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September 13 & 14, Live Feed Updates


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All 4 feeds still on Zach, sitting up in a little bed, feet hanging over the end and legs crossed, his hands clasped together on his belly and he is staring down. Takes a deep sigh and looks up then goes back to staring at something down, or he is napping. (is dani in the room? i don't see her)

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Zach in the kitchen cooking... Dick and Dani in the big room and going over answers to possible questions.. Dani asked Dick if he wanted her to quiz him, she asked where Dustin was originally from and Dick said something and she said no that is where he lives and tells him the right answer and says that is all I know, Dick says you know more, and she says no I don't, I hate all those people.

Dick walks out and she says where are you going and he says I have to pack too and she says well I'm trying to talk to you... she is griping how packing is not fun... Dick says its all about tomorrow. (earlier Dani was saying how it was going to take her like 6 hours, and Dick laughed and she said its not funny it took me 2 days to pack to come here)

Dick comes in and is telling Dani something that Zach said, Dani tells him if he comes to you asking you for answers, give him the wrong ones... Dani now quizing him again.

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Dani says to Dick, I don't know anything about Jen, Dick says "no one does"... Dani finds a dolphincrash tshirt and throws it across the room the says "oh crap he'll find it there"; Dick goes over and picks it up and put it under the matress of another bed, then looks at the camera and says "ha ha" and laughs. She asks Dick what does Eric do and neither one of them know, Dick said I think he works in a cubicle (lol) .. Zach comes in and Dick says, we all gotta pack... Dick then says what is taking them so long to call you into the DR and she says cuz I don't want to go, then 2 seconds later..... "Daniele, please come to the DR"... she says I knew it.... she makes a stop in the bathroom to fix her hair and add a little makeup, then goes to the DR

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10:28 BBT

"the sfa is alive and well" Dick asks Zach "do you want a burger"...Zach says no......

Dani is having a plain burger "just a burger and bread"

Dani asks "which housegues was thet" "bigeest Liar"..."smallest weiner" "pretended to be an actual blond but was not"

Dick answers these smartass questions.....playing along......

Dani keeps on with her [stupid] questions who wore "fake bronzer" beside Jess and Jen..the "correct answer was Mike" Dick "shut up".......Dani telling Mike shaved his chest..except "his happy trail"..even though Dick thought is was Nick also...

Questions continue......

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10:34 BBT

Dick telling Jess had never talked to "black people" prompting Dani to says "is Kansas all white people"...Dick says that she didn't even know them in High School..Dani "that is wierd" [see previous updated for details...this was posted in live updates by me many weeks ago...good luck finding it]

Dani's irrelevant questions go on while Dick cooks their late night dinner...

Zach is asleep in the small room....

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10:30PM BBT: We have a pause in packing. Dick and Daniele are playing a fun game of "Which former HG"

Daniele asking Dick:

Which former HG other than Jen and Jessica wore tanning lotion? Dick guesses incorrectly and Daniele tells him - the correct answer was Mike

Which houseguest has the smallest wiener

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10:39 BBT

Dani "what former HG does JC hate the most" Dick says "me" Dani reminding him "former hg"..Dick "oh"

Dani asking Dick for questions...What former HG made hamburgers with "egg and BBQ sauce in the meat" [gag] Jameka...

Dani telling Dick when he answers these questions "go with your instincts" [good advice] and your first answer...of course Dick has missed two in a row going with his instict...laughing...."go with your instinct"

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10:45 BBT

Dick "he's like no gay guy i ever met" talking about Dustins bad fashion and hygiene..."wouldn't take a shower for a week" "would work out and lay on the furniture with his sweaty body"

"which formmer HG does the DR hate the most" Dick Jameka after saying Jen [wrong according to Dani]...saying they[bB] had to think "she was a pain in the ass" "no bullshitting aside"

Dick "they[bB] certainly loved him" talking about Nick..Dani 'i can't see why I can't stand the guy" Dani says jokingly....

Dani and Dick kinda rewinding the season if form of questions.....

Dick saying they took awhile to clean the HOH set.... "I can't believe they didn't let you have one string of pearls" talking about HOH partII saying that BB told them all props "had to be accounted for"...Dani tells him "that treasure chest looked really heavy"....

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10:56 BBT

"which former HG will get peaved for being accused of having a weave" [lol] Dani asks a laughing Dick...

"would you like it on the head or in the glass" Dani says about Jen ordering iced tea in a restaurant...[come on that was funny]

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11:04 BBT

"who had the grossest feet..Dick Zach..Dani no really........Dick "really"..Dani says Amber "with those ingrown toenails" Dick talking how "bizarre" Jess had her toenails "pop off" before she came in.......

Zach comes in saying "I had an epiphany..chocolate ice cream"...Dani saying that's not a epiphany but whatever...

Dani still does her questions in front of Zach...

Jameka left her dyer saying "she thought it was the houses" Dick saying how she whined and cried about it..

Zach joining in on answering Dani's question....

"most likely get fired from their jobs when they get back"...everyone says Jen....Dani say also "amber"...Dick "amber?" dani "why not"...Dick "oh I get it"

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11:17 BBT

Zach finished his icre cream and heads back to bed in the small room......

"they totally played that up the first week" talking about Jen's picture fit the first week..guessing thay showed it on TV and can't wait to see it......started talking about DR an get brief FOTH

"who had the smallest ears".."the correct answer is Nick"...saying it was a strange question.....Dani saying Eric would change "four times a day" during the first week....

Silent... except the sizzle of food on the stove.....

who would get "the most death threats after the show" Dick "ding Me" Dani "followed by Jessica" Dick "for her racist stuff" saying "she has no idea at all...at all"

Dick "church was like a sleeping pill for me" [lol]

Dick "how do you think Eric is going to be viewed..or remembered" Dani saying "he did a lot of stuff to look funny" to "even out how mean he was" [i say part of another failed BB twist]

Dick said he got happy "over his showmance" saying "people online" probably thought it was a piece of crap[read my mind] and dani says Jameka who was close to Jess even thought they used each other...

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11;33 BBT

"I can't wait to talk about things without someone pushing a button" Dick says after a BB waring "stop that" saying how they can't wait to get out and talk about everything "for days"

Dinner is finally done.........after Dani patted all the excess grease out she's ready to munch her plain burger...

"I really don't know a lot" Dani says after Dick asks her for help for tomorrow's Q&A round....Dick says the stuff he doesn't know...

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11:43 BBT

"are you okay" as Dani coughs hard..and gags..."are you ok" Dick asks "something hit the back of my throat"

Dani looking outside saying they didn't do a very good job cleaning up..as she tries to gag out her piece of hamburger...

Talking about todays' comp which involved water saying "she was freezing' Dick saying it was" much warmer than yesterday"........

Dick working on his soggy fries trying to get them crisp...

talking about who threw comps..saying Amber did on the first one.....

they just chit chatting throwing in the occasional "which HG" question.....

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11:54 BBT

Dick saying he knew she was going to be on the show...Dani saying "you're here because of me".....

"I wonder if were going go to HOH room" Dick saying "I wonder if you're going to watch" Dani says "probably not"..Dick says they probably "want the reaction"

Dick says "you will hear.." Dani "or won't hear" the reation from final round.. ..Dick "You Will Hear"

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11:58 BBT

Dick saying he has not gone out on a question round....eventhough Zach supposedly "threw that one"...Dani "so he says"

Dani quizzing him about house questions saying..."Nick has a brother" Dick says "and a sister"..Mike had a sister" Dani says..

"just take a minute and think about it" before you answer...."think about it" Dani coaches Dick...hoping it's not a buzzard..Dick says it isn't..

Dani whining "I'm gross full" from eating...

D&D cleaning up the kitchen now...

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12:05 BBT

Dick offers to help Dani pack...he's outside with audio no video...wondering "what day is today?...Monday?...no Wednesday"

"aw this is sick there's worm guts" as Dani goes outside...

Dick smoking and spitting..........Dick says he never got back his sock he flipped off last night's comp....

Dani complaining about "poop everywhere" [looks clean to me]

"well if you don't win..you'll be spending the next 5 days with Zach" saying "I'm trying to encourage you"........

Dani.."this is too much"..Dick wants more questions..........

Dick says Carol "works at hooters" Dani saying that won't be on there......

Dick going over everyone's occupations......Dani asking questions..."where did Eric go to school"..can't remember..Dani "was it something tech...[boston University]Dick going over a lot of Eric stufff..Dani saying Amber's cousin is "from Ohio"

"what was on ambers necklace" dick "a cross and a flip flop".....continue drilling for tomorrow..

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12:21 BBT

Dani says "some hosed poped off and water is leaking everywhere" about the washer.......Dick "I need that God damn washer" walks over and fixes it...

They keep quizing about favorite foods..and pet names.....Dani frustrated because Dick not remembering Dick "that's why were doing this"

Dick says one of the first questions was "favorite movie" saying "that they having deviated from this last part of the show"

Dani goes over fav movies "what is Amber's " Dick "i don't know" Dani "Liar Liar" and says "imagine that" [lol]

Dick says he was happy "she thanked us for keeping her in" and Dani says there are things she liked about her and things she didn't...

Dani going over facts [like the old mean strict teacher minus the ruler] with Dick..

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12:39 BBT

Dani and Dick going over facts.....everything from age to what piercings they have...birthdays..........[actually Dani is doing a very good job of preparing Dick]

"this is so annoying with all this information we care about from people we don't care about" Dani says..

Dani "let's make this happen" she tells Dick...

Jen's strategy"to get the old people out so the jury house will be fun" Dani tells Dick......

going over Jen facts.......

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