , put up Adam and Sheila, and get Adam out. No problem that the boys will turn on eachother.

Sharon planning her speech to say good-bye to Natalie!!

Ry & Adam in HT complimenting eachother on their meeting, and that once Nat gets in SH, she will eventually turn on the girls, and give Ry or Adam her vote, because they were keeping it HONEST!!! Sheila is playing both sides, but will best for F3, unless Sharon gets HOH, get rid of BigShe. Sharon is double threat. At least we are F4!!!

Sorry this is TOO boring I am finished!!!

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11:30 pm BBT: Sheila and Natalie are taking the tinfoil out of Sharon's hair.

The boyz are in the kitchen and Adam is telling Ryan the story of how his grandfather came to America from Poland. Adam tells him his father was taken by the Nazi's from his home in Poland and made to work in the concentration camps. He was Jewish so, they didn't kill him but, made him through the bodies into pits and also shot Jews in the rooms and lock the doors for gassing. One night Adam's grandfather had a dream that the Virgin Mary hid him under her dress. He escaped from the camp and ran to a train station where there was a lady with a big, long dress on. He hid under it and when the Nazi police ran to the depot they asked the lady if she had seen anyone run by... she told them no. From there he went back to his home where he hid and lived in tall trees until he could get back to France where an Aunt lived. (His mother left food for him at the bottom of the tree.) From France he came to America. Recently, his Grandfather received notice from Geneva about compensation and he now gets $400 a month for the rest of his life.

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Midnight... (OMG :rolleyes: ) Sharon and Natalie are in the HoH, Sharon has FINALLY stopped brushing her hair. They were talking about clothes and what they weren't allowed to bring. Sharon's tank top is Victoria's Secret, but since it doesn't have the logo, they let it go. Natalie has sweats that say "PINK" on the butt, but BB said NO, that it was VS logo. Sharon is saying she can imagine that BB will take different bits of conversation and put them together and make it look like they were saying things that they really weren't. Natalie says, "Just like the oldtimers got out." She says she really did know (Alzheimer) but misunderstood what someone else was saying, " I think Mattie, and I said 'what oldtimers?' Of course I knew it was ALSTIMERS."

Meanshile... Ryan and Adam are in the KT, Ryan calling BEEEBIEEES!! (too funny!!)

Sharon and Natalie come into the kitchen and Ryan tells Natalie to go back upstairs with the girls club.. She says, "NO, I like it down here."

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12:45AM BBT

Adam and Ryan are playing chess. Sharon and Sheila are feeding the Guinnea Pigs, Natalie is alone on the couch drinking wine. Sharon goes to HT and is in there by herself. Sheila sits with Natalie and they chat.

1:25AM BBT

Sharon out of HT now and going to shower. all others are in living room talking about Alex, Amanda and Allison having a fight over beer once. They are rehashing some stuff from the past. Adam talking about how hard it must have been to be standing infront of the house waiting to get voted back in. Natalie says Allison was positive that if America had a chance she would definitely be the one who they would want back in the game. Ryan says Allison sucked as a partner. Everyone agree. Sheila says she didn't want to vote Ali out.

Then they talk of the mystery box saying Allison would have been worse than James if she came back to F them all. Joshua was sweating waiting to see who jumped out of box hoping it wasn't Allison. She would have came back and ripped Josh's eyes out.

Ryan says Alli was very smart and would have done good at some comps but she didn't do anything to help Ryan's game. He says she always said she knew the answers when she didn't , never admitted to being wrong.

Now they are talking about medicine and beer.

1:35AM BBT

Sharon comes out of shower goes to her room and gets dressed then says good night to the GP's and the HG's and head to her room. She turns out the light and gets into be.

Adam is talking about the Geishas. Talking about Matt and a story he told about oral sex on a girl. Sheila said she doesn't want to her about " eating out" and nut sacs. Adams say " my girl is like wendy's, tastes great when eaten late" Sheila is grossed out. Ryan asks her what she likes and she says I am not telling you guys, maybe at the rap party. She says when her Mic is off she will spill the beans. Nat says her and balla will be in the corner making out. Nat saying AGAIN how she has not had sex in 10 months.

1:50AM BBT

Nat and Sheila in the kitchen and Nat asks Sheila not to forgot to talk to the boys for her. Ryan and Adam getting ready to play pool saying they feel bad for Nattie. Adam weighing out the positives to Ryan why they should get rid of Nat and Ryan said, "Never trust a stripper"

2:15AM BBT

Sheila alone in HoH looking at pictures....Adam & Ryan in BY Talking about James. Feeds show Natalie and Sharon both sleeping. Sheila is listening to music in HOH

2:30AM BBT

Adam and Ryan in BY still. (they slept most of the evening away so they may be up for some time). Taling about Sharon and how she definitely has the votes of Josh, James and Chelsea. Saying how Sheila would get the votes against them in F2 because the jury house would vote for her. Ryan says she got on James and Josh's good sides before they left..talk about her having the votes bc she is a single Mom.

Ryan says that is fucked up if they give her votes for being a single mom and not playing the game. Adam says - she did play the game. Ryan says why because she is still here? we could have gotten rid of her any week we wanted. Adam says yes, because she is still here.

they agree the two of them together is the best bet, votes will go 4-3 to either side

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10:45 - Natalie, Sharon and Ryan in kt talking about the weather the last couple of days. Sharon feeding GPs. Nat says she dreamt of GPs. Nat meets Adam in SR and she tries to tell him Sharon is the instigator and that he can even ask Sheila about Sharon making her cry outside even though he's still yawning and stretching. Adam leaves SR and Nat says (I think) she'll talk to him later. Sheila says Goodmorning to RyBread.

(*feeds still suck - it's my wireless - trying to get it right, but if you can confirm with someone else, please do*)

Adam and Ry complain about being awakened at 10am. They(A/R) say they(BB) don't know they(A/R) were partying last night.

Ry tells Nat that he and Adam played pool, went into the HT and ate a pizza last night.

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Adam joins them in kitchen. Ry asks about coffee maker. Adam gets called to the DR at 10:51. Sheila says Goodmorning to Ry and Nat says goodmorning to Baller (both in the stupid ass dragged out kid voice) and they give hugs too.

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Nat explaining to Ry that she hangs with girls because when she used to hang with guys when Matt was there, he used to shoo her away. She mentions that Sharon makes Sheila cry conversation to Ry and Ry says Sharon gets all her stuff from James. Nat says EXACTLY. (Maybe they're getting a clue?)

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10:58 Adam says there cots back there for the producers. They speculate the producers have to sleep there to make sure they get all of the Ry and Adam on tape til 5am. Sheila asks Ry and Nat to sniff a towel.

Wow...Ry says it smells good and Sheila says it smells like Jizzy. She says it smells like James used it. Nat and Ry don't think it does. (gets too much for me!)

(*gotta drop guys...will try again later*)

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