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March 29 - Live Feed Updates

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  • 2 weeks later...

( I will do some for a little while but, I can only take shelia for a few and BBAD is all on her)

9:37 BBT Shelia/Josh/Sharon in HT. Shelia just told JOsh she wished she had seen this side of him a long time ago and she loves him. (YUCK what a lie)

Shelia now saying that the women have to sick to it. Shelia saying that she may be in seq soon.

Josh just said if Nat or Ryan win HoH they will put up James vs Sharon but, shelia thinks they will do her and adam to break up the last couple.

Before they switched over to the HT. Nat talked to Adam about the Plan to keep Josh (I thought they said they were not going to tell them) she went running back to James and asked who he wanted to keep and he said he did not care. (looks like Nat may change her mind)

Back to the HT.

Sharon talking about how she wants to win HoH and she wants a photo of her and Josh in the HoH room. Shelia said that she thinks sharon is going to stay in the game.

(Shelia is doing some serious butt kissing tonight to the "other" side of the house in order to cover her butt)

Sharon again saying she is going to win HoH and Shelia saying she is going to win as well (Yeah right)

Shelia saying I hope James really figures out who is really gunning for him..

Sharon now saying "hoops" is going to come out ( I guess hoops is her nick name)

Shelia saying she is not going to mess with you girl hoops!

They are saying they wish they could drink.

They are talking about what would happen if they eat even tho they are on slop and talking about what a pen nom is.

Shelia talking about Jem from BB8 acting like she does not know what happened with her pen nom ( she was telling everyone in the KT about it before there is another lie from her)

Now just She-bot and Hoops in the HT..

Josh is in Kitchen now talking about Shelia saying she is gonna win HoH next time.

Ryan just came into kitchen and said he wants a mushroom.

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9:49 BBT HT with Shelia/Sharon

Shelia saying that she is only going to talk to Sharon and Nat from now on and not going to talk to the "boys" Shebot saying that the girls need to stick it out. sharon saying that when Josh leaves she is going to do what she has to do.

(I am sorry guys the feeds are only on Shelia and I can not take her if they switch and anything happens I will let you know till then I am out)

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10:15pmBBT Nat just told Sharon in HOH Ryan/Josh/James plan. Nat says shes gonna lie 2 Ryan/Josh/James all week and then surprise them by voting out Josh!(Eric's note Nat making a bad move here)

10:30pmBBT Shelia joins the girls in HOH. Nat tells Shelia Josh's plan about the alliance. They agree the 3 girls will work 2gether till final 3. they all laugh and slap hands. they are laughing aloit. the plan is James/Ryan up next week. Sheia "o im pissed at Ryan." Shelia angry about Ryan's betrayal

Josh still in DR,James asleep, Boys outside playin pooll.(Having no clue about new Alliance instead talkin abour sports & how Josh is leavin happy)

10:54pmBBT Jposh of DR, Josh/Ryan tryin 2 tell Adam about the girls could allige that its Sharon & Shelia's plan

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10:15PM BBT: Sharon and Natalie were talking in the HoH room. Natalie told Sharon that Josh has been trying to flip the votes to get her out of the house. At first it looked like she didn

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11:17PM BBT: Sharon & Sheila in HoH watching Josh & Ryan talking on the spy screen. Sharon says Josh is looking for her because he is getting nervous. Sharon says let him get nervous. Sheila says she is going to go downstairs & Sharon goes too. When they walk out the door & are in earshot of the others, they loudly & obviously start talking really loud about how good Nat's CD is when they are leaving HoH.

Sharon goes over to her BEEBIES BEEEEEEBIES!!

11:44 pm BBT: Sharon comes to bed and Josh asks her if she was crying up in the HoH. She says she’s over that now; it’s just been a stressful day. Josh asks her what was being said up there and Sharon lies and says she was just listening to the CD and Nat was reading the bible. He asks if Sheila said anything about going up on the block and she said she heard something but, that Natalie told her (Sheila) she wasn’t.

Midnight BBT: Sheila goes out to the BY where Adam and Ryan are playing pool. Adam immediately tells Sheila that they are going to keep Josh. Sheila freaks out and says, you’re playing with me right Adam? The boyz break down and tell her they’re just kidding. Ryan says; don’t tease Sheila like that Adam. HaHa

Sheila begs them not to do this to me. They will put us up next week because we are the last couple in the house. She starts to complain about James and him calling her a cunt. She says I don’t want to be scared anymore and I’m not going to lie anymore (CeCiMom ed. Oh my, we’ve heard this one over and over and over.) and I’m better off not talking to anyone anymore. (Oh how I wish this one was true… lol.)

Adam starts teasing Sheila in a crass and sexual way and she keeps asking him to stop. It goes on for a while until Ryan brings up the panties in the sink situation and Sheila’s “off” again… defending her actions, on and on and on.

Ryan finally changes the subject to winning the next HoH and then he tells Sheila that he thought she was going to win PoV today??? She says, I was but, I’m not good and math and two of the questions confused me.

Sheila says she’s tired and wants to go to bed but, she’s waiting for the DR. Adam tells her she better win HoH next week or she’s going home. He says you can celebrate your birthday with Matt and have sex with him. Sheila screeches, I’m his friggin mother’s age… give me a break.

They talk again about keeping Josh instead of Sharon and Sheila is trying hard to convince them that Sharon won’t put both of them up on the block. But, it might be one of them up against James. Adam says regardless of whom it is they have the numbers to stay safe.

Adam accuses Sharon of being a mole and Sheila defends her and says she’s not a mole… once he’s gone she’s all by herself. Adam says she’ll be with James. She says come on guys let’s not falter here… let’s stay on schedule. She starts to plead with them; I’m on slop, sensitive and I took a beating from James last night! She says the numbers are low and that’s why you’re all attacking me. Adam teases her and tells her she’s a threat to him.

Sheila leaves and Ryan says to Adam, “she’s freaking out already, of course she wants Sharon to stay; it’s better for her and not good for us. Adam says, “You don’t think keeping Sharon is good for us?” Adam says she’d (Sharon) put Jimmy up next week. Adam says, are you kidding, no she won’t.

Nat comes out of DR and goes out to the BY with Adam and Ryan. She now plots with the boyz to go along with her plan to evict Josh. Her thinking is that if they tell Josh and James that Josh is going to stay then James will FREAK out when Josh leaves Wednesday and it will break him down for the next HoH.

Josh comes out in his bathing suit and gets in the HT. Conversation goes away from game.

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12:46amBBT Ryan is weARIN Shelia's black robe(LOL) Adam says its from 1984 and smells like Grandma. Ryan afraid he will rip it and takes it off but holds onto it. They look through Shelia stuff. then goe 2 bed, but want 2 do a pratical joke so they take one of her Tanpons and puts salsa and wets it drop it on toliet 4 some1 2 find(LOL) they are laughing lije crazy. and they go laughing outside where Josh/Nat/James are in HT. James "Adam what are u laughing about." Adam "youre see(he laughs)"

1am BBT they tell Natalie Shelia came runnin out of BR 2 DR. Nat opens BR door "OMG u boys, Rye Bread, Adam did u do that." Adam laughing. Ryan "No" Nat"plz tell me youre joking." Adam laughs Ryan "OMG dude no fucking way." Nat: "Nooo!" Adam"Leave it 4 Josh." Nat its not mine. Adam laughing. Ryan "She gross, leave it 4 Josh 2 see it." all laugh, Nat "whats wrong wirth Shelia?"

they talk about stargy and Nat says "i had a dream Josh won HOH." Nat: "why was Shelia running?" "i think its stuck, thats nasty." Adam "shesd raucy." Ryan goes 2 bed.

Nat tries 2 tell Adam that Josh then James has 2 leave.

1"10amBBT Nat shows Josh/James . Josh see it "OMG, Woah! She deseves 2 go on block!." gets James 2 get bowl and pick it out of toliet. Josh gets Sick a few times(LOL) every1 laughing. James puts dish with "Bloody tampon" on Shelia's bed. Ryan tells them its fake. Every1 laughs. Josh said he thought it was real. Josh tells Ryan/Josh good job but Ryan ruined it. they want 2 yell at Shelia about not puttin it in Grabage.

Shelia's in DR, but the green light is lite and Adam goes in FOTH. We come back at hear Shelia yell "I though this was private." all laughing that Shelia's still in DR. Adam said he yelled when he went into DR. Shelia comes out and says "adam u went sponded 2 do that." they all realize DR light is broken. Shelia wants Adam 2 go 2 DR, but BB says that the door is broken. Shelia said she screamd. Shelia says BB wants Adam. Josh "i wonder if its a pentaly nom." Shelia "no just a wrning." FOTH

AdaM was called into DR, that BB was mad. James said it was planned when they saw light on. Ryan "But he had green light." Shelia says she was in deep concvo and then screaming Adam came in and she screamed she said

1"20amBBT they talk more of Adam "breaking into DR." They talk about a bloody tampon in toliet. James said i was just fooling. they wonder about April Fools Day. Josh "BB will say Josh, April fools u are evicted 2day."

thewn they wonder if American gettin bored of them.

they talk about last year competion's after Dustin's eviction till Finale.

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1:26amBT Ryan goes 2 bed, rest say thwey are not tired. Josh "im wide awake.' Nat "me 2." Shelia heads 2 bed., Shelia & Ryan whisper how 2 get rid of James

1:33amBBT Shelia finds "bloody tampon." andshe blames it Josh. "you are a ill little puppy." Josh says "its not me honstly." Nat tells her it was Adam. & Ryan. and that Josh vomited. James wishs he locked her in. she laughs. James wants 2 pour it on Ryan. NAT "were bored." Adam exits DR. says he wasnt in troble. Adam says "what bloody tampon." when asked by Shelia. Shelia goes 2 Ryan. "they put a tapon with salsa and put it on my bed and blamed it on u." FOTH

they rehas h Shelia pranks and hope they are shown tonights Wendsday. Josh has them put tapmon and ketchup in coffee maker 4 Shelia 2 find tommrow(tons of Kethup)

Josh/James/Adam & Nat only still awake make plan 2 prank Shelia tommrow morning at wakeup.

Tampon & Kethup in coffe maker(set and ready)

James & Adam 2 prend 2 get sick next 2 Shelia when they wake up at wake up calls

Josh is gonna hide in BR and scare her when she opens door after wake up calls

they think of more pranks

im out at 1:45amABBT

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2:00AM BBT

Naturally they couldn't go for long without graphic sex talk. Adam is saying he knows Sheila likes anal sex because he says her ass is spread at the top from being spread open during anal sex instead of tight - Natalie demonstrates and shows how hers is tight (sorry this convo is just too gross to continue)

2:30AM BBT

they are now planning out new pranks such as pouring water on Sheila from the second story.

Josh is now on the second floor pouring water down as adam talks to a pretend sheila so they can get their aiming down. Natalie instigating alot of the pranks they now plan to hit her in the middle of the night with hand fulls of flour.

2:45AM BBT

Sheila is now up in her room going through her drawers. Sheila walked through blamed adam for her missing robe and goes to the WC, now everyone is in action to pour water on her from the top floor. As sheila walks by the Sauna josh jumps out and scares her, she runs, adam gets her to sit down at the table and james pours water on her from up top, she jumps up everyone is laughing she sounds miffed and goes back to her room to change.

Everyone in the kitchen laughing, Sheila now back in bed, calling them all jerks. James and Adam outside smoking making fun of sheilas raspy voice and how she begs ryan to do everything for her. Josh and Nat in kitchen plotting places ot hide in order to scare Sheila. Nat called to DR, James getting ready for bed, Josh and Adam also in the washroom with James.

3:00AM BBT

Nat out of DR. still talking about ways to scare sheila. James and Adam have now gone to bed, Josh is taking the trash out so Nat can hide inside it and scare sheila in the morning. Nat tells him their group will stick together, Josh says then they will turn on him. Adam now telling Ryan about all the pranks, Ryan cant belive he missed it all, Ryan gets up to use the washroom adam went with him to demonstrate. He washes hands and now everyone seems to be in bed.

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11:12 bbt shiela and sharon talking on WC. Shiela says that she thinks ryan threw the pov compitition. She says that none of the compititions are made for her.

11:21 bbt adam and ryan come in. shiela now talking about the pranks that they played on her......talking about how everyone is attacking her

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12:56 BBT Adam-Ryan playing pool. Sharon-Shiela debating whether or not to lay out. Now Sharon-Natalie counting the days they have been in the house. Looks like SheBot getting into shower.


LOL Shiela just soaped her hair and BB turned water off!!!! She's all soapy!!!!

(too bad) The water came on a minute later.

Sharon-Shiela in downstairs showers and BB turned water off again. FOTH

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Nat is talking to the crew saying something about she thinks they are portraying her as crazy, now she is peaking in the mirror to see if she can see them.

Sheila in the shower, (uggggghh) 2 feeds on her, 2 feeds on HOH, nat is wondering around aimlessly...

ew they are focusing in on sheila's feet, The water in the showers just got shut off and sheila has shampoo in her hair, baller is laughing at her... (is the crew picking on her now too), Nat says earlier her hot water went to cold... water back on. everyone thinks it's a conspiracy... no sign of James yet... Water keeps coming off and on, Nat is saying BB YOU GUYS ARE MESSED UP... and we get flames.

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Sheila says when she gets HOH she will be taking a kini shower upstairs. Natalie said she just went naked. Shiela says, (about herself) are you kidding me, no way. They'll be SELLING that all over the internet. (OK, can we say dreamer??)

Shiela putting on bikini and told Adam (quite exageratingly) that BB turned water off 3 or 4 times. Adam said he didn't believe it, he only saw it once. Shiela saying, well, you weren't back here the other time, (pause) couple times they did it.

Sharon laying out for 5 seconds, then said it was freezing, went back to couches.

The houseguests all think BB is building up to a big April Fool's Day.

Production talk brings FOTH.

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1:23 BBT, James finally appears lying down in his bed. Just lying there, blinking.

Shiela-Nat-Adam-Sharon-Josh in hot tub, talking about BB people. BB-Stop That!! Ryan is sitting on couch talking with the hot tubbers.

Ryan telling Josh it was Bi's and Tri's today. Asking Sharon if she wants to join. Josh says, why not, nothing else to do today.

Talking about coffee for the Sloppers. Shiela said she would make some.

Adam said Amanda was nuts. Shiela defends saying she was not, she just snapped.

Plane going overhead brings discussion. Natalie wondering how planes work. Who made them. Adam just dropped names, dates and locations regarding wright brothers. Ryan knows same info as well.

Shiela remarks they are braniacs.

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Ryan-Sharon making slop in kitchen.

Natalie telling HT-ers and James, who just joined them, that she saw a blue light in her HOH mirror and then saw faces 3 times. Said she isn't fooled because she has seen BB do that before in season 6 and again.

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James now saying he has heard BB playing sounds of crickets chirping, buzzers buzzing and phones ringing. He said it was every 10 minutes. bzzzzz. He said he feels like a performing monkey.

Shiela complaining (how do you know when shiela is complaining? Her lips are moving!!) about hoping BB puts some more pickles in there.

And for all the complaining Shiela has done about slop, she now drops the statement, I don't know, once you've been on it twice, and this is my third time, it sort of isn't a big deal, ya know? You're body sort of adjusts.

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Shiela, Nat and Josh discussing how many shows have aired, how many hours a week they get, 3 per night for shotoo and 3 a week for broadcast. They then go into ring tones, wallpaper and media articles. FOTH briefly.

Josh saying more people will hate you than like you.

Shiela "I am sure I will be known as the man-hater".

Josh going over his daily routine, Shiela saying it's so boring, its boring, that sounds so boring. Josh told her it was a boring world.

Shiela going over her daily routine. (boring, it seems so boring, that sounds so boring!!!)

Natalie telling Shiela about finding the salsa ridden tampon on the toilet.

Shiela saying she would never ever do something like that. Ryan or Adam told Nat it was Shiela who put it there.

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2:15 BBT - Shiela saying to Nat (just the two of them lying on lounge chairs) that she got bad sleep, only 3 hours.

Nat tells her she will do her best to keep Sharon, but she isn't sure. Saying even if Josh stays, he is bad at competitions. Nat again saying she will do her best to keep Sharon here.

Shiela says she knows what's going to end up happening is that the guys will end us standing there, coming after the girls.

Shiela says don't be mad at me, but I am voting for Sharon to stay.

Nat says that's what she wants.

Shiela says to let Sharon stay and win HOH, she will do the dirty work for us. Because, do you know how mad Sharon will be at James for doing that to her twice.

Adam screams, don't give me those God Damned looks woman. Feeds aren't on him, so no clue what that was about.

Natalie says she sees final 4 being two guys plus Nat and She.

Shiela saying she broke James down!!!! And he deserved it for doing all the things he has done.

Adam just came out said he was just joking.

I'm out.........night

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One more post, then I really am out.

2:30PM BBT - Plummmfff.....James just threw a big cup of flour all over Shiela's FACE!!! It was hysterical! The wind blew some of it on Nat, but the bulk went right in Shebots face! She called them Effers and got in the shower. She has mentioned she has flour on her mic at least 6 times in the last 5 minutes.

They guys all playing pool, the girls all lying out by the hammock.

Ryan asking the guys, who wants to blast her with the fire extinguisher?

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I noticed no one posted this, so I thought I would..James & Adam switched the mattress in Sheila's bed w/ the one in Adam's room for yet another prank on Sheila. Now Sheila's bed is somewhat sunken into the bedframe. They were cackling like little girls as they switched mattresses, unmade & remade both beds in hopes she won't notice till she goes to bed. From my count, this is the third prank on Sheila since last night. This happened maybe an hour ago, not sure of time.

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(Back from vaca! Hola!) 5:36 BBT - Natalie Adam and Ryan in HOH discussing evicting Josh. They agree to stick with the original plan and that James is a con artist. Nat mentioned that Sharon doesn't wear a Jesus necklace to lie in this game. (yeah right) They discuss how James has tossed Sharon "under the bus" 3 times now and how Shar wants James gone and so does Sheila after the flour incident.

5:40 - Sheila yells to the guys from the kitchen. Someone rigged the water to spray her again and they deny it. They say BB did it. Ry disagrees and James blames it on Nat. Sheila says she can take a joke. Sheila eating tuna slop. James is walking around in a dumbass looking red hooded robe.

They all say BB did the water thing because it was done with a rubber band and there weren't any in the house.

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